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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15181

Chapter 15181 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lepajaoe, Jaan, 1980:
Brewing barley in Estonia

Buriakov, Iup, 1976:
Brewing barley in the Czechoslovakian SSR

Soine, S., 1984:
Brewing barley market in the German Federal Republic. I. Determinants of the offer

Pohlmann, R., 1978:
Brewing barley not an empty illusion

Aufhammer, G., 1978:
Brewing barley quality trends 1952

Aufhammer, G., 1978:
Brewing barley trends 1952-1977. Summarised reports from 25 year cooperation in barley research by the European Brewery Committee

Cuvellier, G.; Scriban, R., 1983:
Brewing barley vegetable hormones and germination

Wieg, A.; Hollo, J.V.rga, P., 1969:
Brewing beer with enzymes

Hough, Js, 1975:
Brewing beer--art or science

Deinega, Fd, 1977:
Brewing carbonated beverage industry

Laws, Drj, 1983:
Brewing characteristics of English hops

Gales, Peter, W., 2007:
Brewing chemistry and technology in the Americas

Christoffersen, P., 1983:
Brewing economics and technical management

Knorr, F., 1971:
Brewing enzyme in modern view of the future

Ryder, D.; Davis, C.; Anderson, D.G.ancy, F.; Power, J., 1988:
Brewing experience with cross-flow filtration

Barnes, Cs, 1979:
Brewing fuel on the farm

Mavis, A., 1981:
Brewing homemade energy

Sustak, R., 1984:
Brewing in Mozambique

Teufel, A., 1983:
Brewing in the Americas: raw materials and adjuncts

Pollock, Jra, 1976:
Brewing in the United Kingdom

Canales-Gaja, Am, 1981:
Brewing in the year 2000. A challenge for the future and a technological forecast

Anonymous, 1978:
Brewing industry and fruit and vegetable processing industry

Harzheim, J., 1973:
Brewing industry in Brazil, Argentina, and Apraguay

Nagy-Zambo, I., 1977:
Brewing industry in Hungary

Ernstberger, A., 1973:
Brewing industry in the German and European competition

Meyer, G., 1975:
Brewing industry situation in Great Britain

Jaffee, Daniel, 2007:
Brewing justice

Siebert, Kj, 1982:
Brewing laboratory automation. A review with special emphasis on the use of microcomputers

Marquardt, K., 1977:
Brewing liquor treatment with regard to the new laws. I

Fisher, J.; Fisher, D., 1996:
Brewing made easy

Kremkow, C., 1970:
Brewing malt: sales analyses

Cho, H.; Kim, J.; Lee, H.; Kang, J.; Lee, T., 1981:
Brewing method and compositio

Priest, F.G.C.mpbell, I., 1996:
Brewing microbiology

Taylor, D.; Humphrey, P.; Boxall, J.S.ith, P., 1998:
Brewing of Englihs-style ales with malted cereals, other than barley

Demuyakor, B.O.ta, Y.N.katani, K.F.kui, N.K.nagawa, K., 1994:
Brewing of beer with Sorghum vulgare malt with minimal barley malt blending

Narziss, L., 1971:
Brewing of pale, special beers

Shimizu,, H.I.oue, T., 1989:
Brewing performance of a genetically transformed yeast with acetolactate decarboxylase activity

Messersmith, M.E.ans, D.; Schmedding, D.; Groesbeek, N., 1997:
Brewing process ingredient technology--a traditional and future perspective

Agu, R.; Okenchi, M.; Aneke, G.O.wumelu, A., 1995:
Brewing properties of Nigerian white and yellow malted sorghum varieties mashed with external enzymes

Vancura, M.K.bicek, J.L.os, J., 1977:
Brewing quality of hops 1977 crop

Kochlikova, B., 1976:
Brewing raw materials and beer--significant exports of the agricultural and food production complex

Mayer, Mj, 1969:
Brewing research in North America

Pollock, James-Richard-Allan, 1979:
Brewing science

Munekata, H.K.nitake, N., 1969:
Brewing science in Japan

Piendl, A., 1971:
Brewing technology and molecular biology

Anonymous, 1977:
Brewing technology in West Germany

Puspok, J., 1973:
Brewing technology in the changing times

Breheny, Bj, 1971:
Brewing technology management--through Australian eyes

Jager, P.S.lberhumer, H., 1984:
Brewing tests with Hopstabil extract with carbon dioxide

Narziss, L.K.eninger, H.R.icheneder, E., 1971:
Brewing trials with isomerised hop extracts in boiled and unboiled worts

Narziss, L.R.icheneder, E.N.o-Da, P.M.ier, J., 1981:
Brewing trials with the hop variety perle

Calagione, Sam, 2005:
Brewing up a business

Watkins, C., 1997:
Brewing up coffee promotions

Bliss, Rm, 2003:
Brewing up the latest tea research

Jager, P.P.spok, J., 1979:
Brewing value assessment of Austrian barley

Weyh, H., 1980:
Brewing value of hop constituents. II. Hop tannins and astringent taste

Kohlmann, H., 1977:
Brewing value of hop in relationship to variety, location and climate

Vancura, M.K.bicek, Z., 1977:
Brewing value of hops crop 1977

Vancura, M.K.bicek, J.L.os, J., 1979:
Brewing value of hops from the 1978 harvest

Kowalska, M.R.sniak, L., 1983:
Brewing value of leading European barley varieties under Polands conditions. VII. Investigation results from 1978-1979 years

Weyh, H., 1980:
Brewing value of phenolic materials in hops. III. Tannin bitterness in relation to hop variety

Vancura, M.K.bicek, J.L.os, J., 1976:
Brewing value of the 1975 hop crop

Kowalska, M.R.sniak, L., 1983:
Brewing value of the main European barley varieties under Polish conditions on the base of investigations of 1972-1976 years

Satyanarayana-Rao, B.; Narasimham, V., 1976:
Brewing with enzymes

Loisa, M., 1979:
Brewing with sugars and cereal adjuncts

Pfisterer, E.; Garrison, I.; Mckee, R., 1978:
Brewing with syrups

Geiger, K., 1972:
Brewing with wheat starch

Boulton, C.; Quain, D., 2001:
Brewing yeast and fermentation

Smart, Katherine, 2000:
Brewing yeast fermentation performance

Smart, K.A., 2007:
Brewing yeast genomes and genome-wide expression and proteome profiling during fermentation

Young, Tw, 1983:
Brewing yeast with anti-contaminant properties

Thorne, Rww, 1975:
Brewing yeasts considered taxonomically

Mcvabe, J., 1995:
Brewing! Has it changed that much?

Kieninger, H., 1975:
Brewing, fermenting and lagering technology in continental -European breweries

Baumann, Walter, 1996:
Brewing, pressing and distilling in old Zurich

Narziss, L., 1983:
Brewing-barley harvest 1982. Difficulties and possible consequences for the future

Kalakoti, B.; Pangtey, Y., 1982:
Breynia rhamnoides (Willd.) Muell.-Arg. reported from the food hills of Naintal India

Anonymous, 1992:

Napolitano, M.A.; Cipollaro, M.; Cascino, A.; Melone, M.A.B.; Giordano, A.; Galderisi, U., 2007:
Brg1 chromatin remodeling factor is involved in cell growth arrest, apoptosis and senescence of rat mesenchymal stem cells

Anonymous, 1978:
Brhat paaribhaashika asabda-sangraha

Sung, P.J.; Su, J.H.; Duh, C.Y.; Chiang, M.Y.; Sheu, J.H., 2001:
Briaexcavatolides K-N, new briarane diterpenes from the gorgonian Briareum excavatum

Wu, S-Li.; Sung, P-Jyun.; Su, J-Hsin.; Sheu, J-Horng., 2003:
Briaexcavatolides S-V, four new briaranes from a Formosan gorgonian Briareum excavatum

Burn, Robert, 2006:
Brian John Smith 24.6.1939-19.7.2006: A malacological assessment

Pirzio-Biroli, J.R.berson, F., 1985:
Brian O. Mulligan

Anonymous, 1994:
Brian Thomas Styles, F.L.S. (1934-1993)

Samad, A.S.labat-Ali, M.S.ngh, B., 1983:
Brian abscess in a buffalo--a case report

Velichko, A.; Morozova, T., 1972:
Briansk mineral deposits of the soil-- stratigraphic importance and natural genesis

Maharaj; Pascoe; Tinto, 1999:
Briarane diterpenes from the gorgonian octocoral erythropodium caribaeorum from the northern caribbean

Sava, F.; Collins, C., 1983:

Rodriguez, A.; Ramirez,, O., 1996:
Briareins C-L, 10 new briarane diterpenoids from the common Caribbean gorgonian Briareum asbestinum

Tassi, Gerard, 2006:
Bribes sur les entolomes

Meeuse, Bjd, 1977:
Bribes, decoys and ant guards

Zanetell, B.A.; Knuth, B.A., 2002:
Bribing biodiversity: corruption, participation, and community-based management in Venezuela

Synitsyn, Ia, 1972:
Brick and ceramic floors of swin

Davey, M.-E.C.oper, E.-Fairman; Matthews-Rose, C., 1987:
Brick and mortar

Parson, E., 2004:
Brick by brick

Seifert, A., 1970:
Brick kiln clay into fertile soil

Carter, Cm, 1977:
Brick veneer--timber frame houses

Shank, Bf, 1982:
Brick walls and walks: key landscape elements

Klas, F., 1975:
Brick works on the farmhouse

Turner, Bl, 1985:
Brickellia mcdonaldii (Asteraceae, Eupatorieae), a new species from northeastern Mexico

Turner, B., 1991:
Brickellia sonorana (Asteraceae), a new species from Mexico belonging to the subgenus Phanerostylis

Komin, Ge, 1974:
Bricknerss cycle in the tree increment dynamics

Anonymous, 1944:
Bricks without straw

Molloy, Edward, 1942:
Brickwork and masonry

Minarik, I.S.vec, O., 1978:
Brickwork masonry combined with ferroconcrete

Parrini, P., 1981:
Brids foot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.)

