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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15095

Chapter 15095 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vobrazkova, E.S.msinak, K.H.ragsim, O., 1978:
Asthma causing mites of the family of Pyrogliphidae live in beehives

Vianna, E.O.; García, C.A.; Bettiol, H.; Barbieri, M.A.; Rona, R.J., 2007:
Asthma definitions, relative validity and impact on known risk factors in young Brazilians

Harrold, L.R.; Patterson, M.Kay.; Andrade, S.E.; Dube, T.; Go, A.S.; Buist, A.Sonia.; Chan, K.Arnold.; Weller, P.F.; Wechsler, M.E.; Yood, R.A.; Davis, K.J.; Platt, R.; Walker, A.M., 2006:
Asthma drug use and the development of Churg-Strauss syndrome (CSS)

Bjerg-Baecklund, A.; Perzanowski, M.S.; Platts-Mills, T.; Sandstroem, T.; Lundbaeck, B.; Roenmark, E., 2007:
Asthma during the primary school ages - prevalence, remission and the impact of allergic sensitization (vol 61, pg 549, 2006)

Amaury, Philippe, 1948:
Asthma in animals

Sallaoui, R.; Chamari, K.; Chtara, M.; Alaranta, A.; Manai, Y.; Ghedira, H.; Amri, M., 2007:
Asthma in Tunisian elite athletes

Allen, Dh, 1985:
Asthma induced by sulphites

Boyd, J.H.; Macklin, E.A.; Strunk, R.C.; DeBaun, M.R., 2007:
Asthma is associated with increased mortality in individuals with sickle cell anemia

Rosenman, K.; Hanna, B., 2007:
Asthma mortality in Michigan for the years 2002 to 2005, ages 5-34

Filho, A.S.A.; Neto, E.P.A.L.; Sarinho, E.S.C.; Vasconcelos, M.M.; Lima, D.S.T.; Wirtsbiki, P.M., 2005:
Asthma prevalence among employees of a university hospital as evaluated using a European Union respiratory health questionnaire

Olivieri, D., 1992:
Asthma treatment

Anonymous, 2005:
Asthma, children and pesticides

Glezen, W.Paul., 2006:
Asthma, influenza, and vaccination

Vobrazkova, E.S.msinak, K.H.ragsim, O., 1979:
Asthma-causing mites (Pyroglyphidae) also live in beehives

Plopper, C.G.; Smiley-Jewell, S.M.; Miller, L.A.; Fanucchi, M.V.; Evans, M.J.; Buckpitt, A.R.; Avdalovic, M.; Gershwin, L.J.; Joad, J.P.; Kajekar, R.; Larson, S.; Pinkerton, K.E.; Van Winkle, L.S.; Schelegle, E.S.; Pieczarka, E.M.; Wu, R.; Hyde, D.M., 2007:
Asthma/allergic airways disease: does postnatal exposure to environmental toxicants promote airway pathobiology?

Paldanius, M.; Juvonen, R.; Leinonen, M.; Bloigu, A.; Silvennoinen-Kassinen, S.; Saikku, P., 2007:
Asthmatic persons are prone to the persistence of Chlamydia pneumoniae antibodies

Dametto, S., 1981:
Asti and Muscat of Asti

Liuzzo, A., 1976:
Asti and its wines

Anonymous, 1961:

O'-Connor, Bm, 1982:
Astigmata Mites

Lehtinen, P.; Oksala, I., 1991:
Astigmatic and prostigmatic mites of grain stores, mills and sawmills in Finland

Irani Nejad, K.H.; Rahgozar, M.; Valizadeh, M., 2007:
Astigmatic mite fauna of alfalfa fields and their distribution in south west of East Azarbaijan Province

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Astigmatic mites from nests of birds of prey in U.S.A. II. Two new species of the genera Fusacarus Michael and Blomia Oudemans (Glycyphagidae)

Fain, A.P.ilips,. Jr.;, 1978:
Astigmatic mites from nests of birds of prey in the U.S.A. IV. Description of the life-cycle of Acotyledon paradoxa Oudemans, 1903

Purvis, G.; Evans, GO., 1982:
Astigmatic mites of the genera Schwiebea Oudms. and Nanacarus Oudms. from S.E. Ireland

Anonymous, 1994:
Astilbe Sprite

Weiner, Dk, 1994:
Astilbe Sprite: 1994 perennial plant of the year

Eijking, Jhm, 1982:
Astilbe as a cut flower, potted plant and garden plant

Ievina, S.L.sinia, M.-Aleksandrovna, 1975 :

Cintra, P.B.eno, F.; Bueno, O.; Malaspina, O.P.tacci, F.F.rnandes, J., 2005:
Astilbin toxicity to leaf-cutting ant Atta sexdens rubropilosa (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Straley, Gb, 1991:
Astilboides tabularis

Trousdale, E.; Singleton, V., 1983:
Astilibin and engeletin in grapes and wine Vitis vinifera

Morris, Cd, 1984:
Astochastic model for a small-time-interval intermittent hydrologic process

Joseph, ANT.; Parui, P., 1981:
Astochia Becker, Promachus Loew and Saropogon Loew (Diptera: Asilidae) from India

Delgadillo, M., C., 1989:
Astomiopsis X altivallis (Musci: Ditrichaceae), a putative interspecific hybrid in Mexico

Pierrot, Rb, 1973:
Astomum multicapsulare (Sm) B.S.G. in the island of Oleron, a species new for France

Flannery, T.-F.S.houten, P., 2004:
Astonishing animals

Heinze, H., 1973:
Astonishing studies of the Ha

Taranenko, Lk, 1983:
Astra buckwheat variety with valuable quality traits

Ahlen, K.; Buckley, C.; Pulsford, A.Hugh., 2007:
AstraZeneca's response to the review by Wysowski and Pollock regarding deaths reported in association with propofol use

Barker, S., 1977:
Astraeus (Coleoptera: Buprestidae): a description of three new species and new locality records

Beninger, C.; Hosfield, G., 1999:
Astragalin (kaempferol 3-O-glucoside) and proanthocyanidins are the main flavonoid compounds of four Phaseolus vulgaris L. seed coat color genotypes

Iriste, V.; Blinova, K., 1972:
Astragalin from Oxytropis lanata

Medveda, S.; Tyukavkina, N.; Ivanova, S., 1972:
Astragalin from the needles of Larix sibirica

Isely, Duane, 1983:
Astragalus (Leguminosae, Pailionoideae) I

Pavlova, N.; Basargin, D., 1973:
Astragalus , new species from the Far East

Dimitrov, D., 1976:
Astragalus arnacanta and its importance in nature conservation

Baitenov, Ms, 1979:
Astragalus brevicarinus Bajt., a new species from the Kastek Ridge

Danin, A., 1977:
Astragalus camelorum Barbey, a rediscovered species from the Isthmic Desert (N Sinai)

Gomez Sosa, E., 2007:
Astragalus darwinianus (Leguminosae, Galegeae), a new species from Argentina

Gomez-Sosa, Edith, 2007:
Astragalus darwinianus (Leguminosae, Galegeae), a new speeies from Argentina

Bogarada, Ap, 1973:
Astragalus dasyanthus pests and preliminary recommendations for controlling them

Barneby, R.; Shevock,. Jr.;, 1987:
Astragalus ertterae (Fabaceae), a new species from the southern Sierra Nevada

Fu, Kt, 1982:
Astragalus flora of China. 3

Fu, Kt, 1982:
Astragalus flora of China. 4

Rydberg, H., 1980:
Astragalus glycyphyllos and Leontodon hispidus in Kolmarden

Micevski, K., 1971:
Astragalus gracaninii Micevski, a new species in

Welsh, S.; Barneby, R., 1981:
Astragalus lentiginosus (Fabaceae) revisited--a unique new variety

Gomez-Sosa, E., 1988:
Astragalus li-nii, a new name for A. monticola Li et Ni, non philippi, from Tibet (Leguminosae)

Gomez-Sosa, E., 1986:
Astragalus neobaranebyanus (Leguminosae): a new species from Peru

Ishchenko, L.E.P.lkovnichenko, A.E.ia, 1981:
Astragalus of Turkmenia

Bourell, M.D.niel, T., 1988:
Astragalus pachypus E. Greene var. Pachypus (Fabaceae)

Mitsevski, K., 1972:
Astragalus physocalyx Fisch. and

Baitenov, Ms, 1975:
Astragalus rubtzovii Boriss.--a glacial relict from Tien--Shan

