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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14994

Chapter 14994 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Masura, V., 1982:
Alkaline degradation of spruce and beech wood Picea abies, Fagus sylvatica

Young, J.; Blackwell, B.; Apsimon, J., 1986:
Alkaline degradation of the mycotoxin 4-deoxynivalenol

Gierer, J.L.ndeberg, O.N.ren, I., 1979:
Alkaline delignification in the presence of anthraquinone

Edwards, L.N.rberg, S., 1973:
Alkaline delignification kinetics: a general model applied to oxygen bleaching and kraft pulping

Fraser, M.J., 1979:
Alkaline deoxyribonucleases released from Neurospora crassa mycelia: two activities not released by mutants with multiple sensitivities to mutagens

Johansson, M.; Samuelson, O., 1977:
Alkaline destruction of birch xylan in the light of recent investigations of its structure

Boiarskaia, R.; Tsypkina, M., 1970:
Alkaline desulfurizing of lignosulfonic acids

Kimura, Hubert-Satoshi, 1971:
Alkaline dissolution of kaolin, montmorillonite, windy soil and saprolite clay minerals

Miyamoto, H.; Salomon, M.; Clever, H.L.wrence, 1983:
Alkaline earth metal halates

Arora, S.; Chabbra, S.; Yadav, G., 1971:
Alkaline effect of sodium chloride on some of the digestible nutrients of wheat straw (Triticum vulgare)

Fleaeishman, D.G., 1982:
Alkaline elements and their radioactive isotopes in water ecosystems

Pfahler, Wolfram, 1983:
Alkaline elution of DNA from thymic and splenic cells of rats under the influence of some physical and chemical agents in vitro

Groot, Birgitte-De, 1998:
Alkaline hemp woody core pulping

Myung, K.; Kennelly, J.; Chung, K.; Kim, Y., 1988:
Alkaline hydrogen peroxide treated aspen as a ruminant feed

Sokolov, T.V.dimski, E.V.lkova, P.G.unchev, D., 1978:
Alkaline hydroxyhydrolysis of resinous stumpwood

Nagarajan, V.; Rajamani, S., 1973:
Alkaline indigestion and rumen putrefaction in a cow, a case report

Parthasarathy, G.N.garajan, V.; Thangaraj, T., 1981:
Alkaline indigestion arising out of over indulgence of gingely oil cake -- case report

Nuoranne, P., 1975:
Alkaline indigestion, disturbed magnesium resorption, and tetany

Pollock, J.; Weber, K.A.; Lack, J.; Achenbach, L.A.; Mormile, M.R.; Coates, J.D., 2007:
Alkaline iron(III) reduction by a novel alkaliphilic, halotolerant, Bacillus sp. isolated from salt flat sediments of Soap Lake

Azzini, A.N.gai, V.C.aramello, D., 1979:
Alkaline monosulphite pulping of Bambusa vulgaris Schrad

Saleh, T.; Fadl, M.; Ashmawy, A.-El; Elmeadawy, S., 1976:
Alkaline nitrobenzene pulping of rice straw

Hagstrom-Nasi, C.S.ostrom, E., 1988:
Alkaline oxygen oxidation of dioxane lignin and creosol in aqueous ethanol

Lawton, Gw, 1989:
Alkaline papermaking experience at Simpson Plainwell Paper Co

Crouse, B.; Wimer, D., 1991:
Alkaline papermaking: an overview

Sindhwani, K.; Singh, M.; Guha, S., 1979:
Alkaline peroxide bleaching of CEH-sulphate pulp isolated from Eucalyptus hybrid

Cort, C.; Bohn, W., 1991:
Alkaline peroxide mechanical pulping of hardwoods

Sferrazza, M.; Strunk, W.; Mcconnell, J.; Hills, W.; Klein, R., 1988:
Alkaline peroxide treatment of southern pine TMP rejects

Eguchi, M., 1975:
Alkaline phoshatase isozymes in the alimentary canal of the silkworm

Roy, S.D.tta, R.C.oudhuri, D.; Maity, C., 1982:
Alkaline phosphatase activity during larval and prepural development of Earias vitalla, Fab. (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera: Insecta)

Loureiro, M.; Oliveira, A.-De, 1975:
Alkaline phosphatase activity in Thoroughbred horses

