Wool utility, growth and development of Merino ewes in the second and third years in relation to shearing once or twice in the first year of life

Sliwa, Z.

Roczn. wyz. Szk. roln. Poznan.1968. 43(13): 93-109


Accession: 014810389

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The investigations were conducted in 1965 and 1966 on 2 breeding flocks of Polish Merino ewes in their 2nd and 3rd yr of life, one flock at Zlotniki and one at Szoidry. Some of the ewes had been shorn twice, and some only once, in their 1st yr of life. Results obtained with the Zlotniki flock indicated that shearing only once in the 1st yr had no adverse effect on body development or wool production in the 2nd or 3rd yr, during which annual shearings occurred.