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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 15233

Chapter 15233 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Chalone regulation of the epidermal cell cycle
, Experientia 31(9): 1024-1026 (1975)

Chamaebatia australis (Bdg.) Abrams (Rosaceae)
, Madrono 27(2): 111 (1980)

Chamaebatia foliolosa Benth.--bearmat
, Unknown (1974)

Chamaecereus silvestrii Br
, Succulenta 58(8): 196 (1979)

Chamaecyparis nootkatensis (D. Don) Spach, yellow cedar member of the family Cupressaceae
, Davidsonia er 7 (4) 56-62 (1976)

Chamaecyparis pisifera Filifera aurea
, American nurseryman 168(7): 158 (1988)

Chamaecyparis spach--white-cedar
, Unknown (1974)

Chamaecyparis thyoides (Atlantic white cedar) wetlands of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA: a desmid diversity database
, General Technical Report Southern Research Station, USDA Forest Service (SRS-91): 1-6 (2005)

Chamaecytisus ratisbonensis (Schaeffner) Rothm. in Poland
, Annales Uniwersytet ii Curie Sklodowskiej Sectio C: Biologia 4(34): 73-106 (1979)

Chamaecytisus ruthenicus (Fisch. ex Vol.) Klaskova
, Annales Sectio C: Biologiaub 1979) 33(33): 165-202 (1979)

Chamaecytisus supinus (L.) Link in Poland
, Annales Uniwersytet ii Curie Sklodowskiej Sectio C: Biologia 5(35): 137-156 (1980)

Chamaedorea castillo-montii (Arecaceae), a new species from Guatemala
, Phytologia b 68(5): 397-400 (1990)

Chamaedorea elegans.
, Revue horticole suisse 57(1): 29-30 (1984)

Chamaedorea metallica--Palmae
, Kew magazine 4(4): 160-164 (1987)

Chamaedorea palms
, Foliage Digest 6(12): 1-4 (1983)

Chamaejasmin, a biflavanone from wood of Diphysa robinioides
, Phytochemistry 4(2): 367-368 (1985)

, Unknown (1997)

Chamaesiphon sybaequalis found in a second locality
, Osterreichische botanische Zeitschrift 22(4): 283-285 (1973)

Chamaesphecia triannuliformis (Frr.) (Lepidoptera, Aegeriidae): new species of clearwings for the fauna of Poland
, Przeglad Zoologiczny 7(2): 190-192 (1973)

Chamaesycevelleriflora (Euphorbiaceae) new to Texas and U.S.A
, SIDA contributions to botany 15(3): 550-551 (1993)

Chamaesyrphus lusitanicus Mik, a new Danish genus and species (Diptera: Syrphidae)
, Entomologiske meddelelser 8(3): 131-132 (1981)

Chamarita sheep
, Unknown (1992)

Chambal Valley project--case study Irrigation dams, India
, International Workshop on Systems Analysis of Problems in Irrigation Drainage and Flood Control 14-28 November 1981: preparatory courses: lecture notes: 322 (1982)

Chamber World reports
, Unknown (1993)

Chamber beehive apiculture. IX
, Unknown (1973)

Chamber beehive apiculture. X
, Unknown (1973)

Chamber drier
, Zernovoe khoziaistvo: (5) 24-26 (1984)

Chamber electric cleaning machine Final cleaning of seed of perennial grasses and legumes.1
, Tekhnika v sel'skom khoziaistve: (3) 17-18 (1981)

Chamber for anaesthesia or euthanasia
, Unknown (1969)

Chamber for fumigating plants with methyl bromide
, Alabama Agric Expt Sta Circ 93: 1-24 (1946)

Chamber for maintaining insects
, Zashchita rastenii: (5) 34-35 (1980)

Chamber for phytopathological investigations
, Zashchita rastenii: 0) 38-39 (1986)

Chamber for plant growth under controlled conditions
, Unknown (1972)

Chamber for raising plants in connection with breeding work
, Unknown (1971)

Chamber for the recording of chemiluminescence of wines and wine materials
, Sadovodstvo vinogradarstvo i vinodelie Moldavii: (1) 38-40 (1979)

Chamber hive apiary. i
, Unknown (1973)

Chamber hive apiary. iI
, Unknown (1973)

Chamber hives from the view of a Dutchman
, Unknown (1972)

Chamber method for estimating t
, Unknown (1976)

Chamber method of the cytological study of milk
, Veterinariia 11 91-93 (1971)

Chamber of artificial climate for growing virus-free fruit tree planting material
, Sadovodstvo vinogradarstvo i vinodelie Moldavii: (3) 23-27 (1979)

Chamber refilling in Nautilus
, Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 622: 469-475 (1982)

Chamber studies of visibility-reducing aerosols
, Atmospheric Environment 8(10): 1035-1048 (1974)

Chamber vs environmental testing
, Proceedings annual technical meeting: 5th) 79-81 (1979)

Chambers technical dictionary, comprising terms used in pure and applied science, medicine, the chief manufacturing industries, engineering, construction, the mechanic trades
, Unknown (1948)

Chamberlain John Deere 700 series seed drill development
, Agricultural engineering Australia 4(2): 14-17 (1985)

Chambers County, Texas
, Unknown (1942)

Chambers for bulk storage of cereal products. I
, Przeglad zbozowo mlynarski 20(1): 29-31 (1976)

Chambers for bulk storage of cereal products. II. Selective and selfsorting devices during the bringing of the products into the chamber
, Przeglad zbozowo mlynarski 20(2): 22-23 (1976)

Chambers for collecting and observing single pupae of three stored-product moths
, Journal of economic entomology: 61 (5) 1468 (1968)

Chambers of commerce in the world laws and by-laws
, Unknown (1950)

Chambers science and technology dictionary
, Journal of Modern Optics 35(11): 1738-1738 (1988)

Chamberss biographical dictionary
, Unknown (1946 )

Chamberss world gazetteer and geographical dictionary
, Unknown (1954)

, Unknown (1991)

Chambery vermouth
, Revue vinicole internationale: (new ser) 96 (5) 50-53 (1975)

, Journal American Wine Societyng 25(1): 16-17 (1993)

Chambres froides
, Unknown (1968)

Chamechrome, a novel rearranged biflavonoid from Stellera chamaejasme L
, Tetrahedron letters 5(34): 3735-3738 (1984)

Chameleons and vineyards in the Western Cape of South Africa: Is automated grape harvesting a threat to the Cape Dwarf Chameleon (Bradypodion pumilum)?
, African Journal of Herpetology 56(1): 85-89 (2007)

Chamigrane metabolites from Laurencia obtusa and L. scoparia
, Phytochemistry 7(6): 1761-1766 (1988)

Chamisso, Eschscholtz, and the plants of the Presidio
, Fremontia 6(4): 3-9 (1979)

Chamnong and income distribution of farm village in North East Thailand
, Journal of Rural Economics (Special Issue): 279-286 (2006)

Chamois; Natural history, diseases, protection and hunting
, Unknown (1960)

Chamomile cultivars and their cultivation in Poland
, Acta Horticulturae 749: 111-114 (2007)

Chamomile demand, cultivation & use in Australia
, Acta Horticulturae 749: 65-70 (2007)

Chamomile essential oil and its experimental application in rabbits
, Acta Horticulturae 749: 197-201 (2007)

Chamomile: a medicinal plant
, Herb spice and medicinal plant digest: ng (1) 1-5 (1992)

Chamonixia caespitosa Rolland, a rare gasteromycetous fungus new for Czechoslovakia
, Ceska mykologie 25(1): 43-46 (1971)

Chamonixia caespitosa found in Sweden
, Svensk botanisk tidskrift 7(5): 293-300 (1983)

Chamonixin and involutin, two chemosystematically interesting cyclopentanediones from Gyrodon lividus (Boletales)
, Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung Section C: Biosciences 35(9-10): 824-825 (1980)

, Lebensmittel Praxis: 12 30 (1974)

Champagne experiences various rhythmical bubbling regimes in a flute
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 54(19): 6989-6994 (2006)