Rotenberg, S.F.linska, C.G.rgul, E., 1969:
Alkaline phosphatase activity in blood and the content of calcium and phosphorus in the bones of chicken reared in cages or on the floor

Yoshitomi, K., 2004:
Alkaline phosphatase activity in cheeses measured by fluorometry

Medda, J.N.; Shamsuddin, M.; Ghosh, C., 1974:
Alkaline phosphatase activity in differentiating liver of chick. A histochemical and quantitative study

Abdou, M.; Ragab, R.; El-Menoufy, A., 1984:
Alkaline phosphatase activity in maturing and ejaculated mammalian spermatozoa--a cytochemical study

Yentsch, C.; Yentsch, C.; Perras, J., 1972:
Alkaline phosphatase activity in the tropical marine blue-green alga, Oscillatoria erythraea (Trichodesmium)

Myklestad, S.S.kshaug, E., 1983:
Alkaline phosphatase activity of Skeletonema costatum populations in the Trondheimsfjord

Misra, M.S., 1970:
Alkaline phosphatase activity of bursa of Fabricius in White Leghorn pullets

North, J., 1977:
Alkaline phosphatase activity of mycelium and basidiocarps of Coprinus cinereus dikaryon

Agnes, F., 1975:
Alkaline phosphatase and its heat-stable fraction in bovine serum: behavior in relation to cattle age and during pregnancy

Kleyn, Dh, 1974:
Alkaline phosphatase and the processor of dairy products

Petkov, Z., 1975:
Alkaline phosphatase as an index of the biological completeness of bull semen

Seidel, H.K.ahn, J., 1978:
Alkaline phosphatase assay for early detection of rickets and osteomalacia in swine on industrialized units

Nath, J.; Butler, L., 1973:
Alkaline phosphatase during development of the black carpet beetle

Wachsmuth, E.D.; Hiwada, K., 1974:
Alkaline phosphatase from pig kidney. Method of purification and molecular properties

Hiwada, K.; Wachsmuth, E.D., 1974:
Alkaline phosphatase from pig kidney. Microheterogeneity and the role of neuraminic acid

Rademacher, R.S.domkova, D.V.nasek, J., 1977:
Alkaline phosphatase in neutrophil granulocytes of the peripheral blood of healthy cattle and of cattle suffering from leucosis

Fujii, M., 1975:
Alkaline phosphatase in the ali

Moniem, K.A.; Glover, T.D., 1972:
Alkaline phosphatase in the cytoplasmic droplet of mammalian spermatozoa

Bavdek, S.; Glover, T.D., 1970:
Alkaline phosphatase in the cytoplasmic droplet of rabbit spermatozoa

Ashrafi, S.; Naqvi, S.; Qadri, M., 1969:
Alkaline phosphatase in the digestive system of the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria (Forskal)

Sorimachi, K.M.zuno, H.K.nno, R.N.wa, A.Y.sumura, Y., 1983:
Alkaline phosphatase in various animal species and heat stability of the enzyme in catfish (Silurus asotus) kidney

Burvenich, C.S.ock, J.V.n-Der, 1975:
Alkaline phosphatase in veterinary medicine

Rueter, J.Jr, 1983:
Alkaline phosphatase inhibition by copper: implications to phosphorus nutrition and use as a biochemical marker of toxicity

Hoffmann, W.E., 1976:
Alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes in the dog

Hunt, R.D.; Chalifoux, L., 1971:
Alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes in the squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus)

Cheng, K.J.; Ingram, J.M.; Costerton, J.W., 1970:
Alkaline phosphatase localization and spheroplast formation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Harper, R.A.; Armstrong, F.B., 1972:
Alkaline phosphatase of Drosophila melanogaster. I. Partial purification and characterization

Harper, R.A.; Armstrong, F.B., 1973:
Alkaline phosphatase of Drosophila melanogaster. II. Biochemical comparison among four allelic forms

Harper, R.; Armstrong, F., 1974:
Alkaline phosphatase of Drosophila melanogaster. III. Tyrosine-O-phosphate as substrate

Naito, Y., 1972:
Alkaline phosphatase of chicken liver microsomes. I. Purification and associated 5'-nucleotidase activity