Sueyoshi, E.; Liu, H.; Matsunami, K.; Otsuka, H.; Shinzato, T.; Aramoto, M.; Takeda, Y., 2007:
Bridelioside, a new lignan glycoside from Bridelia glauca Bl. f. balansae (Tucht.) Hatusima

Anonymous, 1992:

Anonymous, 1948:
Bridge Canyon project

Cover, K., 1994:
Bridge and Target training: beyond behavior modification

Strobl, J., 1976:
Bridge between theory and practice: from the viticultural school to the agricultural school

Anonymous, 1988:
Bridge condition assessment

Keeley, Jw, 1990:
Bridge design ethics

Johnson, J., 1990:
Bridge end fill repair

Bjerketvedt, D., 1981:
Bridge formation in meiotic anaphases in Norwegian populations of Paris quadrifolia L

Anonymous, 1962:
Bridge grafting and inarching damaged fruit trees

Ballantyne, J.A., 1949:
Bridge grafting and inarching fruit trees

Fletcher, W.F., 1980:
Bridge grafting of fruit trees

Anonymous, 1988:
Bridge improvements

Yarnell, David, L., 1981:
Bridge piers as channel obstructions

Johnson, Aa, 1974:
Bridge stakeout

Hall, G., 1977:
Bridge that gap

Hall, G., 1977:
Bridge that gap. 2

Hall, G., 1977:
Bridge that gap. 3

Hall, G., 1977:
Bridge that gap. 4. Product control and key points for the future

Huang, Bk, 1975:
Bridge the gap with mathematics and computers

Zahradnik, F., 1986:
Bridge the midsummer pasture gap

Palaniappan, R.S.lvaraj, P., 1971 :
Bridge the protein gap with leaf protein

Anonymous, 1995:
Bridge to a sustainable future

Latimer, M.; Hindle, B.; Kranzberg, M., 1984:
Bridge to the future

Anonymous, 1980:
Bridge to tomorrow

Marrotte, El, 1978:
Bridge-grafting and inarching damaged trees

Ozoe, Y.E.o, M., 1986:
Bridged bicyclic organophosphorus compounds as a probe for toxicological study on GABA synapse

Chong, Joshua-Anthony, 1971:
Bridged trans-cycloheptenes: bicyclo non-1-ene, bicyclo non-1(7)-ene, bicyclo oct-1-ene, and bicyclo oct-1(7)-ene, I

Chan, Hak-Foon, 1971:
Bridged trans-cyclooctenes

Burdsall, H.J.; Volk, T.; Ammirati, J.J., 1996:
Bridgeoporus, a new genus to accommodate (Basidiomycotina, Polyporaceae

Anonymous, 1996:
Bridgeport school system re-images the cafeteria

Heath, Rebecca, 2005:
Bridger Bowl

Anonymous, 1975 :
Bridger Wilderness management plan

Auld, D.; Mahler, K., 1987:
Bridger and Cascade winter rapeseed varieties

Svalberg, Terry, 1997:
Bridger-East ecological unit inventory

Anonymous, 1985:
Bridger-Teton National Forest

Anonymous, 1980:
Bridger-Teton National Forest (Bridger Division-east half), Wyoming

Anonymous, 1985:
Bridger-Teton National Forest (Buffalo and Jackson Ranger Districts), Wyoming

Anonymous, 1996:
Bridger-Teton National Forest Jackson Hole Ski Area master development plan revision

Anonymous, 1989:
Bridger-Teton National Forest final environmental impact statement

Anonymous, 1994:
Bridger-Teton National Forest firewood map

Anonymous, 1993:
Bridger-Teton National Forest in Lincoln and Sublette counties, Wyoming

Anonymous, 1986:
Bridger-Teton National Forest land and resource management plan

Anonymous, 1987 :
Bridger-Teton National Forest travel plan, Bridger Division (east)

Anonymous, 1987:
Bridger-Teton National Forest travel plan, Teton Division

Anonymous, 1981:
Bridger-Teton National Forest, Kemmerer, Greys River, and Big Piney ranger districts (Bridger Division, west half)

Anonymous, 1996:
Bridger-Teton National Forest, Pinedale Ranger District and Bridger Wilderness travel map, Wyoming, 1996

Kingsbury, L., 1981:
Bridger-Tetons fire and habitat history: a photographic study

de Magalhães, T.R., 1972:

Strombeck, J.; Strombeck, R.; Ekman, M., 1981:
Bridges & cupolas

Akster, H.; Smit, W., 1975:
Bridges between microtubules and desmosomes in the terminal filament-cuticle connection and in the muscle-cuticle connection (tendon cell) of the Colorado beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say)

Reed, H.-Hope; Mcgee, R.-M.M.paas, E., 1990:
Bridges of Central Park

Semina, Np, 1979:
Bridges of own tissues at grafting with a ring of bark in apple

Meehan, R.-Hope; Sergienko, V.; Weller, G., 1994:
Bridges of science between North America and the Russian Far East

Anonymous, 1994:
Bridges of the science between North America and the Russian far east

Waghmare, Sevakram, K., 1988:
Bridges of tribal upliftment

Slover, Bl, 1998:
Bridges over troubled waters collaborative planning in managing natural resources

Singer, B.H.; de Castro, M.Caldas., 2007:
Bridges to sustainable tropical health

Mattice, M.-Rubena; Bridges, M.-Arlanden, 1950:
Bridges Food and beverage analyses

Renison, B.T.llman, K., 1996:
Bridges: some old, some new; some needed, some not

Singley, Me, 1973:
Bridgeton, N.J. sludge composting project-a city-farm relationship

Hogenboom, Ng, 1983:
Bridging a gap between related fields of research: pistil-pollen relationships and the distinction between incompatibility and incongruity in nonfunctioning host-parasite relationships

Bouton, J., 1995:
Bridging animal and plant breeding: a plant breeders perspective

Levison, S., W.; Tan, S., 2007:
Bridging bench to bedside in fetal and neonatal brain injury - Preface

Rhoades, E.B.ain, R.T.lg, R.I.ani, T.R.berts, O., 2006:
Bridging borders: Organizing short-term agricultural communication exchange programs

Anonymous, 2000:
Bridging boundaries through regional marine research

Kodama, M.; Ramadan, M., M.; Mitsuma, W.; Tanaka, K.; Hoyano, M.; Minagawa, S.; Kashimura, T.; Ito, M.; Fuse, K.; Hirono, S.; Aizawa, Y.; Namura, O.; Sogawa, M.; Hayashi, J., 2007:
Bridging collateral from an internal mammary arterial graft to a coronary artery

Thiederman, Sondra, B., 1991:
Bridging cultural barriers

Gollasch, S.; Galil, B.; Cohen, A., N., 2006:
Bridging divides

Jessor, R., 1985:
Bridging etiology and prevention in drug abuse research

Foppen, Ruud, P.B., 2001:
Bridging gaps in fragmented marshland

Burke, J., 1985:
Bridging generation gaps between young and old in America

Ploss, A.-J.F.eld, W.-E.F.ick, M., J., 1996:
Bridging horizons

Knols, B.G.J.L.uis, C., 2006:
Bridging laboratory and field research for genetic control of disease vectors

Deyoung, Aj, 1995:
Bridging multiple worlds: the school superintendent as change agent in a rural and poor school district

Jacqmain, H.B.langer, L.H.lton, S.B.uthillier, L., 2007:
Bridging native and scientific observations of snowshoe hare habitat restoration after clearcutting to set wildlife habitat management guidelines on Waswanipi Cree land

Mccubbin, H.; Figley, C., 1983:
Bridging normative and catastrophic family stress

Patychuk, D.L., 2007:
Bridging place-based research and action for health

Smith, Mal, 1991:
Bridging plant biotechnology and field research

Sarikaphuti, Y., 1981:
Bridging research and extension gap through development communication in Thailand

Sample, Va, 1991:
Bridging resource use and sustainability: evolving concepts of both conservation and forest resource management

Reid, Walter, V., 2006:
Bridging scales and knowledge systems

Gibbs, Philip, 1944:
Bridging the Atlantic

Mutchler, M.; Anderson, S.; Taylor, U.; Hamilton, W.M.ngle, H., 2006:
Bridging the Digital Divide: An Evaluation of a Train-the-Trainer, Community Computer Education Program for Low-Income Youth and Adults

Lloyd, C., 1979:
Bridging the June gap

Alverson, A.J.; Jansen, R.K.; Theriot, E.C., 2007:
Bridging the Rubicon: phylogenetic analysis reveals repeated colonizations of marine and fresh waters by thalassiosiroid diatoms

Servilla, M., 1998:
Bridging the barriers agriculture remote

Johnston-Stewart, N.G.B.R.berts, A., 1982:
Bridging the bird gap

Kenyon, P., 1979:
Bridging the breeding gap

Barkley, Ap, 1998:
Bridging the distance: linking current students with alumni via the Internet

