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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 15046

Chapter 15046 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Kaura, R.L., 1952:
Animal husbandry & fisheries progress in Uttar Pradesh, post-independence period

Doshi, Mm, 1972:
Animal husbandry activities in Rajasthan

Knusel, P., 1969:
Animal husbandry advisory service in Luzern Canton

Graf, L., 1975:
Animal husbandry and 1975 feed economy in the Rhineland Palatinate

Hardouin, J., 1969:
Animal husbandry and agriculture

Drost, M., 1987:
Animal husbandry and biotechnology

N'-Diaye, A.; Ba, C., 1972:
Animal husbandry and cooperation in tropical Africa with reference to Senegal

Ballay, D.C.lson, F.G.iperay, G.L.ndrieu, F.M.rtinot, R.S.ambouli, N.V.llaud, J.; Zert, P., 1975:
Animal husbandry and environment

Obermann, H., 1975:
Animal husbandry and environmental protection

Karasev, I.I.P.ndak, D.R., 1953:
Animal husbandry and feed bases in collective farms in the Zhashkov region

Beokeonyi, Saandor, 1984:
Animal husbandry and hunting in Taac-Gorsium

Haimovici, S., 1973:
Animal husbandry and hunting with the Geto-Daces

Kibe, R., 1972:
Animal husbandry and its basic

Ulrich, A., 1973:
Animal husbandry and landscape tending

Tanabe, Y., 1973:
Animal husbandry and livestock

Guha, H., 1979:
Animal husbandry and mixed farming as an instrument for Jhoom control

Kibe, R., 1972:
Animal husbandry and pasture la

Anonymous, 1960:
Animal husbandry and poultry farming

Kar, Nishamani, 2002:
Animal husbandry and rural development

Valfre, F., 1974:
Animal husbandry and sanitary bases for the present legislation on growth promoting supplements

Leroy, A., 1973:
Animal husbandry and the consequences of the enlarging of the Common Market

Nestorov, N., 1972:
Animal husbandry and the problem

Moynier, Aemile, 1952:
Animal husbandry and transhumance in the High Alps

Reh, I., 1982:
Animal husbandry and veterinary aspects Draft cattle, selection, Africa

Szilagyi, K., 1983:
Animal husbandry and veterinary hygiene at Hodmezovasarhely in the 18th century

Anonymous, 1950:
Animal husbandry and veterinary medicine

Krokotsch, Brigitte, 1991:
Animal husbandry and veterinary medicine in Berlin during the 19th and 20th centuries

Anonymous, 1953:
Animal husbandry and veterinary science collection

Gerchikov, N.P., 1957:
Animal husbandry and zoohygiene

Roy, D.; Verma, A., 1980:
Animal husbandry as a subsidiary source of economy for jhumians

Laktionov, A.; Nakhmanson, V.; Petrovskii, G., 1971:
Animal husbandry aspects of preventing leukosis in cattle

Anonymous, 1956:
Animal husbandry at the All-Union agricultural exhibition 1956

Schlichting, M.S.mmler, K.; Van-Den-Weghe, H., 1976:
Animal husbandry at the German Agricultural Society show

Rohrer, M., 1981:
Animal husbandry between the requirements issued by the Protection of animals and Protection of environments and the limited possibilities of production

Chigrinov, E.; Radchenko, N., 1981:
Animal husbandry block Construction of buildings for young cattle.1

Gallouin, J., 1973:
Animal husbandry budgets in England

Protsenko, Di, 1980:
Animal husbandry complex and the

Trishkiavichus, P., 1978:
Animal husbandry development a vitally important task

Lin, Pw, 1972:
Animal husbandry development i

Muuga, August, 1991:
Animal husbandry development in Estonia

Akmal'-Khanov, Sh, 1981:
Animal husbandry development on a scientific basis Activities of the Uzbekskii Scientific-Research Institute of Animal Husbandry, includes cattle, sheep and goat breeding.1

Nesterov, N., 1971:
Animal husbandry during the sixt

Astaf*-Section-*ev, V.E., 1947:
Animal husbandry exemplary workers

Singh, Rv, 1979:
Animal husbandry for augmenting income

Osadchiaei, A.A., 1986:
Animal husbandry for everyone

Rouy, H., 1973:
Animal husbandry for nine countries: A part to play

Swindle, M.M., 2007:
Animal husbandry for xenotransplantation

Dubrovina, E., 1950:
Animal husbandry for youths

Schlichting, Mc, 1974:
Animal husbandry from the German Agricultural Association show, Frankfurt an Main