Knyazev, M.S., 2007:
Astragalus sect. Craccina (Fabaceae) in the urals

Neese, E.W.lsh, S., 1981:
Astragalus section Desperati (Leguminosae) and a new species from the Uinta Basin of Utah

Ionkova, I., 1995:
Astragalus species (milk vetch): in vitro culture and the production of saponins, astragaline, and other biologically active compounds

Vasil'-Eva, Li, 1975:
Astragalus tauricus Pall

Dural, H.; Tugay, O.; Ertugrul, K.; Uysal, T.; Demirelma, H., 2007:
Astragalus turkmenensis (Fabaceae), a new species from Turkey

Agerer-Kirchhoff, C.P.dlech, D., 1976:
Astragalus victoriae, nomen n

Meleshko, K.L., 1955 :
Astrakan sheep production on the state farm Chim-Kurgan

Gigineaeishvili, Nikolaaei-Simonovich, 1975:
Astrakhan sheep husbandry abroad

Valiev, Usman-Valievich, 1980:
Astrakhan sheep husbandry in Afghanistan

Diutin, K.; Gaidukov, V., 1977:
Astrakhanskii watermelon

Reiner, Erica, 1995:
Astral magic in Babylonia

Werner, M.; Munro, E.; Glotzer, M., 2007:
Astral signals spatially bias cortical myosin recruitment to break symmetry and promote cytokinesis

Anonymous, 1946:
Astreoms barkningsmaskin

Kostyra, H., 1983:
Astrigent, astrigently sour, and bitter peptides released from casein by enzymatic preparations of Pseudomonas and Alcaligenes

Thein, K.H.; Kleylein-Sohn, J.; Nigg, E.A.; Gruneberg, U., 2007:
Astrin is required for the maintenance of sister chromatid cohesion and centrosome integrity

Taira, S., 1995:
Astringency in persimmon

Klein, E.E.; Gerbi, B.J.; Price, R.A.; Balter, J.M.; Paliwal, B.; Hughes, L.; Huang, E., 2007:
ASTRO's 2007 core physics curriculum for radiation oncology residents

Tay, J.F.ance, A.P.dreros, A., 2004:
Astro-INIA first Chilean coscorron cultivar with an upright determinate bush growth habit

Nevers, G.-De; Grayum, M.; Hammel, B., 1988:
Astrocaryum confertum, an enigmatic Costa Rican palm rediscovered

Dienel, G.A.; Schmidt, K.C.; Cruz, N.F., 2007:
Astrocyte activation in vivo during graded photic stimulation

Gordon, G.R.J.; Mulligan, S.J.; MacVicar, B.A., 2007:
Astrocyte control of the cerebrovasculature

Brown, A.M.; Ransom, B.R., 2007:
Astrocyte glycogen and brain energy metabolism

Green, J.A.; Friedland, J.S., 2007:
Astrocyte-leucocyte interactions and the mechanisms regulating in CNS tuberculosis matrix degradation

Albrecht, J.; Faff, L., 1994:
Astrocyte-neuron interactions in hyperammonemia and hepatic encephalopathy

Briggs, D.T.; Martin, C.B.; Ingersoll, S.A.; Barnum, S.R.; Martin, B.K., 2007:
Astrocyte-specific expression of a soluble form of the murine complement control protein Crry confers demyelination protection in the cuprizone model

Benvenisti-Zarom, L.; Regan, R.F., 2007:
Astrocyte-specific heme oxygenase-1 hyperexpression attenuates heme-mediated oxidative injury

Perea, G.; Araque, A., 2007:
Astrocytes potentiate transmitter release at single hippocampal synapses

Bauer, J.; Elger, C.E.; Hans, V.H.; Schramm, J.; Urbach, H.; Lassmann, H.; Bien, C.G., 2007:
Astrocytes are a specific immunological target in Rasmussen's encephalitis

Cao, Q.; Wei, L-Rong.; Lu, L-Ling.; Zhao, C-Li.; Zhao, H-Ying.; Yang, H., 2007:
Astrocytes protect MN9D neuronal cells against rotenone-induced oxidative stress by a glutathione-dependent mechanism

Van Damme, P.; Bogaert, E.; Dewil, M.; Hersmus, N.; Kiraly, D.; Scheveneels, W.; Bockx, I.; Braeken, D.; Verpoorten, N.; Verhoeven, K.; Timmerman, V.; Herijgers, P.; Callewaert, G.; Carmeliet, P.; Van Den Bosch, L.; Robberecht, W., 2007:
Astrocytes regulate GluR2 expression in motor neurons and their vulnerability to excitotoxicity

Speciale, J., 1991:
Astrocytes: a new perspective of the biologic and clinical roles

Rejdak, K.; Petzold, A.; Kocki, T.; Kurzepa, J.; Grieb, P.; Turski, W.A.; Stelmasiak, Z., 2007:
Astrocytic activation in relation to inflammatory markers during clinical exacerbation of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis

Lee, C.Justin.; Mannaioni, G.; Yuan, H.; Woo, D.Ho.; Gingrich, M.B.; Traynelis, S.F., 2007:
Astrocytic control of synaptic NMDA receptors

Lee, S-Young.; Haydon, P.G., 2007:
Astrocytic glutamate targets NMDA receptors

Caswell, J.; Curtis, C.; Gibbs, B., 1999:
Astrocytoma arising at the optic disc in a dog

Ziemer, E.L.; Kramme, P.M.; Higgins, R.J.; Smith, B.P., 1985:
Astrocytoma in a boar

Komarnisky, M.D., 1985:
Astrocytoma in a cat

Yanai, T.; Teranishi, M.; Manabe, S.; Takaoka, M.; Yamoto, T.; Matsunuma, N.; Goto, N., 1992:
Astrocytoma in a cynomolgus monkey (Macaca fascicularis)

Berryman, F.C.; de Lahunta, A., 1975:
Astrocytoma in a dog causing convulsions

Singh, D.; Weisman, H., 1975:
Astrocytosis in chronically isolated suprasylvian gyrus of the cat

Song, L.; Song, W.; Schipper, H.M., 2007:
Astroglia overexpressing heme oxygenase-1 predispose co-cultured PC12 cells to oxidative injury

Környei, Z.; Gócza, E.; Rühl, R.; Orsolits, B.; Vörös, E.; Szabó, B.; Vágovits, B.; Madarász, E., 2007:
Astroglia-derived retinoic acid is a key factor in glia-induced neurogenesis

Chiang, C-Yu.; Wang, J.; Xie, Y-Feng.; Zhang, S.; Hu, J.W.; Dostrovsky, J.O.; Sessle, B.J., 2007:
Astroglial glutamate-glutamine shuttle is involved in central sensitization of nociceptive neurons in rat medullary dorsal horn

Lanosa, X.A.; Colombo, J.A., 2007:
Astroglial injury in an ex vivo model: contributions to its analysis in enriched cell cultures

Hansson, E.R.nnback, L., 1989:
Astroglial receptors as putative targets for neurotoxic agents

Broogh, H., 1978:
Astroloba spiralis (Linne) Uitewaal

Karasszon, D., 1977:
Astrological aspects in the history of veterinary medicine

Riotte, Louise, 1989:
Astrological gardening

Duelli, P., 1973:
Astromenotactic homing abilities of carrying and carried ants (Cataglyphis bicolor Fabr., Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Gibbs, R.J.; Amaoka, K., 1984:
Astronesthes trifibulatus, a new Indo-Pacific stomioid fish (family, Astronesthidae) related to the Atlantic Astromesthes similis

Sahade, Jorge, 1992:
Astronomy today

Frantsevich, L.; Mokrushov, P.; Zolotov, V., 1975:
Astroorientation of Lethrus apterus Laxm. (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)

Dermott, S.F.H.nter, J.H.W.lson, R.E., 1992:
Astrophysical disks

Kampf, Hd, 1979:
Astrophytum (capricorne var.) crassispinum--a wish or a reality?

Putnam, Ew, 1981:
Astrophytum asterias

Bolderl, R., 1984:
Astrophytum asterias (Zuccarini) Lemaire

Herbel, D., 1985:
Astrophytum capricorne (A. Dietrich) Britton et Rose

Wery, H., 1979:
Astrophytum hybrids

Klaus, W., 1975:
Astrophytum in the snow. Report on the temperature range ofa northern Mexican winter day

Fittaku, Hw, 1976:
Astrophytum myriostigma Lemai

Fittkau, Hw, 1975:
Astrophytum myriostigma var s

Fittkau, Hw, 1979:
Astrophytum ornatum (De Cando

Vries, J.De, 1975:
Astrophytum ornatum.

