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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14997

Chapter 14997 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kim, C.B.ldona, S.C.ntractor, F., 2007:
Alliance and technology networks: an empirical study on technology learning

Littler, D., 2006:
Alliance enigmas

Rademacher, Jm, 1970:
Alliance for action

Anonymous, 1984:
Alliance for excellence

Anonymous, 1961:
Alliance for progress

Carreras, J.C.rrillo, A.F.nt, X.N.not, J.; Vigo, J., 1983:
Alliance of Xerobromion in the Catalonian Pyrenees

Muller, Raoul, A., 1984:
Alliance of cacao producer countries

Osipchuk, A.; Kal'-Ko, S.; Kuchko, A., 1974:
Alliance of science and practice

Kozub, G., 1978:
Alliance of science and practice Moldavian SSR, integration

Kostin, I.; Terletskii, P.; Stepchuk, V., 1976 :
Alliance of science and production

Veselinov, M., 1975:
Alliance of tobacco cooperatives

Grant, M., 1998:
Alliance works: partnership in practice

Wildeman, L., 1998:
Alliances and networks: the next generation

Banasiak, K., 2006:
Alliances foster new developments

Soper, Mg, 1976:
Allied Growers: a new organization

Anonymous, 1972:
Allied health education programs in junior colleges

Turner, Pd, 1974:
Allied pathogens of other crops

Anonymous, 1997:
Allied-Signals new 60,000-ft. learning center on a fast track

Anonymous, 1988:
Allies for enterprise

Caulfield, Patricia, 1992:

Anonymous, 1995:
Alligator Lake

Anonymous, 1973:
Alligator Rivers Region environmental fact finding study

Anonymous, 1988:
Alligator aquaculture

Rollason, Sam, 1989:
Alligator aquaculture in the South

Selbert, P., 1993:
Alligator farming in Louisiana

Lane, T.-J.R.ppert, K., C., 1981:
Alligator farming production review

Ashley, J.Don, 1988:
Alligator marketing campaign

Moody, M.; Coreil, P1; Rutledge, J., 1981:
Alligator meat: an evaluation of a new seafood Processing

Coulson, R.-A.H.rnandez, T., 1983:
Alligator metabolism

Chaffin, Jerry, D., 1982:
Alligator mix

Rice, Kenneth, G., 1992:
Alligator nest production estimation in Florida

Ashley, J.Don, 1988:
Alligator point-of-sale marketing program

Masser, Michael, P., 1993:
Alligator production

Lane, T.; King, F., 1989:
Alligator production in Florida

Masser, Mp, 1993:
Alligator production: an introduction

Masser, Mp, 1993:
Alligator production: breeding and egg incubation

Masser, Mp, 1993:
Alligator production: grow-out and harvest

Raju, Vs, 1986:
Alligator weed in Andhra Pradesh

Masser, M., 1991:
Alligator--commercial production

Penny, Malcolm, 1991:
Alligators & crocodiles

Dow, Lesley, 1990:
Alligators and crocodiles

Prindle, Ks, 1988:
Alligators and people: when two populations collide

Anonymous, 2000:
Alligators as an alternative livestock option--risky and rewarding

Sandberg, C.; Burkhalter, A., 1983:
Alligatorweed control with glyphosate Alternanthera philoxeroides, in aquatic environments

Hill, W.; Donley, R., 1973:
Alligatorweed report: Los Angeles County

Chester, Ew, 1988:
Alligatorweed, Alternanthera philoxeroides (Mart.) Griseb. in Kentucky

Apparao, M.K.aer, A.O.sen, O.V.nkata-Rao, E.R.smussen, K.; Sorensen, H., 1981:
Alliin in the garlicky taxon Adenocalymma alliaceum (Bignoniaceae)

Tobkin, H.E.; Mazelis, M., 1979:
Alliin lyase: preparation and characterization of the homogeneous enzyme from onion bulbs

Kazaryan, R.; Goryachenkova, E., 1979:
Allinase purification and characterization

Stevens, K.; Jurd, L.M.nners, G., 1973:
Alliodorin, a phenolic terpenoid from Cordia alliodora

Maksyutina, N.P., 1970:
Alliosidin from the seeds of erysimum allionii

Geist, Walter, 1950:

