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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14789

Chapter 14789 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gueneau, P., 1967:
Trees of Madagascar and their timbers

Gardner, C.A., 1966:
Trees of Western Australia No. 105-The Kondinin Blackbutt

Spicer, G., 1971:
Trees tough enough for the city

King, N.L., 1964:
Trees, shrubs and climbers in Kloof-Hill Crest area

Viccaro, G., 1964:
Trees, those murderers

Nanni, U.W., 1970:
Trees, water and perspective

Kovacs, A., 1966:
Treflan, a new herbicide

D.Maio, E., 1969:
Treflan: a new selective herbicide for horticulture

Fukushima, T., 1967:
Trehalase activity in Ascaris lumbricoides

Williams, C.F.; Niederpruem, D.J., 1968:
Trehalase in Schizophyllum commune

Lukomskaia, I.S.; Tarasova, G.I., 1965:
Trehalase of vertebrates and man

Granett, J.; Leeling, N.C., 1971:
Trehalose and glycogen depletion during DDT poisoning of American cockroaches, Periplaneta americana

Nettles, W.C.; Jr.; Parro, B.; Sharbaugh, C.; Mangum, C.L., 1971:
Trehalose and other carbohydrates in Anthonomus grandis, Heliothis zea and Heliothis virescens during growth and development

Vega, R.R.; Letourneau, D., 1971:
Trehalose and polyols as carbon sources for Verticillium spp

Bergoz, R., 1971:
Trehalose malabsorption causing intolerance to mushrooms. Report of a probable case

Feist, C.F.; Read, C.P.; Fisher, F.M., 1965:
Trehalose Synthesis And Hydrolysis In Ascaris Suum

Cousins, L.T.V., 1964:
Trelawney experiments with Turkish varieties

Alvarez, V.; Pefaur, J., 1970:
Trema-tode infection of the liver in Rorcual de Rudolphi (Cetacea) captured in Chile

Belopolskaya, M.M., 1966:
Trema-todes of Charadriiformes in the White Sea

Mereminski, A.I.; Artemenko, Yu. G.; Gluzman, I.Y., 1969:
Tremanol treatment of paramphistome infection in cattle

Caballero Y C.E.; Bravo Hollis, M., 1965:
Trematoda Rudolphi, 1808 de peces marinos del litoral mexicano del Golfo de Mexico y del Mar Caribe. I

Bostrom, R.E.; Slaughter, L.J., 1968:
Trematode (Athesmia foxi) infection in two squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus)

Boyle, M.S., 1966:
Trematode and nematode parasites of Pleurobrachia pileus O. F. Muller in New Zealand waters

Martin, W.E.; Bils, R.F., 1964:
Trematode Excretory Concretions: Formation And Fine Structure

Matsaberidze, G.V.; Rhotenovsri, I.A., 1967:
Trematode fauna of Chiroptera in the Georgian SSR

Andreiko, O.J.; Skvortsov, V.G., 1968:
Trematode fauna of bats in Moldavia and its ecological and faunistic analysis

Leonov, V.A.; Belogurov, O.I.; Shagvaleeva, N.M.; Bondarenko, S.K., 1965:
Trematode fauna of fish-eating birds on Kamchatka

Chernogorenko, M.I., 1967:
Trematode fauna of molluscs in the Kiliya Danube delta

K Rasnolobova, T.A.; Timofeeva, T.N., 1968:
Trematode fauna of wild birds in Tuva

Odening, K., 1971:
Trematode infection of Lithoglyphus naticoides (Gastropoda) in the Berlin Muggelsee in 1968

Azimov, S.A.; Nazarov, A.; Salimov, B.; Salimova, M.; Ernazarov, Z., 1970:
Trematode infections of ruminants in Uzbekistan

Smirnova, V.A.; Ibrasheva, S.I., 1967:
Trematode larvae from freshwater molluscs in West Kazakhstan

Linnik, V.Y., 1964:
Trematode larvae in fish muscle and their epizootiology

Belyakova-Butenko, Yu. V., 1971:
Trematode larvae in freshwater molluscs in the Irgiz and Turgay rivers

Kupriyanova-Shakhmatova, R.A., 1964:
Trematode larvae of freshwater molluscs of the middle reaches of the Volga basin and some observations on their ecology

Dolgikh, A.V., 1966:
Trematode larvae of the family Opecoelidae Ozaki, 1925 from molluscs of the Black Sea

Zaika, V.E., 1966:
Trematode metacercariae in Branchiostoma lanceolatum from the Black Sea

Stunkard, H.W., 1970:
Trematode paras ites of insular and relict vertebrates

Khoche, B.Y.; Chauhan, B.S., 1969:
Trematode parasites of marine food fishes of India. Part I. (Monogenea: family Diclidophoridae). Description of a new species Osphybothrus bychowskyi sp.n

Ewers, W.H.; Rose, C.R., 1965:
Trematode Parasitism and Polymorphism in a Marine Snail

Scott, J.S., 1969:
Trematode populations in the Atlantic argentine, Argentina silus, and their use as biological indicators

Odening, K., 1964:
Trematoden aus Psophia viridis Spix

Odening, K., 1964:
Trematoden auseinheimischen Stockenten and Lachmowen

Grafner, G.; Graubmann, H.D., 1965:
Trematoden der Gaming Metorchis bei Hausemen

Travassos, L.; Freitas, J.F.T.ixeira D.B.hrnheim, P.F., 1965:
Trematodeos de peixes do litoral capixaba Acanthocolpoides paulen gen.n., sp.n., parasito de cavalinha

Travassos, L.; Freitas, J.F.T.ixeira D.B.hrnheim, P.F., 1965:
Trematodeos de peixes do litoral capixaba: Acanthocollaritrema umbilicatum gen.n., sp.n. (Acanthocollaritrematidae fam.n.), parasito de robalo

Travassos, L.; Freitas, J.F.T.ixeira D.B.hrnheim, P.F., 1965:
Trematodeos de peixes do litoral capixaba: Acanthocolpoides walteri sp.n., parasita de vento leste

Travassos, L.; Freitas, J.F.T.ixeira D.B.hrnheim, P.F., 1965:
Trematodeos de peixes do litoral capixaba: Amarocotyle simonei gen.n., sp.n., parasito de baiacu

Travassos, L.; Freitas, J.F.T.ixeira D.B.hrnheim, P.F., 1965:
Trematodeos de peixes do litoral capixaba: Chalcinotrema simonei sp.n., parasita de tainha

Travassos, L.; Freitas, J.F.T.ixeira D.B.hrnheim, P.F., 1965:
Trematodeos de peixes do litoral capixaba: Homalometron longulum sp.n., parasito de cara-tinga

Travassos, L.; Freitas, J.F.T.ixeira D.B.hrnheim, P.Z., 1965:
Trematodeos de peixes do litoral capixaba: Leurodera ocyri sp.n., parasita de marassapeba

Travassos, L.; Freitas, J.F.T.ixeira D.B.rhnheim, P.F., 1965:
Trematodeos de peixes do litoral capixaba: Monascus netoi sp.n., parasita de vento leste

Travassos, L.; Freitas, J.F.; Teixeira, D.B.hrnheim, P.F., 1965:
Trematodeos de peixes do litoral capixaba: Nicolla extrema sp.n., parasite de cavalinha

Travassos, L.; Freitas, J.F.; Teixeira, D.B.hrnheim, P.F., 1965:
Trematodeos de peixes do litoral capixaba: Pseudohurleytrema ottoi sp.n., parasito de peixe galo

Wyrzykowska, Barbara, 1964:
Trematodes and cestodes of fishes in the Zegrzynski Reservoir

Richard, J., 1964:
Trematodes d'oi-seaux de Madagascar (note III). Especes de la famille Echinostomatidae Poche 1926

Richard, J., 1964:
Trematodes d'oiseaux de Madagascar. Note IV. Strigeides et Cyathocotylides

Rebecq, J., 1964:
Trematodes de Camargue; quelques larves aquatiques et leur ecologie

Deblock, S.; Capron, A.; Brygoo, E.R., 1965:
Trematodes de reptiles (Crocodiliens et Sauriens) de Madagascar et de Nossi- Be. Au sujet de sept especes, dont trois nouvelles des genres Plagiorchis (Multiglandularis), Ommatobrephus et Cryptotropa

Sey, O., 1967 :
Trematodes from Adriatic fish in the Budapest zoo

Odening, K., 1968:
Trematodes from Chiroptera in Viet Nam

Rizhikov, K.M.; Timofeeva, T.N.; Dudcrova, E.N., 1966:
Trematodes from Somateria in the Chukotsk area

Rabalais, F.C., 1970:
Trematodes from some Caudata in Louisiana

Burrows, R.B.; Lillis, W.G., 1965:
Trematodes Of New Jersey Dogs And Cats

Skryabin, K.I., 1964:
Trematodes of animals and man. Essentials of trematodology. Vol. XVII

Skryabin, K.I., 1965:
Trematodes of animals and man. Essentials of trematodology. Vol. XVIII

Maeder, A.M., 1969:
Trematodes of batrachians of the Ivory Coast

Caballero Y C.E.; Caballero, R.G., 1969:
Trematodes of bats of Mexico. IX. Description of a new species of Platynosomum Looss, 1907 and a continuation of the first supplement to the taxonomic catalogue of trematodes of bats

Sitko, J., 1968:
Trematodes of birds of the family Laridae in Czechoslovakia

Strelkov, Yu. A., 1971:
Trematodes of fish in the Amur basin

Nagaty, H.F.; Abdel Aal, T.M., 1964:
Trematodes of fishes from the Red Sea. Part 11. On a new fellodistomid genus including two species

Kozak, A., 1971:
Trematodes of frogs from the lowlands of the river Tisa

Andreiko, O.J., 1970:
Trematodes of insectivores in Moldavia

Baer, J.G., 1971:
Trematodes of rodents collected in the Ivory Coast

Bikhovskaya-Pavlovskaya, I.E.; Visotskaya, S.O.; Kulakova, A.P., 1970:
Trematodes of small mammals from the Transcarpathian region

