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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15208

Chapter 15208 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Suriyagoda, L.D.B.; Arima, S.; Suzuki, A., 2007:
Canopy and fruit characters with morphological relationships of European and Asian water chestnuts (Trapa spp.)

Ball, Rosalind, 2004:
Canopy and stem stiffness contributions to disease resistance in lentil

Jatimliansky, Jr; Arturi, Mj, 1986:
Canopy and yield in inbred lines of maize differing in photosynthetic activity and in their derived populations

Kumar, A.S.ivastava, H., 1974:
Canopy architecture and crop productivity

Billore, Sk, 1983:
Canopy architecture of some grasslands in relation to varying grazing stress

Myneni, R.; Asrar, G.K.nemasu, E.; Lawlor, D.; Impens, I., 1986:
Canopy architecture, irradiance distribution on leaf surfaces and consequent photosynthetic efficiencies in heterogeneous plant canopies

Myneni, R.; Asrar, G.W.ll, G.; Kanemasu, E.; Impens, I., 1986:
Canopy architecture, irradiance distribution on leaf surfaces and consequent photosynthetic efficiencies in heterogeneous plant canopies. II. Results and discussion

Butler, Linda, 1995:
Canopy arthropods at Fernow Experimental Forest in West Virginias Allegheny Mountain Section

Erwin, Tl, 1981:
Canopy beetles: clarification of heat gain and water loss Ecological aspects, tropical America

Sillett, Stephen-Charles, 1991:
Canopy bryophyte communities of a lower montane wet forest in Costa Rica

Gao DengTao; Han MingYu; L.B.ngZhi; Zhang LinSen; Bai Ru, 2007:
Canopy characteristics and light distribution in three types of apple orchards in Weibei area, Shaanxi province

Chowdhury, S.; Anand, P.; Sahoo, N.V.rma, H., 2004:
Canopy characteristics, dry matter partitioning efficiency, and runner yield in swamp taro (Colocasia esculenta L. Schott) grown under water-logged conditions

Thurgate, N., Y.; Pechmann, J., H.K., 2007:
Canopy closure, competition, gopher frog

Ahmedullah, M., 1985:
Canopy control for grapes

Anderson, Ew, 1988:
Canopy cover as a method of monitoring trend in Ecological and soil status

Jennings, B., 1992:
Canopy density measurement demonstration

Mazhugin, I.; Zhukov, A.; Emel'-Ianov, V.; Bokova, T., 1975:
Canopy density of stands and its ratio to stocking

Long, J.; Smith, F., 1990:
Canopy development and leaf area efficiency: links between production ecology and density management

Cole, Dm, 1983:
Canopy development in lodgepole pine: implications for wildlife studies and multiple resource management Pinus contorta, wildlife cover, effects of timber management, models

Werner, Wl, 1988:
Canopy dieback in the upper montane rain forests of Sri Lanka

Pook, Ew, 1984:
Canopy dynamics of Eucalyptus maculata Hook. I. Distribution and dynamics of leaf populations

Pook, Ew, 1984:
Canopy dynamics of Eucalyptus maculata Hook. II. Canopy leaf area balance

Meer, P.J.Van-Der, 1995:
Canopy dynamics of a tropical rain forest in French Guiana

Ong, C.; Monteith, J., 1992:
Canopy establishment: light capture and loss by crop canopies

Whitmore T.C., 1989:
Canopy gaps and the two major groups of forest trees

Denslow, J.; Spies, T., 1990:
Canopy gaps in forest ecosystems: an introduction

Ackerly, D., 2003:
Canopy gaps to climate change--extreme events, ecology and evolution

Mracek, Z., 1977:
Canopy in pine plantations (Pinus sylvestris L.) established with various starting density of plants

Wanek, W.; Hofmann, J.; Feller, I.C., 2007:
Canopy interactions of rainfall in an off-shore mangrove ecosystem dominated by Rhizophora mangle (Belize)

Zhang ZhuoWen; Yang ZhiHai; Zhang ZhiYong; Chen YuSheng; Cui HongXia; Yuan YuWan; Zhu ChuanZhong, 2006:
Canopy interception in Pinus massoniana stands in Lianxiahe small watershed in the Three Gorges of Yangtze River

