Section 15
Chapter 14,786

Transformation of compounds of nitrogen and carbon in soil when straw is applied simultaneously with nitrogen fertilizers

Smirnov, P.M.; Vuitsik-Voitkovyak, D.

Dokl. mask, sel.'-khoz. Akad. K.A. Timiryazeva, 109, 25-32


Accession: 014785829

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In a pot experiment, composting derno-podzolic soil with rye straw and particularly with straw + N fertilizers increased the total-C content of the soil compared with soil composted without straw. Composting for 220 days without straw increased the content of humic acids somewhat and decreased the C in the residue. Composting with straw increased the humic acids and the C in the residue. Composting with straw decreased the degree of polymerization of the humic acids.

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