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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 15111

Chapter 15111 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1998:
Backyard bin promotion brings in the buyers

Leighton, L., 1999:
Backyard bins generate enthusiastic response

Anonymous, 2004:
Backyard biosecurity

Anonymous, 2004:
Backyard biosecurity practices to keep your birds healthy

Tekulsky, M.; Burgoyne, J., 1999:
Backyard birdfeeding for beginners

Reich, L., 1988:
Backyard blues

Laughlin, Robin-Kittrell, 1996:
Backyard bugs

Wallin, Craig, 1989:
Backyard cash crops

Flores, 1b, 1970:
Backyard cattle farming

Szilagyi, P., 1976:
Backyard chicken raising

Anonymous, 1952:
Backyard citrus

Barnes, C., 1990:
Backyard cloud forest

Burnett, J., 1988:
Backyard composters

May, J.; Simpson, T., 1992:
Backyard composting and mulching

Taylor, P., 1990:
Backyard composting as MSW strategy

Johnson, Hj, 1995:
Backyard composting education programs

Cogger, C.; Sullivan, D.; Duncan, S., 1994:
Backyard composting in the 1990s

Vance, M.V.nce, G., 1992:
Backyard composting: simple, small-scale methods

Anonymous, 1998:
Backyard conservation

Anonymous, 1998:
Backyard conservation: bringing conservation from the countryside to your backyard

Kameoka, K., 1978:
Backyard dairy-beef farming and feed grain substitutes in Japan

Chee, Sh, 1978:
Backyard dairy-beef farming and feedgrain substitutes in Korea

Chantalakhana, C., 1978:
Backyard dairy-beef production: Thailand

Breskend, J.; Bussolini, K., 1991:
Backyard design

Anonymous, 2000:
Backyard diversion grows in the United Kingdom

Anonymous, 1984:
Backyard farmers hooked on fish bait production

Foster, Lee, 1982:
Backyard farming

Wesseler, P.S.ebbins, R., 1981:
Backyard filbert production

Gutteridge, R.; Robertson, A., 1979:
Backyard forage--an important aspect of animal husbandry in Thailand

Miller, R.; Ellis, M.; Farley, J., 1983:
Backyard fruit sprays for insects & diseases in Michigan

Miller, R.; Ellis, M., 1985:
Backyard fruit sprays for insects and diseases in Michigan

Bilderback, D.-E.P.tent, D.-Hinshaw, 1984:
Backyard fruits & berries

Smith, Miranda, 1994:
Backyard fruits and berries

Anonymous, 1952:
Backyard gardening

Olson, Liz, 2007:
Backyard giants

Flower, F.S.rom, P., 1985:
Backyard leaf composting

Thomas, S.; Looby, G., P., 1990:
Backyard livestock

Lee, A.-W.D.vault, G., 1993:
Backyard market gardening

Meeker, J., 1977:
Backyard melon patch

Jasen, Wg, 1992:
Backyard orchid hunting: Corallorhiza mertensiana Bong

Creech, Fr, 1974:
Backyard organic research

Williams, Ann, 1978:
Backyard pig farming

Ruszler, Pl, 1983:
Backyard poultry feeding

O'-Byrne, Glenys, 1989:
Backyard poultry in New Zealand

Moore, Alanna, 1998:
Backyard poultry, naturally

Thompson, S., 2004:
Backyard powerhouses: green tags spur development of renewable power co-ops in Northwest

Baker, Jerry, 2002:
Backyard problem solver

Walters, P., 1998:
Backyard profits from poultry production

Del-Castillo, J.; Schwartz, L., 1993:
Backyard racehorse

Garisto, Leslie, 1999:
Backyard secrets of the garden experts

Grey, Gw, 1986:
Backyard silviculture

Mann, Rink, 1978:
Backyard sugarin

Dickman, G., 1987:
Backyard superbees

Clemence, Rv, 1973:
Backyard sweet corn

Williams, D., 1987:
Backyard tomato production

Lees, Carlton, B., 1965:
Backyard--or Garden?

