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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 15349

Chapter 15349 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Karge, H.C.llins, H., 1984:
Condition of buried plastics drain pipes after years of use

Berus, M.; Malevana, L., 1976:
Condition of carbohydrate fat and protein metabolism in heifers fed with full ingredient feed mixtures

Piatkin, E.; Romanov, N.; Shablii, V., 1976:
Condition of certain functional systems of cows in relation to the method of their insemination

Gachkovskii, Vf, 1978:
Condition of clorophyll in living leaves of plants

Maxcy, Rb, 1973:
Condition of coliform organisms influencing recovery of subcultures on selective media

Eimern, J.Van, 1970:
Condition of defense against frost injury in spring

Radchenkov, V.; Levantin, D.; Butrov, E.; Vedeneev, A.; Sukhikh, V.; Golenkevich, E.; Ponomareva, M.; Panasenko, V.; Fomichev, I., 1976:
Condition of endocrine system, metabolism and productivity of growing steers as affected by the level of feeding

Denisova, S.; Trofimenko, L.; Sirota, A., 1984:
Condition of exocrine function of the pancreas in children

Anonymous, 1956 :
Condition of foot-and-mouth disease in April 30, 1956

Kaurichev, I.; Nozdrunova, E., 1969:
Condition of formation and migration scales of organo-mineral compounds in the soils of taiga-forest zone

Leiris, Jp-De, 1970:
Condition of fruit juice and thermoform containers

Iglovikov, Vg, 1979:
Condition of grasslands and prospects for their utilization

Krogh, O., 1977:
Condition of honeybee colonies in winter

Chancel, L.M., 1983:
Condition of in vitro microproduction of peach (Prunus persica Batsch), the combined effect of growth substances and of various phenolic compounds

Rosener, W., 1979:
Condition of life of farmers with monastic manor lords in the late Middle Ages

D'-Iakonov, M.; Vasil'-Eva, L., 1979:
Condition of meadows and resources for increasing their productivity in the non-Chernozem zone of the RSFSR

Nesterov, V.; Vakulin, A.; Dzhuvelikyan, K., 1978:
Condition of municipal green belts in relation to environmental pollution

Anonymous, 1986:
Condition of national parks, wildlife refuges, and national forests in Arizona

Semagina, Rn, 1983:
Condition of natural regeneration of Taxus baccata in the Black Sea area forests of the Caucasian reserve

Sonku, Y.K.ta, K., 1978:
Condition of occurrence to impo

Boyes, W.W., 1959:
Condition of oranges carried in ships spaces cooled by portable refrigeration units

Nesterov, V.; Vakulin, A.; Dzhuvelikian, K., 1978:
Condition of ornamental plantings in cities in relation to the pollution of the environment

Anonymous, 1984:
Condition of peanut crop reported

Baglaeva, L.; Ipatov, V., 1985:
Condition of pine plantations on the eastern uplant of Crimea

Miller, W.; Mcdonald, R., 1993:
Condition of preharvest GA-treated grapefruit after cold treatment and storage

Vas, Attila, 1988:
Condition of preserving grain by drying and the potential of technical development

Burmeister, Kh, 1971:
Condition of provincial laws of Vorarlberg from the late middle ages to the beginning of the 19th century

Gerasimov, V.; Dobroserdov, S., 1975:
Condition of pruned places after mechanized pruning of apple trees

Bucksteeg, K., 1977:
Condition of quality and technical possibilities for protecting lakes (Forggen, Hopfen, Weissen and Bannwald lakes)

Belova, N.V.; Emelyanova, N.G.; Makeeva, A.P.; Ryabov, I.N., 2007:
Condition of reproductive system of some species of fishes from the reservoirs polluted by radionucleids during Chernobyl failure

Mitsui, Shin, 1978:
Condition of rice fields without nitrogen

Melichar, E.I.win, G., 1985:
Condition of rural financial intermediaries

Eiberle, K.K.otzli, F., 1968:
Condition of stand and wildli

Facek, Z., 1974:
Condition of structure of soils in the Czech Socialist Republic

Filimonova, Vd, 1980:
Condition of sub-flooded pine stands in the zone of hydrogeological influence of the Volgo-Baltic canal

Soulas, J.; Russel, 1983:
Condition of success of cooperatives of developing countries in their role of fixing the rural population

Anonymous, 1997:
Condition of sugar maple 1996

Cooke, R.; Allen, D.; Pendrel, B.M.lloy, A., 1998:
Condition of sugar maple 1997

Iitoi, Y.T.nimura, N., H1; Kamoi, I., 1982:
Condition of sulfurous acid in s

Kuzhelenko, V.; Kunitskii, I., I., 1976 :
Condition of sweet cherry trees after mechanized pruning

Banhazi, G., 1972:
Condition of technical development and tasks of technical research for livestock farms

Semenov, Kp, 1977:
Condition of the air of livestock barns and territories of commercial poultry farms

Lochkarev, Va, 1971:
Condition of the cow body under various feeding conditions

Johnston, B.-M.F.rnandez, H.-G.O.ivares, E., A., 1983:
Condition of the embryo and endosperm of Atriplex repanda according to storage duration

Bohdan, Tz, 1974:
Condition of the extremities, ch

Anonymous, 1983:
Condition of the general states of agricultural development, May 1982-February 1983

Lobanova, Ad, 1980:
Condition of the hair cover in hybrids and purebred Ukrainian Grey cattle at the age of six months

Anonymous, 1976:
Condition of the hoof as a criterion of horse maintenance complying with laws for animal protection

Anonymous, 1998:
Condition of the mid-Atlantic estuaries

Reznichenko, Lp, 1976:
Condition of the non-specific immunity in cattle in connection with the adrenocortical reactivity

Botti, W., 1991:
Condition of the northern white cedar resources

Salikhodzhaev, S.; Fershtat, V., 1972:
Condition of the olfactory analyzer as affected by organic chlorine and phosphorus pestcides

Sivitskaia, Ii, 1975:
Condition of the organs of sight relative to the effect of polychlorcamphene

Kozhushko, N.; Chernysheva, S., 1976:
Condition of the pigment complex of the plastid apparatus in wheat leaves during the reproduction period

Kakhnovich, L.; Grits, M., 1976:
Condition of the pigment system of pea leaves in relation to light intensity

Liubovich, E.; Cherviak, M., 1980:
Condition of the reserve pathway of the synthesis of adenyl nucleotides in red cells of albino rats with vitamin a deficiency

Morozov, I.; Poriadkov, L.; Nesterin, M.; Verem'-Ev, I., 1984:
Condition of the ribosome system of the liver during intravenous nutrition with different amino acid mixtures

Anonymous, 1972:
Condition of the seedling determines planting success

Snodsmith, Rl, 1982:
Condition of the soil and preparation of the hole Gardening

Kolesnikova, A.A.; Taskaeva, A.A.; Krivolutskii, D.A.; Taskaev, A.I., 2005:
Condition of the soil fauna near the epicenter of an underground nuclear explosion in the northern urals

Urbazaev, Nm, 1975:
Condition of the surface of the fallow depending on different methods of soil tillage

Kuosaite, B., 1976:
Condition of the thyroid gland in ducks affected by the blockade of the thymus by antithymocytic serum

Nikolaev, A.; Glotov, I.; Erdakov, L.; Sergeev, V., 1976:
Condition of the water vole population in the northern part of the Baraba Steppe in 1966-1974

Armantrout, N.-B.W.lotira, R., J.J., 1995:
Condition of the worlds aquatic habitats

Ramirez, Margarita, R., 1990:
Condition of tree farms in the alpine region of Colombia

Cavazza, D., 1979:
Condition of use of self-propelled irrigation systems and stationary sprinkler irrigation systems

Balla, L.K.zma, J., 1976:
Condition of vegetable growing and the prerequisites for its improvement

Miller, W.; Mcdonald, R., 1990:
Condition of waxed or film-wrapped Minneola tangelos after storage

Muir, W.; Wallace, H.; Bushnuk, W., 1973:
Condition of wheat stored in small airtight and open containers

Farkas, J.B.abec, J., 1982:
Condition of wood components during sulfate-decomposition Picea abies, Fagus sylvatica.1

Drolsum, A., 1980:
Condition of young forests--requirements

Cherrington, D., 1979:
Condition score spots poor ewes

Anonymous, 1983:
Condition scoring

Mccann, K.; Ely, D.; Deweese, W., 1985:
Condition scoring ewes for profit

Cerrato Sanchez, M., 2007:
Condition scoring in herd management

Earle, D., 1982:
Condition scoring of dairy cows Body muscle and fat

Braodbent, J.; Oliver, S., 1972:
Condition scoring of hill sheep

Earle, D., 1978:
Condition scoring skinny side of backward store or store 3?