Rachev, R., 1980:
Animal husbandry from the point

Anonymous, 2005:
Animal husbandry guidelines for U.S. egg laying flocks

Anonymous, 1976:
Animal husbandry has become a priority objective of economic development

Nishiyama, Futoshi, 1978:
Animal husbandry illustrations

Anonymous, 1975:
Animal husbandry in Africa, country by country

Fista, Radzai, 1962:
Animal husbandry in Albania

Bashirov, E.B., 1976:
Animal husbandry in Algeria

Bonhomme, D., 1969:
Animal husbandry in Aquitaine

Valicenti, V., 1974:
Animal husbandry in Basilicata as affected by the new legislation

Cherkezov, I., 1977:
Animal husbandry in Bulgaria in the seventh Five-Year Plan

Anonymous, 1980:
Animal husbandry in Cameroon--a new action program

Gordon, Ian, 1978:
Animal husbandry in Central Africa

Kompaneetis, Ivan-Danilovich, 1955:
Animal husbandry in Chernovtsy oblast on the rise

Zerner, M., 1977:
Animal husbandry in Comtat Venaissin at the beginning of the fifteenth century

Zubatrov, M., 1981:
Animal husbandry in Dagestan

Spassov, M., 1973:
Animal husbandry in Denmark.

Riuitel'-, Af, 1977:
Animal husbandry in Estonia in the years of Soviet power

Lefevre, Robert-Georges-Alphonse, 1942:
Animal husbandry in France at the end of the 18th century

Tolstov, M.A., 1945:
Animal husbandry in Gluboki

Anonymous, 1971:
Animal husbandry in Hessian communities 1969

Negi, Gc, 1979:
Animal husbandry in Himachal Pradesh

Byrkjeland, Johan, 1958:
Animal husbandry in Hordaland across a hundred years

Chomosh, Z., 1980:
Animal husbandry in Hungary.

Anonymous, 1981:
Animal husbandry in Inner Mongolia

Yamamoto, K., 1974:
Animal husbandry in Japan

Sladkov, Dm, 1973:
Animal husbandry in Kuban to face new targets

Rappen, W., 1972:
Animal husbandry in Lower Saxony

Anonymous, 1940:
Animal husbandry in Manchuria, 1936-1939

Il*-Section-*ev, F.V., 1982:
Animal husbandry in Moldavia

Martynov, In, 1981:
Animal husbandry in Mongolia

Downs, James, F., 1964:
Animal husbandry in Navajo society and culture

Semmler, Ko, 1979:
Animal husbandry in Paraguay

Tollim, J., 1971:
Animal husbandry in Reunion

Nikolaev, As, 1980:
Animal husbandry in Rumania

Ivanov, L.I., 1958:
Animal husbandry in Siberia

Ilancic, D., 1981:
Animal husbandry in Slavonia and Srem during the 18th century according to the description by F. W. Taube

Kashiwabara, K., 1972:
Animal husbandry in South Vietn

Paz-Saez, A., 1979:
Animal husbandry in Spain

Kharitonov, Kh, 1980:
Animal husbandry in Thracian num

Anonymous, 1977:
Animal husbandry in Tunisia and the objectives of the Fifth Plan: attain self sufficiency in meat and reduce the deficit in dairy products

Lois-Gonzaalez, Ruben-Camilo, 1988:
Animal husbandry in Vlloa

Dongmo, Jl, 1972:
Animal husbandry in West Cameroon

Sevarlic, M.M.rkovic, D., 1979:
Animal husbandry in Yugoslavias foreign trade with special respect to 1978

Jaayasavaala, Janaaneasvarai, 1987:
Animal husbandry in ancient India

Liskun, E.F., 1948:
Animal husbandry in cities and worker settlements

Gruev, V.I.anov, D., 1964:
Animal husbandry in farmyards

Schafer, K., 1972:
Animal husbandry in recreational areas

Morlon, P.M.ntoya, B.C.anner, S., 1986:
Animal husbandry in rural production of the high Peruvian Andes. Comparison of five families of the Altiplano

