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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 15018

Chapter 15018 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Seps, S.L., 1997:
An efficient approach to performing and documenting semiannual Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee inspections of animal facilities

Krafft, I., 1980:
An efficient association for migratory apiculture

Bovey, R., 1981:
An efficient baby mating hive

Guimaraes, Jm, 1973:
An efficient bleaching method for microscopical mounts of insects

Mirafzal, Gholam-Abbass, 1991:
An efficient catalytic oxygenation of hydrocarbons using iodosobenzene diacetate-metalloporphyrin systems as oxidants

Pulido-Velazquez, D.S.huquillo, A.A.dreu, J.P.lido-Velazquez, M., 2007:
An efficient conceptual model to simulate surface water body-aquifer interaction in conjunctive use management models

Akakabe, Y.; Nyuugaku, T., 2007:
An efficient conversion of carboxylic acids to one-carbon degraded aldehydes via 2-hydroperoxy acids

Zhang, S.; Wang, J.; Hirose, K.; Ando, M., 2002:
An efficient conversion of taxinine to taxinine NN-1, an anticancer agent and a modulator of multidrug-resistant tumor cells

Hsie, M.; Yee, W.; Wang, L.; Sang, S., 1985:
An efficient ethanol fermentation of acid hydrolyzate from hemicellulose-extracted bagasse

Schwanz, H.K.tter, W., 1980:
An efficient filter for cleaning seeds

Keller, W.; Fan, Z.P.chan, P.L.ng, N.G.ainger, J., 1988:
An efficient for culture of isolated microspores of Brassica napus

Karimi, S.; Tavares, P., 2003:
An efficient formal synthesis of the sesquiterpenoid longifolene

Alam, M.T.ooien, T.; Rogers, D.; Dumler, T., 2002:
An efficient irrigation technology for alfalfa growers

Zuk, S., 1970:
An efficient layout on a lot for a farm

Pelham, H.R.; Jackson, R.J., 1976:
An efficient mRNA-dependent translation system from reticulocyte lysates

Tao, Z-Fu.; Konishi, K.; Keith, Gérard.; Hecht, S.M., 2006:
An efficient mammalian transfer RNA target for bleomycin

Anonymous, 1975:
An efficient marketing in the Wine Cooperative Union of -Dordogne (UNIDOR)

Abd-Rahman, M.; Gerig, T., 1983:
An efficient maximum likelihood solution in normal model having constant but unknown coefficients of variation Mathematical and statistical theories

Raikov, A., 1971:
An efficient means of facilitati

Caplan, Arthur, J., 2002:
An efficient mechanism to control correlated externalities

Tarantilis, C.; Kiranoudis, C., 2001:
An efficient meta-heuristic algorithm for routing product collecting vehicles of dehydration plants. I. Algorithm development

Tarantilis, C.; Kiranoudis, C., 2001:
An efficient meta-heuristic algorithm for routing product collecting vehicles of dehydration plants. II. Algorithm performance and case studies

Camara, Jaime-Jose-Casari-Da, 1988:
An efficient method for capturing tilapias

Radwan, Ss, 1975:
An efficient method for establishing and growing tissue cultures of rape (Brassica napus)

Li, W-Qiang.; Zhang, G-Sheng.; Wang, K.; Niu, N.; Pan, D-Liang., 2007:
An efficient method for isolation of mitochondrial DNA in wheat

Lepom, P.B.ath, H., 1989:
An efficient method for producing and purifying gramme quantities of T-2 toxin

Wolff, E.F., 1975:
An efficient method for producing slide reproductions of radiographs

Cavusoglu, M.; Kamasak, M.; Erogul, O.; Ciloglu, T.; Serinagaoglu, Y.; Akcam, T., 2007:
An efficient method for snore/nonsnore classification of sleep sounds

Auge, N.S.ntanam, N.P.rthasarathy, S., 1998:
An efficient method for solubilizing beta-carotene in aqueous solutions

Karara, Ha, 1987:
An efficient method for the extraction of alkaloids from bitter lupin seed

