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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 15099

Chapter 15099 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bodenstedt, Aa, 1973:
Attitude of small farmers in developing countries toward cooperation

Gluck, P., 1984:
Attitude of the Austrian urban citizens to forest

Stawecki, P., 1971:
Attitude of the General Staff of the Polish Army towards the problems of forestry (Contribution to the history of forestry in Poland during years 1918--1939)

Sauerland, I., 1977:
Attitude of the consumer to fresh and processed fruits and vegetables

Deenen, B.Van, 1972:
Attitude of the farmer to the farm, family and society

Singh, Y.; Singh, J.; Wattamwar, A., 1978:
Attitude of the farmers towards dairy cooperative in Maharashtra State

Halim, A.I.lam, A., 1973:
Attitude of the front line extension workers towards in-service training programme

Ludvigsson, J., 1979:
Attitude of the juvenile diabetic and his family towards the dietetic regimen

Zuppinger, K.S.hmid, E.S.hutz, B., 1979:
Attitude of the juvenile diabetic, his family and peers toward a restricted dietetic regimen

Gaia, P., 1979:
Attitude of the maloalcoholic fermentation of the yeasts of the natural blastoflora of musts

Hertig, Hp, 1979:
Attitude of the population to problems of forests and forest economy

Ravichandran, V.K.ight, A., 1980:
Attitude of the registered sugar cane growers

Rohrweg, J., 1983:
Attitude of the students of forestry towards their future profession

Granier, P., 1978:
Attitude of the veterinarian towards controls in endurance rides

Blagoeva-Nikolova, V., 1986:
Attitude of wild Nicotiana species to parasite Orobanche ramosa

Blagoeva-Nikolova, V., 1986:
Attitude of wild Nicotiana species to potato virus Y

Fakoya, E.O.; Agbonlahor, M.U.; Dipeolu, A.O., 2007:
Attitude of women farmers towards sustainable land management practices in South-Western Nigeria

Anonymous, 1980:
Attitude theory and measurement in food and nutrition research

Olson, Jc, 1980:
Attitude theory and research from an information-processing perspective

Frye, Benjamin-Moss, 1971:
Attitude toward science and the audio-tutorial method of teaching general botany at Oklahoma State University

Anonymous, 1969:
Attitude toward the Memorandum on Agricultural Reform in the European Economic Community

Neitzke, A.A.berg, H., 1969:
Attitude toward the Mansholt Plan price proposals for dairy products

Grummert, Michelle, 1994:
Attitude toward work and family issues of Nebraska extension employees and spouses

Brewer, Don, 1991:
Attitude towards aquatic wildlife and fish resources in New Hampshire

Saba, A.T.rrini, A.D.-Natale, R.D.-Amicis, A., 1999:
Attitude towards food containing fats in subjects of different body size

Gibbison, G.A., 2007:
Attitude towards intimate partner violence against women and risky sexual choices of Jamaican males

Das, K.; Mane, P.; Kale, B.; Fulzele, R.; Haque, M., 1980:
Attitude towards poultry farming in West Bengal

Strege, B., 1975:
Attitude, a case for optimism in fire management

Schuster, Ervin, G., 1978:
Attitudes & activities of private forest landowners in western Montana

Barber, Ke, 1986:
Attitudes about death

Neal, A.; Groat, H.; Wicks, J., 1989:
Attitudes about having children: a study of 600 couples in the early years of marriage

Bammel, G., 1993:
Attitudes about retirement, work and leisure among seniors

Byrne, D.; Carpenter, E., 1986:
Attitudes and actions of urbanites in managing household arthropods

Zehnder, Leonard-Edward, 1966:
Attitudes and behavior change in the food service industry

Weber, H., 1976:
Attitudes and behavior patterms of forest visitors in the central Neckar River area

Frohn, H., 1975:
Attitudes and behavioral patterns of the consumer with respect to meats and sausages

Yang, T.; Wu, Y.; Abdullah, A.Saleh.M.; Dai, D.; Li, F.; Wu, J.; Xiang, H., 2007:
Attitudes and behavioral response toward key tobacco control measures from the FCTC among Chinese urban residents

Carlson, John, E., 1994:
Attitudes and behaviors of consumers about organic food products in Idaho, Oregon and Washington

Rose, D., 1994:
Attitudes and behaviors related to weight status

Ahlgren, M.G.stafsson, I.; Hall, G., 2004:
Attitudes and beliefs directed towards ready-meal consumption

