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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15210

Chapter 15210 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Apostolov, E.O.; Shah, S.V.; Ok, E.; Basnakian, A.G., 2007:
Carbamylated low-density lipoprotein induces monocyte adhesion to endothelial cells through intercellular adhesion molecule-1 and vascular cell adhesion molecule-1

Hastings, F.L.; Main, A.R.; Iverson, F., 1970:
Carbamylation and affinity constants of some carbamate inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase and their relation to analogous substrate constants

Slebe, J.C.; Martinez-Carrion, M., 1976:
Carbamylation of aspartate transaminase and the pK value of the active site lysyl residue

Grillo, M.A.; Pinna, G.G., 1976:
Carbamylphosphate hydrolysis in donkey liver

Li, W.; Wang, Q.; Cui, S.W.; Burchard, W.; Yada, R., 2007:
Carbanilation of cereal beta-glucans for molecular weight determination and conformational studies

Stowell, John-Charles, 1979:
Carbanions in organic synthesis

Ang, L.; Brenwald, N.P.; Walker, R.M.; Andrews, J.; Fraise, A., 2007:
Carbapenem resistance in Bacteroides fragilis

Walsh, F.; Amyes, S.G.B., 2007:
Carbapenem resistance in clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Sheehan, Gw, 1984:
Carbaryl (update)

Juszkiewicz, T.Z.k, M.C.bulski, W.M.nta, M., 1976:
Carbaryl and 1 naphtol residues in poultry tissues and eggs following experimental contamination

Singh, K.; Pandey, S.; Singh,, M.; Galhotra, R., 1984:
Carbaryl and lindane residues in and on groundnut

Markin, G.; Johnson, D., 1983:
Carbaryl applied at reduced dosage rates for control of western spruce budworm Choristoneura occidentalis, Montana

Anonymous, 1972:
Carbaryl decomposition to 1-naphthyl carbamate by Aspergillus terreus

Zuberi, R.Z.bairi, M., 1971:
Carbaryl degradation by Pseudomonas phaseolicola and Aspergillus niger

Owens, J.S.ntolucito, J., 1973:
Carbaryl effect on anterior pituitary prolactin

Mahajan, R.; Blair, A.; Coble, J.; Lynch, C.F.; Hoppin, J.A.; Sandler, D.P.; Alavanja, M.C.R., 2007:
Carbaryl exposure and incident cancer in the Agricultural Health Study

Anonymous, 1993:
Carbaryl health and safety guide

Shea, T.B., 1985:
Carbaryl inhibition of interferon synthesis in cultured goldfish cells

Mcdermott, W.; Duvall, A., 1970:
Carbaryl insecticide: analysis of formulations by colorimetry

Dermott, W.; Duvall, A., 1970:
Carbaryl insecticides: analysis of formulations by colorimetry

Carricaburu, P., 1977:
Carbaryl intoxication and the structure of the insect electroretinogram

Schuntner, C.; Schnitzerling, H.; Roulston, W., 1972:
Carbaryl metabolism in larvae of organophosphorus and carbamate-susceptible and -resistant strains of cattle tick Boophilus microplus

Chin, B.H.; Eldridge, J.M.; Anderson, J.H.; Sullivan, L.J., 1979:
Carbaryl metabolism in the rat. A comparison of in vivo, in vitro (tissue explant), and liver perfusion techniques

Garg, P.; Pandey, S.; Sivasankaran, K., 1985:
Carbaryl residues in

Saivaraj, K.T.irumurthy, S.R.jakannu, K.R.guraj, R.S.bramanian, T.; Dhamodhiran, L.G.palakrishnan, C., 1977:
Carbaryl residues in maize fodder at feeding and at lactation in milch cows

Zayed, S.; Mansour, S.; Mostafa, I.; Hassan, A., 1976:
Carbaryl residues in maize products

Fernandez, Y.F.lzon, M1; Cambon-Gros, C1; Mitjavila, S., 1982:
Carbaryl tricompartmental toxicokinetics and anticholinesterase activity Insecticides, carbamates, toxicity, acetylcholinesterases, rats

