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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 15195

Chapter 15195 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gonzalez, F.J., 2007:
CYP3A4 and pregnane X receptor humanized mice

Venkatakrishnan, K.; Gibbs, M.A., 2006:
CYP3A5 polymorphism and alprazolam pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics

Lee BeomJun; Lee SookJin; Kim TaeMyoung; Kim DaeJoong; Nam SangYoon; Hyun SangHwan; Kang JongKoo; Hong JinTae; Kim CheulKyu; Yun YoungWon, 2004:
CYP450 1A1 and p53 expression and DNA adduct formation in the liver of rats treated with a single dose of aflatoxins

Morant, M.; Jørgensen, K.; Schaller, H.; Pinot, F.; Møller, B.Lindberg.; Werck-Reichhart, Dèle.; Bak, Søren., 2007:
CYP703 is an ancient cytochrome P450 in land plants catalyzing in-chain hydroxylation of lauric acid to provide building blocks for sporopollenin synthesis in pollen

Umezawa, T.; Okamoto, M.; Kushiro, T.; Nambara, E.; Oono, Y.; Seki, M.; Kobayashi, M.; Koshiba, T.; Kamiya, Y.; Shinozaki, K., 2006:
CYP707A3, a major ABA 8'-hydroxylase involved in dehydration and rehydration response in Arabidopsis thaliana

Schuhegger, R.; Nafisi, M.; Mansourova, M.; Petersen, B.Larsen.; Olsen, C.Erik.; Svatos, A.; Halkier, B.Ann.; Glawischnig, E., 2006:
CYP71B15 (PAD3) catalyzes the final step in camalexin biosynthesis

Anonymous, 1995:
CYPIA1-inducing potency and cytoxicity test in the HEPA-1 mouse hepatoma cell line

Bouchard, L.; Tchernof, A.; Deshaies, Y.; Lebel, S.; Hould, F-S.; Marceau, P.; Vohl, M-C., 2007 :
CYR61 polymorphisms are associated with plasma HDL-cholesterol levels in obese individuals

Droebner, K.; Ehrhardt, C.; Poetter, A.; Ludwig, S.; Planz, O., 2007:
CYSTUS052, a polyphenol-rich plant extract, exerts anti-influenza virus activity in mice

Saring, H., 1975:
CYSUL (sulfaethoxypyridazine), a long term sulfonamide

Jany, Wc, 1986:
CYTHION RTU: a new cotton insecticide for boll weevil control and secondary insect control

Huthig, Alfred, 1972:
CZ chemistry technology

Batie, Sandra, S., 1995:
CZARA and Michigan agriculture

Tenorio-Lcdpez, F.A.; Del-Valle-Mondragcdn, L.; Martcnez-Lazcano, J.C.; Sclnchez-Mendoza, A.; Rcos, C.; Pastelcn-Hernclndez, G.; Pcbrez-Severiano, F., 2007:
CZE Determination of Quinolinic Acid in Rat Brain Tissue and Plasma

Kutschera, K.; Schmidt, A-Christine.; Köhler, S.; Otto, M., 2007:
CZE for the speciation of arsenic in aqueous soil extracts

Lacunza, I., 2007:
CZE of human alpha-1-acid glycoprotein for qualitative and quantitative comparison of samples from different pathological conditions (vol 27, pg 4205, 2006)

Kilner, Rb, 1974:
CZN seminar (north) focuses on modern marketing

Anonymous, 1993:
Ca 93

Wesenberg, G.; Fosse, G., 1982:
Ca , Mg , and Ca

Nakamura, R.S.to, Y., 1975:
Ca -induced change in hydration of F-actin

Link, H., 1974:
Ca -uptake and -translocation by plants with special regard to apple trees

Cameron, L.E.; LéJohn, H.B., 1972:
Ca 2+ is a specific regulator of amino acid transport and protein synthesis in the water-mould achyla

Anonymous, 1964:
Ca 71

Yoshida, S., 1971:
Ca and Mg content in alcohol-te

Sitrin, M.D.; Bohr, D.F., 1971:
Ca and Na interaction in vascular smooth muscle contraction

Lozano, M.G.; Escobar, I.; Berenguer, J.J., 2007:
Ca and P application rate in cucumber and tomato grown soilless in plastic greenhouses

Denton, T.; Meshad, M.H.laday, J.; O'-Kelley, J., 1969:
Ca and Sr influence on carbohydrate synthesis and comparison in Protosiphon