Jeffery, N.D.; Penderis, J.; Smith, P.M.; Franklin, R.J., 2001:
Bridging the divide: spinal cord repair by cellular transplantation--from research laboratory to therapeutic application

Price, Js, 1988:
Bridging the gap between academia and industry: the scientists role

Whent, L., 1992:
Bridging the gap between agricultural and science education

Hidy, Gm, 1982:
Bridging the gap between air quality and precipitation chemistry Rainout efficiency, sulfate, nitrate, northeastern United States, model

Dennison, C.P.illips, S.; Berry, R., 1985:
Bridging the gap between amino acid analyser output and feed formulation input

Giltmier, Jw, 1977:
Bridging the gap between broad public policy and legislated silvicultural practices

Sebek, V., 1983:
Bridging the gap between environmental science and policy-making: why public policy often fails to reflect current scientific knowledge

Bickel, R.; Banks, S.; Spatig, L., 1991:
Bridging the gap between high school and college in an Appalachian state: a near-replication of Florida research

Brucker, M.C.; MacMullen, N.J., 1985:
Bridging the gap between hospital and home

Grabow, Maggie-Lynn, 2007:
Bridging the gap between human health and urban design

Piggott, Jr; Sheen, Mr; Guy, C., 1990:
Bridging the gap between laboratory flavour research and the consumer

Ganor, J.-; Lu, P.-; Zheng, Z.-; Zhu, C., 2007:
Bridging the gap between laboratory measurements and field estimations of silicate weathering using simple calculations

Bindraban, Premchand-Soebhaschander, 1997:
Bridging the gap between plant physiology and breeding

Ballantyne, P., 1994:
Bridging the gap between practice and policy: policy management challenges for agricultural information specialists

Congdon, C., 1993:
Bridging the gap between principle and practice in agricultural water management

Spomer, Dr, 1998:
Bridging the gap between public health and consumer demand for high quality product

Anonymous, 2000:
Bridging the gap between research and adoption using farm scale demonstration

Zilinskas, R.A., 1993:
Bridging the gap between research and applications in the Third World

Anonymous, 1985:
Bridging the gap between science, regulation, and the surface mining operation

Reynolds, Dana, D., 1964:
Bridging the gap between the elite and the people in Libya and Afghanistan

Boocock, Rm, 1978:
Bridging the gap between the food industry and the consumer

Meyer, P.; Mecklinger, A.; Friederici, A.D., 2007:
Bridging the gap between the semantic N400 and the early old/new memory effect

Fayed, R., 1974:
Bridging the gap between theoretical and real world marketing

Henneberry, S.; Beshear, M., 1995:
Bridging the gap between theory and reality: a comparison of various teaching methods

Hague, B., 1985:
Bridging the gap between water quality and nonpoint source activities: a continuum of institutional arrangements

Kaas, D., 1984:
Bridging the gap in higher education

Schiller, M., 2003:
Bridging the gap in rural special education: paraeducators to teachers

Virdue, Ld, 1984:
Bridging the gap in urban areas

Hastrop, K., 1977:
Bridging the gap the role of the professional home economist

Dugger, Rb, 1971:
Bridging the gap to odontoglossums

Merlo, Dj, 1982:
Bridging the gap to plants: bacterial DNA in plant cells Genetic engineering

Chakraborty, Tushar-Kanti, 2007:
Bridging the gap: Converting our best national laboratories into IISER

Karg, Pj, 1999:
Bridging the gap: USDA spotlights DLT technology to mark 50th anniversary of telecommunications program

Pasley, K.D.llahite, D.; Ihinger-Tallman, M., 1993:
Bridging the gap: clinical applications of research findings on the spouse and stepparent roles in remarriage

Beuchat, Lr, 1985:
Bridging the gap: taxonomists and food mycologists

Pendleton, Mr, 1998:
Bridging the gap: toward a better understanding of socionatural thought

Yaeck, Dc, 1981:
Bridging the gap: water resources and land use

Varley, M., 2005:
Bridging the gaps with link diets

Kolodinsky, J.C.anwell, M.R.we, E., 2002:
Bridging the generation gap across the digital divide: Teens teaching Internet skills to senior citizens

Miksis, J., 1988:
Bridging the generation gap: perspectives on aging for high school students, an vanguard program

Raab, C.; Holyoak, A.R.ff, L., 1988:
Bridging the hunger gap

Hyk, D., 2001:
Bridging the integrator

Thomas, Jw, 1984:
Bridging the management gap

Whitacre, B.; Mills, B., 2003:
Bridging the metropolitan-nonmetropolitan digital divide in home Internet use

Bannister, R.A., 2007:
Bridging the myoplasmic gap: recent developments in skeletal muscle excitation-contraction coupling

D'Souza, D.; Frio, A., 2007:
Bridging the post-weaning piglet growth gap: the NuProReg. experience in the Asia Pacific region

Parpia, Hab, 1970:
Bridging the protein-calorie gap

Peariso, D., 2006:
Bridging the quality control gap: How Six Sigma can increase plant food safety and profitability

Houghton, J.; Thomas, C.; Goodman, L.S.hnell, M.L.eck, D., 2001:
Bridging the race and gender divides in forest recreation and private forest management through the becoming an outdoors-woman example

Neff, T., 1974:
Bridging the regeneration gap--containerized planting

Andrews, Wh, 1973:
Bridging the research--extension gap

Akoroda, Mo, 1994:
Bridging the research-farm gap for root crops in Adamaoua Province of Northern Cameroon

Anonymous, 1980:
Bridging the revenue gap

Roux, D.J.; Rogers, K.H.; Biggs, H.C.; Ashton, P.J.; Sergeant, A., 2006:
Bridging the science-management divide: moving from unidirectional knowledge transfer to knowledge interfacing and sharing

Elworthy, Ph, 1976:
Bridging the technology gap: A farmers commentary

Kynoch, Hfw, 1976:
Bridging the technology gap: A hill top view

Everitt, Gc, 1976 :
Bridging the technology gap: Communications problems

Townsley, Rj, 1976:
Bridging the technology gap: Introduction to dairy workshop

Townsley, R.; Mcdonald, M., 1976:
Bridging the technology gap: Introduction to plenary sessions

Floyd, Pg, 1976:
Bridging the technology gap: Waikato Section workshop findings and recommendations

Etter, D.E.ter, C., 1989:
Bridging the turn of the century: a vision for Denver

Lederman, Lynne, 2007:
Bridging the virtual and real worlds in the biomedical field Denis Hochstrasser, MD

Dalley, D., 1975:
Bridging the wet spots

White, Seth, M., 2004:
Bridging the worlds of fire managers and researchers

Pitman, George-Keith, 2002:
Bridging troubled waters

Singh, Sp, 1990:
Bridging-parents for incompatible crosses between Mesoamerican and Andean common beans

Kerz, 1973:
Bridle paths in the forest

Miske, T., 1981 :
Brief Chrysanthemum crops for 1980--five conclusions possible

Amy, Alberto, S., 1987:
Brief English-Spanish glossary of agricultural science

Heim, R., 1972:
Brief Latin diagnosis of new

Karst, H.; Joels, M., 2007:
Brief RU 38486 treatment normalizes the effects of chronic stress on calcium currents in rat hippocampal CAI neurons

Anonymous, 1974:
Brief account of placentophagia in cattle (field report))

Dzhakeli, V.; Tsanava, V., 1980:
Brief account of the scientific research work of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute for Tea and Subtropical Crops for 1979

Kiss, Z., 1972:
Brief account on the latest results of immunoglobulin research and its serological aspects

Anonymous, 1940:
Brief account on the preventive measures against cotton plant louse

Anonymous, 1940:
Brief account on the preventive measures against mulberry white fly

Daeppen, J-Bernard.; Gaume, J.; Bady, P.; Yersin, B.; Calmes, J-Marie.; Givel, J-Claude.; Gmel, G., 2007:
Brief alcohol intervention and alcohol assessment do not influence alcohol use in injured patients treated in the emergency department: a randomized controlled clinical trial

Anonymous, 1974:
Brief analysis of Sinaloa horticulture and the competing areas in the United States (Sinaloa 1973-74)

Ulmann, L., 1975:
Brief analysis of peak winter rye yields

Dewarat, C., 1983:
Brief analysis of rural tourism in the Canton of Fribourg

Castro, Mp-De, 1971:
Brief analysis of the School of Agronomy and Veterinary Science of the Federal University in Goias

Niederfrank, E.J., 1947:
Brief analysis of the coordination of agencies in Ascension Parish, Louisiana to improve rural living through education

Jimaenez-Paerez, Javier, 1991:
Brief analysis of the current situations of forestry resources in Mexico

Cherneva, Ov, 1974:
Brief analysis of the geographical distribution of species of the genus Cousinia Cass

Correa-Coss, Alfonso, 1979:
Brief analysis of the performance of the national agricultural sector 1960-1978 and some considerations on international trade

Boullard, B., 1978:
Brief anatomical approach to a fundamental tissue: wood

Lewis, M.E.; Gowland, R., 2007:
Brief and precarious lives: infant mortality in contrasting sites from medieval and post-medieval England (AD 850-1859)

Anonymous, 1960:
Brief and submission to the Royal Commission on Transportation

Skydsgaard, P., 1975:
Brief anestrus in swine

Boullard, B., 1982:
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Brief book

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Brief characteristic of fruit and berry crops and wild berries in the area of the western part of the Baikal--Amur railroad construction (on the basis of the data of the 1974 expedition)

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Brief communications

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Brief course on the care and arrangement of flowers in the florist shop

