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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 15153

Chapter 15153 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Cooper, Jc, 1981:
Biology and management of striped bass

Helgesen, Rg, 1976:
Biology and management of the alfalfa blotch leafminer

Jantzi, Carol, L., 1991:
Biology and management of the domestic ferret

Roger, Pierre, A., 1996:
Biology and management of the floodwater ecosystem in rice fields

Rondon, Silvia, I., 2007:
Biology and management of the potato tuberworm in the Pacific Northwest

Ryan, L.-A.C.rey, A., B., 1995:
Biology and management of the western gray squirrel and Oregon white oak woodlands

Behnke, R.; Zarn, M., 1976:
Biology and management of threatened and endangered western trouts

Anonymous, 1993:
Biology and mariculature of giant clams

Ernst, E., 1971:
Biology and mathematics. II. Probability and biology

van Hemmen, J.Leo., 2007:
Biology and mathematics: a fruitful merger of two cultures

Kirkov, Kiril, 1981:
Biology and means for the control of the small sand beetle

Mitchell, M.A., 2007:
Biology and medicine of bearded dragons

Mitchell, M.A., 2007:
Biology and medicine of monitor lizards

Mitchell, Ma, 2000:
Biology and medicine of the sugar glider (Petataurus breviceps)

Mautino, M.; Page, C.D., 1993:
Biology and medicine of turtles and tortoises

Naibo, B., 1979:
Biology and methods of controlling the European corn borer

Weissenfels, Norbert, 1989:
Biology and microscopic anatomy of freshwater sponges (Spongillidae)

Pauli, G.G.egersen, J.; Storz, J.L.dwig, H., 1984:
Biology and molecular biology of latent bovine herpes virus type 1 (BHV-1)

Preiss, J., 1991:
Biology and molecular biology of starch synthesis and its regulation

Geller, E.; Timonov, E., 1976:
Biology and morphogenesis of Trichinella

Makeenko, PE., 1986:
Biology and morphological changes in the process of larval development in the fungus gnats Allodia ornaticollis and A. lugens (Diptera, Mycetophilidae)

Dienes, L., 1970:
Biology and morphology of L forms with a note on the relation of L forms to mycoplasmas

Pashchenko, Nf, 1986:
Biology and morphology of Periphyllus kuwanaii (Homoptera, Aphidinea), an aphid species new for the USSR

Sinitsin, G.; Suiunshalieva, U.; Kovalenko, T., 1978:
Biology and morphology of Ziziphora bungeana seed germination

Bashar, M.A.; Aziz, M.A.; Hossain, F.R.; Chowdhury, M.A.K.; Rimad, A., 2007:
Biology and morphology of a pollinating fig wasp Ceratosolen solmsi solmsi mayr. (Hymenoptera : Agaonidae) from dhanmondi area of Dhaka city

Gaomez-De-Aizpaurua, Carlos, 1985:
Biology and morphology of caterpillars

Kukuladze, Ek, 1977:
Biology and morphology of growth and development of young inter varietal orange hybrids

Chacon-De-Ulloa, P.R.jas-De-Hernandez, M., 1981:
Biology and natural control of Peridroma saucia, a pest of the curuba flower Passiflora mollisima, Colombia.1

Denton, G.; Muniappan, R.M.rutani, M.M.connell, J.L.li, T., 1991:
Biology and natural enemies of the fruit-piercing moth Othreis fullonia (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) from Guam

da Fonseca, GAB.; Kierulff, MCM., 1989 :
Biology and natural history of Brazilian Atlantic forest small mammals

Pernes, J.C.mbes, D.R.ne-Chaume, R.S.vidan, Y., 1975:
Biology and natural populations of Panicum maximum Jacq

Lippincott, C.; Teetes, G., 1983:
Biology and nature and parasitism of hymenopterous parasitoids of sorghum midge Contarinia sorghicola, natural enemies, Texas

Trematerra, P., 1983:
Biology and nutritional preferences of Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton)(Lepidoptera, Galleriidae)

Imby, L.P.lmqvist, G., 1978:
Biology and occurrence of the Swedish Anomogyna species (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

Guerra, S.-L.R.driguez, A., J., 1976:
Biology and other observations of the biological cycle of Zellus exanguis (Fab.) and Sinea diadema Kol. in Laguna District

Santos, Aé.L.S.; Palmeira, V.F.; Rozental, S.; Kneipp, L.F.; Nimrichter, L.; Alviano, D.S.; Rodrigues, M.L.; Alviano, C.S., 2007:
Biology and pathogenesis of Fonsecaea pedrosoi, the major etiologic agent of chromoblastomycosis

Narayan, O.; Clements, J.E., 1989:
Biology and pathogenesis of lentiviruses

Lozinska-Gabska, M., 1982:
Biology and pathogenetic action of Bothricephalus gowkongensis Yeh, 1955 and Khawia sinensis HSU, 1935 Carp, tapeworms, Europe, Poland.1

Kraneburg, W., 1978:
Biology and pathogenicity of paramphistomum cervi. 2. Incidence in pasture cattle grazing in marshy areas