Champagne and sparkling wine sales in 1978
, Weinwirtschaft 115(17): 451-452 (1979)

Champagne business in 1976 to 1981
, Unknown (1983)

Champagne dArgent rabbit breed
, Rivista di coniglicoltura 16(4-5): 31-33 (1979)

Champagne e spumanti
, Unknown (1995)

Champagne from Mosel wine production and marketing organization
, Unknown (1987)

Champagne method for sparkling wines
, Unknown (1969)

Champagne trade in 1982
, Unknown (1984)

Champagne wine materials of Kazakhstan
, Vinodelie i vinogradarstvo SSSR: ) 19-22 (1979)

Champagne, home of the sparkling wine
, Agri forvm 12(12): 15-17 (1971)

Champagne, sparkling and semi-sparkling wine
, Unknown (1980)

Champagne, sparkling wine and semi-sparkling wine
, Unknown (1995)

Champagne--a trifle flat
, Unknown (1975)

Champagne: an interprofession which deserves to be known
, Vititechnique 9 18-20 (1977)

Champagne: another transfer of added value between the wine-grower and wine merchant? France, wine-growing district.1
, Economie rurale: (153) 23-28 (1983)

Champagne: maturation of grape varieties and forecasting dates of harvest
, Vititechnique (73) 87-88 (1983)

Champagnization of wine under conditions of superhigh concentration of yeasts
, Vinodelie i vinogradarstvo SSSR: ) 25-27 (1979)

Champaign County hydrologic unit portion of Darby Creek Watershed, Ohio
, Unknown (1992)

Champaign Farmers Market prospers from new location
, Rural enterpriseer 3(1): 22-23 (1989)

Champaran and Gandhi
, Unknown (1999)

Champianaon, tecnica actual de su cultivo
, Unknown (1958)

Champignon growing as an opportunity for increasing the the economicalness in horse-breeding
, Gazdalkodas 4 (9) 37-44 (1970)

Champignon-Anbau im Haupt- und Nebenerwerb
, Unknown (1961)

, Unknown (1956)

Champignonanbau im haup- und nebenerwerb
, Unknown (1941)

Champignons comestibles sauvages
, Unknown (2006)

Champignons parasites de plantes cultivees en Nouvelle-Caledonie
, Unknown (1956)

, Unknown (1952)

Champion International Corporation Building Products Division Bonner Log Yard loss control and log yard reclaim program Timberyard practices, Montana
, Proceedings Annual Northwest Wood Products Clinic: 6th) 11-19 (1981)

Champion Internationals Long Log Pine Chip Mill: a nontraditional project approach
, TAPPI Journal 81(2): 65-69 (1998)

Champion Timberlands conversion to cubic
, Proceedings 3d 121-129 (1978)

Champion animal welfare in your community
, Veterinary Medicine 102(10): 680; 682-684 (2007)

Champion foods-- nutrient heroes
, Unknown (1988)

Champion horses and ponies
, Unknown (1988)

Champion of the state farm Karakul sheep industry
, Ovtsevodstvo 11 37-40 (1977)

Champion shearers Nikolaaei Kholod and Ekaterina eIiAkusheva
, Unknown (1961)

Champion trees of Alaska
, Publication University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service: 990 (100G-00117) (1990)

Champion trees of Kansas
, Unknown (1977)

Champion trees of Michigan
, Michigan botanist 14(3): 167-174 (1975)

Champion trees on Michigan
, Michigan botanist 25(3): 112-120 (1986)

Champions partnership program pays dividends at Deferiet mill
, Pulp and paper 70(2): 119-121 (1996)

Champions planting guide
, Unknown (1956)

Champion, a new, longstanding collard
, Vegetable growers news 34(1): 1 (1970)

, American Orchid Society bulletin 61(9): 854-859 (1992)

Champions and record holders among the breeds of cattle in 1979 Milk productivity of cows.1
, Molochnoe i miasnoe skotovodstvo: (10) 31-33 (1980)

Champions and record producers of 1980 breeds All-Union competition of collective, state and other farms, pedigree cattle.1
, Molochnoe i miasnoe skotovodstvo: (12) 39-40 (1981)

Champions and record winners of the Exhibition of USSR National Economic Achievements in 1981 Racing horses.1
, Konevodstvo i konnyi sport: (12) 16-17 (1981)

Champions at any price?
, Unknown (1988)

Champions in milk fat production in the herd of the collective farm Gorshikha
, Zhivotnovudstvo 10 52-55 (1973)

Champions of change
, Unknown (1995)

Champions of the English tulip
, Unknown (1971)

Champions of the quarter tracks
, Unknown (1950)

Championship material
, Unknown (1988)

Championship of the USSR Results of horse racing in 1981.1
, Konevodstvo i konnyi sport: (9) 16-18 (1981)

Championship race of the USSR Results of horse racing competition, March 1981, Moscow.1
, Konevodstvo i konnyi sport: (6) 28-30 (1981)

Championship wheat crop competition
, Unknown (1946)

Chanage and opportunity--cereal products
, Food resources of Australia: proceedings of the Fourth Invitation Symposium edited by J T Woodcock: 203 (1980)

Chance and certainty
, Unknown (1972)

Chance and design in the construction of plants
, Axioms and principles of plant construction: proceedings of a symposium held at the International Botanical Congress Sydney Australia August 1981 edited by R Sattler: 183 (1982)

Chance and the patterns of drift: A natural experiment
, Philosophy of Science 73(5): 642-654 (2006)

Chance apple seedlings may be resistant to disease
, North American pomona 12(2): 62-63 (1978)

Chance constrained programming for optimal water use in Karnal region
, Proceedings International Symposium on Water Resources Systems(1): IV-29 (1980)

Chance discovery leads to new vegetable oil uses
, Agricultural research 45(3): 21 (1997)

Chance diseases of whole-hoofed animals
, Unknown (1955)

Chance exploited: radical conversion to containers for shrub and nursery stock cultures
, Deutsche Baumschule 25(3): 59-60 (1973)

Chance for mechanization of private farms
, Mechanizacja rolnictwa 30(12): 12-14 (1981)

Chance governs all
, Unknown (2000)

Chance of survival of bacteria of fecal origin in dry products as a function of water activity. 3. survival in milk powder
, Deutsche Lebensmittel Rundschau 74(6): 228-229 (1978)

Chance of the future, biotechnologie
, Unknown (1986)

Chance or necessity, the energy and food shortage? Some considerations and prospects of development of our rural areas
, Forderungsdienst 22(11): 361-366 (1974)

Chance variation: Darwin on orchids
, Philosophy of Science 73(5): 629-641 (2006)

Chance, risk, uncertainty and food
, Trends in food science and technology: 32-35 (2001)

Chance--constrained model: a case study of the Jizera River basin Czechoslovakia, water resources
, International Workshop on Systems Analysis of Problems in Irrigation Drainage and Flood Control 14-28 November 1981: preparatory courses: lecture notes: 208 (1982)

Chance-constrained dynamic programing and the optimization of water resource systems
, Water resources research: 10 (6) 1099-1106 (1974)

Chancellor Bismarck in the Saxony forest
, Allgemeine Forstzeitschrift 37(46): 1395-1397 (1982)

Chancer i centssten
, Unknown (1951)

Chances and choices with food
, Unknown (1992)

Chances and consequences of the litterless system in piglet production
, Landtechnik 31 (2) 67-69 (1976)

Chances and economic aspects of horticulture on farms
, Unknown (1972)

Chances and issues in software production in developing countries
, Unknown (1991)

Chances and limitations of ex-situ conservation of species and genetic diversity on a global perspective
, Unknown (2002)

Chances and limits of a strong performing tractor
, Landtechnik 28 (8) 231-228 (1973)

Chances and limits of land consolidation
, Unknown (1978)

Chances and limits of using synthetic pheromones in bark beetle management
, Zeitschrift feur angewandte Entomologie 77(3): 325-329 (1975)

Chances and possibilities of cross breeding in cattle fattening
, Unknown (1978)