Trifunoski, Jf, 1979:
Animal husbandry in the Brsjacke Mountains

Anonymous, 1950:
Animal husbandry in the Caribbean

Schlichting, M.; Semmler, K., 1974:
Animal husbandry in the European Economic Community

Tode, R., 1974:
Animal husbandry in the Federal state of Schleswig-Holstein

Anonymous, 1976:
Animal husbandry in the Ivory Coast

Nikulin, V., 1981:
Animal husbandry in the Kalmyk ASSR Includes policies.1

Vasilev, Ts, 1980:
Animal husbandry in the Laos Dem

Vurbanov, A., 1971:
Animal husbandry in the Mongolia

Shul*-Section-*zhenko, I.F., 1954:
Animal husbandry in the Mongolian Peoples Republic

Trifunoski, Jf, 1979:
Animal husbandry in the Ohridsko-Struska Region (examination of the terrain)

Krausslich, H., 1979:
Animal husbandry in the Peoples Republic of China

Anonymous, 1942:
Animal husbandry in the Philippines

Anonymous, 1990:
Animal husbandry in the Sahel

Sakhatmuradov, K., 1977:
Animal husbandry in the Turkmen SSR

Khorunzhii, Mv, 1977:
Animal husbandry in the Ukraine

Bucher, F., 1970:
Animal husbandry in the canton of Lucerne

Sommerauer, W., 1970:
Animal husbandry in the canton of Schaffhausen

Pfluger, G., 1978:
Animal husbandry in the canton of Solothurn

Anonymous, 1949:
Animal husbandry in the future

Pelosi, A., 1978:
Animal husbandry in the mountain area of Capitanata

Kuropiatnik, La, 1977:
Animal husbandry in the pavilions of the USSR Exhibition of the National Economic Achievements

Bosma, Roel, 1996:
Animal husbandry in the process of intensification

Mordant, Jean, 1948:
Animal husbandry in the region of Queyras

Huitema, H., 1982:
Animal husbandry in the tropics, its economic importance and potentialities

Attia, H., 1977:
Animal husbandry in the upper steppes

Goujon, P., 1977:
Animal husbandry in the western Mediterranean basin

Vijil-Maeso, E., 1978:
Animal husbandry in the world. III. Possibilities of animal husbandry development

Rafael, Aag, 1973:
Animal husbandry in tsetse fly areas: Behavior of a nucleus of cattle in a tsetse area of the Rio Save valley

Charlet, P., 1977:
Animal husbandry in warm irrigated zones

Danchev, I., 1977:
Animal husbandry intensification and the problem of environment protection

Peyraud, Jc, 1980:
Animal husbandry is indispensable in Corsica

Kalashnikov, Ap, 1981:
Animal husbandry is today at the forefront of the rural area

Singh, H., 1972:
Animal husbandry makes further strides

Anonymous, 1987:
Animal husbandry manual

Anonymous, 1955:
Animal husbandry mimeographed series

Hilliger, Gh, 1974:
Animal husbandry odors, an environmental protection problem

Zubairov, Mm, 1971:
Animal husbandry of Daghestan during fifty years of the existance of republic

Sudarkin, Vv, 1971:
Animal husbandry of Irkutsk Region and its development in the new Five-Year-Plan

Baturin, Via, 1972:
Animal husbandry of Russia and perspectives of its development

Ivanov, I.; Petrov, A.T.ankov, T., 1977:
Animal husbandry of lake and shore dwellers of the Varna Lake during the end of the Aenolithic and beginning of the Bronze ages in Bulgaria

Duncanson, G., 2007:
Animal husbandry of pet pigs: Part 1

Brinzej, M., 1977:
Animal husbandry of the German Federal Republic as reflected at the 54th exhibition of the German Agricultural Society in Munich

Molbert, H., 1972:
Animal husbandry of the eighties--what kind of process in production?