Wery, H., 1984:
Astrophytum--to graft or not graft?

Hawksworth, Dl, 1981:
Astrosphaeriella Sydow , a misunderstood genus of melanommataceous pyrenomycetes

Chen, C.-Yu; Huang, J.-Wen, 2006:
Astrosphaeriella linguiformis, a new species on bamboo

Horak, E., 1979:
Astrosporina (Agaricales) in Indomalaya and Australasia

Calcedo-Ordonez, V., 1982:
Asturian cattle breeds

Villar, E.Del, 1981:
Asturian farmstead

Noval, Alfredo, 1976:
Asturian wildlife

Schneider, M.-Cristina; Carraro, B.-Pierina; Cella, D.-Maria; Matiello, R.-Rodrigues; Artoni, R.-Ferreira; Almeida, M.-Cristina, 2007:
Astylus variegatus (Coleoptera, Melyridae): Cytogenetic study of a population exposed to agrochemical products

Rossetto, C.; Rossetto, D., 1976:
Astylus varietatus (germar, 1824) Coleoptera, Dasyidae), a sorghum pest

Brockelsby, C.; Muggleton, D., 1973:

Guardigli, A.G.yton,, N.P.znik, M., 1984:
Asulam (update)

Semidey, N.A.modovar, L., 1986:
Asulam and other postemergence herbicides for sugarcane

Lowday, Je, 1985:
Asulam applied by rope wick applicator for controlling scattered bracken on a grassland nature reserve

Hill, D.; Ingram, G., 1980:
Asulam based mixturess for weed control in tropical plantation crops Dactyloctenium spp, Imperata cylindrica

Merrick, M.; Collin, H., 1982:
Asulam resistance in embryoids of celery tissue cultures Apium graveolens dulce, herbicides

Chevrel, Jf, 1976:
Asulame , a new solution for eliminating ferns

Bulgaeranu, V.; Ionescu-Teculescu, V.N.stasescu, M.R.claru, P.C.hlarov, A.H.nnich,, D., 1979:
Asupra limnologiei lacului suprasarat Baia Miresii (Muntele de sare, Slanic-Prahova)

Heikinheimo, Olli, 1944:
Asutus ja metsea

Anonymous, 1948:
Asutustoiminnan aikakauskirja

Anonymous, 1963:
Aswan Island Arboretum, 1963

Anonymous, 1947:
Aswan hydro-electric scheme

Ellis, Ba, 1982:
Asymbiotic N2 nitrogen fixation and nitrogen content of bulk precipitation in southern California chaparral Soils, analysis

Singh, Pk, 1983:
Asymbiotic and symbiotic algal nitrogen fixation-biofertilizer technology for rice

Johnson, T., R.; Stewart, S., L.; Dutra, D.; Kane, M., E.; Richardson, L., 2007:
Asymbiotic and symbiotic seed germination of Eulophia alta (Orchidaceae) - preliminary evidence for the symbiotic culture advantage

Larue, T.; Kurz, W.; Child, J., 1976:
Asymbiotic dinitrogen fixation by Rhizobium spp

Paek, K.; Shim, G.; Hwang, J., 1987:
Asymbiotic germination and plantlet formation of rhizome through the aseptic cultures of temperate Cymbidium seeds

Johnson, T.R.; Kane, M.E., 2007:
Asymbiotic germination of ornamental Vanda: in vitro germination and development of three hybrids

Chung, J.; Chun, C.; Suh, J., 1983:
Asymbiotic germination of seeds of Bletilla striata. I. Effect of peptone, sucrose and agar concentration and pH value on growth of seedlings

Szendrak, Erika, 1997:
Asymbiotic in vitro seed germination, micropropagation and scanning electron microscopy of several temperate terrestrial orchids (Orchidaceae)

Silvester, Wb, 1981:
Asymbiotic nitrogen fixation and molybdenum deficiency in forests

Koponen, M.; Funke, B., 1979:
Asymbiotic nitrogen fixation and phosphate solubilization on reclaimed strip-mined lands in western North Dakota

Hendrickson, Oq, 1990:
Asymbiotic nitrogen fixation and soil metabolism in three Ontario forests

Urbanik, T.K.ltun, J.L.rkiewicz, Z., 1980:
Asymbiotic nitrogen fixation by Rhizobium trifolii T37 in the presence of 2-phenylethanol

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Asymbiotic nitrogen fixation in soils

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Asymbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria--a review

Hicks, Aaron, J., 2000:
Asymbiotic technique of orchid seed germination

Kukla, G.K.rl, T.; Riches, M., R., 1994:
Asymetric change of daily temperature range

Deol, B.; Ridley, D.; Simpson, G., 1976:
Asymetric reduction of carbonyl compounds by yeast. II. Preparation of optically active alpha and beta hydroxy carboxylic acid derivatives

Olayemi, J.; Oni, S., 1973:
Asymmertry in price response: a case study of western Nigerian cocoa farmers

Grassi, A.; Ri, M. dal, 2006:
Asymmetrasca (Empoasca) decedens Paoli (Homoptera, Typhlocybinae): a new pest of cultivated red raspberry in Trentino, Italy

Wang, J.; Hu, X.; Jiang, J.; Gou, S.; Huang, X.; Liu, X.; Feng, X., 2007:
Asymmetric activation of tropos 2,2'-biphenol with cinchonine generates an effective catalyst for the asymmetric strecker reaction of N-tosyl-protected aldimines and ketoimines

Balskus, E.P.; Jacobsen, E.N., 2007:
Asymmetric catalysis of the transannular Diels-Alder reaction

Bascompte, J.; Jordano, P.; Olesen, J.M., 2006:
Asymmetric coevolutionary networks facilitate biodiversity maintenance

Stühlinger, M.C.; Conci, E.; Haubner, B.J.; Stocker, E-Maria.; Schwaighofer, J.; Cooke, J.P.; Tsao, P.S.; Pachinger, O.; Metzler, B., 2007:
Asymmetric dimethyl L-arginine (ADMA) is a critical regulator of myocardial reperfusion injury

Krzyzanowska, K.; Mittermayer, F.; Wolzt, M.; Schernthaner, G., 2007:
Asymmetric dimethylarginine predicts cardiovascular events in patients with type 2 diabetes

Fischer, D.F.; Xin, Z-Qun.; Peters, Ré., 2007:
Asymmetric formation of allylic amines with N-substituted quaternary stereocenters by Pd(II)-catalyzed aza-Claisen rearrangements

Herrera, P.; Huylenbroeck, G.V.n; Espinel, R., 2006:
Asymmetric Information on the Provision of Irrigation through a Public Infrastructure: The Case of the Peninsula of Santa Elena, Ecuador

Schmidt, Jurgen, M., 2007:
Asymmetric Karplus curves for the protein side-chain superscript 3(B J couplings

Pagani, G.C.ccialanza,, F., 1978:
Asymmetric N,N-dialkyl-3,5-dichlorobenzamides and phytotoxic activity

Baruffini, A.V.carini, L.G.ndini, C., 1978:
Asymmetric N,N-dialkylamides of 3-chlorobenzoic acid and pytotoxic activity

Tayama, E.; Kimura, H., 2007:
Asymmetric Sommelet-Hauser rearrangement of N-benzylic ammonium salts

Paquette, L.A.; Peng, X.; Yang, J., 2007:
Asymmetric synthesis of the phytopathogen (+)-fomannosin

Müller, Aé.; Hauer, B.; Rosche, B., 2007:
Asymmetric alkene reduction by yeast old yellow enzymes and by a novel Zymomonas mobilis reductase

Bon, S.; Vigny, M.; Massoulié, J., 1979:
Asymmetric and globular forms of acetylcholinesterase in mammals and birds

Covian, R.; Zwicker, K.; Rotsaert, F.A.; Trumpower, B.L., 2007:
Asymmetric and redox-specific binding of quinone and quinol at center N of the dimeric yeast cytochrome bc1 complex. Consequences for semiquinone stabilization

Trost, B.M.; Dong, G., 2007:
Asymmetric annulation toward pyrrolopiperazinones: concise enantioselective syntheses of pyrrole alkaloid natural products

Covian, R.; Kleinschroth, T.; Ludwig, B.; Trumpower, B.L., 2007:
Asymmetric binding of stigmatellin to the dimeric Paracoccus denitrificans bc1 complex: evidence for anti-cooperative ubiquinol oxidation and communication between center P ubiquinol oxidation sites

Noyori, Ryoji, 1993:
Asymmetric catalysis in organic synthesis

Elliott, Joe, C., 1969:
Asymmetric cell divisions and morphogenesis in the protonema of Sphagnum palustre L

Colman, D.T.aill, B.Y.ung, T., 1979:
Asymmetric cobwebs and the international supply of cane sugar: a comment

Gemmill, G., 1979:
Asymmetric cobwebs and the international supply of cane sugar: a reply

Gemmill, G., 1978:
Asymmetric cobwebs and the international supply of sugarcane

Kawai, T.; Tokeshi, M., 2006:
Asymmetric coexistence: bidirectional abiotic and biotic effects between goose barnacles and mussels

Grimaldi, S.S.rinaldi, F., 2006:
Asymmetric copula in multivariate flood frequency analysis

Kielstein, A.; Tsikas, D.; Galloway, G.P.; Mendelson, J.E., 2007:
Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA)--a modulator of nociception in opiate tolerance and addiction?