Ricciuti, Edward, R., 1998:
Backyards are for the birds

El-Bahri, L.G.orbel, A.B.n-Hassine, T., 2007:

Hetzler, B.E.; Ondracek, J.M., 2007:
Baclofen alters flash-evoked potentials in Long-Evans rats

Broft, A.I.; Spanos, A.; Corwin, R.L.; Mayer, L.; Steinglass, J.; Devlin, M.J.; Attia, E.; Walsh, B.Timothy., 2007:
Baclofen for binge eating: an open-label trial

Wismer, T., 2004:
Baclofen overdose in dogs

Anonymous, 1963:
Bacon & pork production

Tikhonov, V.N., 1957:
Bacon and meat fattening of swine

Tikhonov, V.N., 1956:
Bacon and meat fattening of swine in Latvian SSR

Ciani, La, 1972:
Bacon buyers will see a slice

Taylor, S., 1977:
Bacon curing

Carse, G.M.D., 1957:
Bacon curing on the farm

Doyle, Cl, 1976:
Bacon industry benefits from research

Anonymous, 1976:
Bacon pig production

Anonymous, 1991:
Bacon sampling program for nitrosamine analysis

Anonymous, 1990:
Bacon usage and attitude study for the American Meat Institute and the Pork Industry Group

Eklund, T., 1979:
Bacon without additives

Paardekooper, E.; Labots, H.F.eeman, L., 1980:
Bacon, an inhomogenous product

Conlin, Joseph, R., 1986:
Bacon, beans, and galantines

Depoe, Ce, 1969:
Bacopa egensis (Poeppig) Pennell (Scrophulariaceae) in the United States

Haines, Rd, 1975:
Bacopa monnieri (Scrophulariaceae), a new record for California

Thieret, Jw, 1970:
Bacopa repens (Scrophylariaceae) in the conterminous United States

Hou, C-Chung.; Lin, S-Jiuan.; Cheng, J-Tang.; Hsu, F-Lin., 2002:
Bacopaside III, bacopasaponin G, and bacopasides A, B, and C from Bacopa monniera

Meyer, J.C.; Koterba, A.; Lester, G.; Purich, B.L., 1992:
Bacteraemia and pneumonia in a neonatal foal caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae type 3

Greiner, M.; Wolf, G.; Hartmann, K., 2007:
Bacteraemia in 66 cats and antimicrobial susceptibility of the isolates (1995-2004)

Daskalaki, M.; Otero, J.R.; Sanz, F.; Chaves, F., 2007:
Bacteremia due to clonally derived methicillin-resistant, gentamicin-susceptible isolates and methicillin-susceptible, gentamicin-resistant isolates of Staphylococcus aureus

Kara, I.Hamdi.; Yilmaz, M.Emin.; Sit, D.; Kadiroğlu, A.Kemal.; Kökoğlu, O.Faruk., 2006:
Bacteremia caused by Stenotrophomonas maltophilia in a dialysis patient with a long-term central venous catheter

Kreeger, T.J.; Jeraj, K.P.; Manning, P.J., 1984:
Bacteremia concomitant with parvovirus infection in a pup

Calia, F.M.; Johnson, D.E., 1975:
Bacteremia in suckling rabbits after oral challenge with Vibrio parahaemolyticus

Raphel, Cf, 1983:
Bacteremia in the horse

Cho, J.Hyun.; Park, K.Hwa.; Kim, S.Han.; Bang, J.Hwan.; Park, W.Beom.; Kim, H-Bin.; Kim, N.Joong.; Oh, M-Don.; Lee, H.Suk.; Choe, K-Won., 2007:
Bacteremia is a prognostic factor for poor outcome in spontaneous bacterial peritonitis

Peabody, F.G., 1884 :

Suszkiw, J., 2004:
Bacteria + fungi = more peas?