Anonymous, 1975:
Allis-Chalmers 7000 PS diesel

Anonymous, 1977:
Allis-Chalmers 7020 power director diesel

Anonymous, 1977:
Allis-Chalmers 7020 power shift diesel

Steinbruegge, G.; Splinter, W.; Lane, D., 1975:
Allis-Chalmers 7040 PS diesel

Anonymous, 1977:
Allis-Chalmers 7045 power director diesel

Anonymous, 1979:
Allis-Chalmers 7045 powershift diesel, 12 speed

Anonymous, 1977:
Allis-Chalmers 8550 diesel

Swinford, Norm, 1998:
Allis-Chalmers construction machinery & industrial equipment

Khatti, R.P.ate, J., 1974:
Allis-Chalmers load-sensitive hydraulic system for tractor-implement control

Wendel, C.H.M.rland, A., 1992:
Allis-Chalmers tractors

King, Alan, C., 1989:
Allis-Chalmers, 1918-1960

Kollmann, F., 1971:
Allium descendens in the Mediterranean

Memariani, F.; Joharchi, M.R.; Khassanov, F.O., 2007:
Allium L. subgen. Rhiziridoeum sensu lato in Iran, two new records and a synopsis of taxonomy and phytogeography

Coventry, E.; Noble, R.; Mead, A.; Marin, F.R.; Perez, J.A.; Whipps, J.M., 2008:
Allium White Rot Suppression with Composts and Trichoderma viride in Relation to Sclerotia Viability

Dengubenko, Av, 1982:
Allium afghanicum Wendelbo (Alliaceae) and Torularia aculeolata (Boiss.) O.E. Schulz (Brassicaceae), new species for the flora of the USSR

Roberts, R.; Day, P., 1987:
Allium ampeloprasum L. in Anglesey

Karlsson, T., 1980:
Allium angulosum found in Skane

Khodzhaeva, M.; Ismailov, Z., 1979:
Allium carbohydrates. I. Isolation and characterization of the polysaccharides

Khodzhaeva, M.A.; Razhabova, A.A.; Muzaffarova, G.R., 2006:
Allium carbohydrates. XV. Polysaccharides from Allium motor

Collin, H.; Britton, G., 1993:
Allium cepa L. (onion): in vitro culture and the production of flavor

Surya-Kumari, T.L.kshmi, M.; Vaidyanath, K., 1984:
Allium cepa assay system in monitoring the genotoxicity of certain drugs

Pavon, Daniel, 2006:
Allium chamaemoly L. dans le departement des Bouches-du-Rhone

Cai, X.; Block, E.U.en, P.; Quimby, B.; Sullivan, J., 1995:
Allium chemistry: identification of natural abundance organoselenium compounds in human breath after ingestion of garlic using gas chromatography with atomic emission detection

Cai, X.; Uden, P.; Block, E.Z.ang, X.Q.imby, B.; Sullivan, J., 1994:
Allium chemistry: identification of natural abundance organoselenium volatiles from garlic, elephant garlic, onion, and Chinese chive using headspace gas chromatography with atomic emission detection

Cai, X.; Block, E.U.en, P.; Quimby, B.; Sullivan, J., 1995:
Allium chemistry: identification of selenoamino acids in ordinary and selenium-enriched garlic, onion, and broccoli using gas chromatography with atomic emission detection

Block, E.T.iruvazhi, M., 1993:
Allium chemistry: synthesis of alk(en)yl 3,4-dimethyl-2-thienyl disulfides, components of distilled oils and extracts of Allium species

Kollmann, F., 1970:
Allium descendens L., a nomen ambiguum

Kollmann, F., 1975:
Allium desertorum and Allium sindjarense in Palestine

Miceli, P.G.rbari, F., 1987:
Allium eivissanum (Alliaceae), a new species from Eivissa (Balearic Isles, Spain)

Eristavi, Li, 1972:
Allium fuscoviolaceum Fom.--as a new source of diosgenin

Peruzzi, Lorenzo, 2007:
Allium garbarii (Alliaceae), a new species endemic to Calabria (S Italy)

Sloten, Dh-Van, 1982:
Allium genetic resources

Meinke, Rj, 1980:
Allium geyeri Wats. var. geyeri (Liliaceae)

Pathak, Cs, 1994:
Allium improvement for the tropics: problems and AVRDC strategy

Khassanov, F.O.; Memariani, F., 2006:
Allium joharchii, a new species from Khorasan Province (Iran)

Stearn, Wt, 1977:
Allium longanum, a species new for the south eastern Aegean region

Bartolo, G.B.ullo, S.P.vone, P., 1986:
Allium lopadusanum (Liliaceae), a new species from Lampedusa (Sicily)