Chances and problems of the International Sugar Agreement of 1977
, Agrarwirtschaft 27 (3) 61-74 (1978)

Chances and risks of maize culture
, Unknown (1974)

Chances are farming has damaged your hearing
, Hoard's dairyman 124(6): 424B (1979)

Chances for arable farming in Veen colonies
, Unknown (1990)

Chances for contract labor in full mechanization of forest work
, Unknown (1969)

Chances for growth of vegetable growing: improvement of market and contract prices absolutely necessary
, Agrarische Rundschau: 4 5 1-3 (1974)

Chances for more effective thistle control Cirsium arvense, root and tuber crops.1
, Nachrichtenblatt fur den Pflanzenschutz in der DDR5(8): 166-168 (1981)

Chances for precipitation in Kansas
, Unknown (1963)

Chances for production growth of beef and veal in European capitalistic countries and in Poland
, Unknown (1974)

Chances for success in setting up apiaries outside and inside populated areas?
, Biene 114 (4) 146-148 (1978)

Chances for the export of pigs and pork to Italy
, Unknown (1975)

Chances for the production of virus free plants Chrysanthemum
, Plant tissue culture 1982: proceedings 5th International Congress of Plant Tissue and Cell Culture held at Tokyo and Lake Yamanake Japan July 11-16-1982 edited by Akio Fujiwara: 806 (1982)

Chances of Yugoslavia in international trade with sheep products
, Stocarstvo 36(7-8): 267-278 (1982)

Chances of breeding for resistance against pests of cabbage
, Mitteilungen aus der Biologischen Bundesanstalt für Land und Forstwirtschaft Berlin Dahlem 218: 25-28 (1984)

Chances of developing a joint sugar and feed production system in the Olsztyn Province
, Nowe rolnictwo 31, 27(6): 16-17 (1978)

Chances of dry periods in Missouri
, Unknown (1958)

Chances of durum wheat marketing
, Unknown (1978)

Chances of genetical improvement in chemical composition of winter rape (Brassica napus) seeds
, Unknown (1970)

Chances of growth of improved production in livestock husbandry
, Forderungsdienst 21(9): 289-300 (1973)

Chances of improvement of oil crops and wild plants for the production of industrial oils and fats
, Agrarspectrum 4: 369-390 (1982)

Chances of increased dairy producers--possibilities and limitations
, Unknown (1970)

Chances of integrated control of hop-pests
, Zeitschrift fur angewandte Entomologie 65(4): 412-419 (1970)

Chances of intensive grassland management in Hungary
, Gazdalkodas 7(11): 21-27 (1983)

Chances of poisoning domestic animals and wild game by fertilizing pastures and forest with nitrogen
, Unknown (1970)

Chances of proving errors in the pedigree by means of blood grouping in pigs
, Unknown (1969)

Chances of quality production of agricultural products
, Unknown (1976)

Chances of reducing substance v
, Unknown (1970)

Chances of renal recovery for dialysis-dependent ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis
, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology: Jasn 18(7): 2189-2197 (2007)

Chances of revealing erroneous pedigrees and chances of dissimilar genotypes in pairs of fraternal twins. general formulae for N co-dominant allelomorphs
, Annales de medecine veterinaire 119(2): 71-80 (1975)

Chances of success of systematic treatment against gasterophilus larvae in horses
, Unknown (1973)

Chances of survival and growth of Enterococci in pasteurized meat products (a review)
, Unknown (1973)

Chances of the Austrian quality wine in the European Economic Community
, Unknown (1978)

Chances of the development of resistant pathogens on potato dressing and importance to the choice of the dressing method
, Archiv fur Phytopathologie und Pflanzenschutz 5(4): 255-264 (1979)

Chances to save fuels when drying forage in drum driers
, Zemedelska technika Ceskoslovenska akademie zemedelska Ustav vedeckotechnickych informaci pro zemedelstvi 30(1): 25-33 (1984)

Chancre mou
, Annales de Dermatologie et de Venereologie 133(8-9, Part 2): 2S31-2S32 (2006)

, Sexually Transmitted Infections 82(Suppl): Iv19-Iv20 (2006)

Chandigarh Institute gives a forward look to technical teachers training
, Unknown (1971)

Chandigarh workshop on Role of Industry and Trade in Rural Development organised by FICCI and PHD on 31st August, 1982 India
, Indian sugar 32(9): 595-596 (1982)

Chandler Bridge Formation--a new oligocene stratigraphic unit in the lower coastal plain of South Carolina Soil classification
, Geological Survey Bulletin: 529-H) H105-H124 (1982)

Chandler Mountain watershed, St. Clair County, Alabama
, Unknown (1988)

Chandonanthus birmensis Steph. and C. hirtellus (Web.) Mitt., additions to the liverwort flora of the northwestern Himalayas
, Lindbergia: a journal of bryology 4(2): 123-125 (1988)

Chandrasekharania: a new genus of Poaceae from Kerala, India
, Proceedings Plant sciences Indian Academy of Sciences 91(2): 79-82 (1982)

Chanel catfish broodfish management
, Unknown (2004)

Chang chien yu ping fang chih shou tse
, Unknown (1987)

Chang chien yu ping ti fang chih
, Unknown (1988)

Chang mao tu ssu yang fa
, Unknown (1985)

Chang mao tu yang chih chi shu
, Unknown (1986)

Chang of iron and tin content of canned mushrooms during storage
, Unknown (1976)

Chang shu lu mao gui
, Unknown (2000)

Chang tzu sung
, Unknown (1987)

Chang tzu sung chung shih hai chung yen chiu
, Unknown (1990)

Chang yong Zhong yao zhong zhi ji shu
, Unknown (1993)

Chang yong hua hui tu pu
, Unknown (1998)

Chang-chou narcissus
, Unknown (1991)

Chang-pai Shan chen kuei yao yung chih wu kao shan hung ching tien
, Unknown (1987)

Changability of heliomycin of Actinomyces variabilis produced under laboratory conditions
, Unknown (1974)

Change after heading in lodging resistance and physical characteristics of the basal culm of direct seeded rice in a flooded paddy field
, Japanese Journal of Crop Science 76(4): 529-539 (2007)

Change agent contact and the adoption of improved agricultural practices
, Unknown (1971)

Change and accomodation of environmental issues in drainage projects, a missing documentation
, American Society of Agricultural Engineers Microfiche collection: (fiche no 88-2605) (1988)

Change and achievements in the control of animal diseases
, Unknown (1979)

Change and asset management in Thames Water: building the (im)perfect beast
, Water Asset Management International 3(1): 8-11 (2007)

Change and challenge of the 1980s
, Rangelands 1(4): 158-160 (1979)

Change and challenges in the USDA Forest Service
, Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference: (64th) (1999)

Change and conflict in land and water use: resource valuation in conflict resolution among competing users
, Journal of agricultural and applied economics 33(2): 297-314 (2001)

Change and continuity in the banana economy
, Unknown (1988)

Change and continuity in village irrigation systems
, Unknown (1986)

Change and dynamics in the forest function
, Allgemeine Forstzeitung 88(10): 263-264 (1977)

Change and employment
, Yearbook of agriculture: 85-389 (1960)

Change and firm valuation in U.S. food retailing and manufacturing
, Journal of food distribution research 35(2): 14-25 (2004)

Change and growth in the soymilk industry
, Food uses of whole oil and protein seeds edited by Edmund W Lusas David R Erickson Wai Kit Nip: 0 (1989)

Change and indigenous agroforestry in East Kalimantan
, Whose trees?: proprietary dimensions of forestry edited by Louise Fortmann and John W Bruce: 309 (1988)

Change and innovation in Norfolk farming
, Unknown (1980)

Change and mechanization in agriculture in Japan
, Bunting A H Change In Agriculture: 85-596 (1970)

Change and opportunity in horticultural products
, Food resources of Australia: proceedings of the Fourth Invitation Symposium edited by J T Woodcock: 181 (1980)

Change and opportunity in the Southeast
, Agricultural education magazine 60(2): 18-19 (1987)