Böger, G.I.; Rudolph, T.K.; Maas, R.; Schwedhelm, E.; Dumbadze, E.; Bierend, A.; Benndorf, R.A.; Böger, R.H., 2007:
Asymmetric dimethylarginine determines the improvement of endothelium-dependent vasodilation by simvastatin: Effect of combination with oral L-arginine

Kiani, A.N.; Mahoney, J.A.; Petri, M., 2007:
Asymmetric dimethylarginine is a marker of poor prognosis and coronary calcium in systemic lupus erythematosus

Gilinskiĭ, M.A., 2007:
Asymmetric dimethylarginine: metabolism, arginine paradox, pathophysiology

Oliver, D.; Chalkley, R., 1974:
Asymmetric distribution of histone on DNA: a model for nucleohistone primary structure

Song, K.; Echeverria, E.L.e, H., 1998:
Asymmetric distribution of sugars in citrus fruits: possible physiological causes

Lennon, I., C.; Ramsden, J., A.; Brear, C., J.; Broady, S., D.; Muir, J., C., 2007:
Asymmetric enamide hydrogenation in the synthesis of N-acetylcolchinol: a key intermediate for ZD6126

Miles, C.A.; Holwill, M.E., 1969:
Asymmetric flagellar movement in relation to the orientation of the spore of Blastocladiella emersonii

Ramachandran, P.V., 1999:
Asymmetric fluoroorganic chemistry

Kemp, J.S., 2006:
Asymmetric heads and failure to climb stairs

Zelcer, A.B.tes, G., 1995:
Asymmetric hybridization in crop plants

Kirkpatrick, N., S.; Everittt, D., W.; Evans, B., I., 2007:
Asymmetric hybridization of pink (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) and Chinook (O-tshawytscha) salmon in the St. Marys river, Michigan

Noyori, Ryoji, 2006:
Asymmetric hydrogenation as ideal green chemistry

Kawabata, Y.T.naka, M.O.ata, I., 1976:
Asymmetric hydrogenation by a rhodium catalyst complexed with a phosphinite derived from cellulose

Yamaguchi, Y.K.matsu, A.M.roe, T., 1977:
Asymmetric hydrolysis of dl menthyl acetate by Rhodotorula mucilaginosa

Iriuchijima, S.H.segawa, K.T.uchihashi, G., 1982:
Asymmetric hydrolysis of prochiral diesters with pig liver esterase. Preparationm of optically active intermediates for the synthesis of (+)-biotin and (+)-alpha-methyl-3, 4-dihydroxyphenylalanine

Yeramyan, Ara, G., 1972:
Asymmetric induction in additions to 3-methoxy-2-butanone

Mishkin, Frederic, S., 1990:
Asymmetric information and financial crises

Greenwald, B., C.N.S.iglitz, J., E., 1990:
Asymmetric information and the new theory of the firm

Makki, S.; Somwaru, A., 2002:
Asymmetric information in cotton insurance markets: evidence from Texas

Makki, S.-S.S.mwaru, A., 2001:
Asymmetric information in the market for yield and revenue insurance products

Galea, J.M.; Miall, R.C.; Woolley, D.G., 2007:
Asymmetric interlimb transfer of concurrent adaptation to opposing dynamic forces

Nishimura, T.; Amano, N.; Kubo, Y.; Ono, M.; Kato, Y.; Fujita, H.; Kimura, Y.; Tsuji, A., 2007:
Asymmetric intestinal first-pass metabolism causes minimal oral bioavailability of midazolam in cynomolgus monkey

Sykes, E., M.; Innocent, T., M.; Pen, I.-; Shuker, D., M.; West, S., A., 2007:
Asymmetric larval competition in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis: a role in sex allocation

Stork, Al, 1980:
Asymmetric leaves and unisexual flowers: Begonia

Slack, C.; Overton, P.M.; Tuxworth, R.I.; Chia, W., 2007:
Asymmetric localisation of Miranda and its cargo proteins during neuroblast division requires the anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome

Lejkowski, M.; Gais, H-Joachim.; Banerjee, P.; Vermeeren, C., 2006:
Asymmetric modular synthesis of highly functionalized medium-sized carbocycles and lactones via ring-closing metathesis of sulfoximine-substituted trienes

Wilson, R., E.; Sonsthagen, S., A.; Barger, C., P.; Mccracken, K., G., 2007:
Asymmetric molt or feather wear in Flying Steamer Ducks (Tachyeres patachonicus) from coastal habitats in Argentina

Yamaguchi, H.M.noura, Y., 1971:
Asymmetric oxidation of poly (vinyl sulfides) with percamphoric acid, Aspergillus niger, and Penicillium natatum

Pare, Jrj; Belanger, J.J.nkowski, K., 1981:
Asymmetric phthalate from Sansevieria trifasciata

Ball, L.-M.M.nkiw, N.G.egory, 1992:
Asymmetric price adjustment and economic fluctuations

Eliel, E.-Ludwig; Otsuka, S., 1982:
Asymmetric reactions and processes in chemistry

Kinugawa, K., 1979:
Asymmetric recovery of component nuclei in the oidia from dicaryotic mycelia of Collybia velutipes

Bouzigues, Cédric.; Morel, M.; Triller, A.; Dahan, M., 2007:
Asymmetric redistribution of GABA receptors during GABA gradient sensing by nerve growth cones analyzed by single quantum dot imaging

Crumbie, R.; Deol, B.; Nemorin, J.; Ridley, D., 1978:
Asymmetric reduction of carbonyl compounds by yeast. iV. preparation of optically active beta hydroxy sulfides, sulfoxides and sulfones

Bilotkach, V., 2007:
Asymmetric regulation and airport dominance in international aviation: evidence from the London-New York market

Krishnamurthi, L.M.zumdar, T.R.j, S., 1992:
Asymmetric response to price in consumer brand choice and purchase quantity decisions

Rovere, A.E.; Premoli, A.C., 2005:
Asymmetric seed dispersal of Embothrium coccineum (Proteaceae) in Chiloe temperate forest, Chile

Kuang, S.; Kuroda, K.; L.G.and, F.; Rudnicki, M.A., 2007:
Asymmetric self-renewal and commitment of satellite stem cells in muscle

Sink, K.-C.N.chmias, A.I.har, S., 1996:
Asymmetric somatic hybridization

Xu, X-Yong.; Hu, Z-Yong.; Li, J-Feng.; Liu, J-Hong.; Deng, X-Xin., 2007:
Asymmetric somatic hybridization between UV-irradiated Citrus unshiu and C. sinensis: regeneration and characterization of hybrid shoots

Hinnisdaels, S.J.cobs, M.N.grutiu, I., 1994:
Asymmetric somatic hybrids

Zhang, F.; Zhao, D.; Lu, J.; Yan, Y.; Li, Q., 2006:
Asymmetric somatic stem cells division plays a critical role in cell senescence

Hutchinson, C.V.; Ledgeway, T., 2007:
Asymmetric spatial frequency tuning of motion mechanisms in human vision revealed by masking

Gleiser, M., 2006:
Asymmetric spatiotemporal evolution of prebiotic homochirality

Morrison,, J., W., 1983:
Asymmetric synthesis

Schroeck, Calvin, W., 1971:
Asymmetric synthesis and mechanistic investigation with chiral oxosulfonium ylides