Brullo, S.T.anoudakis, D., 1989:
Allium maniaticum (Liliaceae), a new species from S Greece

Schutzbach, W., 1975:
Allium moly for mice control

Timokhina, S.; Khanminchun, V., 1977:
Allium mongolicum Regel in the flora of Tuva A.S.S.R

Didukh, I.; Kamelin, R.; Kukovitsa, G., 1982:
Allium obliquum (Alliaceae), a new species for the flora of the Ukrainian SSR

Arutiunov, Av, 1986:
Allium oschanini O. Fedtsch. and Allium praemixtum Vved., new plants-hosts of gall nematodes from Meloidogyne genus

Brullo, S.P.vone, P.S.ampinato, G., 1989:
Allium pentadactyli (Liliaceae), a new species from S Italy

Levichev, I.; Krasovskaia, L., 1981 :
Allium pskemense from the southern part of its habitat Wild perennial onion, Western Tien Shan, USSR-in-Asia.1

Trudel, R., 2005:
Allium sativum, a protein from garlic used to control piercing-sucking insects (Homoptera)

Mcneal, Dw, 1987:
Allium shevockii (Alliaceae), a new species from the crest of the southern Sierra Nevada, California

Cope, Rb, 2005:
Allium species poisoning in dogs and cats

Diekmann, Marlene, 1997:
Allium spp

Lundgren, B., 1976:
Allium strictum in Oland

Kollmann, F.S.mida, A.C.hen, O., 1990:
Allium tardiflorum Kollmann & Shmida, a new autumn-flowering species

Howard, Tm, 1990:
Allium texanum : a new species from central Texas and adjacent Oklahoma

Reynolds, Mb, 1977:
Allium the flowering onion

Gates, G., 1992:
Allium thunbergii

Gates, Gd, 1991:
Allium thunbergii Ozawa

Novak, Fj, 1990 :
Allium tissue culture

Starostenkova, Mm, 1978:
Allium ursinum

Arutiunov, Av, 1984:
Allium vavilovii M. Pop et Vved., a new plant-host of gall nematodes from Meloidogyne genus

Wargovich, M.J.; Uda, N., 1996:
Allium vegetables and the potential for chemoprevention of cancer

Wargovich, M.J.; Uda, N.; Woods, C.; Velasco, M.; McKee, K., 1996:
Allium vegetables: their role in the prevention of cancer

Broz, E., 1977:
Allium victorialis L. in the region of the Swietokrzyskie Mountains (Central Poland) and their fringes

Semakov, V., 1971:
Allium victorialis extract used in controlling onion flies

Cowley, J., 1989:
Allium virgunculae, Alliaceae

Harper, P., 1979:
Alliums are: beautiful, hardy, easy, interesting: Onions not for eating

Lloyd, C., 1976:
Alliums for ornament

Mcdonough, M., 1986:
Alliums in the garden

Currah, L.P.octor, F., 1994 :
Alliums in the tropics: an overview of current technology and future needs

Anonymous, 1963:
Allman manadsstatistik. Monthly digest of Swedish statistics

Anonymous, 1949:
Allmeanna hyreslagen, m.m. med feorklarande anmearkningar

Lederbogen, D.; Angermann, K., 2004:
Allmendweiden in Sudbayern

Crone, M.; Simonsen, M., 1976:
Allo-aggression in chickens. II. Cellular expression of the AA gene products

Tomita, B.H.rose, Y., 1973:
Allo-cedrol: a new tricarbocyclic sesquiterpene alcohol

Lehtonen, L.G.lmour, D.; Toivanen, P., 1987:
Alloantigenic markers of chicken T- and B-lymphocytes

Vaiman, M.R.nard, C.P.nceau, M.L.cointre, J.V.lliers, P., 1975:
Alloantigens governed by the SL-A region controlling the mixed lymphocyte reaction in pig

Fain, A.; Rack, G., 1987:
Allocalvolia habrocytus gen. n., sp. n. (Acari, Winterschmidtiidae) a new hypopus phoretic on Habrocytus elevatus (Walker, 1834) (Hymenoptera, Pteromalidae) in Austria

Kondratieff, BC.; Voshell, J R.; Jr., 1981:
Allocapnia simmonsi, a new species of winter stonefly (Plecoptera: Capniidae)

Shumway, C.Richard, 1981:
Allocatable fixed factors and jointness in agricultural production

Lynne, Gd, 1988:
Allocatable fixed inputs and jointness in agricultural production: implications for economic modeling: comment

