Wool and meat characters of young stock from crossing Lincoln-type rams with fine-wooled and semifine-wooled dams

Semenov, S.I.; Karagodin, A.K.; Murathanov, E.M.

Trudy vses. nauchno-issled. Inst. Ovtsev. Kozov, 29; Pt I, 116-120


Accession: 014810314

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Lincoln rams were mated to fine-wooled and semifine-wooled ewes; 89.7 and 100% resp. of the progeny had semi-fine wool. When Lincoln x Liski rams were similarly mated, the corresponding figures were 80.4 and 98.9%. Performance was studied in wether progeny of the following 4 mating groups: (1) Lincoln x fine-wooled (2) Lincoln x Liski x fine-wooled x fine-wooled (3) Lincoln x Liski x fine-wooled x semifine-wooled; (4) Lincoln x semifine-wooled.