Mamaev, Yu. L.; Oshmarin, P.G., 1967:
Trematodes of the family Acanthocolpidae Luhe, 1901 from Clupeidae of the North Viet Nam Bay

Lebedev, B.I., 1968:
Trematodes of the family Bucephalidae from commercially important marine fish of New Zealand and Australia

Skvortsov, V.G., 1970:
Trematodes of the family Lecithodendriidae from bats in Moldavia

Talbot, N., 1969:
Trematodes of the gall bladder of cats in Port Moresby, New Guinea

Grafner, G.; Graubmann, H.-D., 1965:
Trematodes of the genus Metorchis in domestic ducks

Skvortsov, V.G., 1969 :
Trematodes of the genus Prosthodendrium (family Lecithodendri-idae) from bats in Moldavia

Groschaft, J.; Tenora, J., 1971:
Trematodes of the genus Prosthodendrium Dollfus, 1931 (Lecithodendriidae)-parasites of bats in Afghanistan

Platzer, E.G., 1970:
Trematodes of the liver and lung

Nikolaeva, V.M., 1966:
Trematodes of the suborder Hemiurata infecting fish in the Mediterranean Basin

Shumilo, R.P.; Tikhon, E.I., 1969:
Trematodes of water birds in the Moldavian SSR (first communication)

Combes, C., 1964:
Trematodes parasites de Rana temporaria L. dans la haute-vallee de Carenca (P. O.)

Healy, G.R., 1970:
Trematodes transmitted to man by fish, frogs, and crustacea

Marconcini, A.; Tasselli, E., 1970:
Trematodi e nematodi reperiti nella puzzola (Putorius putorius) in Toscana

Morera, P., 1968:
Trematodiasis pulmonar. Estudio de dos cases encontrados en Costa Rica

Caballero Y C.E.; Caballero, R.G., 1964:
Trematodos de las tortugas de Mexico. XI. Acanthostomum nuevoleonensis n.sp. parasito de Trionyx spinifer emoryi (Agassiz, 1857)

Lamothe Argumedo, R., 1964:
Trematodos de los anfibios de Mexico III. Re-descripcion de Cephalogonimus americanus Stafford, 1902, clave para las especies del genero y registro de an nuevo hospedero

Lamothe-Argumedo, R., 1964:
Trematodos de los anfibios de Mexico. II. Una nueva subfamilia, Riojatrematinae (Monogenea: Polystomatidae) de Amphibia Anura

Zitoan, R., 1964:
Trematody s rybimi doplnkovymi hostitelmi u maeky domacej na juznom Slovensku

Shoup, J.M.; Nairn, L.; Pratt, R. M., 1968:
Trembling Aspen bibliography

Anonymous, 1972:
Tremendous achievements in water conservation in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtse River

Ciegler, A., 1969:
Tremorgenic toxin from Penicillium palitans

Hou, C.T.; Cieoler, A.; Hesseltine, C.W., 1971:
Tremorgenic toxins from Penicillia. III. Tremortin production by Penicillium species on various agricultural commodities

Hou, C.T.; Ciegler, A.; Hesseltine, C.W., 1971:
Tremorgenic toxins from penicillia. II. A new tremorgenic toxin, tremortin B, from Penicillium palitans

Mathur, G.P.; Dayal, R.S.; Prasad, R.; Mathur, S., 1969:
Tremors, mental and physical retardation, light coloured hairs and anaemia in malnourished children

Aleksiev, A., 1967:
Trench ploughing as a control against broomrape on tobacco

Aleksiev, A., 1967 :
Trench ploughing as a control measure against broomrape on tobacco

Ionescu, E., 1967:
Trenching sandy soils, a fundamental operation in establishing vineyards

Beck, R.L., 1968:
Trend and developments in marketing: implications for South Dakota agriculture. (Econ. Pamph. No. 129)

Kojima, K., 1965:
Trend and fluctuation in the terms of trade of primary products

Franzmann, J.R.; Walker, R.L., 1972:
Trend models of feeder, slaughter, and wholesale beef cattle prices

Das Gupta, H.K., 1966:
Trend of area and yield rate of rice in Orissa

Sen, N.N., 1965:
Trend of development of forestry in Haldwani, Ramnagar and T & B divisions of Uttar Pradesh during the last 50 years

Sackmann, H.J., 1969:
Trend of game damage in the forest economy of E. Germany from 1958 to 1967

Mukherjee, C., 1966:
Trend of land price in a rural town

Gyori, M., 1967:
Trend of pig production and supply

Ferguson, J.A., 1964:
Trend of production of cows' milk in the warm regions of the Australian continent

Bose, S.R., 1968:
Trend of real income of the rural poor in East Pakistan 1949-66

Davies, B.E.; Gamm, S.A., 1970:
Trend surface analysis applied to soil reaction values from Kent, England

Tierzuchter., 1969:
Trend towards concentration in pig breeding too. But 50% of all breeders still only have 1-4 pigs

Cepurnov, I., 1965:
Trend towards higher efficiency in livestock management

Nicolas, G., 1972:
Trend towards the solitary phase in the migratory locust, Locusta migratoria cinerascens (Fab.), exposed regularly to carbon dioxide

Gittins, R., 1968:
Trend-surface analysis of ecological data

Anderson, R.H., 1971:
Trends and adjustment in American agriculture, 1950-1970

Yeh, C.-J., 1966:
Trends and cycles in agricultural commodity marketing costs

Schmidt, W., 1968:
Trends and developments in East German agriculture, tasks and problems of meeting them

Krasil'nikova, L.N., 1965:
Trends and developments in breeding

Boos, G.V., 1970:
Trends and initial material in breeding vegetables for different plant-cultivating constructions

Boos, G.V., 1970:
Trends and initial material in breeding vegetables for different types of protected cultivation

Kohne, M., 1970:
Trends and interdependence in supply of livestock products. (Schr. Gesellsch. Wirt. Sozialwiss. Landbaues No. 7.)

Hadzinov, M.I.; Zima, K.I., 1970:
Trends and methods in breeding for increased lysine in maize grain

Balogh, B.; Ori, J., 1969:
Trends and methods in price formation for agricultural products, foodstuff and luxury commodities

Turek, F., 1967:
Trends and methods in the breeding of cattle and pigs

E.Kh. Uzenbaev., 1964:
Trends and methods of investigation on wilt-resistance in Cotton at the Pakhtaarel'sk exp. Sm for Cotton breeding

Anonymous, 1965:
Trends and patterns in the world rye economy

Heady, E.O., 1967:
Trends and policies of American agriculture

Jones, W.E., 1967:
Trends and possibilities in modern livestock husbandry. The Share-Jones lecture delivered at the University College of North Wales, Bangor, February, 1967

Tomaszewski, Z., 1965:
Trends and present position of breeding research work on leguminous and other forage plants with the object of producing forms suitable for use as a second crop

Butcher, W.R.; Whittlesey, N.K., 1966:
Trends and problems in growth of farm size

Purnell, G.R.; Burns, J.R., 1970:
Trends and prospects for Canadian agriculture with emphasis on horticultural products

Bawden, F.C., 1967:
Trends and prospects from the standpoint of natural scientists

Rambaud, P., 1972:
Trends and prospects in French rural sociology (1960-1970)

Peter, E., 1967:
Trends and prospects of meat production

Enyed, G., 1966:
Trends and results of work in Hungarian agricultural geography

Wohlken, E., 1965:
Trends and seasonal fluctuations of milk production in Federal Germany. Calculation and elimination of seasonal variations in a changing seasonal pattern

Pradvin, L.F., 1967:
Trends and subject-matter of researches on the natural variation of forest tree species, and their importance for selection and breeding

Constantinescu, Gh., 1970:
Trends and types of viticulture, and trade in table wine on the world and national markets

Perdisa, L., 1968:
Trends in (Italian) agriculture, present and future

Gavrilov, V.; Markman, V.; Bakulin, I., 1968:
Trends in (Soviet) livestock production

Anonymous, 1968:
Trends in British land prices

Missiaen, E., 1970:
Trends in Canada's agricultural trade and production 1959-69

Friesen, H.A., 1968:
Trends in Canadian research to control Canada thistle

Thomsen, C., 1969:
Trends in Danish crop production

Jacoby, H., 1968:
Trends in European agriculture

Sellers, A.G., 1971:
Trends in European marketing

Sharma, S.D., 1964:
Trends in India's pepper export

Voelker, D.E., 1968:
Trends in Iowa dairying-fewer and bigger herds

Namiki, M., 1964:
Trends in Japanese agriculture as revealed by the 1960 Census of Agriculture

Beltrame, R., 1967:
Trends in Ligurian agricultural economic development within the framework of regional dynamics

Coustry, R., 1972:
Trends in North American agriculture, declining political power and development of superfarms

Holmstrom, S., 1967:
Trends in Swedish agriculture (from a report presented to the Bureau of Directors of the Commercial Bank of Sweden)

Kolbusz, F., 1967:
Trends in agricultural development in the socialist countries in Europe

Skrobisz, H., 1967:
Trends in agricultural development planning

Konovalov, O., 1965:
Trends in agricultural machine construction

Normann, H., 1969:
Trends in agricultural policy

Mehta, B.C., 1969:
Trends in agricultural production in Rajasthan

Furniss, J.F., 1967:
Trends in agricultural productivity (in Canada)

Kiichi, N., 1969:
Trends in agricultural research in Japan

Slavin, W.; Slavin, S., 1969:
Trends in analytical atomic absorption spectroscopy

Cavalcaselle, B., 1970:
Trends in and prospects for forest insect control

Sjarov, I.; Andreev, A.; Petrov, K., 1965:
Trends in and results of stud work in pig breeding

