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Zinc availability in calcareous soils. II. Relation between available zinc and response to zinc fertilization

Navrot, J.; Ravikovitch, S.

Soil Sci 105: 184-189


Accession: 014812499

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In greenhouse experiments with maize grown in rendzinas and calcareous loess soils, highly significant correlations were found between Zn uptake and amounts of Zn extracted from soil by KC1 (r = 0.747), NH4NO3 (r - 0.789) and Na2DP, di-sodiura ethylenediamine di (O-hydroxyphenyl) acetate (r = 0.960). Corresponding boundary values of extractable Zn for response or non-response to Zn fertilizers were 0.20, 0.25 and 1.0 ppm; differentiation between the two soil categories was easier with Na2DP.