Kranebrug, W., 1977:
Biology and pathogenity of Paramphistomum cervi. 1. The parasite in its intermediate host and in its free state

Gluhovschi, N., 1983:
Biology and pathology of animal placenta

Fedoroff, S.; Juurlink, B.H.J.D.ucette, R., 1993:
Biology and pathology of astrocyte-neuron interactions

Ostrowski, Jeb, 1977:
Biology and pathology of cattle reproduction

Robert, A.M.R.bert, L., 1980:
Biology and pathology of elastic tissues

Safonov, V.G., 1985:
Biology and pathology of farm-bred fur-bearing animals

Egberts, H.J.; Brinkhoff, M.G.; Mouwen, J.M.; van Dijk, J.E.; Koninkx, J.F., 1985:
Biology and pathology of the intestinal M-cell. A review

Fabre, Alain-Maurice-Marius, 1984:
Biology and pathology of the wild duck

Nikolaev, M.E., 1974:
Biology and perfecting the agronomical practices used in the cultivation of field crops

Maan, Willem-Jan, 1945:
Biology and phenology of chortophila antigua, onionfly and Acrolepia assectella the leekmoth, as basic to control insects

Fodor, S., 1977 :
Biology and phenology of the European shoot moth (Rhyacionia buoliana Schiff.)

Giebink, B.; Scriber, J.; Wedberg, J., 1984:
Biology and phenology of the hop-vine borer, Hydraecia immanis Guenee, and detection of the potato stem borer, Hydraecia micacea (Esper) (Lepidoptera:Noctuidae), in Wisconsin

Smit, N.; Magenya, O.P.rker, B., 1994:
Biology and pheromone studies with the sweet potato weevils: Cylas puncticollis (Bohe.) and C. brunneus (Fabr.)

Anderson, R.-Samuel; Lyal, C., H.C., 1995:
Biology and phylogeny of Curculionoidea

Hanke, Wilfried, 1990:
Biology and physiology of amphibians

Wells, J.; Raju, B., 1987:
Biology and physiology of fatidious xylem-limited bacteria from plants

Duhamel, G., 1982:
Biology and population dynamics of Notothenia rossii rossii from the Kerguelen Islands (Indian sector of Southern Ocean)

Nickel, O.K.ingauf, F., 1985:
Biology and population dynamics of the black citrus aphid Toxoptera citricidus as influenced by natural enemies and climate in Misiones, Argentia (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Dinh, T.D.; Ambak, M.A.; Hassan, A.; Phuong, N.T., 2007:
Biology and population dynamics of the goby Pseudapocryptes elongatus in the coastal mud flat areas of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Segnini, S.M.ntagne, A., 1986:
Biology and population ecology of Empoasca kraemeri Ross and Moore (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) on black bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). II. Life cycle, longevity and fecundity of Empoasca kraemeri under laboratory conditions

Segnini, S.M.ntagne, A., 1986:
Biology and population ecology of Empoasca kraemeri Ross and Moore (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) on black bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). III. Population development of Empoasca kraemeri in black bean fields

Segnini, S.M.ntagne, A., 1986:
Biology and population ecology of Empoasca kraemeri Ross and Moore (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) on black bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). IV. Spatial distribution of Empoasca kraemeri in black bean fields

Segnini, S.M.ntagne, A., 1986:
Biology and population ecology of empoasca kraemeri Ross and Moore (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) on black bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). V. Colonization and emigration of Empoasca kraemeri in a black bean field

Posylaeva, Ga, 1982:
Biology and population structure of the alfalfa strain of the pea aphid

Van-Alfen, Nk, 1982:
Biology and potential for disease control of hypovirulence of Endothia parasitica Plant pathogens

Leakey, R.; Last, F., 1980:
Biology and potential of Prosopis species in arid environments, with particular reference to Prosopis cineraria

Rasmy, A.; Hafez, S.; Elsawy, S., 1984:
Biology and predatory efficiency of predaceous mites as affected by various biotic factors

Dryden, Gml, 2000:
Biology and production attributes of the farmed rusa deer

Gray, Dl, 1991:
Biology and production of channel catfish

Lobao, V.-Lucia; Barros, H.-Pereira; Horikawa, M.-Tereza, 1988:
Biology and production of escargots

Williot, Patrick, 1991:
Biology and production of sturgeon

Cuocolo, L., 1979:
Biology and productivity of soybean varieties in late sowing. Results of trials carried out in Sele Plain in the years 1976-77

Rozov, Nf, 1976:
Biology and productivity of vegetable plants in a phytotron during continuous cultivation for three years

Musil, J., 1979:
Biology and protection of bumblebees

Parra, Jrp; Carvalho, Sm-De, 1984:
Biology and quantitative nutrition of Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith, 1797) on artificial diets containing different bean varieties

Langley-Hobbs, S., 2003:
Biology and radiological assessment of fracture healing

Hinz, R., 1982:
Biology and rearing of Ichneumon didymus Grav. (Hymenoptera, Ichneumondidae) Taxonomic morphology, West Germany.1

Perret, Ba, 1974:
Biology and rearing of the orthognath spider Pterinochilus spec. (Theraphosidae)