Schwarz, R.J.; Khadka, S.B.; Sleator, R., 2003:
Attitudes and beliefs regarding orofacial cleft deformities in Nepal

Beeks, J., 1972:
Attitudes and change

Merservey, D.; Foster, B.; Knowles, S., 1975:
Attitudes and characteristics of woodland owners in Rockingham County, New Hampshire

Shepherd, R.S.arks, P.R.ats, M., 1991:
Attitudes and choice of flavoured milks: extensions of fishbein and Ajzens theory of reasoned action

Sun, X.C.llins, R., 2002:
Attitudes and consumption values of consumers of imported fruit in Guangzhou, China

Stewart, D.; Rouf, A.; Snaith, A.; Elliott, K.; Helms, P.J.; McLay, J.S., 2007:
Attitudes and experiences of community pharmacists towards paediatric off-label prescribing: a prospective survey

Sevoian, Lucile-Hieser, 1955:
Attitudes and experiences of ten- and eleven-year-old 4-H club members enrolled in clothing projects in McLean County, Illinois in 1953, with implications for program planning

Epp, D.; Mauger, P., 1989:
Attitudes and household characteristics influencing solid waste generation: a household garbage analysis

Yarrow, D.T.; Guynn, D.C.Jr, 1997:
Attitudes and human dimensions in forest ecosystem management

Patch, C.S.; Tapsell, L.C.; Williams, P.G., 2005:
Attitudes and intentions toward purchasing novel foods enriched with omega-3 fatty acids

Lipton, R.B.; Losey, L.M.; Giachello, A.; Mendez, J.; Girotti, M.H., 1998:
Attitudes and issues in treating Latino patients with type 2 diabetes: views of healthcare providers

von Hurst, P.R.; Wham, C.A., 2007:
Attitudes and knowledge about osteoporosis risk prevention: a survey of New Zealand women

Marrich, Amy, 1991:
Attitudes and knowledge of agricultural producers and homeowners concernig water quality in the Lake Manatee Watershed

Esposito, S.; Tremolati, E.; Bellasio, M.; Chiarelli, G.; Marchisio, P.; Tiso, B.; Mosca, F.; Pardi, G.; Principi, N., 2007:
Attitudes and knowledge regarding influenza vaccination among hospital health workers caring for women and children

Saether, R., 1977:
Attitudes and methods as a time phenomenon

Dobson, C., 1985:
Attitudes and perceptions

Tanner, G.; Dimmick, R., 1983:
Attitudes and perceptions of Tennessee farmers toward deer and deer crop damage

Cole, L.F.nno, W., 2000:
Attitudes and perceptions of recent agricultural sciences graduates

Page-Robin, E.; Sardo, J., 1964:
Attitudes and plans of high school students in Sedgwick County, Colorado

Wehr, Hm, 1978:
Attitudes and policies of state governments

Bartz, J.; Cook, C., 1987:
Attitudes and satisfaction of residents of single- and multi-family earth-sheltered housing

Collins, Jr; Mohr, Ma, 1985:
Attitudes and the handicapped

Folkman, William, S., 1962:
Attitudes and values in a rural development area

Kooi, Cv, 1986:
Attitudes can make or break you

Vang, O., 1979:
Attitudes concerning growing fruit. Training--or lack of same

Mrak, Em, 1976:
Attitudes concerning industrial and especially pesticide chemicals in the United States

Kotrlik, Jw, 1987:
Attitudes held toward FFA proficiency awards

Harter, Da, 1969:
Attitudes held toward employing paid 4-H extension aides in the New Jersey Extension Service

Bliss, J.; Brooks, R.J.; Larsen, M., 1993:
Attitudes in the Tennessee Valley region toward forest practices and policies

Courtenay, H.A.mstrong, J., 1970:
Attitudes in the industry

Goodale, T.; Ditton, R., 1973:
Attitudes into actions: perceiving and responding to a degra ded water resource

Radhakrishna, R.; Everhart, L.S.nasky, M., 2006:
Attitudes of 4-H Participants About 4-H Competitive Events

King, Dean-Matthew, 1970:
Attitudes of 4-H members who have attended a national 4-H citizenship shortcourse

Martisius, S.A., 2007:
Attitudes of Albinas Rimka towards issues of agrarian economics

Voth, D.; Danforth, D., 1979:
Attitudes of Arkansans toward agriculture and public expenditures for agriculture

Voth, D.; Danforth, D., 1978:
Attitudes of Arkansans toward schools

Perry, Alvah, L., 1965:
Attitudes of Aroostook potato growers toward marketing and processing