Change and opportunity--edible oils
, Food resources of Australia: proceedings of the Fourth Invitation Symposium edited by J T Woodcock: 223 (1980)

Change and opportunity--meat and meat products
, Food resources of Australia: proceedings of the Fourth Invitation Symposium edited by J T Woodcock: 168 (1980)

Change and persistence in poverty rates
, Community economic vitality: major trends and selected issues by Gene F Summers with the collaboration of F Horton et al: 8 (1988)

Change and persistence in rural areas
, Unknown (1978)

Change and persistence in some marine communities
, Symposium of the British Ecological Society 6(26): 339-352 (1987)

Change and progress in contemporary mortgage markets
, Unknown (1984)

Change and progress in the sawmilling industry
, Forest and timber 10(2): 9-10 (1974)

Change and stability in landings: the responses of fisheries to scientific advice and TACs
, ICES Journal of Marine Science 64(4): 714-717 (2007)

Change and stability in the life of a plant breeder
, Unknown (1988)

Change and structure of househo
, Unknown (1971)

Change and the agricultural communicator: electronic dissemination of extension information
, Journal of applied communications 8(1): 1-10 (1994)

Change comes to Italys grocery sector
, AgExporter 11(9): 8-10 (1999)

Change comes to the Pacific Basin
, Extension review United States Department of Agriculture 57(3): 36-37 (1986)

Change continues at the VLA
, Veterinary record: journal of the British Veterinary Association 6, 143(13): 345 (1998)

Change detection analysis (1986-2002) of vegetation cover in Romania: A study of alpine, subalpine, and forest landscapes in the Lezer mountains, Southern Carpathians
, Mountain Research and Development 27(3): 250-258 (2007)

Change detection and identification using remotely sensed data
, In place resource inventories: principles and practices: proceedings workshop August 9-14-1981 Univ of Maine Orono spon American Society of Photogrammetryet al ed TB Brann LO House IV HG Lund: 254 (1982)

Change detection for resource inventories using digital remote sensing data
, In place resource inventories: principles and practices: proceedings workshop August 9-14-1981 Univ of Maine Orono spon American Society of Photogrammetryet al ed TB Brann LO House IV HG Lund: 283 (1982)

Change detection of forest cover using satellite radar data
, Protecting natural resources with remote sensing: the Third Forest Service Remote Sensing Applications Conference held at the University of Arizona and the Doubletree Inn Tucson Arizona April 9-13-1990: 355 (1990)

Change detection of wetland ecosystems using Landsat imagery and change vector analysis
, Wetlands 27(3): 610-619 (2007)

Change detection with remote sensing
, Unknown (2001)

Change dynamics of different sulfur fractions in soil in relation to its resorption by plants during vegetative period of spring barley
, Acta fytotechnica 7(37): 139-149 (1981)

Change from an agricultural profession in North Brabant
, Bedrijfsontwikkeling 4 (12) 1071-1073 (1973)

Change from milk to solid feed
, Unknown (1978)

Change from sheep to cattle promotes conifer spread
, Review Tussock Grassland and Mountain Lands Institute: (45) 26-28 (1988)

Change from soft to solid fertilizer
, Unknown (1980)

Change graduate training now!
, FASEB Journal 20(11): 1761 (2006)

Change impacts Ontarios small rural service centers: implications for planning
, Small town 18(6): 4-9 (1988)

Change in 13S-globulin of buckwheat seeds during germination
, Unknown (1971)

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Change in Danish butter consistency
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Change in EPR spectra of wheat and barley leaves during long-term treatment of seed farms with the herbicide 2,4-D
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Change in food security status and change in weight are not associated in urban women with preschool children
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Change in Irish agricultural production
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Change in Pinetum carpinoso-quer
, Unknown (1975)

Change in TNF-alpha receptor expression is a relevant event in doxorubicin-induced H9c2 cardiomyocyte cell death
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Change in U.S. livestock production, 1969-92
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Change in abundance and species composition of neritic pelagic fish stocks in connection with larval mortality caused by cannibalism and predatory loss by carnivorous plankton
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Change in acid composition of pine wood resins and lipids under the influence of various temperatures
, Khimiia drevesiny: (4) 86-92 (1979)

Change in acid composition of resins and lipids of pinewood exposed to various temperature
, Unknown (1980)

Change in acidity of soil and live soil covering according t o the age of the Pinus stands
, Lesovedenie i lesnoe khoziaistvo: 16-21 (1973)

Change in activity and multiplicity of molecular forms of amylases in rice grains during loss of viability
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Change in activity of calcium ions of soddy-podzolic and Gray Forest soils of the Ukraine relative to liming and fertilizer application
, Agrokhimiia 5 57-60 (1975)

Change in activity of certain ox
, Unknown (1975)

Change in activity of cytochrome oxidase with varying supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to rice
, Agrokhimiia 12 80-85 (1973)

Change in activity of cytochromo
, Unknown (1970)

Change in activity of enzymes of mitochondria of plants differing according to resistance to 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
, Unknown (1975)

Change in activity of glyoxylate cycle enzymes in yeasts during hydrocarbon nutrition
, Applied biochemistry and microbiology: (Transl 1976), 11 (2) 139-142 (1975)

Change in activity of isoferments of malate and alcohol dehydrogenases in maize seeds of varied germinating power
, Uzbekskii biologicheskii zhurnal: 12-14 (1974)

Change in activity of muscles specific enzyme in serum in relation to to intramuscular administration of drugs in dogs
, Unknown (1978)

Change in activity of peroxi
, Unknown (1972)

Change in activity of peroxidase and isoperoxidases with plant ageing
, Unknown (1976)

Change in activity of severa
, Unknown (1970)

Change in activity of transketolase and transaldolase in the developing brain
, Biologieiia 76-80 (1973)

Change in adult phenotypic structure and winter mortality rate in a ground beetle population exposed to recreational stress
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Change in aggregation status of saline soils after their reclamation by different methods
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Change in agrarian society
, Unknown (1987)

Change in agricultural values 1982
, Unknown (1999)

Change in agriculture, 1968-74
, Policy and Practice in Rural Development: Proceedings of The International Seminar on Change in Agriculture: eedings of The International Seminar on Change in Agriculture, (Pub 1976), 2d 30-41 (1976)

Change in agrochemical prope
, Unknown (1971)

Change in agrochemical propertie
, Unknown (1975)

Change in agrochemical properties of low-lying peat bog soils under the influence of fertilizers
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Change in agrochemical properties of red soil in relation to dosage of nitrogen fertilizers on an orange crop
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Change in agrochemical properties of soddy-podzolic soil and fractional composition of phoshates after the application of lime and slag
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Change in agrochemical properties of soils affected by erosion, as exemplified by the Donbass region
, Unknown (1973)

Change in agronomic properties of the soil as affected by its tillage
, Unknown (1974)

Change in air temperature in preplanting and planting periods in peat soils of the western Polesye of the Ukraine
, Unknown (1972)

Change in alcoholic beverage prices and legal drinking ages. Effects on youth alcohol use and motor vehicle mortality
, Alcohol health and research world National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism 12(1): 22-25 (1987)

Change in ambulatory ability of adolescents and young adults with cerebral palsy
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Change in amino acid composition during the freezing and storage of sweet peppers
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Change in amount of carbohydrates in the leaves of different lemon varieties in relation to mal secco infection
, Subtropicheskie kul'tury: 43-44 (1973)

Change in amount of certain vitamins in various organs of the cotton plant during the incubation period of Fusarium wilt
, Unknown (1972)

Change in amount of cyanides in wines relative to treatment with potassium ferrocyanide
, Sadovodstvo vinogradarstvo i vinodelie Moldavii: 7 35-36 (1975)

Change in amount of easily attainable phosphorus and potassium in Gray podzolized soil in relation to the deepening andcultivation of the plowed layer in crop rotation
, Agrokhimiia 5 34-38 (1975)

Change in amount of lactose in milk serum during biosynthesis of pectolytic enzymes and beta-galactosidase by fungi Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Aspergillus awamori, strain 16
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Change in amount of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds in the ontogeny of Bunias orientalis L
, Biulleten' 4 72-76 (1974)