Deering, J., 1977:
Condition scoring sows

Brodison, Ja, 1982:
Condition scoring--an aid to dairy herd management Cattle

Burr, A.T.omson, B., 1979:
Condition scoring: an aid to dairy herd management

Kang, C.-Keun; Kang, Y.-Soon; Choy, E.-Jung; Kim, D.-Sun; Shim, B.-Taek; Lee, P.-Yong, 2007:
Condition, reproductive activity, and gross biochemical composition of the Manila clam, Tapes philippinarum in natural and newly created sandy habitats of the southern coast of Korea

Bender, L., C.; Lomas, L., A.; Browning, J., 2007:
Condition, survival, and cause-specific mortality of adult female mule deer in north-central New Mexico

Boughman, J.W., 2007:
Condition-dependent expression of red colour differs between stickleback species

Cargnelli, L.M.; Neff, B.D., 2006:
Condition-dependent nesting in bluegill sunfish Lepomis macrochirus

Costanzo, K.; Kesavaraju, B.J.liano, S., 2005:
Condition-specific competition in container mosquitoes: the role of noncompeting life-history stages

Fu, H.; Ishii, M.; Gu, Y.; Maxson, R., 2007:
Conditional alleles of Msx1 and Msx2

Gazzerro, E.; Smerdel-Ramoya, A.; Zanotti, S.; Stadmeyer, L.; Durant, D.; Economides, A.N.; Canalis, E., 2007:
Conditional deletion of gremlin causes a transient increase in bone formation and bone mass

Yeo, H.; Beck, L.H.; Thompson, S.R.; Farach-Carson, M.C.; McDonald, J.M.; Clemens, T.L.; Zayzafoon, M., 2007:
Conditional disruption of calcineurin B1 in osteoblasts increases bone formation and reduces bone resorption

Xie, Y.; Luo, J.; Kennedy, S.; Davidson, N., O., 2007:
Conditional Intestinal Lipotoxicity in Apobec-1

Koyama, E.; Young, B.; Nagayama, M.; Shibukawa, Y.; Enomoto-Iwamoto, M.; Iwamoto, M.; Maeda, Y.; Lanske, B.; Song, B.; Serra, R.; Pacifici, M., 2007:
Conditional Kif3a ablation causes abnormal hedgehog signaling topography, growth plate dysfunction, and excessive bone and cartilage formation during mouse skeletogenesis

Saito, H.; Yoshida, T.; Yamazaki, H.; Suzuki, N., 2007:
Conditional N-rasG12V expression promotes manifestations of neuro. bromatosis in a mouse model

Harvey, Campbell, R., 1994:
Conditional asset allocation in emerging markets

Sedlarska, B., 1984:
Conditional balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium at irrigated monoculture of maize

Hitz, C.; Wurst, W.; Kcohn, R., 2007:
Conditional brain-specific knockdown of MAPK using Cre

Hitz, C.; Wurst, W.; Kühn, R., 2007:
Conditional brain-specific knockdown of MAPK using Cre/loxP regulated RNA interference

Chen, S., 1973:
Conditional colored and colorless alleles at the Cl locus

Anonymous, 1976:
Conditional commitments for rural housing loans

Finn, R.D.; McLaren, A.W.; Carrie, D.; Henderson, C.J.; Wolf, C.Roland., 2007:
Conditional deletion of cytochrome P450 oxidoreductase in the liver and gastrointestinal tract: a new model for studying the functions of the P450 system

Hakim, Z.S.; DiMichele, L.A.; Doherty, J.T.; Homeister, J.W.; Beggs, H.E.; Reichardt, L.F.; Schwartz, R.J.; Brackhan, J.; Smithies, O.; Mack, C.P.; Taylor, J.M., 2007:
Conditional deletion of focal adhesion kinase leads to defects in ventricular septation and outflow tract alignment

Bryant, Wk, 1983:
Conditional demand functions, separability, and the length of run: some notes for the applied researched of household behaviour

Roman, G.; Davis, R.L., 2002:
Conditional expression of UAS-transgenes in the adult eye with a new gene-switch vector system

Ramallo-Arroyo, Dt, 1971:
Conditional factors of the pathology of lactating calves in fattening farms and the most frequent diseases during that period

Garber, R.; Fry, W.; Yoder, O., 1983:
Conditional field epidemics on plants: a resource for research in population biology

le Feber, J.; Rutten, W.L.C.; Stegenga, J.; Wolters, P.S.; Ramakers, G.J.A.; van Pelt, J., 2007:
Conditional firing probabilities in cultured neuronal networks: a stable underlying structure in widely varying spontaneous activity patterns

Blomo, V., 1981:
Conditional fishery status as a solution to overcapitalization in the Gulf of Mexico shrimp fishery

Zuzel, Jf, 1981:
Conditional flow simulation: a stochastic forecast model

Vallier, L.; Alexander, M.; Pedersen, R., 2007:
Conditional gene expression in human embryonic stem cells

Mishina, M.; Sakimura, K., 2007:
Conditional gene targeting on the pure C57BL/6 genetic background

Subhan, M., 1986:
Conditional generosity

Fukuda, T.; Ohya, Y.; Ohta, K., 2007:
Conditional genomic rearrangement by designed meiotic recombination using VDE (PI-SceI) in yeast

Sainte-Marie, Y.; Nguyen Dinh Cat, A.; Perrier, R.; Mangin, L.; Soukaseum, C.; Peuchmaur, M.; Tronche, Fçois.; Farman, N.; Escoubet, B.; Benitah, J-Pierre.; Jaisser, F., 2007:
Conditional glucocorticoid receptor expression in the heart induces atrio-ventricular block

Onoyama, I.; Tsunematsu, R.; Matsumoto, A.; Kimura, T.; de Alborán, I.Moreno.; Nakayama, K.; Nakayama, K.I., 2007:
Conditional inactivation of Fbxw7 impairs cell-cycle exit during T cell differentiation and results in lymphomatogenesis

Calì, G.; Zannini, M.; Rubini, P.; Tacchetti, C.; D'Andrea, B.; Affuso, A.; Wintermantel, T.; Boussadia, O.; Terracciano, D.; Silberschmidt, D.; Amendola, E.; De Felice, M.; Schütz, Günther.; Kemler, R.; Di Lauro, R.; Nitsch, L., 2007:
Conditional inactivation of the E-cadherin gene in thyroid follicular cells affects gland development but does not impair junction formation

Hyenne, V.; Souilhol, Céline.; Cohen-Tannoudji, M.; Cereghini, S.; Petit, C.; Langa, F.; Maro, B.; Simmler, M-Christine., 2007:
Conditional knock-out reveals that zygotic vezatin-null mouse embryos die at implantation

Harvey, Lynn, R., 2000:
Conditional land transfer agreements

Katz, E.; Vogt, P.K., 1971:
Conditional lethal mutants of avian sarcoma viruses. II. Analysis of the temperature-sensitive lesion in ts 75

Friis, R.R.; Toyoshima, K.; Vogt, P.K., 1971:
Conditional lethal mutants of avian sarcoma viruses. I. Physiology of ts 75 and ts 149

Simpson, R.W.; Obijeski, J.F.; Morrongiello, M.P., 1979 :
Conditional lethal mutants of vesicular stomatitis virus. III. Host range properties, interfering capacity, and complementation patterns of specific hr mutants

Morrongiello, M.P.; Simpson, R.W., 1979:
Conditional lethal mutants of vesicular stomatitis virus. IV. RNA species detected in nonpermissive cells infected with host-restricted mutants

Bandas, El, 1973:
Conditional lethal radiation-sensitive mutants of yeast. II. The sensitivity to elevated temperature and the character of cell division

Ben-Rajeb, M.H.nnekens, H.L.ncin, M., 1973:
Conditional linearization applied to fat products blends

Becker, Connie, 1998:
Conditional market timing with benchmark investors

Seferian, Es, 1975:
Conditional motor reflexes after monolateral damage of subthalamic Luys body of the cat