Mceachern, Gr, 1991:
Canopy management for optimum wine quality

Jennings, B., 1989:
Canopy management workshop

Lupke, V.B., 2005:
Canopy management, plant quality and harvesting regime

Anonymous, 2004:
Canopy management: tree growth regulator application methods

Kliewer, W.; Smart, R., 1989:
Canopy manipulation for optimizing vine microclimate, crop yield and composition of grapes

Palmer, Jw, 1989:
Canopy manipulation for optimum utilization of light

Lakso, A.; Robinson, T.; Pool, R., 1989:
Canopy microclimate effects on patterns of fruiting and fruit development in apples and grapes

Smith, Ja, 1975:
Canopy modeling for relating scene attributes to reflectance

Andresen, Hg, 1986:
Canopy of leaves and summer houses

Sanford, R.J.; Braker, H.; Hartshorn, G., 1986:
Canopy openings in a primary neotropical lowland forest

Oliva, J.-; Colinas, C., 2007:
Canopy openings may prevent fir broom rust (Melampsorella caryophyllacearum) infections

Hofman, V., 1991:
Canopy penetration of spray into sugarbeets

Norman, J.; Polley, W., 1989:
Canopy photosynthesis

Christy, A.; Westgate, M.; Porter, C., 1979:
Canopy photosynthesis and yield in soybean

Hoogenboom, G.J.nes, J.; Boote, K., 1988:
Canopy photosynthesis of dry bean: measurement and prediction

Kim, S.-Hyung; Sicher, R.-C.B.e, H.; Gitz, D.-C.B.ker, J.-T.T.mlin, D.-J.R.ddy, V., R., 2006:
Canopy photosynthesis, evapotranspiration, leaf nitrogen, and transcription profiles of maize in response to CO subscript 2 enrichment

Oliinik, Vs, 1978:
Canopy rain retention of forest spruce trees in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains

Gutierrez-Rodriguez, M.E.calante-Estrada, J.; Rodriguez-Gonzalez, M.; Reynolds, M., 2003:
Canopy reflectance and yield in common bean plants (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). I. Effect of nitrogen

Gutierrez-Rodriguez, M.E.calante-Estrada, J.; Rodriguez-Gonzalez, M.; Reynolds, M., 2003:
Canopy reflectance and yield in common bean plants (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). II. Effect of phosphorus

Kollenkark, J.C., 1981:
Canopy reflectance as influenced by solar illumination angle

Gutierrez-Rodriguez,, R.E.calante-Estrada, J., 2004:
Canopy reflectance of Phaseolus species under saline field conditions

Everitt, J.; Richardson, A., 1987:
Canopy reflectance of seven rangeland plant species with variable leaf pubescence

Ferree, D.; Hall, F.+-Reichard, D., 1980:
Canopy relationships and yield efficiency of Golden Delicious in four orchard management systems

Abtew, Wossenu, 1993:
Canopy resistance studies of cattails from concurrent observations of stomatal conductance and evapotranspiration

Scanlon, T.; Albertson, J., 2004:
Canopy scale measurements of CO subscript 2 and water vapor exchange along a precipitation gradient in southern Africa

Carabelli, M.; Possenti, M.; Sessa, G.; Ciolfi, A.; Sassi, M.; Morelli, G.; Ruberti, I., 2007:
Canopy shade causes a rapid and transient arrest in leaf development through auxin-induced cytokinin oxidase activity

Dhillon, G.; Kler, D.; Randhawa, S.; Walia, A., 1982:
Canopy shape, radiation absorption and forage yield in sorghum

Silva, R.G. da; Candido, M.J.D.; Neiva, J.N.M.; Lobo, R.N.B.; Silva, D.S. da, 2007:
Canopy structural traits of tanzaniagrass pastures under three resting periods and grazed by sheep

Beadle, C.; Talbot, H1; Jarvis, P., 1982 :
Canopy structure and leaf area index in a mature Scots pine forest Pinus sylvestris, England, Scotland

Kellomaki,, P., 1983:
Canopy structure and light climate in a young Scots pine stand Pinus sylvestris

Nobel, P.; Long, S., 1985:
Canopy structure and light interception

Turitzin, Sn, 1978:
Canopy structure and potential light competition in two adjacent annual plant communities

