Section 15
Chapter 14,777

The use of grazing control for intensive fat-lamb production. 2. The effect of stocking rates and grazing systems with a fixed severity of grazing on the output of fat lamb per acre

Broadbent, P.J.

J. Brit. Grassland Soc, 19: 15


Accession: 014776826

For part 1 see Abst. 4905, Vol. 34. 2. Rate of liveweight gain of lambs, total gain of lambs per acre and weight gain of ewes were not significantly different when ewes were set stocked or grazed 3, 6 or 12 paddocks rotationally. Lambs had a similar creep area on each system. On each system stocking rates were 6, 8 or 10 ewes per acre, each with twin lambs.

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