Enders, D.; Milovanovic, M., 2007:
Asymmetric synthesis of (+)-hinokinin, (+)-dihydrocubebin and cubebin dimethyl ether, a new lignan from Phyllanthus niruri

Broady, S., D.; Golden, M., D.; Leonard, J.; Muir, J., C.; Maudet, M., 2007:
Asymmetric synthesis of (S)-(-)-N-acetylcolchinol via Ullmann biaryl coupling

Uskokovic, M.; Lewis, R.; Partridge, J.; Despreaux, C.; Pruess, D., 1979:
Asymmetric synthesis of allo-heteroyohimbine alkaloids

Shaikh, A.L.; Kale, A.S.; Shaikh, M.-Abrar; Puranik, V., G.; Deshmukh, A.R.A.S., 2007:
Asymmetric synthesis of beta-lactams by cycloaddition using 1,4 : 3,6-dianhydro-D-glucitol (isosorbide) derived chiral pools

Jung, J.Young.; Jung, S.Ho.; Koh, H.Yeong., 2007:
Asymmetric synthesis of chiral piperazinylpropylisoxazoline ligands for dopamine receptors

Scheerer, J.R.; Lawrence, J.F.; Wang, G.C.; Evans, D.A., 2007:
Asymmetric synthesis of salvinorin A, a potent kappa opioid receptor agonist

Sonnet, P.; Guss, P.; Tumlinson, J.; Mcgovern, T.; Cunningham, R., 1987:
Asymmetric synthesis of selected insect pheromones

Shimotori, Y.; Sekine, K.; Miyakoshi, T., 2007:
Asymmetric synthesis of t-lactones with lipase catalyst

Reddy, R.P.; Davies, H.M.L., 2007:
Asymmetric synthesis of tropanes by rhodium-catalyzed [4 + 3] cycloaddition

Enders, D.; Jaeger, K.-Erich, 2007:
Asymmetric synthesis with chemical and biological methods

Ager,, M., B., 1996:
Asymmetric synthetic methodology

Quaranta, A.; Siniscalchi, M.; Vallortigara, G., 2007:
Asymmetric tail-wagging responses by dogs to different emotive stimuli

Volovitch, M.; Chouikh, Y.; Kondo, H.; Yot, P., 1980:
Asymmetric transcription of cauliflower mosaic virus genome by the Escherichia coli RNA polymerase in vitro

Jalonoja, K.; Liu Xing; Pietola, K., 2006:
Asymmetric transmission of price information between the meat market of Finland and other EU countries - testing for signals on oligopolistic behaviour

Bekaert, G.; Wu, G., 1997:
Asymmetric volatility and risk in equity markets

Sahin, O.; Ozturk, C.; Dereboy, F.; Karaeminogullari, O., 2007:
Asymmetrical bilateral traumatic hip dislocation in an adult with bilateral acetabular fracture

Hormann, Michael, 1979:
Asymmetrical energy transfer in azo compounds

Alasonati, E.; Benincasa, M-Anna.; Slaveykova, V.I., 2007:
Asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation coupled to multiangle laser light scattering detector: optimization of crossflow rate, carrier characteristics, and injected mass in alginate separation

Prager, J.L.rsen, O., 1981:
Asymmetrical hearing in the water bug Corixa punctata observed with laser vibrometry

Schröter, K., 1978:
Asymmetrical jelly secretion of zygotes of Pelvetia and Fucus: An early polarization event

Ueno, K.; Yoneyama, H.; Mizutani, M.; Hirai, N.; Todoroki, Y., 2007:
Asymmetrical ligand binding by abscisic acid 8'-hydroxylase

Koepfer, H.; Fenster, E., 1991:
Asymmetrical mating patterns between geographic strains of Drosophila mercatorum: a test of the kaneshiro hypothesis

Chai, C.; Lerner, C., 1975:
Asymmetrical mixed lymphocyte reaction between inbred strains of rabbit

Ivascu, I., 1975:
Asymmetrical pseudotumorous splenomegaly caused by hematoma in dogs

Jaenike, J.; Dyer, K.; Cornish, C.; Minhas, M., 2007:
Asymmetrical reinforcement and Wolbachia infection in Drosophila (vol 4, pg 1852, 2006)

Chang, H.-Yu; Tai, Y.-Ta, 2007:
Asymmetrical reproductive isolation between Drosophila albomicans and D. nasuta

Duff, S.V.; Dayanidhi, S.; Kozin, S.H., 2007:
Asymmetrical shoulder kinematics in children with brachial plexus birth palsy

Holzer, H.-J.M.ntgomery, E., 1990:
Asymmetries and rigidities in wage adjustments by firms

Johnston, R.; Swallow, S., 1999:
Asymmetries in ordered strength of preference models: implications of focus shift for discrete-choice preference estimation

Krueger, Anne, O., 1989:
Asymmetries in policy between exportables and import-competing goods

Pe#cnkovcl, M.V.illestad, L.; Koubkovcl, B.G.lnar, M., 2007:
Asymmetries in the attachment apparatus of a gill parasite

Iankulov, I.; Stoeva, T., 1977:
Asymmetry in Datura and concentration of alkaloids

Zakharov, V.M.E.iablokov, A.V., 1987:
Asymmetry in animals

Harmon, Robert, E., 1979:
Asymmetry in carbohydrates

Frigon, Mathieu, 1999:
Asymmetry in farm-retail price transmission in the Northeastern fluid milk market

Sievers, A., 1978:
Asymmetry in gravity forces of perceptive plant cells

Nageris, B.I.; Raveh, E.; Zilberberg, M.; Attias, J., 2007:
Asymmetry in noise-induced hearing loss: relevance of acoustic reflex and left or right handedness

Davis, T.; Ghosh, S.; Mitra, A., 1971:
Asymmetry in palm leaves

Chen, Ih, 1975:
Asymmetry in pork carcasses.

Takami, Y.-; Nagata, N.-; Sasabe, M.-; Sota, T., 2007:
Asymmetry in reproductive isolation and its effect on directional mitochondrial introgression in the parapatric ground beetles Carabus yamato and C. albrechti

Hvorup, R.N.; Goetz, B.A.; Niederer, M.; Hollenstein, K.; Perozo, E.; Locher, K.P., 2007:
Asymmetry in the structure of the ABC transporter-binding protein complex BtuCD-BtuF

Ohmori, Y.W.tanabe, T.F.jioka, T., 1985:
Asymmetry in the number of parasympathetic preganglionic neurons in the sacral spinal cord of the domestic fowl

Skomorokhov, A.; Siagaev, N., 1977:
Asymmetry in the structure of the relief of the central partof Seim River basin and its effect on soil erosion

Minten, B.; Kyle, S., C., 1995:
Asymmetry in wholesale-retail food price transmission in an African metropolitan area

Araratian, Ag, 1978:
Asymmetry of Commelina communis flowers

Ivanov, Ap, 1979:
Asymmetry of a sand hill shape

Iakushev, Vi, 1972:
Asymmetry of development in apple tree roots

Warkowski, A., 1981:
Asymmetry of loads of rural electric lines Unit electric energy use.1

Li, X.; Jiang, J.; Zhu, W.; Yu, C.; Sui, M.; Wang, Y.; Jiang, T., 2007:
Asymmetry of prefrontal cortical convolution complexity in males with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder using fractal information dimension

Wessel, N.; Dash, S.; Kurths, Jürgen.; Bauernschmitt, R.; Malberg, H., 2007:
Asymmetry of the acceleration and deceleration capacity of heart rate is strongly dependent on ventricular premature complexes

Schneider, A., 1975:
Asymmetry of water vapor permeability of wood coated on one side

Coonrod, D.V.; Bay, R.Curtis.; Mills, T.E.; Gamble, S.L., 2007:
Asymptomatic bacteriuria and intimate partner violence in pregnant women

Piotrowski, F.M.lko, K., 1975:
Asymptomatic demodecosis in dogs

Pedersen, N.C.; Torten, M.; Rideout, B.; Levy, N., 1990:
Asymptomatic feline leukemia virus carrier cats have an enhanced susceptibility to feline immunodeficiency virus-induced disease

Abdulmedzhidova, A.G.; Kurilo, L.F.; Shileiko, L.V.; Makarova, N.P.; Klimova, R.R.; Kushch, A.A., 2007:
Asymptomatic genital HSV infection and male infertility

Onuma, K.; Chu, C.T.; Dabbs, D.J., 2007:
Asymptomatic giant-cell (temporal) arteritis involving the bilateral adnexa: case report and literature review