Roesti, D.; Ineichen, K.; Braissant, O.; Redecker, D.; Wiemken, A.; Aragno, M., 2005:
Bacteria associated with spores of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi Glomus geosporum and Glomus constrictum

Kang, S.Hyun.; Singh, S.; Kim, J-Young.; Lee, W.; Mulchandani, A.; Chen, W., 2007:
Bacteria metabolically engineered for enhanced phytochelatin production and cadmium accumulation

Rabinovich, Zd, 1977:
Bacteria acidity reducers of high acid wines

Herbert, R.; Hendrie, M.; Gibson, D.; Shewan, J., 1971:
Bacteria active in the spoilage of certain sea foods

Neal, David, C., 1953:
Bacteria and Fungi on Seedlings

Pelmont, Jean, 1993:
Bacteria and environment

Cote, G.; Wyckoff, H.B.ely, P., 1998:
Bacteria and enzymes for production of alternan fragments

Cote, G.; Wyckoff, H., 1999:
Bacteria and enzymes for production of alternant fragments

Kolbe, W., 1993:
Bacteria and fallow within nature

Sasser, Pe, 1997:
Bacteria and fiber quality

Mclaughlin, R.-Ollege, M.; Bell, M.; Veal, S., 1966:
Bacteria and fungi associated with dead boll weevils (Anthonomus grandis) in a natural population

Lukacevic, J.H.jsig, M., 1973:
Bacteria and fungi in the feed: ratio of their findings and organoleptic properties

Poulsen, H.H.nsen, M., 1975:
Bacteria and its behavior in mink feed

Meah, Mb, 1983:
Bacteria and nitrate reduction in nutrient solution of water culture of lettuce

Niemi, M.N.emi, J., 1981:
Bacteria and phages in a river and in a sewage effluent Wastewater treatment, River Vantaanjoki, Finland

Fuller, James, E., 1944:
Bacteria and rural water supplies

Bott, Tl, 1973:
Bacteria and the assessment of water quality

Gaschen, F.P., 2007:
Bacteria and the canine and feline gut: the good, the bad and the ugly

Faust, R.; Bulla, L.J., 1982:
Bacteria and their toxins as insecticides

Tkachev, Vm, 1982:
Bacteria and viruses against the apple worm Laspeyresia pomonella, biological control, USSR.1

Colwell, Rr, 1977:
Bacteria and viruses indicators of unnatural environmental changes occurring in the Nations estuaries

Colwell, Rr, 1978:
Bacteria and viruses--indicators of environmental changes occurring in estuaries

Anonymous, 1996:
Bacteria and water wells

Rossell, S.; Abbot, E.; Levy, J., 1973:
Bacteria and wood: a review of the literature relating to the presence, action and interaction of bacteria in wood

Anonymous, 1990:
Bacteria and yeast halt fruit rot

Samborski, Z.S.nze, A.S.elicka, B., 1971:
Bacteria and yeast udder inflammation in mechanically milked cows

Schulz, E.O.lage, H., 1980:
Bacteria and yeasts as a protein feed source from unconventional manufacture

Prave, P., 1975:
Bacteria and yeasts as protein sources

Drew, RAI.; Courtice, AC.; Teakle, DS., 1983:
Bacteria as a natural source of food for adult fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Babincová, Mánia.; Babinec, P., 2006:
Bacteria as a shuttle vector producing SDF-1 for attraction of hematopoietic stem cells to desired sites in body

Schroth, M.; Loper, J.; Hildebrand, D., 1984:
Bacteria as biocontrol agents of plant disease

Maki, L.; Willoughby, K., 1978:
Bacteria as biogenic sources of freezing nuclei

Dinesen, Ig, 1979:
Bacteria as causes of damage to plants

Potocki-Roth, B., 1980:
Bacteria as enemies of plants

Kowalska, B., 2006:
Bacteria as pathogens of plants

Morris, On, 1982:
Bacteria as pesticides: forest applications Biological control, insect pests

Marti, F., 1975:
Bacteria as tracers in groundwater

Madariaga-Aguilar, O.; Lopez-Alvarez, J., 1979:
Bacteria associated with bovine mastitis in Mexico and their susceptibility to chemotherapeutic agents

Kotula, Aw, 1980:
Bacteria associated with electrically stimulated and hot boned meat

