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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14810

Chapter 14810 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Aleksandrova, N.M.; Buharin, P.D., 1966:
Wild roses, ornamental and vitamin-bearing plants, in the Polar North

Usher, J.F., 1969:
Wild sorghum and Johnson grass control

Ternovskij, M.F., 1967:
Wild species as a source of resistance to diseases

Prine, G.M., 1965:
Wild species of Arachis have forage possibilities

Bel'skii, A.I., 1968:
Wild species of fruit crops as initial material in breeding

Dunckelman, P.H., 1965:
Wild sugar-canes in new crosses at Coimbatore, India

Dagan, J.; Zohary, D., 1970:
Wild tetraploid wheats from West Iran cytogenetically identical with Israeli T. dicoccoides

Vorob'ev, D.P., 1968:
Wild trees and shrubs of the

Kellogg, F.E.; Prestwood, A.K.; Gerrish, R.R.; Doster, G.L., 1969:
Wild turkey ectoparasites collected in the Southeastern United States

Lima Pereira, J., 1968:
Wild ungulates and livestock hi Angola- Biocenosis and economic aspects

Baranov, A.I., 1967:
Wild vegetables of the Chinese in Manchuria

Zohary. D., 1970:
Wild wheats

Voscilko, M.E., 1964:
Wild-growing black currant in districts of the Salair mountain ridge

Hasanov, O., 1965:
Wild-growing lucernes of western Tien Shan and prospects for their utilization

Aoki, T.; Boyse, E.A.; Old, L.J., 1968:
Wild-type Gross leukemia virus. II. Influence of immunogenetic factors on natural transmission and on the consequences of infection

Ohmann, L.F.; Ream, R.R., 1971:
Wilderness ecology: a method of sampling and summarizing data for plant community classification

Ohmann, L.F.; Ream, R.R., 1971:
Wilderness ecology: virgin plant communities of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Hendee, J.C.; E.A., 1968:
Wilderness users in the Pacific Northwest - their characteristics, values and management preferences

Hooker, A.L., 1969:
Wildey based resistance to rust in corn. (Spec. Rep. Agric. Home Econ. Exp. Sta. Iowa State Univ. Sci. Techn. 64)

Dieterich, J.H., 1967:
Wildfire detection in the United States: a review of current practices and a look into the future

Scotter, G.W., 1970:
Wildfires in relation to the habitat of barren-ground caribou in the taiga of northern Canada

Fox, J.E.D., 1971:
Wilding stock for reafforestation of unstocked areas following exploitation in Dipterocarp forest

Mutch, R.W., 1970:
Wildland fires and eco-systems-a hypothesis

Lacate, D.S., 1966:
Wildland inventory and mapping

Ledger, H.P.; Sachs, R.; Smith, N.S., 1967:
Wildlife and food production with special reference to the semi-arid areas of tropics and sub-tropics

Hopcroft, D., 1969:
Wildlife and land-use in Africa

Riney, T.A., 1971:
Wildlife and nomadic stocks in semi-arid lands

Cousineau, J.G., 1964:
Wildlife and Some Diseases of Domestic Animals in Canada

Lime, D.W.; Cushwa, C.T., 1969:
Wildlife esthetics and auto campers in the Superior National Forest

Lubinsky, G.; Jacobsen, B.R.; Baron, R.W., 1971 :
Wildlife foci of Capillaria hepatica infections in Manitoba

Cushwa, C.T.; Jones, M.B., 1969:
Wildlife food plants on chopped areas in the Piedmont of South Carolina

Crawford, H.S.Jr., 1971:
Wildlife habitat changes after intermediate cutting for even-aged Oak management

Janda, J., 1969:
Wildlife losses caused by the use of Endrin 20 for rodent control

Kabak, I.W., 1971:
Wildlife management: an application of finite Markov chain

Eckerskorn, W., 1966:
Wildlife rabies as a problem for the state animal disease control service

Zasukhin, D.N., 1964:
Wildlife sources of toxoplasmosis in the USSR

Brown, L., 1969:
Wildlife v sheep and cattle in Africa

Boguslawski, E.Von., 1965:
Wilhelm Heuser as breeder and adviser

Webster, R., 1971:
Wilk's Criterion: a measure for comparing the value of general purpose soil classification

Rivoallan, J., 1965:
Will Brittany become its own producer of maize? Experiments in the Cotes-du-Nord

Kriedman, H., 1968:
Will EEC founder on its agricultural policy?