Seferian, Es, 1975:
Conditional motor reflexes after monolateral damage of the subthalamic Luys body in cat

Abuin, A.F.il, R.; Metzger, D., 2007:
Conditional mutagenesis

Aiba, A.; Nakao, H., 2007:
Conditional mutant mice using tetracycline-controlled gene expression system in the brain

Lu, K.P.ng; Means, A.R., 1993:
Conditional mutants for studying functions of calmodulin in Aspergillus nidulans

Queval, G.; Issakidis-Bourguet, E.; Hoeberichts, F.A.; Vandorpe, Mël.; Gakière, B.; Vanacker, Hélène.; Miginiac-Maslow, M.; Van Breusegem, F.; Noctor, G., 2007:
Conditional oxidative stress responses in the Arabidopsis photorespiratory mutant cat2 demonstrate that redox state is a key modulator of daylength-dependent gene expression, and define photoperiod as a crucial factor in the regulation of H2O2-induced cell death

Gottsche, Ab, 1976:
Conditional preference for yellow in the orientation behavior of adult Megastigmus bipunctatus Swederus (Hymenoptera, Chalcididae, Torymidae)

Zabara, K.Y.anoulis, P., 1992:
Conditional probabilities of daily relative sunshine data and the dependence on the weather of the previous day

Kirsis, Ma, 1981:
Conditional productive capacity of automobiles

Spiekerkeotter, Jeorg, 1989:
Conditional questions on human genetics, especially thoughts on the allowance of gene manipulation as well as human embryo research

Park, G.Y.; Hu, N.; Wang, X.; Sadikot, R.T.; Yull, F.E.; Joo, M.; Peebles, R.S.; Blackwell, T.S.; Christman, J.W., 2007:
Conditional regulation of cyclooxygenase-2 in tracheobronchial epithelial cells modulates pulmonary immunity

Hawes, Mc, 1989:
Conditional requirement for chemotaxis in induction of rooty tumors by Agrobacterial tumefaciens on roots of Pisum sativum

Mehrotra, R.S.arma, A., 2006:
Conditional resampling of hydrologic time series using multiple predictor variables: A K-nearest neighbour approach

Lu, Z.Z.ang, D., 2004:
Conditional simulations of flow in randomly heterogeneous porous media using a KL-based moment-equation approach

Wu, F., 2007:
Conditional targeting in the kidney

Ackerl, R.; Walko, G.; Fuchs, P.; Fischer, I.; Schmuth, M.; Wiche, G., 2007:
Conditional targeting of plectin in prenatal and adult mouse stratified epithelia causes keratinocyte fragility and lesional epidermal barrier defects

Tsoneva, M., 1975:
Conditional units for measuring

Frazier, W.; Varseveld, G.; Baggett, J.; Mack, H.; Duncan, A.; Bullock, R.; Vaughan, E.; Rodgers, J.; Booster, D., 1968:
Conditional, preliminary, release of Oregon State University (OSU) 58 bush green pod bean

Kimuyu, Peter, 1998:
Conditionalities and market reforms

Tyson, L.R.binson, S.W.ods, L., 1986:
Conditionality and adjustment in Hungary and Yugoslavia

Sachs, Jeffrey, 1988:
Conditionality, debt relief, and the developing country debt crisis

Suzuki, D.; Kaufman, T.F.lk, D., 1976:
Conditionally expressed mutations in Drosophila melanogaster

Bandas, E.; Zakharov, I., 1972:
Conditionally lethal radiosensitive yeast mutants. I. Isolation, genetic, and radiobiological study

Bekker, M.; Luchkina, L.; Tkachenko, V.; Bandas, E., 1973:
Conditionally lethal radiosensitive yeast mutants. IV. Effects of increased temperature on the biosynthesis of DNA, RNA, and protein

Bandas, El, 1973 :
Conditionally lethal, radiosensitive mutants of yeasts. II. Sensitivity to the action of increased temperature and peculiarities of cell division

Bandas, El, 1973:
Conditionally lethal, radiosensitive mutants of yeasts. III. The repair of spontaneous and X-ray-induced lethal damages on nonnutrient medium

Bandas, El, 1974:
Conditionally lethal, radiosensitive mutants of yeasts. V. Occurrence of the phenotype txs among various groups of mutants

Murtazin, B., 1971:
Conditionally pathogenic microflora in cases of metritis

Endres, T.; Fendt, M., 2007:
Conditioned behavioral responses to a context paired with the predator odor trimethylthiazoline

Tompkins, L.; Siegel, R.W.; Gailey, D.A.; Hall, J.C., 1983:
Conditioned courtship in Drosophila and its mediation by association of chemical cues

Zhai, H-feng.; Zhang, Z-Yin.; Zhao, M.; Qiu, Y.; Ghitza, U.E.; Lu, L., 2007:
Conditioned drug reward enhances subsequent spatial learning and memory in rats

Wada, N.; Kishimoto, Y.; Watanabe, D.; Kano, M.; Hirano, T.; Funabiki, K.; Nakanishi, S., 2007:
Conditioned eyeblink learning is formed and stored without cerebellar granule cell transmission

Agde, K.B.rckhardt, I., 1977:
Conditioned feeding of swine better fattening performance, leaner carcasses?

Arsenos, G.K.riazakis, I.T.lkamp, B., 2000:
Conditioned feeding responses of sheep towards flavoured foods associated with the administration of ruminally degradable and

Logue, A.W., 1985:
Conditioned food aversion learning in humans

Kulkosky, P.J., 1985:
Conditioned food aversions and satiety signals

Riley, A.L.; Tuck, D.L., 1985:
Conditioned food aversions: a bibliography

Plekhanov, G.; Kaul'-, R., 1976:
Conditioned food reflex connected to the path color in the ant Formica rufa

Campbell, W.E., 1977:
Conditioned global panic due to percussive sounds

El-Ballal, As, 1983:
Conditioned lines for earliness in caraway (Carum carvi L.) in essential oil yield, Egypt

Ershoff, Bh, 1985:
Conditioned malnutrition with special reference to the elderly: a review

Zhou, L.; Sell, H.; Eckardt, K.; Yang, Z.; Eckel, Jürgen., 2007:
Conditioned medium obtained from in vitro differentiated adipocytes and resistin induce insulin resistance in human hepatocytes

Galassi, D.P.lliccioni, A., 1978:
Conditioned perinatal infections in intensive farming of rabbits

Galassi, D., 1979:
Conditioned perinatal infections in intensive rabbit rearing

Jarosz, P.A.; Kessler, J.T.; Sekhon, P.; Coscina, D.V., 2007:
Conditioned place preferences (CPPs) to high-caloric "snack foods" in rat strains genetically prone vs. resistant to diet-induced obesity: resistance to naltrexone blockade

De Jonghe, B.C.; Hajnal, A.; Covasa, M., 2007:
Conditioned preference for sweet stimuli in OLETF rat: effects of food deprivation

Simonov, P.V., 1975:
Conditioned reflex approach to the analysis of intraspecies behavior

Suzuki, K.K.wai, R.K.bayashi, K.K.bayashi, M.O.hiumi, M.I.o, T.Y.maguchi, S., 1974:
Conditioned reflexes and brain

Palmatier, M.I.; Liu, X.; Matteson, G.L.; Donny, E.C.; Caggiula, A.R.; Sved, A.F., 2007:
Conditioned reinforcement in rats established with self-administered nicotine and enhanced by noncontingent nicotine

Hazlett, Brian, A., 2007:
Conditioned reinforcement in the crayfish Orconectes rusticus

Schnorr, Jk, 1977:
Conditioned response suppression in sheep

Siegel, R.W.; Hall, J.C., 1979:
Conditioned responses in courtship behavior of normal and mutant Drosophila

Garcia, J.B.ett, L., 1977:
Conditioned responses to food odor and taste in rats and wild predators

Harada, H;, 1981:
Conditioned standard SNF solids-n

Hoffman, H.S.; Barrett, J.; Ratner, A.; Singer, D., 1972:
Conditioned suppression of distress calls in imprinted ducklings

Ader, R., 1985:
Conditioned taste aversions and immunopharmacology

Riley, A.L.; Tuck, D.L., 1985:
Conditioned taste aversions: a behavioral index of toxicity