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Brief data on agrometeorologica

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Brief description of the Heibofla

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Brief description of the major apple rootstocks

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Brief encounter

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Brief explanation of ideas concerning natural, environmental, and landscape protection. 3

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Brief explanation of operations under Title I, Public Law 480 program; letter of commitment method of financing

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Brief exposition on the present situation of the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Technical University Luis Vargas Torres in Esmeralda

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Brief exposure to a novel stimulus during imprinting in chicks and its influence on subsequent preferences

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Brief faunistic review of black flies of the Byelorussian SSR

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Brief faunistic review of the pe

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Brief for the Committee for Reciprocity Information

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Brief glance on Belgian agriculture in 1972

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Brief guide for the veterinary laboratory technician and chemist

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Brief guide to consumer literature

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Brief guide to the institute and its work

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Brief handbook for the veterinary assistant

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Brief historical account of the use of hayo (coca) in Venezuela

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Brief historical outlines of Italian agriculture, considering principally the consistency in cultivated species

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Brief historical review on the development of citrus cultivation in the world

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Brief history and achievements of Polish Association of Sugar Technicians in the years 1985-2004 - Part II

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Brief history and discussion of biomass estimation for timber tree species

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Brief history and performance of the Guthrie Corriedale stud

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Brief history and text of the Convention on Nature Protection and Wild Life Preservation in the Western Hemisphere

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Brief history of Bakers garlic in a chief producing district, Fukube Village

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Brief history of Insinger Machine Company

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Brief history of SAFs program of continuing education

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Brief history of beekeeping in ancient times

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Brief history of cold injury to apple trees in north central Washington, September 1969

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Brief history of cotton

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Brief history of forests in Riga

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Brief history of medical and veterinary entomology in the USDA

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Brief history of orgin and development of Aberdeen-Angus in Scotland and America

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Brief history of origin and development of Aberdeen-Angus in Scotland and America

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Brief history of political movement of agronomists

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Brief history of studies of the pathogenesis and immunogenesis of helminth diseases

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Brief history of the American Leather Chemists Association

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Brief history of the American Orchid Society

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Brief history of the California Division of Forestry

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Brief history of the Elbe fruit growing organization on its 50th anniversary

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Brief history of the Lincoln longwool sheep from the year 1750

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Brief history of the Savona cooperative movement

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Brief history of the development o

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Brief history of the formation of the Corriedale breed

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Brief hydrochemical characteristics of Lake Palaeostomi

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Brief hydrochemical characteristics of small lakes in Estonia during the summer stagnation Anthropogenic eutrophication of water caused by fertilizer application.1

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Brief hyperglycaemia in the early pregnant rat increases fetal weight at term by stimulating placental growth and affecting placental nutrient transport

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Brief impressions of Scotch agriculture

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Brief in the matter of milk and dairy products

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Brief information about the Entomology Laboratory and a list of works published by its staff in 1968-1970

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Brief information about the development of citrus cultivation in Italy

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Brief information on fertilizers

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Brief instructions for freezing fruit

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Brief instructions for wheat growing in Sao Paulo State, Brazil, 1979

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Brief introduction of Beijing

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Brief introduction on how to i

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Brief introduction on major di

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Brief introduction on medium d

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Brief introduction on the appl

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Brief introduction on the use

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Brief introduction to major di

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Brief introduction to pest control in fruit trees

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Brief introduction to the majo

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Brief introduction to the major forest tree species in Taiwan. 31. bambusa oldhamii

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Brief ischemia causes long-term depression in midbrain dopamine neurons

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Brief key of Pupilloidea (Mollusca, Gastropoda) from mountainous ridges in the southern and south-eastern part of Kazakhstan Intermediate host of helminths of domestic and game animals.1

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Brief lab manual for pathological anatomy

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Brief look at the Bolivian land question

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Brief manual on caterpillar tractor KHTZ DT-54 exploitation

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Brief manual on milk analysis in sheep milk processing plant

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Brief manual on swamp beaver raising

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Brief morphological characteristics of Pyralis farinalis

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Brief note about findings of orchids of interest from Europe and the Mediterranean area

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Brief note about the latest novelties in agricultural engineering

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Brief note on Abu Yussuf

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Brief note on Meloidogyne lordelloi Ponte, 1969

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Brief note on citrus protoplast for breeding

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Brief note on colony genetics

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Brief note on dairying in Nordland and Troms

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Brief note on disease control in Uttar Pradesh Livestock industry

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Brief note on nematodes in the soil of Paraiba State

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Brief note on the Asperula an

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Brief note on the sanitary situation and methods of control applied to Senegal during 1973

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Brief note on the sanitary situation and methods of control applied to the Ivory Coast during 1973

Anonymous, 1975:
Brief note on the sanitary situation and prevention methods applied to Senegal during 1974. regional cooperation in animal health

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Brief note: Morelacarus nomen novum for Cordisetoides nomen nudum (Trombidiformes--Acarina)

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Brief notes from Sweden

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Brief notes on Salix species.

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Brief notes on adventitious flora

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Brief notes on avocado growing

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Brief notes on bibliographies of botany. I-IV

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Brief notes on cattle plague in Egypt

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Brief notes on efforts towards improving forage crops at the Plant Breeding Station

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Brief notes on flora and fauna in Rambut Island

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Brief notes on flora of East As

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Brief notes on flora of East Asia. 28

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Brief notes on foundation and activities

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Brief notes on maternal immunity in pullets that have descended from hens vaccinated against Newcastle disease

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Brief notes on some nomenclatural equivalences of Cevennes-Causses species and description of a new subspecies of Orchidaceae Euphorbia flavicoma, Hieracium planchonianum, Ophrys insectifera ssp. aymoninii, France.1

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Brief notes on some representative Japanese Camellia gardens

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Brief notes on the cytology of neotropical Coleoptera. 2. Apate monacha F. (Bostrychidae)

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Brief notes on the cytology of neotropical Coleoptera. I. Colaspis tricolor Perty (Chrysomelidae: Eumolpinae: Colaspini)

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Brief notes on the cytology of neotropical Coleoptera. III. Luperodes antillarum blake=Lysathia ludoviciana (Fall)

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Brief notes on the development of the agricultural and industrial sectors within the gross national product and some of their characteristics

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Brief notes on the exploitation and reserves in irreplacable resources

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Brief notes on the flora of Eas

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Brief notes on the identificat

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Brief notes on the new classif

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Brief notes on the plants from

Anonymous, 1950:
Brief notes on the public domain

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Brief notes on the results of research work in the Ustimov Experiment Station in 20 years

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Brief notes on the third volume of Flora Europaea

Anonymous, 1977:
Brief notes on the timber industry of Sarawak

Velasco-Negueruela, A., 1983:
Brief notes on the vegetation of Cantabria

Parra-Toro, F., 1971:
Brief observations on cooperativism

Whitehead, Paul, F., 2007:
Brief observations on the invertebrate fauna of Jordan

Anonymous, 1947:
Brief of Inter-state Milk Producers Cooperative filed in connection with the exceptions to the proposed marketing agreement, proposed amendment to the order, as amended, regulating the handling of milk in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania marketing area

Anonymous, 1941:
Brief of land use survey of Colusa County

Anonymous, 1940:
Brief of land use survey of Kern County

Anonymous, 1940:
Brief of land use survey of Stanislaus County

Anonymous, 1982:
Brief of the Cooperative Council of Quebec to the Agricultural Markets Administration of Quebec at a public audience held at Drummondville on November the 10th, 1982 and concerning the projects jointly presented by the Maple Sugar Producers of Quebec and the Maple Sugar and Syrup Producers Federation of Quebec

Anonymous, 1947:
Brief of the Government of Puerto Rico

Anonymous, 1971:
Brief on Indian agriculture, 1971

Anonymous, 1979:
Brief on Indian agriculture, 1979

Anonymous, 1948:
Brief on farm prices presented to the Royal Commission on Prices

Leker, E.H., 1950:
Brief outline

Gonzalez, A., 1981:
Brief outline of chemical and physicochemical properties of peat used in the quebec containers (CRIQ) Industrial Research Center of Quebec, forestry, seedlings

Harzmann, Lutz-Jeurgen, 1988:
Brief outline of general tropical wood science

Yudkin, J., 1977:
Brief outline of research results

Anonymous, 1943:
Brief outline of the council activities to date

Olsen, Wallace, C., 1983:
Brief overview of agricultural information systems in Southeast Asia

Peciar, V., 1985:
Brief overview of the bryocenoses of Slovakia

Guest, Gb, 1986:
Brief overview of the tissue residue program

Petrov, Vv, 1977:
Brief physical geographical characteristics of Leningrad Region

Babaev, A.; Durdyev, K., 1982:
Brief physical-geographic characteristics of the Western Kopet Dagh Soil classification, vegetation, conservation problems.1

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Brief plant protection dictionary

Mosig, Alfred, 1948:
Brief practical systematics of the plant world

Til'-Gor, N.-Karlovich; Popatov, N.-Gavrilovich, 1961:
Brief practicum on plant physiology

Doull, Km, 1980:
Brief presentation of some aspects of industrial honeybee queen rearing

Anonymous, 1945:
Brief presented to the Committee to investigate the problem of adjustment of rural municipal boundaries

Krusteva, L., 1971:
Brief quarantine informations.