Lockwood, Ja, 1988:
Biology and recommendations for use of Nosema locustae Canning, a biological control agent of grasshoppers

Goulet, H., 1974:
Biology and relationships of Pterostichus adstrictus Eschscholtz and Pterostichus pensylvanicus LecConte (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Chebotar'-, A.A., 1977:
Biology and remote hybridization of fruit

Bavaresco, A.; Garcia, M.S.; Botton, M.; Morandi Filho, W.J., 2005:
Biology and reproduction of Argyrotaenia sphaleropa (Meyrick, 1909) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) on persimmon, apple and grapevine leaves

Yamada, H.K.shihara, T.T.naka, K., 1979:
Biology and seasonal life histo

Flinte, V.M.cedo, M.-De, 2004:
Biology and seasonality of Fulcidax monstrosa (F.) (Chrysomelidae: Chlamisinae)

Lupashku, M.F., 1976:
Biology and selection of grain and leguminous crops

Musaev, Sh, M., 1980:
Biology and selection of microorganisms

Sedlag, U., 1970:
Biology and significance of Aphidiidae

Bairiamova, V., 1979:
Biology and significance of Cica

Knerer, G., 1980:
Biology and social behaviour of bees of the genus Halictus Latreille (Hymenoptera: Halictidae)

Schneider, P., 1971:
Biology and social behaviour of the desert woodlouse, Hemilepistus aphganicus Borutzky 1958

Andreenko, Ss, 1981:
Biology and soil science by the 26th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Vitorino, M.D.; Pedrosa Macedo, J.H.; Cuda, J.P., 2000:
Biology and specificity tests of the sawfly - Heteroperreyia hubrichi Malaise, 1955 (Hymenoptera: Pergidae) a potential biological control agent for Brazilian peppertree - Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi (Anacardiaceae)

Saccardo, Sa, 1983:
Biology and stock assessment of sardines (Sardinella brasiliensis, Steindachner, 1879) in the southeast coast of Brazil

Simpfendorfer, Colin, A., 1999:
Biology and stock assessment of western Australias commercially important shark species

Lehtonen, H., 1981:
Biology and stock assessments of Coregonids by the Baltic coast of Finland Coregonus, whitefish

Efimova, Ta, 1980:
Biology and stock of pike in Ivankovo and Uglich reservoirs

Nicoli, R.; Russo, A., 1974:
Biology and structural characters of Humicola mariae-stephanae R. m. nicoli, 1972 (Hyphomycetes)

Smith, E.L., 1970:
Biology and structure of some California bristletails and silverfish (Apterygota: Microcoryphia, Thysanura)

Smith, El, 1970:
Biology and structure of the dobsonfly, Neohermes californicus (Walker) (Megaloptera: Corydalidae)

Krivosheina, Np, 1983:
Biology and systematic position of the dynastine desert beetle Eremoryctes ata Sem. et Medv. (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)

Goodpasture, C., 1973:
Biology and systematics of the Plebejus (Icaricia) acmon group (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)9 i. review of the group

Berg, C.; Knutson, L., 1978:
Biology and systematics of the Sciomyzidae

Tauber, C.A., 1969:
Biology and systematics of the genus Meleoma (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)

Beudel, Burkhard, 1987:
Biology and systematics of the lichen genera Heppia and Peltula in southern Africa

Wright, C.A., 1980:
Biology and systematics of the molluscan hosts of Schistosomiasis in the mediterranean basin in perspective

Nesom, Gl, 1983:
Biology and taxonomy of American Leibnitzia (Asteraceae: Mutisieae) Leibnitzia seemannii, Leibnitzia occimadrensis, new taxa, USA, Mexico

Vilas-Bôas, G.T.; Peruca, A.P.S.; Arantes, O.M.N., 2007:
Biology and taxonomy of Bacillus cereus, Bacillus anthracis, and Bacillus thuringiensis

Ovruski, S.; Norrbom, A.; Schliserman, P.A.uja, M., 2005:
Biology and taxonomy of Rhagoletotrypeta (Diptera: Tephritidae): a new species from Cuba and new host plant, parasitoid, and distribution records from northwestern Argentina

Shilova, Ai, 1981:
Biology and taxonomy of hydrobionts: results and prospects Includes larvae of insects.1

Hartmann, H., 1984:
Biology and taxonomy of the Cephalophyllum curtophyllum complex (Mesembryanthemaceae) (notes on the genus Cephalophyllum. IV.)

