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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14912

Chapter 14912 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

A simple method for the establishment of tissue culture melanocytes from regenerating fowl feathers
, In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology 21(1): 39-44 (1985)

A simple method for the estimation of purine and pyrimidine bases in n-alkane grown yeasts
, Journal of applied chemistry 25(3): 221-227 (1975)

A simple method for the estimation of the ash of vegetable matter during raw-wool testing
, Journal of the Textile Institute 66(9): 334-335 (1975)

A simple method for the extraction and quantification of daidzein and genistein in food using gas chromatography mass spectrometry
, Biochemical Society Transactions 26(2): S87 (1998)

A simple method for the field measurement of total light
, Unknown (1972)

A simple method for the immobilization of the anterior leg in large animals in the case of fracture
, Unknown (1972)

A simple method for the immunocytochemical demonstration of cells containing antibody to horseradish peroxidase, without showing the sites of endogenous peroxidase activity
, Unknown (1970)

A simple method for the in sit
, Chih wu Hsueh pao Acta botanica sinica 21(2): 197-198 (1979)

A simple method for the isolation and determination of Clostridium perfringens
, European journal of applied microbiology and biotechnology(4): 409-414 (1979)

A simple method for the isolation of allelic series using male-linked translocations
, Tag. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik 67(4): 305-306 (1984)

A simple method for the isolation of high molecular weight DNA from individual maize seedlings and tissues Genetic analyses
, Maize for biological research edited by WF Sheridan: 168 (1982)

A simple method for the isolation of salicortin, tremulacin, and tremuloiden from quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides)
, Journal of natural products 52(1): 207-209 (1989)

A simple method for the isolation of telluric degrading microorganisms of gallic acid
, Unknown (1977)

A simple method for the micro-estimation of carbaryl
, Pesticides 13(7): 46-48 (1979)

A simple method for the microscopic examination of unsquashed, stained organs of insects
, Experientia 31(6): 697-698 (1975)

A simple method for the oriented evaluation of systemic insecticides, and examples for their application
, Unknown (1980)

A simple method for the prepa
, Unknown (1968)

A simple method for the preparation and preservaton of insec t preparatons
, Mikrokosmos 63 (8) 254-255 (1974)

A simple method for the preparation of an affinity absorbent for soybean agglutinin using galactosamine and CH-Sepharose
, Febs Letters 50(3): 362-364 (1975)

A simple method for the preparation of antiserum to bovine immunoglobulins using immunosorbents
, Research in Veterinary Science 17(1): 39-41 (1974)

A simple method for the preparation of desmethyl derivatives of some organophosphorus insecticides
, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 18(3): 326-330 (1977)

A simple method for the preparation of inflated air-dried lung specimens Anatomy, anatomic models, anatomic specimens
, Veterinary radiology 24(2): 58-62 (1983)

A simple method for the preparation of the two different chains of the mistletoe lectin I
, Proceedings of the Fourth Lectin Meeting Copenhagen June 1981 editor TC Bog Hansen: 776 (1982)

A simple method for the preparation, purification, and storage of 15N2 gas for biological nitrogen fixation studies
, Soil science and plant nutrition 27(2): 263-265 (1981)

A simple method for the production of highly competent cells of Agrobacterium for transformation via electroporation
, Molecular Biotechnology 9(2): 155-159 (1998)

A simple method for the purification of 5-aminosalicylic acid. Application of the product as substrate in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)
, Journal of Immunological Methods 37(3-4): 325-332 (1980)

A simple method for the separat
, Unknown (1968)

A simple method for the transformation of rice via the pollen-tube pathway
, Plant molecular biology reporter ISPMB 7(1): 69-77 (1989)

A simple method for transferring seedlings from germinating agar to transplanting agar
, American Orchid Society bulletin 49(8): 856-858 (1980)

A simple method for treating canine aural hematomas
, Canine practice 11(3): 47-48 (1984)

A simple method for water discrimination based on an light emitting diode (LED) photometer
, Analytica Chimica Acta 596(1): 66-72 (2007)

A simple method for weighing fungicide for use with knap-sack sprayers to control coffee diseases
, Kenya coffee 43(513): 370-371 (1978)