Zepeda, L., 1989:
Attitudes of California milk producers toward bovine somatotropin

Kemp, James, C., 1964:
Attitudes of Colorado county extension personnel regarding the interests and needs of teen-age youth as related to extension programs

Matthews, M.T.ylor; Jenkins, D.-R.S.etto, R., F., 1942:
Attitudes of Edgefield County farmers toward farm practices and rural programs

Boone, D.; Boone, H.J.; Reed, C.W.loshuk, J.; Gartin, S., 2006:
Attitudes of Extension Professionals Toward Involvement of Special Needs Youth in 4-H Programs

Makela, J., 1976:
Attitudes of Finnish forest owners concerning the development of forestry

Borkenhagen, A.; Brähler, E.; Wisch, S.; Stöbel-Richter, Y.; Strauss, B.; Kentenich, H., 2007:
Attitudes of German infertile couples towards preimplantation genetic diagnosis for different uses: a comparison to international studies

Smith, C.M.; Peterson, J.M.; Leatherman, J.C., 2007:
Attitudes of Great Plains producers about best management practices, conservation programs, and water quality

Shehata, Sabry, 2007:
Attitudes of Hawaii consumers toward genetically modified fruit

Propst, D.-B.S.homaker, J.-H.M.tchell, J., E., 1977:
Attitudes of Idaho off-road vehicle users and managers

Osborne, E.; Dyer, J., 2000:
Attitudes of Illinois agriscience students and their parents toward agriculture and agricultural education programs

Osborne, E.; Dyer, J., 1998:
Attitudes of Illinois high school science teachers toward educational programs in agriculture

Carter, W.; Culbert,. Jr.;, 1970:
Attitudes of Illinois retail florists on the bunching and grading of roses

Belleau, B.; Dagro, P., 1991:
Attitudes of Louisiana apparel manufacturers towards computer technology

Moore, E.; Jones, L., 2001:
Attitudes of Michigan agriscience teachers toward diversity

Hook, R.; Robinson, W., 1982:
Attitudes of Michigan citizens toward predators Canis lupus, rabies vector, wolf

Zekor, D.; Kaminski, R., 1987:
Attitudes of Mississippi Delta farmers toward private-land waterfowl management

Nabi, David, H., 1983:
Attitudes of Mississippi nonindustrial private landowners toward forest resources management

Adelaine, M.; Foster, R., 1989:
Attitudes of Nebraska superintendents, principals, and vocational agriculture instructors regarding the delivery of adult education through secondary programs

Mullis, R.; Rathge, R.M.llis, A., 1987:
Attitudes of North Dakota high school students toward the farm crisis

Miller, L.; Short, G., 1986:
Attitudes of Ohio Vocational Agriculture Teachers toward summer programs

Thompson, G.; Balschweid, M., 1999:
Attitudes of Oregon agricultural science and technology teachers toward integrating science

Herren, R.C.le, L., 1984:
Attitudes of Oregon vocational agriculture teachers toward the supervised occupational experience program component of the vocational agriculture curriculum

Ingram, P.; Rodgers, N., 1997:
Attitudes of Pennsylvania Governors School scholars toward diversity

Sharma, M.; Jain, K., 1971:
Attitudes of Punjabi rural women towards some family planning measures

Tarbet, D.M.eller, G.; Mcloughlin, K., 1977:
Attitudes of Salmon River users toward management of wild and scenic rivers

Fortney, C.; Dimit, R.; Field, D.; Sauer, H., 1972:
Attitudes of South Dakota farm operators toward wetlands and waterfowl production

Fortney, C.-Thomas; Dimit, R.-M.S.uer, H., M., 1972:
Attitudes of South Dakota farm operators towards wetlands and waterfowl production

Flynn, Craig, J., 1990:
Attitudes of Southwest milk producers with regard to their dairy cooperatives

Kotrlik, J.; Lelle, M., 1986:
Attitudes of State and National Officers of Vocational Agricultural Teachers Associations toward State Supervision and Teacher Education in Agriculture

Dyer, J.; Lacey, R.O.borne, E., 1996:
Attitudes of University of Illinois College of Agriculture freshmen toward agriculture

Reneau, F.R.ider, R., 1986:
Attitudes of Vocational Agriculture Teachers toward Supervised Occupational Experience Programs

Liefeld, J.; Gullett, E.; Sanderson, M.W.tts, T.; Sabry, J., 1975:
Attitudes of a sample of consumers towards nutritional labelling