Burke, H.; Hafernik, J., 1971:
Biology and taxonomy of the genus Smicraulax Pierce (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Miller, We, 1976:
Biology and taxonomy of three gall forming species of Epiblema (Olethreutidae)

Kaeser, W., 1973:
Biology and technique in apiculture

Kaeser, W., 1972:
Biology and techniques of beekeeping

Hayes, Wa, 1985:
Biology and technology of mushroom culture

Meyrath, J.B.yer, K., 1977:
Biology and technology of using whey for yeast production in Austria

Unterstenhofer, G., 1970:
Biology and testing of insecticides and acaricides

Anonymous, 1961:
Biology and the cosmos

Nef, L., 1969:
Biology and the forestry importance of Rhyacionia buoliana Schiff

Com/Sia, A.M., 1961:
Biology and the principals of game raising

Tang, J.W.ng, S.J.hnson, J., 2007:
Biology and thermal death kinetics of selected insects

Pereira, F.; Barros, R.P.atissoli, D.P.rra, J., 2004:
Biology and thermal requirements of Trichogramma pretiosum Riley and T. exiguum Pinto & Platner (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) reared on eggs of Plutella xylostella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae)

Ghabrial, S.; Mernaugh, R., 1983:
Biology and transmission of Helminthosporium victoriae mycoviruses

Trouslot, Mf, 1973:
Biology and tuberization of some Nervilia from the Ivory Coast

Jie-Liu, X.L.i-Rong, L.L.-Sheng, K., 1984:
Biology and utilization of Amblyseius pseudolongispinosus (Acarina: Phytoseiidae) in China

Kawamoto, F.K.mada, N., 1984:
Biology and venoms of Lepidoptera

Bucherl, W., 1969:
Biology and venoms of the most important South American spiders of the genera Phoneutria, Loxosceles, Lycosa, and Latrodectus

Seidel, K., 1973:
Biology and water purifying power of Iris pseudacorus L

Vrishch, Dl, 1973:
Biology and winter forcing of far-eastern Lilium species

Gilmartin, Aj, 1982:
Biology at Colombian universities

Anonymous, 1974:
Biology bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR

Anonymous, 1992:
Biology bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Marguet, P.; Balagadde, F.; Tan, C.; You, L., 2007:
Biology by design: reduction and synthesis of cellular components and behaviour

Dudnik, Gf, 1979:
Biology characteristics of cereal aphids

Seitner, P.-G.S.itner, P., G., 1960:
Biology code of the Chemical-Biological Coordination Center

Lu, Cheng, I., 1990:
Biology course problem set

Sedlag, U.K.licke, H., 1979:
Biology damaging occurence, and control of Strophosomus capitatus (Coleoptera: Curcolionidae) in pine stands

Bayles, E.-Edward; Burnett, R.W.ll, 1942:
Biology for better living

Bulley, Nr, 1991:
Biology for engineers 1

Whaley, William-Gordon, 1948:
Biology for everyone

Altner, Geunter, 1982:
Biology for human beings

Hirsch-Kauffmann, M.; Schweiger, M.; Hirsch-Kauffmann, M., 1992:
Biology for medical personnel and natural scientists

Lund-Hoie, K., 1980:
Biology for our most important groups of weeds and their control

Green, Florence-Mary, 1952:
Biology for town and country

Vance, B.B.rnarr; Miller, D.-Franklin, 1954:
Biology for you

Flindt, Rainer, 1985:
Biology in numbers

Borisenko, Nadezhda-Grigor'-Evna, 1975:
Biology in ones spare time

Hunter, G.-William; Hunter, F.-Robert, 1949:
Biology in our lives

Bogdanov, Konstantin, 2000:
Biology in physics

Mlakar, J., 1983:
Biology in the forest technical school

Wollin, H., 1975:
Biology in the north of Sweden

Lawson, Anton, E., 1993:
Biology instruction in the nation's elementary and secondary schools

Wortmann, M., 1980:
Biology instruction training and biological

Anonymous, 1980:
Biology international

Winchester, A.M., 1950:
Biology laboratory manual

Moore, Randy, 1994:
Biology labs that work

el Kouni, M.H.; Nash, D., 1974:
Biology of 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine sensitivity of Drosophila melanogaster larvae

Jakaitis, B., 1979:
Biology of 7 main parasite species of pine and spruce bark beetles in the Lithuanian SSR

De-Oliveira, C., R.F.; Faroni, L., R.A.; Guedes, R., N.C.; Goncalves, J., R.; Garcia, F., M., 2007:
Biology of Acarophenax lacunatus (Cross & Krantz) (Prostigmata : Acarophenacidae) on Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera : Tenebrionidae) and Cryptolestes ferrugineus (Stephens) (Coleoptera : Cucujidae)

Somchoudhury, A.; Mukherjee, A., 1971:
Biology of Acaropsis docta (Berlese), a predator on eggs of pests of stored grains

Kapil, R.; Bhanot, J., 1973:
Biology of Acaropsis docta (Berlese), with notes on bionomics and behaviour of developmental stages

Pacheco Flores, C.; Castro Ramirez, A.E.; Leon Cortes, J.L.; Ramirez Salinas, C., 2006:
Biology of Acharia extensa (Schaus, 1896) (Lepidoptera: Limacodidae) in a crop of coffee in La Montana de Guerrero, Mexico

Harbich, H., 1978:
Biology of Acherontia atropos (Lepidoptera, Sphingidae). 1

Harbich, H., 1980:
Biology of Acherontia atropos (Lepidoptera, Sphingidae). 3

Krivosheina, Np, 1985:
Biology of Acmaeodera chotanica Sem. (Coleoptera, Buprestidae)

Leonide, Jc, 1971:
Biology of Acridiophagus pyrrhocera Vill., Diptera Tachinidae

Schliesske, J., 1981:
Biology of Aculus foeckeui Nal. et Trt. (Acari: Eriphyoidea)