Molenda, J., 1981:
Ca antibodies (Enterobacteriaceae common antigen) in sera of domestic animals

Matsumoto, H.; Yabu, H.; Miyazaki, E., 1976 :
Ca binding of intestinal smooth muscle myosin B

Laklia, J., 1981:
Ca calcium isotope-transport in the distal segments of the avian oviduct: an in vitro study Chickens

Zaalishvili, G.;, 1982:
Ca calcium-dependent staining of membrane structures in barley root and leaf meristem cells Hordeum

Lundholm, Ce, 1984:
Ca content of duck eggshell gland mucosa homogenate and the rate of Ca2+ binding to its subcellular fractions during and after the formation of the eggshell

Alanko, M.I.monen, S., 1978:
Ca dose and therapeutic results in the treatment of parturient paresis

Anonymous, 1972:
Ca nrrl

Ashmore, C.; Doerr, L., 1974:
Ca plus stimulated respiration in mitochondria iso lated from different fiber types of normal chick muscle and from dystrophic muscle

Bronsch, K.L.rcher, K.V.llwock, J., 1970:
Ca retention in young pullets and laying hens fed a Ca47 labelled diet of different Ca levels

Liu, H.; Sun, D.; Zhou, R., 2005:
Ca superscript 2+ and AtCaM3 are involved in the expression of heat shock protein gene in Arabidopsis

Amtmann, Anna, 1993:
Ca superscript 2+ and Na superscript + in the cytoplasm of the marine alga Acetabularia

Contreras, L.; Gomez-Puertas, P.; Iijima, M.; Kobayashi, K.; Saheki, T.; Satrustegui, J., 2007 :
Ca superscript 2+(B Activation Kinetics of the Two Aspartate-Glutamate Mitochondrial Carriers, Aralar and Citrin: ROLE IN THE HEART MALATE-ASPARTATE NADH SHUTTLE

Pouvreau, S.; Royer, L.; Yi, J.; Brum, G.; Meissner, G.; Rios, E.; Zhou, J., 2007:
Ca superscript 2+(B sparks operated by membrane depolarization require isoform 3 ryanodine receptor channels in skeletal muscle

Barfod, E.-T.M.ore, A.-L.R.e, M.-W.L.dofsky, S., D., 2007:
Ca superscript 2+(B-activated IK1 Channels Associate with Lipid Rafts upon Cell Swelling and Mediate Volume Recovery

Anonymous, 1998:
Ca$hing in on business opportunities

Beni, Fortunato-De, 1951:
Ca Fornaci cattle

Navedo, M.F.; Amberg, G.C.; Westenbroek, R.E.; Sinnegger-Brauns, M.J.; Catterall, W.A.; Striessnig, Jörg.; Santana, L.F., 2007:
Ca(v)1.3 channels produce persistent calcium sparklets, but Ca(v)1.2 channels are responsible for sparklets in mouse arterial smooth muscle

Zhou, C.; Chen, H.; Lu, F.; Sellak, H.; Daigle, J., A.; Alexeyev, M., F.; Xi, Y.; Ju, J.; Van-Mourik, J., A.; Wu, S., 2007:
Ca(v)3.1 (alpha(1G)) controls von Willebrand factor secretion in rat pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells

Schulz, I.H.il, K., 1978:
Ca++ control of electrolyte permeability: effect on Na+ fluxes in isolated membrane vesicles from the cat pancreas

Strandberg, K., 1971:
Ca++ dependence of histamine release and formation of slow reacting substance in the cat paw

Yang, S-Ju.; Hwang, J-Chuu., 2007:
Ca++ influx is essential for the hypotensive response to arginine vasopressin-induced neuron activation of the area postrema in the rat

Raigon, M.; Palomares, G.O.tiz-Perez, M.O.dono, I., 2003:
Ca, K, Fe, P and Na content in different varietal types of dry bean using two growing systems: organic and conventional

Mishriki, J.; Borys, M., 1979:
Ca, Mg, K, Na distribution in two tomato cultivars differing in fruit susceptibility to blossom end rot. I. Cultivar differences and effect of source of calcium

Mishriki, J.; Borys, M., 1979:
Ca, Mg, K, Na distribution in two tomato cultivars differing in fruit susceptibility to blossom end rot. II. Rootstock effect