Noort, P.C.Van Den., 1965:
Will agricultural policy really be a nuisance for the EEC countries?

Phillips, R.W., 1970:
Will animals provide food for all?

Jackson, B.R.; Schlehuber, A.M., 1965:
Will barley

Mclntosh, D.L., 1966:
Will chlorination of irrigation water help prevent losses from collar rot?

Richter, G., 1967:
Will cockchafer populations rise or fall in the years to come?-A forecast of population fluctuations

Odhiambo, T.R., E.Al., 1969:
Will irrigation work on Kenya's Kano Plains?

Cosmo, I., 1968:
Will it be possible to mechanize grape harvesting?

Honer, M.R.; Vink, L.A., 1964:
Will liver fluke disease be catastrophic in 1964?

Laforest, J., 1965:
Will poultry-keeping remain a farm activity?

Van Der Hoeven, A.P.; Van Winden, W.P., 1966:
Will pricking-out soon be unnecessary?

Baillet, C., 1972:
Will recent developments in the agriculture of the UK and EEC facilitate the enlargement of the Common Market?

Mclntosh, D.L., 1968:
Will soil applications of DNOC (Sodinoc or Elgetol) help prevent collar or crown rot disease in fruit trees?

Stakman, E.C., 1964:
Will the fight against Wheat rust ever end?

Merke, F., 1968:
Will the large increase in sea fish consumption in Switzerland provide a new source of iodine?

Pichler, W.A., 1970:
Will the risk of inbreeding increase in non-herdbook herds through the use of artificial insemination?

Orel, V., 1968:
Will the story on too good results of Mendel's data continue?

Reigner, I.C.; Sopper, W.E.; Johnson, R.R., 1968:
Will the use of 2,4,5-T to control streamside vegetation contaminate public water supplies?

Monti, F., 1965:
Will the world always be hungry?

Fryer, J.D., 1968:
Will there be any?

Furtick, W.R.; Deutsch, A., 1971:
Will weeds rule the world?

Jackson, B.R.; Schlehuber, A.M.; Oswalt, R.M.; Wood, E.A.; Peck, R.A., 1964 :
Will winter barley

Wright, J., 1968:
Will your new glass be a worthwhile investment?

Darby, W.J.; Hassan, A.; Wilson, W.H., 1967:
William Hawkins Wilson--a biographical sketch (1868-1956)

Selimi, A., 1967:
William and Packham pears need each other

Ahman, G., 1966:
Willingness to mate as a measure of the reproductive capacity of female mink

Noth, E.; Griesbach, H., 1970:
Willingness to train in Bavarian small and part-time farms

French, E.W.; Schneiter, A.A., 1967:
Williston data show nitrogen increases bromegrass stands

Harrison, K.A., 1965:
Willow blight and the survival of some Salix species in Nova Scotia

Tompa, K., 1966:
Willow breeding in Hungary

Meek, F.G., 1966:
Willow control program in the Yicksburg district

Cock, L.J.; Dixon, G.M., 1969:
Willow-carrot aphid and Carrot motley dwarf in Yorkshire 1962-65

Stott, K.G., 1969 :

Trettenero, V., 1964:
Willows as sources of insect pests of Poplar

Smaljukas, D.Ju., 1966:
Willows of Lithuania-their biology and biochemical characteristics. (2. Forest-bog and -fen Saliceta)

Smaljukas, D.Ju., 1967:
Willows of Lithuania-their biology and biochemical characteristics. (3. Resources of Saliceta, their utilization and enrichment)

Smaljkas , D.Ju., 1969:
Willows of Lithuania-their biology and biochemical characteristics. (4). Vertical distribution of tannins and the variation in tannin content as a function of plant age and soil

Smaljukas, D.J.; Smaliukas, D., 1967:
Willows of the Lithuanian SSR, their biology and biochemical characteristics. (3. Resources of willow woods, their use and enrichment)

Stott, K.G., 1969:
Willows: anthracnose of Weeping Willow

Stott, K.G., 1969:
Willows: wind filters

Lang, G.; Wills, C.G., 1966:
Wilmot virus a new influenza A virus infecting turkeys

