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Chapter 14,810

Wood density surveys of the minor species of Yellow Pine in the eastern United States. Part VII - South Florida Slash Pine (Pinus elliottii var, densa Little & Dorman)

Clark, A., Iii Taras, M.A.

U.S. For. Serv. Res. Pap. Stheast. For. Exp. Sta, SE-66, 11


Accession: 014809951

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Tabulates data on the sp. gr. of P. elliottii var. densa over its entire range. Mean sp. gr. was 0.615 for unextracted increment cores and 0.547 for cores extracted with benzene/ethanol. Equations were derived for predicting tree sp. gr. from that of increment cores. Mean tree sp. gr. was estimated at 0.580 for the species.

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