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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15098

Chapter 15098 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fukui, Y.; Iwayama, H.; Matsuoka, T.; Nagai, H.; Koma, N.; Mogoe, T.; Ishikawa, H.; Fujise, Y.; Hirabayashi, M.; Hochi, S.; Kato, H.; Ohsumi, S., 2007:
Attempt at intracytoplasmic sperm injection of in vitro matured oocytes in common minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) captured during the Kushiro Coast Survey

Rogulski, W.W.tczak, F., 1977:
Attempt at isolation and chemical evaluation of lipid protein concentrate from winter rape seeds (Brassica napus L.)

Cholewa, R.G.dymin, J., 1974:
Attempt at objective evaluation of underhair color in blue fox (Alopex lagopus L.)

Cholewa, R.G.dymin, J., 1974:
Attempt at objective evaluation of underhair colour in blue fox (Alopes lagopus L.)

Keber, J.J.zbec, I., 1969:
Attempt at operative therapy of vagina prolapse in cows by dorsal fixation

Souty, J., 1982:
Attempt at organizing shark disease control in international collaboration Apricot, peach, plum, plum pox virus, Europe.1

Maric, I.B.dnjevic, B.F.rsek, Z., 1970:
Attempt at prevention of brucellosis in the swine by segregation method

Cymorek, S., 1974:
Attempt at rearing the old-house borer Hylotrupes bajulus ( L.) in complete darkness

Wolff-Von-Der-Sahl, T., 1975:
Attempt at reclamation of a partially depeated pit in the Great Moor near Gifhorn

Seyer, H., 1974:
Attempt at revising the Papilio machaon subspecies in the western Palaearctic

Abi-Saleh, B.B.rbero, M.N.hal, I.Q.ezel, P., 1976:
Attempt at schematic interpretation of the forest series of vegetation in Lebanon

Doazan, J.; Bellegarde, H., 1977:
Attempt at seed transmission of two virus diseases of the grapevine (fanleaf and marbrure)

Joussellin, W.L.drat, J., 1975:
Attempt at supplementing a milk feed with quindoxin (Grofas)

Staub, M.A., 1979:
Attempt at systematic vaccination of piglets against hog cholera

Mraz, O.P.ochazka, R., 1970:
Attempt at the production of the vaccine against actinobacilosis

Legave, Jm, 1978:
Attempt at understanding the flower necroses before blooming of the apricot trees in relation to a study of chilling requirements for dormancy breaking

Wojtatowicz, M., 1984:
Attempt at using Nisin for stabilization of tomato products

Goransson, M.P.rsson, P., 1983:
Attempt at using rime ice to i

Kopinski, J.; Madej, A., 2006:
Attempt determination of nitrogen coefficient into manure in dependence of the livestock load

Wriedt, G., 1982:
Attempt for a choice of cross breeding partners in potato breeding by population data

Parodi, A.; Mialot, M.C.espeau, F.L.vy, D.S.lmon, H.N.gues, G.G.rard-Marchand, R., 1982:
Attempt for a new cytological and cytoimmunological classification of bovine malignant lymphoma (BML) (Lymphosarcoma)

Holzapfl, R., 1975:
Attempt for a new orientation of Swedish forest policy

Delecour, F., 1980:
Attempt for a practical classification of humus

Povolny, D.Z.ojil, V., 1998:
Attempt for comparison between Sarcophaginae-taxocoenoses of the Dalmatian Adriatic Sea Coast, the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the Greek Aegean and Ionian Sea Coast, and respectively adjacent inland-landscapes (Diptera: Sarcophagidae: Sarcophaginae)

Lavagne, A.V.gnes, P., 1981:
Attempt for modelization of flowering of sixteen phytocoenoses from south-east of France

Breiteneder, K., 1978:
Attempt for summarizing the problem areas

Welz, W.P.iebe, K., 1973:
Attempt for the classification and evaluation of red and blood sausages in the commerce of Bremen (townships Bremen and Bremenhaven)

Schulz, H., 1977:
Attempt made at Weichenstephan to lower building costs by self help

Giraud, G., 1977:
Attempt of a classification of Posidonia ocenica (Linne) Delile beds

Burzynski,, A.R.dziewicz, A., 1980:
Attempt of a control of the European pine shoot moth (Rhyacionia buoliana Schiff.) with the aid of a synthetic sexual pheromone

Grosse, F.G.iard, V., 1980:
Attempt of a generally valid definition of the terms slaughter value and carcass value

Schneyder, J.S.hrapp, L., 1978:
Attempt of a modification of the color reaction with diphenylamine by Ihl for the quantitative determination of (added) sucrose in wines

Ostrowski, H.P.atek, M.P.erzchala, K., 1969:
Attempt of a partial and total replacement of extracted soya meal by extracted cotton seed meal in full-portion feeding mixture for fatlings

Longin, J.N.irinckx, L., 1977:
Attempt of a physiological typology of plants based on their foliar calcium metabolism

Gaska, R.K.lowca, J.S.ipek, Z., 1978:
Attempt of a statistical description of empirical distributions of some mechanical properties of wheat

Seibert, P., 1975:
Attempt of a synoptical valuation of ecosystems and land units

Gehu, Jm, 1975:
Attempt of a system for phytosociological classification of the French Atlantic heaths

Sztyber, J., 1977:
Attempt of a teoretical determination of the thickness of wooden chips from chippers with a horizontal feeding

Sztyber, J., 1977:
Attempt of a theoretical determination of strength parameters of chipping wood in chippers

Jaczewski, T.K.strowicki, A., 1971:
Attempt of a zoogeographical regionalization of the Holarctic based on the distribution of aquatic and semiaquatic Heteroptera

Biniak, B., 1980:
Attempt of agro-economic estimation of various tending measures of crops cultivated at two mineral fertilization levels

Nedialkov, N., 1975:
Attempt of agrochemical center t

Borkowsaka, E., 1973:
Attempt of analysis of certain complications after mastectomy in bitches

Bernacki, Z.H.ppe, R., 1976:
Attempt of biometric determination of pheromones production in swine

Niznikowski, R., 1979:
Attempt of characterization of the constitution of lambs of the Merino-Lincoln type in connection with the meat utilization of that type of sheep

Denisova, Ga, 1975:
Attempt of classification of terpenoid-containing conceptacles in plants

Gawronska-Kuleszowa, A., 1971:
Attempt of correlation between determination of nitrates content in soil in growing season and yields of crops

Tempere, G., 1977:
Attempt of critical evaluation of the catalog of Coleoptera Curculionidae of France

Tempere, G., 1978:
Attempt of critical statement on the catalog of Coleoptera Curculionidae of France

Szymezak, T.W.sniewski, S.W.tkowski, D., 1981:
Attempt of determination of a relationship between chosen parameters of agricultural catchment areas and the concentration of biogenic substances

Grundas, S., 1978:
Attempt of determination of a relationship between the static load and the porosity of wheat grain

Orzechowska, B.R.zycki, M., 1982:
Attempt of determination of the breeding value of sows with regard to their reproductive utility by means of a selection index

Kozlowski, S., 1974:
Attempt of determining a relationship between content of nitrates and nitrogen fertilization level ofDactylis glomerataand Poa pratensis

Kielsznia, R.J.kubiak, R.L.sakowski, K., 1978:
Attempt of determining causes of the milk density decrease

Zimont, H.P.wlak, T., 1978:
Attempt of determining critical moisture levels for grasses on heavy alluvial soils in the Zulawy region

Mittelstaedt, T., 1978:
Attempt of determining the arable soil drainage effect on the organizational structure and economic efficiency of farms (as exemplified by Lower Silesian farms)

Puchajda, Z.K.jak, Z.G.oth, I.W.onski, M., 1978:
Attempt of determining the duration of the testing period of primiparous cows designated for utilization in commercial farms

Drozdz, A.C.urus, J., 1983:
Attempt of determining the effect of atmospheric factors on performance of mountain sheep in the period of their keeping on mountain pasture

Kowal, W., 1970:
Attempt of determining water infiltration rate into frozen soils on loess in laboratory conditions

Jankowski, S.D.szkowska, E., 1983:
Attempt of developing a genetic line connecting high prolifilacy with great fleece weight in the flock of Lowland sheep at the experiment station Zelazna, Warsaw Agricultural University

Neryng, A.K.lozyn-Krajewska, D.L.cyk, J., 1985:
Attempt of developing new eneergy-saving starch production technologies

Wawro, K.F.ak, W., 1984:
Attempt of establishment of a necessary number of cows inseminated with the semen of bulls estimated in the testing region

Chrzanowski, S.O.eksiak, S.K.dzierski, D., 1983:
Attempt of estimating the relationship between exploitation of 2-year Throughbred horses on the racecourse and the performance at the age of 3 years

Sobczak, Z.K.iezopolska, E., 1982:
Attempt of estimation of purposefulness of sending English Thoroughbred mares of Polish breeding for mating to foreign studs in the period 1956-1973

Chrzanowski, S.O.eksiak, S., 1982:
Attempt of estimation of the effect of the number of starts of 2-year old English Thoroughbred horses on their racing career at the age of 3 years

Wojcik-Stopczynski, M., 1980:
Attempt of estimation of the maize nutrition state

Zietecka, M., 1982:
Attempt of estimation of the winter wheat supply in nutrient elements, based on the plant material analysis. I. The N, P, K, Ca and Mg nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium content in indicatory parts of plants of several winter wheat varieties.1

Janyk, W.W.erzchos, E., 1977:
Attempt of estrus synchronization in swine to simplify the artificial insemination organization

Lis, T.L.s, H.S.ot, B.S.arkowski, Z., 1983:
Attempt of evaluating the moisture effect on chosen physical features of the winter wheat grain of the Grana variety

Bilczuk, L., 1980:
Attempt of evaluation of vitamin A protective effect on rats exposed to prolonged action of sodium nitrite

Obrusiewicz, T.C.erpak, R.W.lczynski, M.K.zlowska, I., 1980:
Attempt of fodder protein isolation from poultry excrements

Stelmach, J., 1973:
Attempt of forecast for consumption denaturalization in private farms

Trojan, V.D.sek, J.J.mnicky, I., 1985:
Attempt of forecasting the performance of English Thoroughbred horses on the basis of first starts. I

Sobanski, L., 1983:
Attempt of forest fund evaluation in state forest units

Mietkiewski, R., 1972:
Attempt of fungi identifications based on spores alone

Wieckowska, E.S.olimowska, U., 1979:
Attempt of identification of microorganism isolated from farinaceous products in low temperature culture conditions

Zebrowski, Z.S.odolny, L.K.flinski, H., 1973:
Attempt of increasing the production of export quality oak face-veneers

Fichtner, R.B.the, W.S.hafer, M., 1977:
Attempt of ketosis prevention by feeding analysis and medicamentous substitution

Brandyk, A.; Majewski, G.; Porretta, L., 2007:
Attempt of kriging method application for the creation of isoline maps of particulate matter PM10 concentration for Warsaw agglomeration

Gaedike, R., 1978:
Attempt of phylogenetic classification of the worlds Epermeniidae (Lepidoptera)

Klugiewicz, J., 1971:
Attempt of relationship determination between sucking capacity, ground water level and moisture content in silty sandy soil

Ostrowski, J.S.usarczyk, E., 1970:
Attempt of relationship estimation between content of basic exchangeable cations and mechanical fractions of soil

Dabkowski, J.G.ska, R.M.chalek, R., 1974:
Attempt of the application of linear programming to the determination of the optimal model of a large mechanized farm

Dobrzanski, B.S.afirowska-Waledzik, A., 1983:
Attempt of the carrot seed shedding estimation

Didukh, Iap, 1983:
Attempt of the classification of the xerophilous subfructicose and herbaceous vegetation of the mountain crimea

Glowacka-Pilot, B., 1981:
Attempt of the control of Lymantria monacha L. caterpillars with the use of polyedrosis virus Biological control, forests.1

Blaszczak, W., 1978:
Attempt of the control of horsebean mosaic diseases

Fatyga, J., 1978:
Attempt of the control of the pasture sward increment by means of different division of the nitrogen rate applied

Lewandowski, S., 1975:
Attempt of the formulation of a logical scheme of the transfer of information in a technological process of wood harvesting

Jedreas, A., 1976:
Attempt of the immunization of sheep against dictyocaulosis

Pulikowski, Z., 1972:
Attempt of the interpretation of the mechanism of feberboard transformation due to thermal treatment

Gawlik, J.Z.wadzki, S., 1983:
Attempt of the peat mucking degree determination on the basis of themuck density

Seyer, H., 1976:
Attempt of the revision of Papilio machaon subspecies in the eastern Palearctic. 2

Ostrowski, H.R.s, R., 1969:
Attempt of total replacement of barley mash by potato flakes in bacon fattening with simultaneous completion of the diet with synthetic amino acids L-lysine and DL-methionine

Thiery, G., 1977:
Attempt of treating canine tumors by autoimmunization

Maillet, Michel-Jean-Claude, 1978:
Attempt of treatment of lameness of dairy cattle by antibiotic injection into the digital veins

Truszkowska, W., 1984:
Attempt of use os the Fundazol preparation for protection of winter wheat against stem foot rot diseases of grasses

Ruebenbauer, T.N.lepa, S.K.walska, M.R.sniak, L., 1976:
Attempt of utilization of translocated barley forms in selection for higher diastatic activity of malt

Korus, M.; Sawinski, C.; Witkowska Walczak, B., 2007:
Attempt of water retention characteristics estimation as pedotransfer function for organic soils

Malicki, L.M.chalowski, C., 1979:
Attempt of zoning for catch crops in central-eastern regions of Poland

Sripada, R.; Heiniger, R.; White, J.; Crozier, C.; Meijer, A., 2006:
Attempt to Validate a Remote Sensing-Based Late-Season Corn Nitrogen Requirement Prediction System

Le-Garrec, Y., 1980:
Attempt to adapt the immunofluorescnese technique to the detection of Brucella in animal tissue

Barbier, R., 1969:
Attempt to analyze the form o

Ambros, Z., 1974:
Attempt to assess the productive capacity of spruce on the basis of analytical values of some properties of the soil environment

Short, R.; Randel, R.; Howland, B.; Christensen, D.; Bellows, R., 1972:
Attempt to block induced LH release in spayed cows

Mokra, V.B.cak, J., 1970:
Attempt to characterize hyacinth mosaic and necrosis in czechoslovakia

Carillon, R., 1975:
Attempt to clarify energy material and agriculture

Hein, Reudiger, 1978:
Attempt to clarify plant cell damages by CL-ions

Tezenas-Du-Montcel, H.L.nghe, E.D.; Swennen, R., 1983:
Attempt to classify (AAB) plantation banana trees

Hecq, J., 1976:
Attempt to classify the genus Euphaedra Hbn. (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Africella)

Janc, M.S.lehar,, T., 1975:
Attempt to control colibacillosis in piglets by applying old sows serum

Mijuskovic, M., 1971:
Attempt to control grape rot.