Mehta, R.S.; Shinde, V.A., 1965:
Wilson's disease with rickets

Vignale, R.A., 1968:
Wilson's granulomatous nodular perifolliculitis caused by Trichophyton rubrum

Chawla, M.L.; Khan, E.; Prasad, S.K., 1970:
Wilsotylus bangaloreiensis gen. nov., sp. nov. (Nematoda, Plectidae) from soil around roots of mango (Mangifera indica) from Bangalore, India

Aroles, G.K.; Rowe-Dutton, P., 1970:
Wilt and die-back diseases of Ericas

Gent, G.P., 1966:
Wilt and downy mildew of Peas

Zattler, F.; Chrometzka, P., 1964:
Wilt disease

Blok, I., 1964:
Wilt disease of clematis

Rudolph, E., 1967:
Wilt disease of hop and iis control

Chrometzka, P., 1965:
Wilt disease of hops in Hallertau

Forlot, P., 1965:
Wilt diseases caused by C. coccodes

Scholten, G., 1970:
Wilt diseases in Gerbera

Van Den Broeck, H., 1966:
Wilt diseases of tomatoes: prevention and control

Carranza, J.M., 1965:
Wilt of Chickpea (C. arietinum) caused by B. cinerea

M.M.Hussein., 1964:
Wilt of Cotton

Alavi, A., 1969:
Wilt of Cumin plant (Cuminum cyminum) caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cumini Prasad and Patel

Basham, H.G., 1970:
Wilt of Loblolly Pine inoculated with blue stain fungi of the genus Ceratocystis

Armstrong, G.M.; Armstrong, J.K., 1966:
Wilt of Mexican Sunflower caused by the Celery-wilt Fusarium

Karimi, A., 1970:
Wilt of Potato plants and dry rot of Potato tubers

Kroeker, G., 1970:
Wilt of Rape and Turnip Rape in Sweden caused by Verticillium

Mosievskaya, L.M., 1965:
Wilt of Watermelon and Melon in the northern parts of Balkhash

Armstrong, G.M.; Armstrong, J.K.; Littrell, R.H., 1970:
Wilt of chrysanthemum caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. chrysanthemi, forma specialis nov

Armstrong, G.M.; Armstrong, J.K., 1965:
Wilt of chrysanthemum caused by race 1 of the cowpea Fusarium

Kurbatov, B.M., 1970:
Wilt resistance of Soviet cultivars of flne-linted cotton

Abdullaev, A., 1964:
Wilt resistance of some cotton forms and varieties

Malinin, V.M., 1971:
Wilt resistant Cotton vars. and the maintenance of their resistance

Anonymous, 1965:
Wilt tolerant cotton available soon

Talboys, P.W.; Bennett, M., 1969:
Wilt-resistance in strawberries

Zobov, N.I.; Semibratov, A.A., 1971:
Wilt-resistant Cotton varieties

Ter-Avanesjan, D.V.; Belova, Z.F., 1969:
Wilt-resistant forms of perennial and wild cottons

Howie, A., 1964:
Wilted silage or barn-dried hay?

Gindrat, D.; Dambron, J., 1971:
Wilting and black root rot of greenhouse cucumbers caused by Phomopsis sclerotioides

Ampe, G.; Bockstaele, L., 1971:
Wilting in hops

Isin, M., 1965:
Wilting of Apple branches

Tarasov, V.M.; Kovalenko, V.F., 1968:
Wilting of Apple shoots

Richard, L.; Berger, M., 1964:
Wilting of cotton on some soils in the lower Mangoky (Madagascar)

Zhukovskaya, S.A., 1968:
Wilting of leguminous plants

Brero, R.A.; Berger, M.E., 1967:
Wilting of lucerne as a procedure for improving its conservation by ensilage

Popushoi, I.S.; Onofrash, L., 1965:
Wilting of stone fruits on various soil types in Moldavia

Loeters, J.W.J.; Driessen, J.S.C., 1972:
Wilting symptoms in glasshouse-grown strawberries on a sandy soil: the effect of several soil factors

Aerts, J., 1969:
Wilting symptoms in strawberries caused by Phytophthora cactorum

