Section 15
Chapter 14,784

Tomato diseases in Chile. Characterization of the virus causing tomato mosaic. Tomato spotted wilt virus. Tomato bacterial canker (Corynebacterium michiganense) . Tomato black streak, a new disease in Chile. The estimation of losses due to spotted wilt and mosaic in tomatoes

Nome, H.F.; Docampo, Q.D.; Tolosa, M.J.

Bol. tec. Estac. exp. agron. Univ. Chile, 29: 38


Accession: 014783440

The first 2 authors have produced all except the last paper, which is the work of the first and third authors. Paper I: The Chilean strain of TMV was shown to differ from the strain from Davis, California. Paper II: The first appearance of tomato spotted wilt in Chile is reported, the Chilean strains being similar to those in Argentina.

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