Orlando, A.C.rnauba, T.S.brinho, J.; Filho, N., 1970:
Attempt to control yellow beetle Costalimaita ferruginea vulgata (Lef.) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) on guava trees, with the use of new pesticides

Anonymous, 1973:
Attempt to create a sheep breed from the Finish and Ile-de-France breeds

Dabrowski, T., 1971:
Attempt to define specialization of production on farms

Gieldowski, L., 1978:
Attempt to define the influence of the thickness of sprayed-on metal coatings on their adherence to selected wood sorts

Carbonneau, A.C.steran, P.L.clair, P., 1978:
Attempt to define, by the whole plant biology, essential relationships between natural bioclimate, vine physiology and grape composition. Methodology and first results on training systems

Horie, Y.Y.mamoto, N.Y.nagawa, H.; Watanabe, K.N.kasone, S., 1980:
Attempt to design the compositi

Planchon, C., 1976:
Attempt to determine physiological criteria for the improvement of soft wheat: factors of flag leaf photosynthesis

Tomczak, M.Jr; Fang, X., 1983:
Attempt to determine some properties of the semidiurnal internal tide on the continental slope, Great Barrier Reef

Holubowicz, K., 1982:
Attempt to determine the pattern of the sown areas on lands with depressed water table in the Belchatow industrial region Poland.1

Galinska, H., 1978:
Attempt to determine the profitability of a raspberry plantation cultivated along wires during 1969-1975

Tirovska, S., 1983:
Attempt to develop a model (analytical and graphic) for soil crushing after its tillage by different machine units

Flensburg, Ic, 1976:
Attempt to eradicate leukosis from a dairy herd by slaughter of cattle with lymphocytosis. report over a ten year period

Kortz, Jerzy, 1986:
Attempt to establish a meat quality index for normal and PSE and DFD affected porcine muscle

Jaroszewski, Z., 1971:
Attempt to establish an optimum maturation time for fresh soft sausages on the basis of investigation of meat pigments changes

Charon, K.; Skolasinski, W.S.olarska, M.T.zenhauz-Malinowska, K., 1979:
Attempt to establish the influence of bulls on the occurrence of leukaemia in their female progeny

Fournier, D.P.alavorio, R.A.ambourg, Y., 1978:
Attempt to estimate simultaneously the populations of leaves, flowers and fruits of the olive tree, and of the pest Prays oleae Bern. (Lepidoptera, Hyponomeutidae)

Baumer, M.F.itz, A., 1984:
Attempt to estimate the energetic feeding value of winter barley

Morel, R., 1984:
Attempt to estimate the organization and reorganization of soil nitrogen using the compartment models method. II. Case of cultivatd soil: soil vegetation relationships

Lach, W., 1979:
Attempt to evaluate development of the material base of agricultural production in industrialized areas

Tomaszewski, K.L.rencowicz, E., 1982:
Attempt to evaluate profitability of machinery use on private farms under new economic conditions Poland.1

Kopron, T.D.latowski, Z.C.ruscielewski, W.K.amek, R., 1977:
Attempt to evaluate selected means of transportation for slaughter animals

Makowiecki, J., 1979:
Attempt to evaluate the agrometeorological conditions in the cultivation of crops, as exemplified by winter wheat

Zalewski, W.L.twinczuk, Z.K.mieniecki, K.A.arabowska, A., 1978:
Attempt to evaluate the breeding value of primiparous cows from the Lublin region, originating from Dutch and German bulls

Parent, G.H., 1986:
Attempt to explain the distribution, the ecology and the regression of Helichrysum arenarium (L.) Moench in the western part of its area

Skolasinski, W.T.szka, Z.; Gombos, A., 1979:
Attempt to find out the dependency between the occurrence of mastitis in cows and their female offspring

Huet, J., 1971:
Attempt to forecast the average conditions of the evolution techniques at the level of the arboreal enterprise

Langlet, A., 1971:
Attempt to forecast the orientation of agricultural production in various regions on the basis of ecological factors

Vercauteren, Agdm, 1974:
Attempt to formulate future economics

Barrau, J., 1978:
Attempt to identify the swine breed formerly reared on the acorn crop in the oak forest in the vicinity of Mont Ventoux in Vaucluse

Janc, M.S.bec, D.M.hle, J.B.le, V., 1979:
Attempt to immunize piglets with dead E. coli vaccine in feed

Nowak, A., 1977:
Attempt to improve the farm record keeping

Devillers, P.D.tavernier, R.R.ger, J., 1976:
Attempt to improve the visual evaluation of sugars

Crandell, R.; Mansfield, M.; Mock, R.; Woods, G., 1979:
Attempt to induce abortion in beef cows with herpesvirus 1247

Thibault, P., 1978:
Attempt to interpret sequences of photosynthetic emission of oxygen under saturation flashes: theoretical evidence of a strong probability of double transition under the first flash

Massoud, Z.M.jt, J., 1975:
Attempt to interpret sexual dimorphism in Collembola Brachystomellinae

Bilsky, W.D.ninsenko, P.S.hlichter, A., 1972:
Attempt to introduce a flow process in potato harvesting

Gordos, I., 1976:
Attempt to introduce integrated educaton at the Teachers Training Institute

Campedelli-Filho, O.S.ndoval, E.; Chiarelli, V.C.stro, A.-De, 1975:
Attempt to isolate Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae from fowls

Kessyakova, S., 1983:
Attempt to make a comparative analysis of some methods for the evaluation of the black rat population density

Hruby, J., 1977:
Attempt to model the world food and nutritional situation

Welzl, H., 1976:
Attempt to modify rate and duration of licking in rats by operant conditioning

Rousseff, C.D.lovski, M., 1972:
Attempt to obtain complement-antiserum in pigeons inoculated with Schmidt-Ruppins strain of Rous sarcoma virus (SR-RSV)

Genov, I.N., 1980:
Attempt to obtain live vaccine agains Aujeszkys disease

Souty, J., 1975:
Attempt to organize plum pox control in international cooperation

Sohne, W., 1972:
Attempt to predict the horsepower and output of farm tractors as well as the future development of their design

Ruszkowska, M., 1978:
Attempt to prognose the intensity of occurrence of Rhopalosiphum padi L. in 1978

Waibel, P.; Bruin, T.; Newman, J.; Pomeroy, B.; Hansen, M., 1978:
Attempt to reproduce turkey big bird-little bird syndrome in battery brooders at the University

Chwalinski, K., 1983:
Attempt to specify the periods of spraying against the pine needle-cast based on the phenological aspects of the plants in the forest district Trzebielino

Locquin, Mv, 1977:
Attempt to standardize comparative description of the sporoderm of ascospores and basidiospores

Abe, A.H.rii, S.K.meoka, K., 1979:
Attempt to tabulate the feed co

Rosztóczy, I., 1979:
Attempt to transfer priming by cocultivation of L cells and chick embryo fibroblasts

Ishii, A.K.waguchi, E.H.yashi, Y., 1979:
Attempt to transmit Entamoeba i

Czajka, J.K.rdasz-Wasilewska, M.Z.lewski, S., 1975:
Attempt to use caseinate and sodium proteinate from milk and soybean flour as meat substitutes in restaurant type foods

Tyszkiewicz, S., 1979:
Attempt to use the spectrophotometer specol for objective factory control of the colour of margarines

Podgorski, M.S.banski, L.S.ramka, H., 1980:
Attempt to valuate the forest extra-economic functions on the example of Wielkopolski National Park

Baier, S.R.ngoonwala, R.F.iedrich, H., 1969:
Attempt with callus culture i

Aulisio, C.G.; Shelokov, A., 1972:
Attempted application of avian viral antibody test for detection of other microbial infections

Meffe, Gk, 1983:
Attempted chemical renovation of an Arizona springbrook for management of the endangered Sonoran topminnow

Vitanov, M., 1976:
Attempted control of powdery mil

Gomella, C., 1971:
Attempted determination of the polluting inflow balance for an alpine lake

Boykin, L.; Campbell, W.1; Nelson, L., 1983:
Attempted dispersal of the twospotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae, on greenhouse-grown peanut leaves in response to pesticides and irrigation Arachis hypogaea, residues

Mazurczak, J.H.renza, T.P.otrowska, J., 1975:
Attempted evaluation of the effect of copper sulphate as swine growth stimulator tested on rats

Hendrych, R., 1978:
Attempted explanation of the area of origin of the genus Chrysaspis

Fenemore, P.; Perrott, D., 1970:
Attempted grass grub control by treatment of adults

Hollenberg, David-Henry, 1973:
Attempted halogenation of carbohydrates and the synthesis of branched-chain sugars

Betz, Bw, 1982:
Attempted hybridization between two psocid species (Psocoptera: Psocidae) Trichadenotecnum slossonae, Psocidus pollutus

Mock, J.; Loescher, W., 1973:
Attempted hybridization of Zea and Sorghum

Kita, J.O.rzanowska-Poplewska, J.P.andota, J.B.nbura, M., 1982:
Attempted immunization of calves with an attenuated IBR vaccine

Jennings, P.A.; Hoffmann, D.; Wilson, B.E., 1979:
Attempted immunotherapy and autotransplantation of bovine vulval squamous cell carcinoma

Bondurant, R.; Torell, D.L.yton, L.M.nro, C.L.yton, L., 1980:
Attempted increase in twinning rates via immunization of ewes against androstenedione

Collins, A.M.; Love, R.J.; Jasni, S.; McOrist, S., 1999:
Attempted infection of mice, rats and chickens by porcine strains of Lawsonia intracellularis

Mock, J.; Dahmen, W., 1971:
Attempted intergeneric crosses involving maize and sorghum

Houghton, Ja, 1971:
Attempted isolation of auxotrophic mutants from blue-green algae

Yakushev VYu; Freze, V.I.; Sysoev, A.V.; Pelgunov, A.N.; Malkin, A.E., 1985:
Attempted mathematical models of seasonal dynamics of cestode infections in intermediate and final hosts

Boulton, Alan, H., 1973:
Attempted oxidative functionalization of unactivated methyl groups

Sanford, J.; Skubik, K., 1986:
Attempted pollen-mediated transformation using Ti-plasmids

Harris, Richard, B., 2006:
Attempted predation on blue sheep Pseudois nayaur (Hodgson) by dholes Cuon alpinus (Pallas) in China

Morisse, Jp, 1979:
Attempted prevention of a colibacillary enteritis in the rabbit by acetic acid, lactic acid and lactulose

Pancoast, Lc, 1988:
Attempted rules for the deployment of palms

Gromelski, Stanley-John, 1971:
Attempted separations on a synthetic polymer chromatography column

Clutton, R.E., 1985:
Attempted suicide with acepromazine maleate: a case report

Reisen, W.; Milby, M.1; Asman, S.1; Bock, M.1; Meyer, R., 1982:
Attempted suppression of a semi-isolated Culex tarsalis population by the release of irradiated male: a second experiment using males from a recently colonized strain Mosquito control

Rubin, Roy-Mark, 1971:
Attempted synthesis of pentalene

Adams, J.; Todd, K.J.; Mansfield, M.; Levine, N., 1980:
Attempted transmission of Sarcocystis species from raccoons and opossums to swine

Koller, L.D.; Olson, C.; Gillette, K.G., 1970:
Attempted transmission of bovine lymphosarcoma to swine

Provost, A.Q.eval, R., 1987:
Attempted treatment of bovine contagious pleuropneumonia with meracrine

Allavena, A.B.rnacchia, G., 1991:
Attempting genetic transformation of bean by high velocity microporjectiles

Healy, Dj, 1975:
Attempting regional management

Zhang, Y-Fang.; Pan, C-Hong.; Li, A-Hong.; Tang, W.; Wu, R.; Chen, Z-Xiang.; Xu, A-Xia.; Pan, X-Biao., 2007:
Attempting to enhance the efficiency of T-DNA insertional mutant application in rice