Shotts, E.Jr, 1980:
Bacteria associated with fish and their relative importance

Walker, R.; Richardson, D.1; Tarrier, M., 1983:
Bacteria associated with osteomyelitis Staphylococcus, Pasteurella, dogs

Dhevendaran, K.S.nthanam, R.S.lvakumar, N., 1978:
Bacteria associated with plankton of Porto Novo region

Gennaro, Rn, 1974:
Bacteria associated with sooty mold fungi on central Florida citrus

Zachman, Joseph-Emmett, 1992:
Bacteria associated with the earthworm Eisenia fetida

Luna, G.M.; Biavasco, F.; Danovaro, R., 2007:
Bacteria associated with the rapid tissue necrosis of stony corals

Levy, Jf, 1975:
Bacteria associated with wood in ground contact

Anonymous, 1973:
Bacteria battleground

Sperbeck, J., 1978:
Bacteria benefit beans

Brüssow, H., 2007:
Bacteria between protists and phages: from antipredation strategies to the evolution of pathogenicity

Anonymous, 1991:
Bacteria boost soybean income, production

Cooke, L., 1995:
Bacteria break kidney stone-oxalate link

Malhotra, C.; Chaudhary, S., 1976:
Bacteria can also control lac pests

Kremer, Rj, 1986:
Bacteria can battle weed growth

Bowen, N., 1979:
Bacteria can help reduce hazard of PCB contamination

Ennis, D.K.amer, A., 1974:
Bacteria capable of degrading polymeric and low molecular weight amides

Evavold, S.O.erholm, B.S.lberg, P., 1977:
Bacteria causing sweet coagulation of milk. Neutralizing with the use of chemical disinfectants

Calderon, R.-L.M.od, E., W., 1987:
Bacteria colonizing point-of-use, granular activated carbon filters and their relationship to human health

Anonymous, 1991:
Bacteria community in horse manure cleans up toxic organic compounds

Klehr, Hans, 1961:
Bacteria conditioned by hemocytolysis

Dominguez, M.; Jones, R., 1998:
Bacteria conquer the hazards of herbivory

Cornu, D.M.chel, M., 1987:
Bacteria contaminants in shoot cultures of Prunus avium L. choice and phytotoxicity of antibiotics

Bendova, O., 1976:
Bacteria contaminating the products of the brewing industry

Sievers, D., 1978 :
Bacteria content solves lagoon problems

Gromov, B.; Seravin, L.; Gerasimova, Z., 1977:
Bacteria cortical symbionts of Trichonympha turkestanica, a protozoan from the gut tract of termite Hodotermes murgabicus

Rouszer, Herbert, W., 1945:
Bacteria culture collection

Cheng, L.G.iffin, D.J., 1992:
Bacteria densities at a sludge disposal facility

Bentley, Mm, 1976:
Bacteria development in the common pear tree

Sletten, A., 1971:
Bacteria disease on fruit trees in western Norway

Gotuzzo, Esther-Atlas-De, 1964:
Bacteria diseases

Gilson, Wd, 1990:
Bacteria dont have feet

Stewart, L.; Griffiss, J.McLeod.; Jarvis, G.A.; Way, L.W., 2007:
Bacteria entombed in the center of cholesterol gallstones induce fewer infectious manifestations than bacteria in the matrix of pigment stones

Bottazzi, V.L.dda, A.A.izza, S., 1971:
Bacteria fermenting citrates and swelling of the Pecorino Romano cheese

Anonymous, 1973:
Bacteria fight soybean disease

Kendereski, S., 1970:
Bacteria finds on the hands of people working in food production and distribution

Anic, N.Z.vkovic, J., 1978:
Bacteria flora of frozen meals

Backman, P.; Wilson, M.M.rphy, J., 1997:
Bacteria for biological control of plant diseases

Tkachev, Vm, 1979:
Bacteria for the control of Aporia crataegi

Davison, Ew, 1982:
Bacteria for the control of arthropod vectors of human and animal disease