Mitchell, R.L., 1969:
Trends in applied geochemical and biogeochemical analysis

Rodger, H.F., 1969:
Trends in aquatic weed control on hydro-stations

Hughes, R.G., 1971:
Trends in arable break crops

Anonymous, 1970:
Trends in average weights and heights for men: an insurance experience

Anonymous, 1966:
Trends in average weights, insured men and women

Johansson, I., 1967:
Trends in body size and conformation of Dutch-Friesian cattle and the influence of Friesian bulls, imported in the 1950's, on the conformation and milk yield of Swedish-Friesian cows

Khristov, S., 1971:
Trends in breeding Capsicum annuum in Bulgaria

Pollmer, W.G., 1971:
Trends in breeding hybrid maize

Stokes, I.E., 1964:
Trends in breeding sugarcane for mainland areas of the United States during the last decade

Agrawal, R.C.; Jain, S.C., 1969:
Trends in capital formation in Tarai agriculture

Wolski, T., 1968:
Trends in cereal breeding

Szalai, D.; Pal, G., 1964:
Trends in certain culm and leaf properties in the F1 generation of wheat-Agropyron hybrids

Amaro, A.A., 1971:
Trends in citrus growing in the State of Sao Paulo

Savage, Z., 1966:
Trends in citrus production costs over 33 seasons, 1931-64

Britton, D.K.; Ingersent, K.A., 1964:
Trends in concentration in British agriculture

Nielsen, A.H.; Zimmermann, J., 1972:
Trends in concentration of livestock production in some West European countries

Carpenter, E.M.; Perkins, R.J., 1967:
Trends in consumption and marketing

Sackiewicz, E., 1964:
Trends in consumption of cereal products in Poland

Anonymous, 1969:
Trends in crop production with reference to the requirements of grassland husbandry

Behnke, H.J.Von, 1971:
Trends in dairying and structure of the dairy industry in Rhineland Palatinate

Ginsburg, L.; Woods, G.S.; Matthee, N., 1965:
Trends in decay control in grapes during shipment to distant markets

Reisch, E., 1971:
Trends in development in the organization and structure of production of (W. German) farms. (Hohenheimer Arbeiten, Allgemeine Reihe No. 57)

Hondelmann, W., 1969:
Trends in development of commercial strawberry growing in the U.S.A

Tomka, J., 1971:
Trends in differentiation of co-operative incomes in 1968 and 1969

Tarver, J.D.; Mcleod, R.D., 1970:
Trends in distances moved by interstate migrants

Hsieh, J.H., 1972:
Trends in domestic sugar consumption in Taiwan

D.Toit, J.P.F., 1971:
Trends in economic development in the Eastern Transvaal Lowveld

Call, D.L.; Sánchez, A.M., 1967:
Trends in fat disappearance in the United States, 1909-65

Garland, S.W., 1971:
Trends in feed grain production and utilization and the feed freight assistance policy

Kovacs, D., 1965:
Trends in food consumption

Greaves, J.P.; Hollingsworth, D.F., 1966:
Trends in food consumption in the United Kingdom

Slater, J.M., 1971:
Trends in food marketing

Gruen, F.H., 1968:
Trends in food marketing in the United States

Droscha, H., 1970:
Trends in food technology: new buttermaking process

Gussone, H.A.; Rehfuess, K.; Ulrich, B., 1972:
Trends in forest fertilization

Wicht, C.L., 1966:
Trends in forest hydrological research

Baumgartner, A., 1967:
Trends in forest meteorology. Parts I & II

Dobie, J., 1970:
Trends in forest resource use and forest-products manufacturing in British Columbia

Andersson, S.O., 1967:
Trends in forestry profitability and silviculture. I. Analysis of two thinning programmes

Lindberg, H., 1967:
Trends in forestry profitability and silviculture. II

Guyot, H., 1971:
Trends in fruit production and technology in Guadeloupe

Kardys, J., 1964:
Trends in further development of contract farming of crop production in 1965-70

Bauer, L.; Legler, B., 1969:
Trends in future land use in E. Germany

Leitzke, B., 1969:
Trends in grass and clover breeding

Dijkstra, J.M., 1964:
Trends in height measurements of herdbook cattle in the Netherlands

Fryer, J.D., 1967:
Trends in herbicide development

Hamann, W.; Feyerabend, G., 1969:
Trends in herbicide usage for the control of hard-to-kill weeds in cereals

Mullendore, G.P., 1970:
Trends in herbicide usage in the Mississippi Delta

Rademacher, B., 1970:
Trends in herbology

Anonymous, 1968:
Trends in hybrid corn breeding and production

Marks, H.F., 1971:
Trends in international meat trade

Manov, B., 1969:
Trends in labour input and level of mechanization in growing winter wheat

Tadic, D., 1966:
Trends in land purchases on the part of socialized farms in Yugoslavia) during the period 1958-1965

Bardhan, P., 1970:
Trends in land relations -a note

Swaroop, B., 1966:
Trends in land utilization in Rajasthan 1951-1962

Wyk, C.A.G.Van, 1967:
Trends in land values in South Africa

Johnston, A.; Smoliak, S.; Slen, S.B., 1966:
Trends in livestock population of the Canadian Prairies

Boros, F., 1970:
Trends in location of the Hungarian economy

Anonymous, 1971:
Trends in milk packaging costs in W. Germany

Schapp ., 1971:
Trends in milk production and supplies to dairy factories during 1950-70 in The Netherlands

Bhote, R.A.; Jayaraman, S., 1967:
Trends in milk production during 1956-61

Markes, M., 1969:
Trends in milk production, sales and consumption in Yugoslavia

Bradley, W.F., 1968:
Trends in minera- logical analyses

Scaramuzzi, F., 1964:
Trends in new olive groves

Mattas, R.E.; Pauli, A.W., 1965:
Trends in nitrate reduction and nitrogen fractions in young corn (Zea mays L.) plants during heat and moisture stress

Martsolf, J.D.; Ritter, M., 1970:
Trends in orchard frost protection

Agakhanyants, O.E., 1969:
Trends in pasture productivity variations in the W. Pamirs

Privarics, J., 1971:
Trends in personal income, consumption and saving in the Bares district

Suchy, J., 1971:
Trends in physical development of young Czechs in the 20th century

Ziegler, H.; Schmidt, I., 1971:
Trends in pig production in E.Germany

Nelmes, A.J., 1971:
Trends in plant chemotherapy for the control of nematodes

Chute, H.L., 1966:
Trends in poultry diagnostic laboratories

Wojtaszek, Z., 1966:
Trends in private farms in Central Poland

Knez, V., 1970:
Trends in production and consumption of cheese in Czechoslovakia. (Syrotech-70 (Zbornik).)

Mestern, H.J.; Mccormick, V., 1968:
Trends in production and utilization of milk solids-not-fat and butterfat

Scobie, G.M., 1969:
Trends in production from sheep properties: a brief review and medium term projection of sheep numbers,

Cojocaru, C.C., 1970:
Trends in production on agricultural producer cooperatives in the vegetable growing region of Bucharest

Varga, G., 1968:
Trends in profitability of vegetable production on co-operative farms

Shivamaggi, H.B., 1968:
Trends in purchase and sale of farm land: the case for a lower ceiling

Trifonova, L., 1969:
Trends in raising the effectiveness of production of crop production on (Bulgarian) co-operative farms

Allen, E.F., 1970:
Trends in rose breeding

Santa Ritta, G., 1966:
Trends in rural sociology

Kolster, H.W., 1968:
Trends in sales of Poplar plants

Grosskopf, W., 1970:
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Trends in stud work with Bed Steppe cattle in the North Caucasus

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Trends in the Bavarian dairy industry

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Trends in the Canadian co-operative movement

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Trends in the Florida foliage plant industry

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Trends in the Texas farm and ranch land market

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Trends in the Turkish economy

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Trends in the agricultural sector

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Trends in the area and production of important food crops in Iraq

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Trends in the biochemistry of terrestrial soils

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Trends in the breeding of potato varieties with regard to the suitability of the potato for industrial use

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Trends in the changing population of (draught) horses and possibilities for further reduction

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Trends in the complete utilization of Beech wood

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Trends in the control of Monilia disease of apricot

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Trends in the control of parasitic diseases in industrial complexes

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Trends in the cost of milk production at National Dairy Research Institute

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Trends in the culture and breeding of horticultural legume crops

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Trends in the dairy industry in Israel

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Trends in the development of Austrian cattle production

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Trends in the development of Polish agriculture to 1970

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Trends in the development of agricultural production on co-operative farms (1959-1965)

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Trends in the development of agricultural training in Federal Germany

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Trends in the development of capital investment on ico-operative farms (in Bulgaria)

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Trends in the development of chemical weed control in beet

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Trends in the development of dairy farming and the structure of the dairy industry in the Rhineland-Palatinate

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Trends in the development of private small-holdings, education of young people, and movement from the land in Central Posavina-Bosna

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Trends in the development of the agricultural wage-earners in West Germany

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Trends in the growth of Ovine, other livestock, and poultry populations of India

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Trends in the industrial utilization of Poplar wood

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Trends in the juvenile and aged rural population in Serbia during 1964-1986

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Trends in the male working force and prospects for agricultural and horticultural employment in the northern provinces of the Netherlands

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Trends in the market for lamb and mutton

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Trends in the marketing of livestock and meat in Europe. Report on the Technical Conference held at Braunschweig-Volkenrode, Federal Republic of Germany 30 September to 9 October 1968. (RU:FAO/ ECE/MLE/68/R.)