Anonymous, 1979:
Conditioned waters: a French phenomena

Makarenko, N.V.A.amenko, N.P., 1980:
Conditioned-reflex activity and its relationship to the dogs nervous system, revived after a lingering clinical death

Costafreda, A., 1979:
Conditioner and additive technology in breadmaking and pastry baking

Volkun, A.; Tsimerman, A.; Zekser, M.; Maisotsenko, V., 1980:
Conditioner for a cabin of a grain combine Niva

Sims, R., 1984:
Conditioners prove their worth in mowing trials

Bruhn, Hd, 1970:
Conditioners take the gamble out of haying

Samlaic, J., 1979:
Conditioning (cooking) of logs and large pieces of wood

Ralphs, Mh, 2005:
Conditioning Sheep to Graze Duncecap Larkspur (Delphinium occidentale)

Saxena, R.; Varma, S., 1981:
Conditioning agent for ammonium nitrate and ammonium nitrate containing fertilisers

Finkemeier, L.E.; Brooker, D.B.; George, R.M., 1971:
Conditioning air to selected wet-bulb and dry-bulb temperatures with water spray

Keeley, Gm, 1974:
Conditioning and aging lamb and beef--specifications and practice

Brunton, W.; Keeley, G.; Gilbert, K., 1974:
Conditioning and aging of lamb at 10 degrees Celcius. I-II

Ioancea, Lucian, 1989:
Conditioning and better utilization of animal primary material for food purposes

Excell, Tl, 1984:
Conditioning and caking experiments on refined sugar

Robinet, A.H., 1995:
Conditioning and commercialization of raw hides and skins

Ali-Khan, Mz, 1980:
Conditioning and disposal of industrial sludges by direct slurry freezing process Pulp and paper processing wastes, pollution control, Virginia

Richter, G.; Sirrine, K.; Tollefson, C., 1973:
Conditioning and disposal of solids from potato wastewater treatment

Yates, T., 1977:
Conditioning and land application of aerobically digested sludge

Hilgard, E.-Ropiequet; Marquis, D., G., 1940:
Conditioning and learning

Stehle, G., 1987:
Conditioning and packaging materials

Pelletier, L., 1977:
Conditioning and partial drying of forages

Gabriel, M.; Saltwick, S.E.; Miller, J.D., 1975:
Conditioning and reversal of short-latency multiple-unit responses in the rabbit medial geniculate nucleus

Mcneal, Xzin, 1958:
Conditioning and storage of oats

Mcneal, X.; York, J.O., 1964:
Conditioning and storing grain sorghum for seed

Kendall, R.; Noblet, R.R.binette, D., 1978:
Conditioning as related to food preference behavior in adult bobwhite quail

Barac, I., 1977:
Conditioning beeswax in the apiary

Absher, C.G.y, N., 1973:
Conditioning cattle for growing or finishing

Broweleit, Robert, C., 1997:
Conditioning cattle to small paddocks and its effects on ingestive behavior

Sneva, F.; Hunter, V.R.ttenhouse, L., 1976:
Conditioning cattle to water stress

Wagner, E.F.osch, S., 1971:
Conditioning circadian rhythmic control of betacyanin content in Chenopodium rubrum by temperature and light intensity cycles during germination

Arle, Hf, 1976:
Conditioning cotton for defoliation

Ursache, R.P.ateau, E.B.rnard, F., 1977:
Conditioning elements for the diagnosis of Aujeszkys disease. observations on 143 positive cases

Anonymous, 1975:
Conditioning factors in malt and unprocessed worts

Siboni, N.; Lidor, M.; Kramarsky-Winter, E.; Kushmaro, A., 2007:
Conditioning film and initial biofilm formation on ceramics tiles in the marine environment

Teixeira-Filho, Alcides-Ribeiro, 1988:
Conditioning fish in captivity

Miro-Briga, J., 1974:
Conditioning foods. Enzymatic activities on the starch-gluten complex. 16. bread additives. 1

Miro-Briga, J., 1975:
Conditioning foods. Enzymatic activities on the starch-gluten complex. 20. results of applications of enzymes. 3. in pastry and biscuit manufacture

Miro-Briga, J., 1974:
Conditioning foods: Enzymatic activities on the starch-glut en complex. 13. flour as a principal component of doughs. 3

Miro-Bbriga, J., 1974:
Conditioning foods: Enzymatic activities on the starch-gluten complex. 12. flours as a main component of doughs. 2. bread making value of flour

Miro-Briga, J., 1974:
Conditioning foods: Enzymatic activities on the starch-gluten complex. 6. proteins. 1

Marousky, Fj, 1969:
Conditioning gladious spikes to maintenance of fresh weight with pre-treatments of 8-hydroxyquinoline citrate plus sucrose

Mayeux, M.; Wratten, F.; Pringle, L., 1979:
Conditioning grain with solar energy

Bekaert, G.; Liu, J., 1999:
Conditioning information and variance bounds in pricing kernels

Buttner, Jk, 1984:
Conditioning laboratory frogs to accept non-living food

Little, S.; Mohr, J.J., 1963:
Conditioning loblolly pine stands in eastern Maryland for regeneration

Niederdraing, K., 1975:
Conditioning malt with steam or water?

Christopherson, J.-A.F.rson, W.-E.G.assman, D., 1996:
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Conditioning of icing sugar

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Conditioning of meat--factors influencing protease activity

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Conditioning of plants from soil media to hydroculture Hydroponics

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Conditioning of products: The peanut winnower

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Conditioning of relative frequency of sniffing by rabbits to odors

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Conditioning of ryegrass for faster drying

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Conditioning of samples destined to be sent to the Rabies Study Center

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Conditioning of soil by means of artificial organic reagents

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Conditioning of solar radiation in a covered environment

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Conditioning of swine installation. VII. Artificial heating of the pigsty

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Conditioning of the endurance horse

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Conditioning of the plant by one virus necessary for systemic invasion of another

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Conditioning of utilizable energy by a thermostatic control of the thermosyphonic flow in solar systems

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Conditioning plants for interior use

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Conditioning sport horses

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Conditioning system for grain

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Conditioning to drought in the field bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.): osmotic adjustment

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Conditioning to win

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Conditioning wheat for milling

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Conditioning with the rotary mower

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Conditioning, representation of involved neural functions

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Conditionnement des matiaeres textiles

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Conditionning elements for the diagnosis of the Aujeszkys disease

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Conditions allowing the formation of biogenic amines in cheese

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Conditions and characteristics of early stages of sexual interaction of cells of the yeasts Pichia amethionina var. amethionina and Pichia amethionina var. pachycereana

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Conditions and effects of establishment of mining industries in the pastoral environment: the example of Mauritania

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Conditions and first stages of an in vitro androgenesis in Nicotiana tabacum

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Conditions and means of cultural development in rural areas: the case of Poitou-Charentes France.1

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Conditions and mechanisms of natural mutational variability in the apple variety Antonovka obyknovennaia

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Conditions and motives for participation in autochtonous self-help organizations and societies Africa.1

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Conditions and perspectives of the growth of berry farming in the USSR

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Conditions and possibilities for the Danish dairy industry in the German market under Denmarks membership in the Common Market

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Conditions and possibilities for the directed control of Apion species in large red clover seed stands

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Conditions and possibilities of application of the group selection method of cutting in pure high beech forests of the Serbia Socialist Republic

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Conditions and possibilities of combine harvesting potatoes on large-acreage farms

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Conditions and possibilities of extended reproduction in social agricultural holdings

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Conditions and possibilities of productive apricot growing

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Conditions and possibilities of using the scientific methods in management of the State Farms. iI

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Conditions and possiblities for improving grape growing in the Mediterranean region of Yugoslavia

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Conditions and potentials for production of table grapes and wine grapes in Montenegro

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Conditions and potentials for production of table grapes and wine grapes in Serbia

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Conditions and problems in the production of genetically good seed in the seed plantations of SR Serbia

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Conditions and problems of water resources

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Conditions and production

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Conditions and prospects for the assimilation of fish industries in reservoirs and lakes

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Conditions and prospects for the development of forest regeneration work in the USSR

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Conditions and prospects for using biological methods to control insect pests

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Conditions and prospects in sh

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Conditions and prospects of artificial recharge of subsurface waters in the USSR

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Conditions and prospects of the development and imrpovement of the production output of vegetables in protected ground

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Conditions and results of cereal cultivation of Ernestine goods in Thuringia in the 16th century