Shumway, C.; Pope, R.; Nash, E., 1988:
Allocatable fixed inputs and jointness in agricultural production: implications for economic modeling: reply

Anonymous, 2001:
Allocating cooperative forestry funds to the states

List, L.M., 2003:
Allocating costs between practices - fair doesnt have to mean equal

Criner, G.; Kezis, A.1; Anderson, M., 1983:
Allocating costs to the three quart milk container Lowering costs of milk distribution in Maine

Halmajan, V., 1973:
Allocating crops by electronic computer

Easley, J.J.; Smith, V., 1988:
Allocating harvests between commercial and recreational fishermen: issues for economic modeling

Field, C., 1983:
Allocating leaf nitrogen for the maximization of carbon gain: leaf age as a control on the allocation program Lepechinia calycina, drought-deciduous shrub of the California chaparral, California

Newingham, B.A.; Callaway, R.M.; Bassirirad, H., 2007:
Allocating nitrogen away from a herbivore: a novel compensatory response to root herbivory

Ward, R.-W.B.hr, R., M., 1982:
Allocating nonreported futures commitments

Vawter, D.E.; Gervais, K.G.; Garrett, J.Eline., 2007:
Allocating pandemic influenza vaccines in Minnesota: recommendations of the Pandemic Influenza Ethics Work Group

Juckes, D., 1969:
Allocating resources to scientific research

Cunningham, Tm, 1982:
Allocating the forest resource in Tasmania. 1. Dedication of state forests in Tasmania--a short history

Kemp, Ag, 1982:
Allocating the forest resource in Tasmania. 2. History and development of the exclusive Forest permit and licensing system

Meadows, Wgh, 1982:
Allocating the forest resource in Tasmania. 3. History, development and benefits of the Tasmanian pulpwood system

Walker, Bb, 1982:
Allocating the forest resource in Tasmania. 4. Tasmanians opted for wood production

Kerns, W.; Langeland, M., 1979:
Allocating water among competing uses: some alternative systems

Howie, R., 1978:
Allocating water uses

Anonymous, 1943:
Allocation agreement for distribution of fluid milk supplies

Heijungs, R.; Guinée, J.B., 2007:
Allocation and 'what-if' scenarios in life cycle assessment of waste management systems

Reznik, Oi, 1973:
Allocation and economic efficien

Blazys, B.J.nuskevicius, V.M.rtisius, S., 1978:
Allocation and mathematical modeling of the long-term development of the dairy industry in Lithuanian S.S.R

Gibson, Aw, 1975:
Allocation and quality control of water in New Zealand

Makedonskii, V.; Bliumin, I., 1973:
Allocation and specialization of agricultural production in the German Federal Republic

Huang, Y., 1971:
Allocation efficiency in a developing agricultural economy in Malaya

Steiner, We, 1977:
Allocation of Arizonas remaining entitlement in the Colorado River

Cooper, Aw, 1981:
Allocation of Federal lands: NFMA National Forest Management Act as an example

Weisenborn, De, 1969:
Allocation of Florida orange production among alternative product forms and market sectors

Anonymous, 1955:
Allocation of REA funds

Rodin, A.A.tashkin, A., 1972:
Allocation of animal industry complexes

Moshkalev, Ag, 1973:
Allocation of assortment and product-group tables for Pinus, Picea, Betula and Populus stands in the European part of the USSR

Madsen, J.-D.L.u, K.-T.G.tsinger, K., D., 1993:
Allocation of biomass and carbohydrates in waterhyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)

Lapointe, L.S.mon, J., 1988:
Allocation of biomass and energy in two species of Aster (Asteraceae) and their natural hybrids by means of constrast

Anonymous, 1977:
Allocation of budget totals for fiscal year 1978

Anonymous, 1979:
Allocation of budget totals for fiscal year 1979 and 1980

Mozin, M.; Dorchy, H.H.rtoghe, C.W.nders, R.L.eb, H., 1979:
Allocation of carbohydrates throughout the day in 115 Belgian diabetic children

Wyse, Re, 1983:
Allocation of carbon: perspectives on the central role of sucrose transport and metabolism

Starkov, A.; Minakov, V.; Kot, S., 1975:
Allocation of complexes for beef production under specialized conditions

Filimonov, Pn, 1972:
Allocation of crops harvested by mowing and stubble crops in the non-Chernozem region

Parent, F.; Lewis, B., 1987:
Allocation of decision making in multihospital systems