Murbach, R., 1977:
Brief recall of toxicological notions

Carrazzai-Sobrinho, Eh, 1980:
Brief reflexions on rural development in northeastern Brazil

Anonymous, 1973:
Brief remarks on the effect of the date of sowing on the vegetative cycle of the subsidence sorghum

Lourens, L.F.D.E., 1980:
Brief remarks on the report of Koves and Hirt on Aujeszkys disease in pigs

Tuxen, R., 1980:
Brief replies to the interventions of Dr. Dierssen on the synsystematics of Oxycocco-Sphagnetea

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Brief report - The HBV drug entecavir - Effects on HIV-1 replication and resistance

Dzhakeli, V.; Tsanava, V., 1979:
Brief report about the scientific-research activities of the All-Union Scientific-Research Institute of Tea and Subtropical Crops in 1978

Anonymous, 1981:
Brief report of Intensive Extension and Research Project, research component

Lin, Wc, 1971:
Brief report of the Chinese Technical Assistance Mission Madagascar for Bamboo Culture for the years 1969-1970

Jager, J.R.zenveld, T., 1976:
Brief report of the number of experimental plants and the nitrogen requirements of commercial potatoes

Zeng Bin; Luo ShuPin; Ren YingYing; L.J.ang; G.J.anXin, 2007:
Brief report of the tissue culture and regeneration of grape cv. Munake in Xinjiang

Kjelvik, S., 1971 :
Brief report on IBP biomass studies in a mountain birch zone at Maurseth, Hardangervidda, Norway

Li, Yj, 1980:
Brief report on Pissodes nitidu

Ledoux, P., 1976:
Brief report on Swietenia mecrophylla King Meliaceae; mongo

Vogt, H., 1981:
Brief report on an experiment with fish solubles in the broiler fattening feed

Chang, C.; Liang, M.; Liu, Y.; Pan, S., 1976:
Brief report on breeding of po

Guo LiangZhi; Guo QingYun; Xin CunYue; Wei YouHai; Weng Hua, 2007:
Brief report on effects of 48% garlon EC and 75% lontrel SP in controlling grassland whin

Anonymous, 1972:
Brief report on experiment results pertaining to cultural practices of Upland crops

Kick, H.P.letschny, H., 1978:
Brief report on field experiments with town waste compost and sewage sludge

Hugoson, G., 1983:
Brief report on pseudorabies

Komai, T., 1974:
Brief report on the 15th World

Hidaka, J., 1974:
Brief report on the 2nd Confere

Olsen, W., 1980:
Brief report on the VIth World Congress, IAALD

Song, B.; Hu, J., 1980:
Brief report on the experiment

Bi, H.; He, S.1; Gu, S., 1980:
Brief report on the oil quality

Fabry, P., 1977:
Brief report on the physiology of nutrition. 1. Nutritional requirements to ensure the functioning of the organism

Fabry, P., 1977:
Brief report on the physiology of nutrition. 10. Vitamins. I

Fabry, P., 1977:
Brief report on the physiology of nutrition. 11. Vitamins. II

Fabry, P., 1977:
Brief report on the physiology of nutrition. 12. Micronutrients

Fabry, P., 1977:
Brief report on the physiology of nutrition. 2. Energy balance

Fabry, P., 1977:
Brief report on the physiology of nutrition. 4. Body reserves

Fabry, P., 1977:
Brief report on the physiology of nutrition. 5. Adaptation to undernutrition

Fabry, P., 1977:
Brief report on the physiology of nutrition. 6. Saccharides

Fabry, P., 1977:
Brief report on the physiology of nutrition. 7. Oils

Fabry, P., 1977:
Brief report on the physiology of nutrition. 8. Proteins

Fabry, P., 1977:
Brief report on the physiology of nutrition. 9. Control of the metabolic processes and reciprocal relations in the conversion of the main foods

Li, Pk, 1979:
Brief report on the studies of animal wastes as feed ingredient for chicks and pigs

Rafyi, A.N.ak, A.R.k, H., 1974:
Brief report on ticks, diseases transmitted by them and cont rol of these parasites in Iran

Rafyi, A.N.ak, A.R.k, H., 1974:
Brief report on ticks, diseases transmitted by ticks and control of these parasites in Iran

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Brief report: a scale for rating conversational impairment in autism spectrum disorder

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Brief report: brain activation to social words in a sedated child with autism

van der Smagt, M.J.; van Engeland, H.; Kemner, C., 2007:
Brief report: can you see what is not there? low-level auditory-visual integration in autism spectrum disorder

Hilton, J.C.; Seal, B.C., 2006:
Brief report: comparative ABA and DIR trials in twin brothers with autism

Yuill, N.; Strieth, S.; Roake, C.; Aspden, R.; Todd, B., 2007:
Brief report: Designing a playground for children with autistic spectrum disorders - Effects on playful peer interactions

Bauminger, N., 2006:
Brief report: group social-multimodal intervention for HFASD

Bauminger, N., 2006:
Brief report: individual social-multi-modal intervention for HFASD

Reed, C.L.; Beall, P.M.; Stone, V.E.; Kopelioff, L.; Pulham, D.J.; Hepburn, S.L., 2006:
Brief report: perception of body posture--what individuals with autism spectrum disorder might be missing

Hubert, B.; Wicker, B.; Moore, D.G.; Monfardini, E.; Duverger, H.; D.F.nséca, D.; Deruelle, C., 2006:
Brief report: recognition of emotional and non-emotional biological motion in individuals with autistic spectrum disorders

Reed, P.; Osborne, L.A.; Corness, M., 2006:
Brief report: relative effectiveness of different home-based behavioral approaches to early teaching intervention

Rubin, Z.A.; Leonard, M.K.; Martin, G.S., 2006:
Brief report: tuberculosis sepsis and activated protein C

Cohen, D.; Martel, C.; Wilson, A.; Déchambre, N.; Amy, Céline.; Duverger, L.; Guile, J-Marc.; Pipiras, E.; Benzacken, B.; Cavé, Hélène.; Cohen, L.; Héron, D.; Plaza, M., 2006:
Brief report: visual-spatial deficit in a 16-year-old girl with maternally derived duplication of proximal 15q

Bernstrand, C.; Cederlund, K.; Henter, J.-Inge, 2007:
Brief reports - Pulmonary function testing and pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis

Anonymous, 1975:
Brief reports on Agricultural research in Texas

Fabry, P., 1977:
Brief reprot on the physiology of nutrition. 3. Control of food intake

Spagnesi, M., 1974:
Brief research on the rearing in captivity of the white hare (Lepus timidus L.)

Kiziakov, Iue, 1980:
Brief results and prospects of agronomic-soil studies

Esin, Nm, 1978:
Brief results of USSR meat industry production in 1977

Belolipov, Iv, 1976:
Brief results of initial introduction of plants of the natural flora of the Central Asia in the Botanical Garden of the Uzbek SSR Academy of Sciences

Sokolov, B.; Ivakhnenko, A.; Makarenko, I., 1984:
Brief results of international testing of maize hybrids according to the program of the southern committee of the EUCARPIA

Kapelev, Ig, 1984:
Brief results of introducing essential oil plants from genus Artemisia

Bziava, M.; Datuadze, O.; Tsanava, N., 1977:
Brief results of many years of experiments on application of fertilizers on plantations of subtropical crops

Shestachenko, Gn, 1981:
Brief results of plant introduction for rock gardens

Dorokhov, Bl, 1973:
Brief results of studies in the mineral nutrition effect on photosynthetic activity of winter wheat, bean pea in the Academy of Sciences of the Moldavian SSR

Esin, Nm, 1980:
Brief results of the activities of the meat industry in 1979

Shamanskii, Pp, 1970:
Brief results of the activity of the Brest regional governmental agricultural experiment station

Pokrovskii, V.; Sorokin, S., 1980:
Brief results of the fishery cadastre of small and medium lakes in the Leningrad Region

Arutiunian, L.; Tarasova, Z., 1982:
Brief results of the introduction of Chinese and Japanese dendroflora representatives under conditions present in the Erevan Botanical Garden

Kapelev, Ig, 1984:
Brief results of the introduction of essential oil plants from Compositae family

Kaplunenko, Mf, 1976:
Brief results of the introduction of species of the genus Quercus L. in the republican botanical garden of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences

Esin, N., 1974:
Brief results of the meat industry operation for the first half of 1974

Filippov, Vd, 1980:
Brief results of the operation of the dairy industry in 1979

Filippov, Vd, 1978:
Brief results of the output of dairy industry for 1977

Filippov, Vd, 1976:
Brief results of the output of dairy industry for the first half of 1976

Esin, Nm, 1977:
Brief results of the production of meat industry in 1976

Filippov, Vd, 1974:
Brief results of the work of the dairy industry in 1973

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Brief results of the work of the dairy industry in 1978

Filippov, Vd, 1976:
Brief results of the work of the dairy industry in1975

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Brief results of the work of the meat products industry for seven months of 1972

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Brief results of varietal trials of garden peas

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Brief results of winter durum wheat breeding for the steppes of the Ukrainian SSR

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Brief results of work in the meat industry of the USSR in 1978

Filippov, Vd, 1974:
Brief results of work of dairy industry in the first half of 1974

Esin, N., 1976:
Brief results of work of the meat industry in 1975 and in the entire 9th Five Year Plan

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Brief results on the output of the dairy industry in 1976

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Brief results on variety testing of tomato

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Brief review of 30 years of the School for Veterinary Technical Assistants of the Institute of Animal Hygiene in Freiburg

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Brief review of CA recommendations

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Brief review of basic agricultural policy measures since 1945

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Brief review of diseases of grasses

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Brief review of fruit culture in Hungary