Khattab, M.; Pfleiderer, G., 1976:
Alkaline phosphatase of human and calf small intestine. Purification and immunochemical characterization

Mattoo, R.; Mattoo, P.; Setty, P., 1974:
Alkaline phosphatase of some angiosperm parasites. II. Artifact formation during extraction

Bakst, M.R.; Akuffo, V., 2007:
Alkaline phosphatase reactivity in the vagina and uterovaginal junction sperm-storage tubules of turkeys in egg production: implications for sperm storage

Banic, J.B.vdek, S.P.rdubsky, T.K.govsek, J., 1977:
Alkaline phosphatase, Ca and anorganic P in the blood of dogs with fractured bones

Coleman, J.E.; Gettins, P., 1983:
Alkaline phosphatase, solution structure, and mechanism

Berendsen, A.D.; Smit, T.H.; Hoeben, K.A.; Walboomers, X.Frank.; Bronckers, A.L.J.J.; Everts, V., 2007:
Alkaline phosphatase-induced mineral deposition to anchor collagen fibrils to a solid surface

Fernandez, N.J.; Kidney, B.A., 2007:
Alkaline phosphatase: beyond the liver

Debruyne, I.S.ockx, J., 1979:
Alkaline phosphatases from hens egg yolk, liver, blood plasm and intestinal mucosa: affinity chromatographic purification and comparison

Davis, F.; Lees, H., 1973:
Alkaline phosphatases of Neurospora crassa iII. effects of pH and mechanism of action

Davis, F.W.; Lees, H., 1972:
Alkaline phosphatases of Neurospora crassa. II. Product inhibition studies

Chang, C.H.; Moog, F., 1972:
Alkaline phosphatases of the chicken duodenum. I. Isolation and partial characterization of the multiple forms of duodenal phosphatase in pre- and post-hatching stages

Houk, E.J.; Hardy, J.L., 1984:
Alkaline phosphatases of the mosquito, Culex tarsalis Coquillett

Sinha, S.; Mehrotra, K., 1977:
Alkaline phosphomonoesterase (E. C. Effect of ionizing radiation on subcellular distribution and properties of enzyme from the fat bodies of the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria Forskal

Rao, K.; Asokan, S., 1974:
Alkaline potassium fericyanide method (colorimetric) for the direct determination of reducing sugars in cane juice

Lin, K.; Ladisch, M.; Schaefer, D.; Patterson, J.; Noller, C., 1985:
Alkaline pretreatment effects on digestion of corn stover by rumen microorganisms

Spinu, I.; Vigo, T., 1993:
Alkaline pretreatment of cotton blend fabrics to improve durability of bound polyols

Weiner, J.P.llock, V., 1975:
Alkaline processes. 1. Kraft, soda, and other alkaline processes

Eppstein, D.A.; Thoma, J.A., 1975:
Alkaline protease associated with the matrix protein of a virus infecting the cabbage looper

Ku, H.C.; Wyborny, L.; Kalnitsky, G., 1972:
Alkaline protease from Aspergillus oryzae: esterase activity

Emtseva, T.; Konovalov, S., 1979:
Alkaline proteases of microbiological origin (survey)

Hayashi, K.T.rada, M.M.gi, K., 1971:
Alkaline proteinase from Asperg

Yagi, J.Y.no, T.J.mon, K.S.kai, H.A.isaka, M., 1972:
Alkaline proteinase from Cephalosporium sp. II. Enzymatic properties of the alkaline proteinase

Yagi, J.J.mon, K.Y.no, T.A.isaka, M., 1972:
Alkaline proteinase from Cephalosporium sp. II. Physicochemical properties of the enzyme

Yagi, J.Y.no, T.I.ushima, K.J.mon, K.A.isaka, M., 1972:
Alkaline proteinase from Cephalosporium sp. IV. Amino acid composition of the enzyme

Yagi, J.Y.no, T.I.ushima, K.J.mon, K.A.isaka, M., 1972:
Alkaline proteinase from Cephalosporium sp. V. Specificities of the enzyme on synthetic substrates and casein

Dolidze, J.; Berikashivili, V.1; Dvali, T.1; Kvesitadze, G., 1982:
Alkaline proteinases of actinomycetes: production, immobilization, application Actinomyces fradiae