Temiz, K.; Pehlivan, E.; Akar, K.; Yurekturk, M., 1969:
Wilts in Peach orchards in spring 1969 and their causes

Sims, H.J.; Rooney, D.R.; Tuohey, C.L., 1964:
Wimmera crop rotation trials

Vaclea, V.; Sulea, N., 1967:
Winch with 2 + 1 drums on road tractors

Dostal, D., 1966:
Winches for lowering stemwood down steep slopes

Jenik, J., 1968:
Wind action and vegetation in tropical West Africa

Payne, C.B., 1968 :
Wind and fruit trees

Skidmore, E.L., 1966:
Wind and sandblast injury to seedling green beans

Raynor, G.S., 1971:
Wind and temperature structure in a coniferous forest and a contiguous field

Nageli, W., 1971:
Wind as a site factor in afforestation in the subalpine zone (Stillberg, Dischma valley, Grisons)

Solov'ev, B.P., 1965:
Wind breakage and windthrow in the forest

Kodrik, J., 1969:
Wind conditions in the region most favourable to Silver Fir

Nageli, W., 1965:
Wind conditions within the range of staggered shelterbelts. (Model field tests with reed screens.)

Mathew, M.; George, C.M., 1967:
Wind damage in rubber plantations

Wood, T.W.W., 1970:
Wind damage in the forest of Western Samoa

Bauer, A.-F., 1966:
Wind damage symptoms in agricultural crops. An illustrated exposition of typical damage phenomena from the N. Mecklenburg plain

Anonymous, 1969:
Wind damage to standing timber

Zandvoort, R., 1968:
Wind dispersal of Puccinia horiana

Hoelscher, C.E., 1967:
Wind dispersal of brown soft scale crawlers, Coccus hesperidum (Homoptera: Coccidae), and Texas Citrus mites, Eutelranychus banksi (Acarina; Tetranychidae) from Texas Citrus

Lawrence, J.S.; Meredith, D.S., 1970:
Wind dispersal of conidia of Cercospora beticola

Edland, T., 1971:
Wind dispersal of the winter moth larvae Operaphtera brumata L. (Lep. Geometridae) and its relevance to control measures

Bauske, R.J., 1971:
Wind dissemination of water-borne Erwinia amylovora from Pyrus to Pyracantha and Cotoneaster

Garcia Salmeron, J., 1967:
Wind erosion

Skidmore, E.L.; Fisher, P.S.; Woodruff, N.P., 1970:
Wind erosion equation: computer solution and application

Riedl, O., 1969:
Wind erosion in Czechoslovakia, and its control

Pasak, V., 1970:
Wind erosion of soil. (Scientific Monographs No. 3)

Svehlik, R.; Svehlik, Z., 1964:
Wind erosion on the north-western slopes of the White Carpathian mountains

Radley, J.; Simms, C., 1969 :
Wind erosion on the sandlands of East Yorkshire

Zaslavskii, M.N., 1971:
Wind erosion or deflation?

Dow, R.P.; Morris, C.D., 1972:
Wind factors in the operation of a cylindrical bait trap for mosquitoes

Cramer, O.P.; Moltzau, R.H., 1968:
Wind instrument mountings for above-the-cab lookout exposure

Reese, R.L., 1967:
Wind machine induced changes in the nocturnal microclimate of citrus grove

Borisov, V.M., 1968:
Wind on felled areas of various shapes and sizes

Whitehead, D.R., 1969:
Wind pollination in the angiosperms: evolutionary and environmental considerations

Ukolov, A.A.; Maksimov, I.L., 1967:
Wind pollination of hard and soft whiter wheat in the vicinity of Moscow

Randall, J.M., 1969:
Wind profiles in an orchard plantation

Landsberg, J.J.; James, G.B., 1971:
Wind profiles in plant canopies : studies on an analytical model

Titze, W., 1967:
Wind protection for bush beans

Shah, S.R.H., 1969:
Wind protection induces better growth rate in plants

Krummsdorf, A., 1964:
Wind protection/yield testing in the Leipzig-Northeast region (results 1958-1962)

Vick, C.B.; Wittenberg, D.C., 1971:
Wind resistance of stressed-skin curtain-wall panels bonded with elastomeric adhesives