Moore, J.; Sollenberger, L., 1986:
Canopy structure effects on ingestive behavior

Abraham, M.; Mahapatro, G.K.; Mathew, J., 2007:
Canopy structure in various cashew types and their yield performance

Moore, J.; Sollenberger, L.; Morantes, G.; Beede, P., 1987:
Canopy structure of Aeschynomene americana-Hemarthria altissima pastures and ingestive behavior of cattle

Cooper, J.; Rhodes, I.S.eehy, J., 1971:
Canopy structure, light interception and potential production in forage grasses

Mccrady, Randall-Lynn, 1993:
Canopy structure, light interception, and stand productivity of selected loblolly pine genotypes

Caldwell, M.; Meister, H.; Tenhunen, J.; Lange, O., 1986:
Canopy structure, light microclimate and leaf gas exchange of Quercus coccifera L. in a Portuguese macchia: measurements in different canopy layers and simulations with a canopy model

Sequeira-Vindas, Wilber, 1991:
Canopy structure, light penetration and tree growth at different configurations in various 18-year-old slash pine (Pinus elliottii Engelm. var. elliottii) stands in Florida

Cernusca, A.S.eber, M., 1981:
Canopy structure, microclimate and the energy budget in different alpine plant communities at three sites on a south-facing slope in the Central Alps (Hohe Tauren, Austria): a meadow at 1635 m, an alpine pasture near the timberline at 1915 m and a natural alpine sedge mat (Caricetum curvulae, Curvuletum) at 2300 m

Thomas, H., 1992:
Canopy survival

Losavio, N.M.strorilli, M.D.natelli, M., 1987:
Canopy temperature as a soybean water stress index

Balota, M.; Payne, W., A.; Evett, S., R.; Lazar, M., D., 2007:
Canopy temperature depression sampling to assess grain yield and genotypic differentiation in winter wheat

Zipoli, G.P.nter, P.J.; Reginato, R.; Jackson, R.; Idso, S., 1987:
Canopy temperature for assessing water use and yield performance of wheat cultivars exposed to drought stress

Lima-Filho, Jmp, 1983:
Canopy temperature of bean genotypes under two soil humidity conditions

Mtui, T.; Kanemasu, E.; Wassom, C., 1981:
Canopy tempteratures, water use, and water efficiency of corn genotypes

Thurtell, Gw, 1988:
Canopy transport processes: commentary

Finzi, A.; Breemen, N.V.n; Canham, C., 1998 :
Canopy tree-soil interactions within temperature forests: species on soil carbon and nitrogen

Tomaszewski, T.; Sievering, H., 2007:
Canopy uptake of atmospheric N deposition at a conifer forest: Part II - response of chlorophyll fluorescence and gas exchange parameters

Sievering, H.; Tomaszewski, T.; Torizzo, J., 2007:
Canopy uptake of atmospheric N deposition at a conifer forest: part I - canopy N budget, photosynthetic efficiency and net ecosystem exchange

Bellow, John, G., 2000:
Canopy variation in overstory species and assessment of light availability for shaded crops in agroforestry systems

Zhao, F.-Hua; Yu, G.-Rui; Li, S.-Gong; Ren, C.-You; Sun, X.-Min; Mi, N.; Li, J.; Ouyang, Z., 2007:
Canopy water use efficiency of winter wheat in the North China Plain

Scherer, Tf, 1988:
Canopy-air temperature differences as affected by soil textural class

Bellairs, S.; Bell, D., 1990:
Canopy-borne seed store in three Western Australian plant communities

Lai, C.; Ehleringer, J.; Schauer, A.; Tans, P.; Hollinger, D.; Paw, U.-Kt; Munger, J.; Wofsy, S., 2005:
Canopy-scale delta superscript 13C of photosynthetic and respiratory CO subscript 2 fluxes: observations in forest biomes across the United States

Bond, Wj, 1985:
Canopy-stored seed reserves (serotiny) in Cape Proteaceae

Woods, K.; Whittaker, R., 1981:
Canopy-understory interaction and the internal dynamics of mature hardwood and hemlock-hardwood forests

Anonymous, 2005:

Mauranges, P., 1972:
Cans for canned foods

Moorman, Rw, 1976:
Cans today-cans tomorrow

Petereit, J., 1973:
Cans, Waste disposal, Environmental protection

Lebrecht, H.W.lhelm, H., 1971:
Cans, lacquered on the inside or left bare?

