Biological control of cowpea root-rot caused by Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi.) Goid. by bacterial and fungal antagonists

Rajesh, M.; Anand, T.; Muthamilan, M.

Journal of Biological Control 21(1): 111-117


Accession: 015147325

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Seven bacterial isolates (four of Pseudomonas fluorescens and three of Bacillus subtilis) and seven isolates of fungal antagonists (six of Trichoderma still. and one of Lentinus spp.) were tested for their ability to inhibit cowpea root-rot pathogen, Macrophomina a ilia phaseolina both in vitro and ill Vivo conditions. Among the bacterial antagonists, R flit fluorescens charvae isolate recorded a maximum inhibition of, mycelial growth of tile pathogen followed by R fluorescens isolate 2, whereas ill fungal antagonists, T koningii recorded a maximum inhibition followed by L. edodes and 71 viride isolate 4. Pot-culture evaluation, under greenhouse conditions using R fluorescens charvae, T. koningii and L. edodes revealed tale based powder formulation of R fluorescens charvae and T. koningii was found to be tile best in Controlling root-rot incidence of cowpea.