Anonymous, 2001:
Attempting to keep up with the outbreaks

Hoare, J., M.; Adams, L., K.; Bull, L., S.; Towns, D., R., 2007:
Attempting to manage complex predator-prey interactions fails to avert imminent extinction of a threatened New Zealand skink population

Neubauer, G., 1977:
Attempting to prime a chinchilla

Struck, K.V.dean, E.; Fritz, J.M.rphy, J., 2007:
Attempting to reduce regurgitation and reingestion in a captive chimpanzee through increased feeding opportunities: a case study

Binay, Bş.; Karagüler, N.Gül., 2007:
Attempting to remove the substrate inhibition of L-lactate dehydrogenase from Bacillus stearothermophilus by site-directed mutagenesis

Schneider, B., 1981:
Attempts at active immunization of cattle against FMD with vaccines from fertile hen-eggs

Pietka, J.; Grzywacz, A., 2006:
Attempts at active protection of Inonotus obliquus by inoculating birches with its mycelium

Castellon, Fg, 1970:
Attempts at agrarian regionalization. II

Micinski, B.K.niewski, W.K.asinski, T., 1984:
Attempts at application of the ELISA test for detection and identification of hop viruses in Poland

Matev, I., 1973:
Attempts at artificial dosed fee

Fertig, S., 1972:
Attempts at biochemical classification of Yersinia enterocolitica

Sundheim, L., 1977:
Attempts at biological control of Phomopsis sclerotioides in cucumber

Schweisheimer, W., 1980:
Attempts at breeding an ideal honeybee efforts of the USA Department of Agriculture

Werner, M.C.abeel, M1; Glansdorff, N1; Pierard, A., 1982:
Attempts at cloning arabidopsis thaliana genes by transformation of yeast auxotrophic mutants Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Cornelius, Peter, 1955:
Attempts at controlling warble infestation in cattle

Weber, G.G.imme, L., 1981:
Attempts at correlating data from phytopharmacological tests and high pressure-liquid chromatographical analyses of herbicidal substances

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Attempts at creating immunologic

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Attempts at curing a selected po

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Attempts at curing pine and apple trees with injections of water solution of mineral nutrients into their trunks

Dimitrov, K., 1976:
Attempts at determining the immu

Alekseev, A.; Fedorova, V., 1978:
Attempts at determining threshold densities of bloodsucking Diptera troublesome for man

Schindler, R., 1984:
Attempts at differentiation of Theileria species from cattle by serological tests

Cybulska, R.; Wawrzyniak, M., 1975:
Attempts at differentiation of the structure of neurons in the corpus geniculatum laterale of the pig by the immunocytochemical technique

Iovchev, E., 1974:
Attempts at disinfection of salm

Bednarz, T., 1972:
Attempts at elimination of bacteria from algal cultures by means of antibiotics

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Attempts at elucidating the role

Kubin, I.V.zenilkova, J.N.vakova, E., 1981:
Attempts at establishing prognostic model of rabies under conditions of Czechoslovakia

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Attempts at establishing the culture conditions for Lemna minor L

Neshev, N., 1978:
Attempts at excluding nitrites i

Orde-Powlett, Pc, 1969:
Attempts at forestry in Arabia

Daskalov, P., 1976:
Attempts at genetic analysis thr

Jarosz, S.; Dukelow, R.; Barabasz, B., 1979:
Attempts at hormonal stimulation of oestrus and ovulation in polar foxes (Alopex lagopus)

Tekerlekov, P.N.kolova, E., 1979:
Attempts at immunizing against h

Tekerlekov, P., 1985:
Attempts at immunizing against heterologous foot-and-mouth disease viruses

Kozlowski, M.B.elecka, M.B.rowska, J.C.arnocka-Roczniakowa, B.K.zlowska, H., 1976:
Attempts at improvement of the quality of potato silage with rapeseed meal added, by inoculation with propionic acid bacteria

Ilczuk, Z., 1983:
Attempts at improving citric fermentation on molasses solutions

Dziubek, T.C.wojnowski, A.A.amek, E.K.nwerski, G., 1972:
Attempts at improving microclimate of animal houses in peasants, farms in Wrzesnia district

Simeonov, S.V.silev, V.I.tov, M.M.rmerski, K., 1971:
Attempts at improving the ethano

Simeonov, S., 1985:
Attempts at improving the ethanol vaccine against Aujeszkys disease

Zygogiannes, D.S.amatares, K.K.tsaounes, N., 1978:
Attempts at improving the productivity of the

Staszewicz, M., 1977:
Attempts at improving the serological detectability of virus X, S, M, and Y in potato leaves

Kanhai, G.; Arnold, R., 1982:
Attempts at in vitro cultivation of Cowdria ruminantium in cells from infected ruminants

Piotrowski, Z.S.wek, K., 1973:
Attempts at increasing furfural yield from hardwood residues

Herisset, A.J.livet, J.C.aumont, J., 1975:
Attempts at industrial extraction of essential oil of Romancamomile from the total of aerial parts of the plant

Planski, B.V.nkov, T.C.ushkov, P., 1973:
Attempts at influencing the phag

Suteanu, E.M.rinescu, M.P.eda, L., 1977:
Attempts at influencing the value increase in haemoglobin of piglets, in intensive management conditions

Simmonds, Sp, 1973:
Attempts at integrated control in orchards

Berkaloff, C., 1970:
Attempts at isolation of extraplastid pigment globules of the alga, Protosiphon botryoides

Minato, Y.Y.naka, T.I.a, K.S.saki, K., 1984:
Attempts at non-surgical embryo recovery in naturally estrous dairy heifers

Ganovski, D.M.rmerski, K., 1980:
Attempts at obtaining a high-titre agglutinating hyperimmune serum against Bordetella bronchiseptica

Gorski, J., 1973:
Attempts at obtaining and assessment of the efficacy of a heterologous (measles) vaccine against distemper

Wasinski, K.W.sinska, B.T.reszczuk, S., 1975:
Attempts at oral immunization of pigs against swine erysipelas

Bostedt, H.B.ummer, H., 1969:
Attempts at preventing intraabdominal adhesions after obstetrical laparotomy in cows by using polyvinylpyrrolidon

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Attempts at producing a mixed cr

Nedialokov, S., 1985:
Attempts at producing a mixed crystal-violet vaccine against swine fever and Aujeszkys disease in pigs

Rezashka, A., 1973:
Attempts at producing antigens o

Denev, I.B.rdarov, I., 1974:
Attempts at producing lung macro

Milev, N., 1975:
Attempts at purifying the virus

Milev, N., 1985:
Attempts at purifying the virus of the classic form of swine fever, strain K

Beenken, Katharina, 1993:
Attempts at quality oriented remuneration of slaughter swine

Oborska, T., 1977:
Attempts at recognizing the animal species from hides from early medieval excavations using the micromorphological method

Kaluza, A., 1985:
Attempts at rooting Genista horrida DC

Kolevska-Pletikapic, B., 1973:
Attempts at rooting of lilac cuttings (Syringa vulgaris L.)

Bogdanov, M., 1974:
Attempts at shortening the servi

Cholakova, R.S.anilov, K.; Aleksiev, N., 1978:
Attempts at simultaneous or comb

Williams, P.; Sobering, D., 1986:
Attempts at standardization of hardness testing of wheat. I. The grinding

Williams, P.; Sobering, D., 1986:
Attempts at standardization of hardness testing of wheat. II. The near-infrared reflectance method

Ruminska, A.S.chorska, K., 1980:
Attempts at stimulation of Digitalis lanata Ehrh. germination

Zagorski, D.N.kolov, I., 1971:
Attempts at storing semen liquid

Rajcevic, M., 1981:
Attempts at suppressing and treating cattle brucellosis with streptazol

Larsson, A., 1974:
Attempts at the conservation of nature in Simlang Valley--some botanical aspects

Kowalski, J.N.rtowska, J.S.rzelecka, H., 1973:
Attempts at the control of septoriosis of Digitalis lanata ehrh. by means of the preparation Benomyl

Barzdajn, W., 1978:
Attempts at the propagation of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) with the use of cuttings

Slavkov, I.D.lchev, K.; Genchev, P., 1974:
Attempts at the sterilization wi

Slavkov, I., 1980:
Attempts at the sterilization with ethylene oxide of bone-meal contaminated with Salmonellae

Majdan, Stanislaw, 1980:
Attempts at the use of lapinized virus for the immunization of pigs against hog cholera

Markov, M., 1973:
Attempts at transmission of suga

Markov, M., 1985:
Attempts at transmission of sugarcane mosaic virus by means of seeds

Pool-Vollmer, Brigitte, 1993:
Attempts at transplantation of the metacestodes from Echinococcus multilocularis to rodents and pigs

Verdes, N., 1972:
Attempts at treating and preventing sheep scabies with the use of Emulpan

Seiciu, F.P.raipan, V.V.icescu, S., 1981:
Attempts at treating mastitis in cows

Petrov, D.M.lushev, I., 1975:
Attempts at treating notoedrosis

Berthelon, M.R.mpin, D., 1975:
Attempts at treatment of metritis in the mare by chloramine T solution. 2. streptococcal metritis

Maciejewska, M.W.taszek, U., 1982:
Attempts at using some new chemical agents in control of rodents

Nespiak, A.R.mkiewicz, A., 1977:
Attempts at utilization of the EP reagent for testing the occurrence of azulene compounds in the genus Lactarius fungi, for taxonomic purposes

Masalski, N., 1978:
Attempts at vaccinating against

Chwojnowski, A.D.iubek, T.A.amek, E.K.nwerski, G., 1972:
Attempts at verification and comparison of the functioning of wooden, metal and stoneware ventilating ducts in animal houses in peasants, farms

Weglarz, Z., 1983:
Attempts for raising of the productivity of Coriandrum sativum L. by means of chlorocholine chloride

Becker, A., 1977:
Attempts for the preservation of ornamental trees (Tsuga hetterophylla

Pfeiler, W., 1978:
Attempts for the protective vaccination against swine fever with sensitized virus

Petrov, Dacho, 1981:
Attempts for the treatment and prevention of Oestrus ovis infestation in sheep

Zub, J., 1971:
Attempts in controlling clover rot (Sclerotinia trifoliorum Erikss.) using chemical, agrotechnical-chemical and integrated methods

Sokolowski, A.Z.grodzki, S., 1975:
Attempts in desalting sugar solution using ion exchanger membranes

Heofert, Manfred, 1964:
Attempts in the process of ray-induced chemiluminescence

Bychawska, S.S.iezynska, H., 1979:
Attempts of Myleophilus piniperda L. control with the use of entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill

Montagut, G., 1972:
Attempts of Synsepalum dulcificum culture in Dahomey

Koper, R., 1980:
Attempts of application of holographic interferometry for determination of the wheat grain longitudinal elasticity module

Kostrzynski, S., 1971:
Attempts of bovine blood application in the treatment of bronchopneumonia in calves

Obarski, J., 1969:
Attempts of chemical control of broadbean beetle (Bruchus rufimanus Boh.) in seed plantations of broadbean

Manka, K.G.erczak, M.B.rkot-Klonowa, L.P.zezborski, A., 1971:
Attempts of control of damping-off of Scots pine seedlings with the aid fo fungicides Ceresan and Cynkotox

Pavel, Gabriele, 1985:
Attempts of deep freeze preservation of cattle embryos by the one-step-method using a cryostat

Piotrowski, W., 1975:
Attempts of determination of relationships between resistance of potato tubers to some fungal and bacterial diseases and to mechanical injuries

Piotrowski, W., 1975:
Attempts of determinaton of the relationships between the types of resistance to Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary and defense reactions of potato plants

Marcotte, Jl, 1974:
Attempts of experimental crosses between taxa of various ori gin allied to Plantago maritima

Kulesza, J.P.skorz, M., 1971:
Attempts of fertilization aimed at the improvement of resistance of pine stands poisoned by industrial smokes (preliminary report)

Kempski, W., 1981:
Attempts of fighting listeriosis in sheep, applying autovaccinations

Koscielny, S.K.ol, S., 1970:
Attempts of fixing ecologic factors determining the natural reproduction of the yew tree in nature reserves

Berninger, E., 1977:
Attempts of flower growing at different temperatures, Frejus, 1974-1977. 1

Berninger, E., 1977:
Attempts of flower growing at different temperatures, Frejus, 1974-1977. 2

Woyciechowska, S.K.ta, J., 1972:
Attempts of foal infections with dquine strain of Myxovirus influenzae A (equi 2) Warsaw

Hanout, R.G.illon, G., 1971:
Attempts of functional exploration with the help of radioelements on the pig. II. Relationship between the kinetic of radio-cesium and muscular metabolism. effect of the thyroid state

Martin, Douglas, F., 1972:
Attempts of generate alkoxium ions by the nitrous acid deamination of o-alkylhydroxylamines

Unk, J., 1976:
Attempts of growing soybeans in Iraq

Jarosz, S.D.kelow, R.; Barabasz, B., 1981:
Attempts of hormonal stimulation of oestrus and ovulation in Arctic foxes (Alopex lagopus)

Janowskik, H.W.jaszka, T., 1971:
Attempts of immunoflorescence application for routine diagnosis of hog cholera virus in pathologic material

Szczesny, T., 1977:
Attempts of immunological determination of PMSG in the blood serum of pregnant mares

Ruminska, A.S.chorska, K.W.glarz, Z., 1976:
Attempts of increasing the content of alkaloids in Datura innoxia Mill. by means of low doses of triazine herbicides