Aslyng, H.C.; Stendal, M.M., 1965:
Wind speed and water balance at the State experiment stations and at Hojbakkegaard 1960-63

Fraser, A.I., 1965:
Wind stability: tree-pulling investigations

Mishra, M.N.; Misra, D.K.; Prasad, R., 1967:
Wind strip cropping in arid areas enhances yield, reduces erosion

Perrier, E.R.; Millington, R.J.; Peters, D.B.; Luxmoore, R.J., 1970:
Wind structure above and within a soybean canopy

Baynton, H.W., 1965:
Wind structure in and above tropical forest

Fraser, A.I., 1964:
Wind tunnel and other related studies on coniferous trees and tree crops

Bull, G.A.D.; Reynolds, E.R.C., 1968:
Wind turbulence generated by vegetation and its implications

Howard, E.W.; Pitcher, E.; Nelis, R., 1969 :
Wind variability at Stephenville, Newfoundland, and its implications for prescribed burning

Flemming, G., 1968:
Wind velocities in open spaces surrounded by forest

Boone, M.A.; Hughes, B.L., 1971:
Wind velocity as it affects body temperature, water consumption and feed consumption during heat stress of roosters

Grencik, M., 1968:
Wind, an important ecological factor in hop cultivation

Bodolay, I., 1965:
Wind-erosion control in irrigated sandy areas

Anonymous, 1967:
Wind-loosening of Lodgepole Pine

D'jakov, V.N.; Kiselevskij Babinin, R.G., 1970:
Wind-resistant composition of the Carpathian forests

Aldred, A.H., 1964:
Wind-sway error in parallax measurements of tree height

Armbrust, D.V., 1968:
Windblown soil abrasive injury to cotton plants

Nelson, L.F., 1970:
Windbreak condemnations-an approach to value

Fougerouze, J., 1968:
Windbreak effects in a tropical trade-wind climate

Zohar, Y., 1970:
Windbreak effects upon the microclimate

Feise, J., 1968:
Windbreak experiments in the Oldenburg salt marsh

Rebour, H., 1968:

Winch, P.H., 1969:

Gadre, K.M., 1965:
Windbreaks and fires to protect vine-yards from damage by frost

Miloserdov, N.M., 1966:
Windbreaks and yield

Platt, R.G., 1966:
Windbreaks for citrus

Green, G.C., 1968:
Windbreaks for citrus orchards

Ferber, A.E., 1969:
Windbreaks for conservation

Reinhoudt, J.E., 1967:
Windbreaks for fruit

Davey, J.B., 1964:
Windbreaks for vegetables

Guyot, G., 1968:
Windbreaks in Jutland

Batjer, D.; Ness, R.; Feise, J.; Lucken, J.V.n., 1967:
Windbreaks in agriculture. 1. Results from investigations in the Weser Fens

Spoiden, G., 1964:
Windbreaks in fruit tree growing

Spoiden, G., 1964:
Windbreaks in the cultivation of fruit trees

Simunovic, N., 1967:
Windbreaks of Poplars and Willows in the region of Vojvodina

Brooks, F.L., Jr.; Dellberg, R., 1969:
Windbreaks of Tamarisk lead railroad safely through the desert

Filho, O.A.Gurgel, 1969:
Windbreaks protect crops

Lewis, T., 1968:
Windbreaks, shelter and insect distribution

Alexander, R.R., 1967:
Windfall after clear-cutting on Fool Creek-Fraser Experimental Forest, Colorado

Boe, K.N., 1966:
Windfall after experimental cuttings in old-growth Redwoods

Slee, M.U., 1971:
Windfirmness and stem straightness in hybrids of Slash and Caribbean Pines

Guild, D.W., 1971:
Windrowing and ripping-a comparative study with other site preparation techniques

Broadbent, L., 1964:
Winds of change in applied biology

Hylckama, T.E.A.Van, 1970:
Winds over Saltcedar

Buck, C.C.; E.A., 1964:
Winds over wildlands - guide for forest management. (Agric. Handb. U.S. Dep. Agric. No. 272)

Anonymous, 1972:

Guild, D.W., 1968:
Windthrow in Switzerland

Neustein, S.A., 1965:
Windthrow on the margins of various sizes of felling area

Cseres, N., 1971:
Wine and grapes in foreign trade

Kimball, K.; Shaulis, N.; Einset, J., 1970:
Wine grape variety trials in New York