Mishriki, J.B.rys, M., 1979:
Ca, Mg, K, Na distribution in two tomato cultivars differing in fruit susceptibility to blossom end rot. III. Concentration ratios inside the plant

Szabo, S.; Bende, E., 1981:
Ca, Sr, Mg and P calcium, strontium, magnesium, phosphorus contents in the bone-ash of certain mammalia, birds and fish.1

Tikhaya, N.; Tazabaeva, K.; Vakhmistrov, D., 1986:
Ca-ATPase of the barley root cell plasmalemma: properties and orientation

Karez, C.; Allemand, D.R.nzis, G.D.; Gnassia-Barelli, M.R.meo, M.P.iseux-Dao, S., 1990:
Ca-Cd interaction in the prymnesiophyte Cricosphaera elongata

Gessa, C., 1970:
Ca-K exchange in allophanic materials

Inoue, A.M.nato, H., 1979:
Ca-K exchange reaction and interstratification in montmorillonite

Dhananjaya, B.C.; Parashuram Chandravanshi; Ananthanarayana, R., 2007:
Ca-Mg exchange equilibria in some paleustalfs from south Karnataka

Kamata, H., 1979:
Ca-Mg-K balance in volcanic ash soil to maximize vegetable production

Rosenthal, E., 1988:
Ca-chloride brines at common outlets of the Bet Shean-Harod multiple-aquifer system, Israel

Chen, C.; Lehninger, A., 1973:
Ca 2+ transport activity in mitochondria from some plant tissues

Wang, J.; Weigand, L.; Foxson, J.; Shimoda, L.A.; Sylvester, J.T., 2007:
Ca2+ signaling in hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction: effects of myosin light chain and Rho kinase antagonists

Arsanto, Jp, 1986:
Ca2(+)-binding sites and phosphatase activities in sieve element reticulum and P-protein of chick-pea phloem. A cytochemical and X-ray microanalysis survey

Kauss, H., 1985:
Ca2(+)-dependence of callose synthesis and the role of polyamines in the activation of 1,3-beta-glucan synthase by Ca2+

Bonetti, A.C.rana, R.L.do, P.M.rre, M., 1983:
Ca2+ -counteracted changes of membrane functions induced by calmodulin antagonists in red beet storage tissue, in pea and maize tissues treated with optimal fusicoccin concentrations

Thébault, M.T.; Decaris, F.X., 1983:
Ca2+ ATPase inhibition in trout gill microsomes following in vitro and in vivo treatments with 2,4,5.T

Kikuyama, M;, 1982:
Ca2+ Calcium ion ion reversibly inhibits the cytoplasmic streaming of Nitella axilliformis

Bakás, L.S.; Disalvo, E.A., 1991:
Ca2+ action on the stability of egg phosphatidylcholine sonicated vesicles during freeze-thaw cycles

Contreras, L.; Gomez-Puertas, P.; Iijima, M.; Kobayashi, K.; Saheki, T.; Satrústegui, J., 2007:
Ca2+ Activation kinetics of the two aspartate-glutamate mitochondrial carriers, aralar and citrin: role in the heart malate-aspartate NADH shuttle

Jin, L.; Amaya-Mazo, X.; Apel, M.E.; Sankisa, S.S.; Johnson, E.; Zbyszynska, M.A.; Han, A., 2007:
Ca2+ and Mg2+ bind tetracycline with distinct stoichiometries and linked deprotonation

Leshem, Yy, 1987:
Ca2+ and inter-molecular bridging of membranal phospholipids and proteins

Wise, B.C.; Costa, E., 1985:
Ca2+ and phospholipid-dependent protein kinase activity and phosphorylation of endogenous proteins in bovine adrenal medulla

Okazaki, Y.T.zawa, M., 1986:
Ca2+ antagonist nifedipine inhibits turgor regulation upon hypotonic treatment in internodal cells of Lamprothamnium

Kauss, H.W.ldmann, T.Q.ader, H., 1990:
Ca2+ as a signal in the induction of callose synthesis

Haiech, J.V.dal, N.S.llantin, J.C.vadore, J., 1985:
Ca2+ binding to calmodulin and interactions with enzymes

Kuwayama, H.; Yagi, K., 1979:
Ca2+ bindings of pig cardiac myosin, subfragment-1, and g2 light chain

Takahashi, M;;;, 1983:
Ca2+ calcium ion channel activating function of maitotoxin, the most potent marine toxin known, in clonal rat pheochromocytoma cells Gambierdiscus toxicus