Verner Jeffreys, David, 2004:
Bacteria from fish and other aquatic animals

Wooldridge, D.; Wooldridge, C., 1972:
Bacteria from the digestive tract of the phytophagous aquatic beetle Tropisternus lateralis nimbatus (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae)

Przybyl, K., 1977:
Bacteria from the genera Pseudomonas and Erwinia isolated from necrotic spots on the bark and phloem of two poplar clones, Populus robusta and Populus serotina

Snoddy, E.; Chipley,. Jr.;, 1971:
Bacteria from the intestinal tract of Simulium underhilli (Diptera: Simuliidae) as a possible index to water pollution

Kato, K.K.kawa, E.T.uru, S.S.zuki, T., 1977:
Bacteria fungi ratio in several soils

Wenning, M.; Seiler, H.; Scherer, S., 2007:
Bacteria have fingerprints too

Dean, P., 1980:
Bacteria help recycle waste water

Tuxford, Af, 1997:
Bacteria in Lancashire cotton mills: 1950-1990

Chen, Tsu-Chung, 1970:
Bacteria in anaerobically stored bovine waste

Drobnikova, V., 1983:
Bacteria in apiculture

Chapelle, F.; Zelibor, J.J.; Grimes, D.; Knobel, L., 1987:
Bacteria in deep coastal plain sediments of Maryland: a possible source of CO2 to groundwater

Mccann, A.H.sband, T., 1990:
Bacteria in drinking water (private water supply disinfection)

Michels, M.J., 1982:
Bacteria in frozen vegetables

Rogers, L.A., 1980:
Bacteria in milk

Turner, Dg, 1969:
Bacteria in mink

Leadbetter, E.-R.P.indexter, J., S., 1985:
Bacteria in nature

Steinberg, Af, 1979:
Bacteria in the manufacture of dairy products

Isworo-Rukmi, 1990:
Bacteria in the shrimp pond in Tugu, Semarang

Golebiowski, S., 1974:
Bacteria in the tonsils and lymphatic nodes of clinically normal pigs

Waskom, R.M., 2003:
Bacteria in water wells

Teughels, W.; Haake, S.K.nder; Sliepen, I.; Pauwels, M.; Van-Eldere, J.; Cassiman, J.J.; Quirynen, M., 2007:
Bacteria interfere with A-actinomycetemcomitans colonization

Pavlichenko, V.; Pavlichenko, V., 1977:
Bacteria isolated from Wilhelmia mediterranea Puri

Kozlowski, S.K.zlowska, I., 1987:
Bacteria isolated from aborted fetuses from cows in the Koszalin province during 1969-1970

Kozlowski, S.K.zlowska, I., 1972:
Bacteria isolated from aborted fetuses from cows in the Koszalin province in 1969--1970

Lipa, J.J.; Wiland, E., 1972:
Bacteria isolated from cutworms and their infectivity to Agrotis spp. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

Glowacka-Pilot, B., 1977:
Bacteria isolated from forest insects during 1967-1976

Kodama, R.N.kasuji, Y., 1969 :
Bacteria isolated from silkworm

Hardin, Gb, 1976:
Bacteria linked to frost damage

Shirley, C., 1992:
Bacteria manage manure

Carneiro, M.S.; Rossi Junior, O.D., 2006:
Bacteria of Aeromonas genus in the type A milk processing flow and their behavior in regard to antimicrobials

Maciak, T.T.ippenbach, B., 1973:
Bacteria of Salmonella genus in animal origin meals and feed mixtures tested at the veterinary hygiene station in Warsaw, 1966--1972

Severin, V.K.pferberg, S.; Zurini, I., 1985:
Bacteria of cultivated plants

Gorham,. Jr.;, 1949:
Bacteria of erysipelas may cause infection

Peitso, M.A.derson, C.T.ostem, J., 1974:
Bacteria of foods and utensils in the Luther College Food Service, Decorah, Iowa

Roberts, D., 1982:
Bacteria of public health significance can be transmitted to man through meat

Martens, T.; Gram, L.; Grossart, H-Peter.; Kessler, D.; Müller, R.; Simon, M.; Wenzel, S.C.; Brinkhoff, T., 2007:
Bacteria of the Roseobacter clade show potential for secondary metabolite production