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Conditions and results of forest management in Slovenia in the first years of the 1976-1980 period

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Conditions and results of the production of agricultural enterprises of various levels of integration

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Conditions and results of transplacental transmission of bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) following vaccination by commercial live vaccine

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Conditions and stages of success in successors operations on private farms; Pomerania and Kujawy as an example

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Conditions and struggle of agricultural laborers located east of the Elbe in Prussia

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Conditions and tasks of environmental protection in concentrated livestock farms

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Conditions and time necessary for the formation of enterotoxin of A type in creamed confectionaries

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Conditions and trends in hog-pork production and marketing

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Conditions and trends in the world protein economy

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Conditions and trends of co-operation in the agriculture of the Soviet Union

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Conditions appearing at the plow: Contribution to the study of soil working techniques in ancient systems of culture

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Conditions as protective measures against accidents are limited

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Conditions associated with net K40 counting using animal phantoms

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Conditions causing abortions in cattle. 2. Viral abortions

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Conditions causing abortions in cattle. I. Introduction, bacterial abortions and mycotic abortions

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Conditions conducive to economic development in local areas

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Conditions controlling the effectiveness of various fungicides with respect to Pyrenophora teres

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Conditions controlling the onset of breeding migration of the Japanese mountain stream frog, Rana sakuraii

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Conditions de dynamisation de lagriculture du Front Pionnier Nord de Brazzaville-Congo

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Conditions determining digestion in insects-phytophages Crop pests.1

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Conditions determining the minimization of soil tillage Theoretical aspects, the Crimea, Ukrainian SSR.1

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Conditions determining the photosynthetic activity of isolated pea protoplasts

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Conditions determining the population level and zones of damage of Eurygaster integriceps Put. in the European part of the USSR

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Conditions enabling long distan

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Conditions enhancing the implementation of instructional computing in textiles and clothing in higher education

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Conditions essential for controlled fruiting of Macromycetes--a review

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Conditions favourable for the co

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Conditions favouring active protease biosynthesis in the thermotolerant culture of Thermoactinomyces vulgaris PA II 4a Industrial microbiology

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Conditions favouring the infection of potato tubers by incompatible races of Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) D By

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Conditions for European beaver farming in Poland

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Conditions for a better bargaining of a project of management of tourism

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Conditions for a good storage of potatoes

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Conditions for a permanent agriculture

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Conditions for a successful management of an apiary

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Conditions for activities of the agricultural training schools, as related to the school reform

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Conditions for affection of pine wood by Fomes annosus (Fr.) Cke

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Conditions for an effective development of swine raising

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Conditions for an effective management of dairy installations

Moreau,. Jr.;, 1969:
Conditions for an effective q

Stachowski, T., 1973:
Conditions for an efficient management of dairy installations. iI

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Conditions for and results of economic growth

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Conditions for apple harvest with in advance ready crates

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Conditions for application of maleic hydrazide as a retardant of germination and a stimulant of long-term storage of tubers, root vegetables and bulbs

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Conditions for applying and experiences in testing the combine harvester E 512 during harvesting rice in Egypt

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Conditions for biocontrol strain C8-8 to produce chitinase

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Conditions for biosynthesis of beta-galactosidase in Saccharomyces fragilis

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Conditions for capitalistic far

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Conditions for conservation of fruit in cold storage

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Conditions for corn production in Yugoslavia

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Conditions for cultivation of Australian plants

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Conditions for culturing Chromulina pascheri

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Conditions for culturing Torulopsis candida FK yeast in milk serum

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Conditions for delivery of queens, nuclei and artificial swarms in 1982 Honeybees, Varroa jacobsoni control, Czechoslovakia.1

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Conditions for development of production of livestock for slaughter

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Conditions for economically successful irrigation and possibilities of increasing yields through sprinkler irrigation

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Conditions for effective operation of a tomato harvesting combine

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Conditions for effective operation of device Impuls M-632

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Conditions for effective use of shrubs in green areas

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Conditions for effective utilization of mechanized cadres

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Conditions for efficient action of drainage networks (I)

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Conditions for efficient operation of cable systems

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Conditions for efficient operation of potato harvesters

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Conditions for efficient operation of wheeled tractors

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Conditions for entomological evaluations of breeding material in the field

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Conditions for expanded operations on state farms in Estonia

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Conditions for expansion in nutritional requirements of the forest. II. Forest production, climatic temperature, nutritional requirements of the soil

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Conditions for expansion in nutritional requirements of the forest. III. Minirotation forestry (MSR)--an idea

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Conditions for expansion in nutritional requirements of the forest. IV. Forest industry potential for decreased use of raw products and the worth of greater improvements

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Conditions for expansion in nutritional requirements of the forest. V. Forest industry potential for better use of forest products

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Conditions for experimental cynogenesis and androgenesis in vitro in trees

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Conditions for flower bud formation in total darkness Arabidopsis thaliana

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Conditions for formation of gene

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Conditions for fulfilling the tasks of forest utilization in the fourth Five-Year-Plan

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Conditions for further development of the raw material base for the drug plant industry

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Conditions for further development of ventilation mechanics in stables

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Conditions for genetical transformation in Rhizobium meliloti

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Conditions for good restocking of hunting pheasants

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Conditions for gradient-type dispersive transport in one-dimensional, tidally averaged transport models Oosterschelde estuary, Netherlands

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Conditions for growing forest trees in forest belts of the Altai Kulunda

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Conditions for growing radishes and their quality

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Conditions for hardening and frost resistance of winter cruciferae plants

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Conditions for harvesting pears in order to ensure long term preservation

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Conditions for heat treating seeds for controlling loose smut

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Conditions for high labor efficiency of apple harvest on an American farm

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Conditions for high quality barking of timber

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Conditions for improved implanting of grafts of Meier lemons

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Conditions for improving the efficiency of irrigation

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Conditions for inactivation of plant RNA-bound ribonucleases

Baumert, H.M.ller, R., 1980:
Conditions for increasing creative activity of cooperative farmers

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Conditions for increasing the effectiveness of nitrogen fertilizers

Miljkovic, V., 1983:
Conditions for infection of the mammary gland of cows and the appearance of mastitis

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Conditions for insuring apiaries

Nikolov, G., 1976:
Conditions for introducing indus

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Conditions for introduction of

Murai, H.M.shimo, T1; Tanaka, T1; Yamada, M., 1981:
Conditions for introduction of g

Nikolov, Georgi, 1979:
Conditions for introduction of industrial technology to the ewes for milk production

Rejholec, J., 1971:
Conditions for large-scale production of healthy animals

Drupka, S., 1977:
Conditions for location of the Fregata and Dniepr sprinkler systems

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Conditions for low ethylene CA storage of apples: a review

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Conditions for maximum precipitation and agglutination of antibody in various brucella antiserums

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Conditions for mechanization in cultivation of sugarbeet crops

Molina-Diaz, A.E.teban, E., 1984:
Conditions for nutrient extraction from plant tissues. I. Study of extraction time

Barabanshchikov, N., 1980:
Conditions for obtaining high quality milk All-Union State Standards, control of mechanical and bacterial contamination.1

Semikhnenko, Pg, 1976:
Conditions for obtaining high quality output

Kasymova, M.; Guliamov, B., 1971:
Conditions for obtaining liquid mixed fertilizers based on decomposition of Karatau phosphate rock by a mixture of sulfuric and nitric acids

Hoffmann, C., 1971:
Conditions for obtaining milk of excellent quality after 48 hours of refrigeration and conservation

Manorik, A.; Starchenkov, E.; Datsenko, V.; Golovchenko, V., 1971:
Conditions for obtaining nitrogen-fixing extracts from bacteroids of yellow lupine nodules

Avilov, V.; Salazhov, E.; Lebedev, A.; Matiugina, N., 1979:
Conditions for obtaining sera for the diagnosis of the viruses causing infectious rhinotracheitis, parainfluenza-3 and diarrhea in cattle

Lavrinovich, Iui, 1979:
Conditions for optimal output of rice groats

Dauta, A., 1982:
Conditions for phytoplankton development, a comparative study of the behaviour of eight species in culture. I. Determination of growth parameters in relation to light and temperature

Dauta, A., 1982:
Conditions for phytoplankton development, a comparative study of the behaviour of eight species in culture. II. Role of nutriments: assimilation and intracellular storage