Speece, Helen-Jane, 1979:
Attitudes of a selected sample of middle-aged women toward aging

Redmond, Ma, 1985:
Attitudes of adolescent males toward adolescent pregnancy and fatherhood

Hurta, H.; Derecskei, A., 2007:
Attitudes of agrarian leaders in view of willingness for cooperation

Stegelin, F.; Novak, J., 1986:
Attitudes of agribusiness toward microcomputers

Houston, Dj, 1979:
Attitudes of agricultural agency personnel and low-income farmers toward each other

Mcmanus, B.; Keller, L., 1976:
Attitudes of burley tobacco quota owners toward quota transfers and government control

Ganster, D.V.ith, V., 1983:
Attitudes of cat owners toward their cats Behavior, veterinary practice

Anonymous, 1988:
Attitudes of children toward sexuality and pregnancy

Anonymous, 1992:
Attitudes of children toward the world of work

Dyer, J.; Breja, L.; Andreasen, R., 1999:
Attitudes of college of agriculture freshmen toward agriculture

Artale, Laura-Jo, 2003:
Attitudes of community college students toward people with disabilities

Anonymous, 1981:
Attitudes of cooperative farme

Huerta, J.; Smith, K., 1994:
Attitudes of county extension agents toward agent specialization in Ohio

Morhe, E.S.K.; Morhe, R.A.S.; Danso, K.A., 2007:
Attitudes of doctors toward establishing safe abortion units in Ghana

Smit, Cjb, 1977:
Attitudes of educational institutions toward the minimum standards

Ingram, Pd, 1999:
Attitudes of extension professionals toward diversity education in 4-H programs

Hart, L.Gary.; Norris, T.E.; Lishner, D.M., 2003:
Attitudes of family physicians in Washington state toward physician-assisted suicide

Galloway, Robert, E., 1954:
Attitudes of farm operators in Harrison County, Kentucky toward old-age and survivors insurance program

Mcmanus, B.; Humberd, D., 1977:
Attitudes of farmers toward agricultural policy alternatives

Becker, C.; Jenkins, B.; Horsfield, B.G.ss,. Jr.;, 1978:
Attitudes of farmers toward using crop residues as fuel

Farcy, Rp-De, 1978:
Attitudes of farmers towards land ownership

Kahan, S.D.xit, G., 1973 :
Attitudes of farmers towards new techniques of agriculture

Reid, K.I.; Mueller, P.S.; Barnes, S.A., 2007:
Attitudes of general dentists regarding the acceptance of gifts and unconventional payments from patients

Eisenberg, N.; Owens, R.G.; Dewey, M.E., 1987:
Attitudes of health professionals to child sexual abuse and incest

Lauro, Gj, 1977:
Attitudes of industry toward the minimum standards

Laughlin, N.; Garcia, M., 1986:
Attitudes of landscape architects in the USDA Forest Service toward the visual management system

Little, Randall, D., 2003:
Attitudes of large beef producers toward selected production and marketing practices

Chandler, J.T.; Rachal, J.R.; Kazelskis, R., 1986:
Attitudes of long-term care nursing personnel toward the elderly

Query, Sharon-Louise, 1985:
Attitudes of members and their parents about competition and pressure to win in 4-H for Clay County, Minnesota

Anonymous, 1956:
Attitudes of members toward Washington County artificial breeding cooperative

Dinh, T.A.; Rosenthal, S.L.; Doan, E.D.; Trang, T.; Pham, V.H.; Tran, B.D.; Tran, V.D.; Phan, G.A.Bao.; Chu, H.K.H.; Breitkopf, C.Radecki., 2007:
Attitudes of mothers in Da Nang, Vietnam toward a human papillomavirus vaccine

Massey, Dt, 1978 :
Attitudes of nearby residents toward establishing sanitary landfills

Kepner, Kw, 1982:
Attitudes of nursery managers toward employee performance Florida agribusiness industry

Allen, D., 2003:
Attitudes of older EU adults to diet, food and health

Huik, M. van; Bock, B., 2006:
Attitudes of organic pig farmers towards animal welfare

Anonymous, 1993:
Attitudes of pesticide applicators on waste reduction

Raj, S.C.ancy, K., 1995:
Attitudes of processors and distributors towards processing in the natural foods industry

Combs, J.; Todd, J., 1974:
Attitudes of prospective and present teachers toward selected vocational agriculture activities

Gracia, A.Z.ballos, G., 2005:
Attitudes of retailers and consumers toward the EU traceability and labeling system for beef