Ahuja, K.; Cherian, P., 1969:
Canscora concanensis C. b. clark in Maharashtra

Bhattacharya, S.; Ghosal, S.C.audhuri, R.; Sanyal, A., 1972:
Canscora decussata (Gentianaceae) xanthones. III. Pharmacological studies

Kabashima, J., 1992:
Cantainer nursery weed control

Bohn, G.W.A.drus, C.F., 1969:
Cantaloup breeding

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Cantaloup insects in the Southwest

Anonymous, 1945:
Cantaloup report

Anonymous, 1958:
Cantaloup research in Arizona

Foster, R.E.V.n-Horn, C.W., 1951:
Cantaloup variety and strain test in Yuma Valley, Arizona for 1950

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Cantaloupe and mixed melon breeding

Anonymous, 1999:
Cantaloupe cultivation--a sweet challenge

Gay, Jd, 1973:
Cantaloupe diseases

Gay, Jd, 1982:
Cantaloupe diseases Pseudoperonospora cubensis, Erysiphe cichoracearum, Colletotrichum lagenarium, Mycosphaerella citrullina, Georgia

Gay, Jd, 1982:
Cantaloupe diseases Pseudoperonospora cubensis, Erysiphe cichoracearum, Colletotrichum lagenarium, Mycosphaerella citrullina, control

Porter, Wc, 1996:
Cantaloupe herbicide Prefar X Crop Oil Study

Porter, Wc, 1993:
Cantaloupe herbicides preemergence study

Williams, J.; Gazaway, W.; Strother, G.P.tterson, M., 1987:
Cantaloupe production

Kontazis, Dg, 1973:
Cantaloupe root-knot nematode control

Tyler, K.; May, D.; Brown, L., 1974:
Cantaloupe variety evaluations

Simonne, E.K.mble, J.P.tts, J.S.ort, K., 1994:
Cantaloupe variety trial

Seelig, Ra, 1977:

Mclaurin, W.; Barber, J.; Colditz, P., 1983:

Anonymous, 1973:
Cantaloupes (fall): samples costs and production

Anonymous, 1973:
Cantaloupes (spring): sample costs and production

Reid, Ww, 1970:
Cantaloupes that never touch soil

Likums, E., 1980:
Cantaloupes vs. nematodes

Vivian, J., 1976:
Cantaloupes when you have to

Sussman, V., 1985:
Cantaloupes without calamity

Hornsby, A.; Buttler, T.; Stall, W.; Johnson, F.; Noling, J.; Kucharek, T., 1991:
Cantaloupes: managing pesticides for crop production and water quality protection--a supplement to the IFAS pest control guides

Harrison, G., 1979:

Pridgeon, Am, 1987:
Cantankerous cattleyas on cork

Buzalka, M., 1998:
Canteen brings QSR brands to vending

Anonymous, 1941:
Canteen catering

Anonymous, 1941:
Canteen corps

Kusiak, J., 1979:
Canteens and restaurants have specific requirements for food products

Navrat,, M.Z.atlova, H., 1977:
Canteens of industrial enterprises in the South Moravian region

Deuel, N.; Park, J., 1990:
Canter lead change kinematics of superior olympic dressage horses

Read, Pec, 1969:
Canterbury field trials on grass grub control 1966--68

Anonymous, 1962:
Canterbury growers review

Turner, Rm, 1989:
Canterbury plains and Lake Taupo forests

Tocker, Hh, 1970:
Canterbury stock water supply

Wttmer, W., 1972:
Cantharadae of Iran. (54. contribution to the knowledge of Paleartic Cantharidae, Coleoptera)

Monthoux, O.R.llin, O., 1978:
Cantharellus ianthinoxanthus and Cantharellus melanoxeros, two distinct species

Damblon, J.D.moulin, V.S.humacker, R., 1974:
Cantharellus melanoxeros Desm

Keltemlides, Dth, 1979:
Cantharellus--a delicious and gracious mushro

Delkeskamp, K., 1977:

Wittmer, W., 1972:
Cantharidae (Coleoptera) of New Guinea. i

Wittmer, W., 1969:
Cantharidae and Malachiidae (Coleoptera) from Korea

Wittmer, W., 1969:
Cantharidae and Malachiidae (Coleoptera) from Mongolia

Wittmer, W., 1977:
Cantharidae and Malachiidae (Coleoptera, Insecta) from Mongolia (results of the Mongolian German expeditions since 1962, no. 78)

Panciera, Rj, 1982:
Cantharidin (blister beetle) poisoning Epicauta spp., alfalfa

Plumlee, Kh, 1999:
Cantharidin toxicosis

Wolf, G.; Fischer, D.1; Edwards, W., 1983:
Cantharidin toxicosis in horses Alfalfa hay, Harpalus, Epucauta pennsylvanica

Oelschlager, H.T.rkay, M., 1972:
Cantharis paradoxa Hicker 1960 in Germany (Coleoptera, Cantharidae)

Bigelow, H.; Smith, A., 1973:
Cantharocybe, a new genus of Agaricales

Wittmer, W., 1974:
Cantharus albomarginata Maerkel and Cantharis fibulata Maerkel (Coleoptera Cantharidae)

Anonymous, 1981:
Cantharus- and trumpet-shaped mushrooms Cantharellus spp., Craterellus cornucopioides, Gomphus clavatus, edible mushrooms, Norway.0

Choubert, G., 1983:
Canthaxanthin: its effect on rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri Richardson) pigmentation

Sheila, M.; Abraham, C., 1981:
Cantheconidea furellata (Wolf) (Pentatomidate: Hemiptera) as a predator of Henoseplachna vigintioctopunctata (Fabr.) 28-spotted ladybird, eggplant pest, natural control, India

Sheila, M.; Abraham, C., 1981:
Cantheconidea furellata (Wolf) Pentatomidate: Hemiptera as a predator of Henoseplachna vigintioctopunctata (Fabr) Eggplant pest, natural control, India

Vanhaelen-Fastré, R.; Vanhaelen, M.; Diallo, B.; Breyne, H., 1990:
Canthin-6-one Alkaloids from Pierreodendron africanum Stem Barks

Diakanamwa, C.; Diallo, B.; Vanhaelen-Fastré, R.; Vanhaelen, M., 1992:
Canthin-6-one and beta-Carboline Alkaloids from Hannoa chlorantha Root Bark

Ito, T.; Takashio, T., 1980:
Canthocamptus mirabilis Sterba (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) from Hokkaido, northern Japan

Rieger, C., 1973:
Canthophorus impressus Horv. in Wurttemberg (Heteroptera, cydnidae)

Gunther, H.R.eger, C., 1980:
Canthophorus mixtus Asanova, a ground bug species new for Central Europe (Heteroptera, Cydnidae)

Bartak, M.; Preisler, J., 2006:

Basile, Nicola-Dante, 1997:
Cantine & cantine

Anonymous, 1952:
Cantine sociale in Sicilia

Sevenet, T.D.s, B.; Parello, J.P.tier, P., 1970:
Cantleyine, new acaloid monoterpenie of Cantleya corniculata (Bacc.) Howard, Icacinaceae

Leonard, Olen, E., 1947:
Canton Chullpas

Montgomery, A.; Libby, L., 1981:
Canton Township local action to preserve farmland

Wuthrich, U., 1984:
Canton nature reserve area Schutzenruti

Schwarz, R.; Chervet, A.; Hofer, P.; Sturny, W.G.; Zuber, M., 2007:
Canton of Berne promotes conservation of natural resources in agriculture

Anonymous, 1950:
Cantonal Veterinary Service and Galli-Valerio Institute

Yee, Rhoda, 1981:
Cantonese cuisine

Capriotti, M.; Gentili, E.; Vecchio, A. del; Balzaretti, G.; Venieri, S., 2006:
Cantus: fungicide containing boscalid for Botrytis cinerea control on grape