Timariu, S.; Calotoiu, E.; Stoicea, M.; Petcu, D.; Calotoiu, A.; Ionescu, G., 1967:
Wine lees for feeding livestock and poultry

Arif, A.M., 1966:
Wine making in Iraq

Arutjunjan, B.L., 1970:
Wine musts for pig feeding

Anonymous, 1964:
Wine-grape varieties recommended for planting in ltaly

Misz, J., 1964:
Winegrowing in Nagytalya in the sixteenth century

Johnson, B., 1966:
Wing polymorphism in aphids III. The influence of the host plant

Johnson, B., 1966:
Wing polymorphism in aphids IV. The eftect of temperature and photoperiod

Roach, S.H.; Ray, L.; Taft, H.M.; Hopkins, A.R., 1971:
Wing traps baited with male boll weevils for determining spring emergence of overwintered weevils and subsequent infestations in cotton

Zettler, F.W., 1967:
Winged aphids caught on traps in bean fields in central New York

Elwell, Harry, M., 1968:
Winged elm control with picloram and 2,4,5-T with and without additives

Eisenbeiss, G.; Dudley, T.R. 'wirt L., 1967:
Winn', a new cultivar of the Koehne holly

D.J.Yarham, D.Pye, 1970:
Winter Barley as a source of mildew for spring Barley crops

Anonymous, 1967:
Winter Conference 1967, general theme: Agriculture and Forestry - a management task

Anonymous, 1969:
Winter Meeting of the American Society of Zoologists, December 26 through December 31, 1969, with the A.A.A.S. in Boston, Massachusetts

Blanchard, J.L., 1968:
Winter Park's lake management program

Wien, M.K., 1964:
Winter Savoy cabbage. Breeding experiments on the improvement of head formation, inner structure of the head and keeping quality in winter storage

Bochkareva, Mme, Z.A., 1964:
Winter Wheat root rot in the Kuban

Jeremias, K., 1969:
Winter accumulation of sugars in the vegetative parts of plants

Ozoga, J.J.; Harger, E.M., 1966:
Winter activities and feeding habits of northern Michigan coyotes

Barnett, J.R., 1971:
Winter activity in the cambium of Pinus radiata

Grigorov, J., 1968:
Winter and spring frost injury to peach varieties in 1966 and 1967 in the Sandanski-Petrich area

Siminel, V.D., 1966:
Winter and spring habits of wheat hybrids according to the storage time of seeds

Gortz, H., 1969:
Winter and spring production of scheduled chrysanthemums for cutting

Gruzdev, V.V., 1964:
Winter and summer feeding of Lepus europaeus in the S. Trans-Volga region

Abel, G.H., 1970:
Winter and summer soybean growth in southern California

Lange, A.H.; Suthers, G.; Rosedale, D., 1969:
Winter annual weed control in Troyer citrange liners

May, D.M.; Foy, C.L.; Burge, W.D., 1966:
Winter annual weed control with diuron in Antelope Valley alfalfa hay

Horowitz, M.; Klefeld, Y., 1968:
Winter application of residual herbicides before cotton

Piacseh, A., 1966:
Winter barley (H. vulgare L. ssp. hexastichum et sp. tetrastichum Koern. et Werner)

Mandy. Gy., 1969:
Winter barley Mezo-hegyesi 68

Jackson, B.R.; Moore, C.L.; Schlehuber, A.M., 1965:
Winter barley and winter oat variety tests

Javorskaja, E.S., 1968:
Winter barley cultivars for the southern Ukraine

Griscenko, E.D., 1970:
Winter barley cultivars from the USA under the conditions of the Krasnodar region

Price, P.B.; Pederson, V.D., 1965:
Winter barley survival in chloropicrin-treated and N-fertilized soil

Boev, V., 1969:
Winter barley variety trials at Burgas

Anonymous, 1965:
Winter barley. (Winter sown cereals.)