Burnight, R.G.; Leoprapai, B., 1977:
Attitudes of rural Thai women towards induced abortion

Seroka, J., 1986:
Attitudes of rural county leaders in the United States towards intergovernmental cooperation

Dean, T.; Borkan, E.; Pless, I.B., 1971:
Attitudes of rural physicians toward the medical care of migrant farm workers, crippled children and the elderly

Dickins, D.; Ferguson, V.; Fanelli, A., 1954:
Attitudes of rural school children towards several food production and canning activites

Anonymous, 1950:
Attitudes of scientists and engineers about their government employment; summary findings

Tamir, P.H.mo, A., 1980:
Attitudes of secondary school students in Israel toward the use of living organisms in the study of biology

Hastings, Shirley-Welch, 1979:
Attitudes of selected Oklahoma Cooperative Extension staff toward tasks of adult 4-H volunteer leaders

Lacy, Richard, C., 2003:
Attitudes of small beef producers toward selected production and marketing practices

Lockett, Bl, 1994:
Attitudes of small farmers as 1995 farm bill stakeholders

Singh, B.K.shwaha, R., 1980:
Attitudes of small farmers towards compost

Gorman, S.; Sheinkopf, K., 1989:
Attitudes of solar system owners toward system performance, reliability and service

May, A.F.tzgerald, J.H.nman, S.S.ark, C.G.een, B.; Grinstead, M., 1975:
Attitudes of some Arkansans towards nursing homes for health care

Aurand, Tj, 1977:
Attitudes of students toward the minimum minimum standards

Miller, L.; Krill, T., 1985:
Attitudes of superintendents of Ohio comprehensive high schools toward adult programs

Ben Abdelaziz, A.; Amira, Z.; Gaha, K.; Thabet, H.; Soltane, I.; Ghedira, A.; Gaha, R., 2007:
Attitudes of teachers to tobacco smoking

Wister, A.; Burch, T., 1989:
Attitudes of the elderly towards living arrangements: conceptual and methodological issues

Hackman, P., 1976:
Attitudes of the farmers union to multiple jobholders in Finland

Selby, L.A.; Rhoades, J.D., 1981:
Attitudes of the public towards dogs and cats as companion animals

Legutko, S., 1977:
Attitudes of the rural youth toward farming as a profession

Anglin, Roland, 1990:
Attitudes of urban and non-urban residents toward local growth and growth management

Stone, E.A.; Shugars, D.A.; Bader, J.D.; O'Neil, E.H., 1992:
Attitudes of veterinarians toward emerging competencies for health care practitioners

Ten-Bensel, R.; Ward, D.; Kruttschnitt, C.Q.igley, J.A.derson, R., 1984:
Attitudes of violent criminals toward animals

Whaples, Gc, 1975:
Attitudes of white 4-H professionals in the Northeast Region of the United States towards blacks

Kneisel, William-Gilbert, 1952:
Attitudes of young men and women toward the older rural youth program in Columbiana County, Ohio

Nelson, Bardin, H., 1957:
Attitudes of youth toward occupational opportunities and social services in Cherokee County

Nelson, Bardin, H., 1960:
Attitudes of youth toward occupational opportunities and social services in a six-county area of the blacklands

Colle, Royal, D., 1968:
Attitudes on agricultural land use

Law, Ms, 1982:
Attitudes on cooperative performance Farm supplies, marketing organizations, management

Bevins, Mi, 1972:
Attitudes on environmental quality in six Vermont lakeshore communities

Haywood, S., 1987:
Attitudes to animal usage and the review system in the US

Wells, D.; Hepper, P., 1995:
Attitudes to animal use in children

Serpell, J., 1989:
Attitudes to animals

Hansen, F.O.ander, F., 1986:
Attitudes to consumer policy issues in Denmark--1976-1984

Page-Shipp, L.S.; Charalambous, S.; Roux, S.; Dias, B.; Sefuti, C.; Churchyard, G.J.; Grant, A.D., 2007 :
Attitudes to directly observed antiretroviral treatment in a workplace HIV care programme in South Africa

Maggiore, P.B.gley, A., 1991:
Attitudes to fish consumption in Perth

Hattne, K.; Folke, S.; Twetman, S., 2007:
Attitudes to oral health among adolescents with high caries risk

Wilcox, At, 1974:
Attitudes to outdoor recreation

Sheppard, R.L., 1991:
Attitudes to pests and pest control methods

Whaples,gene, C., 1974:
Attitudes toward Blacks of white adults involved in 4-H youth programs

