Vertical Migrations of wireworms (Coleoptera, Elaterfdae) 1m cultivated lands of Smolensk region

Nadvornij, V.G.

Pedobiologia 11: 46-57


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-4056
Accession: 014802055

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In arable lands (sod-podzolic soils) of the Smolensk region, wirewprm larvae concentrate in the 0-10 cm soil layer in early spring and move downwards to the 20-cm depth in June-July. Under drier conditions in August they may reach down to 40 cm, but most remain between 15-20 cm layer. In September-October, with the beginning of the autumn rains and the intensive feeding season, they move back to the upper layers. Wintering takes place at the 10-45 cm depth.