Albassam, M.A.; Lillie, L.E.; Smith, G.S., 1993:
Asymptomatic polyarteritis in a cynomolgus monkey

Dahifar, H.; Faraji, A.; Yassobi, S.; Ghorbani, A., 2007:
Asymptomatic rickets in adolescent girls

Liechty, C.A.; Solberg, P.; Were, W.; Ekwaru, J.Paul.; Ransom, R.L.; Weidle, P.J.; Downing, R.; Coutinho, A.; Mermin, J., 2007:
Asymptomatic serum cryptococcal antigenemia and early mortality during antiretroviral therapy in rural Uganda

Voshaar, R.C.Oude.; Purandare, N.; Hardicre, J.; McCollum, C.; Burns, A., 2006:
Asymptomatic spontaneous cerebral emboli and cognitive decline in a cohort of older people: a prospective study

Purandare, N.; Voshaar, R.C.Oude.; Morris, J.; Byrne, J.E.; Wren, J.; Heller, R.F.; McCollum, C.N.; Burns, A., 2007:
Asymptomatic spontaneous cerebral emboli predict cognitive and functional decline in dementia

Hayes, G., 2004:
Asymptomatic uterine rupture in a bitch

Illman, W.; Tartakovsky, D., 2005:
Asymptotic analysis of cross-hole pneumatic injection tests in unsaturated fractured tuff

Forêt, S.; Kantorovitz, M.R.; Burden, C.J., 2007:
Asymptotic behaviour and optimal word size for exact and approximate word matches between random sequences

Malheiros, E.; Godoi, C.-De, M., 1981:
Asymptotic equation: estimation of the parameters through the linearization method

Nelson, D.-B.F.ster, D., P., 1992:
Asymptotic filtering theory for univariate ARCH models

Fallou, Sophie-Nathalie, 1987:
Asymptotic methods applied to some mechanics problems in dry and wet soils

Kulkarni, D.; Govindarajan, S., 1972:
Asymptotic relation between annual rainfall and average clay per cent for the profile in Mysore Malnad

Rass, L., 2007:
Asymptotic results for a multi-type contact birth-death process and related SIS epidemic

Hwang, S.; Pusch, W., 1981:
Asymptotic solute rejection in reverse osmosis

Fujinawa, K., 1983:
Asymptotic solutions to the convection-dispersion equation and Powells optimization method for evaluating groundwater velocity and dispersion coefficients from observed data of single dilution tests

Ung, C.; Vegiard, S.O.ellet, D., 1988:
Asymptotic variation of nonlinear regression estimators

Kozov, V.A.; Khludnev, A.M., 2006:
Asymptotics of solutions near crack tips for Poisson equation with inequality type boundary conditions

Sheriff, A.R.o, U., 1974:
Asynapsis in Chlorophytum laxum

Nagamani, K.B.alla, J., 1981:
Asynapsis in French beans Phaseolus vulgaris, chromosomes, meiosis

Polianskaia, G.; Samokish, V., 1978:
Asynapsis of salivary gland polytene chromosomes of Drosophila upon homozygous inversions

Nayak, B., 1978:
Asynaptic meiosis in three species of lepidopteran males

Voropaev, G.; Mestechkin, V., 1979:
Asynchronism of fluctuations of water consumption deficit in farm crops in the irrigated zone of the USSR

Tanaka, R., 1968:
Asynchronous DNA replication in the chromosomes of Haplopappus gracilis (2n=4)

Bender, H.A.; Barr, H.J.; Ostrowski, R.S., 1971:
Asynchronous DNA synthesis in a duplicated chromosomal region of Drosophila melanogaster

Huang, Chung-Chia, 1970:
Asynchronous DNA synthesis in the mycetocytes and in the spermatocytes of the mealy bug, Pseudococcus obscurus (Homoptera: Coccoidea)

Klima, J., 1984:
Asynchronous generators for small hydroelectric power stations built on farms

Hazewinkel, H.; Theyse, L.; Meij, B., 1998:
Asynchronous growth of radius and ulna in the dog

Adang, L.A.; Parsons, C.H.; Kedes, D.H., 2006:
Asynchronous progression through the lytic cascade and variations in intracellular viral loads revealed by high-throughput single-cell analysis of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus infection

Funabiki, R.; Cassens, R.G., 1973:
Asynchronous turnover of the thin filament proteins, actin, tropomyosin and troponin by a continuous double isotope method

Ralston, D., K.; Mcgillicuddy, D., J.J.; Townsend, D., W., 2007:
Asynchronous vertical migration and bimodal distribution of motile phytoplankton

Genchev, D., 1993:
Asynchronously ripening of stem and pods of the common bean (Ph. vulgaris L.)

Achour, L.; Letellier, C.; Cuvelier, A.; Vérin, E.; Muir, J-François., 2007:
Asynchrony and cyclic variability in pressure support noninvasive ventilation

Clement, Wm, 1970:
Asynchrony of DNA replication in the chromatids of peony

Coppola, B.A.; Covell, J.W.; McCulloch, A.D.; Omens, J.H., 2007:
Asynchrony of ventricular activation affects magnitude and timing of fiber stretch in late-activated regions of the canine heart

Rajaratnam, J.; Chan, K.; Ong, H., 1977:
Asystasia in oil palm plantations

Karlstrom, Po, 1975:
Asystasia laticapsula (Acanthaceae), a widely used but previously invalid name

Holford, Na, 1969:
Asytes niger L. (Coleoptera, Melyridae) in Savernake forest, Wiltshire

Anonymous, 1996:
At 1996 contractor summit: top execs re-thing labor, downsizing, profit issues

Anonymous, 1996:
At 6 mos.: Prices inch up 1.3%

Anonymous, 1984:
At AFBF Convention delegates adopt market-oriented policy

Martin, Ga, 1988:
At Agway, member relations means building a team to do a job

Anonymous, 1997:
At Amgen Inc., in Calif.: deciphering the demographics of take-home in foodservice

Anonymous, 1981:
At Ansley Park, landscaping accents historical district

Lang, J., 1996:
At Augusta Medical Center: rapid catering growth triggers a revamp

Weisburg, K., 1997:
At Baptist Health System

Anonymous, 1997:
At Barcias urging, USDA purchases dry beans

Anonymous, 1998:
At Bostons Museum of Science: taking F

Blank, C., 1996:
At Cape Canaveral: feeding todays space program

Anonymous, 1997:
At CentraState Med. Ctr.: shifting to customer preference

Ross-Larson, B.-Clifford; Nyberg, A., 1997:
At Chinas table

Anonymous, 1979:
At Delta fly-in pilots sharpen application skills

Traube, A., 1975:
At Dr. Dzierzons last place of activity

Anonymous, 1980:
At Druid Ridge Cemetery Trimming around monuments creates maintenance challenge

Anonymous, 1976:
At Dumbarton Oaks: romantic gardens and vistas

Kirkman, C.J.; Ingalsbe, G., 1976:
At Farmer Cooperative Service, youll find the central storehouse for cooperative information

Lang, J., 1996:
At Foremost Insurance Co.: dinner-to-go ties in

Anonymous, 2002:
At Fraser Papers, managers take responsibility for safety

Riell, H., 1997:
At Froedert Mem. Hospital: foodservice-in-transition

Weisberg, K., 1996:
At Greensboros Moses Cone Hosp.: Brands are on the march

Anonymous, 1977:

Anonymous, 1980:
At Institute departments and laboratories Activities of the Cheliabinskii Institute of Agriculture Mechanization and Electrification, problem laboratory of electron-ion technology, studies on the use of electric field for seed treatment and cleaning.0

Lemaire, Wh, 1978:
At Iowa State $4 million meats laboratory

Alverson, K., 1975:
At Kansas City International Airport--a return to the prairie

Anonymous, 1997:
At Kimberly-Clark: catering jumps 20%

Chen, W-Jen.; Delmotte, Fçois.; Richard-Cervera, S.; Douence, L.; Greif, C.; Corio-Costet, M-France., 2007:
At least two origins of fungicide resistance in grapevine downy mildew populations

Blank, C., 1997:
At Lockheed Martin, lunch tabs hit $3.50: combos lift average checks

Anonymous, 2005:
At Long Last, CD14 Reveals Its Ligand Binding Secrets

Pitel, S.; Raccah, D.; Gerbi, A.; Pieroni, G.; Vague, P.; Coste, T., C., 2007:
At Low Doses, a d-Linolenic Acid-Lipoic Acid Conjugate Is More Effective Than Docosahexaenoic Acid-Enriched Phospholipids in Preventing Neuropathy in Diabetic Rats

