Section 15
Chapter 14,773

The spread and establishment of Brachystegia spiciformis Benth. and Julbernardia globiflora (Benth.) Troupin in the Rhodesian highveld

Strang, R.M.

Commonw. For. Rev 45(3): 253-6


DOI: 10.2307/42603493
Accession: 014772284

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Germination tests and field experiments were carried out to find why B. spiciformis and J. globiflora very rarely spread by seeding. Fresh seed was found to germinate adequately, and there were strong indications that the toxin of Hyparrhenia grass was not an inhibiting factor, but that germinating seeds and young seedlings cannot withstand the stresses imposed by the rapid fluctuations between cool, moist conditions and very hot, dry ones.