Change in amount of nitrogen oco
, Unknown (1972)

Change in amount of protein and carbohydrates in oat plants in relation to form and level of nitrogen nutrition
, Unknown (1974)

Change in amount of proteins in pea leaves varying in resistance to powdery mildew in varieties infected by Erysiphe communis Grev. f. pisi Dietrich--histochemical studies
, Unknown (1973)

Change in amount of the forest litter
, Lesnoe khoziaistvo: 10 30-31 (1976)

Change in amount of total protein and protein fractions of blood serum in healthy baby pigs treated with Kanamycin
, Unknown (1972)

Change in amounts of nucleic acids
, Unknown (1974)

Change in an agricultural village in India
, Unknown (1978)

Change in anatomic structure of Salix trunk in relation to the formation of adventitious roots
, Trudy 8 102-109 (1972)

Change in angle of rest of grapes in relation to static load
, Unknown (1972)

Change in anthocyanin content in plants due to air pollution by sulfur dioxide in the area of the Polotsk Oil Refinery
, Introduktsiia i Selektsiia Rastenii: 40-244 (1972)

Change in antioxidant activity of spices-turmeric and ginger on heat treatment
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Change in apples of varied origin during ripening, and their suitability for processing
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Change in area and ownership of private timberland in western Oregon between 1961-62 and 1973-76 Includes nonforest land use
, USDA Forest Service resource bulletin PNW United States Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station: 81 (92) (1981)

Change in ascorbic acid content o
, Unknown (1972)

Change in ash content of needles of Larix sibirica of different geographical provenance during growth
, Unknown (1972)

Change in ash residue in slops concentrates
, Hydrolysis and wood chemistry USSR: ) 55-56 (1983)

Change in autism symptoms and maladaptive behaviors in adolescents and adults with an autism spectrum disorder
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Change in available lysine loss reaction rate in fish flour due to an aw change induced by a temperature shift
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Change in average annual soil erosion by water on cultivated cropland, 1982-1992
, Unknown (1994)

Change in average annual soil erosion by wind and water on cultivated cropland, 1982-1992
, Unknown (1994)

Change in avifaunal diversity due to the management of community forestry
, Tigerpaper 34(3): 22-27 (2007)

Change in bacterial flora and c
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Change in banking structure in Ohio: impact on agriculturalcredit
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Change in barley grain lipids during ripening
, Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii pishchevaia tekhnologiia: ) 14-16 (1979)

Change in behavior and attitude toward fallow
, Unknown (1972)

Change in biochemical activity of the producer of tetracyclines in relation to the cmount of starch in the nutrient medium
, Mikroorganizmy Produtsenty Biologicheski Aktivnykh Veshchestv: 86-192 (1973)

Change in biochemical compos
, Unknown (1973)

Change in biochemical indicators of Pinus sylvestris needles infected by phytopathogenic fungi
, Biologicheskie nauki: Nauchnye doklady vysshei shkoly: ) 84-88 (1986)

Change in biochemical indice
, Unknown (1972)

Change in biochemical indices of potato tuber quality caused by consequent application of fertilizers and herbicides
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Change in biochemical indices of potatoes and spring barley in the western forest-steppe region of the Ukraine in relation to fertilizers applied
, Unknown (1972)

Change in biochemical processes in shallow peaty soils during their development
, Novye protsessy i produkty pererabotki torfa redaktsiannaia kollegiia: II Lishtvan otv redaktor i dr: 121 (1982)

Change in biochemical processes in soils polluted by petroleum and the activation of petroleum decomposition
, Agrokhimiia (10) 102-111 (1981)

Change in biological activities o
, Vestsi Akademii navuk BSSR = Izvestiia Akademii nauk BSSR Seriia sel'skokhoziaistvennykh navuk: ) 21-25 (1981)

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Change in biological activity of soddy-podzolic soils with different levels of fertility as affected by increasing levels of inorganic nitrogen
, Agrokhimiia (7) 85-92 (1980)

Change in biological activity of soil in relation to different methods of terracing sloping land
, Unknown (1972)

Change in biological activity of soil treated systematically with herbicides for many years
, Unknown (1975)

Change in biological processes in relation to the restoration of fertility of water eroded yellow soils by the application of inorganic fertilizers and green manure
, Subtropicheskie kul'tury: ) 139-145 (1980)

Change in biological properties
, Pochvoznanie i agrokhimiia = Soil Science and agrochemistry 5(2): 94-100 (1980)

Change in biological properties of injured muscles in livestock
, Unknown (1973)

Change in biomass of Juniperus species of Tien-Shan and -Alai as a function of ecological conditions
, Unknown (1974)

Change in brain microsomal proteins during chicken ontogeny
, Journal of evolutionary biochemistry and physiology (pub 1983) 18(6): 386-390 (1983)

Change in buffering capacity and organic acid content of juices during diffusion of sugarcane bagasse in the D. d. S. process
, Unknown (1972)

Change in carbohydrate composition of certain plants growing during the mesothermic season
, Uzbekskii biologicheskii zhurnal: 38-40 (1973)

Change in carbohydrate metabolism in new varieties of cotton under treatment by various dosages of Cotoran
, Doklady Akademii nauk UzSSR: 48-49 (1974)

Change in carbohydrate-amylase complex of wheat flour during storage
, Unknown (1972)

Change in carbonyl compounds in salted Siberian vendace
, Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Pishchevaia tekhnologiia: 36-39 (1975)

Change in carcass composition due to various levels of protein nutrition in Latvian White swine and Landrace swine
, Unknown (1971)

Change in carotene concentration and its isomer composition during the growing period of carrots and during storage
, Unknown (1971)

Change in carrot root cell cytop
, Unknown (1974)

Change in catch with different c
, Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Scientific Fisheries 4(4): 895-902 (1982)

Change in cell membrane permeability of Ehrlich mouse ascites tumor cells using a cytotoxin from Pseudomonas aeruginosa
, Unknown (1985)

Change in cell membrane permeability under the action of an ultrasonic surgical instrument
, Soviet agricultural sciences: ) 46-48 (1980)

Change in cell wall components of carrot cells in suspension culture during growth Daucus carota
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Change in cellular distribution
, Scientific reports: 26 67-73 (1974)

Change in cellulase activity of
, Unknown (1974)

Change in certain anatomic and
, Unknown (1974)

Change in certain biochemica
, Unknown (1972)

Change in certain biochemical indices in female dogs after r emoval of the function of the gonads under alpine conditions
, Doklady 6 (7) 71-74 (1973)

Change in certain characteristics of Sierozem soils as affected by rice culture
, Unknown (1972)

Change in certain indices in fermentation of apple juice
, Unknown (1974)

Change in certain model compounds of the structural link of lignin when heated in alkaline media
, Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Lesnoi zhurnal: 100-105 (1974)

Change in certain properties of Solonetz soils during their desalination in connection with development of the microrelief
, Moscow University Soil Science Bulletin 8(1): 66-68 (1982)

Change in chemical composition
, Nihon Sakumotsu Gakkai kiji Japanese journal of crop science 47(4): 475-482 (1978)

Change in chemical composition o
, Unknown (1972)

Change in chemical composition of fibre in the process of flax plant ripening
, Unknown (1973)

Change in chemical composition of plants under effect of mineral nutrition
, Unknown (1974)

Change in chemical composition of sardines during technological processing
, Kongres o proizvodnji ljudske hrane u Jugoslaviji: st (9) 135-142 (1975)

Change in chemical composition of substrate disinfected with formalin
, Unknown (1973)

Change in chemical composition of substrate in hydroponic vegetable culture
, Unknown (1971)

Change in chemical composition of the grain of Bezostaia 1 winter wheat variety as affected by the fertilizer base
, Unknown (1972)

Change in chemical composition of the grain of wheat interspecific hybrids as a result of X-ray irradiation
, Eksperimental'nyi mutagenez: ) 141-148 (1978)

Change in chemical composition of the humus in typical Sierozems in relation to the time elapsed since irrigating
, Unknown (1971)