Hoque, Mz, 1972:
Carbaryl--a new chemical mutagen

Cox, C., 1993:
Carbaryl. 2

Chakraborty, Dp, 1977:
Carbazole alkaloids

Chakraborty, D.P.; Roy, S., 1991:
Carbazole alkaloids. III

Chakraborty, D.P.; Roy, S., 2003:
Carbazole alkaloids. IV

Lartaud, G.L.patoff, V., 1980:
Carbedazim + maneb + tridemorph a fungicidal combination active against diseases of the aerial organs of cereals

Anonymous, 1993:

Coutinho, C.F.B.; Galli, A.; Mazo, L.H.; MacHado, S.A.S., 2006:
Carbendazim and the environment: degradation and toxicity

Lartaud, G.L.patoff, V., 1980:
Carbendazime + manebe+ tridemorphe, a fungicide combination that is efficient for diseases of the aerial organs of cereals

Bertrand, G., 2002:
Carbene chemistry

Krajca, Kenneth-Deward, 1973:
Carbene-carbene rearrangements

Neish, G.A., 1975:
Carbenicillin as an aid in obtaining bacteria-free cultures of Saprolegnia species

Kubelka, W., 1971:
Carbenoid-glycosides of Convallaria majalis. 11

Desmoras, J.L.urent, M.P.trinko, P.B.ys, M., 1973:

Hollis, Wp, 1977:
Carbide made easy

Nikov, S., 1978:
Carbisal and poisoning of rumina

Shannon, B.; Durrwachter, J.; Demicco, K.; Treu, J., 1989:
Carbo choices

Rafkin-Mervis, Le, 1995:
Carbo counting

Amberger, A.G.tser, R., 1982:
Carbo lime, a residual product of sugar manufacture

Georgiev, D.; Avramova, S.; Pesheva, I., 1981:
Carboanhydrase activity in Scene

Rakhmanova, E.; Sharipov, K.; Intykbaeva, B.; Usharova, G.; Karabaev, M., 1984:
Carboanhydrase activity of wheat leaves in relation to ontogenetic changes of photosynthesis and Warburg effect

Kositsin, Av, 1977:
Carboanhydrase in plants

Komarova, Yum; Terekhova, Iv; Doman, Ng; Al'-Bitskaya, On, 1976:
Carboanhydrase of blue green alga Spirulina platensis

Kastli, F.B.umann, P.T.ntis-Kruszynski, C., 1980:
Carboanhydrase types of Swiss cattle breeds

Tertyshnyi, Vh, 1972:
Carboanhydride activity and the

Natori, S., 1975:
Carboaromatic and related compounds

D'-Iakov, I.; Zotkin, V.; Perelygin, V., 1984:
Carbobiuretcyanurphosphate, a new component for mixed feeds

Olah, G.-A.P.akash, G.K.Surya, 2004:
Carbocation chemistry

Lysenko, A.; Prisekina, O.; Nemilov, V.; Kazakevich, Y.; Bytsan, N.; Danilova, E., 1987:
Carbochain ion-exchange fibres prepared by the graft polymerization method

Loder, J.; Eibl, R.F.lkiner, M.; Nearn, R.; Parr, R., 1978:
Carbocyclic analogues of equol for the immunization of sheep against clover disease. i. hydroxynaphthalenones

Osawa, E.; Yonemitsu, O., 1992:
Carbocyclic cage compounds

Pall, G.Singh.; Codony-Servat, C.; Byrne, J.; Ritchie, L.; Hamilton, A., 2007:
Carbodiimide-mediated cross-linking of RNA to nylon membranes improves the detection of siRNA, miRNA and piRNA by northern blot

Terra, W.R.; Terra, I.C.; Ferreira, C.; de Bianchi, A.G., 1979:
Carbodiimide-reactive carboxyl groups at the active site of an insect midgut trehalase

Kovar, J.D.lejskova, J., 1974:
Carbofertilizers and their effective application on differen t soil types

Cook, Rf, 1973:

Smith, R.; Tramontin, R.; Poonacha, K.; Petrites-Murphy, M., 1995:
Carbofuran (furadan) poisoning in animals

Van-Middelem, C.; Moye, H.; Janes, M., 1971:
Carbofuran and 3-hydroxycarbofuran determination in lettuce by alkali-flame gas chromatography