Patrascu, M.L.nca, H.G.igorescu, I.M.rgu, I., 1975:
An efficient method of discovering and marking cows and heifers in heat

Shmanenkov, N.; Skorobogatykh, N.; Rakhimov, I.; Vtorykh, E., 1973:
An efficient method of feeding urea to livestock being fattened

Al'-Tshuler, V.; Bornovalov, N.; Makovskii, V.; Slepchenko, A., 1971:
An efficient method of forecasting the results of the selection of bulls

Just, G., 1973:
An efficient method of granulometric analysis (mechanical analysis)

Harris, F.; Miles, J., 1979:
An efficient method of heating with electricity

Dogaru, D., 1972:
An efficient method of inoculating Morus

Coltau, G., 1975:
An efficient method of instruction and testing technicians in performing uterus insemination in cows

Filatov, Ns, 1974:
An efficient method of shipping and storing grapes

Jailloux, F.F.oidefond, G., 1976:
An efficient method to detect peach canker (Fusicoccum amygdali Del.) in the buds

Paenok, S.; Gusak, I.; Bozhko, V., 1974:
An efficient methods for adding antioxidants to grass meal

Soto-Meca, A.; Alhama, F.; Gonzalez-Fernandez, C.F., 2007:
An efficient model for solving density driven groundwater flow problems based on the network simulation method

Leung, H., C.M.; Chin, F., Y.L., 2006:
An efficient motif discovery algorithm with unknown motif length and number of binding sites

Ruan, F.M.laughlin, D., 1998:
An efficient multivariate random field generator using the fast Fourier transform

Tombesi, A., 1972:
An efficient olive harvest

Yu, Y.; Liu, D.; Liu, C.; Jiang, H.; Luo, G., 2007:
An Efficient one-pot Biginelli condensation of aliphatic aldehydes catalyzed by zinc bromide under solvent-free conditions

Sui, Y.; Liu, L.; Zhao, J.-Ling; Wang, D.; Chen, Y.-Jun, 2007:
An efficient one-pot reaction of indoles, nitroacetate, and paraformaldehyde for the synthesis of tryptophan derivatives

Wu, Y.; Zhang, K.D.ng, C.P.uess, K.E.mroth, E.B.dvarsson, G., 2002:
An efficient parallel-computing method for modeling nonisothermal multiphase flow and multicomponent transport in porous and fractured media

Etchebarne, L., 1982:
An efficient plan to control herd infertility

Willnerd, S., 2005:
An efficient plan: maximizing water efficiency helps water-restricted areas

Reisinger, C.; Kern, A.; Fesko, K.; Schwab, H., 2007:
An efficient plasmid vector for expression cloning of large numbers of PCR fragments in Escherichia coli

Lending, C.; Lippman, E.B.acker, C.; Bartnicki-Garcia, S., 1990:
An efficient preparative isopycnic flotation method for the isolation of chitosomes

Osnes, H.L.ngtangen, H., 1998:
An efficient probabilistic finite element method for stochastic groundwater flow

Schelling, G.T., 1975:
An efficient procedure for the complete evaluation of dietary proteins

Royce, T.E.; Carriero, N.J.; Gerstein, M.B., 2007:
An efficient pseudomedian filter for tiling microrrays

Harnpicharnchai, P.; Thongaram, T.; Sriprang, R.; Champreda, V.; Tanapongpipat, S.; Eurwilaichitr, L., 2007:
An efficient purification and fractionation of genomic DNA from soil by modified troughing method

Kim, I.-Su; Ryu, C.-Baek; Li, Q.-Ri; Zee, O.-Pyo; Jung, Y.-Hoon, 2007:
An efficient stereoselective synthesis of (+)-deoxoprosophylline

Fernandas, R.A., 2007:
An efficient synthesis of (-)-posticlure: the sex pheromone of Orgyia postica

Huang Jian; Chen FenEr, 2007:
An efficient synthesis of a potential (-)-reserpine intermediate from (-)-shikimic acid of the chiral pool

