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The use of red phosphorus as a fertilizer. Part 6. White clover yield and phosphorus uptake from red phosphorus and monocalcium phosphate over a three-year period

Widdowson, J.P.

N.Z. Jl Sci 9: 882-888


Accession: 014777675

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When each P source was mixed with the top inch of P-deficient yellow-brown earth in 6 inch pots at rates corresponding to 0, 10, 40 and 160 Ib/acre P, red P was inferior to monocalcium phosphate in terms of dry matter produced. At the 10, 40 and 160 Ib rates red-P treated clover produced 78%, 63% and 51% of the dry matter obtained from monocalcium phosphate. With time, yields of clover treated with red P tended to increase relative to yields from monocalcium phosphate.

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