Zaorska, H., 1976:
Attempts of juice aeration in the main liming equipment

Przybylak, A.K.czmarska, G., 1977:
Attempts of modification of dextrins with isocyanates

Rulka, J., 1973:
Attempts of oral immunization of chickens against Newcastle disease by means of the vaccine prepared in cells

Siwek, K.R.ymann, E., 1972:
Attempts of pine rosin modification with paraformaldehyde

Splawa-Neyman, S., 1970:
Attempts of preservation of coniferrous wood meant for utilization in a tropical climate

Dorchies, P.E.zeby, J.L.-Stang, J.; Mage, C.T.omasson, C., 1984:
Attempts of prevention against strongylosis by Paratect Diffuser in various conditions in French cattle breeding. Note 3. A study on Paratect Diffuser used on young cattle in second grazing year

Krzoska-Adamczak, Z.P.likowski, Z.W.wrzynkiewicz, Z., 1979:
Attempts of producing insulating fibreboard preserved against the action of fungi, fire and moisture

Kostrzynski, S., 1973:
Attempts of prophylactic and therapeutic use of mycelium and industrial post-antibiotic wastes in case of enzootic pneumonia in pigs

Oberti, J., 1985:
Attempts of quantitative determination of phagosomelysosome fusion during infection of mouse macrophages with Brucella suis

Wlodarczyk, Z.J.rniewicz, J., 1976:
Attempts of saccharization of potato mashes with a raw mold preparation

Debska, W.O.czarska, A., 1975:
Attempts of separation of some ergot alkaloids by means of wet thin-layer chromatography

Ampova, G.B.kalivanov, D., 1971:
Attempts of stimulating tobacco

Ratajczak, Z.S.lawa-Neyman, S., 1972:
Attempts of the conservation of the monumental oaks at Rogalin

Kawecka, A., 1981:
Attempts of the formation of phytocoenoses under conditions of the impact of the emission of nitrogen compounds

Niedoba, E., 1973:
Attempts of the treatment of diarrhoea of pigs and calves with Polisulfamid Biowet

Janowski, H.W.sinski, K.W.sinska, B., 1972:
Attempts of the use of avirulent strains of Erysipelothrix insidiosa to specific orally immunization of pigs

Dzioch, R.P.rys, J.R.tkowski, S.Z.lejski, S.Z.olo, J., 1977:
Attempts of the use of laser technique for cutting wood and wood based products

Surdacki, Z.J.nowski, H.B.tko, M., 1970:
Attempts of the use of methionine for the control of oedema disease in piglets

Kaluzny, E., 1976:
Attempts of the use of selenium in the treatment of the alimentary tract in calves and pigs

Bohdanowicz-Murek, K., 1969:
Attempts of transduction through defective phage of Shigella flexneri

Guilhon, J.B.rnabe, R., 1973:
Attempts of treat canine stap ylo-demodexosis by methionine-methylsulfonium iodide

Glawischnig, E.K.fer, J.B.umgartner, W., 1978:
Attempts of treatment with F

Fedorko, A., 1974:
Attempts of utilization of Pristionchus uniformis Fedorko et Stanuszek, 1971 for reduction of Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say

Porzucek, H.K.rnatowska-Chylkowska, A.H.rubala, A., 1979:
Attempts of utilize biochemiluminescence for determination of the enzymatic oxidoreductive activity in apples

Obrusiewicz, T.C.aplak, T.G.zybek, A.H.jft, R., 1980:
Attempts of whey utilization in the production of concentrated fodder for calves

Antony, J.D.niel, M.K.rian, C.P.llai, G., 1980:
Attempts on introduction and colonization of the exotic reduviid predator, Platymeris laevicollis distant for the biological suppression of the coconut rhinoceros beetle Oryctes rhinoceros L

Parnas, J., 1981:
Attempts on the systematics and taxonomy of Brucella

Schuldt, M., 1985:
Attempts solving the old load problems in Hamburg

Marcum, J.B.; Duby, R.T.; Coté, C.E., 1985:
Attempts surgically to induce chorionic fusion between embryos

Gaeng, Fe, 1971:
Attempts to accelerate principal fermentation. I

Kivilaan, A.B.aydes, D., F., 1974:
Attempts to achieve genetic transformation in plants

Bruse, Heilwig, 1978:
Attempts to achieve increased production of Hammondia hammondi cysts in NMRI-mie by immune-suppression

Mitev, G.T.kerlekov, P.N.kolova, E.P.nchev, K.; Shopov, I.M.rchev, N., 1976:
Attempts to adapt BHK cells to c

Mitev, G., 1985:
Attempts to adapt BHK cells to cultivation in suspension and study of the antigenic properties of foot and mouth disease viruses obtained from them

Ostaniewicz, A.W.solowska, K.K.backi, S.; Borys, A., 1977:
Attempts to adapt gas chromatography to determination of saccharose

Mihaita, S.T.torcea, N.A.bu, T.T.gaeru, N.T.brea, S., 1973:
Attempts to adapt the C lapinized swine fever virus strain into goats

Smith, EJ.; Andersen, JK., 1984:
Attempts to alleviate fish losses from Allegheny Reservoir, Pennsylvania and New York, using acoustics

Pellerdy, L., 1969:
Attempts to alter the host specificity of Eimeriae by parenteral infection experiments

Harsdorf, Erika-Von, 1963:
Attempts to analyze calotropis-cardenoliden

Zawitkowski, J., 1968:
Attempts to apply freeze-dryi

Kolodynski, J.K.tylak, Z.L.chowicz, T., 1969:
Attempts to apply marker aid in the test for allelism among respiration mutants in yeast

Fojutowski, A.L.wandowski, O., 1978:
Attempts to apply some organic chemicals for preservation of hard fiberboards from fungi

Pietrzykowski, T.G.uszecka, H.B.rys, A.K.backi, S., 1977:
Attempts to apply the gas liquid chromatography for estimation of the sucrose content in syrups

Huss, W., 1969:
Attempts to assess with a sedimentation test the slime-forming capacity of linseed tailing. iII

Suhaci, I.P.padopol, M.C.rstet, I.D.mitrescu, G., 1973:
Attempts to attenuate the Bucharest Aujeszky virus strain by repeated passage in chick embryo fibroblasts: Characterization of the attenuated strain

Klingeborn, B.D.nter, Z., 1978:
Attempts to characterize attenuated vaccine strains of equine herpesvirus 1

Hraba, T.; Karakoz, I.; Madar, J., 1977:
Attempts to characterize cellular mechanisms of immunologic tolerance to HSA in chickens

Benes, K.H.dacova, V., 1982:
Attempts to characterize particular parts of the root tip on the basis of isoenzyme patterns of various glycosidases Vicia faba, broadbeans, Zea mays, maize

Hatch, Ah, 1980:
Attempts to chemically control apple tree bud development in the spring

Giannini, R.P.lizzo, A., 1979:
Attempts to classify Italian alder (Alnus cordata Loisel.) provenances

Fleurette, J.M.djadedy, A., 1976:
Attempts to combine and simplify two methods for serotyping of Staphylococcus aureus

Liotta, G.M.niglia, G., 1974:
Attempts to control Dialeurodes citri (Ashmead) (Homoptera, Aleyroididae) on mandarin trees in Sicily

Glaser, T.G.aser, J., 1979:
Attempts to control Pelargonium rust with the aid of chemicals and by thermotherapy

Chase, Ar, 1983:
Attempts to control erwinia blight of Philodendron selloum with some unusual compounds

Zaleski, K.J.ruzelski, M.Z.ziechowski, J., 1977:
Attempts to control inflorescence rot and fruit decay in Coriandrum sativum

Truszkowska, W.G.jniczek, B., 1972:
Attempts to control potato blight with maneb in combination with copper salts

Kulesza, J., 1978:
Attempts to control secondary insect pests without the use of contact pesticides

Sullivan, M.; Turnipseed, S.; Smith, T.; Wenck, A., 1992:
Attempts to control soybean looper in South Carolina cotton

Porter, Ng, 1982:
Attempts to control the growth pattern of lupine crops

Geneif, Aa, 1986:
Attempts to control tomato leafcurl virus on tomato in the Sudan

Brunet, R., 1978:
Attempts to coordinate wood research in France

Thrusfield, M.; Synge, B.; Scott, G., 1978:
Attempts to cultivate Ehrlichia phagocytophila in vitro

Jaruzelski, M.C.arny, W., 1976:
Attempts to cultivate glossy buckthorn

Jakubowski, J.B.dnarski, W.C.ojnowski, W., 1973:
Attempts to decrease doses of the melting agent in the making of processed cheeses

Soos, P., 1971:
Attempts to decrease the need of manual work in sugar beet culture

Pawula, E.R.wa, K., 1970:
Attempts to define splitability of bast fibres

Mcbain, James-William, 1949:
Attempts to defoam existing oils by processing

Andreev, I.M.lev, N., 1978:
Attempts to demonstrate and iden

Giles, Kl, 1973 :
Attempts to demonstrate genetic complementation by the technique of protoplast fusion

Wittmann, G., 1972:
Attempts to demonstrate secretory antibodies in pigs immune to foot-and-mouth disease and to immunise pigs intranasally against the disease

Dedjulin, A., 1978:
Attempts to demonstrate the causative agent of hog cholera using complement-fixation method

Kharalambiev, K.M.lev, N., 1974:
Attempts to demonstrate the virus of mucosal disease-virus diarrhea in cell cultures by means of immunofluorescence

Calzolari, A.M.zzucchi, U., 1989:
Attempts to detect Xanthomonas fragariae in symptomless strawberry plants

Keates, Rab, 1973:
Attempts to detect adenosine-3, 5-cyclic monophosphate in barley aleurone layers

Downey, R.J.; Cove, D.J., 1971:
Attempts to detect an alternative vital role for the reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-nitrate reductase structural gene in Aspergillus nidulans

Eden, F.; Farrand, S.; Powell, J.; Bendich, A.; Chilton, M.; Nester, E.; Gordon, M., 1974:
Attempts to detect deoxyribonucleic acid from Agrobacterium tumefaciens and bacteriophage PS8 in crown gall tumors by complementary ribonucleic acid

DiMartino, A., 1990:
Attempts to detect evidence of scrapie-associated protein in bovine tissue-derived products

Kirk, J.; Pyliotis, N., 1972:
Attempts to detect succinyl-CoA synthetase in chloroplasts

Smith, W.D., 2007:
Attempts to detect synergy between vaccination and anthelmintic against a drug resistant isolate of Haemonchus contortus

Kafeka, K.; Kulcsar, F., 1982:
Attempts to determine egg content in pastry products using the NIR technique

Kaffka; Norris, K.1; Kulcsar, F.-Kh1; Draskovits, I., 1982:
Attempts to determine fat, protein and carbohydrate content in cocoa powder by the NIR near infrared transmittance spectrophotometry technique

Hollstein, E.B.umgardt, F.F.anzke, G., 1973:
Attempts to determine homologous carbonyl compounds in fats by means of gas chromatography

Szczesny, T., 1974:
Attempts to determine immunologically the activity of pregnant mares serum gonadotropin

Kaffka, K.; Norris, K.1; Peredi, J1; Balogh, A., 1982:
Attempts to determine oil, protein, water and fiber content in sunflower seeds by the NIR near infrared transmittance spectrophotometry technique

Kaffka, K.; Peredi, J.B.logh, A.N.rris, K., 1985:
Attempts to determine oil, protein, water and fiber content in sunflower seeds by the NIR technique

Bamberger, K.S.igeti, J., 1972:
Attempts to determine susceptibility to Rous sarcoma and Mareks disease viruses in cock families

Ziemnicki, S.Z.arkiewicz, T.J.skiewicz, B., 1979:
Attempts to determine the dynamics of entomofauna on reclaimed dump at Piaseczno

Januszewicz, I.M.ssakowska, K.Z.lazny, K., 1976 :
Attempts to determine the effect of temperature and rainfallon the invertase activity in sugarbeets during the 1974

Brudzynski, A.J.drzejewski, R., 1977:
Attempts to determine the effect of the fermentation conditions on quality and keeping quality of light beer, full and non pasteurized

Dziurzynski, A.S.bczak, S.S.rminski, J., 1981:
Attempts to determine the enthalpy of the processes of acid and alkaline wood hydrolysis

Zarzycki, J.T.szka, Z.S.olansinksi, W., 1983:
Attempts to determine the physiological content of cell elements in ewes milk

Combs, N.; Ku, P.; Miller, E., 1983:
Attempts to determine the potassium requirement of the young pig and develop a test for K bioavailability

Nozdryn-Plotnicki, J.L.cyk, K.G.yp, J., 1975:
Attempts to determine the reasons of death and defects on commercial swine fattening farms of Lublin province

Kotowski, K., 1975:
Attempts to determine the reasons of piglet deaths in large scale raising

Vacheva, N.I.lov, I., 1971:
Attempts to determine the tuber

Taylor, R.M.yfield, J.; Shortle, W.; Llewellyn, G.; Dashek, W., 1986:
Attempts to determine whether the products of extracellular polyphenol oxidase modulate the catechol-induced biomodal growth response of Coriolus versicolor

Pruvost, O.L.isetti, J., 1991:
Attempts to develop a biological control of bacterial black spot of mangoes

Markus, L., 1972:
Attempts to develop an economical calssification of Hungarian forests

