Application of saponins in foods and cosmetics: saponins of Mohave yucca and Sapindus mukurossi

Tanaka, O.; Tamura, Y.; Masuda, H.; Mizutani, K.

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 405: 1-11


ISSN/ISBN: 0065-2598
PMID: 8910691
DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4613-0413-5_1
Accession: 015068337

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Saponins are known as natural surfactants. In addition to this physical property, saponins exhibit a variety of biological activities, and have been investigated toward the development of new natural medicines and to prove the efficacy of traditional herbal medicines. As to the application of saponins to foods and cosmetics, it is indispensable that sufficient amounts of plant resouces are available, and that the content of saponins must be high. Furthermore, a plant must have a long history of human use as foodstuffs or ingredients of cosmetics, and their safety should be officially guaranteed.