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Use of nisin in preparing beverage-quality sterile chocolate-flavored milk

Heinemann, B.; Stumbo, C.R.; Scurlock, A.

Jour Dairy Sci 47(1): 8-12


DOI: 10.3168/jds.s0022-0302(64)88573-8
Accession: 014795784

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Nisin aided heat in the sterilization of chocolate-flavored milk at levels ranging from 0-800 Reading Units/ml. Heat treatments ranged from an F value of 0.2-9.0. There was a relationship between the percent thermophilic spoilage during incubation at 131 F for 3 wks, and the level of nisin added before heat treatment of F = 3.0. An F value required to prevent thermophilic spoilage for several concentrations of nisin was demonstrated. Use of an F value of 3 and the addition of 80 Reading Units of nisin/ml as a heat steriliza-tion aid resulted in a beverage-quality, commercially sterile chocolate-flavored milk.

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