Bachmann, P.; Hess, R., 1978:
Attempts to develop an immunoprophylaxis for transmissible gastroenteritis virus infection in swine. iI. immunogenicity of the B1 strain after serial passages

Choi, Cheong-Up, 1995:
Attempts to develop avian adeno-rotavirus recombinant vaccine

Khristoforov, L.I.rukov, M., 1972:
Attempts to differentiate the no

Ekielski, S., 1973:
Attempts to dry hay in wisps loosely put down on flat type structures

Gribaudo, I.; Ruffa, P.; Cuozzo, D.; Gambino, G.; Marzachi, C., 2007:
Attempts to eliminate phytoplasmas from grapevine clones by tissue culture techniques

Sampangi, R.P.rrin, R., 1986:
Attempts to elucidate the mechanisms involved in the protective effect of Laccaria laccata against Fusarium oxysporum

Mkandawire, A.; Gilbertson, R., 2001:
Attempts to eradicate Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli from bean seed using surface disinfestation

Hess, R.; Bachmann, P.; Hanichen, T., 1977:
Attempts to establish an immunoprophylaxis for transmissible gastroenteritis virus infection of pigs. i. pathogenicity of the B1 strain after serial passages

Garcia-Reina, G.R.baina, R.T.jedor, M.L.que, A., 1988:
Attempts to establish axenic cultures and photoautotrophic growth of Gelidium versicolor, Gracilaria ferox and Laurencia sp. cell cultures

Szecsenyi, I., 1971:
Attempts to establish breeding flocks free from the so-called gosling influenza

Dawkins, H.; Grove, D., 1982:
Attempts to establish infections with Strongyloides sterocoralis in mice and other laboratory animals including dogs and rabbits

Agui, N., 1976:
Attempts to establish insect endocrine system in vitro

Lotomski, J.J.zowa, L., 1973:
Attempts to estimate the bacteriological purity of tea-bags with Mentha-fix

Fruzinski, B.L.budzki, L.W.azelko, M., 1978:
Attempts to evaluate economic damages due to the debarking of deciduous tree stands in Bialowieza Primeval Forest

Stachowski, T.N.ezurawski, L., 1977:
Attempts to evaluate raw material bases and production trends of dairy plants, in the light of needs of agglomerations

Suckow, Peter, 1983:
Attempts to explain the negative rheological behavior of non-bakable wheat varieties

Brown, G.; Petracek, P.; Chambers, M.D.u, H.P.o, S., 1999:
Attempts to extend the market availability of Marsh grapefruit with storage at 2-3 degrees C

Karcheva, V., 1981:
Attempts to forecast the fertilization ability of bulls

Hanuss, K.O.sau, A., 1978 :
Attempts to forecast the presence of Cercosporella herpotricoides Fron. on winter wheat

Lombard, M.C.; Besson, J.M., 1989:
Attempts to gauge the relative importance of pre- and postsynaptic effects of morphine on the transmission of noxious messages in the dorsal horn of the rat spinal cord

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Attempts to grow bdellovibrios micurgically-injected into animal cells

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Attempts to grow eucalyptus in the Pacific Northwest

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Attempts to grow tissue culture cells, infected with Theileria parva, in laboratory animals

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Attempts to identify aureomycine residue in egg white

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Attempts to identify fruit brandies based on its high alcohol and methanol contents

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Attempts to immunize cattle with phages of N group streptococci in order to obtain antibodies-containing serum

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Attempts to immunize scorpions by various antigens

Hawk, H.; Conley, H.; Wall, R., 1987:
Attempts to improve fertilization rates in superovulating cows

Ruminska, A.S.chorska, K., 1976:
Attempts to improve field germination of the Grecian foxglove

Fidanza, F.; Alberti Fidanza, A., 1983:
Attempts to improve food habits in rapidly changing societies; e.g. Italy

Frazier, W.; Davis, D., 1964:
Attempts to improve growth habit in backcross derived Blue Lake bush beans via mutants

Simeonov, S.I.tov, M.V.silev, V.M.rmerski, K., 1972:
Attempts to improve the ethanol

Simeonov, S., 1985:
Attempts to improve the ethanol vaccine against Aujeszkys disease

Sawaf, H.; Adam, S.1; Ansari, M., 1981:
Attempts to improve the irrigation systems in vineyards of Jabal Akhdar according to the root distribution pattern of the grape vines Libya

Gillaspie, A.G.Jr, 2007:
Attempts to improve the method for screening cowpea germplasm for resistance to Cucumber Mosaic Virus and Blackeye Cowpea Mosaic Virus

Are, La, 1969:
Attempts to improve the performance of budded cacao materials in the greenhouse: effects of rootstock age and time of budding

Chung, Sy, 1992:
Attempts to improve the sensitivity of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for 2-methylisoborneal

Januszewicz, I.M.ssakowska, K., 1978:
Attempts to inactivate invertase with the preparation Busan 881

Kushnir, U.H.lloran, G., 1982:
Attempts to incorporate high grain protein content from tetraploid wheat (Triticum turgidum dicoccoides) in hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum vulgare)

Coggins, C.J.; Henning, G.; Anthony, M.; Atkin, D., 1991:
Attempts to increase the efficacy of gibberellic acid applied preharvest to navel orange trees

Scherer, A.P.enninger, H.; Wieg, A., 1973:
Attempts to increase the free alpha-amino-nitrogen content in brewing with unmalted adjuncts

Blewaska, Sonja, 1981:
Attempts to increase the rate and intensity of infection with cysts of Sarcocystis muris in mice

Ngah, M.; Ward, K.; Kreider, J.; Godke, R., 1977:
Attempts to induce corpora lutea in prepuberal crossbred heifers

Johnson, M.; Carlson, J., 1977:
Attempts to induce embryogenesis in conifer suspension cultures: biochemical aspects

Ngah, M.; Morrison, D.; Humes, P.; Kreider, J.; Godke, R., 1977:
Attempts to induce puberty in light weight Brahman crossbred heifers

Combiescu, I.E.escu, A., 1970:
Attempts to induce resistance against thiotepa in Musca domestica L

Kadiiski, E.B.gdanov, M., 1981:
Attempts to induce twin calving in cows at different maintenance technologies and methods of use Hormonal stimulation of multi-fetus pregnancy, Simmental breed.1

Walker, J.; Chan, C.; Manikumaran, C.E.isberg, B., 1975:
Attempts to infect and demonstrate transovarial transmission of Rickettsia tsutsugamushi in three species of Leptotrombidium mites

Edriss, Wajih, 1996:
Attempts to influence morphometrical parameters of the digestive tract of the carp (Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus 1758) with special reference to amount and composition of food

Bohills, S.; Leonard, S.; Meehan, A., 1979:
Attempts to influence the feeding behaviour of brown rats using electromagnetism

Meehan, Ap, 1976:
Attempts to influence the feeding behaviour of brown rats using ultrasonic noise generators

Leutjens, Angela, 1994:
Attempts to insure quality in pork production

Sobczak, E., 1979:
Attempts to isolate bakers yeasts suitable for cultivation in thick molasses mash

Galzy, P.C.ntin-Allamel, C1; Guiraud, J., 1981:
Attempts to isolate haploid strains from bottom-fermentation brewing yeasts Saccharomyces uvarum.1

Maistrenko, Gg, 1973:
Attempts to isolate the endophyte Hippophae rhamnoides L. in a pure culture

Jensen, H.; Helms-Jorgensen, J.J.nsen, J., 1982:
Attempts to locate powdery mildew resistance gene M1-(La) to a barley chromosome

Ojala, K.; Vereecken, C.; Välimaa, R.; Currie, C.; Villberg, J.; Tynjälä, J.; Kannas, L., 2007:
Attempts to lose weight among overweight and non-overweight adolescents: a cross-national survey

Hastings, Wh, 1974:
Attempts to lower feed costs

Rachev, R.I.tov, I.S.rgeeva, D., 1974:
Attempts to lower the amount of

Johannes, Heinrich, 1975:
Attempts to maintain drainage ditches with herbicides and the effect on the ecosystem

Czabajski, T.D.erffer, S., 1978:
Attempts to mechanize the harvest of the flowers of common chamomille

Rudnicki, A., 1970:
Attempts to modify Polish tall oil rosin by fusion with pentaerythrol and maleic anhydride

Morehead, Jm, 1984:
Attempts to modify significant deterioration of a parks natural resources: Everglades National Park

Murphy, L.; Duncan, I., 1977:
Attempts to modify the responses of domestic fowl towards human beings. i. the association of human contact with a food reward

Murphy, L.; Duncan, I., 1978:
Attempts to modify the responses of domestic fowl towards human beings. iI. the effect of early experience

Wells, A.A.ers, G., 1999:
Attempts to move the blooming period of three species of summer-blooming bee forage into the fall nectar dearth period through cutting

Holm, Edlef, 1995:
Attempts to objectify commercial value of young bulls

Stoichev, S.T.dorova, R., 1975:
Attempts to obtain a five-valent

Zagorski, D.A.adjieva, R., 1971:
Attempts to obtain and store the semen of Bombyx mori L

Lamotte, C.; Lersten, N., 1972:
Attempts to obtain bacteria-free plants of psychotria punctata (Rubiaceae): growth and root formation in callus cultures

Lewkowicz, H., 1981:
Attempts to obtain objective results in case of serological examinations of pig sera towards brucellosis

Jakubczyk, T.P.esiewicz, H.L.wczuk, J., 1976:
Attempts to obtain protein concentrate from wheat and peas by the acid concentration method

Togoe, I., 1979:
Attempts to optimize the methods for the cultivation of avian Haemophilus species

Miller, Er, 1973:
Attempts to overcome moldy corn refusal by swine

Tsikov, D., 1970:
Attempts to overcome the sterili

Nedelciu, D., 1985:
Attempts to prepare a killed oil emulsion vaccine against Newcastle disease

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Attempts to prepare and utilize nisin-containing dried milk in feeding calves

Markiewicz, Z.M.rkiewicz, K.B.rzemski, J., 1970:
Attempts to prevent anemia in piglets by administering Ferrodex and Suiglobin preparations and vitamin B12 to sows during gestation

Tasca, G.H.lea, A.W.kerle, I., 1975:
Attempts to prevent carrot diseases during cold store preservation

Bedrnik, P.S.vcik, B.F.rmanova, A., 1984:
Attempts to prevent coccidiosis in cage-raised hares in the Litovel Forest Enterprise

Heidemann, Ralf, 1993:
Attempts to prevent galactogenic infection in puppies with Ancylostoma caninum ERCOLANI 1859 (Ancylostomidae) by treating the mother with Doramectin

Walt, A.-Van-Der; Hugo, F., 1982:
Attempts to prevent injector coking with sunflower oil by engine modifications and fuel additives Biomass fuels, diesel engines

Pankow, Wolf-Reudiger, 1993:
Attempts to prevent prenatal and galactogenic infections in puppies with Toxocara canis WERNER 1782 (Amiskadae) by treating impatent, infected mothers with avermectins

Björn, L.Olof.; McKenzie, R.L., 2007:
Attempts to probe the ozone layer and the ultraviolet-B levels of the past

Nedjalkov, St, 1980:
Attempts to produce a vaccine against Aujeszkys disease from inactivated virus

Wawrzkiewicz, J., 1981:
Attempts to produce an inactivated vaccine against Aujeszkys disease

Leder, Lothar, 1989:
Attempts to produce anti-idiotypic antibodies mimicking hog cholera virus specific epitopes

Schoneweis, D.A.; Strafuss, A.C., 1971:
Attempts to produce clay-pigeon toxicity in cattle

Tappert, Helga, 1981:
Attempts to produce monoclonal antibodies against rotaviruses

Jokantaite, T.M.ksteliene, Z., 1972:
Attempts to produce sherry type apple wine by means of oxidative yeast autolysis

Ross, K.B.enig, B.M.yer, J.B.em, G., 1988:
Attempts to produce transgenic rabbits carrying MTI-HGH recombinant gene

Quemener, J., 1975:
Attempts to protect against virus Y by treatments with a mineral oil base

Zmarlicki, C.P.dek, A., 1976:
Attempts to protect bees from poisoning

Sadowski, S.P.atek, M., 1982:
Attempts to protect field bean against fungal diseases with pesticides

Carle, P.V.ncq, J.; Bizet, M., 1979:
Attempts to protect wood in work areas by controlling bark beetle attacks from Ips acuminatus Gyll., Ips sexdentatus Boern. and Blastophagus piniperda L. (Coleoptera, Scolytidae)

Cofas, V., 1978:
Attempts to rear geese industrially

Muckleston, Kw, 1982:
Attempts to reconcile conflicting demands over Columbia River outputs Irrigation vs. hydroelectric generation, salmon vs. dams, upstream-downstream conflicts, the Columbia River basin

Princz, Werner, 1984:
Attempts to reconstitute immunodeficient UM-B19 chickens by cell transfer

Zagrodzki, S.W.wro, S.L.sik, K., 1978:
Attempts to recover ammonium carbonate from decalcified thin juice in the packed column

Rzadkowska-Bodalska, H.O.echnowicz-Stepien, W.L.mer-Zarawska, E.C.sowski, W.B.rys, A., 1979:
Attempts to recultivate copper pit sedimentary ponds

Nestor, K.; Bacon, W., 1974:
Attempts to reduce broodiness of turkey hens by special light treatments

Rosseland, B.; Skogheim, O., 1984:
Attempts to reduce effects of acidification on fishes in Norway by different mitigation techniques