Aliev, A.; Alieva, Z., 1972:
Canule for the common bilinry an

Crookston, Ma, 1988:
Canvas covered Bellani plate atmometer

Anonymous, 1970:
Canvas products and cotton and jute bags industries

Cheema, S.; Kundra, H.M.lhotra, O., 1977:
Canvas structure a useful device for irrigation

Muzinga-Kanzila, 1991:
Canvassing of trees and forage shrubs in the economic community of the great lakes countries (Burundi, Rwanda, Zaire)

Hecq, J., 1976:
Canvassing the biotopes in northern France in the spring of 1976

Arambarri, J.; Long, M., 1993:
Canyon Creek Bluffs rock slope stabilization Sweet Home, Oregon

Montoya, B., 1974:
Canyon Del Oro turns sack lunches into type A meals

Anonymous, 2003:
Canyon Lake Dam and Wyant Lake Dam project

Barker, Pa, 1977:
Canyon male a colorful mountaineer

Anonymous, 1964:
Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Anonymous, 1978:
Canyonlands general management plan

Anonymous, 1997:
Canyons draft environmental impact statement

Anonymous, 1997:
Canyons final environmental impact statement Truckee Ranger District

Anonymous, 2001:
Canyons, cultures, and environmental change

Zhu, Tingcheng, 1996:
Cao di sheng tai xue yan jiu

Yang, Guoliang, 2003:
Cao gu wu gong hai sheng chan ji shu

Hao, Baochun, 1999:
Cao mei bing chong hai fang zhi cai se tu shuo

He, Baochun, 2000:
Cao mei sheng chan ji shu da quan

Liu, Zixue, 2001:
Cao pi sheng chan ji shu

Han, L.; Yang, P.; Deng, J., 1999:
Cao ping cao zhong ji qi pin zhong

Zhao, Meiqi, 1999:
Cao ping hai chong

Lu, Q.; Ji, K.; Liu, M., 2000:
Cao ping jiang zhi yu yang hu guan li

Huang, B.; Cao-Wenbo; Chen, Z., 1999:
Cao ping ying yang yu shi fei

Li, S.; Liu, D.; Han, L., 1999:
Cao ping za cao

Ren, Jizhou, 1998:
Cao ye ke xue yan jiu fang fa

Gaomez-Menor, Y.Ortega, Juan, 1940:
Caoccidos de Espa~na

Anonymous, 1950:
Caodigo agrario de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, Ley de colonizaciaon y Reglamento de inafectabilidad

Anonymous, 1941:
Caodigo de aaguas e leis subsequentes

Andrade, Manuel, 1950:
Caodigo de comercio reformado, concordado con los de Alemania, Argentina, Chile, Espaana, Francia e Italia

Anonymous, 1941:
Caodigo florestal (aprovado pelo decreto n. 23.793, de 23 de janeiro de 1934)

Ford, Ibraim, 1988:
Caolinite-Montmorillonite association in the paleosoil in the Lower Tertiary period in Uruguay

Tannchen, Enrique, 1946:
Caomo ahorrar faacilmente explotando la buerta

Anonymous, 1948:
Caomo enlatar jugos de frutas concentrados

Nosti, Jaime, 1949:
Caomo es y caomo se poda el cafeto Liberia

Anonymous, 1956:
Caomo hacer germinadores y almaacigos de cafae

Anonymous, 1948:
Caomo preparar la hoja de sabutaan

Villegas-Arango, E., 1950:
Caomo se hace una colmena vertical movilista

Buigas, Joaquain, 1947:
Caomo se plantan y cuidan los aarboles frutales

Armellada, Cesaareo-De, 1946:
Caomo son los Indios Pemones de la Gran Sabana

Carroll, Paul, H., 1967:
Caote dIvoire diary

Anonymous, 1946:

Hunt, Frazier, 1951:
Cap Mossman

Godefroy-Colburn, T.; Ravelonandro, M.; Pinck, L., 1985:
Cap accessibility correlates with the initiation efficiency of alfalfa mosaic virus RNAs

Nocera-Przybecka, D.P.let, P., 1981:
Cap and root growth: effect of abscisic acid (auxesis and meresis) Zea mays, maize.1