Smith, B.F.; Aldrich, D.T.A., 1967:
Winter bean variety trials, 1952-64

Pirjol, L.; Horovitz, C.T.; Picu, I., 1969:
Winter behaviour and some physiological characteristics in winter wheat depending on agronomic measures

Dzieciolowski, R., 1969:
Winter biomass of browse for herbivorous animals in forest habitats

Perry, Thomas, O., 1966:
Winter breakdown of the photosynthetic apparatus of evergreen species

Noack, L., 1968:
Winter budding of roses

Krediet, P., 1964:
Winter butter manufacture from frozen cream or sweet-cream butter

Anonymous, 1967:
Winter cabbage and savoy

Martin, A.G., 1965:
Winter cereals for grazing in the Maranoa Queensland

Arnon, I., 1965:
Winter cereals in the Mediterranean region

Hadek, R., 1970:
Winter changes in rooster spermatogenesis

Campbell, C.A.; Ferguson, W.S.; Warder, F.G., 1970:
Winter changes in soil nitrate and exchangeable ammonium

Tabuenca, M.C., 1968:
Winter chilling requirements of apricot varieties

Tabuenca, M.C., 1964:
Winter chilling requirements of apricot, peach and pear varieties

Tabuenca, M.C., 1969:
Winter chilling requirements of peach varieties

Tabuenca, M.C., 1968:
Winter chilling requirements of pear varieties

Tabuenca, M.C., 1967:
Winter chilling requirements of plum varieties

Tabuenca, M.C., 1964:
Winter cold requirements of apricot, peach and pear varieties

D.Pietri-Tonelli, P., E.Al., 1969:
Winter control of the European red mite, Panonychus ulmi, and certain fruit insects by M-2060 (2-fluoroethyl (4-biphenylyl) acetate) in Italy

Martelli, G.M., 1967:
Winter control of the almond weevil

Raikov, E.; Nachev, P., 1965:
Winter control of the vine Phytoptipalpid

Moschler, W.W.; Shear, G.M.; Hallock, D.L.; Sears, R.D.; Jones, G.D., 1967:
Winter cover crops for sod-planted corn: their selection and management

Canham, A.E., 1967:
Winter cropping of single-truss tomatoes

Kapelev, I., 1964:
Winter cultivation of lettuce

Otto, A., 1970:
Winter culture of cut-flower chrysanthemums

Anderson, H.M.; Guttridge, C.G., 1970:
Winter damage la strawberry plants in Scotland

Zelawski, W.; Kucharska, J., 1967:
Winter depression of photosynthetic activity in seedlings of Scots Pine (Pinus silvestris L.)

Eremin, G.V.; Koselev, K. i. K.; Koselev, K.S.ecov, S. a. S., 1969:
Winter development of plum cultivars in the western foothill zone of the Krasnodar region

Tupicyn, D.I., 1964:
Winter development rate of plum as indication of hardiness

Huey, R.B., 1969:
Winter diet of the Peruvian desert fox

Vigodsky, H., 1967:
Winter diseases of gladioli in Israel

Grosclaude, C., 1965 :
Winter disorders of Peach tree branches

Blickenstaff, C.C., 1967:
Winter distribution of adult alfalfa weevils within alfalfa fields

Konarli, O.; Dagdatioglu, S., 1970:
Winter dormancy requirement of local varieties of peach, plum and quince

Michael, G., 1966:
Winter drought resistance of some evergreen trees with reference to the danger of 'frost drying'

Morgenstern, E.K., 1969:
Winter drying of Red Spruce provenances related to introgressive hybridization with Black Spruce

Shulyndin, A.F.; Shevchenko, N.S., 1970:
Winter durum wheat in irrigated areas of S. Ukraine

Sulyndin, A.F.; Sevcenko, N.S., 1970:
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Winter frost injuries in 1962/63 in conifer plantations in the Ruhr region, and their probable causes

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Winter grazing of sheep

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Winter hardiness and growth of introduced hybrids in the south of the Trans-Ural forest steppe

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Winter hardiness in different regions of the Primor'e territory

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Winter hardiness of apple varieties

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Winter hardiness of apples in the south of the Moscow area

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Winter hardiness of clonal root stocks of apple in natural conditions in White Russia

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Winter hardiness of fruit trees

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Winter hardiness of some apple varieties in the central chernozem zone

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Winter hardiness of some promising pear hybrids

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Winter hardiness of winter wheat in the Nonchernozem Zone (Moscow region)

