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Cloning of the gene coding for tumor angiogenesis inhibitor Arresten and its transference to Nicotiana tabacum

L.H.ngMin; Hao RuiWen; Hao JianGuo; Jia JingFen

Journal of Northwest A and F University Natural Science Edition 35(4): 86-90


Accession: 015292457

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The aim of this study was to transfer the arresten-cDNA into Nicotiana tabacum to prepare for the expression of the tumour angiogenesis inhibitor Arresten in plant. The target gene coding for tumour angiogenesis inhibitor Arresten was cloned from placenta via RT-PCR. After purified with chromatography column, the products of RT-PCR was cloned into T-vector and sub-cloned into Neu I/BstE II sites of the recipient plasmid pCAMBIA1301 which was digested with the restriction endonucleases Nco I/BstE II, and therefore a plant expression vector named pCA, was constructed.