Mohri, Y.; Sagehashi, M.; Yamada, T.; Hattori, Y.; Morimura, K.; Kamo, T.; Hirota, M.; Makabe, H., 2007 :
An efficient synthesis of procyanidins. Rare earth metal Lewis acid catalyzed equimolar condensation of catechin and epicatechin

Oreshkina, A.; Novikova, V., 1973:
An efficient system for processing champagne ingredients

Ruppel, R.; Cobb, D., 1972:
An efficient system for spraying small plots with insecticides

Ageev, V.V., 1991:
An efficient system for the treatment of soil in crop rotation

Pokryshkin, O.B.khtina, A.D.mnikova, K., 1970:
An efficient system of processing wood blocks for pulp

Erickson, Dg, 1974:
An efficient technique for exposure of rodents to Schistosoma mansoni or Schistosoma haematobium

Pleshkov, Kk, 1975:
An efficient technique for late maturing cabbage

Wolska-Mitaszko, B.; Jakubowicz, T.; Kucharzewska, T.; Gasior, E., 1981:
An efficient technique for the isolation of yeast spores and the preparation of spheroplast lysates active in protein synthesis

Glushenkova, A.; Mirzabaeva, M.U.arov, A.; Markman, A., 1975:
An efficient technological system for processing cotton seeds

Fomin, Ae, 1974:
An efficient technology for shore raft assembly

Jahn, M.R.thke, S., 1985:
An efficient test for differentiated assessment of the effect of fungicides for control of Podosphaera leucotricha (Ell. et Ev.) Salm. and Venturia inaequalis (Cooke) Aderh

Borm, G.F.; Munneke, M.; Lemmers, O.; van Zuijlen, M., 2006:
An efficient test for the analysis of dichotomized variables when the reliability is known

Neretnieks Ivars; Y.J.W.i; Liu Jinsong, 1997:
An efficient time scaling technique for coupled geochemical and transport models

Meyers, A.; Collington, E., 1971:
An efficient total synthesis of propylure, the highly active sex attractant for the pink bollworm moth

Bekheet, S., A.; Solliman, M., E., 2007:
An efficient transformation system for sugarbeet mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Doran, Dg, 1975:
An efficient transition definition for discrete state reservoir analysis: the divided interval technique

Gersabeck, E.; Merritt, R.1; Haefner, J., 1982:
An efficient trap for collecting wild adult stable flies, Stomoxys calcitrans (Diptera: Muscidae), for mark-release studies Trapping, pest control methods

Mironycheva, At, 1973:
An efficient type of farm for the production of beef

Konowalchuk, J.; Speirs, J.I., 1973:
An efficient ultrafiltration method for enterovirus recovery from ground beef

Cedro, V.C.F., 1985:
An efficient vaccine against porcine brucellosis

Cociubei, T., 1972:
An efficient way for feed resources use for livestock fattening

Hylton, W.H.lter, J., 1987:
An efficient way to collect ruminal fluid from cattle

Engelstein, M.A.dredge, T.; Madan, D.S.ith, J.; Mao, J.S.ith, D.; Rice, P., 1998:
An efficient, automatable template preparation for high throughput sequencing

Goddard-Borger, E.D.; Stick, R.V., 2007:
An efficient, inexpensive, and shelf-stable diazotransfer reagent: imidazole-1-sulfonyl azide hydrochloride

Baker, Do, 1985:
An efficient, pratical administrative structure for the management and operation of absentee owner properties

Beattie, A.M.chaels, T.; Pauls, K., 1998:
An efficient, reliable method to screen for common bacterial blight (CBB) resistance in Phaseolus vulgaris L

Malisov, B.; Zakharova, T.; Radbil, B.; Firsov, A., 1986:
An effluent-free rosin-turpentine production scheme

Rodriguez-Navarro, A.; Asensio, J., 1977:
An efflux mechanism determines the low net entry of lithium in yeasts

Hempel, D., 1970:
An effort for high working productivity in the industry

Otero, Gr, 1984:
An effort to control and possibly eradicate coffee rust in Nicaragua

Sproles, E.Iii, 1983:
An effort to eradicate Cymbidium mosaic and Odontoglossum ringspot viruses from a private collection--results of a four year study

