Autonomous circulation of serotype 2 of Bluetongue virus originating from vaccine in the province of Forli-Cesena

Vecchi, G.; Usberti, R.; Tamba, M.; Dottori, M.; Bonilauri, P.; Massi, P.; Cordioli, P.; Fallacara, C.; Bovo, A.

Large Animal Review 12(3): 3-11


ISSN/ISBN: 1124-4593
Accession: 015103773

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The presence of bluetongue virus is detected in Italy in 2000 and four serotypes (BTV2, BTV4, BTV9 and BTV16) are identified. In 2001, compulsary vaccination using live vaccines on cattle, sheep and goats was used to eradicate the disease. The animals are then free to move inside the country after vaccination. Epidemiological survey conducted in 2004 revealed 15 BTV2 seropositive cattle herds from the Forli-Cesena province due to vaccine strain BTVV-2. The serological survey carried out between 2004 and 2005 within the same area showed increase prevalence in cattle from 15-75% herd level and 2-21% at the individual animal level. The BTVV-2 strain circulation is confirmed in 2005 and the presence of the vaccine strain is due to the movement of vaccinated cattle in the mountainous area of Forli-Ceseno province. It is suggested that control programmes must be revised and a new surveillance programme for BTVV-2 active circulation should be made.