Erwin, N., 1991:
Carbofuran and bird kills: regulation at a snails pace

Dix, M.; Van-Deusen, J., 1983:
Carbofuran applications fail to reduce damage to seeds and cones of Scotch pine in North Dakota and Nebraska Dioryctria spp., Leptoglossus occidentalis, Pinus sylvestris, insecticides, insect control

Gifford, Jr; Oliver, Br; Trahan, Gb, 1972:
Carbofuran control of rice water weevil (a preliminary report)

Anonymous, 1975:
Carbofuran controls rice water weevil

Cone, Wyatt, W., 1976:
Carbofuran for control of black vine weevils on concord grapes

Wolf, Dd, 1988:
Carbofuran for forage establishment: an update

Estores, R.; Laigo, F.1; Adordionisio, C., 1980:
Carbofuran in rice-fish culture Insecticide-nematicide, toxicity

Gorder, G.; Dahm, P.1; Tollefson, J., 1982:
Carbofuran persistence in cornfield soils Control of Diabrotica longicornis and Diabrotica virgifera, Iowa

Kupper, J.; Baumgartner, M.; Bacciarini, L.N.; Hoop, R.; Kupferschmidt, H.; Naegeli, H., 2007:
Carbofuran poisoning in mallard ducks

Mithyantha, M.; Agnihothrudu, V., 1977:
Carbofuran residues in coffee beans

Miles, J.R.; Harris, C.R., 1979:
Carbofuran residues in organic soils in Southwestern Ontario, 1977

Mithyantha, M.; Bucker, A.; Agnthothrudu, V., 1978:
Carbofuran residues in potatoes

Kulkarni, D.; Deshpande, A.; Raodeo, A., 1977:
Carbofuran seed treatment in the control of sucking pests of cotton

Bellinger, Rg, 1991:
Carbofuran update

Venugopal, M.; Perumal, R.; Subramaniam, T., 1974:
Carbofuran versus shoot fly damage in sorghum

Rai, D.K.; Sharma, B., 2007:
Carbofuran-induced oxidative stress in mammalian brain

Horst, Cjg-Van-Der, 1972:
Carboglutelin, an unknown protein, occurring in boar semen, spermatozoa and other cells, and its role in carbohydrate metabolism inside the cell

Anonymous, 1991:

Tel'-Tsov, Lp, 1978:
Carbohydrase activity in the small intestine of fetuses and calves of the Kostromskaya breed

Tel'-Tsov, Lp, 1978:
Carbohydrase activity of small intestine in the fetuses and calves of Kostroma cattle

Kulp, K., 1975:

Hehre, Ej, 1975:
Carbohydrases (glycosylases) and their roles in normal and abnormal metabolism: introduction

Kidder, D.; Manners, M., 1980:
Carbohydrases in pig small intestine mucosa (short note)

Bhatt, R.; Krishna, S., 1980:
Carbohydrases in the developing eggs of the rice moth, Corcyra cephalonica Staint

Hori, K., 1970:
Carbohydrases in the gut and the salivary gland, and the nature of the amylase in the gut homogenate of Lygus disponsi Linnavuori (Hemiptera: Miridae)

Nishide, K.K.sano, T., 1976:
Carbohydrases of the digestive tract of the larvae of cabbage butterfly, Pieris rapae crucivora Boisduval

Molodtsov, N.; Vafina, M., 1974:
Carbohydrases with unusual specificities. III. A hydrolase splitting p-nitrophenyl 2-deoxy-2-benzamido-beta-D-glucopyranoside: Distribution in marine invertebrates and certain mushrooms

Christopher, Carole, L., 1977:

Cross, H.; Kearsley, M., 1984:

Wong, J.M.W.; Jenkins, D.J.A., 2007:
Carbohydrate digestibility and metabolic effects

Baschetti, R., 2006:
Carbohydrate intake, serum lipids, and evolution

McLay, R.T.; Thomson, C.D.; Williams, S.M.; Rehrer, N.J., 2007:
Carbohydrate loading and female endurance athletes: effect of menstrual-cycle phase

Tarpley, L.S.ssenrath, G., 2006:
Carbohydrate Profiles During Cotton Floral Bud (Square) Development