A simple method for weighing fungicides for use with knap sack sprayers to control coffee diseases
, Kenya coffee: 42 (500) 357-360 (1977)

A simple method for weighing rats
, Journal 27 (1) 29-31 (1976)

A simple method for wheat cla
, Muhle 106 (27) 468-469 (1969)

A simple method of adjusting sprayers
, Ochrona roslin 20(6): 14-16 (1976)

A simple method of agricultural utilization of volatile ashes obtained from brown coal
, Nowe rolnictwo 30(1): 20-22 (1981)

A simple method of assessing premenstrual syndrome in large prospective studies
, Journal of Reproductive Medicine 52(9): 779-786 (2007)

A simple method of assessing the grain treatment of finished leather
, Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association 77(10): 485-489 (1982)

A simple method of calendar conversion in computer applications
, Agricultural meteorology 12(3): 441-442 (1973)

A simple method of changing lea
, Unknown (1972)

A simple method of cloning of eukaryotic DNA: production of some new ribosomal genes of Drosophila
, Molecular biology (pub 1981) 14(2): 868-877 (1981)

A simple method of collecting and handling eggs of sitotroga cerealella (Lepidoptera) for use in culturing the egg parasite Trichogramma (Hymenoptera)
, Laboratory practice 27(6): 480-481 (1978)

A simple method of collecting the eggs of some Chironomidae (Diptera)
, Unknown (1973)

A simple method of cooking potatoes for evaluation of the quality of breeding material
, Unknown (1969)

A simple method of crossing Triticale strains
, Journal of research: (Pub 1975), 4 (4) 330-332 (1975)

A simple method of demonstration of Echinuria larvae in Daphnia, and attempted prophylaxis of experimental echinuriosis with phenothiazine supplementation
, Unknown (1970)

A simple method of designing dry diets for fattening cattle in Rhodesia
, Rhodesia agricultural journal 73(3): 73-76 (1976)

A simple method of detecting alcohol in apples in low oxygen stores
, Unknown (1975)

A simple method of detecting bleaching of treated paunches (hydrogen peroxide)
, Fleischwirtschaft 59(3): 347 (1979)

A simple method of determining confidence intervals for population attributable risk from complex surveys
, Statistics in Medicine 26(17): 3229-3239 (2007)

A simple method of determining the aqueous solubility of organic substances
, Pesticide Science 8(4): 337-344 (1977)

A simple method of disinfection of honeybee combs against wa x moth
, Indian bee journal: ub 1974), 34 (3 4) 70-71 (1974)

A simple method of drip irrigation
, Irrigation journal 22(3): 10-15 (1972)

A simple method of establishing tolerances for pesticide residues in different countries
, Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 5(3): 279-293 (1977)

A simple method of estimating the co-toxicity effect of the joint action of two insecticide mixtures at any levels in numerical value
, Mededelingen 3(2): 1217-1224 (1978)

A simple method of evaluating soil breakdown of 14C-pesticides carbon labeled pesticides under field conditions
, Residue reviews 5(85): 149-158 (1983)

A simple method of evaluating strength of wood in a flat state under tension
, Unknown (1976)

A simple method of evaluating systemic insecticides and examples of its application
, Zeitschrift fur angewandte Zoologie: 2 435-445 (1975)

A simple method of finding the p
, Unknown (1972)

A simple method of forecasting outbreak of rice blast
, Indian phytopathology(pub 1981) 33(4): 560-564 (1981)

A simple method of fractionating brain lipids in connection with the isolation of ethanolamine plasmalogene
, Biologia Ser C Vesobecna Biol 9(6): 465-471 (1974)

A simple method of freezing time calculation for foodstuffs of various shapes
, Food Australia: official journal of CAFTA and AIFST 47(3): 109-112 (1995)

A simple method of ground water direction measurement in a single bore hole
, Journal of Hydrology 12(4): 0-410 (1971)

A simple method of intubating rats under direct vision
, Laboratory Animal Science 33(4): 368-369 (1983)

A simple method of isoelectric focusing for the differentiation of meats
, Kerala journal of veterinary science 14(1): 81-86 (1983)

A simple method of isolating predacious fungi from soil
, Izvestiia Seriia biologicheskikh nauk: ) 82-83 (1978)