Donowitz, M., 1983:
Ca2+ calcium ion in the control of active intestinal Na sodium and Cl chloride transport: involvement in neurohumoral action. p

Rasi-Caldogno, F;;, 1982:
Ca2+ calcium ion transport in purified membrane vesicles from pea internodes. Relationships between ATP-dependent Ca2+ uptake and ATP-dependent electrogenic proton transport Pisum sativum

Maruta, H.S.H.R., 1983:
Ca2+ calcium ion-dependent actin-binding phosphoprotein in Physarum polycephalum. I. Ca2+ calcium ion actin-dependent inhibition of its phosphorylation Slime molds. p

Maruta, H;, 1983:
Ca2+ calcium ion-dependent actin-binding phosphoprotein in Physarum polycephalum. II. Ca2+ calcium ion-dependent F-actin-capping activity of subunit a and its regulation by phsophorylation of subunit b Slime molds. p

Mykles, D.; Skinner, D., 1983:
Ca2+ calcium ion-dependent proteolytic activity proteolytic activity in crab claw muscle--effects of inhibitors and specificity for myofibrillar proteins

Malnoe, A.C.x, J.1; Stein, E., 1982:
Ca2+ calcium ion-dependent regulation of calmodulin binding and adenylate cyclase activation in bovine cerebellar membranes

Utsumi, K;;;, 1981:
Ca2+ calcium ion-free medium medi

Kasai, K;, 1982:
Ca2+ calcium ion-stimulated, Mg2+ magnesium ion-dependent ATPase in bovine thyroid plasma membranes

Zhou, H.M.; Jin, S.Y., 2007:
Ca2+ cascade and meiotic resumption of the caprine primary oocyte

Field, M.J.; Li, Z.; Schwarz, J.B., 2007:
Ca2+ channel alpha2-delta ligands for the treatment of neuropathic pain

Schulz, I.; Heil, K., 1979:
Ca2+ control of electrolyte permeability in plasma membrane vesicles from cat pancreas

Martini, M.; Farinelli, F.; Rossi, M.Lisa.; Rispoli, G., 2007:
Ca2+ current of frog vestibular hair cells is modulated by intracellular ATP but not by long-lasting depolarisation

Liu, W.; Morimoto, T.; Woda, C.; Kleyman, T.R.; Satlin, L.M., 2007:
Ca2+ dependence of flow-stimulated K secretion in the mammalian cortical collecting duct

Sack, R.A.; Harris, C.M., 1977:
Ca2+ dependent ATPase activity of bovine receptor cell outer segment

DiSalvo, J.; Gruenstein, E.; Silver, P., 1978:
Ca2+ dependent phosphorylation of bovine aortic actomyosin

Copello, J.A.; Zima, A.V.; Diaz-Sylvester, P.L.; Fill, M.; Blatter, L.A., 2007:
Ca2+ entry-independent effects of L-type Ca2+ channel modulators on Ca2+ sparks in ventricular myocytes

Chang, W-Chiao.; Nelson, C.; Parekh, A.B., 2006:
Ca2+ influx through CRAC channels activates cytosolic phospholipase A2, leukotriene C4 secretion, and expression of c-fos through ERK-dependent and -independent pathways in mast cells

Hardie, R.C.; Peretz, A.; Pollock, J.A.; Minke, B., 1993 :
Ca2+ limits the development of the light response in Drosophila photoreceptors

Awumey, E.M.; Howlett, A.C.; Putney, J.W.; Diz, D.I.; Bukoski, R.D., 2007:
Ca(2+) mobilization through dorsal root ganglion Ca(2+)-sensing receptor stably expressed in HEK293 cells

Yoshimoto, Y.K.miya, N., 1982:
Ca2+ oscillation in the homogenate of Physarum Plasmodium

Lewis, Jc, 1975:
Ca2+ peptidoglycan interactions

Tanaka, K.; Khiroug, L.; Santamaria, F.; Doi, T.; Ogasawara, H.; Ellis-Davies, G.C.R.; Kawato, M.; Augustine, G.J., 2007:
Ca2+ requirements for cerebellar long-term synaptic depression: role for a postsynaptic leaky integrator

Hayama, T.T.zawa, M., 1980:
Ca2+ reversibly inhibits active rotation of chloroplasts in isolated cytoplasmic droplets of Chara

Mammano, F.; Bortolozzi, M.; Ortolano, S.; Anselmi, F., 2007:
Ca2+ signaling in the inner ear

Webb, S.E.; Miller, A.L., 2007:
Ca2+ signalling and early embryonic patterning during zebrafish development

Trewavas, A.; Malho, R., 1998:
Ca2+ signalling in plant cells: the big network!