Veidenberg, A.; Safonov, V., 1969:
Alkaline proteins and isoenzymatic spectra of the cortex in apple types with differing graft compatibility

Eschner, Jfp, 1977:
Alkaline pulping

Green, J.S.nyer, N., 1982:
Alkaline pulping in aqueous alcohols and amines Wood paper and pulp industry

Nagaty, A.I.rahim, S.1; Mansour, O., 1982:
Alkaline pulping of Ricinus communis and paper made therefrom Castorbeans

El-Ashmawy, A.; El-Saied, H.I.rahim, A., 1984:
Alkaline pulping of bagasse with anthraquinone

Saleh, T.; Al-Madfaei, S.A.-Simaani, M.; Fadl, M., 1976:
Alkaline pulping of date palm leaves

Wong, A., 1988:
Alkaline pulping of linen and oilseed flax fibres

Hagstrom, C.S.ostrom, E., 1982:
Alkaline pulping of oxygen-pretreated pine wood Pinus sylvestris

Fossum, G.H.gglund, S.L.ndqvist, B., 1980:
Alkaline pulping of pine and birch with anthraquinone as additive. 1. Kraft pulping

Fossum, G.H.gglund, S.L.ndqvist, B., 1980:
Alkaline pulping of pine and birch with anthraquinone as additive. 2. Soda pulping

Bihani, B.S.muelson, O., 1983:
Alkaline pulping of wood after pretreatment with nitrogen dioxide

Dimmel, D.; Shepard, D.P.rry, L.; Joachimides, T.M.donough, T.; Malcolm, E., 1985:
Alkaline pulping of wood and lignin model compounds in aqueous DMSO

Samus'-Kov, Vm, 1973:
Alkaline reserves of sheep blood in relation to feeding ensilaged and chemically preserved feeds

Kuligowska, E.; Klarkowska, D.; Szarkowski, J.W., 1976:
Alkaline ribonuclease from rye germ cytosol

Garcia-Segura, JM.; Fominaya, JM.; Mar Orozco, M.; Gavilanes, JG., 1985:
Alkaline ribonuclease from the insect Ceratitis capitata

Walkden, Sa, 1989:
Alkaline sizing today with ketene dimer emulsions

Minor, J.; Kihle, L.; Sanyer, N., 1969:
Alkaline stability of gluconic acid, cellobionic acid, and cellobiitol

Dadic, M.V.n-Gheluwe, J.; Valyi, Z., 1976:
Alkaline steeping and the stability of beer

Litovski, Z.B.shkova, T., 1987:
Alkaline straw pulping with tar addition. Determination of the H-factor

Kopriva, B., 1973:
Alkaline sucrose decomposition

Ingruber, Ov, 1980:
Alkaline sulfite for elimination of kraft odor

Valade, J.; Dubois, A.L.w, K., 1988:
Alkaline sulfite high yield pulping of European and Japanese larches: comparison with black spruce

Wang, Kt, 1982 :
Alkaline sulfite pulping of Ba

Wang, Kt, 1982:
Alkaline sulfite pulping with

Macleod, Jm, 1985:
Alkaline sulfite-anthraquinone pulp from aspen

Ikonopisova, B.V.ltchev, V.V.ltcheva, E., 1979:
Alkaline sulphite cooking of poplar wood

Ingruber, O.; Allard, G., 1973:
Alkaline sulphite pulping for kraft strength

Ingruber, O.; Stradal, M1; Histed, J., 1982:
Alkaline sulphite-anthraquinone pulping of eastern Canadian woods Kraft pulps, softwoods

Krochta, J.; Hudson, J.; Drake, C., 1984:
Alkaline thermochemical degradation of cellulose to organic acids

Krochta, J.; Hudson, J., 1985:
Alkaline thermochemical degradation of rice straw to organic acids

Krochta, J.; Hudson, J.; Young, R.; Secor, G., 1984:
Alkaline thermochemical degradation of rice straw to oxychemicals

Levanova, V.; Artem'-Eva, I.; Boiko, T.; Gvozdeva, E., 1987:
Alkaline treatment of hydrolysis lignins of aspen, used to produce medicinal preparations