July, Jr; Hipolito, O., 1970:
Bacteria of the class Escherichia and Staphylococcus as main cause of non pullorum reactions in the rapid whole bood agglutination test used on pullorum disease

Talipov, Ka, 1972:
Bacteria of the digestive tract of Agrotis exclamationis

Terada, A., 1981:
Bacteria of the family Bacteroidaceae in the feces of pigs

Rossi Junior, O.D.; Amaral, L.A.; Nader Filho, A.; Schocken Iturrino, R.P., 2006:
Bacteria of the genus Aeromonas in different locations throughout the process line of beef slaughtering

Araujo, S.; Palhano, J., 1971:
Bacteria of the genus Beijerinckia in soils of Parana

Ciampi-Panno, L.P.ssalacqua-Kohler, P., 1983:
Bacteria of the genus Erwinia (carotovora group) isolated from plants and tubers of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Dubois, P.D.gand, G.F.evez, L.G.anville, A., 1973:
Bacteria of the genus Lactobacillus present in dry sausages at different manufacturing stages: Test of directed fermentation

Isakova, Np, 1974:
Bacteria of the intestinal tract of insects and their role in the pathogenesis of diseases

Kudryavtsev, Vm, 1983:
Bacteria on vascular aquatic plants

Anonymous, 1980:
Bacteria pathogenic to man in cheesemilk and cheese

Roberts, D., 1984:
Bacteria pathogenic to man in foods of plant origin

Mavlani, M.; Dmitrieva, T., 1978:
Bacteria pathogens of infection of bread baking industry

Martinez, Ap, 1982:
Bacteria recovered from Araceae

Bavnhoj, Hj, 1970:
Bacteria resistence in practice

Yarris, L., 1981:
Bacteria sediment in streambeds

Cress, F., 1991:
Bacteria show potential for fungal control

Anonymous, 1984:
Bacteria smuggle genes into tabacco plants

Stockwin, W., 1988:
Bacteria testing continues

Schollenberger, Malgorzata, 2003:
Bacteria threatening ornamental plants growing

Piasecka-Serafin, M.W.erzbowski, S., 1970:
Bacteria translocalisation in pelleted semen by liquid nitrogen

Sviridenko, Vf, 1976:
Bacteria transmission of salmonellosis in sheep

Gargiulo, G.; Bradford, S.; Simůnek, J.; Ustohal, P.; Vereecken, H.; Klumpp, E., 2007:
Bacteria transport and deposition under unsaturated conditions: the role of the matrix grain size and the bacteria surface protein

Anonymous, 1988:
Bacteria used as natural pesticide

Binder, W.S.ock, H., 1980:
Bacteria used in milk for cheese manufacture

Tian, B.; Yang, J.; Zhang, K-Qin., 2007:
Bacteria used in the biological control of plant-parasitic nematodes: populations, mechanisms of action, and future prospects

Rubenchyk, L.I., 1945:
Bacteria utilization and its enhancing effect on field crops production

Maslukhina, Ag, 1972:
Bacteria vectors in cases of reindeer necrobacillosis

Badenhop, A.; Christian, J.; Schuler, G., 1972:
Bacteria yeasts & molds

Bowers, P., 1998:
Bacteria yields to heat

Sherman, H., 1989:
Bacteria zap wheat weeds

Leach, Jg, 1953:
Bacteria, Fungi and Insects

Kuentzel, L.E., 1969:
Bacteria, carbon dioxide, and algal blooms

Cabello, F.-C.P.uzzo, C., 1988 :
Bacteria, complement, and the phagocytic cell

Hill, Mj, 1983:
Bacteria, dietary fibre and chronic intestinal disease

Schnell, Rc, 1986:
Bacteria, ice nuclei, frost and rainfall: a regulatory wild card

