Use of deep litter from broiler production as a feed. 1. Fattening calves with a complete feed pelleted or as a meal

Kumanov, S.; Paliev, H.; Jankov, B.

Zivotnovadni Nauki 6(7): 57-62


Accession: 014795218

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The feed for 2 groups of 8 young cattle of initial weight 215 kg had deep litter from broilers 40, maizemeal 49, lucerne meal 10 and salt 1%. It was given as pellets or meal. Daily gains were 1260 and 980 g, to final weights of 377 and 341 kg. The litter had 21.7% crude protein. Digestibility of the respective forms was of organic matter 78.14 and 75.63 and of crude protein 74.91 and 64.75%. (From summary.) D.