Le-Maire, Wh, 1978:
At McDonalds engineered steak

Anonymous, 1996:
At Monterey Bay Aquarium: checks average $5.50 with an ocean view

Anonymous, 1996:
At New Mexico State Fairgrounds: International villages serve clashing of regl. cuisines

Anonymous, 1997:
At Orlandos Orange City Conv. Ctr: 3 food courts serve 1.1 mil. ft. of expos

Anonymous, 1997:
At PNC bank in Pittsburgh: experimenting with menus

Anonymous, 1978:
At Park Newport apartments terraces create special beauty, special problems

Anonymous, 1996:
At Riverside Methodist Hospital: employee team engineers change

Anonymous, 1997:
At San Quentin State Prison: putting heart-healthy into inmate menus today

Byrd, T., 1971:
At Sandhills Station; peach research pays off

Anonymous, 1978 :
At Silverado Country Club and Resort, two courses challenge golfers and grounds crew

Grossbauer, S., 1997:
At St. Francis manor in Mass.: a checking account system

Anonymous, 1996:
At U. of Pennsylvania: vending goes hi-tech

Anonymous, 1976:
At Van Cortlandt Manor--a revolutionary landscape

Anonymous, 1996:
At Vanguard Group in Valley Forage: express self-serve station speeds customer through-put

Anonymous, 1996:
At Virginia Wesleyan College: upscaling pays off

Vidano, C., 1980:
At Wageningen, comparison of methods for testing toxicity of pesticides for honeybees

Berman, K., 1996:
At Washington mountain retreat: healthy menus rule

Anonymous, 1975:
At William Paca Garden--historical horticulture

Anonymous, 1996:
At Zale Lipshy Univ. Hospital: Stocking up on young chefs

Lard, C.; Martin,. Jr.;, 1969:
At a crossroad: graduate teaching in agricultural economics

Thompson, W., 1997:
At a crossroads

Perry, R., 1977:
At a dragonfly pool

Fajersson, F., 1978:
At a milestone

Belikov, Ba, 1974:
At a new level

Ovchinnikov, Va, 1981:
At a new stage of development

Timush, A., 1980:
At a new stage: social factors of increasing production and public activities of rural youth under conditions of production integration

Iskandarian, Ra, 1983:
At a plant quarantine inspection in the Armenian SSR

Brandes, Oliver, M., 2005:
At a watershed

Palamarchuk, V., 1981:
At an angle to the direction of r

Anonymous, 1996:
At branding America 96 in Charlotte: 2,000 shop the brands

Kontaxis, Dg, 1973:
At close proximity: new tomato diseases

Swann, C., 1977:
At cracking herbicides

Pettersson, Cg, 1981:
At fall wheat sowing

Bartoszek, T., 1978:
At half-way of the Five Year Plan

Maas, G., 1978:
At high humus content many herbicides are not effective

Hoffman, C., 1994:
At home at Friendship House

Gray, John, N., 2000:
At home in the hills

Blosser, Susan-Sokol, 2006:
At home in the vineyard

Wynhoff, Irmgard, 2001:
At home on foreign meadows

Potter, Margaret-Yardley, 1947:
At home on the range

Anonymous, 1981:
At home or away--eat well for you and your baby

Mcdowell, D., 1992:
At home with Phalaenopsis

Thorn, J., 1983 :
At home with RAMP Rural Abandoned Mine Program, earth-shelter housing on an old surface mine

Pearson, K.; Joyner, L., 1984:
At home with Southern living

Speakman, Gs, 1987:
At home with electrical safety

Anonymous, 1977:
At home with metrics

Gunn, P., 1977:
At home with my cactus family

Monroe, Mn, 1986:
At issue: rural family stress

Sample, A.O.-Toole, R., 1989:
At issue: whats really driving National Forest management?

Tomlinson, N., 1976:
At last! The moisture meter

Glatz, Rj, 1977:
At last, a U.S. bee stamp

Nyanga-Origa, F., 1983:
At last, a cure for East Coast Fever

McKellar, Q., 2007:
At last, a novel wormer

Anonymous, 1990:
At last, wholly biodegradable plastic

Mckinnon, D., 1984:
At last--a computer connected to scales

Anonymous, 1977:
At last--a look at policy, not at the past

Hillerman, F., 1978:
At last: some small Angraecums

Bryant, Ja, 1988:
At last: transgenic cereal plants from genetically engineered protoplasts

Anonymous, 1990:
At last:rDNA food safety in spotlight

Cordell, B.; Weiss, S.R.; Varmus, H.E.; Bishop, J.M., 1978:
At least 104 nucleotides are transposed from the 5' terminus of the avian sarcoma virus genome to the 5' termini of smaller viral mRNAs

Andersson, E., 1978:
At least one case of food poisoning a week

Upadhyaya, N.; Scott, K.; Tucker, W.; Dart, P., 1987:
At least three loci encode the leaf-curl phenotype in rhizobium strain IC3342

Weiss-Brummer, B.S.kai, H.M.gerl-Brenner, M., 1987:
At least two nuclear-encoded factors are involved together with a mitochondrial factor (MF1) in spontaneous mitochondrial frameshift-suppression of the yeast S. cerevisiae

Putz, Francis E., 2007:
At loggerheads?

Chomitz, K.M.; Buys, P.; Luca, G. de; Thomas, T.S.; Wertz Kanounnikoff, S., 2006:
At loggerheads? Agricultural expansion, poverty reduction, and environment in the tropical forests

Cooke, L., 1996:
At long last--a producer-friendly brucellosis vaccine

Caldwell, S., 1979:
At long last--seeds on Lycoris squamigera

Lyons, G., 1980:
At long last: protection for endangered cacti

Elofson, L., 1983:
At mating time

Logsdon, Gene, 1994:
At natures pace

Degler, Carl, N., 1980:
At odds

Germantseva, N.; Khodanovich, M.; Gushchin, I., 1984:
At one of the oldest stations of the country (75th anniversary of the Krasnokutsk Breeding Experimental Station of the Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture of the Southeast

Naletovoi, D., 1978:
At present peach is a commercial crop

Corah, L.; Bishop, A., 1970:
At present prices, fattening beef cattle on grain can be profitable

Dicke,, B.G.aubner, G.R.demer, H.S.hakel, H., 1972:
At present: Dairy policy structure and motive for concentration

Lovelidge, B., 1976:
At risk cereals need protecting from virus

Fermou, J., 1973:
At the 110th International Show of aviculture the turkey, guinea-fowl, duck and rabbit assert themselves

Angiboust, A., 1973:
At the 1973 International Show of Agricultural Machinery: Some novelties in mechanization to help nurserymen and grape growers

Angibouet, A., 1974:
At the 45th Show of Agricultural Machinery. 2

Minarik, E., 1976:
At the 4th International Wine Competition in Bratislava a new classification system was applied for the first time

Anonymous, 1970:
At the 70th anniversary of the enforcement of the cooperative law

Viney, R., 1982:
At the Academy of Sciences from 1666 to 1711

Winget, Ch, 1979:
At the Center of Forest Studies of the Laurentides, the research program reflects the development of forest problems

Mel'-Nikova, R.; Ukhanova, A., 1984:
At the Crimean border inspection

Pascoe, J.R., 2007:
At the crossroads: conundrums and challenges in laryngeal surgery

Anonymous, 1973 :
At the European Confederation of Agriculture

Anonymous, 1983:
At the Farmers Service

Anonymous, 1990:
At the Federal Level

Peyraud, Jc, 1982:
At the French Friesian National Union of Breed Selection and Promotion there is more realism and efficiency

Paneiiukov, Mikhail-Ivanovich, 1962:
At the Glebov poultry factory

Anonymous, 1980:
At the Institute departments and laboratories Activities of the Cheliabinskii Institute of Agriculture Mechanization and Electrification, problem Improvement of the technology and automatization of cereal crops harvesting.0

Revenko, A., 1980:
At the International Exhibition Forage Production-80

Anonymous, 1975:
At the International Show of Agricultural Machinery March 2 to 9, 1975

Joubert, J., 1975:
At the International Show of Agricultural Machinery. What is the future of the automatic potato harvester in France?