Ogryzkin, Gs, 1977:
Animal husbandry of the non-Chernozem area in the past, at present and in the future

Anonymous, 1956:
Animal husbandry on All-Union Agricultural Exposition in 1956

Lisitskii, Aa, 1973:
Animal husbandry on a commercial basis

Abramova, G., 1973:
Animal husbandry on an industrial basis

Piras, N., 1972:
Animal husbandry on industrial basis

Denisov, M.T.G.averis, V.K., 1962:
Animal husbandry on our collective farms

Perticara, G., 1971:
Animal husbandry on the stage--national consultation

Tardzhumanian, Gv, 1977:
Animal husbandry on the upgrade in the Armenian SSR

Meena, H.R.; Ram, H.; Singh, S.K.; Mahapatra, R.K.; Sahoo, A.; Rasool, T.J., 2007:
Animal husbandry practices at high altitude (>6000 feet) in Kumaon region of Uttrakhand, India

Saraswati Shukla; Tiwari, D.P.; Anil Kumar; Mondal, B.C.; Upadhayay, A.K., 2007:
Animal husbandry practices in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand state

Gupta, A.; Arneja, C., 1981:
Animal husbandry practices practised by farmers

Simon, B., 1970:
Animal husbandry problems: an interview with Marcel Bruel, president of the National Confederation of Animal Husbandry

Andersen, P.; Jul, M., 1970:
Animal husbandry proteins

Anonymous, 1959:
Animal husbandry research series

Shefer, V., 1980:
Animal husbandry resources of private subsidiary sector

Ewer, Tk, 1987:
Animal husbandry review

Anonymous, 1970:
Animal husbandry seminar for agricultural teaching staff and consultants (held at the Federal Research Institute for Alpine Agriculture in Gumpenstein, Irdning, October 1--3, 1969

Meaeibom, B.G., 1955:
Animal husbandry specialists in cooperative farms

Nasonov, I.; Kambarov, I., 1977:
Animal husbandry specialization and concentration on the basis of interfarm cooperation

Breiianskiaei, Anatoliaei-Mikhaaeilovich, 1956:
Animal husbandry statistics

Anonymous, 1976:
Animal husbandry terminology

Zalewski, W., 1981:
Animal husbandry under the agriculture intensification conditions

Berges, J.M.M.ellati, L., 1993:
Animal husbandry under the coconut trees, integration and diversification

Baker, Ml, 1973:
Animal husbandry work at the North Platte Station

Holmes, W., 1981:
Animal husbandry, 1931-1980 Research, Great Britain

Stoianov, A., 1976:
Animal husbandry, a matter for t

Balla, I.; Taoth, P., 1954:
Animal husbandry, cattle and sheep farming

Hagemann, D., 1977:
Animal husbandry, environmental protection and changes in exploitation. 1

Hagemann, D., 1977:
Animal husbandry, environmental protection and changes in exploitation. 2

Buland, T.; Balla, I., 1954:
Animal husbandry, pig breeding

Nakov, K., 1980:
Animal husbandry, the main sector of agriculture in Bulgaria

Byerly, T.C., 1986:
Animal husbandry--animal science

Anonymous, 1970:
Animal husbandry--feeding animals

Anonymous, 1970:
Animal husbandry--introduction

Anonymous, 1970:
Animal husbandry--looking after animals; how cattle reproduce

Anonymous, 1980:
Animal husbandry--some priorities

Kalupov, I., 1976:
Animal husbandry--the main proje

Anonymous, 1970:
Animal husbandry--what cattle produce

Heusser, H., 1981:
Animal husbandry--where to?

Smolianskii, S., 1978:
Animal husbandry-industrial integration

Clutton-Brock, Th, 1983:
Animal husbandry. Red velvet and venison Deer farming, New Zealand

Anonymous, 1976:
Animal husbandry: definition, technical classification, related fields

Anonymous, 1973:
Animal husbandry; 1973 animal raisers guide

Anonymous, 1968:
Animal husbandry; bibliography

Anonymous, 1959:
Animal husbandry; for the use of special courses in crop cultivation

Chizhik, Ivan-Andreevich, 1963:
Animal husbandry; laboratory-pratical studies

Niemczak, H.K.rczewski, W., 1973:
Animal hygiene and prophylactic practices in breeding flocks derived from imported poultry

Volkov, G.K., 1973:
Animal hygiene and veterinary sanitation in industrial livestock production

Komarov, Nm, 1969:
Animal hygiene and veterinary sanitation measures for beef and dairy cattle on collective and state farms of Urals and central Volga area

Poliakov, Aa, 1969:
Animal hygiene and veterinary sanitation measures for dairy and beef cattle breeding on collective and state farms

Iariykh, Vs, 1969:
Animal hygiene and veterinary sanitation measures in raising beef cattle