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Winter hardy cauliflower trials 1963-68

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Winter hardy cauliflowers-use of herbicides on transplanted crops

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Winter hypomagnesaemia after feeding wilted meadow grass silage

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Winter injection of 2,4-D and Tordon 101 for hardwood control

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Winter injury and the survival of forage plants

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Winter irrigated wheat in the lowveld

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Winter lambing of sheep in Aktyubinsk region

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Winter leeks

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Winter leeks variety trial

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Winter lettuce

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Winter lettuces

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Winter log transportation in Austria

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Winter management. A Dairy Farmer supplement

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Winter meeting 1965. Changes in agriculture and forestry

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Winter meeting of the Society for Biological Chemistry (Germany) jointly with the Society for Biological Chemistry (France) and the Swiss Society for Biochemistry

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Winter meeting of the Society for Biological Chemistry. Lipids, isoprenoids and steroids. Munchen, January 1968

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Winter milk

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Winter mixed crops in the crop succession of northwestern Poland

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Winter mortality of boll weevils in cotton bolls in South Carolina

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Winter mortality of irrigated forest plantations on the saline lands of the Khorezm oasis

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Winter moths

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Winter necrosis of Peach twigs. Experimental reproduction of symptoms following pesticide treatments

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Winter oats (A. sativa var. hybernum)

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Winter oats, a new improved crop plant in Hungary

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Winter occurrence, foods, and habitat use of snipe in northwest California

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Winter production and persistence of selected perennial grasses in the medium rainfall region of southwestern Australia

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Winter production of bananas

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Winter production of seed beans in the lowveld

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Winter protection of

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Winter rape, a valuable fodder crop

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Winter rape-a prospective fodder plant for the Leningrad Province

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Winter resistant oocysts in the pasture as a source of coccidial infection in lambs

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Winter rest and cold requirement of strawberries

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Winter roads for the forest industry

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Winter rye

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Winter rye and winter wheat yield structure under influence of area topography

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Winter rye. (Winter sown cereals.)

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Winter savoy. Breeding experiments for improving head formation, internal structure of the head and keeping quality in winter frames

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Winter shrinkage in stems of forest trees

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Winter soil moisture under Japanese Larch and Douglas Fir

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Winter sowing of Birch in nurseries

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Winter squash culture

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Winter storage of conifer seedlings in polythene bags

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Winter storage of spring-wheat plants sown in early autumn. A preliminary report

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Winter storage of wood on the water

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Winter storage of young nursery stock

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Winter storm damage of recent years

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Winter supplements for Saraja sheep

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Winter survival and development of di- and polyploid clovers (Trifolium pratense L.,

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Winter survival of selected winter wheat varieties in S.W. Slovakia in 1963-64

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Winter thaws can raise ground water levels in driftless area

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Winter treatment of wheat with niirogen

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Habibullin, S.A., 1964:
Winter-hardy rootstocks for the plum

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Winter-hardy wheat-rye amphidiploids are valuable stock for breeding winter wheat

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Winter-hardy wheats as initial breeding material

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Winter-rye breeding

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Winter-spring scorch of conifers

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Wipe out crabgrass with wettable powder

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Wire-netting cribs for the storage of maize

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Wirestem muhley, a new weed

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Wirework systems for hop growing

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Wirkung eines pflan-zenvertraglichen Nematizids auf die Population-sentwicklung wandernder Wurzelnematoden in Forstpflanzgarten

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Wisley trials, 1969

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Witches'broom of Barberry

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With the plant breeders of Hungary

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Within-breed, stud types of South Kazakh Merinos in Chimkent region

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Within-family selection

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Without root-crop cultivation or dairy farming? Aids for decision-making in practice

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Woburn Experimental Station

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Woburn irrigation, 1960-8. 4. Design and interpretation

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Woburn irrigation, 1960-8. 5. Results for leys

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Women as earners

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Women in agriculture

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Women in leading positions

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Women who still breast-feed their babies

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Wonuk (50% atrazine) for pre-em. treatment in sowings of oak and beech

Pluquet, H., 1970:
Wonuk (50% atrazine) for pre-emergence treatment in sowings of Oak and Beech

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Wood Pathology

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Anonymous, 1969:
Wood chemistry. 4

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