Section 15
Chapter 14,918

A study of the effect of some chemical treatments on vase life and some other quality attributes of lisianthus cut flower (Eustoma grandiflorum Mariachii. cv. Blue)

Farrokhzad, A.; Khalighi, A.; Mostofi, Y.; Naderi, R.; Ahmadi, A.

Iranian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 37(6): Pe1083-Pe1092, en 14


ISSN/ISBN: 1017-5652
Accession: 014917433

The effects of chemical treatments on the vase life and other quality attributes of lisianthus (E. grandiflorum Blue) cut flowers were studied. Cut flowers were kept in pots containing solutions of aluminium sulfate, 8-hydroxyquinoline citrate, ethanol, cobalt chloride or distilled water (control). To all treatments except the control, 2.5% sucrose was added. Pots were placed in chambers with 25 degrees C ambient temperature.

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