Schlimme, Eckhard, 1984:
Cap breakdown enzyme activities of the cell nucleus

Nezdoaeiminogo, Ce, L., 1983:
Cap mushrooms of the USSR

Gilbert, W.V.; Zhou, K.; Butler, T.K.; Doudna, J.A., 2007:
Cap-independent translation is required for starvation-induced differentiation in yeast

Moon, S-Hyun.; Kim, H-Woo.; Kim, J-Sung.; Park, J-Hong.; Kim, H.; Eu, G-Jong.; Cho, H-Sun.; Kang, G-Mi.; Lee, K-Ho.; Cho, M-Haing., 2004:
Cap-independent protein translation is initially responsible for 4-(N-methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-butanone (NNK)-induced apoptosis in normal human bronchial epithelial cells

Sarnow, P., 1995:
Cap-independent translation

Jiang, H.; Coleman, J.; Miskimins, R.; Srinivasan, R.; Miskimins, W.Keith., 2007:
Cap-independent translation through the p27 5'-UTR

Ferris, F., 1983:
Capabilities and characteristics of current aircraft

Parker, Ra, 1973:
Capabilities and limitations of a nutrient-plankton model

Frey, Kj, 1981:
Capabilities and limitations of conventional plant breeding

Manowitz, Bernard, 1981:
Capabilities for research on acid rain

Behnke,, W.N.lting, F.Z.tzsch, C., 1985:
Capabilities of a 2.5 m3 smog chamber for the investigation of the photodegradation of chemicals in the presence of aerosol surfaces

Anonymous, 1978:
Capabilities of a large tractor

Cox, K., 1983:
Capabilities of airfreight containers

Soler, C.; James, K.J.; Picó, Y., 2007:
Capabilities of different liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry systems in determining pesticide residues in food. Application to estimate their daily intake

Lugovskaia, S.A., 2007 :
Capabilities of hematological analyzers

Joss, J., 1982:
Capabilities of measuring rainfall with radar over a river basin--experience with the Swiss Radars

Skolnik, Mi, 1978:
Capabilities of radar as they might relate to emtomological studies

Lamp, J., 1985:
Capabilities of remote land and soil survey techniques tested in North Germany

Harza, Rd, 1977:
Capabilities of the private engineering sector

Buffle, J.G.eter, F.; Nembrini, G.P.ul, J.H.erdi, W., 1976:
Capabilities of voltammetric techniques for water quality control problems

Turner, Roger, 1985:
Capability Brown and the eighteenth century English landscape

Dwyer, J., 1977:
Capability Brown and the pastoral revolution

Daud, N.; Pushparajah, E., 1982:
Capability and management of alluvial soils under Hevea in Peninsular Malaysia

Elsayed, E.; Bruins, R., 1995:
Capability and manufacturability measures

Kyuma, K., 1982:
Capability considerations for tropical soils Chemical and physical characteristics, tropical Asia

Johnson, T., 1992:
Capability measures for general loss functions

Karl, E.P.oeseler, G., 1976:
Capability of Aphis fragulae beccabungae Koch for transmitting nonpersistent viruses

Sapegina, V.; Dokuchaeva, I., 1970:
Capability of Ixodes pavlovskyi of transmitting virus of tick encephalitis in experiments

Tomescu, D.; Manciu, G.; Scripnic, V., 1981:
Capability of agricultural equipment

Blohm, G., 1972:
Capability of forming new capital in agriculture

A.K.nnany, E.R.; A.K.afaf, A., 2006:
Capability of hydrogen peroxide to induce oxidative stress and atheromatous lesions in female pregnant rats

A.K.nnany, E.R.; A.K.afaf, A.Y., 2007:
Capability of hydrogen peroxide to induce oxidative stress and initiate atheromatous lesions and the study of the effects of some antioxidants represented by estradiol, vitamin E and fresh garlic in ovariectomized rats

Jullien, M., 1970:
Capability of in vitro division of separate cells from the foliar parenchyma of Arachis hypogaea L

Tolgyesi, Gy, 1975:
Capability of laboratories analysing mineral constituents of feed-stuffs

Baghdadi, N.G.uthier, Y.B.rnier, M., 1997:
Capability of multitemporal ERS-1 SAR data for wet-snow mapping

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Capability of phytopathogenic bacteria to secret wall degrading enzymes-a criterion for their identification

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