Lebedev, Pt, 1970:
Animal hygiene and veterinary-sanitary evaluation of methods of maintenance of animals and their improvement in collective and state farms of western Siberia

Komarov, Nm, 1970:
Animal hygiene and veterinary-sanitary requirements in the design and construction of livestock farms

Stasik, A.B.rtecki, S., 1970:
Animal hygiene as a basis for production and livestock health

Mehlhorn, G.B.r, H., 1970:
Animal hygiene as an integral element of production

Pittler, H., 1972:
Animal hygiene conditions of German Simmental cattle production in West Germany

Kovacs, F., 1980:
Animal hygiene considerations in the improvement of food quality

Szyfelbejn, E., 1956:
Animal hygiene for farmers

Jentsch, D.; Schreoder, G.; Brade, W., 1987:
Animal hygiene in cattle production

Kovacs, F., 1976:
Animal hygiene in industrial conditions

Stoianov, P.B.ikov, B., 1973:
Animal hygiene in industrialized swine-raising

Niemczak, H., 1974:
Animal hygiene in poultry rearing

Hartwigk, H.H.lliger, H., 1972:
Animal hygiene in the Tropics

Seifert, Horst, S.H., 1983:
Animal hygiene in the tropics and subtropics

Cena, M., 1981:
Animal hygiene problems connected with the agriculture intensification Poland.1

Janowski, T., 1974:
Animal hygiene problems of milk production

Stojanov, P., 1982:
Animal hygiene requirements in industrial animal production

Raczkiewicz, J., 1973:
Animal hygiene requirements in the housing for laying hens

Hallasch, A.F.rkas, J., 1977:
Animal hygiene studies on the operation of a closed Agrokomplex nursery for 200 calves

Penner, D., 1971:
Animal hygiene through the use of electric hot-water containers

Strauch, D., 1986:
Animal hygiene within the framework of environmental hygiene

Korner, E., 1978:
Animal hygienic aspects of the swamp beaver rearing

Kovacs, F.H.raszti,, B.S.llai, J., 1970:
Animal hygienic evaluation of the technology of industrially producing cattle plants. I. The evaluation of the dairy-farm built for 616 cows in pavilion-system

Prigli, M.Tasnadi, R., 1981:
Animal hygienic experiences obtained by hydrochemical examinations of fish-hatcheries created on calciferous alkaline, so-called Solonchak type soils

Ballasch, A.K.ntor, M.B.zas, A1; Szalay, D.1; Bojti, G., 1981:
Animal hygienic experiences of the cost- and energy-saving calf rearing Calves, viral infections.1

Bladimirov, I., 1976:
Animal hysbandry in Norway.

Becker, Geoffrey, S., 2007:
Animal identification

Becker, Geoffrey, S., 2006:
Animal identification and meat traceability

Dickinson, F.; Crandall, B., 1986:
Animal identification in NCDHIP

Anonymous, 1994:
Animal identification practices in beef cow

Carragher, J.; Matthews, L., 1995:
Animal identification systems and their effects on welfare

Anonymous, 1985:
Animal immunogenetics

Pastoret, P.-Pierre; Govaerts, A.; Bazin, H., 1990:
Animal immunology

Hahn, E.; Felsburg, P., 1983:
Animal immunology: unraveling the mystery

Debyle, Nv, 1985:
Animal impacts

Vessels, J.C.risty, S., 1992:
Animal impacts on aspen enhancement efforts: An Absaroka front case study

Spotswood, Cl, 1975:
Animal imports and quarantine

Anonymous, 1993:
Animal imprints

Graf, L., 1981:
Animal improvement and feed supply in the Rhineland-Palatinate, 1981

Hopler, E., 1974:
Animal improvement industry with harmless feed additives!

Yerlikaya, H.; Ozgur, A., 2006:
Animal improvement legislation in the republican period

Mukherjee, T.K., 1983:
Animal improvement research

Ruvuna, F.T.ylor, J.; Davis, S., 1991:
Animal improvement through embryo manipulation and transfer

Augustin, H., 1975:
Animal improvement with maize

Bavister, B.D., 1986:
Animal in vitro fertilization and embryo development

Newman,. Jr.;, 1975:
Animal indicators of air pollution

Anonymous, 1992:
Animal industries report

Anonymous, 1959:
Animal industry and range research in Montana

Komarov, L.; Firsova, T., 1972:
Animal industry and the agricultural-industrial unification

White-Stevens, R., 1971:
Animal industry can produce protein for seven billion by 2000 A.D

Vainman, G., 1973:
Animal industry complexes of Penza Region

Takamine, H., 1983:
Animal industry in Chile.