Change in chemical composition of triacylglycerols of Rhodotorula gracilis as a function of specific growth rate
, Chemistry of natural compounds 24(2): 146-150 (1988)

Change in chemical composition of trunk tissues in Larix sibirica during vegetation
, Unknown (1977)

Change in chemical properties of soils on varve clays under the influence of gleyization of the terraces of the Volkhov River, USSR
, Moscow University Soil Science Bulletin 7(1): 44-47 (1982)

Change in chicken meat quality as a result of freezing and storage
, Povyshenie kachestva produktov ptitsevodstva Vsesoiuznaia ordena Lenina i ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Znameni akademiia sel'skokhoziaistvennykh nauk imeni VI Lenina redaktsionnaia kollegiia: AI Smetnev i dr: 5 (1983)

Change in chlorophyll and its properties in the leaves of rooting kidney bean cuttings, grown from gamma-irradiated seeds
, Radiobiology ansl 1974, 13 (4) 195-198 (1973)

Change in chlorophyll content in t
, Vestsi Akademii navuk BSSR Seryia biialagichnykh navuk = Izvestiia Akademii nauk BSSR Seriia biologicheskikh nauk: ) 53-56 (1981)

Change in chloroplast volume with the use of membrane-active chemicals
, Unknown (1971)

Change in cholinesterase levels and self-reported symptoms over two years
, Journal of agromedicine(1-2): 151-156 (1997)

Change in chracteristics of annual litter fall in Populus stands in relation to the application of mineral fertilizers
, Lesovodstvo i agrolesomelioratsiia: 6 124-131 (1974)

Change in chromatin elements at early ontogenesis of barley (Hordeum vulgare) Genome studies.1
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Change in chromosome composition of populations of tetraploid sugar beets in the process of vegetation
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Change in chromosome length related to polyteny in the chironomid salivary glands
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Change in cinnamic aldehyde in beer wort fermentation by Saccharomyces carlsbergensis strain 11
, Applied biochemistry and microbiology: Transl 1973, 7 (3) 262-264 (1971)

Change in coffee seed price
, Kenya coffee: 42 (499) 341-348 (1977)

Change in collagenase activity of lysosomes during autolysis of intramuscular connective tissue
, Applied biochemistry and microbiology: (Trans 1977), 12 (4) 461-463 (1976)

Change in colloid substances and viscosity of juice in ripening and long-term storage of grapes
, Unknown (1972)

Change in colonies of lactic streptococcus cultures
, Unknown (1977)

Change in color of whale meat when stored
, Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Pishchevaia tekhnologiia: 145-146 (1975)

Change in coloration of mazzard cherries during freezing, storage and defrosting
, Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Pishchevaia tekhnologiia: 172-174 (1975)

Change in coloration of rose wine ingredients in the processing of white Port wine
, Unknown (1973)

Change in coloration of wheat grain affected by Alternaria fungi nin northern Kazakhstan
, Vliianie Mikroorganizmov i Protravitelei na Semena: 1-43 (1972)

Change in coloring substances relative to growth and ripening of plums
, Unknown (1973)

Change in colour of dried sheet
, Unknown (1972)

Change in combining ability of corn lines during the periodic selection process
, Problemy Eksperimental'noi Genetiki: 28-131 (1972)

Change in communities of soil microorganisms as affected by industrial pollutants
, Introduktsiia i akklimatizatsiia rastenii: ) 77-81 (1985)

Change in complementation patterns and enzyme activity of pyrimidine-3 mutants of Neurospora crassa by induced reversion
, Mutation Research 12(1): 57-64 (1971)

Change in composition and number of oribatid mites in cotton field soils of southern Tajikistan under the influence of toxic chemicals
, Unknown (1972)

Change in composition and unsaturation of neutral fraction of lipids during development of the fungus Aspergillus oryzae
, Microbiology 57(1): 46-49 (1988)

Change in composition of fatty acids and triglycerides in ripening seeds of Tashkent-3 cotton variety
, Uzbekskii biologicheskii zhurnal: 16-18 (1973)

Change in composition of fatty acids in bodies of broiler chicks fed fats of different composition
, Unknown (1975)

Change in composition of free amino acids in the nuclei of sesame seed with searing in the quasi liquid layer
, Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Pishchevaia tekhnologiia: 62-67 (1975)

Change in composition of humus in bog-Podzolic sandy and slightly loamy soil over two rotations of an eight-field flax rotation system
, Agrokhimiia 3 59-62 (1974)

Change in composition of milk and blood of cows relative to sexual function
, Unknown (1972)

Change in composition of nitrogen substances in wheat for different levels of root and non-root feedings by nitrogenous fertilizers
, ACTES = proceedings Montpellier 2-8 Sept 1984: -1035 (1984)

Change in composition of nitrogenous substances in fish muscles during storage in the fozen state and the ensuing heat treatment
, Unknown (1976)

Change in composition of steroids in the process of Indian mustard ripening
, Unknown (1973)

Change in composition of volatile nitrogen-containing bases during lengthy storage of autolysate of bakers yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
, Applied biochemistry and microbiology 23(1): 84-89 (1987)

Change in composititon of phosphates in soil and plants relative to the dynamics of activity of the calcium and hydrogen of the soil
, Agrokhimiia 10 55-59 (1972)

Change in concentration of the gamma-isomer of hexachlorocyclohexane in a mineral-oil emulsion for the bathing of sheep. (Report 2)
, Nauchnye trudy Stavropol'skii sel'skokhoziaistvennyi institut 7(5): 45-47 (1974)

Change in content and qualit
, Unknown (1971)

Change in content of RNA, DNA an
, Unknown (1971)

Change in content of adenylosuccinate synthetase isozymes during liver regeneration in rats
, Biochimica et biophysica acta 541(1): 135-138 (1978)

Change in content of alcohol-soluble sugars in the organs of cotton according to the Sh-8 concentration and the nitroge n-phosphorus feeding level
, Unknown (1974)

Change in content of carbonyl compounds in bread during storage
, Applied biochemistry and microbiology: Transl 1973, 7 (3) 275-278 (1971)

Change in content of easily hydrolysed carbohydrates in neutral sulphite hemicellulose of high yield during pulping
, Unknown (1974)

Change in content of endogenic regulators of the growth of grape shoots
, Unknown (1974)

Change in content of fatty acids in fat composition of Meri ones tamariscinus Pall in dependence on season and presence of vitamin E in ration
, Ukrains'kyi biokhimichnyi zhurnal 46(2): 202-205 (1974)

Change in content of free amino acids in the blood serum of chickens with experimental coccidosis from Eimeria tenella
, Unknown (1973)

Change in content of glutath
, Unknown (1975)

Change in content of glycoalkaloid
, Unknown (1971)

Change in content of lipids and water in the body of caterpi llars of Malacosoma neustrium in relation to poisoning by s evin, N-hydroxynaphthalimide diethyl phosphate and phosalon e
, Zapiski 12 42-43 (1973)

Change in content of nitrate nitrogen in common Chernozem under the action of mineral fertilizers and pesticides
, Unknown (1973)

Change in content of nitrogen compounds in leaves in the ontogeny of broadbeans
, Unknown (1972)

Change in content of nucleic acids in heterosis wheat hybrids
, Unknown (1973)

Change in content of phosphorus
, Unknown (1975)

Change in content of soluble carbohydrates in leaves and fru it of watermelon plants under effect of elevated air tempera tures
, Unknown (1974)

Change in content of some nitrogen fractions in cotton roots in reltion to the form of nitrogen nutrition
, Uzbekskii biologicheskii zhurnal: 20-22 (1973)

Change in content of specific and non-specific immunoglobulins (M and G) in blood serum of heifers vaccinated with strain 19 Brucella abortus and experimentally infected with virulent strain 54 of Brucella abortus
, Immunitet Sel'skhokhoziaistvennykh Zhivotnykh: 66-171 (1973)

Change in content of specific and nonspecific immunoglobulins and in blood serum of heifers vaccinated with Brucella abortus strain 19 and experimentally infected with virulent Br. abortus 54
, Unknown (1985)