Pokrovs'-Kyi, Vs, 1980:
Alkaline treatment of straw incr

Anonymous, 1990:
Alkaline unwinding genotoxicity test

Horst, M.N.; Basha, S.M.; Baumbach, G.A.; Mansfield, E.H.; Roberts, R.M., 1980:
Alkaline urea solubilization, two-dimensional electrophoresis and lectin staining of mammalian cell plasma membrane and plant seed proteins

Bush, Ew, 1994:
Alkaline water acidification reduces leaf chlorosis of Crystal Bowl Yellow pansy

Hawthorne, Rm, 1976:
Alkaline water can cause pesticide failures

Gaines, Cs, 1986:
Alkaline water retention capacity--AACC Method 56-10

Nakamura, S.A.no, R.W.kabayashi, K.H.rikoshi, K., 1991:
Alkaline xylanase produced by newly isolated alkaliphilic Bacillus sp

Madej, Ja, 1981:
Alkaline, acid- and adenosinotriphosphatase activities in liver and kidneys incubated at increased temperatures in birds

Ramachandran, P.; Mustafa, S.; Annamalai, N., 1973:
Alkaline, saline and acidic soil of Chingleput District

Winzinger, Hubert, 1982:
Alkaline-Phosphatase, Gamma-Glutamyl-Transferase, Glutamic Dehydrogenase and bilirubin in dogs under lithocholate-induced cholestasis

Bhandari, K.; Srivastava, A.S.arma, Y., 1983:
Alkaline-anthraquinone pulping of wheat straw

Wang, J.; Fung, D.Y., 1996:
Alkaline-fermented foods: a review with emphasis on pidan fermentation

Mamutov, Z.; Musaldinov, T., 1978:
Alkaline-formation ability of photosynthesizing aquatic organisms

Sivers, V.; Dorozhko, V., 1978:
Alkaline-microbiological method

Tyrvainen, J.L.w, K.; Valade, J., 1997:
Alkaline-peroxide inter-stage mechanical pulp from jack pine (Pinus banksiana). I. Introduction and pulp physical properties

Tyrvainen, J.L.w, K.; Valade, J., 1997:
Alkaline-peroxide inter-stage treated mechanical pulp from jack pine (Pinus banksiana). II. Pulp optical properties, color reversion, extractives content, and process implications

Demidova, Ai, 1975:
Alkaline-phosphatase activity of the mucous small intestine of rats in the conditions of chronical effect of high ambient temperature

Sparks, B., 1990:
Alkalinity and pesticides

Benninger, R.; Sherrard, J., 1978:
Alkalinity destruction in the activated sludge process

Ben-Yaakov, S.L.rch, Y., 1983:
Alkalinity determination in hypersaline solutions: a method for overcoming glass electrode errors

Lackner, K.S., 2003:
Alkalinity export and carbon balance

Clayton, Jl, 1998:
Alkalinity generation in snowmelt and rain runoff during short distance flow over rock

Gustafsson, L.T.der, A., 1969:
Alkalinity in alkaline pulping

Mamedov, R.; Iusifov, D., 1979:
Alkalinity of Mil Steppe soils and regularities in the change of composition of absorbed bases as affected by different crops

Voloshanenko, G.; Nastalenko, N.; Keiser, S.; Cherkas, I., 1973:
Alkalinity of the juices of the first and second saturations when operating with dolomite limestone

Sclawy, A.; Williams, J., 1981:
Alkalinity--the key to paper permanence

Szinay, M., 1979:
Alkalinization and its relations with the soil physical parameters with special regard to the water budget

Takimura, Y.; Saito, K.; Okuda, M.; Kageyama, Y.; Saeki, K.; Ozaki, K.; Ito, S.; Kobayashi, T., 2007:
Alkaliphilic Bacillus sp. strain KSM-LD1 contains a record number of subtilisin-like serine proteases genes

Al-Awadhi, H.; Sulaiman, R.H.D.; Mahmoud, H.M.; Radwan, S.S., 2007:
Alkaliphilic and halophilic hydrocarbon-utilizing bacteria from Kuwaiti coasts of the Arabian Gulf

Agergaard, Niels, 1979:
Alkaliske fosfataser hos svin

Suzuki, H.J.liano, B., 1975:
Alkaliviscogram and other properties of starch of tropical rice