Spinks, G. R., 1970:
Attitudes toward agricultural marketing in Asia

Sprinks, Gr, 1978:
Attitudes toward agricultural marketing in Asia and the Far East

Lanham, O.-E.D.mit, R., M., 1974:
Attitudes toward and perceptions of pollution by residents of the Big Stone Lake area

Gallup, G.J.; Beckstead, J., 1989:
Attitudes toward animal research

Braithwaite, J.B.aithwaite, V., 1983:
Attitudes toward animal suffering: an exploratory study

Driscoll, Jw, 1992:
Attitudes toward animal use

Bodson, L., 1983:
Attitudes toward animals in Greco-Roman antiquity

Kellert, Sr, 1984:
Attitudes toward animals: age related development among children

Herzog, H.J.; Burghardt, G., 1988:
Attitudes toward animals: origins and diversity

Schwart, R.J.; Saha, A.L.ve, A., 1993:
Attitudes toward bST

Ghaemi-Ahmadi, S., 1988:
Attitudes toward breastfeeding among low-income Persian and Southeast Asian immigrant women: implications for health and nutrition education

Poss, J.E.; Bader, J.O., 2007:
Attitudes toward companion animals among Hispanic residents of a Texas border community

Smith, K.; Collins, C., 1988:
Attitudes toward competition in a youth organization

Hothem, George-Wayne, 1968:
Attitudes toward competition in the 4-H program in Carroll County, Ohio

Duffy, Timothy, J., 1980:
Attitudes toward computer-based long-range planning and management information systems in education and business

Pollnac, Richard, B., 1979 :
Attitudes toward cooperation among small-scale fishermen and farmers in the Azores

Schneider, S., 1988:
Attitudes toward death in adolescent offspring of Holocaust survivors: a comparison of Israeli and American adolescents

Matz, J.F.ankel, E., 2005:
Attitudes toward disordered eating and weight: important considerations for therapists and health professionals

Woodward, P.; Shippee, E., 1943:
Attitudes toward dividing the American food supply with our allies

Bengston, D.; Xu, G.F.n, D., 2001:
Attitudes toward ecosystem management in the United States, 1992-1998

Bakken, D., 1976:
Attitudes toward employment of agriculture teacher aides

Thompson, J.; Blevins, A., 1983:
Attitudes toward energy development in the Northern Great Plains United States

Eastman, C.; Diemer, J., A., 1986:
Attitudes toward energy issues and energy consumption in New Mexico and the United States, 1973-1983

Eastman, C.S.evens, T., 1978:
Attitudes toward energy use and policy in New Mexico

Ulug, Se, 1973:
Attitudes toward environmental problems in developing versus developed countries

Polinard, Jerry, L., 1979:
Attitudes toward environmental quality

Adams, M.S.ann, M.G.ode, C.C.rnelius, K., 1994:
Attitudes toward federal technology commercialization

Figueroa-De-Valentine, Edith, 1971:
Attitudes toward foods of homemakers living in Tras Talleres, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Anonymous, 1980:
Attitudes toward grain transportation among elevator managers

Anonymous, 1980:
Attitudes toward grain transportation among grain producers

Treat, Kathryn-Ruth, 1976:
Attitudes toward incentives and competition

Ludwig, Bg, 1993:
Attitudes toward internationalizing

Napier, T.; Mast, D., 1981:
Attitudes toward land use controls within a multi-ethnic county of Ohio

Eshetu, T.H.lgeson, D.; Dunn, E., 1976:
Attitudes toward land use planning

Peek, C.; Lowe, G.; Alston, J., 1977:
Attitudes toward local police: a new look at the racial variable

Salts, C.J.; Seismore, M.D.; Lindholm, B.W.; Smith, T.A., 1994:
Attitudes toward marriage and premarital sexual activity of college freshmen

Granger, Jm, 1989 :
Attitudes toward national personal social services policy

May, Alan, 1975:
Attitudes toward nursing homes and other facilities for meeting health care needs after retirement

May, A.F.tzgerald, J.H.nman, S.S.ark, C.G.een, B.G.instead, M., 1975:
Attitudes toward nursing homes and other facilities for meeting health care needs after retirement; Scott County and Fort Smith, Arkansas

Austin, D.R., 1985:
Attitudes toward old age: a hierarchical study

Leslie, K., 2007:
Attitudes toward pain and the use of analgesics in dairy cattle

Kamen, C.; Darr-Dalinsky, P., 1974:
Attitudes toward payment for resource use: The case of dome stic water consumption