Gabrid, Nv, 1981:
Biology of Adelges lapponicus Chol., early spruce adelgid Pest of Picea.1

Vakhidov, T., 1977:
Biology of Adonia variegata goeze. and Synharomina conglobata L. predators of apple aphids in the Fergana Valley

Makhmadziev, Ar, 1973:
Biology of Agrilus viridis L. aceris Alexeev

Moore, L.; Cooksey, D., 1981:
Biology of Agrobacterium tumefaciens: plant interactions

Viennot-Bourgin, G., 1976:
Biology of Alternaria linicola

Tadei, W.; Santos, J.-Doso, 1982:
Biology of Amazon anophelines. VII. Variation of chromosome inversion frequencies of Anopheles darlingi Root (Diptera, Culicidae) Mosquitoes, Brazil.1

Santos, J.-Dos; Contel, E.; Kerr, W., 1981:
Biology of Amazon mosquitoes. 2. Females of Anaopheles darlingi produce progeny from a single male

Tadei, W.; Mascarenhas, B.; Podesta, M., 1983:
Biology of Amazonian anophelines. VIII. Information on the distribution of Anopheles species in the region of Tucurui-Maraba (Para)

Beres, I.H.nyadi, K., 1980:
Biology of Ambrosia elatior L

Faraone, U., 1982:
Biology of Ancylostoma duodenale

Ivanova, Ts, 1981:
Biology of Anguina ferulae Ivanova, 1977, in the Varzob River gorge Tadzhik SSR, nematode parasite of Ferula.1

Cardona, C.; Oatman, ER., 1971:
Biology of Apanteles dignus (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), a primary parasite of the tomato pinworm

Rataul, Hs, 1977:
Biology of Apanteles glomeratus L. an endoparasite of Pieris brassicae L. larvae

Zhumanov, Bzh, 1979:
Biology of Apanteles kazak Tel. (Hymenoptera, Braconidae), a parasite of the cotton bollworm in the Tadzhik SSR

Grebennikov, Vs, 1977:
Biology of Aphomia sociella, a parasite of bumblebees nests

Pierron, M., 1978:
Biology of Archon apollinus (Staudinger) (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae)

Penkauskiene, E., 1974:
Biology of Arnica. 1. Fruiting and self-propagation under different ecological conditions

Penkauskiene, E., 1974:
Biology of Arnica. 2. Some biological properties of the seeds

Bauer, T., 1971:
Biology of Asaphidion flavipes L. (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

Babenko, As, 1985:
Biology of Astilbus canaliculatus (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) in the south of Western Siberia

Srivastava, R.; Pandey, Y., 1968:
Biology of Atherigona oryzae Malloch (Diptera: Anthomyiidae) a new pest of wheat in Rajasthan

Kelley, D.; Goodin, J.1; Miller, D., 1982:
Biology of Atriplex Physiology of salt tolerance, growth, transpiration, effect of salt on ultrastructure

Ducker, S.; Foord, N.; Knox, R., 1977:
Biology of Australian seagrasses: the genus Amphibolus C. Agardh (Cymodoceaceae)

Bulla, L.Jr, 1984:
Biology of Bacillus thuringiensis

Carlton, Bc, 1990:
Biology of Bacillus thuringiensis: a bacterial insecticide

Abu, J.; Ellis, C., 1976:
Biology of Bathyplectes curculionis (Thomson) (Hymenoptera. Ichneumonidae) a parasitoid of the alfalfa weevil in Ontario

Richards, Kw, 1973:
Biology of Bombus polaris Curtis and Bombus hyperboreus Schonherr at Lake Hazen, Northwest Territories (Hymenoptera: Bombini)

Bulit, J.L.fon, R., 1972:
Biology of Botrytis cinerea Pers. and the development of grape gray mold

D'-Ercole, N.N.poti, P., 1981:
Biology of Botrytis cinerea on grapevines. I. Parasite storing

Matthews, Rw, 1974:
Biology of Braconidae

Alekseev, Iui, 1977:
Biology of Braconidae (Hymenoptera) of the Repetek Reservation

Badalov, Ma, 1970:
Biology of Braula caeca Nitz. 1818 in conditions of Leukoran region of Azerbaijan

Zaher, M.A.; Wafa, A.K.; Yousef, A.A., 1971:
Biology of Brevipalpus phoenicis (Geijskes), in Egypt. (Acarina: Tenuipalpidae)

Pajni, Hr, 1988:
Biology of Bruchidae of economic importance

Mansour, M.; Hassan, M., 1980:
Biology of Bruchus (Bruchidius) alfierii Pic and amount of loss on tow types of berseem seeds

McClay, AS.; McFadyen, RE.; Bradley, JD., 1990:
Biology of Bucculatrix parthenica Bradley sp. n. (Lepidoptera: Bucculatricidae) and its establishment in Australia as a biological control agent for Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae)

Messner, B.G.oth, I1; Taschenberger, D., 1981:
Biology of Caliroa annulipes and its mucous paths, which were previously ascribed wrongly to Eotetranychus tiliarum (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae) Linden (Tilia) pests, histochemistry, morphology.1