A simple method of isolating stomata on detached epidermis by low pH importance of the subsidiary cells
, New phytologist: 71 (6) 1033-1043 (1972)

A simple method of isolation of bacteria--free cellulolytic soil fungi
, Journal of the Indian Chemical Society 58(9): 908-909 (1981)

A simple method of leaf discoloration for study of fungi spores on leaf surface
, Unknown (1971)

A simple method of making plant
, Journal of Japanese botany 46(2): 46-48 (1971)

A simple method of male sterilization for use with sheep and goats
, Unknown (1974)

A simple method of measuring th
, Unknown (1973)

A simple method of obtaining the infectious material of Entomogenous fungi
, Bulletin Serie des Sciences Biologiques 3(1): 45-47 (1975)

A simple method of preparing a cell suspension for scanning electron microscopy
, Experientia 31(10): 1244-1246 (1975)

A simple method of preparing actin-free myosin from smooth muscle
, Journal of Biochemistry 79(1): 229-231 (1976)

A simple method of preserving spiroplasma cultures and an analysis of factors affecting their viability Spiroplasma citri
, XVII IUFRO World Congress Japan 1981 International Union of Forest Research Organizations = Internationaler Verband Forstlicher Forschungsanstalten = Union internationale des instituts des recherches forestieres: 316 (1981)

A simple method of producing tuberculin for veterinary use in developing countries
, Tropical veterinarian(1-4): 13-20 (1987)

A simple method of production o
, Annual report: 23-28 (1971)

A simple method of purification
, Unknown (1975)

A simple method of recording the population of Eurygaster integriceps
, Biulletin' 1) 70-72 (1977)

A simple method of restraint for use with cats
, Feline practice 13(5): 32-33 (1983)

A simple method of soil heating that improves earliness and yield of greenhouse tomatoes
, Connecticut greenhouse newsletter University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension Service: y (174) 17-23 (1993)

A simple method of sperm coun
, Kungnip Susan Chinhungwon yon'gu pogo Bulletin of Fisheries Reserch and Development Agency Kungnip Susan Chinhungwon: (22) 67-69 (1979)

A simple method of testing lodg
, Shuho = Bulletin of Hokkaido Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Stations Hokkaido Chuo Nogyo Shikenjo: (42) 21-27 (1979)

A simple method of the expressi
, Unknown (1973)

A simple method of the treatment of the urachus fistulae in foals
, Medycyna weterynaryjna 30(4): 237-239 (1974)

A simple method of treating and preventing skin fungus diseases of fattening bulls
, Przeglad hodowlany: 31, 43 (13 14) 28-29 (1974)

A simple method of ventillation and anesthesia in pigeon
, Unknown (1973)

A simple method to assess macrofungal sporocarp biomass for investigating ecological change
, Canadian Journal of Botany 85(7): 652-658 (2007)

A simple method to be used for the desalinization of the tanne soils in Casamance: Mulching
, Unknown (1973)

A simple method to breed tsetse flies under field conditions
, Revue d'Elevage et de Medecine Veterinaire des Pays Tropicaux 37 Spec No: 192-197 (1984)

A simple method to calculate areas of measured plots
, Zeitschrift fur auslandische Landwirtschaft = Quarterly journal of international agriculture 19(2): 197-199 (1980)

A simple method to construct the matrix models
, Hua nan nung yeh da hsueh hsueh pao = Journal of South China Agricultural University 2(2): 75-92 (1981)

A simple method to detect hydrogen sulphide
, Magyar allatorvosok lapja 32(1): 51-53 (1977)

A simple method to determine
, Hassadeh 56 (4) 661-663 (1976)

A simple method to determine consumer preference
, Journal of extension 41(5): online (2003)

A simple method to determine diffusion of sodium in the epidermis of green olives
, Journal of food process engineering 7(5): 328-344 (2004)

A simple method to determine the sample size and its application to timing of crop production operations
, Unknown (1972)

A simple method to determine the water-holding capacity of muscle foods
, Journal of food science 37(3): 499-500 (1972)

A simple method to determine when seed are sufficiently dry for storage
, Unknown (1968)

A simple method to determine work time of normal mechanized field works
, Unknown (1974)