Danforth, Diana, M., 1972:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources

Jackson, V.D.nforth, D.; Voth, D.; Hudson, G., 1977:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources, Chicot Country, Arkansas

Jackson, V.D.nforth, D.; Voth, D.; Hudson, G., 1977:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources, Chicot County, Arkansas

Danforth, D.; Jackson, V.V.th, D.; Hudson, G., 1977:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources, Crittenden County, Arkansas

Danforth, D.; Hudson, G.; Jackson, V.V.th, D., 1977 :
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources, Franklin County, Arkansas

Danforth, D.; Jackson, V.V.th, D.; Hudson, G., 1977:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources, Greene County, Arkansas

Jackson, V.D.nforth, D.; Voth, D.; Hudson, G., 1977:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources, Howard County, Arkansas

Jackson, V.D.nforth, D.; Voth, D.; Hudson, G., 1977:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources, Independence County, Arkansas

Jackson, V.D.nforth, D.; Voth, D.; Hudson, G., 1977:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources, Jefferson County, Arkansas

Jackson, V.D.nforth, D.; Voth, D.; Hudson, G., 1977:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources, Lafayette County, Arkansas

Jackson, V.D.nforth, D.; Voth, D.; Hudson, G., 1977:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources, Ouachita County, Arkansas

Jackson, V.D.nforth, D.; Hudson, G.; Voth, D., 1977:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources, Saline County, Arkansas

Jackson, V.D.nforth, D.H.dson, G.; Voth, D., 1976:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources: Cleburne County, Arkansas

Hudson, G.; Danforth, D.; Jackson, V.V.th, D., 1976:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources: Conway County, Arkansas

Jackson, V.D.nforth, D.; Hudson, G.; Voth, D., 1976:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources: Lee County, Arkansas

Hudson, G.; Jackson, V.D.nforth, D.; Voth, D., 1976:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources: Yell County, Arkansas

Jackson, V.D.nforth, D.H.dson, G.; Voth, D., 1976:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources; Benton County, Afkansas

Danforth, D.; Hudson, G.; Jackson, V.V.th, D., 1976:
Attitudes toward planning and management of land resources; Carroll County, Arkansas

Relf, D.M.daniel, A.; Butterfield, B., 1992:
Attitudes toward plants and gardening

Kastrinos, F.; Stoffel, E.M.; Balmaña, J.; Syngal, S., 2007:
Attitudes toward prenatal genetic testing in patients with familial adenomatous polyposis

De Las Cuevas, C.; Sanz, E.J., 2007:
Attitudes toward psychiatric drug treatment: the experience of being treated

Shilling, C.; Bury, R., 1973:
Attitudes toward recreational development potentials of non-coporate land owners

Shilling, C.; Bury, R., 1973:
Attitudes toward recreational development potentials of non-corporate land owners

Tarrant, Rf, 1978:
Attitudes toward red alder in the Douglas fir region

Chenoweth, R.C.idister, M., 1983:
Attitudes toward research in landscape architecture: a study of the discipline

Ben-David, S.B.ookshire, D.B.rness, S.M.kee, M.S.hmidt, C., 2000:
Attitudes toward risk and compliance in emission permit markets

Driver, Hc, 1979:
Attitudes toward risk: the conceptual framework

Bachtel, D.; Thomas, D.; Napier, T., 1979:
Attitudes toward rural industrial development

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Attivitaa dellopera nellAltipiano Silano

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Attracting birds to your garden

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Attracting birds to your yard in winter

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Attracting economic growth for the rural economy

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Attracting new customers through brochures

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Attracting purple martins

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Attracting the Upper Midwests next generation of dairy farmers

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Attracting wildlife to your backyard

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Attraction of primordial germ cells by notochord in seven somites chick embryo

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Attraction of some scolytids and associated beetles to the host volatiles alpha-pinene and ethanol

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Attraction of the female in oestrus by the male among swine

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Attraction of the grain mite, Acarus siro L., to fungi associated with stored-food commodities

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Attraction of the virgin females of two species of Pseudococcidae (Homoptera, Coccoidea) for a parasitic hymenopteran (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea)

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Attractions of the flesh

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Attractive and aggregating pheromones

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Attractive and safe food preservation exhibits

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Attractive and unattractive features of the occupation of an agroeconomist

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Attractive behavior toward human constructions helps to explain the domestic and cosmopolitan status of some drosophilids

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Attractive ground cover choices