Dauta, A., 1983:
Conditions for phytoplankton development. III. Modeling of algal cultures. An approach to the conditions for succession

Szentmihalyi, S., 1973:
Conditions for pig feeding in Hungary

Sosina, S.; Babitskaia, V.; Mikhailova, R.; Kostina, A., 1972:
Conditions for precipitating peptolytic enzymes with tannin and gelatine in deep cultures of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in pectin-containing media

Lee, E.; Sudibjono; Kim, S., 1979 :
Conditions for processing of meaty textured fish protein concentrate from filefish and sardine

Uemura, Sakan, 1979:
Conditions for production of Welsh bacillus enterotoxin - results from heat treatment

Karimov, Z.M.ratov, V.K.usainov, A., 1975:
Conditions for production of high yields of legume and grass mixtures

Labbe, R.G.; Tang, S.S., 1983:
Conditions for production of initiation protein for germination of Clostridium perfringens spores

Lukasova, J., 1975:
Conditions for production of staphylococcic enterotoxin in foodstuffs

Feher, B., 1983:
Conditions for profitable asparagus production

Pannikov, Vd, 1981:
Conditions for progress in crop farming USSR.1

Vomacka, V., 1972:
Conditions for purchasing potatoes from 1972 harvest

Romankevich, O.; Yakovlev, K.; Shtan'-Ko, L.; Muzyka, S., 1987:
Conditions for realization of a matrix-fibrilar structure in spinning fibres from melts of a mixture of polycaproamide with polyetheylene or polypropylene

Lorenz, J., 1977:
Conditions for rearing swine without litter

Netik, O.P.ck, E., 1976:
Conditions for replacing universal tractors by single purpose self propelled machines

Peterson, J.-M.B.isvert, R., N., 1996:
Conditions for requiring separate green payment policies under asymmetric information

Wolski, L., 1981:
Conditions for self-heating of stables for livestock

Thiel, Richard, P., 2006:
Conditions for sexual interactions between wild Grey Wolves, Canis lupus, and Coyotes, Canis latrans

Batygin, N.; Pitirimova, M., 1970:
Conditions for soil nutrition of plants in Ml and variations in M2 under treatment of barley with gamma-rays and some chemical mutagens

Rasmussen, Kj, 1980:
Conditions for sowing beets in the spring

Reinstein, J., 1975:
Conditions for specialization of private farms in livestock production

Ibe, E.; Ibe, S., 1978:
Conditions for stability of crosslinks in cellulose

Tchernova, G.; Gusev, A.; Gonotsky, V.; Khlebnicov, V.; Korotajeva, M., 1983:
Conditions for sterilization of canned mechanically deboned poultry meat

Kawasaki, J., 1971:
Conditions for storage and for

Czeczott, O., 1975:
Conditions for storage of farm tractors and machinery

Kozlowski, A., 1977:
Conditions for success of specialization in young slaughter cattle production

Leeuwen, Ajm-Van, 1983:
Conditions for successful lily culture

Leeuwen, Ajm-Van, 1983:
Conditions for successful lily culture. 2

Gautam, A.P.; Shivakoti, G.P., 2005:
Conditions for successful local collective action in forestry: some evidence from the Hills of Nepal

Adams, C.; Goldsmith, P., 1999:
Conditions for successful strategic alliance in the food industry

Jacques, M.L.roux, A., 1979:
Conditions for successful transfer of floral stimulus by grafting in the Chenopodiaceae family

Obrenovic, M., 1977:
Conditions for supplying water to orchards in the northern Backa area

Kononova, M.; Aleksandrova, I., 1975:
Conditions for synthesis of humic substances

Achten, J., 1978:
Conditions for the administration of a horticultural business planning and information system

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Conditions for the autolysis of alpha-galactosides and phytic acid in California small white beans

Ruban, E.; Ksandopulo, G.; Murzina, L., 1979:
Conditions for the biosynthesis of an exolipase by the fungus Oosporafragrans

Matsumi, S., 1974:
Conditions for the development

Kovalevskiaei, V.S., 1973:
Conditions for the development and forecasting of natural subterranean water regimes

Solov'-Ev, Yu, K., 1960:
Conditions for the development and yield of mixed crops of legume cereal Phacelia

Anonymous, 1978:
Conditions for the development of cattle industry

Neumann, J., 1975:
Conditions for the development of forestry

Mazzolani, G.P.squa, G.M.nacelli, B., 1979:
Conditions for the development of haploid plants from in vitro cultures of pollen grains

Anonymous, 1975:
Conditions for the diffusion of agricultural credit and preparations for community activities in the province of ORD in East Fada NGourma

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Conditions for the economic extraction of nit

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Conditions for the effective application of fertilizers in Lithuania

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Conditions for the efficient use of fertilizers in heavy Chernozem soils and their effect on the quality of farm products

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Conditions for the establishment and maintenance of highly developed organisms with the help of global ecosystems

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Conditions for the establishment of large-scale rice management in Shizuoka Prefecture

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Conditions for the exploitation of forest-planting machines in concentrated felling areas

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Conditions for the extraction of DNA and RNA from tobacco pollen by sodium chloride and perchloric acid

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Conditions for the formation of the water regime in some bogs in the central Chernozem region USSR, peat, chemical composition of bog waters

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Conditions for the growth and production of flavor of the yeasts

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Conditions for the hydrolysis of forage raw materials and products in determining tryptophan

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Conditions for the hydrolysis of protodioscin, the principal glycoside from Tribulus terrestris L., by an enzyme preparation from Aspergillus niger VKMt 33

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Conditions for the improvement of dairy products standard Poland.1

Nikolov, A., 1978:
Conditions for the introduction of industrial technology

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Conditions for the isolation of pectolytic enzymes of the fungus Rhizopus arrhizus Fischer

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Conditions for the photoproduction of hydrogen by subchloroplast fragments containing photosystem 1

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Conditions for the procurement of variety seed

Mantalos, N., 1971:
Conditions for the production

Petrov, S.P.trov, L.N.man, M., 1975:
Conditions for the production of commercial sugar syrup from juice of sugarbeets of average sugar content

Gikic, M., 1971:
Conditions for the production of red clover in Yugoslavia

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Conditions for the removal of volatile organic acids from molasses during heat treatment Alcohol production.1

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Conditions for the separation of oil and protein from coconut milk emulsion

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Conditions for the storage of industrial and feed animal fats by a pouring method

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Conditions for the storage of urea concentrate

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Conditions for the survival of the bee in present agricultural systems

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Conditions for the synthesis of antioxidative arginine-xylose Maillard reaction products

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Conditions for the transportation of honeybees in the daytime

Culberson, Cf, 1974:
Conditions for the use of Merck silica gel 60 F254 plates in the standardized thin-layer chromatographic technique for lichen products

Kowal, Z., 1978:
Conditions for the use of metal constructions in farm buildings

Gopel, Alfred, 1979:
Conditions for the use of non-homogenizable carriers in test of disinfectants on virucides

Lesemann, D.; Paul, H., 1980:
Conditions for the use of protein A in combination with the Derrick method of immuno electron microscopy Viruses

Morand-Fehr, P., 1979:
Conditions for the use of tanned proteins for goats

Lopatnik, J., 1970:
Conditions for the utilization of high doses of nutrients in irrigations

Zal'-Tsman, L.P.lovenko, S., 1972:
Conditions for transferring an agricultural enterprise to industrial status

Prokhvatilov, Iuf, 1973:
Conditions for transferring improvement cutting to a full cost accounting system

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Conditions for triggering off potato soft rot disease by latent infection of tubers

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Conditions for using a tension plate as a lysimeter

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Conditions for using automatic methods of counting milk cells: calibration and preservation of milk samples

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Conditions for utilization of underground waters of Dzhambu l Region

Anonymous, 1982:
Conditions for very rapid development of agriculture and forestry in the 1982-1985 period

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Conditions for viscose formation in cotton cellulose

Anonymous, 1975:
Conditions for winning foreign markets

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Conditions governing the use of approximations for the Saint-Venant equations for shallow surface water flow

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Conditions improved for farm takeovers

Anonymous, 1946:
Conditions in Holland

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Conditions in Tyrol and Upper Austria--a comparison Farmers war, 16th century.1

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Conditions in a LC-refiner as observed by physical measurements

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Conditions in forestry policy of Iran: problems and recommendations

