Section 16
Chapter 15,091

Assessment of resistance of rice varieties to Magnaporthe grisea and Rhizoctonia solani under natural conditions in Hubei

Zhang Shu; Chen QiZhi; Lu Liang; Yang XiaoLin; Yu DaZhao

Journal of Huazhong Agricultural University 25(3): 236-240


Accession: 015090496

Field trials were conducted with 88 rice varieties (31 early rice varieties, 51 mid rice varieties and 6 late rice varieties) in Yuanan, Chongyang and Wuhan, Hubei, China in 2005, to study the resistance of rice varieties to M. grisea and P. solani under natural conditions. The rice varieties are tabulated. Rice blast caused by M. grisea did not occur in Wuhan, but severely occurred in Yuanan and Chongyang.

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