Section 15
Chapter 14,781

The yields and composition of lucerne, grass and clover under different systems of management. 5. Method of growing lucerne and meadow fescue

Davies, W.Ellis.

J. Brit. Grossi. Soc 19(2): 263-70


Accession: 014780109

The mean yields of 4 varieties of lucerne were compared under 5 methods of growing: broadcast with and without grass; drills 2 ft apart; alternate lucerne/grass drills 1 ft apart; spaced plants. One cut was harvested in the sowing year and 3 cuts a year for the next 3 years. The alternate lucerne/grass drills yielded 20% less DM than the comparable broadcast plots. Broadcasting and sowing in alternate drills had the same effect on the pattern of lucerne/grass competition. The meadow fescue companion produced its highest yield at the first cut and there was a marked drop during each year and from year to year. There was little evidence of N transfer from the lucerne to the grass. F.

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