Haisch, K.; Tag, M.; Kiermeier, F., 1970:
Allocation of distribution costs in dairy industry

Medvedev, Na, 1974:
Allocation of enterprises and their economics

Wacker, A.M.rtin-Creuzburg, D., 2007:
Allocation of essential lipids in Daphnia magna during exposure to poor food quality

Nesius, Ej, 1951:
Allocation of farm resources for economic production of pasture forage

Prato, T., 1987:
Allocation of federal assistance to soil conservation

Anonymous, 1978:
Allocation of federal lands in Alaska: A position of the Society of American Foresters

Hatch, Rh, 1976:
Allocation of feed resources

Grover, John, H., 1980:
Allocation of fishery resources

Smith, Z.Jr, 1974:
Allocation of forest resources

Tarasevich, V.S.eliukov, M., 1971:
Allocation of funds for material incentives

Kinnucan, H.F.rker, O., 1988:
Allocation of generic advertising funds among products: a sales maximization approach

Anonymous, 1948:
Allocation of grain for production of distilled or neutral spirits for beverage purposes

Anonymous, 1948:
Allocation of grain for production of ethyl alcohol

White-Means, Si, 1992:
Allocation of labor to informal home health production: health care for frail elderly, if time permits

Campbell, D.-J.P.lutikof, J., 1978:
Allocation of land resources in semi-arid areas

Isaenko, N.; Starkov, A.; Moiseev, B., 1973:
Allocation of livestock-raising complexes and the utilization of primary production capital

Poirier, Je, 1975:
Allocation of money amounts to a regional public goods project involving water quality

George, R., 1987:
Allocation of money and nonmoney resources by rural households

Johns, At, 1969:
Allocation of national resources to science

Blouin-Demers, G.; J-Weatherhead, P., 2007:
Allocation of offspring size and sex by female black ratsnakes

Smirnov, G., 1974:
Allocation of production by zones of Russia in perspective

Zorin, G., 1971:
Allocation of profits from livestock feeding

Shliakhtin, V., 1971:
Allocation of profits on state farms

Grieb,. Jr.;, 1979:
Allocation of range resources for wildlife

Anonymous, 1977:
Allocation of resources in academic libraries

Anderson,. Jr.;, 1972:
Allocation of resources in agricultural research

Vieira, A.; Vieira, G., 1982:
Allocation of resources in dairy cattle enterprise in the south of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Anonymous, 1977:
Allocation of resources in the Soviet Union and China--1977-1984

Bayley, Nd, 1972:
Allocation of resources to agricultural research: a federal viewpoint

Mclaughlin, S.; Shriner, D., 1980:
Allocation of resources to defense and repair

Fulmer, R.; Baldwin, A., 1972:
Allocation of resources to research

Dowding, P., 1976:
Allocation of resources, nutrient uptake and release by decomposer organisms

Castro, J.-De; Reis, A.-Dos, 1982:
Allocation of rural credit: analysis of response in dairy cattle production in Lavras, Minas Gerais, Brazil

White, Rd, 1977:
Allocation of sale price of farm an important item

Browner, V.L.P.uli, H., 1954:
Allocation of selling space to increase grocery efficiecy

Papapanagiotes, P., 1972:
Allocation of six billions of

Tikmanis, Zr, 1976:
Allocation of the volumes of state purchases of farm products by using computers

Levchenko, Ph, 1972:
Allocation of vegetable producti

Doyle, Diane, 1998:
Allocation of water resources

Romijn, E.T.mminga, M., 1982:
Allocation of water resources in the eastern part of the Netherlands

Kuske, J., 1991:
Allocation of water resources: January 1985-July 1990

Reznik, Oi, 1971:
Allocation of winter crops of wh

Condon, M.; Sasek, T.; Strain, B., 1992:
Allocation patterns in two tropical vines in response to increased atmospheric CO2

Iken, K.; Amsler, C., D.; Hubbard, J., M.; Mcclintock, J., B.; Baker, B., J., 2007:
Allocation patterns of phlorotannins in Antarctic brown algae

Mcbride, Gb, 1976:
Allocation planning and quality control of water in New Zealand

Dobias, J.H.vlicek, J., 1977:
Allocation problems with more centers

Lerdau, M.; Gershenzon, J., 1997:
Allocation theory and chemical defense

Alpert, P.N.well, E.; Chu, C.G.yphis, J.G.lmon, S.; Hollinger, D.; Johnson, N.; Mooney, H.; Puttick, G., 1985:
Allocation to reproduction in the chaparral shrub, Diplacus aurantiacus