Pouvreau, S.; Royer, L.; Yi, J.; Brum, G.; Meissner, G.; Ríos, E.; Zhou, J., 2007:
Ca(2+) sparks operated by membrane depolarization require isoform 3 ryanodine receptor channels in skeletal muscle

Wu, M.M.; Buchanan, J.; Luik, R.M.; Lewis, R.S., 2006:
Ca2+ store depletion causes STIM1 to accumulate in ER regions closely associated with the plasma membrane

Takagi, M.; Takiya, J.; Nakao, K.; Kaneko, S.; Toyohara, H., 2007:
Ca2+ transport activity of scallop divalent metal transporter at the concentration of seawater level

Dieter, P.M.rme, D., 1985:
Ca2+, calmodulin dependent NAD kinase: regulation by light

Bingham, E.W.; McGranaghan, M.B.; Wickham, E.D.; Leung, C.T.; Farrell, H.M., 1992:
Ca(2+)- and Mg(2+)-ATPases in the Golgi apparatus and microsomes of the lactating mammary glands of cows

Kuiper, D., 1983:
Ca2+- calcium ion and Mg2+ magnesium ion-stimulated ATPases from roots of Plantago species: response to different light energy fluxes

Diaz-De-Leon, J.; Wyn-Jones, R., 1985:
Ca2+-ATPases and their occurrence in vacuoles of higher plants

Wielgat, B.B.rkowska, M.K.os, B.T.karczyk, G., 1990:
Ca2+-Calmodulin dependent phosphorylation of chromatin-bound proteins in maize shoots

Flik, G.W.ndelaar-Bonga, S.; Fenwick, J., 1984:
Ca2+-Dependent phosphatase and Ca2+-dependent ATPase activities in plasma membranes of eel gill epithelium. II. Evidence for transport high-affinity CA2+-ATPase

Geisler, D.A.; Broselid, C.; Hederstedt, L.; Rasmusson, A.G., 2007:
Ca2+-binding and Ca2+-independent respiratory NADH and NADPH dehydrogenases of Arabidopsis thaliana

Wang, C.-Quan; Wang, B.-Shan, 2007:
Ca2+-calmodulin is involved in betacyanin accumulation induced by dark in C-3 halophyte sualeda salsa

Krishnan, H.; Pueppke, S., 1987:
Ca2+-dependent in vitro phosphorylation of soluble proteins from germinating wheat (Triticum turgidum) endosperm

Cormier, M.; Harmon, A.P.tnam-Evans, C., 1985:
Ca2+-dependent regulation of NAD kinase and protein phosphorylation in plants

Hartmann, H.N.egel, A.; Eckerskorn, C.R.pp, S.S.hleicher, M., 1989:
Ca2+-independent F-actin capping proteins. CAP 32

Kohno, T.S.immen, T., 1987:
Ca2+-induced fragmentation of actin filaments in pollen tubes

Raval, P.J.; Allan, D., 1985:
Ca2+-induced polyphosphoinositide breakdown due to phosphomonoesterase activity in chicken erythrocytes

Du, Xin, 1998:
Ca2+-induced sporulation in the fungus Achlya

Takahashi, K.H.ttori, A.N.kamura, F.Y.manoue, M., 1983:
Ca2+-induced weakenings of myofibrillar structures during postmortem storage of skeletal muscles

Ishiuchi, S.; Yoshida, Y.; Sugawara, K.; Aihara, M.; Ohtani, T.; Watanabe, T.; Saito, N.; Tsuzuki, K.; Okado, H.; Miwa, A.; Nakazato, Y.; Ozawa, S., 2007:
Ca2+-permeable AMPA receptors regulate growth of human glioblastoma via Akt activation

Weidinger, M.R.ppel, H., 1985:
Ca2+-requirement for a blue-light-induced chloroplast translocation in Eremosphaera viridis

Mattick, P.; Parrington, J.; Odia, E.; Simpson, A.; Collins, T.; Terrar, D., 2007 :
Ca2+-stimulated adenylyl cyclase isoform AC1 is preferentially expressed in guinea-pig sino-atrial node cells and modulates the I(f) pacemaker current