Oike, Y., 1983:
An effort to further develop artificial insemination in Malawi

Aldrich, S.A.; Aldrich, F.T.; Rudd, R.D., 1971:
An effort to identify the Canadian forest-tundra ecotone signature on weather satellite imagery

Boustedt, O., 1970:
An effort to improve regional comparison data on commuting workers

Murthi, N.W.aver, J.J., 1975:
An effort to produce a homozygous dominant male sterile cotton

Harris, Clarence, E., 1969:
An egg grading and processing plant for high-volume production

Cai KuiZheng; Yang XiaoYe; Yang ChunSheng; Hao Cheng; Wang MaoLiang; Liang XiaoJun; Wang Rui; Zhang XiaoDong; Zhang YuLing; L.X.n; Han HaiBin, 2007:
An egg hatch assay using albendazole for in vitro detection of resistance of sheep and goat nematodes to anthelmintics

Nagaraja, H.E.saw, P.; Vanialingam, T.S.lvador, A.N.nez, I., 1983:
An egg parasite of the cocoa pod borer Acrocercops cramerella (Snellen) recorded in the Philippines

Durham, S., 2004:
An egg story: Does the date mean too late?

Freuler, J.B.aser, C., 1982:
An egg trap for the cabbage root fly, Delia brassicae Wiedemann

Panda, Pc, 1979:
An egg--your childs breakfast

Paleolog, J.Z.rawski, C., 1982:
An egg-blood medium for acceleration of growth of tubercle bacilli Mycobacterium bovis

Greenfield, J.; Bigland, C.H.; Ellnor, J.A., 1971:
An egg-punch injecting needle

Hwang, J.; Cho, W.; Yeh, G., 1984:
An eigenvalue solution continuous in time to the spatially discretized solute transport equation in steady groundwater flow

Stokes, J., 1988:
An eight-frame observation hive

Huff, Hj, 1981:
An eight-hour chicken coop--least expensive, but most valuable

Grosse-Damhues, J.G.ombitza, K.; Schulten, H., 1983:
An eight-ring phlorotannin from the brown alga Himanthalia elongata

Nagatani, Ronald, M., 1988:
An eight-year climatology of meteorological and SBUV ozone data

Mech, L.; Hertel, H., 1983:
An eight-year demography of a Minnesota wolf pack

Torchio, Pf, 1979:
An eight-year study involving control of Sapyga pumila Cresson (Hymenoptera: Sapygidae), a wasp parasite of the alfalfa leafcutter bee, Megachile pacifica Panzer

Chen, S-Chien.; Chang, H-Ling.; Yan, T-Rong.; Cheng, Y-Tzong.; Chen, K-Tong., 2007:
An eight-year study of epidemiologic features of enterovirus 71 infection in Taiwan

Fisher, Louise-Bang, 1951:
An eighteenth-century garland

Horn, P., 1982:
An eighteenth-century land agent: the career of Nathaniel Kent (1737-1810)

Weitzman, Aj, 1984:
An eighteenth-century view of Popes villa

Kloepper, T.H.; Kienle, C.Nickias.; Fasshauer, D., 2007:
An elaborate classification of SNARE proteins sheds light on the conservation of the eukaryotic endomembrane system

Fujimoto, K.L.; Tobita, K.; Merryman, W.David.; Guan, J.; Momoi, N.; Stolz, D.B.; Sacks, M.S.; Keller, B.B.; Wagner, W.R., 2007:
An elastic, biodegradable cardiac patch induces contractile smooth muscle and improves cardiac remodeling and function in subacute myocardial infarction

Liefert, William, 1991:
An elasticities approach to estimating excess demand in price-controlled markets

Sirhan, Ghazi-Ahmad, 1970:
An elasticity of substitution and a market share approach to the British and German import demand for United States cotton

Sevart, Jb, 1978:
An elctronic method of measuring speed of thrown objects discharged from rotary mowers

Carr, K.D.x, G.F.lmer, T.K.vesh, W.K.avitz, L.M.tlaw, J.M.yer, J.M.naker, K.S.apiro, M.S.reet, S., 1986:
An elder abuse assessment team in an acute hospital setting