A Simple Method to Differentiate between alpha- and beta-Amylase
, Plant Physiology 51(3): 594-595 (1973)

A simple method to document the location of ultrasonographically detected equine tendon lesions
, Veterinary radiology and ultrasound: the official journal of the American College of Veterinary Radiology and the International Veterinary Radiology Association 34(3): 211-212 (1993)

A simple method to enrich phospholipid content in commercial soybean lecithin
, Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 78(5): 555-556 (2001)

A simple method to estimate body composition of broiler chicks
, Unknown (1974)

A simple method to estimate harvest index in grain crops
, Field Crops Research 103(3): 208-216 (2007)

A simple method to estimate regional yields of biomass crops
, Studies in environmental science: 5B) 1117-1122 (1995)

A simple method to evaluate the
, Unknown (1974)

A simple method to improve the estimation of the relationship between rainfall and crop yield
, Agronomy for Sustainable Development 27(3): 255-260 (2007)

A simple method to improve the odds in finding 'lead-like' compounds from chemical libraries
, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 55(7): 980-984 (2007)

A simple method to induce hatching of pilicolous and endofollicular hypopi and to bring out parasitic endocutaneous mites
, Acarologia 19 (2) 298-301 (1978)

A simple method to measure the penetrometer-resistance of the soil and the relationship between this resistance, soil porosity and soil water content
, Mededelingen van de Faculteit Landbouwwetenschappen Universiteit Gent 37(1): 1-7 (1972)

A simple method to observe, trap, and prepare large numbers of subterranean termites for laboratory and field experiments
, Environmental Entomology 2(4): 721-722 (1973)

A simple method to prepare intact yeast chromosomal DNA for pulsed field gel electrophoresis
, Nucleic Acids Research 19(6): 1347 (1991)

A simple method to preserve algal spores of Ulva spp. in cold storage with ampicillin
, Hydrobiologia 592(1): 399-404 (2007)

A simple method to prevent loss of volatiles during headspace analysis
, Unknown (1970)

A simple method to prevent membranes from touching during western blot incubations
, Biotechniques 7(8): 817-818 (1989)

A simple method to remove contaminating salt from IPG strips prior to IEF
, Electrophoresis 28(21): 3988-3991 (2007)

A simple method to the investigation of blood compatibility in relation to the technical process of blood transfusions performed in horses
, Unknown (1951)

A simple method to tune the gross antibacterial activity of cellulosic biomaterials
, Carbohydrate Polymers 69(4): 805-810 (2007)

A simple method to verify the physiological value of forage
, Revista de cresterea animalelor 27(11): 49-53 (1977)

A simple method using sulphite media for the isolation of Clostridium perfringens from meat products
, Unknown (1970)

A simple methodology for elaborating the life cycle inventory of agricultural products
, International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 12(6): 408-413 (2007)

A simple methodology to evaluate influence of H2O2 and Fe(2+) concentrations on the mineralization and biodegradability of organic compounds in water and soil contaminated with crude petroleum
, Journal of Hazardous Materials 149(2): 379-386 (2007)

A simple micromethod for the determination of chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides
, Deutsche Lebensmittel Rundschau 74(4): 139-141 (1978)

A simple micromethod for the determination of specific IgG against somatic antigens of bacteria in rabbit immune sera by a modified enzyme-immunoassay Immunoglobulins, Bacillus anthracis.1
, Zentralblatt fur Veterinarmedizin Reihe B 29(3): 242-246 (1982)

A simple microtitration-plate holder for use with an inverted microscope
, Avian Diseases 24(3): 758-762 (1980)

A simple microwave method for the measurement of soil moisture
, Proceedings of International Conference on Measurement of Soil and Plant Water Status: in commemoration of the centennial of Utah State University July 6-10-1987 Logan Utah: 277 (1987)

A simple mill for bluegrass seed
, Spring 18 (1) 42-44 (1973)

A simple model for assessing annual soil erosion on hillslopes
, Agricultural nonpoint source pollution: model selection and application: contributions to a workshop held in June 1984 in Venice Italy edited by Aldo Giorgini et al sponsored by National Science Foundation: 159 (1986)

A simple model for cadmium uptake for crops
, Proceedings of the Industrial Waste Conference: 6) 379-384 (1992)

