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Chapter 15,022

An identification of clonal lineages in populations of Magnaporthe grisea using rep-PCR and a study of their distribution in Guilan Province, Iran

Javan Nikkhah, M.; Hedjaroude, G.H.A.; McDonald, B.A.; Sharifi Tehrani, A.; Okhovvat, S.M.

Iranian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 37(6): Pe1001-Pe1015, en 6


ISSN/ISBN: 1017-5652
Accession: 015021699

Some 170 monoconidial isolates of M. grisea collected from different areas in Guilan province, Iran, were subjected to PCR genomic fingerprinting for the characterization of genetic diversity and identification of clonal lineages in the populations of the fungus. Isolates were recovered from 10 rice cultivars during 1997-99.

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