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Characterization of two glycoprotein variants of bovine factor X and demonstration that the factor X zymogen contains two polypeptide chains

Biochemistry 11(26): 4873-4882

Characterization of two glycoprotein variants of bovine factor X and demonstration that the factor X zymogen contains two polypeptide chains

Accession: 015253515

PMID: 4638344

DOI: 10.1021/bi00776a001

Related references

Jackson C.M., 1972: Characterization of 2 glyco protein variants of bovine factor x and demonstration that the factor x zymogen contains 2 poly peptide chains. Biochemistry 11(26): 4873-4882

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Gowda, D.C.; Jackson, C.M.; Hensley, P.; Davidson, E.A., 1994: Factor X-activating glycoprotein of Russell's viper venom. Polypeptide composition and characterization of the carbohydrate moieties. There is contradictory information regarding the molecular weight and polypeptide chain composition of RVV-X, a glycoprotein in Russell's viper venom that is capable of activating factor X to Xa. We show that RVV-X is a 92,880-Da glycoprotein...

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