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Trends in the number of peasant-communists in Vojvodina since the war 1965-1968

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Trends in the number of state farm employees in 1968

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Trends in the nutritional position in East Germany

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Trends in the organization of purchases and turnover of slaughter animals (in Poland)

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Trends in the present development of an overpopulated farming region

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Trends in the procurement and merchandising of food products and their implications for producers and consumers

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Trends in the production and breeding of haricot beans

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Trends in the production of ewes' milk in Yugoslavia and constituent republics

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Trends in the production, consumption and world trade of agricultural products

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Trends in the progress of mineral fertilizing in the German Democratic Republic

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Trends in the rate of increase and utilization of farm machinery on co-operative farms in the Tolbuhin district (of Bulgaria)

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Trends in the relative labour, material and capital requirements of fruit growing

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Trends in the silvicultural treatment of mountain forests

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Trends in the size distribution of Australian sheep flocks

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Trends in the succession of vegetation on sandy-land fallows

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Trends in the taxonomy of fungi

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Trends in the technique of private farm buildings (in Poland) in 1956-65

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Trends in the treatment of acute diarrhoeas in infancy

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Trends in the utilization of milk for human nutrition

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Trends in the yields of cereals in the Kustanay Province

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Trends in total agricultural productivity: Canada, Ontario, Quebec, 1926-64

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Trends in total milk deliveries and in milk-products sales in Austria in 1960-1970

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Trends in weed control methods and sequential progress in weed control work in the Maharashtra State-a review

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Trends in weed control practice in Upper Bavaria

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Trends in work on cotton at some research centres in the United States

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Trends in world commodity prices

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Trends in yield response of CO 25 paddy as influenced by soil series and manuring

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Trends of (Austrian) domestic egg production and marketing

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Trends of change in eight Indian villages

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Trends of cultural techniques in modern strawberry growing

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Trends of development in the EEC grain policy

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Trends of development of prime cost of production on (Bulgarian) co-operative farms

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Trends of development tendencies in the production and marketing of animal producis

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Trends of household incomes and consumption in the county of Pest (Hungary) during the second Five Year Plan period

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Trends of mite populations in lower Rio Grande Valley citrus groves in 1962-63 and 1966-67

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Trends of populations of aphid predators in South Dakota cereal crops-1963-65

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Trends of soil development with time in the Mediterranean environments of Israel

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Trends of sporadic leptospirosis in Florida

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Trends of the marketing of fluid milk and hard cheese

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Trends of turnover and marketing outlooks in the foreign trade in Hungarian agricultural and food industry products

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Trends of western Spruce budworm and associated insects in Pacific Northwest forests sprayed with DDT

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Trends that have put solid fuel in the lead

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Trends towards centralization of milk collection

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Trends towards normality of subnormal stands of Douglas-Fir-a case study

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Trends towards the mechanisation of yoghurt manufacture in Europe

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Trentino-Alto Adige. A living agriculture for a modern market

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Trephine lung biopsy in cattle and horses

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Trepo-nema suis, a new species of the genus Treponema, Schaudinn 1905

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Tres nuevas especies de nematodos posibles ntoparasitos en suelos espanoles

Mian Said Khan Inayatullah., 1968:
Trevatt - an early apricot variety for plains

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Tri-, di- and monoglycerides in human serum and their relation to the lipoprotein spectrum

Sakovich, V.; Klement'eva, E., 1971:
Tri-allate against hardy darnel

Sakovich, V.; Klement'eva, E., 1971:
Tri-allate for controlling Lolium remotum

Coelho, A.D., 1971:
Tri-allate for the control of Avena sterilis in wheat

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Tri-allate for the control of Lolium remotum

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Tri-allate granules for the post-emergence control of Avena fatua in winter and spring cereals

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Tri-fluralin interactions with soil constituents

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Tri-ortho-cresyl phosphate poisoning in cattle

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Tri-specles hybrid in cotton F1 (Gossypium hirsutum x G. tomentosum) x G. barba-dense

Bikhovski, B.E.; Nagibina, L.F., 1968:
Triacanthinella, a new genus of marine monogeneans from trigger-fish

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Triaenophorus crassus in Arctic lampreys of the Northwest Territories, Canada

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Triaenophorus crassus plerocercoids in sockeye salmon smolts from the Kvichak river system, Alaska

Lawler, G.H., 1968:
Triaenophorus nodulosus in burbot, Lota lota, from Heming Lake, Manitoba

Stys, Z.; Petrlik, Z., 1967:
Triais with helicopters in the protection of hops from downy mildew

Kjernmoen, R., 1968:
Trial and evaluation of garden iris cultivars, 1960-67

Olaizola, L.; Lazaro, C., 1965:
Trial and modification of the technique of McCain and collaborators for determining the resistance of maize to the rice weevil (S. oryzae L.)

Jacjuk, A.I., 1965:
Trial and prospects of sanding wood with abrasive disks

Joly, P., 1969:
Trial application of numerical methods to systematic data. I. Study of the group A. sensu lato

Mouchacca, J.; Joly, P., 1969:
Trial application of numerical methods to systematic data. III. Study of pH variation on the development of some fungi of desert soils

Joly, P.; Joly, F.M.uchacca, J., 1970:
Trial application of numerical methods to systematic data. IV. On the possibility of the intervention of a Donnan cell space in the absorption of cations by fungi

Mouchacca, J.; Joly, P.; Joly, F., 1970:
Trial application of numerical methods to systematic data. V. Study of high concentrations of NaCI on the development of some fungi of desert soils

Joly, P.; Joly, F.B.itnu-Cuc., 1971:
Trial application of numerical methods to systematic data. VI. Study of the kinetics of hyphal growth in fungi

Poniedzialek, M.; Kmiecik, W., 1969:
Trial application of several herbicides for weed control in onions in the Cracov region

Rodenburg, C.M., 1971:
Trial consignment of maxi-type lettuce to southern Germany

Funder, J.V., 1964:
Trial controls of flies on Danish farms with Baytex 40 wettable powder

Gulati, B.C.; Duhan, S.P.S.; Bhattacharya, A.K., 1967:
Trial cultivation of davana, Artemisia pallens Wall, in Uttar Pradesh

Kolesnikov, I.V.; Bykov, V.D., 1967:
Trial determination of allowable cut on a 'Minsk-11'

Solov'ev, S.A.; Andreev, V.V., 1967:
Trial evaluation of the

Fruit, R., 1971:
Trial fields: starch varieties in 1970

Messiaen, P.Maison., 1966:
Trial for the prevention of Cucumber virus 1 outbreaks in 1965

En'kova, E.I.; Lylov, G.I., 1966:
Trial grafting of Oak

Delcroix-Arnould, P., 1969:
Trial improvement to the diets at Hopital Bichat

Ferrando, R.; Raynaud, J.P.; Taillant, J., 1969:
Trial in France with a quinoxaline di-N-oxide, a growth factor for meat pigs. 1

Kulebjakin, A.M.; Gresnikov, V.V., 1966:
Trial in building a road with a soil/cement surface

Zubkova, T.I., 1966:
Trial in chemical control of Saperda populnea

Smirnova, V.K., 1969:
Trial in comparative evaluation of the merchantability of Pine stands infected by Fomes annosus, by means of a mensurational and phytopathological analysis

Ter Horst, K., 1969:
Trial in containers on the effect of chloride, introduced at various depths in the profile, on the under-water weight of industrial potatoes

Pomerleau, R.; Bard, J., 1969:
Trial in control of Dutch Elm disease in Quebec

Avrov, F.D., 1969:
Trial in creating grafted seed orchards of Larch in Siberia

Ramanauskas, V.; Gradeckas, A., 1966:
Trial in establishing Picea abies seed orchards in Lithuania

Samojlovic, G.G., 1964:
Trial in extracting wood by helicopter

Logvinenko, N.I., 1971:
Trial in growing Norway Spruce plantations without any soil preparation on felled areas where no sward has formed

Fomin, D.M., 1964:
Trial in growing horticultural shelterbelts with large planting stock

Zilkin, B.D.; Grigor'ev, V.; Rozkov, L.N., 1969:
Trial in improving the growth of a Spruce plantation on a Spruce/Oak/Aegopodium site by growing lupin

Milewski, J.; Zajaczkowski, K., 1971:
Trial in increasing the increment of a Poplar plantation on a poor site by means of mineral fertilizing

Kiscenko, T.I.; Nekrasov, M.D., 1966:
Trial in mechanized selection felling

Obydennikov, A.I., 1969:
Trial in predicting good seed-years of Amur Larch

Ostroumov, I.P., 1965:
Trial in producing pulp chips when sawing with circular saws

Murygina, L.A., 1966:
Trial in propagating Picea abies by cuttings in the N.W. of the U.S.S.R

Dudarev, I.P., 1964:
Trial in protecting and beautifying the Volga-Don navigation canal

Gulij, V.V.; Zimerikin, V.N., 1971:
Trial in the aerial control of Neodiprion sertifer with a virus

Opalicki, S., 1965:
Trial in the control of Thaumetopoea pityocampa by direct introduction of insecticide into larval nests

Sukhodol'skii, D.A., 1971:
Trial in the cultivation and acclimatization of Karelian Birch in Siberia

Vital'ev, A.P.; Loskutov, R.I., 1968:
Trial in the establishment of Pinus sibirica plantations on felled areas

Sterlin, D.M., 1964:
Trial in the introduction of high-temperature veneer drying

Sapozhnikova, N.F., 1971:
Trial in the use o humic acid in bud-grafting

Pejsahovic, M.S.; Javic, G.U., 1968:
Trial in the use of photo-contact printing for imitation finishing of furniture

Sosnin, N.A., 1970:
Trial in using fertilizers on Scots Pine seedlings

Serbina, N.K., 1966:
Trial in using the index 'standard processing cost' (NSO) in plywood factories

Burmeister, P.; Kennel, W., 1967:
Trial infection of the points of fruit attachment in Apple by N. galligena, Pezicula malicorticis, and P. alba, in conjunction with chemical control trials

Soine, H., 1969:
Trial loading of 1-m. Pine cordwood on German railways, on the Bentheim-Wilhelmshaven stretch

Ievin, I.K.; E.A., 1967:
Trial of 'Djatel'-type machines in tending fellings

Ievin', I.K.; E.A., 1965:
Trial of 'industrialized' logging in tending fellings

Duke, B.O.L.; Moore, P.J., 1967:
Trial of Ambilhar for the treatment of onchocerciasis