Anonymous, 1982:
Brief review of land prices Farmland in Indiana

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Brief review of liquefaction during earthquakes in Japan

van Limborgh, C.L., 1980:
Brief review of nutrition in rabbits

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Brief review of palearctic species of genus Triglyphus Loew, 1840 (Diptera, Syrphidae)

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Brief review of rabies

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Brief review of recommendations presented in Utilization of genetic resources of the potato III, November, 1980

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Brief review of species of genus Juncus L., common in Central Asia

Anonymous, 1950:
Brief review of the Australian cotton textile industry

Anonymous, 1951:
Brief review of the Australian soap industry

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Brief review of the forest resources of Nicaragua

Anonymous, 1979:
Brief review of the operation of sugar industry in 1978

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Brief review of the results of investigations of the problem Microelements in plant and animal husbandry in 1973. physiology and biochemistry of microelements; participation of microelements in the metabolism of plants

Peive, I.; Nollendorf, A., 1975:
Brief review of the results of investigations of the problem Microelements in plant and animal husbandry in 1974. physiology and biochemistry of microelements in plants

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Brief review of the results of studies of microelement problems in 1979 Soil, fertilizers, deficiency diseases in animals.1

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Brief review of the results of studies of the problems of microelements in crop farming and animal husbandry in 1975

Koval'-Skii, V.; Nollendorf, A.1; Upitis, V., 1980:
Brief review of the results of studies on problems of microelements in 1978 USSR, content in soils, plants, microfertilizers.1

Koval'-Skii, V.; Nollendorf, A.; Upitis, V., 1979:
Brief review of the results of studies on the problems of microelements

Koval'-Skii, V.; Nollendorf, A., 1978:
Brief review of the results of studies on the problems of microelements in crop and livestock farming for 1976

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Brief review of the species of the genus Microdon Meigen, 1803 (Diptera, Syrphidae) from the fauna of the USSR

Kostic, S., 1981:
Brief review of the state and some measures for t

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Brief review of weedy vegetation in potato fields of southern Vyatka Kama area (Udmurt A.S.S.R.)

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Brief review of wines with patented geographical source in Vojvodina in the 1977-1980 period Legal aspects, physico chemical properties, Yugoslavia.1

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Brief review: anesthetic implications of long QT syndrome in pregnancy

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Brief reviews of dairy and soy products

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Brief screening instrument of posttraumatic stress disorder for children and adolescents 7-15 years of age

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Brief sketch of irrigated rice cultivars for Santa Catarina State, Brazil, in the 1978-1979 season

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Brief soil oxygen stress predisposes bean seedling roots infection by Fusarium solani f. sp. pisi

Anonymous, 1940:
Brief statements concerning tung-oil production

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Brief story on plants

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Brief study of microsporidian pathogens in the white pine weevil Pissodes strobi

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Brief study of some varieties of wheat

Anonymous, 1955:
Brief submitted to Royal Commission on Forestry, British Columbia

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Brief summaries of a selection of papers presented at the fifth annual meeting of the European Meat Research Workers, Paris, 1959

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Brief summaries of federal animal protection statutes

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Brief summary of Wyoming water law

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Brief summary of genetics for the apiarist. 4

Haas, Peggy-Wagoner, 1985:
Brief summary of research

Nagy, J., 1973:
Brief summary of research related to forcing muskmelon under folia

Anonymous, 1957:
Brief summary of status of national study of home demonstration membership; some characteristics, needs, and interests

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Brief summary of the flora of the genus Mentha L. of the USSR

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Brief summary of the forest economy in South-Baden

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Brief survey of Belgian agriculture in 1974

Tambuyzer, C., 1978:
Brief survey of Belgian agriculture in 1977

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Brief survey of Chinas enzyme technology related to food industry

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Brief survey of history of development of artificial fertilizers industry in Yugoslavia

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Brief survey of macromycetes in forests and steppes of the Belgorod Region

Kral, P., 1980:
Brief survey of recent energy forecasts

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Brief survey of research results on the problem of micronutrients in plant industry and animal industry during 1971

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Brief survey of some verminoses affecting ruminants

Atger, P.C.evalet, Y., 1975:
Brief survey on a viral epizooty in Cosmophila flava F. (-Noctuidae) in Mali cotton plantations

Atger, P.C.evalet, Y., 1975:
Brief survey on a viral polyhedral epizootic in Cosmophila flava F. (Noctuidae) in cotton plantations in Mali

Takeuchi, S., 1972:
Brief survey on the studies of

Zitzow, T.; Finn, M., 1988:
Brief synopsis of the Midwest Regional Centers 1988 school evaluation data

Carvalho, J.Da, S., 1971:
Brief testimonial

White, Howard, D., 1995 :
Brief tests of collection strength

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Brief textbook of zoology

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Brief thoughts for the dairy industry for the 70s

Houck, Jp, 1993:
Brief thoughts on the comparative advantage of agricultural economics

Anonymous, 1945:
Brief to Royal Commission on Co-operatives

Anonymous, 1949:
Brief to Select Committee, Ontario Legislature, on Conservation

Anonymous, 1984:
Brief to the Macdonald Royal Commission: A case for improved forest management in Canada

Anonymous, 1979:
Brief to the Prime Minister and Cabinet of Ontario

Anonymous, 1945:
Brief to the Royal Commission on Co-operatives

Anonymous, 1979:
Brief to the Royal Commission on discounts and allowances

Li, Cn, 1981:
Brief view on Chinese agricult

Anonymous, 1953:
Brief written statement (including project evaluation statements)

W.J., 1971:

Anonymous, 1992:
Briefing book on environmental and energy legislation

Anonymous, 1990:
Briefing for U.S. delegates to the White House Conference on Science & Economics Research Related to Global Change, Wednesday, April 11, 1990, 3:00-4:00 PM, Roosevelt Room

Anonymous, 1984:
Briefing material

Anonymous, 1975:
Briefing on East-West trade

Anonymous, 1994:
Briefing on migrant workers seminar

Hart, R.-W.T.rturro, A., 1986:
Briefing on risk assessment

Pelzner, Adrian, 1983:
Briefing on service-wide data base for Forest Service Pavement Design and Managment System (PDMS)

Jenni, Jk, 1995:
Briefing on the Japanese fresh produce market

Anonymous, 1979:
Briefing package for organizations and individuals interested in soil and water conservation

Anonymous, 1989:
Briefing packet

Burbee, C.-R.L.nahan, R.-J.A.len, G.-Cornelius, 1977:
Briefing paper

Anonymous, 1989:
Briefing report to the EPA Science Advisory Board on the equilibrium partitioning Approach to Generating Sediment Quality Criteria

Englin, J.B.ker, J., 1994:
Briefing series on the 1995 farm bill: agricultural and rural finance policy

Englin, J.B.ker, J., 1994:
Briefing series on the 1995 farm bill: animal rights and welfare

Englin, J.B.ker, J., 1995:
Briefing series on the 1995 farm bill: conservation reserve and conservation compliance policy

Englin, J.B.ker, J., 1994:
Briefing series on the 1995 farm bill: dairy policy

Englin, J.B.ker, J., 1994:
Briefing series on the 1995 farm bill: livestock and poultry policy

Englin, J.B.ker, J., 1994:
Briefing series on the 1995 farm bill: natural disaster protection policy

Englin, J.B.ker, J., 1994:
Briefing series on the 1995 farm bill: research and education policy

Englin, J.B.ker, J., 1994:
Briefing series on the 1995 farm bill: rural development policy

Englin, J.B.ker, J., 1994:
Briefing series on the 1995 farm bill: sustainable agriculture policy

Englin, J.B.ker, J., 1994:
Briefing series on the 1995 farm bill: the political economy

Englin, J.B.ker, J., 1994:
Briefing series on the 1995 farm bill: wetlands, agriculture and water quality policy

Anonymous, 1994:

Lancingerova, M., 1971:
Briefly about Czechoslovak lumber drying kilns

Didus'-, Vi, 1975:
Briefly on results of breeding short stem productive varieties of winter wheat

Boiko, A.A., 1985:
Briefly on veterinary medicine in the USA

Anonymous, 1985:

Neumann,, J.L.ndner, H.W.lske, G., 1977:
Briesen cooperative crop production section: year round use of the labor force and what it means for advanced training

Matychak, Pp, 1971:
Brigade accounting

Seregin, I.; Russkii, V., 1982:
Brigade contract Agricultural chemistry, fertilizers, labor organization, USSR.1

Morozov, Av, 1983:
Brigade contract and prospects of its development

Gorbov, V.; Varlamov, E., 1979:
Brigade contract for construction

Zhil'-Tsov, A.; Kuznetsov, F., 1975:
Brigade contract for loading vessels

Mazloev, Vz, 1982:
Brigade contract in cropping Contract labor, cereal production, costs, USSR.1

Lekh, Am, 1978:
Brigade contract opens up supplementary reserves

Dervinskas, Em, 1974:
Brigade cost estimation of reclamation projects in the Lithuanian SSR

Haspra, R., 1983:
Brigade form of labor organization and remuneration as a tool of improving the management of production teams

Iudyts'-Kyi, Mn, 1974:
Brigade labor organization in th

Borowski, M., 1975:
Brigade methods of combine harvesting of cereals on large farms

Petrova, E., 1981:
Brigade-unit labor organization in dairy cattle farming

Anonymous, 1961:
Brigades of communist labor in the village

Ryzhikova, A.A., 1961:
Brigades of communist labor on the farm

Morozov, D.R., 1948:
Brigady v kolkhoze imeni Petrovskogo

Anonymous, 1976:
Brigalow land management

Anonymous, 1986:
Briggs Nursery, Inc. and the Thomas Henny Nursery present to you color portraits of outstanding plants

Minnich, B., 1993:
Briggs: the largest rhody grower in the world

Anonymous, 1997:
Brigham & Womens Hosp. rings-up room service biz

Anonymous, 1955:
Brigham Young University science bulletin

Johnson, M., 1986:
Brighamia citrina var. napaliensis--Campanulaceae

Perlman, Sp, 1979:
Brighamia in Hawaii

Rauh, W., 1981:
Brighamia insignis, a curious succulent of the Lobelia family from the Hawaiian Islands

Polz, F., 1985:
Bright Conophytum

Anderson, T., 1974:
Bright Impatiens brings winter cheer

Anonymous, 1986:
Bright Sand Forage Project

Munoz-Duran, R., 1979:
Bright and dark aspects of the world meat market

Evison, R., 1977:
Bright begonias to end winters gloom

Prince, M., 1979:
Bright berries for fall

Peterson, K., 1978:
Bright blossoms counter January chill

Shulman, Stan, 1982:
Bright from the start

Kaji, Dc, 1981:
Bright future for Indian broiler industry Outlook, India

Cicero, K., 1992:
Bright future for better-life grain: but will a year without pesticides encourage sustainable systems?