Torres-Gonzalez, M.; Shrestha, S.; Sharman, M.; Freake, H.C.; Volek, J.S.; Fernandez, M.Luz., 2007:
Carbohydrate restriction alters hepatic cholesterol metabolism in guinea pigs fed a hypercholesterolemic diet

Kim, J.; Ahn, Y.; Park, K.Min.; Kim, Y.; Ko, Y.Ho.; Oh, D.Hyun.; Kim, K., 2007:
Carbohydrate wheels: cucurbituril-based carbohydrate clusters

Hopfer, U., 1975:
Carbohydrate absorption

Gray, Gm, 1984:
Carbohydrate absorption and malabsorption

Hansen, P., 1977 :
Carbohydrate allocation

Reiss, E., 1981:
Carbohydrate analyses in infected and noninfected barley seedlings with regard to resistance to yellow rust

Chaplin, M.F.K.nnedy, J., F., 1986:
Carbohydrate analysis

Clode, Dm, 1985:
Carbohydrate analysis as an aid to synthesis

El-Rassi, Ziad, 2002:
Carbohydrate analysis by modern chromatography and electrophoresis

Lee, K.B.; Loganathan, D.; Merchant, Z.M.; Linhardt, R.J., 1990:
Carbohydrate analysis of glycoproteins. A review

Sinkinson, G.W.eelock, J., 1970:
Carbohydrate analysis of the glycopeptides released by the action of rennin on whole milk

Saeki, T.C.iba, S.S.imomura, T., 1975:
Carbohydrate and amino acid composition of alpha-glucosidase from Saccharomyces logos

Fischer, H.; Meyer, A.; Fischer, K.; Kuzyakov, Y., 2007:
Carbohydrate and amino acid composition of dissolved organic matter leached from soil

Girard, J., 1985:
Carbohydrate and amino acid metabolism in the fetus

Bae, I.H.; Foote, R.H., 1975:
Carbohydrate and amino acid requirements and ammonia production of rabbit follicular oocytes matured in vitro

Nikolaenko, G.; Litviak, V.; Kolomiichuk, T.; Orlovskii, V.; Bobkova, A., 1980:
Carbohydrate and aminoacid metabolism in calves experimentally infected with Liorchis scotiae helminths

Nuttall, F.Q., 1993:
Carbohydrate and dietary management of individuals with insulin-requiring diabetes

Grimek, H.J.; Nuti, L.C.; McShan, W.H., 1971:
Carbohydrate and end group analyses of ovine FSH

Long, J.Iii, 1983:
Carbohydrate and fat in total parenteral nutrition during stress

Bugaev, A.; Mosolova, E.; Filatova, S.; Pukhlii, A., 1976:
Carbohydrate and fatty acid composition of mixed feeds during granulation

Teo, L-H.; Fescemyer, HW.; Woodring, JP.; Hammond, AM., 1987:
Carbohydrate and fatty acid titres during flight of the migrant noctuid moth, Anticarsia gemmatalis Hubner

Vohra, P., 1989:
Carbohydrate and fiber content of oilseeds and their nutritional importance

Kadyrov, F.; Zharkov, R., 1982:
Carbohydrate and gas metabolism in cows fed sodium acetate

Lorenzi, J.; Gutierrez, L.; Normanha, E.; Cione, J., 1978:
Carbohydrate and hydrocyanic acid variation in cassava roots after total pruning of the aerial parts

Bushuk, W.B.kes, F.M.master, G.; Zawistowska, U., 1985:
Carbohydrate and lipid complexes with protein in gluten

Hadley, E.; Rosen, R., 1974:
Carbohydrate and lipid contents of Celmisia plants in alpine snowbank and herbfield communities on Rock and Pillar Range, New Zealand

Knopp, R.; Montes, A.W.rth, M., 1978:
Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism

Panin, L.; Kaznacheev, V., 1976:
Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in adaptation to severe northern climatic conditions

Stewart-Truswell, A., 1975:
Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in protein-calorie malnutrition

Ballard, Fj, 1972:
Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism of growing animals

Ravussin, E.B.gardus, C1; Scheidegger, K1; Horton, E.1; Robbins, D., 1983:
Carbohydrate and lipid oxidation during prolonged exercise in the presence or absence of elevated plasma FFA Free fatty acids

Islam, A.R.y, S., 1984:
Carbohydrate and lipid utilization during fighting in normal and allatectomized Schizodactylus monstrosus

Gonzalez, Y.-M.R.mero, T.-Jj, 1975:
Carbohydrate and lipid utilizaton in milk substitutes for calves

Keenan, P.; Ellis, J.; Rathmell, W.; Friend, J., 1985:
Carbohydrate and lipid-containing elicitors from Phytophthora infestans. Do they have a common mechanism of action?