Jordan, P., 1966:
Trial of ambilhar, a nitrothiazole derivative, in S. mansoni infections in Tanzania

Hamad, B., 1969:
Trial of Astiban in treating university students in the Sudan

Muhammad Shafi Manzur Ahmad., 1968:
Trial of IRRI varieties at the Rice Research Station, Kala Shah Kaku

Timofeev, V.P., 1971:
Trial of Larix decidua in the Moscow and neighbouring regions

Negru, D.; Dida, L.; Popescu, S.; Gheorghiu, I.; Todea, A.; Margineanu, I., 1970:
Trial of Nilverm (tetramisole) in some helminthoses of ruminants

Red'ko, G.I., 1966:
Trial of Poplar as an associate species in Oak/Pine plantations in the Ukraine

Costa, H.M.D.A.; Freitas, M.G.; Guimaraes, M.P., 1968:
Trial of Ruelene 8-DP against gastrointestinal helminths in cattle

Wignjoatmodjo, M.S., 1964:
Trial of Stanvaseal as a panel dressing

Borisov, E.M.; Duranov, V.S.; Brudkov, I.I., 1970:
Trial of VIEV brucellin in pigs

Koehler, W.; Burzynski, J., 1967:
Trial of a combined control method to exterminate a focus of infestation of Acantholyda nemoralis

Welbourn, H.F.; Debeer, G., 1964:
Trial Of A Kit For Artificial Feeding In Tropical Village Homes

Ibrahim, M.; Bouters, R.; Wellemans, G.; Boeckx, M.; Vandeplassche, M., 1969:
Trial of a live attenuated IBR vaccine against infectious balanoposthitis in bulls

Sorel, P., 1968:
Trial of a new broncho-secretolytic drug in English Thoroughbreds

Tatarinov, V.P.; Lysenkov, N.I., 1964:
Trial of a new logging system to preserve advance growth

Chazeau, J., 1970:
Trial of a new method of evaluating insect populations in a herbaceous habitat

Markovic, B.; Olujic, M.; Popovic, B.; Ilic, M., 1970:
Trial of a vaccine to prevent Vibrio fetus abortion in ewes. Preliminary note

Hanafy, M.M.; Seddik, Y.; Aref, M.K., 1968:
Trial of a vegetable protein-rich food (a peanut-chickpea-sesame mixture) in protein-calorie malnutrition

Badalov, E.T., 1970:
Trial of acaricides (ftalofos, dimethoate, carbaryl, trichlormetafos-3) against ixodid ticks in a hot climate

Lees, R.E., 1967:
Trial of an enteric-coated preparation of lucanthone hydrochloride in Schistosoma mansoni infection

Provost, A.; Borredon, C.; Maurice, Y., 1969:
Trial of an inactivated rinderpest vaccine, prepared in tissue culture, in calves passively immunized by colostral antibodies

Pignattelli, P.; Galassi, D.; Giulioni, A., 1970:
Trial of an inactivated vaccine against Escherichia coli infection of calves

Purohit, K.R.; Sastry, V.N.; Rao, K.V.; Naganna, B., 1969:
Trial of an iron-carbohydrate complex with folic acid (Uniferon-F.i.m.) in the treatment of anaemias in paediatric practice

Vasilkov, G.V., 1969:
Trial of anthelmintics against Philometra infection of carp

Sokolov, D.V.; Scedrova, V.I., 1968:
Trial of antibiotic substances produced by Polyporadceae and certain other fungi for control of fusariosis

Souleres, G., 1965:
Trial of artificial regeneration of Quercus robur in the state forest of Amont Aval

Walker, G.H.; Bynoe, M.L.; Tyrrell, D.A., 1967:
Trial of ascorbic acid in prevention of colds

Arthur, G.; Monro, J.A.; Poore, P.; Rilwan, W.B.; Murphy, E.L.C., 1967:
Trial of ascorbic acid in senile purpura and sublingual haemorrhages

Pidoplichko, V.N., 1969:
Trial of chemicals against root rot of Cucumbers under cover

Whittem, J.H., 1966:
Trial of cobalt administration for the prevention of Heliotropium europaeum poisoning in sheep

Spire, D.; Quemener, J.; Bertrandy, J., 1967:
Trial of detection of Potato viruses Y and A by indexing on S. demissum A6

Orovcanec, I., 1968:
Trial of different quantities and ratios of N : P2O5 : K2O with the wheat varieties standardized in the regions of Skopje and Ovce Pole

Vanderweyen, A.; Ledergerber, A., 1966:
Trial of disinfectant compounds on Oranges

Rotenberg, S.; Kavenckij, A., 1964:
Trial of enriching chicken meat with Co

Wolter, R.; Thion, F.; Baratou, J., 1971:
Trial of essential amino acid supplements to prevent feather picking in pheasants

Huiskes, J.H.; Minkema, D.; Koppejan, P.C.A., 1971:
Trial of farm performance testing of young breeding sows

Dunham, D.F., 1967:
Trial of foam spray-dried whole milk in selected types of institutions

Capdevila Moret, M., 1965:
Trial of forage sorghums

Arroyo, J.; Allievi, J.; Mazzani, B., 1967:
Trial of groundnut varieties carried out on the Sabana de Londres, Lara state

Altuhov, V.F., 1965:
Trial of heat treatment of veneer logs in an open log pond

Kalmykova, T.I., 1964:
Trial of herbicides on tea plantations of the Krasnodar territory

Hladik, A.; Berninger, E., 1965:
Trial of hybridizing techniques on lettuce, Lactuca sativa

Jakovleva, L.V., 1967:
Trial of interspecific and intergeneric grafting of conifers in the open

Poryakov, A.A.; Veselova, T.P.; Vorob'ev, M.A.; Doroshina, M.Y., 1965:
Trial of liexachloroparaxylol for fascioliasis in sheep

Kazimirov, N.I.; Golubev, B.N.; Kraev, M.V., 1966:
Trial of mechanized thinnings

Chlebowska, D., 1968:
Trial of micro-waves for measuring wood moisture content

Lindemann, A.; Glabisch, K.P., 1971:
Trial of new greenhouse rose varieties and rootstocks

Nicolas, J.A.; Pestre-Alexandre, M.; Dupre, C., 1968:
Trial of nitroxynil for Fasciola hepatica infection in sheep

Il'yashchenko, V.I., 1969:
Trial of phthalophos, chlorophos and Trokne (fenchlorpbos) in sheep scab

Il'yashchenko, V.I., 1969:
Trial of phthalophos, chlorophos and Trolene (fenchlorphos) in sheep scab

Bajec, V., 1967:
Trial of potato production under plastic cover

Carbone, E.; Raimondi, R., 1965:
Trial of progeny testing of double-muscled Piedmont bulls

Nasso, S.; Pedretti, G.; Levorato, F., 1964:
Trial of prophylaxis of varicella with anabolising and antirachitic steroids

Marutyan, E.M., 1968:
Trial of quinocide (primaquine) and other drugs in theileriosis

Halls, L.K.; Dell, T.R., 1966:
Trial of ranked-set sampling for forage yields

Kudela, M.; Sramek, O., 1966:
Trial of short-term soil sterilization with Ditethon in forest nurseries

Safarov, Yu. B.; Kadymov, R.A., 1970:
Trial of simultaneous vaccination of sheep against brucellosis and dostridial infections

Romagosa Vila, J.A., 1964:
Trial of six feed mixtures for fattening lambs

Paun, E., 1965 :
Trial of some mint (M. piperita L.) varieties in the steppe zone of the Rumanian Plain

Singh, H.; Haq, A., 1968:
Trial of some new insecticides for the control of sugarcane whitefly in Uttar Pradesh

Popov, S., 1968:
Trial of some tomato varieties suitable for early yield

Zozulin, G.M., 1966:
Trial of sowing Quercus robur in different plant communities of the forest-steppe subzone

Peoy, S.H., 1965:
Trial of soy milk on children older than 5 months

Altuhov, V.F., 1964:
Trial of steaming veneer flitches in autoclaves

Sloover, J.De., 1967:
Trial of summer lettuce varieties in West Flanders

Joussellin, W.; Ladrat, J.; Craplet, C.; Thoret, J.P., 1964:
Trial of supplementing a milk substitute for calves with a mixture of antibiotics (terramycin and oleandomycin)

Zidkov, V.G.; Lah, E.; Livanov, A.P., 1968:
Trial of the LT-7 chip-carrier

Cremer, K.W.; Vries, J.D., 1970:
Trial of the Sachs power pruner on plantation conifers

Jagielski, A.; Klicza, K., 1964:
Trial of the chemical control of moulds under greenhouse conditions

Campagna, J.P.; Lamontagne, Y., 1967:
Trial of the efficacy of three fungicides against damping off of Pinus resinosa and Picea glauca

Campagna, J.P.; Lamontagne, Y., 1967:
Trial of the efficacy of three fungicides against damping-off in Red Pine and White Spruce

Busygin, K.F.; Nuriev, G.G.; Kurochkin, V.I.; Gizatullin, K. G., 1969:
Trial of the efficacy of type A strain A22 vaccine against foot and mouth disease

Gautier, R., 1970:
Trial of the fire resistance of a glued laminated wooden beam at Champs-sur Marne on 13 March 1970

Adda, J.; Blanc-Patin, E.; Jeunet, R.; Grappin, R.; Mocquot, G.; Poujardieu, B.; Ricordeau, G., 1968:
Trial of the infrared milk analyser

Enneking, O., 1967:
Trial of the new nitro-furan HB-115 (nifurprazine) in poultry practice

Morisita, T.; E.A., 1965:
Trial of the skin test in human anisakiasis

Montrocher, R.; Abadie, F., 1967:
Trial of the taxonomic use of the nitrogen assimilation of organic compounds in the genus C. (yeasts of the Cryptococcaceae)