Anonymous, 2005:
Allocation to subcommittees of budget totals from the concurrent resolution for fiscal year 2006

Ackerly, David, 1997:
Allocation, leaf display, and growth in fluctuating light environments

Bowen, R.-L.Y.ung, R., A., 1983:
Allocative efficiency and equity of alternative methods of charging for irrigation water

Ali, Nursadh, 2007:
Allocative efficiency of rice farmers

Jha, R.M.rty, M.; Sahni, B.; Paul, S., 1991:
Allocative efficiency, scale economies, and technical progress in the gas and electricity industry of india

Bowen, R.; Young, R., 1986:
Allocative impacts of alternative methods of charging for irrigation water in Egypt

Shortle, Js, 1987:
Allocative implications of comparisons between the marginal costs of point and nonpoint source pollution abatement

Ko, S.B.H.; Naruse, S.; Ishiguro, H.; Yoshikawa, T.; Yamamoto, T.; Futakuchi, S.; Goto, H., 2007:
Allochronic biliary strictures appeared in the different regions of the bile duct tree in a patient with autoimmune pancreatitis

Govorin, I.A., 2007:
Allochthonous bacteria in the ecosystem Marine environment - Aquatic organisms - Bottom sediment

Adrovic, A.; Skenderovic, I., 2007:
Allochthonous ichthyofauna of certain water bodies in North-Eastern Bosnia

Holm, C.E.P.rry, J., A., 1993:
Allochthonous litter, carbon and element loading in Thrush Lake, Minnesota

Cressa, C.W.ibezahn, F., 1977:
Allochthonous plant matter from banks as a potential food for benthic invertebrates in a tropical river

Van-Der-Burgh, J., 1983:
Allochthonous seed and fruit floras from the Pliocene of the lower Rhine Basin

Marais, JF.; Loots, GC., 1981:
Allocircocylliba, a new genus of the family Uropodidae (Mesostigmata) from the Afrotropical region

Matile-Ferrero, D., 1983:
Allococcus euphorbiae (Ezzat & McConnell), a new pest of Geranium in southern France

Roberti, D.T.anfaglia, A., 1982:
Allococcus inamabilis (Hambleton) on Cupressus macrocarpa, new in Italy (Homoptera Pseudococcidae)

Rossetto, C.; Lourencao, A.1; Terra, M., 1980:
Allocolaspis brunnea (Jacoby, 1900), a polyphagous pest in the Campinas region Brazil.1

Anonymous, 1964:
Allocutions prononcees a louverture de la 8aeme reunion de la Commission phytosanitaire interafricaine, Yaoundae, 4-7 novembre 1964

Zacharias, H., 1984:
Allocyclic behaviour and underreplication of the nucleolus chromosome in Pseudodiamesa (Chironomidae)

Viinikka, Y., 1975:
Allocyclic regions and banding patterns in the chromosomes of Najas marina

Zemskaia, A.; Farang-Azad, A., 1975:
Allodermanyssus iranicus sp. n. (Gamasoidea, Dermanyssidae) from Iran

Cui, J.-Guo; Zhang, X.; Zhao, Y.-Hai; Chen, C.; Bazan, N., 2007:
Allodynia and hyperalgesia suppression by a novel analgesic in experimental neuropathic pain (vol 350, pg 358, 2006)

Lovati, C.; D'Amico, D.; Rosa, S.; Suardelli, M.; Mailland, E.; Bertora, P.; Pomati, S.; Mariani, C.; Bussone, G., 2007:
Allodynia in different forms of migraine

Bianchi, U.C.essa, G., 1970:
Alloenzymes having xanthine dehydrogenase activity in Anopheles atroparvus

Mackowiak, M., 1974:
Allogamic effect on fruit variability of the Wealthy apple variety

Mackowiak, M., 1972:
Allogamic effect on growth and respiration of Wealthy apples

Taibjee, S.M.; Stevenson, O.E.; Abdullah, A.; Tan, C.Y.; Darbyshire, P.; Moss, C.; Goodyear, H.; Heagerty, A.; Whatley, S.; Badminton, M.N., 2007:
Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation in a 7-year-old girl with congenital erythropoietic porphyria: a treatment dilemma