Mukhammedov, G.B.iramov, B., 1975:
Biology of Calligonum leucocladum (Schrenk) Bunge var. serratum Litv

Tiwari, Nk, 1976:
Biology of Callitula sp. (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae), an external parasite of Pachydiplosis oryzae (Wood Mason) Mani

Wojcik, D.; Naves, M., 1992:
Biology of Calyptodesmus sanctus (Diplopoda: Pyrgodesmidae) a facultative myrmecophile introduced into the United States

Voskanian, V.; Grigorian, O., 1977:
Biology of Campanula tridentata schreb. on the upper part of Alpine zone of mount Aragatz

Morey, Cs, 1971:
Biology of Campoletis grioti (Blanchard) (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae), a parasite of the fall armyworm of corn Spodoptera frugiperda (J. e. smith)

Erber, D., 1988:
Biology of Camptosomata Clytrinae-Cryptocephalinae-Chlamisinae-Lamprosomatinae

Blaser, Mj, 1993:
Biology of Campylobacter fetus S-layer proteins

Shestakova, Av, 1971:
Biology of Carpocapsa pomonella L. in Rostov Region

Chowdary, Y.; Jose, G., 1979:
Biology of Cephaleuros kunze in nature

Leonide, Jc, 1973:
Biology of Ceracia mucronifera Rodani (non Mesnil, non Leonide), Diptera Tachinidae Acemyiina, a paraside of the Orthoptera Pyrogomorpha conica Oliv

Alekseev, Vn, 1981:
Biology of Ceraphronoidea (Hymenoptera) of the area around Moscow

Souza, H.-De; Piedrabuena, A.; Pavan, O., 1978:
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Biology of Digitaria adscenden

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Biology of Ephydridae flies (Diptera) in anthropgenic landscapes of the desert zones

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Biology of Far-Eastern fish that are dangerous to plants and their commercial significance in the water basins of the Ukraine

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Biology of Festuca altissima in Sweden

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Biology of Haematopota tamerlani Szil. (Diptera, Tabanidae) clegs in the southern part of the Maritime Territory

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Biology of Helopeltis antonii Sign. (Heteroptera: Miridae) in Sri Lanka Tea mosquito, cause of inflorescence blight in cashew, includes predators

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Biology of Hepatica nobilis development in relation with the problem of its conservation in the forests of the area around Moscow

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Biology of Heracleum dulce Fisch. in Kamchatka

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Biology of Herpetogramma phaeopteralis Guenee on Celosia pulmosa

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Biology of Hypodermatinae flies of reindeer in the Yamal-Nenets National Okrug

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Biology of Iljinia regelii (Chenopodiaceae) (Gobi, Mongolia)

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Biology of Impatiens parviflora

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Biology of Iphiaulax kimallli (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), a parasite of diatraea grandiosella (Lep.: Pyralidae)

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Biology of Ixodes ricinus L., 1758. 2. Epidemiological incidence

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Biology of Khawia sinensis Hsu, 1935 (Caryophyllidea, Cestoda), a parasite of the Amur wild carp

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Biology of Lacerta agilis in Southern Westphalia

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Biology of Lampides boeticus L. on sunnhemp (Crotalaria juncea L.)

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Biology of Lasconotus subcostulatus (Coleoptera: Colydiidae) with special reference to feeding behavior

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Biology of Laspeyresia splendana Hbn. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) damaging chestnut fruits in Hungary

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Biology of Limenitis populi L

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Biology of Liriomyza langei Frick (Diptera, Agromyzidae) and evaluation of parasites emerging from puparium

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Biology of Lobesia botrana in Alsace and adjustment of a EUDEMIS forecasting model developed in southwestern France Grape pest, Vitis, pest relationship to climate.1

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Biology of Lysandra albicans H. S. (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae)

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Biology of Lysandra coridon manleyi de Lesse (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae)

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Biology of Melampsora lini (Pers.) Desm., a causal agent of flax rust

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Biology of Meloe niger predator of alkali bees

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Biology of Mesochorus agilis, an indirect hyperparasite of Bathyplectes cuculionis

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Biology of Metadelphax propinqua (Fieber) (Homoptera, Delphacidae)

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Biology of Metanastria hyrtaca crownk a serious pest on cashew

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Biology of Morpho polyphemus (Lepidoptera: Morphidae) in El Salvador

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Biology of Musca domestica L. in commercial rearing Using swine manure for the production of house fly larval meal, a protein supplement feed for swine.1

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Biology of Mycosphaerella (Sigatoga): preliminary tests for the selection of resistant varieties

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Biology of Myxobolus pavlovskii (Myxosporidia, Myxobolidae) Parasite of Hypophthalmichthys molitrix and Aristichthys nobilis, Krasnodar Territory, RSFSR-in-Europe.1

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Biology of Nematodirus worms in goats in southern Kirgizia

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Biology of Nematus turgaiensis, pest of birch in the Kulunda steppe

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Biology of Neophyllaphis brimblecombei Carver (Homoptera: Aphididae) in the Sydney region

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Biology of Neotropical Cassidinae