Loutit, M.; Patrick, F., 1979:
Bacteria, metals and food chains

Shaw, 1985:
Bacteria, nitrate, and hardness in drinking water

Franklin, L.R., 2007:
Bacteria, sex, and systematics

Julian, G.S.; Bulla, L.A.; Sharpe, E.S.; Adams, G.L., 1973:
Bacteria, spirochetes, and rickettsia as insecticides

Riker, A.-; Hildebrandt, A., 1953:
Bacteria--Small and Mighty

Avagimov, Va, 1981:
Bacteria-antagonists in the control of cucumber bacteriosis Pseudomonas lachrymans.1

Lange, W., 1973:
Bacteria-assimilable organic compounds, phosphate, and enhanced growth of bacteria-associated blue-green alge

Vogt, H.H.rnisch, S.K.ieg, R.L.liger, H.; Rauch, H., 1983:
Bacteria-bioprotein in laying hen rations

Gust, A.A.; Biswas, R.; Lenz, H.D.; Rauhut, T.; Ranf, S.; Kemmerling, B.; Götz, F.; Glawischnig, E.; Lee, J.; Felix, G.; Nürnberger, T., 2007:
Bacteria-derived peptidoglycans constitute pathogen-associated molecular patterns triggering innate immunity in Arabidopsis

Strissel, Jerry-Fred, 1970:
Bacteria-free soybean plants

Dai, S.; Zhang, Y.; Weimbs, T.; Yaffe, M.B.; Zhou, D., 2007:
Bacteria-generated PtdIns(3)P recruits VAMP8 to facilitate phagocytosis

Horwitz, Marcus, A., 1988:
Bacteria-host cell interaction

Adamcic, M.C.ark, D., 1970:
Bacteria-induced biochemical changes in chicken skin stored at 5 degree C

Pankey, J.; Murdough, P., 1998:
Bacteria-keratin interactions

Wilson, J.; Hanton, W., 1979:
Bacteria-like structures in fungi

Spiess, L.; Lippincott, B.1; Lippincott, J., 1982:
Bacteria-moss interaction in the regulation of protonemal growth and development Pylaisiella, Polytrichum, Funaria

Menon, A.; Glooschenko, W.; Burns, N., 1972:
Bacteria-phytoplakton relationships in Lake Erie

Peuhler, A., 1993:
Bacteria-plant interaction

Tedjo, C.; Neoh, K.G.; Kang, E.T.; Fang, N.; Chan, V., 2007:
Bacteria-surface interaction in the presence of proteins and surface attached poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate chains

Brannen, P.; Backman, P., 1993:
Bacteria-treated seed promotes better season-long health in cotton

Pilet, C.M.nteil, J., 1975:
Bacteria. Structural and metabolic targets of antibiotics

Goto, M.; Hitomi, S.; Ishii, T., 2007:
Bacterial arthritis caused by Leptotrichia amnionii

Bayles, M.; Verhalen, L., 2007:
Bacterial Blight Reactions of Sixty-one Upland Cotton Cultivars

Wilson, Ee, 1953:
Bacterial Canker of Stone Fruits

Pathak, S.P.; Gopal, K., 2007:
Bacterial contamination and antibiotic resistance in fecal coliforms from glacial water runoff

Arnold, J.W., 2007:
Bacterial contamination on rubber picker fingers before, during, and after processing

Seijo, T.; Mcgovern, R.; Dickstein, E.; Harbaugh, B., 2002:
Bacterial Crown Rot of Lisianthus Caused by Burkholderia gladioli

Rigano, L.-Ariel; Payette, C.; Brouillard, G.; Marano, M.-Rosa; Abramowicz, L.; Torres, P.-Sebasticln; Yun, M.; Castagnaro, A.-Pedro; Oirdi, M.-El; Dufour, V.; Malamud, F.; Dow, J.-Maxwell; Bouarab, K.; Vojnov, A.-Alberto, 2007:
Bacterial Cyclic o-(1,2)-Glucan Acts in Systemic Suppression of Plant Immune Responses

Anderson, G., 1979:
Bacterial DNA in soil (comment of a paper by Torvik and Goksoyr, 1978)