Badura, R.N.edoba, E.U.zig, J., 1973:
Attempts to reduce the normal dose of guayamare in the surgical anasthesia in cattle

Sidor, H., 1970:
Attempts to reduce the rate of animal protein feeds in rations for broilers

Kinal, S.K.oliczek, A.M.stalerz, P., 1979:
Attempts to reduce the toxic compounds in grains of rapeseed by acid hydrolysis

Niki,, T.I.arashi, S., 1984:
Attempts to reduce viscosity of

Schweizer, D.A.bros, P.G.undler, P.V.rga, F., 1987:
Attempts to relate cytological and molecular chromosome data of Arabidopsis thaliana to its genetic linkage map

Mohy-Ud-Din-Wani, Gulam, 1984:
Attempts to release superovulation and cultivate the embryo of goats

Grunert, S.N.ske, H.; Franzke, C., 1982:
Attempts to remove polymeric fatty-acid compounds from rape-seed-oil model substrates by means of bleaching earths

Dabrowski, J., 1970:
Attempts to remove salt from rennet whey using ion exchangers

Tododrov, T.P.vlov, N.P.tkov, A.K.leva, P., 1976:
Attempts to reproduce Yersinia e

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Attempts to reproduce a paratyph

Marica, D.P.p,, A.; Rapuntean, G., 1981:
Attempts to reproduce experimental infection and testing pathogenicity of strains of Erwinia insidiosa in the pig

Babicki, R.K.zoska-Adamczak, Z., 1970:
Attempts to restrain tall oil rosin tendency to crystallization

Sari, D., 1979:
Attempts to restructure rural areas in Algeria

Jahoor, A.J.cobi, A.S.huller, C.B.ckes, G.F.schbeck, G., 1991:
Attempts to reveal the fine structure of the Mla locus

Necas, J., 1974:
Attempts to sensitize some chlorococcal algae using 5-bromouracil for the induction of mutations by UV light

Roistacher, Cn, 1982:
Attempts to separate components of the tatterleaf citrange stunt complex

Rozmej, Z.F.ks, J.K.iatkowski, A., 1980:
Attempts to separate oxidated resin acids contained in colophony

Szebiotko, K.P.asecki, M.K.bzdela, Z.P.lak, M., 1976:
Attempts to store humid barley and wheat grain with an addition of ammonia as preservative

Krause, Horst-Dieter, 1986:
Attempts to suppress the formations of Toxoplasma gondii oocysts and cysts in cats by medicating the food with Toltrazuril

Westerhoff, Juliane, 1984:
Attempts to surpress toxoplasma oocyst by medicated feed in latently infected cats and after oral infection with oocysts

Heydecker, W.G.bbins, B., 1978:
Attempts to synchronise seed germination

Wolk, Cp, 1981:
Attempts to transfer a transposon, by conjugation, to heterocyst-forming cyanobacteria Anabaena, Algae

Diedring, Beate, 1992:
Attempts to transform chloroplasts with Chlorella saccharophila 211-1a

Negrutiu, I.H.berle-Bors, E.P.trykus, I., 1986:
Attempts to transform for kanamycin-resistance in mature pollen of tobacco

Meyerson, Maureen, E., 1996:
Attempts to transform leaf-derived somatic embryos of Vitis vinifera Thompson Seedless using Agrobacterium-mediated cocultivation

Raccah, B.B.r-Yoseph, M.L.ebenstein, G., 1975:
Attempts to transmit citrus t

Kryczynski, S.K.minska, E., 1977:
Attempts to transmit two Chrysanthemum viruses by tissue implantation using surgical cannuls

Kozakiewicz, B., 1985:
Attempts to treat bovine brucellosis with antibiotics

Berthelon, M.R.mpin, D., 1974:
Attempts to treat mares metritis by a chloramine T solution

Dzhambazov, G.G.mnerov, S., 1972:
Attempts to treat ovarial cysts

Berthelon, M., 1980:
Attempts to treat the metritis of the mare by a solution of chloramine T

Gunthert, U.B.rchmeier, W., 1996:
Attempts to understand metastasis formation

Kwast, M.L.dwicki, J., 1979:
Attempts to use an automatic analyzer for determination of aminotransferase activity in the liver of laboratory animals

Fomicheva, A.S., 1981:
Attempts to use antiphage serums to improve the bacteriological diagnosis of human Brucellosis

Toshkov, AS.; Shabanov, MM.; Ibrishimov, N1., 1974:
Attempts to use bees to prove impurities in the environment

Anonymous, 1969:
Attempts to use coir dust in the preparation of building slabs or hardboard

Wachowicz, M.Z.grodzki, S., 1975:
Attempts to use furnace gases for the cultivation of Spirulina platensis

Rehacek, J.Z.panicova, M.K.vacova, E., 1973:
Attempts to use half-engorged ticks for the titration of rickettsiae

Ziemkiewicz, K., 1972:
Attempts to use lactic acid bacteria for silaging of fresh sugar beet pulp

Tarnowski, W., 1975:
Attempts to use local mills for rye milling

Gladki, H.B.dnarczyk, T., 1976:
Attempts to use mats made of synthetic material in land reclamation constructions

Grabarski, J.K.linowski, K.H.tnikiewicz, B., 1975:
Attempts to use new halogenated sulphonamides in cases of chicken pasteurelosis

Gargani, G.P.cetti, A., 1985:
Attempts to use phage-typing in the epidmeiology of brucellosis

Szebiotko, K.P.asecki, M.B.gaczynski, K.R.tkowski, W., 1977:
Attempts to use selected technological methods for isolation of cellulose from post extraction rapeseed meal

Garibaldi, A.T.mietti, G., 1984:
Attempts to use soil solarization in closed glasshouses in northern Italy for controlling corky root of tomato

Gorecki, P.M.ugasiewicz, K., 1974:
Attempts to utilize the chicory herb for isolation of esculetin

Zgorkiewicz, A.M.ckiewicz, S., 1975:
Attempts to work out a method for preventing the spread of Fusarium dieseases of lupine by various crop rotations in connection with soil type

Grunewald, T., 1973:
Attempts toward commercialization of food irradiation in the Federal Republic of Germany

Aasheim, T.I.ersen, T., 1972:
Attempts towards a cytochemical detection of IAA decarboxylating enzymes in cabbage roots

Czarnowski, A.Z.ltowska, A., 1970:
Attemts to determine aflatoxin poisoning in histological picture of liver

Stiles, W., 1990:
Attend to your orchard after harvest

Deel, Fred, J., 1976:
Attendance at Southern Ohio 4-H camps as related to promotion procedures, personal contacts and perceived value of camping

Leuthold, Fo, 1980:
Attendance at Tennessee agricultural field days

Finucane, F.M.; Gaffney, L.; Hatunic, M.; Burns, N.; Nolan, J.J., 2006:
Attendance at an Irish diabetes dietetic outpatient clinic

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Attendance at the 13th Conference of the International Organisation of Citrus Virologists in China and discussion on citrus germplasm conservation at the International Plant Genetic Resource Institute, Singapore

Maccarroll, M.; Reeves, W., 2004:
Attendance of Aetalion reticulatum (Hemiptera: Aetalionidae) by Polistes Erythrocephalus (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) in Peru

Kozachenko, B., 1980 :
Attendance of potato crops.

Butler, Er, 1971:
Attendances at agricultural shows

Windal, G.D.leurence, A., 1981:
Attendant management of three jets of the crystallization work area Sugar manufacture.1

Schousboe, C., 1984:
Attending fauna in Danish beehives

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Attending points in time and space

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Attending to features inside and outside the spotlight of attention

Anonymous, 2006:
Attention Asian herbal medicine importers

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Attention and executive functions profile in drug naive ADHD subtypes

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Attention buyers! How to read and understand a practice appraisal

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Attention deficit

Anonymous, 1991:
Attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity in children

Crunkilton,. Jr.;, 1991:
Attention directories help maintain a problem solving approach

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Attention dysfunction and parent reporting in children with brain tumors

Hertrampf, J., 1978:
Attention focused on mink farming

Floore, Frances-Berkeley, 1944:
Attention food managers

Anonymous, 1980:
Attention grade B dairymen: tougher quality standards go into effect on July 1

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Attention in common marmosets: Implications for social-learning experiments

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Attention influences the excitability of cortical motor areas in healthy humans

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Attention modulates responses to motion reversals in human visual cortex

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Attention modulates sound processing in human auditory cortex but not the inferior colliculus

Antonov, N., 1976:
Attention of Bulgarians focussed

Davidian, G.; Kudelich, V., 1975:
Attention of breeders should rest on the quality of fiber

Secco, Lc, 1974:
Attention of factories to rural vehicles

Hornik, S., 1977:
Attention of the Socialist State to a rational nutrition of the population

Graf, R., 1980:
Attention paid by the press to the working forester. A practical aid

Pirlo-Leloux, Ej, 1980:
Attention paid to mushroom growing also in Nepal and India

Kinebuchi, M., 1973:
Attention required for seedling

Horwitz, D.F., 2003:
Attention seeking behaviors in dogs and cats

Voight, E., 1970:
Attention should be paid to the swarming of vine moths

Markus, C.Rob.; Jonkman, L.M., 2007:
Attention switching after dietary brain 5-HT challenge in high impulsive subjects

King, Dh, 1976:
Attention to detail can reduce lost time dollars

Pollock, Bm, 1978:
Attention to detail in seed germination

Voiystvens'-Kyi, Ma, 1979:
Attention to feathered protector

Ludin, A., 1975:
Attention to feed quality

Hauck, M.; Lorenz, Jürgen.; Engel, A.K., 2007:
Attention to painful stimulation enhances gamma-band activity and synchronization in human sensorimotor cortex

Malinina, T., 1978:
Attention to sanitary

Fujiwara, M.C.sta, J., 1979:
Attention to seed quality

Schable, R., 2003:
Attention to shear slitting fundamentals can help mills produce perfect edges

Westpfahl, U., 1979:
Attention to small domestic animals and pets by veterinarians of state controlled collective veterinary practices

Bearden, W.; Rose, R., 1990:
Attention to social comparison information an individual difference factor affecting consumer conformity

Alekhin, R.; Nalivaiko, V.; Kruglikov, B., 1980:
Attention to spring driving of livestock

Thevenet, G., 1976:
Attention to structure

Rasocha, V., 1971:
Attention to the healthy state of seed potatoes

Korda, J., 1975:
Attention to the hops harvest and rationalization of harvesting technique

Hetzner, E., 1977:
Attention to the market as supreme precept for the milk industry (statistical analysis of 1976)

Bohacek, F., 1983:
Attention to the rearing of drone honeybees

Alsius, Aès.; Navarra, J.; Soto-Faraco, S., 2007:
Attention to touch weakens audiovisual speech integration

Kagias, A., 1974:
Attention to wandering

Merten, O-W., 2008:
Attention with virus contaminated cell lines

Vogel, S.L., 1949:

Koltai, L., 1978:
Attention! The rabbit trade is in trouble!

Plastun, In, 1980:
Attention, Chloridea viriplaca!

Williams, K., 1986:
Attention, K Mart shoppers: Stay home

Olson, G.; Sherman, T., 1983:
Attention, learning, and memory in infants

Belov, V.; Shurovenkov, I.; Taran, N., 1978:
Attention--Pyrausta sticticalis!

Anonymous, 1981:
Attention--sheep are very sensitive to copper excesses

Silver, Larry, B., 1992:
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

Cortese, S.; Bernardina, B.Dalla.; Mouren, M-Christine., 2007:
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and binge eating

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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and comorbid disruptive behavior disorders: evidence of pleiotropy and new susceptibility loci

Labeeuw, N., 1973:
Attentionpotted chrysanthemums!

Martinez-De-Llanuces, G., 1978:
Attention: New Moncloa Agreements could be in progress

Mikheev, V., 1978:
Attention: Varroa infestation

Goncharov, Gi, 1974:
Attention: new machinery

Anonymous, 1978:
Attention: tea and coffee planters

Bromberg, M., 1978:
Attention; brucellosis

Shih, S-I.; Reeves, A., 2007:
Attentional capture in rapid serial visual presentation

Dalton, P.; Spence, C., 2007:
Attentional capture in serial audiovisual search tasks

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Attentional control and the relatedness proportion effect in semantic priming

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Attentional effects on afterimages: theory and data

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Attentional focus during repeated checking influences memory but not metamemory

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Attentional modulation of motion-induced blindness

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Attentional modulation of object representations in working memory

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Attentional modulation of receptive field structure in area 7a of the behaving monkey

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Attentional orienting to graspable objects: what triggers the response?

