Section 16
Chapter 15,358

Construction and transient expression of Newcastle disease virus F gene Eukaryotic vector in COS-7 cell line

Wang Qing; Zhang YanMing; Wang XuanNian; Zhang GaiPing; Hu JianHe; Yang SuZhen; Zhao Dong; Xing GuangXu; Xu YanZhao; Zhao GuangHui; Duan YanHua

Journal of Northwest A and F University Natural Science Edition 35(10): 6-10


Accession: 015357968

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The F gene of NDV was amplified by PCR and cloned into pGEM-T Easy vector and sequenced. NDV F gene was, then, subcloned into high efficient eukaryotic vector pcDNA4/HisMax. The recombinant plasmid pc4F was transfected into COS-7 cells by using superfect transfection reagent. The NDV F protein expression in COS-7 cells was detected by immunocytochemistry.

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