Baulina, O.; Korzhenevskaya, T.; Nikitina, K.; Gusev, M., 1975:
An election-microscopic and biochemical study of the spheroplasts of the blue-green alga Anabaena variabilis

Zayats, A.E.; Zaginailov, V.I., 2006:
An electric activator of microbiological processes

Cheburkina, E.; Kovshar'-, E., 1969:
An electric automatic chopper for the livestock farms

Zeinalov, Iu, 1978:
An electric diagram for modelling the fluorescence induction phenomena in photosynthesis

Kotrbacek, V.H.lub, A.C.snek, J., 1979:
An electric dynamic catathermometer and the thermal environment in farrowing houses

Orev, J., 1975:
An electric fence for natural

Plotner, K., 1972:
An electric five-component measuring device

Haidan, M.F.scher, W., 1979:
An electric heating device for resting places of piglets in swine production units

Kamneva, Z.; Iatsko, M.; Zhuravleva, N., 1970:
An electric impulse method for grapes pulp treatment in a flow

Kovacs, B.; Beer, G.; Goffa, A., 1976:
An electric instrument to dehorn calves

Troppens, D., 1981:
An electric measurement system for the technical diagnosis of agricultural equipment

Whitten, M.-E.H.laday, C., E., 1957:
An electric meter for rapid measurement of moisture in cottonseed

Steullet, P.; Edwards, D.H.; Derby, C.D., 2007:
An electric sense in crayfish?

Hunt, Dg, 1971:
An electrical analogue method and a graphical method for estimating the danger of condensation in building components that contain particle boards

Homma, F., 1983:
An electrical analogue to design subirrigation systems

Syme, P.; Bodley, C., 1971:
An electrical cauterizer for insect larvae

Liu, M.; Wang, T.; Yu, W.; Wang, J., 2007:
An electrical conductivity probe method for measuring the local solid holdup in a slurry system

Falkenflug, V.F.chs, M., 1972:
An electrical contact level detector for use with radiometers

Hackel, H., 1974:
An electrical method for measuring the wetness duration imme diately on leaves

Chen, Hh, 1978:
An electrical prospecting stud

Chaudry, M.; Meares, P., 1981:
An electrical study of ion transport in cellulose acetate

Veneruso, A.F., 1974 :
An electrical system for extracting maximum power from the wind

Agarwal, J.H., 1975:
An electrical thermometer for rectal temperature measurement

Browder, W.J.R., 1950:
An electrically heated brooder

Wakefield, F., 1975:
An electrically heated propagator

Vezard, H.G.illon, R.F.dy, J.; Bert, J., 1970:
An electrified enclosure for primates

Norbury, Gl, 1992:
An electrified watering trough that selectively excludes kangaroos

Lambert, Wr, 1982:
An electrifying application tool

Malicki, M., 1982:
An electro-capacitance capillary hygrometric sensor

Hesse, H.M.ller, R., 1972:
An electro-hydraulic depth control system for large tractor-mounted plows based on two measurements. 2: performance of the system, results of measurements

Hesse, H.M.ller, R., 1972:
An electro-hydraulic two-variable-depth-control system for large tractor-mounted plows. 1. systems with one-or two-variable-depth-control

Chaumpluk, P.; Hadthamard, N.; Kosakul, T.; Kanlayanarat, S.; Tamiya, E., 2007:
An electrochemical DNA sensor for the detection of chlorophyllase gene expression in fresh cut broccoli

Boatman, John-Alfred, 1971:
An electrochemical investigation and quantification of N-formyl-N-methylacetaldehydrazone from American grown Helvella esculenta

Cox, J.; Lundquist, G., 1972:
An electrochemical method for the determination of phosphate in natural water

Feinberg, Benjamin-Allen, 1971:
An electrochemical study of certain catecholamines and related compounds

Massini, R., 1976:
An electrochemical test for measuring tinplate corrosion rate in aqueous food media