A simple model for computing diffuse solar radiation
, Solar energy 3(6): 385-389 (1989)

A simple model for estimating emissions of volatile organic compounds from grass and cut grass in urban airsheds and its application to two Australian cities
, Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association 54(10): 1299-1311 (2004)

A simple model for estimating the sensitivity of runoff to long-term changes in precipitation without a change in vegetation
, Advances in water resources 23(2): 153-163 (1999)

A simple model for forecast of coastal algal blooms
, Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science 74(1-2): 175-196 (2007)

A simple model for optimization rotational grazing
, Agricultural systems 1(2): 123-155 (1993)

A simple model for periodic cyclostat growth of algae
, Journal of mathematical biology(2): 149-169 (1979)

A simple model for prediction of biomass production and yield of three greenhouse crops
, Acta Horticulturae 718: 1-88 (2006)

A simple model for sky radiation measurements
, Solar energy 8(4): 303-306 (1982)

A simple model for studying the interception of solar radiation with the geometry of plant cover, in the case of a culture of row crops
, Biometrie Praximetrie 6(3-4): 104-112 (1976)

A simple model for the non-enzymatic reduction and alkylation of mercuric salts in biological systems
, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 14(01): 32-37 (1975)

A simple model for the probability distribution of wind power with applications to large scale electricity generation Mathematical model
, Wind engineering(2): 115-132 (1981)

A simple model for viewing bee forage plantings
, American bee journal 132(11): 703-707 (1992)

A simple model of growth and product formation in cell suspensions of Catharanthus roseus G. Don
, Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 11(3): 207-219 (1985)

A simple model of host resistance to bark beetles
, Research notes Oregon State University School of Forestry: 80 (65) (1980)

A simple model of light transmission and interception by discontinuous canopies
, Annals of botany 44(3): 381-383 (1979)

A simple model of potential crop production
, Modelling of agricultural production: weather soils and crops H van Keulen and J Wolf: 0 (1986)

A simple model of rain in time: an alternating renewal process of wet and dry states with a fractional (non-Gaussian) rain intensity
, Atmospheric Research 84(4): 291-301 (2007)

A simple model of strontium and manganese dynamics in a tropical rain forest
, Health Physics 24(5): 477-489 (1973)

A simple model of the EC dairy market
, Unknown (1986)

A simple model of the eco-hydrodynamics of the epilimnion of Lake Tanganyika
, Freshwater biology 52(11): 2087-2100 (2007)

A simple model of the hydrologic cycle and climate. 1. Model construct and sensitivity to the land surface boundary
, Advances in water resources 7(1-2): 79-91 (1994)

A simple model of the hydrologic cycle and climate. 2. Observational evidence for the parametrization of atmospheric heat and moisture divergence
, Advances in water resources 7(1-2): 93-100 (1994)

A simple model of the leaf daily water potential dynamics of some forest tree species Quercus cerris, Acer campestre, Carpinus betulus, meteorological elements
, Biologia plantarum 4(2): 109-116 (1982)

A simple model of trade, capital mobility, and the environment
, Unknown (1997)

A simple model of useless speculation
, Unknown (1990)

A simple model to predict accumulation of PCDD
, Chemosphere 34(5-7): 1263-1276 (1997)

A simple model to predict compound loss processes in aquatic ecotoxicological tests: calculated and measured triphenyltin levels in water and biota
, International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry 86(3/4): 171-184 (2006)

A simple molecular mathematical model of mammalian hibernation
, Journal of Theoretical Biology 247(2): 297-302 (2007)

A simple molecular model for thermophilic adaptation of functional nucleic acids
, Biochemistry 46(14): 4232-4240 (2007)

A simple monorack transport ca
, Unknown (1973)

A simple mordant technique for plants with small chromosomes
, Canadian journal of botany: 48 (6) 1134-1135 (1970)

A simple mouse restrainer
, Laboratory Animal Science 27(2): 276-277 (1977)

A simple move to reduce shipping fever
, Progressive farmer for the West 94(6): 18 (1979)

A simple mud sampling device
, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 6(4): 313-315 (1971)

A simple multi matrix method for the determination of chlorocarbohydrate pesticides
, Chemosphere 4 (1) 27-30 (1975)