Hulgaard, Sa, 1968:
Animal industry in Great Brit

Leeuwen, Nico-Van, 1991:
Animal industry in the highlands of Peru

Svanidze, Ia, 1972:
Animal industry in tropical Africa

Aseltine, M., 1992:
Animal industry must face food safety, animal rights challenges

Kharitonov, Pf, 1972:
Animal industry of Komi ASSR during the new Five-Year-Plan

Torshin, V.; Cherepnev, G., 1971:
Animal industry of Lipetsk Region becoming specialized

Aksenov, Nf, 1974:
Animal industry of the Altai on the way to intensification

Grigor'-Ev, Nv, 1972:
Animal industry of the Tatar ASSR in the anniversary year

Anonymous, 1979:
Animal industry reports

Tomme, M.; Venediktov, A., 1973:
Animal industry requirements of phosphorus feed supplyements and their effectiveness

Anonymous, 1978:
Animal industry today

Songaila, R., 1972:
Animal industry, a basic branch of the agriculture of Lithuania

Anonymous, 1949:
Animal infection disease report on the condition of animal infections in the 3rd West zone for the time of July 1-15 in 1949

Beran, Gw, 1981:
Animal infections by human enteroviruses

Stefancic, Ante, 1948:
Animal infectious diseases

Goret, P., 1978:
Animal infectious diseases transmissible to man: importance and practical consequences

Rim, Y.; Shidei, T., 1974:
Animal influences on Japanese r

Easterday, Bc, 1975:
Animal influenza

Dinter, Z., 1972:
Animal influenza A in the World Health Organizations nomenclature of influenza viruses

Reader,, K., N., 2003:
Animal innovation

Anonymous, 2002:
Animal instincts

Miller, Rm, 1997:
Animal instincts common to us all

Hannah, H.W., 1987:
Animal insurance and the veterinarian

Schmitt, Georg, 1947:
Animal intelligence and animal care. 1896-

Rossi, P., 1973:
Animal intelligence and antique authors

Mery, F., 1977:
Animal intercommunication

Allan, Wh, 1976:
Animal isolators

Morin, L.P., 1993 :
Animal issues statement of the society for research on biological rhythms

Anonymous, 1974:
Animal keepers forum

Favre, D.-S.B.rchelt,, A., M., 1999:
Animal law and dog behavior

Robertson, I., 2007:
Animal law with teeth: legislative change and legal advocacy in the 21st century

Castro, L.; Wasserman, E.A., 2010:
Animal learning

Anonymous, 1973:
Animal learning & behavior

Davey, Graham, 1981:
Animal learning and conditioning

Mellen, J.D.; Ellis, S., 1996:
Animal learning and husbandry training

Terrace, Hs, 1984:
Animal learning, ethology, and biological constraints

Kuksis, A., 1985:
Animal lecithins

Duclos, P.J.ubert, L.C.omel, B., 1982:
Animal leukosis caused by virus. Etiology, pathogenesis and prevention of bovine leukosis

Callicott, Jb, 1992:
Animal liberation and environmental ethics: back together again

Sapontizis, Sf, 1996:
Animal liberation and the lessons of nature

Sapontzis, Sf, 1988:
Animal liberation and vegetarianism

Anonymous, 2003:
Animal liberation philosophy and policy journal

Callicott, Jb, 1980:
Animal liberation: a triangular affair

Anonymous, 1990:
Animal liberator: rights radical talks about underground activities against cruelty

Bryant, Rw, 1976:
Animal life course offers an adventure into education

Gaerdes, Fritz, 1961:
Animal life in Southwest Africa

Basilio, Aurelio, 1952:
Animal life in Spanish Guinea

Mellanby, Helen, 1951:
Animal life in fresh water

Caspari, E.; Robbins, K., 2003:
Animal life in nature, myth and dreams

Teunissen, Richard-Johan-Hubert, 1949:
Animal life in the Netherlands

Zeddies, August, 1948:
Animal life in the forest and field

Step, Edward, 1948:
Animal life of the British Isles

Anonymous, 1990:
Animal life of the Iberian Peninsula

Budd, R.; Haine, P., 1974:
Animal lift and weighing unit

Towers, Nr, 1984:
Animal limitations to the efficient use of pasture

Philippon, A.M.upas, P.R.oux, J., 1972:
Animal listeriosis

Goyon, M., 1972:
Animal listeriosis in the Department of Sarthe

Wohlbier,, D., 1977:
Animal liver meal

Badawy, A.A.; Evans, M., 1976:
Animal liver tryptophan pyrrolases: Absence of apoenzyme and of hormonal induction mechanism from species sensitive to tryptophan toxicity