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Conditions in poultry associated with deficiencies of vitamin E in Norway

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Conditions in solution during the formation of gibbsite in dilute Al salt solutions. 4. effects of Cl concentration and temperature and a proposed mechanism for gibbsite formation

Turner, R.; Ross, G., 1969:
Conditions in solution during the formation of gibbsite in dilute aluminum salt solutions. III. hydroxyaluminum products of reactions during the neutralization of aluminum chloride solutions with sodium hydroxide

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Conditions in the effective exploitation of irrigated lands for the production of forage and other crops, RSFSR.1

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Conditions in the rhizosphere in relation to microbial development

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Conditions in the rural sector of New South Wales

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Conditions in which wheat grows and the quality of its gluten

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Conditions inducing stalk rot on maize growing in a hot and dry environment Fusarium moniliforme, Macrophomina phaseoli on Zea mays.1

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Conditions influencing cotton yield in California

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Conditions influencing erosion on the Boise River watershed

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Conditions influencing essentiality of polyunsaturated fatty acids

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Conditions influencing first costs in pig fattening

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Conditions influencing the synthesis of alkaline proteinases by Mucor microsporus Nam

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Conditions leading to mycotoxin contamination of foods and feeds

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Conditions leading to precipitation of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase differ from those leading to enzyme activation Spinacia oleracea, spinach, Nicotiana, tobacco

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Conditions limiting the influence of thiol-disulphide interchange reactions on the heat-induced aggregation kinetics of o-lactoglobulin

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Conditions mimicking coarctation of the aorta

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Conditions necessary for a successful emergence under the Mediterranean climate. case of dry cereal culture in northern Morocco

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Conditions necessary for increasing honey exports from developing countries

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Conditions necessary for mechanization of the production process in vegetable culture

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Conditions necessary for sterility testing of heat processed canned foods

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Conditions necessary for systematic study of schistosome males by scanning electron microscopy

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Conditions necessary for the contamination of sunflowers by ascospores of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary. Application to the forecasting of local epidemics

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Conditions necessary for the effective application of phosphoric fertilizers

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Conditions necessary to obtain quality wines; influence of different natural and technical factors

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Conditions needed by forest inventories to be used in forest management

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Conditions needed for mechanized harvesting of spinach

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Conditions of Armillaria root rot occurrence in the forests of the Beskid Zywiecki Mountains

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Conditions of EDTA titrametric

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Conditions of a dynamic economy

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Conditions of abnormal tiller

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Conditions of accepting wheat

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Conditions of accumulation and re-distribution of salts in the soils of the Murgab oasis

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Conditions of accumulation of the Upper Pleistocene alluvium in the valley of Desna River

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Conditions of aflatoxin production in sunflowers

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Conditions of aflatoxin production: effect of components of culture medium on the production of the toxin

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Conditions of aggregate formation by chlorophyll a in aqueou s polar solvents: polarity of the medium

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Conditions of agricultural technique in specialization and concentration in socialistic big scale production

Anonymous, 1960:
Conditions of agricultural workers, wage earning, semi-independent and independent

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Conditions of amonia nitrogen,

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Conditions of an integrated development in Lekie: conclusions and suggestions

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Conditions of application and practical suitability of diagnostic methods in the detection of potato ring rot (Corynebacterium sepedonicum) Skapt. et Burkh

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Conditions of application of statistically significant tests for counting microbes in solid medium

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Conditions of applying herbicides on rice fields

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Conditions of applying the thermal stressed track on timber transport narrow-gauge lines

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Conditions of artificial drying of sawn wood in Parana and Santa Catarina

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Conditions of attaining high-quality work in cereal harvesting

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Conditions of barley growing

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Conditions of bioclimate and its spatial modifications Northern Baikal area, RSFSR-in-Asia.1

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Conditions of cathode regulation of the juice hydrogen-ion concentration of the second saturation

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Conditions of cavity flow of fue

Mordillat, P., 1978:
Conditions of cereal expansion

Anonymous, 1989:
Conditions of children in California

Rosset, R., 1973:
Conditions of choice and preparation of the product for freezing

Anonymous, 1989:
Conditions of competition between U.S. and Mexican lime in the United States market

Anonymous, 1990 :
Conditions of competition between the United States and Canadian durum wheat industries

Anonymous, 1977:
Conditions of competition in U.S. markets between domestic and foreign live cattle and cattle meat fit for human consumption

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Conditions of competition in modern agronomy

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Conditions of competition in the German fruit, vegetable, and pickle conserve industry

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Conditions of complete individual examination of tubers in separation machines Automatic separating device for removing rotten tubers.1

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Conditions of concentrating the culture liquid of the fungus Rhizopus arrhizus Fischer

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Conditions of consistency and crystallization in butter fat from cattle of the Jersey and Red Danish milk breeds

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Conditions of convection drying of light malt in a high stationary layer

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Conditions of conversion of fumarate to L-malate by yeast fumarase preparations

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Conditions of crop formations on the sandy pastures of Balkhash

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Conditions of cultivation and postharvest maturation of the seed

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Conditions of cultivation of isolated hop apices for clonal micropropagation

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Conditions of culturing of mutants of aspergillus terricola producing a proteolytic enzyme

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Conditions of dependability in under-drainage

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Conditions of development and the zoning of karst in the northern part of the Central Russian Upland

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Conditions of development of peat bogs in the lower Biebrza River valley in relation to water situation

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Conditions of drainage effectiveness

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Conditions of drying grain

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Conditions of earning and business results of social section in agriculture and fish farming in 1969

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Conditions of economic advisability of irrigation reserve capacities at overall use of the water flow

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Conditions of economic progress of farmers

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Conditions of economy in agricultural enterprises

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Conditions of effective application of fertilizers in sugarbeet crops

Ushkarenko, Va, 1973:
Conditions of effective application of fertilizers to irrigated Chestnut soils of the southern Ukraine

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Conditions of effective killing weeds in cereals with herbicides applied in spring

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Conditions of effective operation of the settling tank for carbonation juice RZ-POS-1.5

Fillipovich, Eg, 1973:
Conditions of effective use of feed concentrate of vitamin B12 in rations of piglets

Efremova, Tv, 1979:
Conditions of effective use of herbicides of the 2M-4X type on fiber flax crops

Moiseenkov, Ip, 1979:
Conditions of effective use of machinery and machine operating labor force

Slaby, A., 1974:
Conditions of efficient functioning of management systems of agricultural enterprises

Moiseenkov, Ip, 1978 :
Conditions of efficient use of energy-saturated high-speed machinery

Anonymous, 1949:
Conditions of employment of agricultural workers

Matsusaki, K., 1972:
Conditions of environment and l

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Conditions of equilibrium in the international cocoa market

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Conditions of equilibrium of the terracing machine TAR-1 on the surface of the terrace zone

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Conditions of equipment for liv

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Conditions of establishing scientific production integrations and principles of their activities

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Conditions of exploiting multioperation logging and transporting machines in forests of the CSSR

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Conditions of extraction of sugars from saccharified wood feed

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Conditions of fall development of winter wheat in southeastern Kazakhstan

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Conditions of farm and labor management in the German Swis s strawberry culture

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Conditions of farms in Swiss grape culture

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Conditions of feeding a river valley in the marginal zone of the Baltic glaciation

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Conditions of feeding and quality of yield of cereal crops Fertilizers, USSR.1

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Conditions of fiber flax production and the effectiveness of the industry

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Conditions of fiber shedding from the clothing on its opening

Anonymous, 1946:
Conditions of foods in Kwangtung

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Conditions of forest vegetation of the central Don floodplain

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Conditions of formation and distribution of soils of Tenerife

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Conditions of formation and properties of excitonic complexes formed by xanthophylls in the presence of water

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Conditions of formation and regional evaluation of subsurface discharge in fold-mountain regions (as exemplified by the basin of the Chusovaya River in the middle Urals)

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Conditions of formation and some properties of soils of the left bank of Central Chulym River

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Conditions of formation and the role of phytoalexins in the resistance of potato tubers to dry rot

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Conditions of formation of aldehydes in wines. Relation and importance in connection with oxidation phenomena and organoleptic characteristics

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Conditions of formation of dextranase of Pencillium funiculosum 15

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Conditions of formation of extracellular polysaccharides by yeasts

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Conditions of formation of high quality winter wheat seed in the western areas of Byelorussia