Kosel'kov, S.P., 1968:
Trial of the use of foliar analysis for the study of the nutrient regime of Scots Pine stands

Volkorezov, V.I., 1968:
Trial of the use of gamma-radiation for the pretreatment of Pinus sylvestris seed

Duke, B.O.; Hawking, F., 1967:
Trial of thiabendazole for the treatment of onchocerciasis

Das, K.V.; Raman, S., 1966:
Trial of thiabendazole in multiple helminthic infestations

Grunder, H.D.; Fischer, W.; Zarnack, D.; Plambeck, E., 1967:
Trial of thiadiazine for the treatment of Trichophyton ringworm in cattle

Grunder, H.D.; Fischer, W.; Zarnack, D.; Plambeck, E., 1967:
Trial of thiadiazine for the treatment of trichophytosis in cattle

Reid, J.V., 1970:
Trial of tryptophan prophylaxis in patients liable to African cardiomyopathy

Boin, C.; Melotti, L.; Schneider, B.H.; Lobao, A.D.O., 1968:
Trial on apparent digestibility of silages of sorghum, maize and Napier grass. 1

Noskov, V.I., 1965:
Trial on creating high-yielding Scots Pine plantations by the use of selected seed

Andreev, N.G.; Gumanyuk, A.A.; Afanas'ev, R.A., 1971:
Trial on effective fertilization of irrigated sown pastures

Lapushkin, V.M., 1971:
Trial on improvement of pastures in semi-desert zone in the central Kazakhstan

Kreysler, J., 1971:
Trial on production and marketing of a low cost-high protein food for children on village level: a report on three experimental projects in Usambara, Tanzania

Korablev, S.A., 1970:
Trial on seed production of perennial herbage species at the Mariisk State Agricultural Experimental Station

Henin, S.; Hutter, W., 1964:
Trial on swelling as a factor in the structural stability of soils

Goffinet, R., 1964:
Trial on the adaptation of Robusta coffee trees with irrigation by sprinkling at Kaniama (Haut-Lomami)

Sediyama, T.; Vieira, C., 1971:
Trial on the application of herbicides tc a maize crop at Capinopolis, Minas Gerais

Tullio, V.; Casarini, C., 1968:
Trial on the control of white scale of cherries, Pseudaulacaspis pentagona.)

Vidal, J.P.; Marcelin, H., 1969:
Trial on the destruction of Bermuda grass, Cynodon dactylon, in vines in Roussillon

Kurbanov, S.A., 1971:
Trial on the determination of evaporation from irrigated fields in the S. Mugan' region of the Azerbaidzh an SSR

Cremaschi, D., 1964:
Trial on the growing of sub-tropical cigar wrapper tobacco in houses covered with milk-white polythene

Lhotsky, J., 1968:
Trial on the improvement of growth conditions on kaolinized soils in the Plzen region

Moraes, M.V., E.Al., 1966:
Trial on the number of hoeings for coffee

Dobrzanski, B.; Domzal, H., 1968:
Trial on the possibilities of altering some properties of a sandy soil by means of transforming its profile

Benassy, C.; Euverte, G., 1968:
Trial on the practical use of biological control of Californian red scale of citrus in Morocco

Wislawski, M., 1970:
Trial on the use of plastic bags instead of cups in resin tapping

Cozzani, C.; Sisto, A.M.; Tolve, N., 1964:
Trial on the use of various rates of Alipur for pre- and post-em. weed control in spinach

Neustein, S.A., 1966:
Trial plantations at high elevations

Macdonald, A., 1967:
Trial plantations established by the Forestry Commission on the island of Hoy, Orkney

Stern, R., 1965:
Trial plantations in the sub-alpine deforested zone of north Tyrol, and some results

Bandin, A.P., 1968:
Trial plantations of Quercus suber in Azerbaijan

Butkute, A.P., 1966:
Trial planting of Fir wildings in the Kozul'ka leskhoz, Krasnoyarsk territory

Burgrichter, E.; Schoenwald, W., 1968:
Trial plantings of Metasequoia glyptostroboides in Westphalia

Mracek, Z., 1970:
Trial plot established to examine the effect of spacing on stand quality

Gall, H., 1969:
Trial results obtained for clingstone peaches in Costieres du Gard during 1967-1968-1969

Petkov, P., 1971:
Trial results of certain water-melon varieties under the conditions of south-eastern Bulgaria

Petkov, P.S., 1971:
Trial results of certain whiter-barley varieties on the varietal testing plot at Burgas

Krasennikov, S.M.; Vavilova, M.A., 1964:
Trial results of intervarietal potato hybrids in the north-western districts of the country

Wagar, J.A.; Thalheimer, J.F., 1969:
Trial results of net count procedures for estimating visitor use at developed recreation sites

Mitovski, M. j.; Dzalev, D. k.; Mitovski, M., 1967:
Trial results of potato varieties for midearly production under the conditions of Bulgaria

Petktov, K., 1968:
Trial results of seedless dessert grape varieties

Cingova, C. b.; Cingova, C., 1967:
Trial results of some coriander varieties

Sacanski, S. s.; Sacanski, S., 1969:
Trial results of some fodder pea varieties grown for seed and for green matter

Zocca, A., 1970:
Trial results of some genetic monogerm beet varieties

Missbach, K., 1971:
Trial results of the new procedure for forest fire reporting

Kiss, T., 1971:
Trial results with new sugar-beet varieties in 1967-1969

Avila, G., 1967:
Trial to compare 3 varieties of Arracada xanthorrhiza, and chemical analyses of roots and rhizomes

Carambula, M., 1964:
Trial to compare Rhizobium strains using different clovers

Brederlow, H.; Holz, W., 1968:
Trial to control blackgrass in grass-seed crops 1967 (preliminary communication)

Florov, R.J., 1967:
Trial to determine the potential productivity of natural forest sites on the basis of the thermodynamic law of dissipation of energy

Tisserand, J.-L.; Dumay, C.; Pelot, J., 1966:
Trial to evaluate the conservation of semi-wilted lucerne in an airtight tower silo. C. r

Bannov, M.G., 1968:
Trial transplanting of large Picea obovata

Glowacka Pilot, B.; Koehler, W., 1965:
Trial use of Bacillus thuringiensis to control Panolis flammea

Shaikh, H.; Huq, M.M.; Rahman, M.S.; Haq, S.; Mollah, M.A.U., 1968:
Trial with Prpmintic in the treatment of gnathostomiasis in cat

Bonatti, F.; Fava, A.; Ruatti, A., 1964:
Trial with Ruelene for control of Hypoderma bovis

Ambrosi, M., 1966:
Trial with dichlorothiobenza-mide

Arroyo, J.; Allievi, J.; Mazzani, B., 1967:
Trial with groundnut varieties in the Sabana de Londres, Lara State, Venezuela

D.Morais, M.V., 1964:
Trial with herbicide combinations for weed control in coffee

Oliveira, H.; Gregori, R.; Paranhos, S.B., 1966:
Trial with herbicides alone and in combination in pre- and post-emergence applications in sugar cane

Vega Ortega, N., 1967:
Trial with herbicides in sugar.cane

Lescar, L.; Audy, J.M., 1969:
Trial with herbicides on various young crops of forage legumes

Zulueta, Y A.; J.D., 1971:
Trial with paraquat in the establishment of Trifolium subterraneum cv. Woogenellup under Quercus ilex at Olivenza (Badajoz)

Bengtsson, A., 1964:
Trial with red clover at various seed rates

Denisevic, L.A., 1969:
Trial with trifluralin in carrots grown on peat-bog soils

Smart, J.L., 1970:
Trial-and-error behaviour of inbred and F1 hybrid mice

Cellerino, G.P., 1966:
Trials against M. brunnea of Poplar

Agnello, Anna, V., 1970:
Trials against Phialophora disease of Carnation

Tramier, R.; Andreoli, C.; Mercier, S., 1971:
Trials against Phytophthora nicotianae var. parasitica, a parasite of Carnation

Andreucci, E.; Bartoloni, P.; Pacini, L., 1969:
Trials against U. dianthi in the Pescia region

Berkel, A.; Bozkurt, Y., 1965:
Trials against blue stain fungi on Pine wood

Csuti, Istvanne Podhradszky, J., 1964:
Trials against powdery mildew of cereals

Filho, O.A.Gurgel, 1970:
Trials and experiments with Pines in the state of Sao Paulo

Wurgler, W., E.Al., 1970:
Trials and observations on chemical weed control in vegetable crops

Lachover, D.; Kostrinski, J., 1965:
Trials and observations on the value of green safflower as fodder and silage

Poulsen, H.; Hillemann, G., 1971:
Trials at the North Jutland Experimental Fur Animal Farm, winter 1970-71

Basso, M., 1967:
Trials comparing PVC and polythene covers for advancing ripening in Chasselas dore grapes and delaying harvesting in Regina

Schmidt Vogt, H., 1970:
Trials comparing hole and angle planting of Spruce

Dufour, J.L.; Fontaine, A.; D.G.urnay, X., 1969:
Trials comparing the resistance of several varieties of winter wheat to grass-killers

Chevalier, M.; Scotto, L.M.ssese, C., 1966:
Trials directed against the hydrangea eelworm

Cantele, A., 1971:
Trials during 7 years on the effect of fertilizer on two different rotations

Rivero, J.M.D.l Garcia, P.; J.A., 1968:
Trials for chemical sucker growth control on tobacco in Spanish conditions

Lescar, L.; Bouchet, F.; Lonchamp, J.P., 1969:
Trials for control of undesirable plants in permanent grassland. First results

Delas, J.; Molot, C., 1965:
Trials for correcting magnesium deficiency in vineyards of the Bordeaux region

Stalder, L., 1967:
Trials for determining the varietal susceptibility of machine

Billot, C.; E.A., 1969:
Trials for dodder control in lucerne

Bukstynov, A.D.; Vasil'ev, G.I.; Lasica, L.P., 1966:
Trials for establishing plantations with large planting stock

