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Zinc availability in calcareous soil: III. The level and properties of calcium in soils and its influence on zinc availability

Navrot, J.; Ravikovitch, S.

Soil Sci 108: 30-37


Accession: 014812498

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There was an inverse relationship between the absorption of native Zn by tomato (uptake and content) and CaCO3 level in soils originating from calcareous parent rock of homogeneous nature; this inverse relationship was no longer apparent when relevant data (Zn absorbed versus CaCO3 level) for soils of all groups are considered together. Uptake by plants of added Zn was affected by the particle size of CaCO3, increasing amounts of it associated with <2 micro soil separates (carbonate clay) inhibiting Zn availability. Amounts of Zn extracted from calcareous soil by Na2-ethylenediamine di-O-hydroxyphenyl acetate, similarly to Zn absorbed by plants, was governed by the level of carbonate clay in the soils.

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