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Attractive lawn furnishings

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Attractive materials for greenhouses

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Attractive packaging with effective advertising helps sales

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Attractive sounds for autochemosterilization of the male mosquitos Aedes aegypti, Anopheles stephensi, Culex pipiens molestus

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Attractive wines of Alsace. i

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Attrition of older industry employees causes slight decline in median salary

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Attrition rate of agricultural personnel in Kerala, 1977

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Atualidades veterinarias

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Atuna Rafin. versus Cyclandrophora Hassk. (Rosaceae-Chrysobalanoideae)

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Atypical manifestation of infect

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Atypical mitogen-activated protein kinases: structure, regulation and functions

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Atypical myofilament arrangement in some abdominal muscles of mayfly nymphs

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Atypical myoglobinuria: a new disease in horses?

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Atypical oral lesions in bovine papular stomatitis

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Atypical osteomyelitis in a young bull

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Atypical performance: how do we deal with that?

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Atypical pupping habit of Tillandsia ionantha

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Atypical pyometra in a bitch

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Atypical rabies in a flock of ewes

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Atypical root growth in Solanum laciniatum Ait. caused by tryptophan and tyrosine

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Atypical saddle block embolism in a cat

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Atypical seeds of Piper sudangrass

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Atypical sporangium-like structures of Phytophthora parasitica

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Atypical symptom expression of common bacterial blight in tropical Pompadour germplasm

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Atypical time course of clinical signs in a dog poisoned by strychnine

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Atypical tuberculosis in swine

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Atypical villonodular synovitis in a horse

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Atypical viscosity behavior of dilute solutions of xanthan gum

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Atypical viviparous condition in Bruguiera cylindrica (L.) Bl. (Rhizophoraceae)

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Atypical working hours and their impacts on leisure - an unofficial Swiss time use study

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Atypical zinc deficiency in Japanese quail fed two soy products

Anonymous, 2006:
Atypikum in Retardform effektiv wirksam in der Langzeitbehandlung

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Atypische Mykobakterien als Ursache der Maschinenarbeiterlunge, der hot tub lung und der Schwimmbadalveolitis

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Atypus affinis Eichwald, 1830 in the Thuringian Forest (Araneae, Atypidae)

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Anonymous, 1985:
Au Sable River

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Au automatic tare sampler for sugarbeets

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Au jardin de mon paere

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Au maeme pot et au maeme feu

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Au pays des abeilles, modestes ruches & grands ruchers

Gicquel, Maurice, 1946:
Au pays des fleurs

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Au pays du miel

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Au rythme des marees

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Au service de la foraet

Caziot, Pierre, 1941:
Au service de la paysannerie

Anonymous, 1947:
Au service la protection et de lamelioration des cultures francaises

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Au siaecle de latome dans votre jardin raecolter plus, peiner moins

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Au-Rosa plum developed

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Auara: Annamalai University agricultural research annual

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Aubergine and sweet pepper: production in a heated glasshouse

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Aubergines and courgettes the market in selected western European countries

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Aubrac: analysis of relations between natural environment and its use by man

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Auburn 76 FMN

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Auburn 76 FMN, a Fusarium wilt, tobacco mosaic virus, and root knot nematode resistant tomato variety

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Auburn Indian Restoration Act

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Auburn University 1987 forage crop variety recommendations

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Auburn University 1988 forage crop variety recommendations

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Auburn University 1990 forage crop variety recommendations

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Auburn University 1991 forage crop variety recommendations

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Auburn University 1992 forage crop variety recommendations

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Auburn University 1993 forage crop variety recommendations

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Auburn University 1994 forage crop variety recommendations

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Auburn University 1995 forage crop variety recommendations

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Auburn University Economic Development Institute

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Auburn University Extension Service publications

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Auburn University Extension: a major force for resource development

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Auburn University Fescue Toxicity Diagnostic Center

Anonymous, 1991:
Auburn University Marine Extension and Research Center

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Auburn University poultry litter seminar, Wednesday, October 25th and Thursday, October 26th, 1967

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Auburn University: visioning for the future

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Auburn agricultural students

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Auburn evaluation of altrenogest shows promise for swine estrus synchronization to allow for close grouping of breeding and farrowing, synthetic progestagens

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Auburn research aids forest industries

Sanderson, Kc, 1981:
Auburn students tour Florida and learn production techniques

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Auburn-Folsom South Unit of the Central Valley Project

Anonymous, 1964:
Auburn-Folsom South Unit, American River Division, Central Valley Project, California

Anonymous, 1954:
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