Fujimoto, S.O.ara, A.U.hara, K., 1980:
Carbohydrate and metal analyses of violet-colored acid phosphatase of sweetpotato

Weinbaum, S.; Ryugo, K., 1981:
Carbohydrate and nitrogen assimilation and utilization in prune trees

Singh, U.; Singh, J.; Pavgi, M., 1970:
Carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism of Melanthesa rhamnoides Blume infected by Rabenelia breyniae Sydow

Ryzhikova, Vg, 1979:
Carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism of sugarbeets infected by powdery mildew

Astrup, A.; Raben, A., 1995:
Carbohydrate and obesity

Kauss, H., 1970:
Carbohydrate and oxigen metabolism

Gzits'-Kii, S.; Bereza, I., 1969:
Carbohydrate and phosphorus comp

Vorob'-Ev, N.; Aleshin, E.; Pozharskaia, E., 1974:
Carbohydrate and phosphorus metabolism in seedlings and endosperm of rice as affected by growing seeds in anaerobic and aerobic conditions

Dashek, W.V.; Olenchock, S.A.; Mayfield, J.E.; Wirtz, G.H.; Wolz, D.E.; Young, C.A., 1986:
Carbohydrate and protein contents of grain dusts in relation to dust morphology

Jones, Jm, 2003:
Carbohydrate and protein interactions--flavor, antioxidants, and potential adverse effects

Bessmel'-Tseva, L.; Shutova, E.; Chigrin, V., 1973:
Carbohydrate and protein metabolism during germination of uredospores of stem rust of wheat

Steinmann, F.B.andle, R., 1984:
Carbohydrate and protein metabolism in the rhizomes of the bulrush (Schoenoplectus lacustris (L.) Palla in relation to natural development of the whole plant

Miyagawa, S.; Ueno, T.; Nagashima, H.; Takama, Y.; Fukuzawa, M., 2013:
Carbohydrate antigens

Anokhin, B.; Morozova, L., 1976:
Carbohydrate assimilation in calves with dyspepsia

Thorpe, Ta, 1974:
Carbohydrate availability and shoot formation in tobacco callus cultures

Hargitt, R.B.ckee, G., 1978:
Carbohydrate balances and wort fermentability estimations

Rossi, C.; Falasca, A.F.anceschi, C.S.irpe, F., 1979:
Carbohydrate binding specificity and cell membrane interaction of Vicia sativa lectin

Van Wauwe, J.P.; Loontiens, F.G.; D.B.uyne, C.K., 1975:
Carbohydrate binding specificity of the lectin from the pea (Pisum sativum)

Goldstein, I.J.; Blake, D.A.; Ebisu, S.; Williams, T.J.; Murphy, L.A., 1981:
Carbohydrate binding studies on the Bandeiraea simplicifolia I isolectins. Lectins which are mono-, di-, tri-, and tetravalent for N-acetyl-D-galactosamine

Warren, Tony, 1995:
Carbohydrate bioengineering:

Stitt, M.; Rees, T.A., 1980:
Carbohydrate breakdown by chloroplasts of Pisum sativum

Incze, K.J.hasz, A., 1983:
Carbohydrate breakdown in meat and meat products. I. Glucose breakdown and ability to break down glucose

Bols, Mikael, 1996:
Carbohydrate building blocks

Perry, J.; James, L., 1972:
Carbohydrate buildup in girdled wood of Macadamia trees. iI

Fernandez, R.; Sanchez, S.; Soriano, V., 2001:
Carbohydrate cell receptors for adhesins of haemophilus paragallinarum

