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A numerical Eulerian method of moment for solute transport in a nonstationary dual-porosity medium

Xu, J.H., B.

Advances in water resources 27(3): 207-222


ISSN/ISBN: 0309-1708
DOI: 10.1016/j.advwatres.2004.02.008
Accession: 014892350

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An Eulerian perturbation approach was applied to develop a method of moment for solute transport in a nonstationary, fractured medium. The conceptualized fractured medium is described through a dual-porosity model. Stochastic governing equations for mean concentration and concentration covariance were analytically derived to the first-order accuracy of log-conductivity variance and solved with a numerical method––a finite difference method. The developed method is called a numerical Eulerian method of moment (NEMM). This method was compared with the stationary transport theory [Water Resour. Res. 36(7) (2000) 1665] for predicting mean concentration and its spatial moments. The comparison indicated that the two methods matched very well in predicting first and second spatial moments. NEMM solutions were also compared with Monte Carlo simulations for solute transport in stationary fractured media. The results of the two methods were consistent for calculating small log conductivity variance. The theory was then used to study effects of various parameters and nonstationarity of the medium on flow and transport processes. Results indicated that medium nonstationarity would significantly influence the solute transport process. The nonstationary transport theory relaxes many assumptions adopted in stationary theories and paves the way for applying the NEMM to many environmental projects, especially in analyzing uncertainty of solute transport.

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