A simple non-destructive test of cellular activity (NTCA) for in vitro assessment of cancer cell chemosensitivity/resistance
, Anticancer Research 27(4b): 2331-2337 (2007)

A simple nondestructive method for determination of air content inpolymeric packages
, Journal of food science 48(5): 1560-1561 (1983)

A simple notation for the naming of segments of complex dendroids in insect wing venation
, Journal of the New York Entomological Society 77: 204-207 (1969)

A simple observation on the use of phostoxin in controlling rice field rats
, Malaysian agricultural journal 3(2): 116-119 (1981)

A simple one-pot synthesis of 3-alkoxy-3-cyanocarboxylic acids: a rapid entry to new GABA derivatives
, Tetrahedron Letters 48(37): 6531-6534 (2007)

A simple one-pot, three-component, catalytic, highly enantioselective isoxazolidine synthesis
, Tetrahedron Letters 48(32): 5701-5705 (2007)

A simple optimisation model for cotton processing activities in Pakistan
, Pakistan development review: ng 16 (1) 17-48 (1977)

A simple orientatiion method for the judging of association ranks
, Grundfragen und Methoden in der Pflanzensoziologie: 11-223 (1972)

A simple path-independent method for apportioning nonstomatal and stomatal contributions to diminutions in net CO2 uptake rate
, Biochemie und Physiologie der Pflanzen: BPP82(1): 31-40 (1987)

A simple pedigree you can keep and use
, Unknown (1978)

A simple pesticide against San Jose scale
, Unknown (1969)

A simple pesticide dosage form for application in hydroculture
, Proceedings of the 16th International Symposium on Controlled Release of Bioactive Materials: Chicago August 6-9-1989 editors and program chairpersons Rodney Pearlman J Allen Miller: 266 (1989)

A simple phenological and potential production model for cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana L.)
, Acta Horticulturae 718: 05-112 (2006)

A simple photoelectric system that keeps a rotating phytotron unit facing the sun
, Unknown (1972)

A simple photogrammetric technique to measure sperm whales at sea
, Marine Mammal Science 22(4): 862-879 (2006)

A simple photorespiratory ratio for the delimitation of C4 from the C3 plants
, Proceedings Section B 84(4): 148-153 (1976)

A simple photosyntometer using
, Lin yeh k'o chi t'ung hs'un = Forestry technical newsletter: (2) 20-25 (1980)

A simple piece of equipment for heating and ventiliation of poultry houses
, Drobiarstwo 21 (1) 12-14 (1973)

A simple plankton sampler for use in shallow water
, American midland naturalist 104(2): 395-396 (1980)

A simple pneumatic cuff for occlusion of small arteries in dogs, pigs and sheep
, Pflugers Archiv 310(2): 182-184 (1969)

A simple polarimetric method for the determination of glucose in jams and fruit syrups
, Elelmiszervizsgalati Kozlemenyek 2(3): 157-163 (1976)

A simple polysilsesquioxane sealing of nanofluidic channels below 10 nm at room temperature
, Lab on a Chip 7(9): 1198-1201 (2007)

A simple population viability analysis of Tancho (Grus japonensis) in southeastern Hokkaido, Japan
, Population ecology 49(4): 297-304 (2007)

A simple possibility of carbon dioxide absorption in controlled atmosphere storage
, Unknown (1973)

A simple potentiometric method for the estimation of BHC
, Current science 43(10): 311-312 (1974)

A simple practical approach to the evaluation of maize cultivar results
, Gewasproduksie Crop production(7): 73-77 (1978)

A simple preparation method and
, Nihon Shokuhin Kogyo Gakkai shi 25(12): 694-697 (1978)

A simple preparation of 2-(acylamino)-2-deoxy-3,4:5,6-di-O-isopropylidene-aldehydo-D-glucose dimethyl and dibenzyl acetal
, Carbohydrate research 79(2): 265-270 (1980)

A simple preparation of some N-trifluoroacetyl-prolyl amino acids and racemization tests in peptide couplings using those peptides as acyl components
, Agricultural and biological chemistry 49(2): 529-531 (1985)

A simple press for preparing chromosome squashes
, Unknown (1980)