Cooke, G.; Woisel, P.; Delattre, F.; Bria, M.; Garety, J., F.; Hewage, S.-Gunatilaka; Rabani, G., 2007:
An electrochemically tuneable cyclodextrin-based molecular adapter (vol 47, pg 6449, 2006)

Chen, J.; Lin, Z.; Chen, G., 2007:
An electrochemiluminescent sensor for glucose employing a modified carbon nanotube paste electrode

Fischer, W.; Schaller, G., 1980:
An electrode matrix for oxidation reduction potential measurements in the root

Gupta, R.K.; Klute, A.; Millington, R.J., 1972:
An electrode system for transient dispersion studies in unsaturated glass bead medium

Mellon, E.; Gruber, H.; Staller, M., 1972:
An electrodialysis cell for the determination of total electrolyte in cured or pickled hides

Rona, J.; Cornel, D., 1985:
An electrogenic proton pump on the tonoplast of Acer pseudoplatanus L. free cells and isolated vacuoles

Bodrzanski, B.G.ochowicz, M.O.lowski, R.W.lczak, R., 1971:
An electromagnetic apparatus for determination of stickiness of soil

Doolittle, J.N.ble, C.L.inard, B., 2000:
An electromagnetic induction survey of a riparian area in Southwest Montana

Phillips, BF.; Joll, LM.; Ramm, DC., 1984:
An electromagnetic tracking system for studying the movements of rock (spiny) lobsters

Kawashima, Katsuhiro, 1975:
An electromagnetic transducer for generation and detection of both longitudinal and transverse ultrasonic waves

Kawashima, Katsuhiro, 1975:
An electromagnetic ultrasonic transducer

Dzhavakhishvili, G., 2006:
An electromagnetic vibration unit in winemaking

Backer, G.M.ser, E.R.hling, W., 1977:
An electromechanical method of grape harvesting

Gorbunova, Rg, 1970:
An electrometrical method of water extract and gound water analysis

Bowerman, Rf, 1981:
An electromyographic analysis of the elevator

Heywood, L.; Titchen, D.; Wood, A., 1984:
An electromyographic and radiographic study of thoracic esophageal motility during swallowing in sheep

Chevutschi, A.; Lensel, G.; Vaast, D.; Thevenon, Aé., 2007:
An electromyographic study of human gait both in water and on dry ground

Roche, M., 1980:
An electromyographic study of propulsion in the proximal parts of the digestive tract in the hen

Fredericks, Christopher, M., 1971:
An electromyographic study of the canine urinary tract

Prud'-Homme, Marie-Jeanne, 1978:
An electromyographic study of the organization of uterine activity during the course of the estrus ewes

Ooms, L.V.aminck, K.O.aert, W., 1978:
An electromyographic study of the postoperative abomasal and duodenal motility of cattle with abomasal displacement to the right

Suzuki, A.H.rose, H.N.mura, S., 1974:
An electromyographic study on d

Russev, S.; Tsutsumanova, G.; Angelov, S.; Bachev, K., 2007:
An electron beam lithography and digital image acquisition system for scanning electron microscopes

Caldwell, M., 1998:
An electron beam, fluidized bed process for disinfection, disinfestation and sterilization of stored products

Struble, D.L., 1970:
An electron capture detector bypass system

Ninomiya, Y.S.to, S., 1983:
An electron carrier in nitrite reduction proplastids of cultured tobacco cells

Nedukha, Em, 1975:
An electron cytochemical study of the localizatin of glucose 6 phosphatase in the cytoplasm of Funaria hygrometrica cells

Hebert, J.; Muller, L., 1974:
An electron diffraction study of the crystal structure of native cellulose

Lee, D.L.; Long, P.L., 1972:
An electron microscopal study of Eimeria tenella grown in the liver of the chick embryo

Asayama, T.K.wamoto, F., 1975:
An electron microscope observat

Watanabe, H., 1972:
An electron microscope radioautography of DNA synthesis in the fat cell of silkworm, Bombyx mori, infected with a nuclear-polyhedrosis virus

Kivic, P.; Vesk, M., 1974:
An electron microscope search for plastids in bleached Euglena gracilis and in Astasia longa