Shields, W.Jr, 1980:
Bright future for clam products

Parry, J., 1976:
Bright future for malting barley

Reddy, Kr, 1980:
Bright future for poultry farming

Patton, F., 1975:
Bright future for rapeseed

Mccreagh, J., 1977:
Bright future predicted for new pork marketing methods

Lahiri, Kl, 1975:
Bright future predicted for panel producers

Anonymous, 1991:
Bright future predicted for viral insect control

Gastrock, Ea, 1971:
Bright future seen for cottonseed in new products

Anonymous, 1980:
Bright future seen for horticulture exports

Miller, Susan, 2000:
Bright futures for WIC nutrition services

Miller, Susan, 2000:
Bright futures for babies

Adams,, K., 2000:
Bright futures in practice

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Bright greenish-yellow fluorescence and aflatoxin in recently harvested ywllow corn market in North Carolina

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Bright greenish-yellow fluorescence and associated fungi in white corn naturally contaminated with aflatoxin

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Bright ideas for home lighting

Newton, M.H.rndon, S.D.nehower, C.L.mpkin, E.W.lls, E., 1988:
Bright ideas for portable lighting

Newton, M.H.rndon, S.D.nehower, C.L.mpkin, E.W.lls, E., 1988:
Bright ideas for structural lighting

Miller, Susan, 1996:
Bright ideas!

Sweeney, B.M., 1979:
Bright light does not immediately stop the circadian clock of gonyaulax

Carr, D., 1978:
Bright lights

Stevens, Betty, 1994:
Bright lights and blue ribbons

Gaines, D., 2004:
Bright lights, big money

Apel, J., 1978:
Bright nettles do not sting

Guess, Rg, 1979:
Bright news: lower-cost method for TMP and groundwood bleaching

Denton, Dk, 1997:
Bright or bleak: will technology replace us?

Mcnutt, K., 1999:
Bright paths to good health: a comparison of the Chinese and U.S. road maps

Anonymous, 1977:
Bright prospect of the Wei-Shih-Hang irrigation district

Ainge, R., 1973:
Bright prospects for a continuing expansion of chipboard sales in Britain

Davis, Rh, 1984:
Bright prospects for a shady slope

Tomboc, Cc, 1976:
Bright prospects for industrial forest plantation

Tomboc, C., 1976:
Bright prospects for industrial plantations. II

Bajaj, Nk, 1972:
Bright prospects for the vanaspati industry

Anonymous, 1986:
Bright prospects of coffee

Wnuck, F.B.ier, R., 1976:
Bright spice palettes

Weybrew, J.; Woltz, W., 1975:
Bright tobacco and the cigarette--a complimentary duo

Meeker, J., 1978:
Bright vegetables

Pinkerton, Kathrene-Sutherland-Gedney, 1947:
Bright with silver

Anonymous, 1986:
Bright, bountiful new varieties for 1986

Reilly, A., 1981:
Brighten the shade with impatiens

Booth, Nm, 1982:
Brighten your energy future

Anonymous, 1980:
Brighten your garden indoors and out, with shamrocks in bloom

Weiner, Dk, 1990:
Brighten your holidays with poinsettias

Kapur, S.; Bajpai, P., 1978:
Brighten your home with dried flowers

Fell, D., 1979:
Brighten your shade with Coleus

Lindsay, Charline, 1972:
Brighten your smile with good teeth

Osipenko, I.; Kulevskaya, I.; Ivanov, N.; Bulgakov, A.; Rozenberg, A.; Aleksandrovich, I., 1988:
Brightening and sizing preparation for finishing viscose textile yarn

Anonymous, 1994:
Brightening barren roadsides

Juscafresa, B., 1970:
Brightening fruits

Flemer, W.Iii, 1972:
Brightening neighborhoods in suburbs and cities

Cunningham, R.; Touzinsky, G.; Bagby, M., 1979:
Brightening of kenaf thermomechanical pulp

Hosoya, S.H.takeyama, H.N.kano, J., 1970:
Brightening of lignin in pulp w

Nishiyama, M.M.tsuo, R.K.bayashi, Y., 1984:
Brightening of roselle and kenaf chemi-thermomechanical pulps by conventional and refiner bleaching

Kokta, B.; Chen, R.B.rrette,, H., 1988:
Brightening of ultra-high-yield explosion aspen pulp

Charlu, Tgk, 1972:
Brightening prospects of traditional univoltine areas

Solinas, M., 1976:
Brightening response of western hemlock refiner groundwood to hydrogen peroxide

Hardin B., 1990:
Brightening triticale's future

Anonymous, 1979:
Brighter days ahead in ammonia?

Anonymous, 1991:
Brighter economy puts spotlight on increasing U.S. trade with Malaysia

Langford, Gi, 1975:
Brighter future for cherry growers?

Pettrie, G., 1993:
Brighter future shines on U.S. exports to Guatemala and El Salvador

Ahalt, Jd, 1976:
Brighter horizons for cattle producers

Lees, P., 1980:
Brighter outlook for grain legumes

Bell, Re, 1976:
Brighter prospects for cotton

Wilcox, J., 1978:
Brighter prospects for wool traders

Miller, Helen, G., 1966:
Brighter, softer blankets

Friedrich, E., 1977:
Brightly colored butterflies, Apatura iris, Apatura ilia, Apatura metis

Anonymous, 2005:
Brightly colored produce may help protect against arthritis

Xu, E.; Sabourin, M., 1998:
Brightness and bleachability of thermomechanical pulp

Maltby, P.; Rahman, L.T.y, C., 1987:
Brightness and colour problems of ultra-high yield pulp from jack pine by sulphite

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Brightness of Egyptian cotton fibers

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Brightness processing in the visual cortex

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Brightness reversion and brightness loss in fully-bleached kraft pulp: a case study

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Brightness reversion during bleaching and its impact on bleach plant control

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Brightness reversion of pulps. IV. Formation process of coloring substances and their characteristics

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Brightness sensitivity and color perception as predictors of relative afferent pupillary defect

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Brightness variation in spruce wood

Anonymous, 1989:
Brighton Crop Protection Conference--Weeds

Dupont, P., 1984:
Brighton: phytosanitation in motion

Shear, Wa, 1988 :
Brignoliella ratnapura, n. sp., and an enigmatic new structure in spiders (Araneae, Tetrablemmidae)

Karins, Z.L.nkevics, L.B.rzins, J., 1979:
Brika-type machine for seedling planting

Arkhangel*-Section-*skiaei, Vsevolod-Dmitrievich, 1957:
Briketirovanie drevesnykh opilok

Bertelsen, J., 1972:
Brillant gardens of perennial flowers

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Brillantaisia P. Beauv. (Acanthaceae), a new genetic record for Asia

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Brilliance and misery of poplars of the Geneva district

Barber, Jc, 1976:
Brilliance of a rain forest: the Taman Negara , Malaysia

Kleinschroth, E.K.aack, J., 1969:
Brilliant Black-Reduction Test in BMR-(Brabant mastitis reaction) system for inhibitor study of milk

Enaida, H.; Hisatomi, T.; Hata, Y.; Ueno, A.; Goto, Y.; Yamada, T.; Kubota, T.; Ishibashi, T., 2006:
Brilliant blue G selectively stains the internal limiting membrane/brilliant blue G-assisted membrane peeling

Bangash, F.K.; Sultan Alam, 2007:
Brilliant blue R adsorption from aqueous solution on activated carbon produced from corncob waste

Ivanchenko, V.; Legenchenko, B.; Goncharik, M., 1968:
Brilliant phenomenon

Halpin, Alice, 1996:
Brillion flood control project, Calumet County

Einhoff, F., 1978:
Brilon--largest state forest of the Federal Republic

Dunphy, E.; Burton, J.; Ferguson, J.; Carter, T.J., 1992:
Brim--a new midseason soybean variety

Dupont, P., 1984:
Brimeura amethystina (L.), a Pyreneo-Croatian orophyte in Minervois (Herault)

Damboldt, J.M.lzheimer, V., 1976:
Brimeura fastigiata (Viv) Chouard (Liliaceae) new to the flora of Greece

