Section 15
Chapter 14,796

Use of ethyl esters of tall oil fatty acids in dairy cattle feeding

Antila, V.; Malkamaki, J.; Ring, O.; Uotila, M.; Antila, M.

Maatalous Koetoim 19: 250-56


Accession: 014795315

The tall oil contained 95% of fatty acids, most of them (94%) unsaturated. On adding 3% of esterified product to fodder no noteworthy changes occurred in the milk and fat yields, or in the fat and protein contents of milk. However, distinct changes did occur in the composition of milk fat, with rises in the I value (up to 10 units) and in oleic acid, as well as in polyunsaturated fatty acids. There was a consequent improvement of the consistency of butter during the winter feeding period.

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