Shiraishi, M.S.kamoto, K.Y.shida, S.A.ada, Y., 1974:
An electron microscope study of

Short, J.A.; Thorley, C.M.; Walker, P.D., 1976:
An electron microscope study of Bacteroides nodusus: ultrastructure of organisms from primary isolates and different colony types

Zizka, Z., 1972:
An electron microscope study of autoinfection in neogregarines (Sporozoa, Neogregarinida)

Chang, S.T.; Tanaka, K., 1971:
An electron microscope study of complex membranous structures in the basidiomycete, Volvariella volvacea

Gipson, I.S.ott, H., 1975:
An electron microscope study of effects of various fixatives and thin-section enzyme treatments on a nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Crang, R.; Miles, G., 1969:
An electron microscope study of germinating Lychnis alba pollen

Da-Graca, J.; Martin, M., 1976:
An electron microscope study of hypersensitive tobacco infected with tobacco mosaic virus at 32 degrees Centigrade

Mackenzie, J.J.; Haselkorn, R., 1972:
An electron microscope study of infection by the blue-green algal virus SM-1

Saikawa, M.T.tsuka, J1; Morikawa, C., 1983:
An electron microscope study of initiation of infection by conidia of Harposporium oxycoracum, an endozoic nematophagous Hyphomycete Possible biological central agent

Danilova, Lv, 1973:
An electron microscope study of meiosis in oligopyrene spermatocytes of the silkworm

Keyhani, E.; Claude, A.; Lecocq, R.E.; Dumont, J.E., 1971:
An electron microscope study of ribosomes and polysomes isolated from sheep thyroid gland

Hawker, L.; Thomas, B.B.ckett, A., 1970:
An electron microscope study of structure and germination of conidia of Cunninghamella elegans Lendner

Chen, P.S.; Brugger, C., 1973:
An electron microscope study of the anal organs of Drosophila larvae

Majumdar, S.; Lowry, R., 1971:
An electron microscope study of the barrier between vegetative and generative nuclei in the pollen of Gasteria armstrongii

Lewis, Cl, 1969:
An electron microscope study of the bovine spermatid at several stages of spermiogenesis

Gromov, B.; Koz'-Yakov, S.; Mamkaeva, K.; Gaevskaya, E., 1974:
An electron microscope study of the development of cyanophage A 1(L) in cells of the blue green alga Anabaena variabilis

Wise, D., 1983:
An electron microscope study of the karyotypes of two wolf spiders Lycosa georgicola, Lycosa rabida

Zybina, Ev, 1975:
An electron microscope study of the lampbrush chromosomes and their activity products during rabbit oogenesis

Sukhova, Z.; Chechulin, I., 1976:
An electron microscope study of the nerve tissue elements in the adrenal medulla of the dog

Paul, R.; Mcwhorter, C., 1989:
An electron microscope study of the production of wax filaments by specialized epidermal cells of johnsongrass

Knudson, D.; Harrap, K., 1976:
An electron microscope study of the sequence of events in a nuclear polyhedrosis virus infection in cell culture

Wrigley, N.G., 1969:
An electron microscope study of the structure of Sericesthis iridescent virus

Russo, M., 1975:
An electron microscope study of virus diseases of grapes

Walles, B., 1972 :
An electron microscope study on photodestruction of plastid ribosomes in beta-carotene-deficient mutants of Helianthus annuus L

Sato, S., 1969:
An electron microscope study on plant cell treated with colchicine

De Souza, W.; Meyer, H., 1975:
An electron microscopic and cytochemical study of the cell coat of Trypanosoma cruzi in tissue cultures

Kensler, R.W.; Levine, R.J., 1982:
An electron microscopic and optical diffraction analysis of the structure of Limulus telson muscle thick filaments

Chukhrii, Mg, 1977:
An electron microscopic histochemical study of the superviral capsules of the nuclear and cytoplasmic polyhedrosis viruses of certain harmful insects