Dimitropoulos, E., 1969:
Trials for improving the composition of bull semen diluents and the freezing technique to obtain better fertility

Glazewska, Zdzislawa., 1969:
Trials for resistance of Hop vars. and hybrids to P. humuli

Gisiger, L., 1964:
Trials for the clarification of the effects of superphosphate application in stables

Lalova, M.; Berova, S., 1967:
Trials for the control of 2,4-D resistant weeds growing in winter wheat

Lejeune, R.; Giraud, G.; Denaiffe, H.L.; D.G.urnay, X., 1964:
Trials for the control of Alopecurus myosuraides Huds. (blackgrass) in grass seed crops

Naumann, K., 1965:
Trials for the control of P. lachrymans on field Cucumber. II. The effect of spraying on leaf infection

Sardar Singh Guram, M.S., 1967:
Trials for the control of brinjal fruit and shoot borer

Bouchet, F.; Pavot, J.; Martin, C., 1971:
Trials for the control of dicotyledonous weeds at different stages in soft winter wheats

Atzmon, G.; Kronland, S.; Shohat, I., 1968:
Trials for the control of dodder (Cuscuta) by means of Reglone

Guillemenet, R., 1971:
Trials for the control of grass weeds in cereals with a view to the approval of post-emergence herbicides

Demetriades, S.D.; Gayalas, N.A.; Papadopoulos, S.E., 1964:
Trials for the control of lime-induced chlorosis in fruit trees in Greece. I. Preliminary observations on peach and lemon trees

Puzzilli, M., 1964:
Trials for the control of nematodes with Shell DD

Lescar, L.; Bouchet, F.; Audy, J.M., 1968:
Trials for the control of self-sown seedlings and other weed grasses in grass seed crops

Bouchet, F.; D.G.urnay, X., 1965:
Trials for the control of volunteer seedlings and other grass weeds in seed crops of herbage grasses

Maynadier, M., E.Al., 1971:
Trials for the control of wild oats in soft winter wheat

El-Nabawy, S.M., 1964:
Trials for the identification of pigments in apple peel

Mirzoev, B.B., 1967:
Trials for the promotion of natural regeneration of Beech

Thompson, F.C.; Neve, R.A., 1969:
Trials for the selection of Fuggle clones

Buchwald, P.; Kovendi, A., 1964:
Trials for utilization of o-nitroethylbenzene. 2. Preparation of new substances from nitroethylbenzene, with possible herbicidal activity

Ribeiro, L.J., 1970:
Trials for varietal control in carrot varieties (cultlvars) grown in Portugal

Anonymous, 1967:
Trials give guidance on good potato varieties

Millou, J.; L.M.rre, J., 1967:
Trials in 1965-6 in growing winter wheat and spring barley without cultivation

Kirby, A.H.M.; Butt, D.J.; Williamson, C.J., 1970:
Trials in 1968 of new fungicides on apple and pear

Graber, M., 1969:
Trials in Central Africa of treatment of gastro-intestinal parasitism of the chicken with tetramisole

Bartlett, D.H.; Handy, J.H.; Darge, G.D., 1970:
Trials in Scotland and Northern England with trifluralin for the control of annual weeds in swedes

Carneiro, J.G.D.Araujo, 1971:
Trials in breaking dormancy of seed of Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis

Ubertini, B.; Nardelli, L.; Barei, S.; Panina, G.; Lodetti, E., 1969:
Trials in cattle of monovalent and trivalent foot and mouth disease vaccines prepared with virus from BHK cells

Gadzikowski, R., 1968:
Trials in chemical control of Exoteleia dodecella with the aid of aircraft

Pomerleau, R.; Bard, J., 1965:
Trials in chemotherapy of White Pine blister rust with phytoactin and cycloheximide

Kudler, J.; Lysenko, O.; Vankova, J., 1965:
Trials in control of Geometridae (Operophtera and Erannis) with bacteria

Guillemenet, R., 1971:
Trials in controlling wild oats in cereals with a view to the approval of pre-and post-em. herbicides

Gothe, H.; Schober, R., 1971:
Trials in crossing Larix decidua (Schlitz provenance) and L. leptolepis

Gothe, H., 1967:
Trials in crossing Larix decidua (Schlitz provenance) and L. leptolepis. Fourth report

Covarelli, G., 1968:
Trials in injecting N in liquid form into the soil for maize and sorghum

Caperos Sierra, A., 1969:
Trials in producing pulps suitable for moulded containers

Krahl Urban, J., 1970:
Trials in rooting Oak and Beech cuttings

Brix, H.; Barker, H., 1971:
Trials in rooting of Douglas-Fir cuttings by a paired-cutting technique

Kehat, M.; Greenberg, S., 1968:
Trials in the control of Aonidiella aurantii Mask. on greenhouse roses

Lonchamp, J.P.; Lescar, L., 1971:
Trials in the control of grasses of low forage value in permanent pasture

Kuroli, G., 1970 :
Trials in the control of stolbur-infected Tomato with antibiotics

Peretz, I.; Gavweltth, R.; Gurewttch, E.; Frankel, H., 1966:
Trials in the control of the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata Wied.) with organophosphorus insecticides

Sternlicht, M., 1966:
Trials in the control of the citrus bud mite, Aceria sheldoni (Ewing), in Israel

Kehat, M.; Swirski, E.; Bankier, E., 1964:
Trials in the control of the scale Asterolecanium phoenicis Ram. on date palms

Sass, O.; Dubnik, H., 1971:
Trials in the control of virus vectors in Potato fields in E. Germany

Kaul, R.N.; Ganguli, B.N., 1965:
Trials in the introduction of Acacias in the arid zone of Rajasthan. 1-Seed studies

Moron, I.; Padula, M., 1964:
Trials in the introduction of Pines

Elgueta, S.H.; Calderon, S.S., 1968:
Trials in the introduction of forest species in S. Chile

Lalova, M.; Kozarska, R., 1967:
Trials in the use of BNP-20 mixed with ammonium molybdate for weed control in forage pea

Kokovkin, F.V., 1968:
Trials in the use of chemical products from wood in roadbuilding

Balasch, J.; Planas, J., 1969:
Trials in vitro with 59Fe on the transport capacity of serum Fe in some birds and mammals

Vez, A., 1969:
Trials investigating no-tillage cropping

Feyerabend, G.; Marlow, H., 1964:
Trials lasting 4 years on the effect of supplementary chemical weed control on weed cover, cultivation requirements and yields in onions and carrots

Noll, A., 1966:
Trials of 13 scab-resistant potato varieties at 38 localities in the German Federal Republic. The problem of the dependence of S. scabies attack on locality

Guinaudeau, J., 1971:
Trials of Abies spp. in the Landes region

Dor, T.; Tsur, M.; Carmeli, R., 1964:
Trials of American cotton varieties in the coastal region and the northern Negev

Zacha, V.; Rezac, A., 1970:
Trials of Aster vars. for resistance to F. oxysporum f. 6. Wr

Ali-Zade, A.V., 1965:
Trials of Azerbaijan durum wheat samples for resistance to yellow rust

Shitov, K.A.; Vitkalov, B.P.; Sheherban, N.F.; Doronin, N.N., 1965:
Trials of BCG vaccine in fowls

Bezsilla, B., 1969:
Trials of Balan in tobacco crops in Hungary

Abdullin, K. Kh.; Salmakov, K.M., 1966:
Trials of Brucella abortus strain 82 as a live vaccine under laboratory and field conditions

Trilenko, P.A.; Tivelev, P.G.; Subbotin, D.I.; Fomenko, T.V., 1965:
Trials of Brucella melitensis strain K vaccine

Morandini, R., 1968:
Trials of Douglas Fir provenance

Zarubin, A.F., 1970:
Trials of Juglans spp. in the Tellerman Oak forests

Negru, D.; Dida, I.; Popescu, S.; Gheorghiu, I.; Todea, A.; Margineanu, I., 1970:
Trials of Nilverm (tetramisole) in some helminthiases of ruminants

Anonymous, 1964:
Trials of Ponderosa and Jeffrey Pine on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada (Granada)-1922-62

Catelly, T.; Fodor, I., 1970:
Trials of Potato progeny for relative resistance to important virus diseases

Keresztesi, B., 1967:
Trials of Robinia admixtures to conifer stands on the sandy sites between Danube and Tisza

Riehl, L.A.; Addis, D.G.; Burgess, J.B.; Deal, A.S., 1965:
Trials of Ruelene for cattle grub control in southern California

Anderson, R.T., 1969:
Trials of Silkeborg continuous butter making machine

Badoux, S.; Guyer, H.; Lehmann, J., 1968:
Trials of Trifolium pratense varieties on the Swiss plateau

Crossa Raynaud, P.; Mlaiki, A.; Hacheo, H.; Mlika, M., 1970:
Trials of a method of early selection for estimating the resistance of almond varieties to Gloeosporium amygdalinum Brizi

Anonymous, 1965:
Trials of a type of timber connector

S.A.Askarova, A.S.Sadykov, O.S.Otroshchenko, K.D.Dzhumashev, R.Taksynbaeva., 1964:
Trials of alkaloids against Verticillium wilt

Ferriolli Filho, F.; Duarte, G.G.; Teruel, J.R.; Franco, A.R., 1971:
Trials of an anthelmintic mixture for the treatment of multiple intestinal helminth infections

Teterin, V.I., 1966:
Trials of anthelmintics against dictyocaulosis in marals and cattle

Ozerskaya, V.N.; Zinchenko, I.I.; Falyushin, V.S., 1964:
Trials of anthelmintics for haemonchosis in sheep

Varypaeva, A.G.; Roshchin, A.V., 1971:
Trials of antibiotics against Apple scab

Danguy, R., E.Al., 1966:
Trials of antiparasitic products on the aphids of fruit trees