Baatrup, E.B.yley, M., 1997:
Animal locomotor behavior as a health biomarker of chemical stress

Niederehe, Hans, 1941:
Animal losses during the train transport with special regard to pigs, considering pathological and physiological conditions

Prange,, A.P.hlan, H., 1972:
Animal losses in pig fattening and how to influence them by selection measures

Ober, J., 1974:
Animal losses in wrongly ventilated barns

Anonymous, 1991:
Animal lovers tour

Salazar, Zacarias, 1944:
Animal machines

Simmonds, R.C.; Holland, J.M.; Young, E.L.; Boyd, J., 1972:
Animal maintenance for biomedical evaluation of lunar material

Wilson, A.-K.R.wan, A., N., 1985:
Animal management and population control

Stallcup, O.; Rakes, J., 1983:
Animal management factors that affect intake of forages

Chastant Maillard, S.; Roizel Marlier, T. du; Quentin, X.; Cosson, J.L.; Duclos, P.; Grimard, B.; Mialot, J.P., 2006:
Animal management indications for ovariectomy in cows

Riemann, U., 1973:
Animal management methods and environmental stress

Chase, Le, 1999:
Animal management strategies--how will they change with environmental regulations?

Anonymous, 1985 :
Animal manure and its uses

Dilz, K.B.ak, A., 1980:
Animal manure and maize growing. 1. Influence of stable manure and artificial nitrogen fertilizer on the yields of maize in continuous growing on light sandy soil of the Central Nitrogen Experimental Field at Gortel in the 1972-1979 period

Sutton, A.; Jones, D.; Joern, B.; Huber, D., 1994:
Animal manure as a plant nutrient resource

Purser, J., 1982:
Animal manure as fertilizer

Hermanson, Re, 1973:
Animal manure data sheet

Tunney, H., 1973:
Animal manure disposal in The Netherlands

Nemming, O., 1976:
Animal manure for clover and pure grass

Anonymous, 1977:
Animal manure for crop production

Anonymous, 1995:
Animal manure management

Meer, H.G.Van-Der, 1987:
Animal manure on grassland and fodder, fertilizer or waste?

Kelly, W.; Collins, J., 1981:
Animal manure utilization in Ireland Land application, animal health, pathogens

Adams, R.J.; Behrens, C., 1974:
Animal manure--Fertilizer or pollutant?

Millner, P.; Karns, J., 2005:
Animal manure: bacterial pathogens and disinfection technologies

Tveitnes, Steinar, 1993:
Animal manures

Richardson, Sj, 1976:
Animal manures as potential pollutants

Haynes, Rj, 1984:
Animal manures make good fertilisers

Adams, Sn, 1981:
Animal manures--farm waste or farm opportunity? For use as fertilizer

Wennerholm, Tomas, 1991:
Animal markets in the Sidi Bouzid region

Stonehouse, Bernard, 1978:
Animal marking

Drogemeier, Kh, 1971:
Animal material for beef cattle breeding

Glaner, Hd, 1974:
Animal material for fattening young bulls

Drogemeler, Kh, 1971:
Animal material in cattle for beef production

Wohlbier,, D., 1977:
Animal meals

Joseph, R.L.; Griffiths, T.W., 1986:
Animal meat products, processing and the consumer

Schee, W.V.n-Der; Haalstra, R., 1975:
Animal meat, protein, and nutrition

Katao, Ichirao, 1980:
Animal mechanism

Mol, H.E.nst, G.; Vincentie, H., 1978:
Animal medicine, inspection methods, and milk

Kubrycht, J.; Sigler, K., 1997:
Animal membrane receptors and adhesive molecules

Mendl, M.B.rman, O.L.ughlin, K.P.ul, E., 2001:
Animal memory and animal welfare

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