Danac, R.; Ball, L.; Gurr, S.J.; Muller, T.; Fairbanks, A.J., 2007:
Carbohydrate chain terminators: rational design of novel carbohydrate-based antifungal agents

Tate, L.; Wimer, L., 1971:
Carbohydrate changes during metamorphosis of the blowfly Phormia regina

Chrungoo, N.; Koul, K.; Farooq, S., 1983:
Carbohydrate changes in corms of saffron crocus (Crocus sativus L.) during dormancy and sprouting

Odunfa, Sa, 1983:
Carbohydrate changes in fermenting locust bean (Parkia filicoidea) during iru preparation Legume protein source in West and Central African countries

Taper, C.; Chong, C.L.u, P., 1972:
Carbohydrate changes in seeds within McIntosh apples held at 1-2 degrees C during storage

Fletcher, M.C.oke, R., 1984:
Carbohydrate changes in the developing sporophore of Sphaerobolus stellatus

Tabuenca, Mc, 1970:
Carbohydrate changes in the fruit trees during the rest period and dormancy

Gordon, Eva, 2006:
Carbohydrate channeling

Wolfrom, M.L.; Sugihara, J.M., 1950:
Carbohydrate chemistry

Anonymous, 1974:
Carbohydrate chemistry & metabolism abstracts

Whistler, R.-Lester; Bemiller, J., N., 1997:
Carbohydrate chemistry for food scientists

Darman'-Ian, E.; Dudkin, M., 1977:
Carbohydrate complex of carrot tissues

Bediukh, V.; Ivanitskii, S.; Lobanov, V.; Shcherbakov, V., 1980:
Carbohydrate complex of sunflower seeds with thermal processing

Agrawal, S.; Datta, I., 1978:
Carbohydrate components & alkaline phosphatase activity in cervical mucus of cows & buffalo at estrus

Shmyreva, T.V.; Plaksina, T.B., 1972:
Carbohydrate components in the nutrient medium for slowly growing nodule bacteria

Rakhimov, D.; Igamberdieva, M.; Ismailov, Z., 1973:
Carbohydrate components of Eremurus turkestanicus

Holovatz'-Kyi, I.; Stadnyk, A., 1970 :
Carbohydrate components of glyco

Savel'-Ev, A.; Yakovleva, M.; Firsov, L., 1985:
Carbohydrate composition and certain properties of glucoamylase from Aspergillus awamori

Moshrefi, M.; Luh, B.S., 1983:
Carbohydrate composition and electrophoretic properties of tomato polygalacturonase isoenzymes

Zubairov, D.; Timerbaev, V.; Chenborisova, G., 1972:
Carbohydrate composition and some properties of canine prothrombin

Weijman, A.C.M., 1979:
Carbohydrate composition and taxonomy of fungi

Arasimovich, V.; Kakhana, B., 1974:
Carbohydrate composition and the quality of sugarbeet roots related to top dressing with inorganic fertilizers

Kasymova, G.; Khodzhibaeva, S.; Rakhimov, D., 1988:
Carbohydrate composition of a biologically active complex from the blue-green alga Nostoc muscorum

Salomonsson, A.;;;;, 1983:
Carbohydrate composition of and 14C carbon isotope incorporation into developing grains of normal and high-lysine genotypes of barley Hordeum vulgare

Gensitskii, Ip, 1974:
Carbohydrate composition of bee honey and standardization of its characteristics

Shniukova, Iei, 1980:
Carbohydrate composition of cert

Kniga, M.; Kniga, N., 1973:
Carbohydrate composition of corn in ontogeny and relative to soil fertilizers

Filatova, S.; Hnoievyi, V.; Buhaiov, A., 1980:
Carbohydrate composition of feed

Kimura, Y.F.natsu, G., 1985:
Carbohydrate composition of glycopeptides isolated from Ricinus communis lectins

Shinjyo, S.; Abe, H.; Masuda, M., 1975:
Carbohydrate composition of horse spleen ferritin

Snary, D.; Allen, A.K.; Faulkes, R.A.; Crumpton, M.J., 1976:
Carbohydrate composition of lymphocyte plasma membrane from pig mesenteric lymph node