Francés, Rén.; González-Navajas, Jé.M.; Zapater, P.; Muñoz, C.; Caño, Río.; Pascual, S.; Márquez, D.; Santana, F.; Pérez-Mateo, M.; Such, Jé., 2007:
Bacterial DNA induces the complement system activation in serum and ascitic fluid from patients with advanced cirrhosis

Krwawicz, J.; Arczewska, K.D.; Speina, E.; Maciejewska, A.; Grzesiuk, E., 2007:
Bacterial DNA repair genes and their eukaryotic homologues: 1. Mutations in genes involved in base excision repair (BER) and DNA-end processors and their implication in mutagenesis and human disease

Arczewska, K.D.; Kuśmierek, Jław.T., 2007:
Bacterial DNA repair genes and their eukaryotic homologues: 2. Role of bacterial mutator gene homologues in human disease. Overview of nucleotide pool sanitization and mismatch repair systems

Nieminuszczy, J.; Grzesiuk, E., 2007:
Bacterial DNA repair genes and their eukaryotic homologues: 3. AlkB dioxygenase and Ada methyltransferase in the direct repair of alkylated DNA

Maddukuri, L.; Dudzińska, D.; Tudek, B., 2007:
Bacterial DNA repair genes and their eukaryotic homologues: 4. The role of nucleotide excision DNA repair (NER) system in mammalian cells

Nowosielska, A., 2007:
Bacterial DNA repair genes and their eukaryotic homologues: 5. The role of recombination in DNA repair and genome stability

Rajasekar, A.; Ponmariappan, S.; Maruthamuthu, S.; Palaniswamy, N., 2007:
Bacterial degradation and corrosion of naphtha in transporting pipeline

Rivera-Cancel, G.; Bocioaga, D.; Hay, A.G., 2007:
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Bacterial avirulence proteins: wheres the action?

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Bacterial biofilms less likely on electropolished steel

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Bacterial biomass

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Bacterial biomass and bacterial uptake of glucose in polluted and unpolluted groundwater of sandy and gravelly deposits

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Bacterial blight not discovered

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Bacterial blotch still a problem

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Bacterial canker of stone fruit

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Bacterial canker of stone fruits on grafted sweet cherries

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Bacterial canker of stone fruits: the disease

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Bacterial canker of tomato

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Bacterial canker of tomato (Corynebacterium michiganense) (E. f. smith) Jensen

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Bacterial canker of tomato Corynebacterium michiganense, United Kingdom

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Bacterial canker of tomatoes

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Bacterial canker on grapevine nursery plants

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Bacterial cankers of grapevine in vineyards of the continental Europe

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Bacterial carbohydrates formed in the rumen and their contribution to digesta entering the duodenum

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Bacterial carriers in canine brucellosis

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Bacterial cell attachment, the beginning of a biofilm

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Bacterial cell division protein FtsZ is stable against degradation by AAA family protease FtsH in Escherichia coli cells

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Bacterial cell division protein FtsZ: An attractiv e target for antibacterial drugs

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Bacterial cell wall

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Bacterial cell wall and tumor induction by Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Bacterial cell yields on various types of hydrocarbons

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Bacterial cell-bound endotoxin may be more significant than water-extractable endotoxin as a measure of animal and human toxicity

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Bacterial cell-to-cell communication

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Bacterial cellulose fiber provides an alternative for thickening and coating

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Bacterial cellulose near commercialization

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Bacterial cenoses in the water and bottom sediments of fish ponds in the Ukraine

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Bacterial challenge and eicosanoids act in plasmatocyte spreading

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Bacterial chromatin

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Bacterial coagulation of latex

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Bacterial communidty in the sea and lake waters polluted with organic substances

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Bacterial communities analysis causing non-enhanced biological phosphorus removal in sequencing batch reactor treating saline wastewater

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Bacterial communities associated with a flea beetle used for the biological control of the perennial weed Euphorbia esula/virgata

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Bacterial communities associated with the mucopolysaccharide layers of three coral species affected and unaffected with dark spots disease

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Bacterial community dynamics and product distribution during pH-adjusted fermentation of vegetable wastes

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