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Attentional processing in adults with ADHD as reflected by event-related potentials

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Attentional resources and pop-out detection in search displays

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Attentional selection and identification of visual objects are reflected by distinct electrophysiological responses

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Attentional shifts alter pain perception in the chicken

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Attentional strategy moderates effects of pain catastrophizing on symptom-specific physiological responses in chronic low back pain patients

Mounts, J.R.W.; McCarley, J.S.; Terech, A.M., 2007:
Attentional templates regulate competitive interactions among attended visual objects

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Attentive care yields abundant wheat

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Attentive love: A feminist perspective on the caregiving of adult daughters

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Attentive processing of threat and adult attachment: a dot-probe study

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Attentive study of the needs of the farming practice

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Attentiveness of guarding dogs for reducing predation on domestic sheep in the United States, Italy

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Attentiveness to sensory stimuli: central control in locusts

Boyd, S.; Lee, J.; Mortland, M., 1988:
Attentuating organic contaminant mobility by soil modification

Splitter, G.; Banai, M., 2004:
Attenuated Brucella melitensis rough rev1 vaccine

Ochoa-Repáraz, J.; Sentissi, J.; Trunkle, T.; Riccardi, C.; Pascual, D.W., 2007:
Attenuated Coxiella burnetii phase II causes a febrile response in gamma interferon knockout and Toll-like receptor 2 knockout mice and protects against reinfection

Ratha, J.; Majumdar, K.Nayan.; Dhara, K.; Singh, S.Kumar.; Saha, K.Das.; Bhadra, R., 2007:
Attenuated Leishmanial sphingolipid induces apoptosis in A375 human melanoma cell via both caspase-dependent and -independent pathways

Spencer, J.L.; Grunder, A.A.; Robertson, A.; Speckmann, G.W., 1972:
Attenuated Marek's disease herpesvirus: protection conferred on strains of chickens varying in genetic resistance

Loeffler, M.; Le'Negrate, G.; Krajewska, M.; Reed, J.C., 2007:
Attenuated Salmonella engineered to produce human cytokine LIGHT inhibit tumor growth

Yanai, H.; Watanabe, I.; Ishii, K.; Morimoto, M.; Fujiwara, H.; Yoshida, S.; Hui, S-Ping.; Matsuno, K.; Chiba, H., 2007:
Attenuated aerobic exercise capacity in CD36 deficiency

Fisiunov, A.; Vorob'-Ev, N.; Zhemela, G., 1973:
Attenuated after effect of simazine and atrazine on winter wheat

Kern, M.J., 2007:
Attenuated coronary collateral function after drug-eluting stent implantation (vol 49, pg 21, 2007)

Dhir, R.N.; Thangavel, C.; Shapiro, B.H., 2007:
Attenuated expression of episodic growth hormone-induced CYP2C11 in female rats associated with suboptimal activation of the Jak2/Stat5B and other modulating signaling pathways

Skelly, C.L.; Chandiwal, A.; Vosicky, J.E.; Weichselbaum, R.R.; Roizman, B., 2007:
Attenuated herpes simplex virus 1 blocks arterial apoptosis and intimal hyperplasia induced by balloon angioplasty and reduced blood flow

Schmid, M.; Fellermann, K.; Fritz, P.; Wiedow, O.; Stange, E.F.; Wehkamp, J., 2007:
Attenuated induction of epithelial and leukocyte serine antiproteases elafin and secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor in Crohn's disease

Anonymous, 1977:
Attenuated live fowl cholera vaccine, for application in drinking water

Bekaert, I.; Leunen, J., 1969:
Attenuated live vaccine against a Chinese strain of swine fever

Kang, B.; Choi, C.; Joo, H.; Lee, C.; Hong, M., 1982:
Attenuated live virus vaccine

Choi, S.; Na, H.S.; Kim, J.; Lee, J.; Lee, S.; Kim, D.; Park, J.; Chen, C-C.; Campbell, K.P.; Shin, H-S., 2006:
Attenuated pain responses in mice lacking Ca(V)3.2 T-type channels

Witter, R.L., 1998:
Attenuated revertant serotype 1 Marek's disease vaccine

Griffin, Hg, 1991:
Attenuated salmonella as live vaccines: prospects for multivalent poultry vaccines

Wang, Sj, 1975:
Attenuated strain of Salmonell

Lolait, S.J.; Stewart, L.Q.; Roper, J.A.; Harrison, G.; Jessop, D.S.; Young, W.S.; O'Carroll, A-M., 2007:
Attenuated stress response to acute lipopolysaccharide challenge and ethanol administration in vasopressin V1b receptor knockout mice

Park, S.-Young; Kim, Y.-Woon; Dan, J.-Myoung; Kim, J.-Yeon, 2007:
Attenuated sympathetic activity and its relation to obesity in MSG injected and sympathectornized rats

van Dalen, G.; Heussen, P.C.M.; den Adel, R.; Hoeve, R.B.J., 2007:
Attenuated total internal reflection infrared microscopy of multilayer plastic packaging foils

Urban, Marek, W., 1996:
Attenuated total reflectance spectroscopy of polymers

Shkap, V.; de Vos, A.J.; Zweygarth, E.; Jongejan, F., 2007:
Attenuated vaccines for tropical theileriosis, babesiosis and heartwater: the continuing necessity

Siddiqui, A.; Shaharyar, S., 2007:
Attenuating effects of prior oestradiol benzoate priming on 5-HT-mediated lordosis behavior in rats are dose-dependent

Mather, Jd, 1977:
Attenuation and conrol of landfill leachates

Navarick, Douglas, J., 2007:
Attenuation and enhancement of compliance with experimental demand characteristics

Li, J.; Ryder, C.; Mandal, M.; Ahmed, F.; Azadi, P.; Snyder, D.Scott.; Pechous, R.D.; Zahrt, T.; Inzana, T.J., 2007:
Attenuation and protective efficacy of an O-antigen-deficient mutant of Francisella tularensis LVS

Goertz, D., E.; De-Jong, N.; Van-Der-Steen, A., F.W., 2007:
Attenuation and size distribution measurements of definity (TM) and manipulated definity (TM) populations

Esteve, B.M.rquie,, R., 1975:
Attenuation by NN-dimethylbiguanide of lipid disorders produced in rats on an atherogenic diet

Knight, P.G.; Stansfield, S.C.; Cunningham, F.J., 1990:
Attenuation by an opioid agonist of the oestradiol-induced LH surge in anoestrous ewes and its reversal by naloxone

Goetze, S.; Brown, T.L.; Lavely, W.C.; Zhang, Z.; Bengel, F.M., 2007:
Attenuation correction in myocardial perfusion SPECT/CT: effects of misregistration and value of reregistration

Fuller, W.; Korte, N., 1976:
Attenuation mechanisms of pollutants through soils

Sharma, A.; Kaur, P.; Kumar, V.; Gill, K.D., 2007:
Attenuation of 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine induced nigrostriatal toxicity in mice by N-acetyl cysteine

Wei, E.; Gao, W.; Lehner, R., 2007:
Attenuation of adipocyte triacylglycerol hydrolase activity decreases basal fatty acid efflux

Karsak, M.; Gaffal, E.; Date, R.; Wang-Eckhardt, L.; Rehnelt, J.; Petrosino, S.; Starowicz, K.; Steuder, R.; Schlicker, E.; Cravatt, B.; Mechoulam, R.; Buettner, R.; Werner, S.; D.M.rzo, V.; Tüting, T.; Zimmer, A., 2007:
Attenuation of allergic contact dermatitis through the endocannabinoid system

Gore, T.; Long, P.1; Kogut, M1; Johnson, J., 1983:
Attenuation of Eimeria necatrix and Eimeria tenella of U.S. origin by serial embryo passage Coccidiosis in chickens

Urvantsev, N.M., 1979:
Attenuation of FMD virus (Variant Ai) in cell culture

Urbantsev, N.M., 1981:
Attenuation of FMD virus (variant Ai) in cell cultures

Cassel, J-Christophe.; Ben Hamida, S.; Jones, B.C., 2007:
Attenuation of MDMA-induced hyperthermia by ethanol in rats depends on ambient temperature

Adam, M.E.-Nouby; El-Shazly, S., M., 2007:
Attenuation of UV-B radiation in the atmosphere: Clouds effect, at Qena (Egypt)

Papageorgiou, C., 1970:
Attenuation of a strain of Mycoplasma gallisepticum for vaccination against avian mycoplasmosis

Sarkar, K.; Sil, P.C., 2007:
Attenuation of Acetaminophen-Induced Hepatotoxicity In Vivo and In Vitro by a 43-kD Protein Isolated from the Herb Cajanus indicus L

Dunn, J.T.; Cranston, I.; Marsden, P.K.; Amiel, S.A.; Reed, L.J., 2007:
Attenuation of amydgala and frontal cortical responses to low blood glucose concentration in asymptomatic hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes: a new player in hypoglycemia unawareness?

Gong, J.; Lee, J.; Akio, H.; Schlegel, P.N.; Shen, R., 2007:
Attenuation of apoptosis by chromogranin A-induced Akt and survivin pathways in prostate cancer cells

Tian, D-shi.; Dong, Q.; Pan, D-ji.; He, Y.; Yu, Z-yuan.; Xie, M-jie.; Wang, W., 2007:
Attenuation of astrogliosis by suppressing of microglial proliferation with the cell cycle inhibitor olomoucine in rat spinal cord injury model

Patel, D.A.; Henry, J.E.; Good, T.A., 2007 :
Attenuation of beta-amyloid-induced toxicity by sialic-acid-conjugated dendrimers: role of sialic acid attachment

Stickney, K.; Donahoe, J., 1983:
Attenuation of blocking by a change in US locus

Domagalska, M.A.; Schomburg, F.M.; Amasino, R.M.; Vierstra, R.D.; Nagy, F.; Davis, S.J., 2007:
Attenuation of brassinosteroid signaling enhances FLC expression and delays flowering

Kapoor, R.-; Bhatnagar, A.K., 2007:
Attenuation of cadmium toxicity in mycorrhizal celery (Apium graveolens L.)

Escames, G.; López, L.C.; Ortiz, F.; López, A.; García, Jé.A.; Ros, E.; Acuña-Castroviejo, Dío., 2007:
Attenuation of cardiac mitochondrial dysfunction by melatonin in septic mice

Bulow, V.; Fuchs, B., 1986:
Attenuation of chicken anemia agent (CAA) by serial passages in cell culture

Peters, M.A.; Crabb, B.S.; Tivendale, K.A.; Browning, G.F., 2007:
Attenuation of chicken anemia virus by site-directed mutagenesis of VP2

Noda, M.; Kariura, Y.; Pannasch, U.; Nishikawa, K.; Wang, L.; Seike, T.; Ifuku, M.; Kosai, Y.; Wang, B.; Nolte, C.; Aoki, S.; Kettenmann, H.; Wada, K., 2007:
Attenuation of cytokine release from microglia by bradykinin

Gazdzinski, P., 1979:
Attenuation of duck hepatitis virus and evaluation of its usefulness for duckling immunisation. I. Studies on attenuation of the virus

Gazdzinski, P., 1979:
Attenuation of duck hepatitis virus and evaluation of its usefulness for duckling immunization. II. Studies on application of the attenuated strain of DVH for vaccination of ducklings

Schneider, T.; Popik, P., 2007:
Attenuation of estrous cycle-dependent marble burying in female rats by acute treatment with progesterone and antidepressants

Katsumata, Y.; Harigai, M.; Sugiura, T.; Kawamoto, M.; Kawaguchi, Y.; Matsumoto, Y.; Kohyama, K.; Soejima, M.; Kamatani, N.; Hara, M., 2007:
Attenuation of experimental blocking ICOS-ICOS autoimmune myositis by ligand interaction

Levin, B.S., 1984:
Attenuation of fowl plague virus by X-rays

Sabayan, B., 2006:
Attenuation of headache during pregnancy may be caused by increase in thyroid hormone levels

Borthwick, J.; Reethof, G.M.daniel, O.; Carlson, D., 1977:
Attenuation of highway noise by narrow forest belts

Wang, X.; Chang, T.; Jiang, B.; Desai, K.; Wu, L., 2007:
Attenuation of hypertension development by aminoguanidine in spontaneously hypertensive rats: role of methylglyoxal

Olaleye, S.; Farombi, E., 2006:
Attenuation of indomethacin- and HCl

Rademacher, R.T.sar, A.H.fman, J.K.aus, J., 1971:
Attenuation of leucosis in cattle

Willomitzer, J.C.roustova, E., 1973:
Attenuation of liver fluke disease by comvination of the rapy and molluscocides in Vsetin area

Chroust, K.K.livoda, J., 1973:
Attenuation of lung and intestinal helminthoses in wild animals by Thibenzol administered in pelletized food

Hostek, J.K.izek, P.S.kora, J., 1978:
Attenuation of mastitis and milk quality

Popelka,, F., 1972:
Attenuation of mastitis in Olomouc district

Handl, R.B.nes, S.; Sedlacek, J.H.ltmar, S., 1972:
Attenuation of mastitis in the Research Institute for Cattle Raising in Rapotin

Jang, S.; Kim, H.; Kim, D.; Jeong, M.Woo.; Ma, T.; Kim, S.; Ho, I.K.; Oh, S., 2006:
Attenuation of morphine tolerance and withdrawal syndrome by coadministration of nalbuphine

Zelcer, N.; Khanlou, N.; Clare, R.; Jiang, Q.; Reed-Geaghan, E.G.; Landreth, G.E.; Vinters, H.V.; Tontonoz, P., 2007:
Attenuation of neuroinflammation and Alzheimer's disease pathology by liver x receptors

Haynes, B.; Dickens, J., 1976:
Attenuation of noise from steam injection in poultry scald tanks

Korfiatis, G.; Papaioannou, C., 1986:
Attenuation of organic chemicals by filters used in ground water sampling systems

Williams, A.S.; Issa, R.; Leung, S.Yee.; Nath, P.; Ferguson, G.D.; Bennett, B.L.; Adcock, I.M.; Chung, K.Fan., 2007:
Attenuation of ozone-induced airway inflammation and hyper-responsiveness by c-Jun NH2 terminal kinase inhibitor SP600125