Cottyn, B.G.; Boucque, C.V.; Buysse, F.X., 1969:
Trials of automatic milk feeding for veal calves

Anonymous, 1965:
Trials of barley varieties 1959-64

Anonymous, 1967:
Trials of barley varieties 1961-66

Sandved, G., 1966:
Trials of box types and rooting media for forcing tulips

Peardon, D.L.; Bilkovich, F.R.; Todd, A.C.; Hoyt, H.H., 1965:
Trials Of Candidate Bovine Coccidiostats: Efficacy Of Amprolium, Lincomycin, Sulfamethazine, Chloroquine Sulfate, And Di-Phenthane-70

Konstantinov, K., 1968:
Trials of certain herbicides for weed control in field beans

Kh. U.Urmanova, 1964:
Trials of chemical and biological preparations in the control of Cotton wilt

V.E.Kreitsberg., 1964:
Trials of chemical means against Cotton wilt

Ragimov, U.A., 1969:
Trials of chemical preparations against white spot of Tomato

Ammer, U.; Weiss, H., 1967:
Trials of chemical protection of conifer stemwood

Zuijlen, T.J.Van., 1971:
Trials of chemical weed control in kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L

Pidoplicko, V.N., 1969:
Trials of chemicals for root rot control on cucumbers grown under cover

Saunier, R.; Del Fabro, W.; Richin, G., 1969 :
Trials of clingstone peaches in south-west France

Pop-Antoski, S.; Lozanovski, R.; Natseva, L'., 1968:
Trials of combinations of triazine-derivative herbicides for weed control in potatoes

Willey, L.A., 1964:
Trials of commercial varieties of sugar beet

Willey, L.A., 1966:
Trials of commercial varieties of sugar beet

Willey, L.A., 1967:
Trials of commercial varieties of sugar beet

Willey, L.A., 1968:
Trials of commercial varieties of sugar beet

Willey, L.A., 1969:
Trials of commercial varieties of sugar beet

Willey, L.A., 1970:
Trials of commercial varieties of sugar beet

Barbina, A., 1970:
Trials of conifer propagation from stem cuttings in the greenhouse

Riggs, T.J., 1970:
Trials of cotton seed mixtures in Uganda

Antoniani, C., 1970:
Trials of cultural techniques for the production of seed of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) in the Bologna Plain

Marinova, R.; Marinov, M., 1966:
Trials of different soya-bean varieties for mixed cropping with maize for silage

Vanderweyen, A.; Ledergerber, A., 1966:
Trials of disinfectant compounds for oranges

Roepke, W.J., 1969:
Trials of drugs against avian coccidiosis. I. Efficacy of amprolium plus ethopabate against Eimeria tenella infection

Mosconi, C., 1971:
Trials of durum wheat mutants in Marche

Herje, K., 1965:
Trials of early potato varieties

Anonymous, 1964:
Trials of early, wart-immune potato varieties 1959-62

Svads, H., 1968:
Trials of fodder beet varieties

Lindfors, S., 1966:
Trials of foreign cabbage varieties at Alnarp in 1964-1965

Erofeev, G.V., 1966:
Trials of foreign mulberry varieties in the middle reaches of the Amu-Dar'ja

Anonymous, 1968:
Trials of foreign strains of Italian ryegrass, perennial ryegrass and timothy, 1962-66

Rocha, J.L.V.D.E.Al., 1969:
Trials of four sunflower varieties with and without the application of NPK fertilizer

Baranov, K.P., 1969:
Trials of fungicidal properties of acetic acid in cattle ringworm

J.Lhoste, L.Penchi, R.Bonnet., 1966:
Trials of fungicides against Cycloconium oleaginum in Olives in Provence

Misiga, S.; Pasmikova, A.; Lietava, M.; Rakus, D., 1967:
Trials of fungicides against powdery mildews. 3. Preparations based on organic compounds

Lafon, R.; Bugaret, Y.; Savio, A., 1966:
Trials of fungicides against two mildews, P. infestans on Tomato and P. destructor on Onion

Gaudineau, M.; Bugaret, Y., 1964:
Trials of fungicides in 1963 for control of vine mildew

Buckley, A.R.; Cavaye, W.M., 1964:
Trials of garden annuals, 1963

Deidda, M., 1966:
Trials of grain maize hybrids carried out in Sardinia during 1964-65

Khubuttya, R.A.; Gigineishvili, A.A.; Chantladze, M.N., 1970:
Trials of granular herbicides in perennial plantations of Georgia

Tabagua, M.L., 1969:
Trials of herbicides in tea plantations of the Kolhida lowland

Fetisov, V.I., 1964:
Trials of hexachloro-paraxylol, Hetol and Hetolin in dicrocoeliosis

Anonymous, 1969:
Trials of horse-bean varieties, 1967-1968

Fontaine, J.; Terre, J., 1971:
Trials of inactivated foot and mouth disease vaccines

Pedersen, K.E., 1971:
Trials of industrial varieties of sugar beet, 1966-69

Melamed-Madjar, V., 1967:
Trials of insecticide dusts against earwigs on peanuts

Torda, M.; Pacenovsky, J., 1968:
Trials of isothiocyanates for the treatment of Ascaridia infection in fowls, with special reference to parabromophenyl isothiocyanate

Nieuwhof, M., 1965:
Trials of late beetroot

Anonymous, 1965:
Trials of late potato varieties, 1960-63

Ivanyi, S., Mrs., 1967:
Trials of lentil varieties (L. culinaris Medik. spp. macrosperma, L. culinaris Medik. ssp. microsperma)

Kurki, L., 1971:
Trials of lettuce and tomato in glasshouses and PVC houses

Kiss, I.L., 1970:
Trials of lucerne varieties in member countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Aid

Anonymous, 1968:
Trials of mangel varieties, 1964-67

Perlasca, G., 1971:
Trials of manual and semimechanical harvesting of tomatoes

Anonymous, 1965:
Trials of medium-early potato varieties, 1960-63

Vidali, E., 1969:
Trials of mulching in Poplar nurseries

Anonymous, 1967:
Trials of new fertilisers

Danneskiold-Samsoe, C., 1967:
Trials of new fruit varieties in Scandinavia

Drozdovskaya, L.S., 1968:
Trials of new fungicides against rust of Carnation

Shapova, A.P., 1966:
Trials of new fungicides for combating alternariosis of Tomato and powdery mildew of Cucumber in the conditions of Uzbekistan

Alkhas'yants, E.L.; Kamilov, A.I.; Bogachenkov, V.A., 1968:
Trials of new herbicides

Buccianti, M., 1970:
Trials of new methods of protection against salt sea winds in Versilia

Kaukovirta, E., 1968:
Trials of new petunia varieties

Golyshin, N.M.; Sanin, M.A.; Zinov'eva, L.A., 1967:
Trials of new preparations against powdery mildew of Cucumber

Anonymous, 1967:
Trials of oat varieties 1963-66

Brun, L.H., 1966:
Trials of oat varieties, 1951-1964

Siddiqi, Z.A.; Sinha, M.M., 1967:
Trials of organic insecticides against sugar cane termites in Biliar

Griffiths, D.C.; Scott, G.C.; Maskell, F.E.; Roberts, P.F., 1969:
Trials of organophosphoms and carbamate seed dressings against wheat bulb fly Leptohylemyia coarctata in 1966-68

Nuyten, H.C.M.; Op't Hoog, G.T., 1968:
Trials of outdoor lettuce for early cropping

Toniolo, L.; Marzi, V., 1964:
Trials of pea varieties for processing

Weissen, F., 1967:
Trials of planting Spruce with a mechanical auger

Chanturiya, N.N.; Lobzhanidze, K. G.; Ketskhoveli, E.B., 1969:
Trials of polycarbacin in the control of Apple scab

Lopatin, M.L.; Stepanovskii, A.S.; Makarenko, A.N.; Pozdin, A.G., 1969:
Trials of preparations with protective-stimulating action in the seed treatment of Barley

Agulhon, R.; Gagne, R.; Rozier, J.-P., 1969:
Trials of products against mildew

Agulhon, R.; Gagne, R.; Rozier, J.-P., 1969:
Trials of products for the control of downy mildew

Tabagua, M.L., 1970:
Trials of residual herbicides in the Kolkhida lowland

Hudson, J.E., 1971:
Trials of residual sprays of Mobam and carbaryl against mosquitoes in verandah-trap huts at Taveta, Kenya

Markov, M.; Georgiev, T.; Popov, A., 1971:
Trials of resistance of Maize inbred lines and hybrids to mosaic, common smut and leaf blight

Faulkner, G.J., 1969:
Trials of round-seeded spinach

Murakami, K.; Kaneko, K.; Kojima, S.; Sekijo, T., 1965:
Trials of ryegrass varieties

Osborne, P.; Gill, W.D.; Dunn, E., 1964:
Trials of seed dressings for the control of wheat bulb fly in Scotland

Hristov, C. g.; Petkov, M.; Hristov, C., 1970:
Trials of some cotton varieties on a cinnamon meadow soil in south Bulgaria

Radkov, P., 1969:
Trials of some field French-bean varieties as a successional crop under irrigation

Minkov, S., 1968:
Trials of some foreign varieties of pomegranate

Kozitskii, Yu. N., 1966 :
Trials of some fungicides and antibiotics for protection of Apple from Monilia blight

Pan, Y.-C.; Liu, T.-L., 1964:
Trials of some new early-maturing sugar-cane varieties at the harvesting stage

Ribagin, T., 1971:
Trials of some new varieties of French bean

Mork, E., 1965:
Trials of sowing Scots Pine at different times during the growing season

Anonymous, 1970:
Trials of species on freely drained soils: mixtures at Clashindarroch

Anonymous, 1970:
Trials of species on peats: Alder

Anonymous, 1964:
Trials of strains of swedes 1959-62

Anonymous, 1969:
Trials of swede strains. 1965-68). T

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