Valodzina, L.; Arsen'-Eva, E., 1976:
Carbohydrate composition of organic matter and enzymatic activity of some Belorussian soils

Gvozdeva, E.; Kuibina, N.; Sharkov, V., 1979:
Carbohydrate composition of pre-hydrolyzates of Larix dahurica

Stakheev, I.; Kostina, A.; Babitskaya, V.; Shcherba, V., 1986:
Carbohydrate composition of preparations of fungal origin obtained during submerged and superficial culturing

Fapojuwo, O.; Maga, J., 1995:
Carbohydrate composition of raw vegetable soybeans grown at the same location

Reicher, F.O.ebrecht, S.C.rrea, J., 1978:
Carbohydrate composition of some forest species from the Amazon region

Romanenko, Z.; Boyarskaya, R., 1987:
Carbohydrate composition of sulfite liquors from cooking of various types of wood

Slyvyts'-Kyi, Mh, 1978:
Carbohydrate composition of the

Olianskaia, S.; Zhura, K.; Zagorodniaia, L.; Gerasimenko, A.; Shaposhnikova, Z., 1974:
Carbohydrate composition of the beet and colloidally dispersed substances of the manufacturing products

Slivitskii, Mg, 1979:
Carbohydrate composition of the content of swine gastrointestinal tract as affected by the ration formulation

Gruner, V.; Arinkina, A., 1970:
Carbohydrate composition, enzymatic and anti-mcrobial activity of bee honey

Hayes, M.L.; Bretthauer, R.K.; Castellino, F.J., 1975:
Carbohydrate compositions of the rabbit plasminogen isozymes

Bereza, I.; Hzhyts'-Kyi, S., 1972:
Carbohydrate compounds in the me

Bakanov, V.; Davydova, L.; Ovisishcher, B., 1975:
Carbohydrate concentrates as an essential additive for cows on sown pastures

Morita,, T.M.saki, J., 1973:
Carbohydrate constituents in ch

Longe, O.; Fetuga, B.; Aken'-Ova, M., 1982:
Carbohydrate constituents of some Nigerian maize varieties grown at three soil nitrogen levels

Souza, J.-De; Barros, A.1; Silva, J.-Dao, 1983:
Carbohydrate content and drought resistance in cotton Gossypium hirsutum.1

Nejad, M.S.; Niroomand, A., 2007:
Carbohydrate content and its roles in alternate bearing in olive

Diamantoglou, S.K.ll, U., 1984:
Carbohydrate content and osmotic conditions of leaves and bark of Arbutus unedo L. and Arbutus andrachne L. throughout the year

Diamantoglou, S., 1980:
Carbohydrate content and osmotic conditions of leaves and bark of Pinus halepensis Mill. and Schinus molle L. throughout a year

Aguirre, A.-De; Dantas, J.; Moraes, M.-De; Amorim, H.-De, 1977:
Carbohydrate content and polyphenoloxidase and peroxidase activity in cowpea plants of Vigna sinensis, variety Pitiuba, cultivated in Hoagland and Arnon nutritive solutions with and without boron

Brandle, R., 1985:
Carbohydrate content and vitality of isolated rhizomes of Phragmites ausralis, Schoenoplectus lacustris and Typha latifolia after an O2 deficit stress of several weeks

Gibson, Ce, 1978:
Carbohydrate content as an ecological tool in the study of planktonic blue-green algae

Ortega, D.-Ml; Rodriguez, C., C., 1979:
Carbohydrate content in bean varieties

Wang Dan; L.T.anLai; L.Y.e, 2007:
Carbohydrate content in seedlings cauline tine and correlation analysis to ovary locule number of tomato

Tabuenca, Mc, 1973:
Carbohydrate content of compatible and incompatible graft combinations of the peach, myrobolan and garden plums

Chang, Cw, 1976:
Carbohydrate content of cotton leaves

Piendl, A., 1979:
Carbohydrate content of different types of malt

Babenko, V.; Lyong, M., 1981:
Carbohydrate content of growing points and upper leaves in ontogenesis of winter wheat varieties of different productivity

Henry, D.; Dynes, R.; Hulm, E., 2000:
Carbohydrate content of hays changes with time of cutting and nitrogen applications

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