Nakai, Y.O.imoto, K., 1983:
Attenuation of pathogenicity of Eimeria tenella chicken embryo passage strain

Xu, X.; Müller-Taubenberger, A.; Adley, K.E.; Pawolleck, N.; Lee, V.W.Y.; Wiedemann, C.; Sihra, T.S.; Maniak, M.; Jin, T.; Williams, R.S.B., 2007:
Attenuation of phospholipid signaling provides a novel mechanism for the action of valproic acid

Ugochukwu, N.H.; Figgers, C.L., 2007:
Attenuation of plasma dyslipidemia and oxidative damage by dietary caloric restriction in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Moon, Z.K.; Farmer, F.L.; Tilford, J.M., 2005:
Attenuation of racial differences in health service utilization patterns for previously uninsured children in the Delta

Haji-Djafari, S.A.otmmaria, P.; Crouse, H., 1981:
Attenuation of radionuclides and toxic elements by in situ soils at a uranium tailings pond in central Wyoming

Liu, X.; Chen, H.; Zhan, B.; Xing, B.; Zhou, J.; Zhu, H.; Chen, Z., 2007:
Attenuation of reperfusion injury by renal ischemic postconditioning: the role of NO

Komor, S.C., 2003:
Attenuation of runoff and chemical loads in grass filter strips at two cattle feedlots, Minnesota, 1995-98

Dobrinov, I.D.akov, T., 1980:
Attenuation of soft gamma-rays w

Soliman, K.M.; Mohamed, A.M.; Metwally, N.S., 2007:
Attenuation of some metabolic deteriorations induced by diabetes mellitus using carnosine

Liu, X.; Cheng, K.-Tai; Bandyopadhyay,, B.; Dietrich, A.; Paria, B.-C.S.aim, W.-D.B.ech, D.; Yildrim, E.; Singh, B.-B.B.rnbaumer, L.; Ambudkar, I., S., 2007:
Attenuation of store-operated Capo current impairs salivary gland fluid secretion in TRPC1(-

Mateva, V., 1979:
Attenuation of swine fever virus in the tissue cultures

Airapetyan, V.G., 1978:
Attenuation of swine fever virus in tissue culture

Johnston, N.W.; Mandhane, P.J.; Dai, J.; Duncan, J.M.; Greene, J.M.; Lambert, K.; Sears, M.R., 2007:
Attenuation of the September epidemic of asthma exacerbations in children: a randomized, controlled trial of montelukast added to usual therapy

Kazarian, V.; Tangamian, T., 1974:
Attenuation of the capacity of potatoes for the regeneration of removed aerial parts and the growth of roots in connection with tuber formation

Zanella, A.B.rtoldini, G.M.mbelli, N., 1971:
Attenuation of the pathogenic power of virus of Mareks disease (Milano-Brescia)

Duka, N., 1970:
Attenuation of the rinderpest in Bratislava in 1801

Ying Guang Guo; Kookana Rai S.; Dillon Peter, 2004:
Attenuation of two estrogen compounds in aquifer materials supplemented with sewage effluent

Király, M.A.; Bates, H.E.; Yue, J.T.Y.; Goche-Montes, D.; Fediuc, S.; Park, E.; Matthews, S.G.; Vranic, M.; Riddell, M.C., 2007:
Attenuation of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the male Zucker diabetic fatty rat: the effects of stress and non-volitional exercise

Kalugina, T.E., 1981:
Attenuation of type SAT-1 foot-and-mouth virus, II, attenuation by cultures in SPEV cells

Onufriev, V.P., 1980:
Attenuation of type sat-1 FMD virus, I attenuation by rabbit passage and culture in rabbit kidney cells

El'-Piner, I.; Sadykhova, S.; Braginskaya, F., 1970:
Attenuation of ultrasound in aqueous solutions of nucleic acids

Singleton, P.A.; Moreno-Vinasco, L.; Sammani, S.; Wanderling, S.L.; Moss, J.; Garcia, J.G.N., 2007:
Attenuation of vascular permeability by methylnaltrexone: role of mOP-R and S1P3 transactivation

Manigault, P.K.rkdjian, A., 1970:
Attenuation of virulence and variation of form of the crown-gall bacterium, Agrobacterium tumefaciens (Smith and Town.) Conn

Rinaldi, A.C.ssi, D.C.rvio, G.L.detti, E., 1972:
Attenuation of virus of Gumboro disease and vaccination trials under laboratory and field conditions

Lima-Junior, R.; Oliveira, F.; Gurgel, L.; Cavalcante, I.; Santos, K.; Campos, D.; Vale, C.; Silva, R.; Chaves, M.; Rao, V., 2006:
Attenuation of visceral nociception by a- and b-amyrin, a triterpenoid mixture isolated from the resin of Protium haptaphyllum, in mice

Hu-Shun-Lin; Sun-Qing; Wu-Yan-Tao; Zhang-Yan-Mei; Liu-Xiu-Fan, 2007:
Attenuation off a genotype VIId Newcastle disease virus ZJI strain of goose origin by reverse genetics

Taniguchi, E.S.wada, K., 1979:
Attenuation with distance of traffic-induced vibrations

Watson, Md, 1981:
Attenuation: Translational control of transcription termination

O'-Brien, Rt, 1998:
Attenuation: the clinical utility of subjective sonographic assessment

Mlynarek, Z., 1975:
Atterbergs Limits of sandy loam statically and dynamically compacted

Smolinski, P., 2007:
Attestation of export with subsidies of agricultural products

Marsbergen, W.Van, 1982:
Attestation of six new greenhouse roses

Edler, L., 1975:
Attheya decora West (Bacillariophyceae) in the Oresund

Anonymous, 1943:

Anonymous, 1958:
Atti Firenze 7 ottobre - Ferrara 10 ottobre, 1958

Anonymous, 1996:
Atti 13. Convegno nazionale della Societa italiana di chimica agraria

Gessa, C.; Ciavatta, C., 1997:
Atti 14. Convegno nazionale della Societa italiana di chimica agraria

Giovannozzi-Sermanni, G.; Luna, M.; Badiani, M., 1998:
Atti 15. Convegno nazionale della Societa di chimica agraria

Bon, M.; Scarton, F., 2000:
Atti 3 SConvegno Faunisti Veneti

Anonymous, 1998:
Atti XV Convegno nazionale della Societa italiana di chimica agraria

Randi, E.; Spagnesi, M., 1991:
Atti del Convegno Genetica e conservazione della fauna

Anonymous, 1952:
Atti del Convegno di Napoli, 13-14 ottobre 1952

Grillotti-Di-Giacomo, M.-Gemma; Moretti, L., 1998:
Atti del Convegno geografico internazionale i valori dellagricoltura nel tempo e nello spazio

Anonymous, 1940:
Atti del Convegno per la conservazione dei foraggi nell agricoltura italiana, tenutosi in occasione della 44a Fiera di Verona, 10-19 marzo 1940

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Atti del IX Congresso Internazionale di Genetica, Bellagio (Como) 24-31 Agosto 1953

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Atti del Io Convegno italiano sui chirotteri

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Atti del Seminario sulla Fertilita delle piante da frutto

Anonymous, 1981:
Atti del Simposio internazionale su meccanizzazione della raccolta delle produzioni foraggere, ortive, industriali e arboree

Anonymous, 1992:
Atti del XII Convegno dellUnione europea dei forestali

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Atti del XIX Corso in patologia suina e tecnica dellallevamento

Anonymous, 1989:
Atti del convegno selvicoltura in Casentino, Poppi 27 Febbraio 1988

Anonymous, 1990:
Atti del seminario sulle statistiche ecologiche

Anonymous, 1999:
Atti della Societa italiana di patologia ed allevamento dei suini, 1999

Anonymous, 1960:
Atti ufficiali

Anonymous, 1956:
Atti ufficiali de convegni sull ortofrutticoltura, tenutisi in Bologna i giorni 5-6-8 Dicembre 1955

Anonymous, 1950:
Atti, 28 febbraio 1950

Brunelli, A.; Canova, A.; Collina, M., 2006:
Atti, Giornate Fitopatologiche, Riccione, Italy, 27-29 March 2006

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Attic air for home heating: effect of attic construction on accumulated heat Rural Housing Research Unit

Hensley, A.R.; Scott, A.; Rosenfeld, P.E.; Clark, J.J.J., 2007:
Attic dust and human blood samples collected near a former wood treatment facility

Simons, J.W.H.ynes, B.C., 1969:
Attic fan arrangement and operation related to insulation placement for optimum summer cooling in residences

Scarborough, J.; Collins, N., 1986 :
Attic heat loads in metal roofed broiler houses

Stewart, Br, 1979:
Attic ventilation for homes

Hansen, Hj, 1980:
Attic ventilation for summer cooling

Seifert, R., 1992:
Attics & roofs for northern residential construction

Craven, S.E.; Dix, M.W.; Michaels, G.E., 1970:
Attine fungus gardens contain yeasts

Hoogasina, C., 1994:
Attitude adjustments: new programs, policies could herald industrywide changes

Suradisastra, K., 1984:
Attitude and perception: a characteristic of farmers mentality in developing sheep enterprise. The case of Ciburuy village, Cijeruk Bogor

Isaacs, Nicholas-Waldon, 1978:
Attitude and value study of the 4-H market lamb project in Gallatin County

Timm, R.; Schemnitz, S., 1988:
Attitude change toward vertebrate pest control

Whaples, G.; Ryden, E., 1975:
Attitude change: your challenge

Kemp, Phyllis, E., 1969:
Attitude changes of junior assistant agents as measured by the Omnibus Personality Inventory

Fish, B., 1995:
Attitude check

Wiley, Z.; Bowen, B.; Bowen, C.; Heinsohn, A., 1997:
Attitude formulation of ethnic minority students toward the food and agricultural sciences

Howell, D.; Farr, B., 1983:
Attitude improvement

Clayton, A., 1980:
Attitude measurement in public opinion surveys Nutrition awareness, knowledge, concern, and behavior

Flitter, M.; Forest, L., 1974:
Attitude measurement: a basis for land use planning

Bartling, M., 1984:
Attitude of societies and organizations for the protection of animals to the management of food animals

Somberg, Si, 1971:
Attitude of Alabama nonindustrial forest landowners toward leasing their land to woodbased industries

Shukla, A.; Sohal, T.; Grewal, I., 1972:
Attitude of Block Development and Panchayat officers towards refresher training programme in agriculture

Snell, J.; Hopkins, R.; Barnett, R., 1972:
Attitude of Tennessee farmers toward credit

Machado-Filho, F.T.ledo, E.-De; Cruz, F.-Da; Guerrero, S., 1978:
Attitude of beef cattle farmers toward the foot-and-mouth disease virus in two counties of Minas Gerais

Patel, G.; Patel, N., 1984:
Attitude of contact and fellow farmers towards training and visit system

Mcghee, Mb, 1975:
Attitude of counselors and administrators toward vocational agriculture

Nishigaki, M.; Kobayashi, K.; Shibayama, T.; Kadowaki, T.; Kazuma, K., 2006:
Attitude of diabetes care specialists to prevention of diabetes to relatives of patients with type 2 diabetes

Sohi, J.; Kherde, R., 1980:
Attitude of different categories of dairy farmers towards dairy farming in Punjab

Zornig, Hh, 1978:
Attitude of farm management concerning seed potato propagation on Ditmarsch marsh soils

Morley, F.; Mitchell, R1; Napthine, D1; Gillick, J1; Hass, C., 1980:
Attitude of farmers to adoption of the Mules oeration Blowfly control, Australia

Das, K.; Sarkar, D., 1970:
Attitude of farmers toward Taichung Native l, a high-yielding variety to rice

Jati, P.; Sahoo, S., 1979:
Attitude of farmers towards consolidation of holding

Balasubramaniam, S.K.ight, A., 1977:
Attitude of farmers towards high yielding varieties of paddy

Pal, R.S.ngh, D., 1975:
Attitude of farmers towards improved farm practices in central Uttar Pradesh

Tripathi, Ap, 1974:
Attitude of farmers towards soil conservation

Agwu, A.E., 2005:
Attitude of farmers towards the Fadama programme in Okigwe Agricultural Zone, Imo State

Vardaman, Jm, 1978:
Attitude of foresters toward the small, private landowner: a consulting foresters opinion

Ellis, K., 1971:
Attitude of governments, universities limits growth of private agrologists

Koesomboon, Praphant, 1977:
Attitude of high school student in Bangkok toward forest resources conservation

Reddy, S.; Shree, R., 1972:
Attitude of instructional staff of farmers training centres towards the high yielding varieties of paddy

Bregani, P.P.rta, V.; Carbone, A.O.gari, B.N.tale, B.D., 1979:
Attitude of juvenile diabetics and their families towards dietetic regimen

Bhagwan Singh, 2006:
Attitude of marginal farmers towards moth bean production technology

Trivedi, J.; Pandya, D., 1976:
Attitude of officers i

Aziz, M.A.; Bhuiyan, M.H.; Islam, M.R., 2007:
Attitude of rural women towards goat rearing

Tripathi, S.; Singh, B.; Pathak, S., 1978:
Attitude of rural youth towards various activities of youth clubs

Tripathi, S.; Singh, B.; Pathak, S., 1977:
Attitude of rural youth towards youth clubs and its projects

Renuka; Sandhu, N., 1983:
Attitude of small and medium farmers towards farm credit

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