Change in contents of carotene and vitamin C in leaves of the Zafir-Tut variety of Morus and their relationship to Bombyx mori
, Unknown (1971)

Change in contents of glucose, fructose, sucrose, fructosan and degree of polymerisation of fructosan molecules in leaf blades and stems of some varieties of orchard grass during growth
, Unknown (1973)

Change in cost and compositon of feed for pigs
, Farm and Food Research 3(6): 128-129 (1972)

Change in cotton wilt resistance with tearing off of fruit elements
, Uzbekskii biologicheskii zhurnal: 63-64 (1973)

Change in cropping pattern to new technologies: contribution of HYV Boro--some controversies
, ADAB news 10(4): 43-45 (1983)

Change in current growth increment in spruce forests with varying degrees of thinning
, Unknown (1973)

Change in cyanide content in wines processed with potassium ferrocyanide
, Sadovodstvo vinogradarstvo i vinodelie Moldavii: 7 35-36 (1975)

Change in cyclic nucleotide content of animal tissues under influence of magnesium perchlorate
, Soviet agricultural sciences: 1) 37-40 (1986)

Change in cytochromes in wine yeasts in relation to autolysis
, Unknown (1973)

Change in dairy education at the Norwegian Agricultural University?
, Meieriposten 68(13-14): 405 (1979)

Change in data- and information processing of land-consolidation
, Zeitschrift fur Kulturtechnik und Flurbereinigung = Journal of rural engineering and development 25(5): 265-271 (1984)

Change in decision making ability of women beneficiaries of Meghna-Dhonagoda Irrigation Project
, International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Technology 1(5): 62-68 (2005)

Change in degree of polarization of fluorescence of chlorophyll during the growth cycle of a synchronous Chlorella culture
, Biophysics ub 1981) 25(4): 752-753 (1981)

Change in degree of polymerization of wood pulp with cellulase hydrolysis
, Unknown (1969)

Change in density and humidity of soil of the roadbeds
, Unknown (1970)

Change in density and plasticity of wood under the influence of ammonia
, Modification of Wood: ransl 1976) 86-94 (1967)

Change in dielectric constant o
, Unknown (1975)

Change in dietary habits under the influence of industrialization
, Ernahrungs Umschau 22(4): 102-104 (1975)

Change in dimension and trends in the Hungarian horse husbandry during the next years
, Allattenyesztes 21 (3) 221-233 (1972)

Change in dispersibility of milk fat globules under the influence of low-frequency mechanical vibrations
, Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Pishchevaia tekhnologiia: 48-51 (1973)

Change in drawdown caused by enlarging a well in a dolomite aquifer
, Ground water 14(4): 191-193 (1976)

Change in dynamics of aminotrans
, Unknown (1970)

Change in elastin of intramuscular connective tissue during proteolysis of meat
, Unknown (1968)

Change in electrical conductivity of wood when heat treated
, Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Lesnoi zhurnal: 93-97 (1975)

Change in electrical impedance of pistillate filament of corn after pollination
, Biofizicheskie Issledovaniia pri Selektsii Rastenii nageterozis: 24-126 (1973)

Change in electrokinetic properties of soda Solonetz soils as affecte by gypsum application
, Doklady TSKhA Timiriazevskaia sel'skokhoziaistvennaia akademiia: 63) 90-94 (1980)

Change in electrophoresis patterns of liquid egg white due to heat
, Poultry Science 53(5): 1866-1869 (1974)

Change in electrophoretic pattern of ribonuclease during dormancy and growth of bird cherry buds
, Physiologia Plantarum 1977(4): 280-284 (1977)

Change in endocrine function of ovaries in silver foxes in the process of domestication
, Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR 238(3): 758-760 (1978)

Change in enzymatic activity of
, Unknown (1975)

Change in enzyme activities during drying and curing of malt
, Unknown (1977)

Change in enzyme activity of adipose tissue of body and mammary gland of cows under influence of hormonal factors
, Soviet agricultural sciences: ) 34-37 (1989)

Change in erosion resistance of light-Chestnut soils of the Yergeni hills after preliminary wetting and freezing
, Unknown (1969)

Change in essential oil content and composition of common fennel depending on the vegetation phases
, Biulleten' Gosudarstvennyi Nikitskii botanicheskii sad: 2) 90-93 (1983)

Change in ether-soluble fraction of pre-hydrolyzate in electrochemical reduction
, Khimiia drevesiny: (1) 58-63 (1978)

Change in extended family living among elderly people in South Korea, 1970-1980
, Economic development and cultural change 41(2): 377-393 (1993)

Change in external and internal
, Unknown (1973)

Change in extractability of musc
, Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Scientific Fisheries 49(5): 745-749 (1983)

Change in fatty acid composition
, Khranitelna promishlenost 7(7): 12-14 (1978)

Change in fatty acid composition of lipids in the sprouts of cotton varieties differing in resistance to wilt
, Doklady Akademii nauk UzSSR: 61-63 (1973)

Change in fatty acids composition during water stress in cotton plants. Relation with drought resistance induced by far red light
, Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenphysiologie = International journal of plant physiology 14(3): 239-245 (1984)

Change in feed intake of early weaned piglets in response to different vitamin B6 supply
, Unknown (1976)

Change in feed value of green mass of lupine in relation to its phase of growth
, Unknown (1969)

Change in fermentation activity of Kazakh and Vietnamese non-hulled rice grains in storage
, Unknown (1971)

Change in fertility and productivity of peaty soils depending on the system of their use
, Agrokhimiia (7) 59-65 (1984)

Change in fertility of the thick
, Unknown (1974)

Change in fibre structure of fibre flax Tomsky 10 under the effect of trace elements
, Unknown (1974)

Change in field turbidity and trace element concentrations during well purging
, Ground water 38(4): 577-588 (2000)

Change in flavor substances in the processing of champagne
, Unknown (1974)

Change in flour indices in relation to conditions of grading intermediate products
, Unknown (1971)

Change in fluorescent spectra of blue green alga Synechocystis aquatilis as a result of heat and acid shock
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Change in food habits in relation to food production pattern in India
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Change in food production technology as exemplified by fruit and vegetable processing using a special pecinase preparation
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Change in food value of quickly frozen dried meat products
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Change in forest appraisal indices for pine stands of equal height
, Unknown (1970)

Change in forest cover percent in the Upper Ussuri River area from the middle of the 19th century RSFSR-in-Asia.1
, Biogeotsenologicheskie issledovaniia v lesakh iuzhnogo Sikhote Alinia redkollegiia: VA Glagolev i dr: 0 (1982)

Change in fractional composition of carp-bream lipids in different stages of ontogenesis
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Change in fractional composition of proteins of winter wheat grains when applying fertilizers in crop rotation
, Agrokhimiia 9 20-23 (1971)

Change in fractional composition of soluble proteins in winter wheat varieties differing by winterhardiness during overwintering
, Unknown (1972)

Change in free amino acids and glycoalkaloids in Solanum laciniatum with varying water supply
, Unknown (1971)

Change in free amino acids cont
, Unknown (1973)

Change in free amino acids in leaves of different varieties of lemons in relation to infectious drying up of lemons (mal secco disease)
, Subtropicheskie kul'tury: 78-81 (1972)

Change in free nucleotides of beef during maturation
, Unknown (1968)

Change in frequency of chromosome aberrations in irradiated plants due to gibberellin
, Unknown (1969)

Change in fresh-market tomato production methods
, Vegetable growers news 34(4): 3 (1979)

Change in frost resistance, photosynthesis and respiration of alfalfa as affected by cycocel
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Change in functional activity of
, Vestsi Akademii navuk BSSR = Izvestiia Akademii nauk BSSR Seriia sel'skokhoziaistvennykh navuk: ) 77-80 (1982)