Kim, C.Yun.; Hong, S.; Seong, G.Je., 2007:
Brimonidine 0.2% versus brimonidine Purite 0.15% in Asian ocular hypertension

Dennis, Rlh, 1984:
Brimstone butterflies, Gonepteryx rhamni (L.), playing possum

Monserrat, Vj, 1977:
Brinckochrysa nachoi n. sp., a new Chrysopidae in the European fauna (Insecta, Neuroptera)

Steinmann, H., 1975:
Brindleiana atlas gen. et. sp. n. from SE -Asia and taxonomical notes on Allodahliinae (Dermaptera, Forficulidae)

Kalkhoff, Stephen, J., 1993:
Brine contamination of shallow ground water and streams in the Baxterville Oil Field area, Lamar and Marion Counties, Mississippi

Kalkhoff, Stephen, J., 1986:
Brine contamination of shallow ground water and streams in the Brookhaven Oil Field, Lincoln County, Mississippi

Sotoudeh, K.M.ier, D.; Brundage, E., 1994:
Brine dehumidification system treatment

Kolkas, M., M.; Friedman, G., M., 2007:
Brine disposal in deep geologic formations of the Cambro-Ordovician (Sauk Sequence) of New York: Implications for new salt-caverngas-storage reservoirs

Schwartzberg, H.; Rosenau, J.1; Chavarria, V.1; Yanniotis, S1; Biswal, R1; Hernandez, E., 1983:
Brine driven evaporators--operating characteristics and problems Solar energy systems, food processing equipment applications

Krivosheina, Mg, 1985:
Brine flies (Diptera, Ephydridae) new to the fauna of the USSR

Haubold, J., 1974:
Brine for pickles

Nagle, B.N.ckelson, R.Ii; Finne, G., 1980:
Brine freezing shrimp

Mcfeeters, R.; Stevenson, K., 1975:
Brine recycling and management in the pickling industry

Mcfeeters, R.; Palnitkar, M.; Velting, M.F.hringer, N.C.on, W., 1978:
Brine recycling for the pickling cucumber industry

Weckel, K.G.W.sje, D., 1966:
Brine salting of Great Lakes chub (Leucichthys hoyi) for smoking

Anonymous, 1969:
Brine shrimp

Sleet, Rb, 1992:
Brine shrimp (Artemia): fish food with potential application as a prescreen to predict chemical hazard to human development

Sorgeloos, P., 1983:
Brine shrimp Artemia in coastal saltworks is inexpensive food source

Price, K.S.; Waggy, G.T.; Conway, R.A., 1974:
Brine shrimp bioassay and seawater BOD of petrochemicals

Stewart, K.L.; Skibins, P.; Bang, D.A., 2004:
Brine shrimp dispenser

Oladimeji, O.H.; Edoho, E.J.; Igboasoiyi, A.C.; Nia, R.; Ubulom, P.M.E., 2005:
Brine shrimp lethality and antimicrobial studies on the seeds of Garcinia kola (Heckel)

Kapingu, M.C.; Mbwambo, Z.H.; Moshi, M.J.; Magadula, J.J., 2005:
Brine shrimp lethality of a glutarimide alkaloid from Croton sylvaticus Hochst

Alemika, T.E.; Ojerinde, S.O., 2005:
Brine shrimp toxicity of acidic fractions of Boswellia dalzielii gum resin

Mudjiman, Ahmad, 1988:
Brine shrimps

Duijn, C.-Van; Peletier, L.; Schotting, R., 1998:
Brine transport in porous media: self-similar solutions

Sanchez, C.; Hoseney, R.; Moritz, G., 1973:
Brine vs. dry salt in breadmaking

Lippmann, G., 1973:
Brine: tradition and new aspects

Porteous, H., 1980:
Brined cherries: a better per-acre proposition

Buck, F.; Lehrer, S., 2000:
Bring em back alive

Turner, Je, 1979:
Bring em back alive! Heres an easy way to shoot flying insects

Legrand, H.E., 2007:
Bring back the malenclave

Dostal, D., 1970:
Bring about a partnership between work contractors and the forest industry

Beatty, Rg, 1979:
Bring back DDT!

Anonymous, 1997:
Bring back the Greenback

Greenberg, R.; Reaser, J., 1995:
Bring back the birds

Callenbach, Ernest, 1996:
Bring back the buffalo!

Newman, Lh, 1978:
Bring back the butterflies

Fisher, D.F.sher, B., 1978:
Bring back the dill crock: down to earth pickles in the traditional way

Anonymous, 1943:
Bring back the forests

Wilker, C., 1972:
Bring back the grass

Anonymous, 1994:
Bring back the natives

Anonymous, 1992:
Bring back the natives: Restoring the pieces of our nati onal heritage

Butterworth, B., 1980:
Bring back the trailer combine

Tish, H., 1974:
Bring beets up on natural moisture

Heisner, R.; Williams, D., 1973:
Bring chunks of reality into the classroom

Jackson, Jj, 1980:
Bring ducks to your land

Robins, P.; Holmes, R.-Bresnick; Laddish, K., 2001:
Bring farm edges back to life!

Painter, J., 1993:
Bring food-service safety to the table

Badiia, Sa, 1980:
Bring fruit tree nursery management up to the level of current requirements

Glasoe, F., 1977:
Bring gardening indoors for the winter season

Peltier,, T., 2000:
Bring grace to the landscape with weeping trees

Tompkins, D., 1987:
Bring home the quotas!

Hooper, Lj, 1973:
Bring in a balanced fertiliser policy

Hughes, J., 1974:
Bring it all back alive, on film

Sandeman, M.C.llett, D., 1970:
Bring it back in bulk

Anonymous, 2006:
Bring it on

Borst, A., 2006:
Bring it on home

Jankowiak, J., 1976:
Bring mullein back from the weedy wilds

Hall, Rl, 1979:
Bring on the 80s!

Goldman, Mc, 1974 :
Bring on the berries!

Long, C., 2001:
Bring on the bugs

Thompson, W., 1984:
Bring on the clones: Brokaw continues efforts to improve rootstocks

Walter, K., 1995:
Bring on the entertainment

Suszkiv, J., 2002:
Bring on the fat (fatty acids, that is)

Anonymous, 1953:
Bring on the feed

Thomson, J., 1977:
Bring on the food machines

Hofstetter, B., 1994:
Bring on the medics!

Langsner, D., 1976:
Bring on the scythe

Rogerson, Pd, 1973:
Bring order to the feed fence

Jeske, Patrick, J., 1987:
Bring out the best in your child

Anonymous, 1979:
Bring out the bloom

Carr, D., 1977:
Bring spring into winter

Raymond, Dick, 1999:
Bring the magic and adventure of gardening from planning and planting to picking and eating

Anonymous, 1989:
Bring the outdoors in

Wutchiett, Cr, 2000:
Bring the value of veterinary services back to your practice

Anonymous, 1987:
Bring the world to your fingertips

Muthuswamy, D., 1969:
Bring your best to the next cattle show

Christopher, J., 1974:
Bring your cow to heat

Poincelot, Rp, 1975:
Bring your garden indoors

Sappington, N., 1997:
Bringin em down

Abelson, J.; Giacomini, M.; Lehoux, P.; Gauvin, F-Pierre., 2006:
Bringing 'the public' into health technology assessment and coverage policy decisions: from principles to practice

Workman, Daniel, W., 2002:
Bringing Allis home

Kowalczyk, C.; Sjeostreom, T., 1993:
Bringing GATT into the core

Bane, G., 1993:
Bringing IPM to Oregons cherry fruit fly control districts

Jenkins, Robin, 1992:
Bringing Rio home

Dobbins, Wf, 1969:
Bringing Rome the bacon and a package system

Woolsey, M.; Ito, K., 1998:
Bringing U.S. tomatoes to the Japanese market

Steinschneider, J.; Coyne, A.H.ather, 1995:
Bringing WIC to school

Bakker, H., 1981:
Bringing Weber back in: rural values, social class, and rural sociology

Boersma, Rr, 1971:
Bringing a calm to the marketing front

Hoffman, C., 2001:
Bringing a community online

Williams, Carol, 1998:
Bringing a garden to life

Fournier, E., 2005:
Bringing a piece of the garden to The City in a Garden: Chicago Botanic Gardens community gardening program

Edginton, C.; Little, S., 1988:
Bringing a slice of America to military dependents overseas

Turner, Ll, 1983:
Bringing a taste of the United States to Asia

Feliciano, Dv, 1981:
Bringing about an end to ocean dumping

Seidel, H.C.arnetzki, G.M.urer, B., 1972:
Bringing about an incrase in the magnesium content of the soil and of plants by applying final lyes from the potash indsury: A contribution to systematic grass tetany prevention

Borysenko, Mm, 1979:
Bringing agricultural science up

Stern, L.J.; Killough, S.; Borja, R.; Sherwood, S.; Hernidiah, N.; Joicey, P.; Berti, P.R., 2007:
Bringing agriculture and health workers together

Causley, F., 1991:
Bringing agriculture to the classroom

Bennett, C.J.rgenson, S., 1984:
Bringing androgyny to the university

Landis, D., 1989:
Bringing artificial intelligence to the milking parlor

Seeyle, H., 1993:
Bringing avocados to market

Anonymous, 1976:
Bringing back blue grama

Hashagen, K.H.nson, J., 1973:
Bringing back the good old days: a report on the fisheries investigations at Lake Almanor

Culotta, E., 1995:
Bringing back the everglades

Gow, D., 2006:
Bringing back the beaver

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