Neven, Bénédicte.; Valayannopoulos, V.; Quartier, P.; Blanche, Séphane.; Prieur, A-Marie.; Debré, M.; Rolland, M-Odile.; Rabier, D.; Cuisset, L.; Cavazzana-Calvo, M.; de Lonlay, P.; Fischer, A., 2007:
Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation in mevalonic aciduria

Haque, T.; Wilkie, G.M.; Jones, M.M.; Higgins, C.D.; Urquhart, G.; Wingate, P.; Burns, D.; McAulay, K.; Turner, M.; Bellamy, C.; Amlot, P.L.; Kelly, D.; MacGilchrist, A.; Gandhi, M.K.; Swerdlow, A.J.; Crawford, D.H., 2007:
Allogeneic cytotoxic T-cell therapy for EBV-positive posttransplantation lymphoproliferative disease: results of a phase 2 multicenter clinical trial

Weiss, Edmund-Peter, 1981:
Allogeneic transplantation of dog spleen with following retransplantation of the spleen-graft in combination with allogeneic kidney transplantation

El-Etreby, M.; El-Guindy, M.; Badawi, H.A.del-Raouf, M.A.del-Aleem, A., 1970:
Allogenic heteroptic canine liver homotransplantation. II. Pathological observations

el-Guindy, M.H.; Badawi, H.; Abdel-Raouf, M.; el-Etreby, M.F.; Abdel-Aleem, A.; Mesk, N.M., 1969:
Allogenic heterotopic canine liver homotransplantation. I. A technique for total hepatectomy

Pryce, Rj, 1973:
Allogibberic acid: an inhibitor of flowering in Lemna perpusilla

Bacon, L.D.; Ismail, N.; Motta, J.V., 1987:
Allograft and antibody responses of 15I5-B congenic chickens

Da Costa, M.L.; Ghofaili, F.Al.; Oakley, R.M.El., 2006 :
Allograft tissue for use in valve replacement

Moldovan, M.D.aconescu, I.B.lte, S.T.eodorescu, D.J.vanescu, I., 1975:
Allograft with Relon net in ruminants

Marangu, John-Paul, 1971:
Allografting as a biological measure of inbreeding in chickens

Bacon, L.D.; Schierman, L.W.; McBride, R.A., 1972:
Alloimmune hemolytic plaque-forming cells: kinetics of IgM and IgG alloantibody releasing cells during a primary and secondary immune response of chickens

Wang, Y.; Ahmad, U.; Yi, T.; Zhao, L.; Lorber, M.I.; Pober, J.S.; Tellides, G., 2007:
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Allowing for flexibility in long-term business planning in times of uncertainty

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Allowing for risks in setting catch limits based on MSY

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Allura Red--new color offers greater brilliance and stability

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Allureds flavor and fragrance materials

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Allverdens treaier i norsk jord, med en kort beskrivelse av 500 sorter nealetreaier, 1500 lsuperscript 2ovtreaier og busker samt kulturanvisninger

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Ally found in fight against caribbean fruit fly

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Almanac for roses

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Almanac of Chinas economy

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Almanac of Chinas foreign economic relations and trade

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Almond Growers Visitor Center, plaza stores draw consumer business

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Almond Lake master plan update

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Almond X peach hybrid rootstock tree

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Almond crop down, acreage up

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Almond disease guide

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Almond dormancy period

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Almond forecast set at 540 million pounds

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Almond group aims to reduce pesticide risk

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Almond growers adopt new long-term financing program

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Almond growers granted break

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Almond harvest a record in 1974

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Almond hulls in swine diet reduce body fat

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Almond industry strains under titan crop

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Almond irrigation, sprinkler vs. flood irrigation

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Almond joy

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Almond on the Crimean skeletal soils

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Almond orchard management

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Almond orchards in California

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Almond pollination 2008 and beyond -- The game continues!

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Almond pollination and pesticides

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Almond pollination from the perspective of a Midwestern beekeeper pros and cons

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Almond pruning for enhanced productivity

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Almond prunings: a new energy source

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Almond rootstocks for marginal soils

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Almond scab--a serious problem

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Almond seed lipids and changes occurring in them under the effects of weather and soil-climatic conditions

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Almond situation & outlook

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Almond species of section of Chamaeamygdalus Spach as promising material for remote hybridization

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Almond tree (Mesa) Description, varieties, USA

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Almond tree (Wes-Mar)

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Almond tree and its possibilities of improvement

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Almond tree culture in a crisis

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Almond tree growing in Greece

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Almond tree growing in Tunisia

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Almond tree producer of large, light colored nuts, sweet flavored kernel of good quality, varieties