Wang, T.; Chung, H.; Kuo, F., 1978:
An electron microscopic observ

Harada, H.F.rukawa, I., 1972:
An electron microscopic observa

Yamada, J.; Yamashita, T.; Suzuki, N., 1972:
An electron microscopic observation of erythrocytic cycle of mammalian malaria (Plasmodium berghei yoeli)

Kaitazova, P., 1972:
An electron microscopic research

Akai, H., 1970:
An electron microscopic study o

Mcnulty, M.; Gowans, E.; Louza, A.; Fraser, G., 1977:
An electron microscopic study of MDBK persistently infected with Newcastle disease virus

Phillips, D.E.; Eroschenko, V.P., 1985:
An electron microscopic study of alterations in mouse peripheral nerve and skeletal muscle after chlordecone exposure

Shubnikova, Ea, 1970:
An electron microscopic study of cells of the silk separating glands secreting fibroin in the silkworm

Oparina-Sidorova, Nv, 1976:
An electron microscopic study of fertilization and zygote formation in Oedogonium cardiacum Wittr

Clarke, J.K.; McFerran, J.B., 1971:
An electron microscopic study of haemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus of pigs

Dantzer, V.; Björkman, N.; Hasselager, E., 1981:
An electron microscopic study of histiotrophe in the interareolar part of the porcine placenta

Cĭampor, F., 1974:
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An electron microscopists view of foods

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An electron paramagnetic resonance investigation of methylene

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An electron spin resonance study of the copper (II) interaction with wool keratin. III. A kinetic model for the Cu (II) wool interaction

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An electron-microscope investigation of the midgut epithelium of the adult female of Dermacentor marginatus Sulz

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An electron-microscopic study of the hypodermis of the phytonematode Aporcelaimellus obtusicaudatus (Bastian, 1865), Altherr, 1968 (Dorylaimidae)

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An electron-microscopic study of the morphogenesis of a virus from blue-green algae

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An electron-microscopical investigation of the sub-structure of the casein micelles in cows milk

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An electron-nuclear double resonance (ENDOR) study of the special pair model for photo-reactive chlorophyll in photosynthesis

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An electronic anemometer.

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An electronic atlas of weeds and invasive species

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An electronic device for artefact suppression in human local field potential recordings during deep brain stimulation

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An electronic device for determi

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An electronic device for monitoring moisture on plant foliage

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An electronic device for the reg

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An electronic device for warning on scab in apple culture

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An electronic device for weed

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An electronic device of program temperature regulation

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An electronic fall-through probe insect counter computer system for monitoring infestation in stored product facilities

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An electronic hand-operated recording penetrometer

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An electronic inline milkmeter performance characteristics and observations

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An electronic insect barrier for laboratory uses

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An electronic instrument for the study of photoconductive behavior of X-irradiated substances and the visual registration of diffraction patterns

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An electronic lifeline

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An electronic liquid level control device for feeding orhpan lambs

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An electronic liquid level control device for feeding orphan lambs

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An electronic look at beer flavor instability

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An electronic means of immobilizing deer: taser

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An electronic medical record intervention increased nursing home advance directive orders and documentation

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An electronic optical method for the detection of greenrot affected eggs

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An electronic positioning contac

Mitsulov, N., 1977:
An electronic programming device for the illumination in phytochambers

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An electronic recorder for consolidation testing of soils

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An electronic recording anemomet

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An electronic recording grain research laboratory mixer

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An electronic recording viscometer for food products

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An electronic servosystem of monitoring cooling units of phytochambers

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An electronic spreadsheet for softwood plywood adhesive cost calculations

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An electronic system for automatic temperature regulation in phytotron chambers

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An electronic timer for measuring spread rates of wildland fires

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An electronmicroscopic study of the microgamete of Haemorproteus columbae Kruse

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An emerald green orchid

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An emergence trap for aquatic insects

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An emergency homemade electric brooder

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An emergent art curriculum that fosters understanding

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An emerging diagnosis

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An eminent parasitologist of the Republic (Kazakh SSR), PROFESSOR Illarion Grigorevich Galuzo

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An enhancing effect on the process of swine fever disease and the virulence by stimulating lymphocytes

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