Dong, B.; Valencia, C.Alexander.; Liu, R., 2007:
Ca(2+)/calmodulin directly interacts with the pleckstrin homology domain of AKT1

Wang, H-Gang.; George, M.S.; Kim, J.; Wang, C.; Pitt, G.S., 2007:
Ca2+/calmodulin regulates trafficking of Ca(V)1.2 Ca2+ channels in cultured hippocampal neurons

Leshem, Yy, 1984:
Ca2+: calmodulin-induced and ethylene-mediated membranal phospholipid catabolism as a mode of plant senescence

Cseh, E., 1970:
Ca45 amd Br82-ion exchange and translocation in uniformly labelled intact winter wheat seedlings

Pézier, A.; Acquistapace, A.; Renou, M.; Rospars, J-Pierre.; Lucas, P., 2007:
Ca2+ stabilizes the membrane potential of moth olfactory receptor neurons at rest and is essential for their fast repolarization

Furch, A.C.U.; Hafke, J.B.; Schulz, A.; van Bel, A.J.E., 2007:
Ca2+-mediated remote control of reversible sieve tube occlusion in Vicia faba

Levic, L.; Tekic, M.; Djuric, M.; Kuljanin, T., 2007:
CaCl subscript 2(B, CuSO subscript 4(B and AlCl subscript 3(B & NaHCO subscript 3(B as possible pectin precipitants in sugar juice clarification

Poonsawat, P.; Nimitkeatkai, H.; Uthairatanakij, A.; Kanlayanarat, S.; Wongs Aree, C., 2007:
CaCl2 affecting quality and aroma volatiles of fresh-cut malay sapodilla

London, B., 2006:
CaM kinase inhibition: apply directly to the heart?

Sipido, K.R., 2007:
CaM or cAMP: linking beta-adrenergic stimulation to 'leaky' RyRs

Gardner, A.J.; Knott, J.G.; Jones, K.T.; Evans, J.P., 2007:
CaMKII can participate in but is not sufficient for the establishment of the membrane block to polyspermy in mouse eggs

Zhang, T.; Kohlhaas, M.; Backs, J.; Mishra, S.; Phillips, W.; Dybkova, N.; Chang, S.; Ling, H.; Bers, D.-M.M.ier, L.-S.O.son, E.-N.B.own, J.-Heller, 2007:
CaMKIIt Isoforms Differentially Affect Calcium Handling but Similarly Regulate HDAC

Chen, R.; Li, H.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, J.; Xiao, J.; Ye, Z., 2007:
CaMi, a root-knot nematode resistance gene from hot pepper (Capsium annuum L.) confers nematode resistance in tomato

Le, T.; Yu, M.; Williams, B.; Goel, S.; Paul, S.M.; Beitel, G.J., 2007:
CaSpeR5, a family of Drosophila transgenesis and shuttle vectors with improved multiple cloning sites

Anonymous, 1979:
Caach an uaong cua chung ta

Cavero-Blecua, Miguel, 1941:
Caalculo graafico de canales de aplicaciaon agraicola

Barroso-Ramos, Juliaao, 1940:
Caalculos agraicolas (naumeros inteiros)

Posse, Dermidio, E., 1945:
Caana de azaucar

Lowy, B., 1987:
Caapi revisited--in Christianity

Goldberg, A.; Frazier, J., 1990:

Valente, M.D.-C.C.rvalho, L.D.-Af-De, 1974:
Caatinga plants. IV. Apocynaceae, addenda: Considerations on the comparative anatomy of the foliar lamina of Aspidosperma pyrifolium Mart. var. molle Muell. arg

Fonseca, Mr-Da, 1982:
Caatinga vegetation

Phoam, Hoaang-Hoao, 1991:
Caay cao Vioaetnam

Phoam, H.-Hoao; Nguyaaen, V.-Duong, 1960:
Caay-cao miaaen nam Vioaet-nam

Burton, H., 1979:

Donciulescu, I., 1970:
Cab of agricultural tractors

Anonymous, 1997:

Geroci, S., 1979:
Cabannina: a breed facing extinction

Stevenson, Wr+-Heimann, Mf, 1981:
Cabbage (Brassica) disorder: clubroot of crucifers