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Biology of Nephus reunioni (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae, an introduced predator of mealybugs

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Biology of Notodonta dromedarius (Lepidoptera, Notodontidae) in the southern Transurals

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Biology of Notodonta dromedarius Pest of Betula, Novosibirsk area.1

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Biology of Ocnogina loewii pallidlor Chr. in the Kashka-Darya Region

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Biology of Ocnogyna parasita parasita Hbn

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Biology of Octospora libussae and Octospora humosa, two in mossprotonema growing Pezizales Fungi.1

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Biology of Odonata

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Biology of Odontomachus haematodes L. (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). determinism of the cast development of female larvae

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Biology of Oodescelis polita Sturm in the forest steppe and steppe zones of the European part of the USSR

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Biology of Ophonus puncticeps Steph. (Coleoptera, Carabidae): notes on larval phytophagy and ethology

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Biology of Oria muscolosa Hb.

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Biology of Oulema

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Biology of Pagiocerus frontalis (Fab.) (Culeoptera: Scolytidae) in the northernmost region of Chile

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Biology of Paragus borbonicus (Diptera: Syrphidae) as predator of Toxoptera aurantii (Homoptera: Sphididae) attacking cocoa in Ghana

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Biology of Parastrachia japonensis (Hemiptera:Pentatomidea: ?-idea)

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Biology of Periscepsia carbonaria Panz., a parasite of cutworms

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Biology of Phassus excrescens and its control

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Biology of Pherbellla inflexa (Diptera: Sciomyzidae), a predator of land snails belonging to the genus Zonitoides (Gastropoda: Zonitidae)

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Biology of Phlebotomus papatasi (Diptera: Psychodidae) in the laboratory

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Biology of Phthorimaea operculella, the tuberworm moth

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Biology of Physarum (II)

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Biology of Pimpla instgator (Ichneumonidae: Pimplinae). III. Experimental analysis of how it recognizes its pupal host

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Biology of Pimpla instigator (Hymenoptera; Ichneumonidae). IV. modalities of larval development as a function of egg laying site; role of the hosts hemocytic reactions

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Biology of Pimpla instigator F. 1793. I. Method of host finding

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Biology of Pityophtorus micrographus L. (Coleoptera; Scolytidae; Ipinae) and some of its biological enemies for natural population control

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Biology of Plecoptera

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Biology of Plodia interpunctella (Hubner, 1813) (Lepidoptera, Phycitidae) on the soybean Glycine max (L.) Merr

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Biology of Plusia orichalsia Fabricius (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Biology of Plutella xylostella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutidae) in laboratory conditions

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Biology of Podontia 14 punctata Linnaeus (Chrysomelidae: Coleoptera), a defoliator pest of hogplum in West Bengal

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Biology of Polistes annularis (Hymenoptera: Vespidae). I. Spring behavior

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Biology of Polyporus vulpinus Fr

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Biology of Pontia glauconome Klug. (Lepidoptera, Pieridae) in the Vakhsh Valley

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Biology of Porphyrophora hamelii Brandt (Homoptera, Coccoidea, Margarodidae)

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Biology of Porrocaecum skrjabinensis Mosgovoy, 1949

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Biology of Prymnesium parvum Carter

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Biology of Psenulus schenski

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Biology of Psoralea drupacea bunge in the natural plant communities of the Badkhyz

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Biology of Psylloidea species (Homoptera), pests of farm crops in South and south-eastern Kazakhstan

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Biology of Pterostichus chalcites, a ground beetle of cropland

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Biology of Pulsatilla patens (L.) Mill. in the environs of Moscow

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Biology of Ragas aligarhensis Quadri (Hymenoptera Braconidae) a larval parasite of earias spp

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Biology of Rhagoletis berberidis Jermy and Rhagoletis meigeni Loew (Diptera: Tephritidae)

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Biology of Rhynchocorys elephas (L.) Griseb. (Scrophulariaceae)

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Biology of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum on sunflowers in France

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Biology of Scolytus korschi Scal. in the forest belts on the light chestnut soils

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Biology of Scutigerella and click beetles

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Biology of Sedum acre from Apsheron Peninsula

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Biology of Setacera aurata (Stenhammar) (Diptera, Ephydridae)

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Biology of Sibbaldia tetrandra Bge. in the alpine regions of the Pamirs

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Biology of Solanum elaegnifoloium Cav. (Solanaceae), a weed of crops in the irrigated perimeter of the Tadla (Morocco)

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Biology of Spallanzania hebes Fall. (Diptera, Larvaevoridae), parasite of Agrotis segetum in Tadzhikistan

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Biology of Sphenoptera laticeps in dryland cropping of lucern in Uzbekistan

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Biology of Spodoptera exigua (Hub) and the influence of larval diet

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Biology of Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) on sunflower cultivars

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Biology of Stenodynerus claremontensis (Cameron) (Hymenoptera vespidae)

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Biology of Stephanofilaria assamansis and epizootiology of verminous dermatitis in Zebu cattle

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Biology of Stethorus punctillum Weise in the Tajikistan cotton zone

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Biology of Stethorus siphonulus Kapur (Coccinellidae: Coleoptera), a predator of spider Mites, in Hawaii