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Almond tree transplanting trial

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Almond trees , a new crop

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Almond trees and their pests

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Almond trees in the province of Tarragona

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Almond trees, almonds and processors in Haute-Provence

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Almond weed control

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Almonds all the way

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Almonds and their lack of production

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Almonds enhance food value

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Almonds from California

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Almonds in Huesca Valley

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Almonds in New Zealand

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Almonds in the Northeast

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Almonds reign on cereal parade

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Almonds--world trends

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Almonds: a new ingredient for energy and health bars

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Almonds: production, trading and consumption

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Almost 1,500 years of grape culture in Leutesdorf on Rhine with special regard to land consolidation

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Almost 30% conservation of energy with an energy-saving cloth ceiling

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Almost 8,000 agricultural groups for cooperative farming in ten years: 1966-1976

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Almost any type of planter can be used for interior gardens

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Almost complete dehulling of high oil sunflower seed

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Almost everthing on purchase prices for slaughter livestock

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Almost everyones guide to economics

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Almost half of U.S. farm exports will benefit from latest world monetary changes

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Almost half our land is classified as marginal

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Almost human

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Almost magic

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Almost normal cognitive function in patients during therapy for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia without cranial irradiation according to ALL-BFM 95 and COALL 06-97 protocols: results of an Austrian-German multicenter longitudinal study and implications for follow-up

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Almost nothing, capital estate and the people of Guaracha

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Almost over

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Almost the same age: Prescribed fire program and Forest Service

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Almwirtschaft in der Steiermark

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Alnicola salabertii sp. nov., mycorrhizal on Alnus cordata, and two other Alnicola with small spores

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Alnus B. Ehrh.--alder

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Alnus acuminata ssp. arguta, a valuable resource for neotropical highlands

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Alnus glutinosa culture in drained soil of the western Polesye

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Alnus glutinosa, Betula and Populus stands in a lowland sw amp

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Alnus japonica population aroun

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Alnus maritima Muhl. ex Nutt., not Alnus metoporina Furlow

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Alnus pollen incidence in the Stockholm area, 1973-1976

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Alnus viridis (Chaix) Lam. et DC

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Alocasia macrorrhiza and birds in Australia

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Aloconota (aloconota) subgrandis (Brundin) (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) new to Britain

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Aloconota mihoki Bernh. (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) new to Britain

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Aloe 75

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Aloe Description, medicinal plants

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Aloe albiflora Guill.

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Aloe archeri, an interesting new species from the Rift Valley of Kenya

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Aloe argyrostachys, a beautiful new species from the mountains of central Madagascar

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Aloe aristata: an underrated species

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Aloe bainesii

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Aloe barbadensis Miller as a plant used for the cosmetic industry

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Aloe buhrii: a new species from the Calvinia district. Cape Province

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Aloe chlorantha: a new species from the South Western Karoo (South Africa)

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Aloe ciliaris. Liliaceae

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Aloe dichotoma

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Aloe doei Lavranos var. lavranosii J.m.l

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Aloe emodin inhibits the cytotoxic action of tumor necrosis factor

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Aloe ferox Miller

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Aloe ferox leaf gel phytochemical content, antioxidant capacity, and possible health benefits

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Aloe gariepensis pillans

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Aloe haworthioides Baker

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Aloe humilis (Linne) Ph. Miller

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Aloe juvenna rediscovered Description

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Aloe kilifiensis (Aloaceae) newly recorded for Tanzania

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Aloe komaggasensis: a new species from the north-western Cape

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Aloe melanacantha

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Aloe meyeri Van Jaarsveld: a new Aloe from the northwest Cape (Republic of South Africa)

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Aloe modesta our fragrant aloe

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Aloe myeri, a new aloe plant from Richtersveld, Northwest Cape

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Aloe pachygaster Dinter and a new species easy to confuse with it

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Aloe polyphylla blooms on Table Mountain

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Aloe rauhii--Liliaceae

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Aloe revisited the structure of aloeresin A

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Aloe ring spot, a new disease of aloe caused by Haematonectria haematococca (Berk. & Broome) Samuels & Nirenberg (anamorph: Fusarium sp.)

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Aloe sheilae: a new species from Saudi Arabia

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Aloe socotrina

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Aloe thorncroftii Pride of Barberton

Anonymous, 2007:
Aloe vera Improves Produce Quality and Safety

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Aloe vera and inflammation

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Aloe vera aspirations

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Aloe vera by-products as potential energy sources