Murphy, Rf, 1975:
Cabbage all the year round

Jankowiak, J., 1979:
Cabbage all year long

Mclellan, K.; Robinson, D., 1983:
Cabbage and Brussels sprout peroxidase isoenzymes separated by isoelectric focussing Brassica oleracea var. capitata, Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera

Anonymous, 1994:
Cabbage and cauliflower

Dar, Z.A.iram, H., 1979:
Cabbage and cauliflower culti

Allen, T., 1972:
Cabbage and moss roses

Herbold, F., 1971:
Cabbage and potato blight control

Krynska, W.M.rtyniak, B.W.erzbicka, B., 1977:
Cabbage and tomato seedling production under plastic foil

Bukzeeva, O.; Bliakov, I., 1985:
Cabbage armyworm: forecasts, alarms and plans for treatment

Kornfeld, Lilin, 1950:
Cabbage as food for all seven days of the week

Dillard, H., 1988:
Cabbage black rot: control strategies for 1988

Arkhipov, Ge, 1984:
Cabbage butterflies on cabbage

Rataul, Hs, 1975:
Cabbage butterfly and its control

Johnston, M., 1983:
Cabbage buy-lines

Emmett, Bj, 1982:
Cabbage caterpillars Mamestra brassicae, Plutella xylostella, Evergestic forficalis

Creighton, C.; Mcfadden, T., 1975:
Cabbage caterpillars: efficacy of chlordimeform and Bacillus thuringiensis in spray mixtures and comparative efficacy of several chemical and Bacillus thuringiensis formulations

Lovelidge, B., 1974:
Cabbage crop presents a cutting problem

Howe, T.K.W.ters, W.E., 1997:
Cabbage cultivar evaluation in west-central Florida during 1996-1997

Constantin, R.; Pontif, B., 1996:
Cabbage cultivar spacing study

Hassell, Richard, L., 1997:
Cabbage cultivar trial, 1997

Nikolov, I.; Bakulev, L.1; Moriakin, V.1; Lopatin, I., 1981:
Cabbage cultivation by direct sowing (Results of testing) Includes machinery.1

Secaira, E.; Andrews, K., 1987:
Cabbage cultivation in Honduras, the need for integrated pest management

Schliesske, J., 1984:
Cabbage cultivation in Schleswig-Holstein and special problems in pest control

Nikolov, I.; Bakulev, L.; Moriakin, V.; Lopatin, I., 1980:
Cabbage cultivation with the operation of Bulgarian machines

Douglass, J., 1940:
Cabbage culture

Ushakova, Mi, 1975:
Cabbage fermentation in containers under a vacuum

Schreier, O., 1973:
Cabbage fleas, Phyllotreta species

Becker, Rf, 1973:
Cabbage for kraut: New York growers specialize

Pour, J., 1974:
Cabbage for seed

Gomez, Re, 1973:
Cabbage for southern New Mexico

Boos, G.; Timoshenko, Z., 1979:
Cabbage gene pool for breeding varieties resistant to fungi diseases

Gaaikovich, I.A., 1955:
Cabbage growing mechanization

Andaloro, J.; Rose, K.; Shelton, A.; Hoy, C.; Becker, F., 1983:
Cabbage growth stages

Hall, N., 1971:
Cabbage gum Eucalyptus amplifolia Naud

Angel, B.B.rodulina, V.K.zimirova, A., 1978:
Cabbage harvesting by a combine

Thomas, W.; Waggoner, B.; Johnson, C.T.readgill, E., 1976:
Cabbage hybrid trials with a systems approach to mechanization

Longbrake, Td, 1973:
Cabbage in Texas: new system brings many changes

Perednev, V.; Autko, A., 1981:
Cabbage in vegetable-forage crop rotations Effect of preceding crops on yields.1

Ghidiu, Gm, 1982:
Cabbage insect control, 1981 Trichoplusia ni, Pieris rapae, Plutella xylostella, Evergestis rimosalis

Shelton, Am, 1982:
Cabbage insect problems in New York

Cuthbert, F.J.; Reid, W.J., 1978:
Cabbage insects. How to control them in the home garden

Ghidiu, Gm, 1987:
Cabbage looper

Toscano, N.; Kido, K1; Steenwyk, R., 1980:
Cabbage looper and beet armyworm control in lettuce, 1978 Trichoplusia ni, Spodoptera exigua

Tuscano, N.; Kido, K1; Steenwyk, R., 1980:
Cabbage looper and beet armyworm control on lettuce, 1978 Trichoplusia ni, Spodoptera exigua

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