Suzuki, H.J.liano, B., 1977:
Alkaliviscograms of tropical rice starches

Heldt, W.H.; Werdan, K.; Milovancev, M.; Geller, G., 1973:
Alkalization of the chloroplast stroma caused by light-dependent proton flux into the thylakoid space

Vingtdeux, Vérie.; Hamdane, M.; Loyens, A.; Gelé, P.; Drobeck, Hé.; Bégard, Séverine.; Galas, M-Christine.; Delacourte, Aé.; Beauvillain, J-Claude.; Buée, L.; Sergeant, N., 2007:
Alkalizing drugs induce accumulation of amyloid precursor protein by-products in luminal vesicles of multivesicular bodies

Waterman, P.-G.D.y, P.M.H.rborne, J.B., 1993:
Alkaloeids and sulphur compounds

Phillipson, J.; Handa, S., 1978:
Alkaloid N oxides in some species of Solanaceae and Papaveraceae

Phillipson, J.D., 1971:
Alkaloid N-oxides

Vagujfalvi, D., 1971:
Alkaloid accumulation in latex

Eilert, U.K.rz, W.; Constabel, F., 1986:
Alkaloid accumulation in plant cell cultures upon treatment with elicitors

Steinegger, E.S.hnyder, F., 1970:
Alkaloid bearing and taxonomy of Genista legionensis (Pau) Lainz = Genista hystrix Lge. subsp. legionensis (Pau) P. gibbs. 24. report on leguminous alkaloids

Steinegger, E.F.ehner, R.S.ba, A.S.hnyder, F., 1971:
Alkaloid bearing of Genista species in the Mediterranean area. 26th communication on Leguminosae alkaloida

Stuart, K.; Graham, L., 1973:
Alkaloid biosynthesis in Croton flavens

Stuart, K.; Graham, L., 1973:
Alkaloid biosynthesis in Croton linearis

Mcfarlane, I.; Slaytor, M., 1972:
Alkaloid biosynthesis in Echinocereus merkeri

Verzar-Petri, G., 1976:
Alkaloid biosynthesis in plant tissues

Battersby, A.; Hall, E.; Southgate, R., 1969:
Alkaloid biosynthesis. XIII. The structure, stereochemistry, and biosynthesis of loganin

Hesse, Manfred, 1981:
Alkaloid chemistry

Han, B.; Park, M., 1986:
Alkaloid components of Zizyphus plants

Frederik, D.; Murav'-Eva, D., 1983:
Alkaloid composition of Pancratium trianthum

Murav'-Eva, D.; Popova, O., 1982:
Alkaloid composition of the bulbs of Crinum amabile

Lovkova, M.; Minozhedinova, N.; Il'-In, G., 1975:
Alkaloid composition of wild species of genus Nicotiana during ontogenesis

Raszeja, W., 1971:
Alkaloid compounds in the seeds of plants from the Compositae (Asteraceae) family. I. Preliminary investigations

Williams, W.H.rrison, J., 1983:
Alkaloid concentration during development in three Lupinus species and the expression of genes for alkaloid biosynthesis in seedlings Lupinus albus, Lupinus angustifolius, Lupinus metabilis, lupine

Marten, G.; Frelich,. Jr.;, 1980:
Alkaloid concentration in Phalaris arundinacea L. as influenced by temperature, photoperiod, and water supply

Liptak, J.V.rzar, M.-Pg; Kano, A.H.rvath, L., 1978:
Alkaloid content and morphological properties of Vinca minor L. plants treated with Hungazin DT

Zhapova, T.; Modonova, L.; Semenov, A., 1986:
Alkaloid content of Aconitum czekanovskyi

Salikhov, S.; Akhmedov, U., 1973:
Alkaloid content of Roemeria refracta

Stahl, E.S.hild, W., 1985:
Alkaloid content of ornamental poppies

Salikhov, S.; Akhmedov, U., 1973:
Alkaloid content of the spotted Asiapoppy

Fejer-Kossey, O., 1972:
Alkaloid examinations of tobacco strain T3 poor in nicotine

Kozlovskii, A.; Vepritskaya, I.; Gayazova, N., 1986:
Alkaloid formation by Penicillium sizovae

Kametani, T.I.ara, M., 1980:
Alkaloid formation through N-oxide intermediates; regioselective synthesis of (plus