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Conditions of formation of high yielding barley and oat seed

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Conditions of formation of individual components of stimulating substances

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Conditions of formation, composition and properties of crusts in Tripolitania (Libya)

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Conditions of forming and quality of onion seeds

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Conditions of forming infection structures of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici in vitro

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Conditions of forming of protein fractions in grain and legume kernels

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Conditions of fruit body formation in Flammulina velutipes (Curt. ex. Fr.) Sing. in cultivation

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Conditions of germination and the role of herbivores in the dispersal and recruitment of a clonal species: Juncus gerardi Lois

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Conditions of germination of chlamidospores of smut Urocystis leimbachii (Oertel) Liro and the ways of its infection of Adonis vernalis

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Conditions of germination of microsclerotia of Verticillium dahliae Kleb. in soil

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Conditions of germination of uredospores of the causal organism of corn rust

Anonymous, 1976:
Conditions of good milking

Verger, M., 1979:
Conditions of good vaccination, possible causes of failures. Situation and development of knowledge on Mareks disease

Anonymous, 1940:
Conditions of government contracts

Ivashura, Ld, 1984:
Conditions of growing initial seed and the indicator of selection of original spikes in primary seed production

Davydova, N.; Sverdlova, O., 1983:
Conditions of growing oak rootstocks with a closed root system

Sumner-Smith, G., 1988:
Conditions of growing teeth

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Conditions of growth and formation of carotenoids by Rhodotorula lactis yeasts on milk serum

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Conditions of growth and spreading of Rhododendron luteum -Sweet (Ericaceae) on Slovechansko-Ovruchsky heights (Ukraine)

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Conditions of growth of black saxaul in the piedmont zone of southern Karatau

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Conditions of hardening and frost resistance of winter cruciferous plants

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Conditions of hardening and the frost resistance of fruit trees Frost injury studies of apple trees.1

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Conditions of harvesting and storage of cabbage produced in 1981 to ensure good preservation

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Conditions of harvesting, storing and processing sugarbeet roots of the 1976 harvest

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Conditions of housing and hygiene in Bavarian horse-farms. 1. Stable buildings and housing systems

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Conditions of housing and hygiene in Bavarian horse-farms. 2. Hygienic measures and climatic conditions

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Conditions of humus formation and fractional composition of humus of solodized soils of Baraba

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Conditions of humus formation and the composition of humus of mountain taiga Brown soils in the southeastern Baikal area

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Conditions of hydrolysis as affecting the results of microbiological assays of cystine in feedstuffs

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Conditions of illumination and zoosporogenesis in Klebsormi dium flaccidum

Morgensen, G., 1972:
Conditions of importance with reference to the sterilization of milk products

Guo LingLing; L.X.nHua; Zeng Jie, 2007:
Conditions of improvement of maize flour quality by uniform design

Bleiiankman, E.-M.A.hapovskaeiia, M.Z., 1974:
Conditions of increasing payment funds

Sviatahor, A.; Kepets'-, A., 1984:
Conditions of increasing the efficiency of mixed feed producing shops of farm enterprises

Herbold, F., 1972:
Conditions of infection by Phytophthora-potato blight--possibilities to decrease them

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Conditions of infection structure formation of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici in vitro

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Conditions of installation of forest screens to protect fields in Oltenia

Libershtein, I., 1977:
Conditions of interfarm cooperation

Berlan, J.; Bertrand, J.; Lebas, L.M.rloie, M., 1976:
Conditions of international competition between peanuts, soybeans and rape

Godlewski, S., 1970:
Conditions of introducing a double shift of work on dairy farms

Khakimova, V.; Vishniakova, A.; Beislekhem, E., 1970:
Conditions of introduction of molybdenum into double superphosphate

Eremeev, E.-N.M.khaaeilin, A.S., 1983:
Conditions of irrigating farm crops

Robreau, G.L.-Gal, Y., 1974:
Conditions of isolating Chlamydomonas reinhardtii CW 15 chromatin

Moistsrapishvili, Zk, 1974:
Conditions of labor and requirements for the scientific organization of labor

Chattopadhyay, Manabendu, 1985:
Conditions of labour in Indian agriculture

Koziej, L., 1969:
Conditions of land cultivation in karst sink on the Kras plateau of Yugoslavia

Timofeev, Vp, 1977:
Conditions of larch introduction into the forests of the European part of the USSR

Anonymous, 1949:
Conditions of life and work of indigenous populations of Latin American countries

Anonymous, 1948:
Conditions of life and work of the agricultural worker

Hedgpeth Joel, W., 1956:
Conditions of life in the sea

Mehlhorn, G.B.er, K., 1972:
Conditions of livestock hygiene relevant to cleaning and disinfection of no-litter pig and cattle housing

Havas, F., 1977:
Conditions of livestock transport and meat quality

Pusztal, S.K.vacs, J.T.kacs, I., 1976:
Conditions of livestock transport and their impact on meat quality

Salins, Z., 1981:
Conditions of logging concentration and the procedure of determining indicators of their guarantee

Kravchenko, L.; Trukhanovskii, D.; Chastii, V., 1974 :
Conditions of long-term pres

Marsili, A., 1983:
Conditions of lubrication of agricultural tractors used in heavy cultivating labor

Lampart Szczapa, E.; Szukaa, J.; Krejpcio, Z.; Nogala Kaucka, M.; Czaczyk, K.; Kossowska, I.; Hoffmann, A., 2007:
Conditions of lupin cultivation and manufacturing - a modifying factors of phytate and tannins content - the endogenous inhibitors of minerals bioavailability

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Conditions of lyophilization of yeasts with the use of experimental design methods

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Conditions of machine harvesting of tomatoes in Kuban

Kharchenko, Gi, 1980:
Conditions of maintenance and size of honeybee cluster

Aillaud, Gj, 1979:
Conditions of manifesting abnormal floral morphogenesis after infection by a Mycoplasma strain

Voronina, E.; Novikova, I., 1980:
Conditions of mass formation of dormant spores of Entomophthora thaxteriana (Entomophthoraceae, Zydomycetes) in a submerged culture Production of biological preparations for crop pest control.1

Vorob'-Ev, A.; Blagodatskaya, V., 1983:
Conditions of medium favoring sexual agglutination in Citeromyces matritensis Yeasts

Rakhimova, R., 1981:
Conditions of melon crop seed storage and their effect on sowing qualities and yields of the fruit

Betancourt, L.; Frank, H., 1983:
Conditions of microbial decay of green coffee. 1. Sorptive behavior and mould growing

Golovleva, L.; Finkel'-Shtein, Z., 1984:
Conditions of microbial degradation of pesticides

Bezenko, T.; Baranova, I., 1979:
Conditions of milk production of high quality on modern complexes and farms Chemical composition.1

Sokolov, Oa, 1979:
Conditions of mineral nutrition and functional characteristics of plant cellular structures. I. Nuclei and chloroplasts

Sokolov, Oa, 1980:
Conditions of mineral nutrition and functional peculiarities of plant cellular structures. 2. Mitochondria and ribosomes

Pavlov, A.; Cherginets, B., 1980:
Conditions of mineral nutrition and the formation of triticale grain quality. 2. Factors determining the increased content of protein in triticale grain

Cherginets, B.; Riadchikov, V.; Pavlov, A., 1980:
Conditions of mineral nutrition and the formation of triticale grain quality. 3. Biological value of protein

Pavlov, A.; Cherginets, B.; Mikhalev, N.; Vaulina, G., 1979:
Conditions of mineral nutrition and the formation of triticale grain quality. I. Productivity of plants and technological properties of grain

Ivanou, S.; Dubikouski, H.; Meiarouski, A.; Lapa, V.; Kazhura, I., 1982:
Conditions of mineral nutrition d

Stankov, Nz, 1970:
Conditions of mineral nutrition of plant

Stankov, Nz, 1970:
Conditions of mineral nutrition of plants

Gnetieva, L.; Poptsova, L., 1977:
Conditions of mineral nutrition of pulses and the effectiveness of applying fertilizers in different soil climatic zones of the USSR

Nikitishen, Vi, 1975:
Conditions of minereal nutrition and response of winter wheat to potassium fertilizers

Osik, Ns, 1975:
Conditions of moisture supply and amino acids in proteins of sunflowers

Kostiaev, Via, 1976:
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