A simple pretreatment with low O(2) to alleviate superficial scald in Granny Smith apples
, Journal of the Science of food and agriculture 87(10): 1836-1844 (2006)

A simple pretreatment with low O-2 to alleviate superficial scald in Granny Smith apples
, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 87(10): 1836-1844 (2007)

A simple primary culture of epithelial cells from rumen mucosa of cattle
, Nihon Chikusan Gakkai ho = Japanese journal of zootechnical science 55(7): 517-520 (1984)

A simple procedure enhances a neurons information capacity
, Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung Section C: Biosciences 36(9-10): 910-912 (1981)

A simple procedure for correcting shadowband data for all sky conditions
, Solar energy 4(5): 249-256 (1990)

A simple procedure for determining the in vitro digestibility of feeds for ruminants
, Ubersichten zur Tierernahrung 7(2): 162-164 (1979)

A simple procedure for direct blood pressure measurements in conscious dogs
, Laboratory Animal Science 37(1): 105-108 (1987)

A simple procedure for joint estimation of the long-term rates of sexuality and mutation in predominantly clonal populations, for use with dominant molecular markers
, Molecular ecology notes 7(4): 567-569 (2007)

A simple procedure for long-term intravenous infusion in the rat
, Laboratory Animal Science 24(2): 355-358 (1974)

A simple procedure for obtaining clonal isolation of diatoms Algae, sexuality and genetics
, British phycological journal 18(1): 1-3 (1983)

A simple procedure for partial purification of silkworm brain hormone
, Agricultural and biological chemistry: 39 (11) 2157-2162 (1975)

A simple procedure for prevention of neonatal hemolytic anemia in Anaplaz vaccinated cows
, Livestock producers' day (20): 47-49 (1980)

A simple procedure for removal of canine anal sacs
, Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Clinician 72(9): 1454-1459 (1977)

A simple procedure for removing interdigital cysts of cattle
, Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Clinician 64(12): 1067-1070 (1969)

A simple procedure for sowing orchid seeds
, Bulletin 48(10): 1019-1021 (1979)

A simple procedure for the detection of small numbers of enterotoxigenic Clostridium perfringens in frozen meat and cod paste
, International journal of food microbiology 1(6): 335-341 (1985)

A simple procedure for the improvement of the feed value of rape extract chips for swine feeding
, Tierzucht 35(1): 25-27 (1981)

A simple procedure for the isolation of germinal centres from chicken spleen
, Developmental and Comparative Immunology 1(3): 263-270 (1977)

A simple procedure for the photometric evaluation of incidental findings on the recording strips of the Burkard pollen-and-spore trap
, Experientia 35(10): 1415-1416 (1979)

A simple procedure of the forecasting of the requirement of grape plants for fertilizers
, Unknown (1969)

A simple procedure of the preparation of suspensions suitable for an estimate of cell number in established tissue culture of white poplar (Populus alba L. pyramidalis)
, Biologia plantarum 1(5): 390-394 (1979)

A simple procedure of turning to account the secondary products resulting from the thinning operations
, Unknown (1972)

A simple procedure to determine power-law flow curves: the flag viscometer
, Paper er 1991 (916504) (1991)

A simple procedure to obtain continuous cell lines from bovine peripheral blood leucocytes
, Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 2(1): 87-94 (1981)

A simple procedure to obtain yeast hexokinase free of glucosephosphate isomerase and mannosephosphate isomerase
, Folia Microbiologica 26(2): 107-111 (1981)

A simple procedure to overcome polyethelene glycol toxicity on whole plants
, Plant Physiology 79(2): 559-561 (1985)

A simple procedure to visualize osmicated storage lipids in semithin epoxy sections of plant tissues
, Stain Technology 65(1): 45-47 (1990)

A simple process
, GC and HTJ 181(4): 43-44 (1977)

A simple process for the extraction of alkaloids from nuxvomica seeds
, Unknown (1972)

A simple profit planning and cost management system for small sawmills
, Unknown (1993)

A simple prognostic scoring system for patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma treated by chemo-embolization
, Cancer Detection and Prevention 31(2): 154-160 (2007)

A simple program to aid laboratory medicine and diagnosis in developing countries
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A simple staining method for d
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A simple way for the improveme
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