Darre, H., 1973:
At the International Show of Agricultural Machinery: Mechanize feeding

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At the Khabarovsk interdistrict station Quarantine inspection and control of crop diseases, pests and weeds, USSR.1

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At the Leningrad logging port

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At the National Institute of Agricultural Research headquarters in Mirecourt (Vosges), grass silaging makes up more than a simple harvesting of the spring season surpluses

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At the New York Botanical Garden: exploration and research

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At the Nine: Too much pork, not enough beef

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At the Northeastern Station

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At the Poznan International Fair: Machinery and equipment for vegetable culture

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At the Rambertia alpine garden: new varieties of rampion

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At the Soual regional research station at the service of cattle producers: the southwest Experimental Animal Husbandry Center

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At the Southern Forest Experiment Station

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At the State Forest Directorate, Teplice

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At the approach of the 50th special show, the Maine Anjou breed affirms its dual purpose

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At the beginning of a new period

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At the beginning of electrification

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At the beginning of stiffening: endothelial dysfunction meets "pulsology"

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At the bend in the road, where will you be?

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At the birthplace of forest giants

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At the combine steering-wheel

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At the confluence

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At the core of parasitoid-host interactions

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At the council of botanical gardens of Central Asia

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At the crossroads

Anonymous, 1978:
At the crossroads 1978

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At the crossroads of plant physiology and ecology

Anonymous, 1989:
At the crossroads-extinction or survival

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At the cutting edge

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At the deserts green edge

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At the economists shop

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At the end of the centenary: factories of yesterday and today

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At the end of the first automation stage

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At the enterprises for piglet rearing

Shapoval, Ag, 1980:
At the exhibition Agricultural science for production

Shapoval, Ag, 1980:
At the exhibition Agricultural science for the production in crop farming (Moscow, Exhibtion of the USSR National Economic Achievements)

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At the exhibition Reclamation-83

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At the expense of quantity and q

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At the first European veterinary congress; concentration and health: Two irreconcilable things?

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At the forefront

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At the forefront of scientific-technical progress Activities of the Ukrainian Scientific-Research Institute of Agriculture Mechanization and Electrification, 50th anniversary.1

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At the front end of the R&D

Maier-Leibnitz, Heinz, 1977:
At the frontier to the new ; role distribution between researchers and politicians in the society

Anonymous, 1997:
At the govt. services admin. in L.A.: building cross-cultural menus

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At the hand of man

Griazev, Va, 1981:
At the head of scientific-technical progress 50th anniversary of the I.V. Michurin All-Union Scientific-Research Institute of Fruit Farming.1

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At the heart of the garden: the old compost pile

Rodgers, G.P., 2007:
At the helm of the NIDDK

Anonymous, 1982:
At the hour of austerity

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At the interface between parasite and host: the salivary glands of the African malaria vector Anopheles gambiae

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At the interface of physics and biology

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At the intersection of Extension and litigation: what to do when lawyers call

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At the intersection of the Oriental regions, Ethiopian and palearctic; attempt to reconstruct the history of some lines of cool adapted Trichoptera

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At the level of modern requirements

Wilson, Rc, 1970:
At the local level; public recreation areas meet a need

Zecher, E., 1978:
At the location of Puya raimondii Harms 1928

Parre, J., 1975:
At the lookout post: the life of a guard

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At the meeting of poultry gen

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At the occasion of the 60th birthday of Professor Vratislav Gregr

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At the origin of domestic agronomical science (The 275th anniversary of birthday of M.V. Lomonosov)

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At the outlet of biological method (100th anniversary of the first works on bacteriological and mycological methods of pest control)

Anonymous, 1974:
At the piedmont of the Alps

Anonymous, 2007:
At the point of progress: Sticking the enemy

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At the recommendation of scientists

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At the request of readers Methods of mulberry propagation, recommendations.1

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At the right placeat the right time

Anonymous, 1976:
At the rivers edge

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At the root of civilization: crop plants

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At the root of mycorrhizal symbioses

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At the roots of mycology

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At the second international congress of strawberries in Periqueux: Confrontation of the producers of France with the requirements of European trade and consumers

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At the service of forestry

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At the service of quality: the red label Charolai beef of the Center

Anonymous, 1970:
At the service of rural economy and of the comsumer: the conditioning of food products

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At the side, ahead and behind

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At the sign of the cow

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At the site of Echinomastus laui Frank & Zecher, or the parallel of Bimskies Environment, chemistry.1

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At the site of Epiphyllum guatemalense Britton & Rose

Horich, Ck, 1984:
At the site of Epiphyllum strictum (Lemaire) Britton & Rose

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At the sites of some Sulcorebutia: travel impressions, experiences and conclusions

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At the sources of subtropical agriculture

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At the species level

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At the start of 1975 apicultural season

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At the start of the 11th Five-Year Plan Policies, sheep husbandry.1

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At the starting point of pedigree and commercial swine husbandry in the USSR (1917-1932)

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At the summit of yields Cereals, acreage, economic returns, France.1

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At the table of queens

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At the thirtieth anniversary of the IFO

Sturos J.A., 1989:
At the threshold of a factory in the forest

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At the threshold of science fiction with the new herbicides and insecticides. iI

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At the threshold of scientific reforestation

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At the threshold of the third decade of successful development of the DDR--establishment of the Engineering College, Berlin-Wartenberg

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At the time of parturition and lactation

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At the time of the Mansholt

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At the turn of a tap

Sot, M., 1970:
At the turn of two five-year plans of the grain milling industry

Sokolic, I., 1972:
At the universal exposition of wines in Budapest the wines will be judged using new method

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At the waters edge

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At the wheel--volunteer drivers Statewide Transportation Program, University of Wisconsin Extension Services

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At the workplaces of the Research Institute of Apiculture in Pulawy

Anonymous, 1983:
At this very special time in your life

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At timberline

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At war within

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At what age can schoolchildren provide effective chest compressions? An observational study from the Heartstart UK schools training programme

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At what age is choice relevant?

North, Mo, 1970:
At what age should broiler breeders lay first eggs?

Dagorn, 1978:
At what age should piglets be weaned?

Samoggia, G., 1979:
At what age to wean rabbits?

Marguleas, H., 1988:
At what cost production?

Volsamov, Sch, 1972:
At what depth should drains be laid

Anonymous, 1975:
At what depth should one seed

Guionnet, A., 1985:
At what dose and how?

Muller, Jc, 1982:
At what level should organic matter be maintained?

Hare, G.M.T., 2006:
At what point does hemodilution harm the brain?

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At what price does feed corn show a profit on an Oldambt farm?

Wright, I.S., 1972:
At what price?

Mobin ud din Ahmad; Giordano, M.; Turral, H.; Ilyas Masih; Zubair Masood, 2007:
At what scale does water saving really save water? Lessons from the use of resource conservation technologies in Pakistan

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At what stage of development does the somitic mesoblast invaginate into the primitive streak of chick embryo?

Sagbakken, B., 1979:
At what stage of estrus should a sow be inseminated?

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At work in Penns Woods

Anonymous, 1954:
At work with 4-H

Zor'-Eva, Td, 1984:
At work with nematicides

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At your disposal: smaller livestock operations can reduce pollution and large capital expenditures by forming a waste management cooperative

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At your own risk

Anonymous, 1950:
At your service

Mattingly, D.M.rgan, J., 2001:
At your service: service learning in your local FFA chapter

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At-harvest stalk nitrate testing for sweet corn

Anonymous, 1981:
At-home French market like no other in world!

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At-home rehabilitation post-cruciate

Anonymous, 1991:
At-home waste management

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At-home-income-generating families: how their managerial techniques iffer from other families

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At-risk students and thinking

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At-risk students--A national view of problems and service delivery strategies

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At-risk students: why are they failing, and how can they be helped?

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At-risk youth

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AtHIPM, an ortholog of the apple HrpN-interacting protein, is a negative regulator of plant growth and mediates the growth-enhancing effect of HrpN in Arabidopsis

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Ata da XXIV Reuniao de Pesquisa de Soja da Regiao Central do Brasil

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Atalanta State Farmers Market--a city within a city within a city

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Atalanta butterfly in 1970

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Atarashii shihiho

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Atarashii zaorin

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Ataraxia in the horse due to the Acepromazine-xylazine association

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Atas e trabalhos

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Atdt ciat

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Atelier sur la transformation de lagriculture en Afrique, Abidjan, Cote DIvoire, Septembre 26-29, 1995

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Ater tells beltwide conferees of stepped-up efforts to revitalize domestic cottonseed market

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Athbreithniau ar an gclaar caiteachas phoiblai le haghaidh eitinn bhaolachta a scriosadh

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