Mothes, K., 1969:
Alkaloid in the metabolism of plants

Chommadov, B.Y.supov, M.; Sadykov, A., 1970:
Alkaloid l-6a c(3) hydroxylated derivative of gamma lumicolchicine

Montes, G.-Ma; Anton, M., 1970:
Alkaloid localization in situ in Nicotiana glauca Grah. plants grown in the green house

Hofman, P.; Menary, R., 1985:
Alkaloid losses from the capsules of Papaver somniferum L. during kiln drying and storage under commercial conditions in Tasmania

Lovkova, M.; Nurimov, E.A.dusalamov, B., 1977:
Alkaloid metabolism in Anabasis aphylla

Panichanun, S.B.ck, I., 1982:
Alkaloid occurrence in Discaria toumatou

Smart, N.; Morris, P.F.wler, M., 1982:
Alkaloid production by cells of Catharanthus roseus grown in airlift fermenter systems

Kopp, B.R.hm, H., 1983:
Alkaloid production by immobilized mycelia of Claviceps purpurea

Hay, C.; Anderson, L.; Roberts, M.; Phillipson, J., 1988:
Alkaloid production by plant cell cultures

Anderson, L.; Phillipson, J.; Roberts, M., 1987:
Alkaloid production by plant cells

Garnier, J.M.rel, G., 1972:
Alkaloid production by tissues of Vinca rosea L. cultivated under different conditions

Kutney, J.; Choi, L.; Kolodziejczyk, P.S.eigh, S.; Stuart, K.; Worth, B.; Kurz, W.; Chatson, K.; Constabel, F., 1981:
Alkaloid production in Catharanthus roseus cell cultures. VII. Effect of parameter changes and catabolism studies on cell line PRL No. 953

Maheshwari, P.; Songara, B.; Kumar, S.; Jain, P.; Srivastava, K.; Kumar, A., 2007:
Alkaloid production in Vernonia cinerea: Callus, cell suspension and root cultures

San-Miguel-Chavez, R.-; Soto-Hernandez, M.-; Ramos-Valdivia, A., C.; Kite, G., 2007:
Alkaloid production in elicited cell suspension cultures of Erythrina americana Miller

Erdemoglu, N.-; Ozkan, S.-; Tosun, F., 2007:
Alkaloid profile and antimicrobial activity of Lupinus angustifolius L. alkaloid extract

Smolenski, S.J.; Silinis, H.; Farnsworth, N.R., 1975:
Alkaloid screening. VI

Lovkova, M.; Ilin, G.; Minozhedinova, N., 1972:
Alkaloid spectrum during germination of Nicotiana glauca seeds

Lovkova, M.; Il'-In, G.; Minozhedinova, N., 1970:
Alkaloid spectrum during germination seeds of Nicotiana tabacum selds

Minozhedinova, N.; Il'-In, G., 1974:
Alkaloid spectrum during ripening of Nicotiana rustica seeds

Lovkova, M.; Il'-In, G.; Minozhedinova, N.; Usmanov, S., 1971:
Alkaloid spectrum in onthogeny of some species of Nicotiana

Lovkova, M.; Minozhedinova, N.; Il'-In, G., 1976:
Alkaloid spectrum of Nicotiana glauca during early stages of development

Lovkova, M.; Il'-In, G.; Minozhedinova, N., 1971:
Alkaloid spectrum of germinating Nicotiana glauca seeds

Khuong-Huu, F.H.rlem, D.B.nechie, M., 1970:
Alkaloid steroids. cIII. buxacea family 14

Ling, N.; Djerassi, C., 1970:
Alkaloid studies LXIV. the crystal structure and absolute configuration of (-) 17-o-methyl-aspidodispermine Nb

Fitch, W.; Dolinger, P.; Djerassi, C., 1974:
Alkaloid studies. LXVIII. Novel piperidyl alkaloids f rom Lupinus formosus

Kahrl, J.G.breyesus, T.D.erossi, C., 1971:
Alkaloid studies. lXV. confirmation of the heptacyclic structure of the Aspidosperma obscurinervium alkaloids through X-ray analysis of obscurinervine hydrobromide

Wenkert, E., 1976:
Alkaloid synthesis

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