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Change in gas volume during puffing of a lit cigarette
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Change in genetic variability in inter- and intra-populations of salmonoids from the same genetic pool
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Change in germination and microflora of vegetable seeds during storage
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Change in goals of land organization policy--consequences for the rural area
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Change in government agricultural regulations concerning duty to report diseases (K21)
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Change in grain quality of winter wheat grains in relation to bog-podzolic soil properties and cultural methods
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Change in grass cover under the
, Unknown (1971)

Change in group composition of humus in Krasnozem and subtropical Podzol soils in relation to their cultivation
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Change in group composition of phosphates of Chestnut soilsin the Karabakh Steppe according to the degree of cultivation
, Unknown (1975)

Change in group composition of phosphates of meadow Serozism soil in Kirgizia under long-term application of fartilizers
, Agrokhimiia 11 42-46 (1975 )

Change in group composition of phosphates of residual peat soils with planting of various crops and application of fertilizers
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Change in heading time associat
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Change in isoenzymes of o diphenoloxidase of tea plant in vitro
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Change in labor productivity at s
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Change in land function
, Unknown (1974)

Change in land function, a matter of agricultural existence
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Change in land use in the Phoenix (1:250.000) Quadrangle, Arizona between 1970 and 1972: successful use of a proposed land use classification system
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Change in leaf area of Roegneria fibrosa (Schrenk) Nevski on shoots of various types and arrangements
, Unknown (1974)

Change in leaf pigments during autumn colouration
, Unknown (1977)

Change in leaf tissue active acidity in millet and cucumber plants under influence of low temperature
, Soviet agricultural sciences: ) 13-15 (1986)

Change in legislation about economic responsibility
, Ekonomika sel'skogo khoziaistva: 8 53-55 (1977)

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Change in macrophytic flora of Lake Takkobu, Kushiro, Japan, in past 30 years
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Change in main bacterial groups in Manila clam (Ruditapes philippinarum) culture system in winter
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Change in medical law provisions with respect to medicine used for animals
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Change in microclimate and yield capacity of farm crops protected by shelterbelts in the Kansk forest-steppe
, Unknown (1973)

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Change in microflora of unmalted
, Unknown (1973)

Change in microstructure and composition of argillaceous minerals in profiles of bog-podzolic soils
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Change in microstructure of mammary gland in relation to level of milk productivity in cows
, Unknown (1971)

Change in microstructure of sward podzolic soils after prolonged application of fertilizers
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Change in milk production on dairy farms in representative farm groups
, Unknown (1969)

Change in milk productivity and liveweight of cows of imported breeds in generations
, Visnyk sil's'kohospodars'koi nauky: (8) 40-43 (1983)

Change in milk yields and fat content in milk obtained in milking cows by hand
, Unknown (1971)

Change in mineral composition of unground buckwheat when treated hydrothermically
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Change in mitochondrial activit
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Change in molecular weight and density of hemicellulose and gum substances in the production of rye malt
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Change in morpholobical and bioc
, Unknown (1973)

Change in morphology of Hypoaspis cuneifer (Michael)--male (Acarina; Parasitiformes)
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Change in natural and managed ecosystems: detection, measurement and assessment
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Change in natural populations of ants Formica rufa group (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in the Black Forest during three years
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Change in neighborhoods and cliques among farm operators in two Missouri communities
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Change in nitrogen concentration
, Visnyk sil's'kohospodars'koi nauki: 7 81-84 (1975)

Change in nitrogen content in developed peat bog soils of the northwestern zone
, Unknown (1971)

Change in nitrogen content in pere
, Unknown (1974)

Change in nitrogen content in the vegetative organs during sunflower ontogenesis
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Change in nitrogen metabolism in
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Change in nonmetropolitan industrial employment
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Change in numerical strength of the bee colony. IV. Interplay of laying activity of the queen and the emergence rate and longevity of workers (Apis mellifera L.)
, Unknown (1976)

Change in numerical strength of the bee colony. IV. Interplay of the laying activity of the queen and the emergence rate and longevity of the workers (Apis mellifera L.)
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Change in olive color according to the fermentation process. II. Gordal variety
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Change in olive color according to the fermentation process. III. Manzanilla variety
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Change in organic phosphate content during prolonged application of fertilizers
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Change in organic substances in virgin and cultivated alpine brown and carbonate soils relative to their degree of erodability
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Change in organizations
, Unknown (1997)

Change in our drinking habits. Different roles of nonalcoholic soft drinks. Pay attention to the energy content
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, Unknown (1977)

Change in peroxidase activity of leaves of wheat under the influence of Puccinia gramminis infection in varieties differing in resistance
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Change in petunia varieties
, Unknown (1972)

Change in phage sensitivity of transformants of rhizobium meliloti
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Change in phenolic substances du
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Change in phosphate level of soils in the Gissar Valley of the Tadzhik SSR
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Change in phosphorylation activit
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Change in photochemical properties of chlorophyll a under interaction with carotenoids
, Unknown (1975)

Change in photoperiodic sensitivity of some wheat species under the influence of nocturnal temperature in short-day conditions
, Unknown (1975)

Change in photosynthetic metabolism at the inhibition of noncyclic photophosphorylation
, Unknown (1977)

Change in physical properties and content of organic substances of fallow lands and typical deposits of Sierozem soils in dry farming
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Change in physical soil characteristics due to the administration of chemicals. iI
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Change in physico-chemical characteristics of guaiacyl derivatives with alkaline processing
, Unknown (1974)

Change in physicochemical indexe
, Unknown (1975)

Change in physio-chemical proper
, Unknown (1970)

Change in physiochemical propert
, Unknown (1971)

Change in physiological indices
, Unknown (1972)

Change in physiological processes in barley and wheat seeds as affected by gibberellins
, Unknown (1971)

Change in physiological properties of apple tree as a result of treatment with cycocel at different levels of fertilizers
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Change in phytin under the influence of various factors Rice flour
, Chemistry of natural compounds (pub 1983) 18(5): 632-633 (1983)

Change in phytochemical activity of winter wheat chlorplasts in dependence on yarovization duration
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Change in pigment composition of cotton leaves with Verticillium wilt disease
, Unknown (1974)

Change in pigment content and rate of photosynthesis in wint er wheat treated with chlorocholine chloride
, Unknown (1974)

Change in pigment content of bush redpepper in post-ripening period as an effect of temperature and the composition of air
, Unknown (1974)

Change in pigment content of sugar beet leaves in relation to damage from Cuscuta and treatment with maleic hydrazide
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Change in pine tree quality after improvement felling on provenance surface at Siemianice forest experiment station
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Change in pituitary-adrenal function of silver foxes under selection for domestication
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Change in plans for quality grading of and payment for supplier milk
, Meieriposten 66 (2) 53-54 (1977)

Change in plant cover of the Mik
, Unknown (1973)

Change in plant growth in an excavation north of Vordingbor g
, Flora og fauna: 74, 80 (1) (1974)

Change in plant nursery industry to pot tray production
, Unknown (1975)

Change in plant variety testing as a result of the Common -Market
, Unknown (1975)

Change in plasma-membrane potential of leaf cells of green plants during electromagnetic millimeter radiation
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Change in podzolic soils on two-layer deposits caused by logging
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Change in population and species composition of soil fungi with a crop of Aronia melanocarpa of varying ages
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Change in postsynaptic potentials of an identified neurone of Helix pomatia in the process of formation of temporary connections
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Change in postwar Japanese agriculture
, Unknown (1979)

Change in potential capacity of
, Unknown (1971)

Change in prevalence and 6-year incidence of diabetes and impaired fasting glucose in Korean subjects living in a rural area
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Change in prices of agricultural research inputs
, Unknown (1980)

Change in production and sales in the canned goods sector
, Unknown (1970)

Change in production with increasing age in Merinos
, Wolboer 24 (2) 36-37 (1970)

Change in productivity of Black-and-White cows under influence of inbred depression
, Soviet agricultural sciences: ) 31-34 (1986)

Change in productivity of steppe
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Change in properties of Actomyosin-like proteins of vegetat ive organs of winter wheat with the application of zinc
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Change in the Concentration of Employment in Computer Services: Spatial Estimation at the U.S. Metro County Level
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Change in the Fe
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Change in the P
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