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Biology of Stigmella malella (Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae) and its injurious activity in Georgia

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Biology of Synanthedon cardinalis Dampf (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae), a pine bark beetle

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Biology of Taeniopoda eques (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in southeastern Arizona

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Biology of Tarsonemus ananas Tryon, a pest of pineapple in West Bengal

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Biology of Tectocepheus velatus (Michael) and T. cuspidentatus Knulle

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Biology of Telenomus euproctidi

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Biology of Tenthredo cosata Klog (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae)

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Biology of Tetranychus desertorum Banks. (Acarina, Tetranychidae) and tests of resistance of seven varieties of kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) to its attack

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Biology of Tetranychus turkestanicus (Tetranychidae, Acariformes) and the economical threshold of its harmfulness on essential oil Rosa

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Biology of Thanasimus substriatus Gebl. (Coleoptera, Cleridae), an important predator of bark-eating insects in the Maritime Territory

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Biology of Tilapia of the Kafue Floodplain, Zambia

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Biology of Tipulidae Includes population dynamics

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Biology of Toxoptera aurantii (Homoptera: Aphididae) on cocoa in Ghana

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Biology of Triatoma brasiliensis (Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae). I. Time of blood suction and engorgement of the 4th and 5th instar nymphs

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Biology of Trichogramma cacoecia pallida Meyer in Moldavia

Santa-Cecilia, L.; Matioli, J.; Sousa, B.D., 1987:
Biology of Trichogramma demoraesi Nagaraja, 1983 and management of mass rearing of this parasitoid in eggs of Anagasta kuehniella (Zeller, 1879)

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Biology of Trichopria columbiana (Hymenoptera: Diapriidae) an endoparasitoid of Hydrellia pakistanae (Diptera: Ephydridae) a biological control agent of the aquatic weed, Hydrellia verticillata (Hydrocharitaceae)

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Biology of Trybliographa rapae (Westw.) (Hymenoptera, Cynipidae), a parasite of harmful insects of the genus Hylemya (Diptera, Anthomyiidae)

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Biology of Trypoxylon (Trypargilum) superbum (Hymenoptera:Sphecidae), a spider-hunting wasp with extended guarding of the brood by males

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Biology of fleas on dogs and cats

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Biology of flowering and viability of pollen of Lathyrus vernus

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Biology of flowering of maples in the city of Frunze

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Biology of fungi of the genus Coelomomyces and prospects of their use in the regulation of the number bloodsucking mosquitoes

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Biology of germination of medicinal plants seeds. XII. A. Seeds of species from Solanaceae

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Biology of germination of seeds of medicianl plants. XI. The seeds of Centaurium umbellatum Gilib

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Biology of germination of the seed of Rhaponticum carthamoides

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Biology of germination of the seed of yellow gentian

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Biology of giant filbert Corylus maxima, includes growing methods.1

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Biology of glasshouse leaf-hopper and its parasite

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Biology of glasshouse mealybugs and their predators and parasitoids

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Biology of glasshouse scale insects and their parasitoids

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Biology of gonadotrophin secretion in adult and prepubertal female dogs

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Biology of grape moths and their importance in viticulture in Hungary

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Biology of grapevine lateral shoots

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Biology of gray mold (Botryotinia fuckeliana), disease cycle on grapevine and basic requirements of an effective control

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Biology of gray rot pathogens of grapes and measures for their control

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Biology of greenhouse caterpillar pests

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Biology of growing animals

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Biology of growth and development of Polygonum coriarium. 3. effect of cobalt, magnesium and calcium on the yield of roots of Polygonum coriarium of the variety Vilniaus diarlingasis and the content of chemical components in them

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Biology of growth and development of Polygonum coriarum. 4. Effect of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers on the yield of bred form No 4 and its quality

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Biology of growth and development of some polyploid tea forms produced by treatment with colchicine and the action of gamma rays

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Biology of growth factors

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Biology of hard tissue

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Biology of higher fungi

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Biology of higher plants. Breeding research in the Max Planck Institute

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Biology of honey bees and the be

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Biology of horsebean pollination in the southern part of the Non-Chernozem zone

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Biology of horsefly Hybomitra montana morgani Surc. (Diptera, Tabanidae) in the southern part of the Far East

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Biology of important hawthorn insects and of their natural enemies

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Biology of industrial microorganisms

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Biology of influenza a virus

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Biology of inland waters

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Biology of inositols and phosphoinositides

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Biology of insect eggs

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Biology of insects in the semiarid regions of the Bolivian highlands in early summer

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Biology of intertidal Saldula palustris (Douglas) on the -Oregon coast (Heteroptera: Saldidae)

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Biology of lac insect, Laccifer lacca (Kerr) Targ

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Biology of lambs quarters (Chenopodium album): influence of soil cultivation on emergence and of population density on growth

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Biology of larval stages of Euthycera cribrata (Rondani 1868) parasitic on terrestrial gastropods: first experimental cycle of a species of the genus Euthycera Latreille 1829 (Diptera Sciomyzidae)

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Biology of legume--rhizobium interactions in nodule formation Infection processes, nitrogen-fixing systems

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