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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15404

Chapter 15404 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1958:
County program building for Texas agricultural extension workers

Anonymous, 1955:
County program planning, Old County

Handley, Mh, 1978:
County programs for vertebrate pest control in California

Montgomery, Ba, 1988:
County programs: introduction

Dail, Howard, 1955:
County publications help programs fit

Van-Horn, G.; Williams, L., 1981:
County records of vascular plants in Tennessee

Anonymous, 1980:
County resource information system package for Wood County, Ohio

Smith, D.-R.M.yer, N., L., 1978:
County revenue services

Wacker, Matthew, 2001:
County right-to-farm ordinances in California

Walker, William-Paul, 1942:
County road use and finance in Maryland

Campbell, J., 1985:
County sludge liability turns into county asset

Gjerde, Nk, 1975:
County statistics 1973 and 1974

Sizer, Leonard-Marion, 1961:
County study data book

Trank, A., 1991:
County succeeds in recycling mixed wastepaper

Kiser, J., 1987:
County survey valuable tool in rural development

Anonymous, 1990:
County tests range of organics

Hamlett, C.; Pautsch, G.; Baumel, C., 1986:
County traffic patterns and prospects for change

Anonymous, 2004:
County typology codes

Turner, S., 1989:
County united

Krausz, N.G.P., 1957:
County zoning

Huntington, Stuart, H., 2000:
County zoning in Iowa

Snyder, R.J.nnetta, J., 1979:
County zoning variance administration in Minnesota: a study of diversity

Brown, D.O.-Rourke, P., 1980:
County, municipal and school corporation tax impacts of new industry--1980

Vogel, Jl, 1985:
County-administered forestry programs: timberland strategies

Goetz, Stephan, J., 1997:
County-level determinants of high-technology firm locations

Taff, Steven, J., 2002:
County-level distribution of land values in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area

Alexander, R.-B.S.ith, R., A., 1990:
County-level estimates of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer use in the United States, 1945 to 1985

Farrell, M., C.; Tappe, P., A., 2007:
County-level factors contributing to deer-vehicle collisions in Arkansas

Ejimakor, G.A.hareke, O., 2006:
County-level impact of pork production and processing in North Carolina

Anonymous, 2004:
County-level unemployment and median household income

Bertelsen, J., 1976:
Countyard garden and garden surroundings

Rizzi, Franco, 1980 :
Countyside and communism

Ligne, C.-Joseph, P.-De; Guy, B., 1991:
Coup d* paragraph *il at Bel* paragraph *il and a great number of European gardens

Anonymous, 1975:
Coup doeil sur les repercussions des changements de structure et autres sur les matieres premieres utilisees pour la fabrication des aliments composes pour animaux

Majcen, Zoran, 1996:
Coupe de jardinage et coupe de succession dans cinq secteurs forestiers

Miller, S.; Nunnally, E.-W.W.ckman, D., B., 1979:
Couple communication I

Godwin, D.; Scanzoni, J., 1989:
Couple consensus during marital joint decision-making: a context, process, outcome model

Godwin, D.; Scanzoni, J., 1989:
Couple decision making: commonalities and differences across issues and spouses

Higgins, Bs, 1990:
Couple infertility: from the perspective of the close-relationship model

Bibring, J-P.; Arvidson, R.E.; Gendrin, A.; Gondet, B.; Langevin, Y.; L.M.uelic, S.; Mangold, N.; Morris, R.V.; Mustard, J.F.; Poulet, F.; Quantin, C.; Sotin, C., 2007:
Coupled ferric oxides and sulfates on the Martian surface

Frigon, J.C.; Bruneau, T.; Moletta, R.; Guiot, S.R., 2007:
Coupled anaerobic-aerobic treatment of whey wastewater in a sequencing batch reactor: proof of concept

Mcbride, J., 1998 :
Coupled antibodies fend off mastitis

Walas, S., 1970:
Coupled buildings won the Golden Panicle award

Marchetti, A.; Harrison, P., J., 2007:
Coupled changes in the cell morphology and the elemental (C, N, and Si) composition of the pennate diatom Pseudo-nitzschia due to iron deficiency

Semenova, E.; Bliznichenko, M.; Rii, T., 1976:
Coupled compensation effect in different polymorphic blood protein systems in cattle

Satake, A.; Leslie, H.M.; Iwasa, Y.; Levin, S.A., 2007:
Coupled ecological-social dynamics in a forested landscape: spatial interactions and information flow

Imasheva, A.; Zhivotovskii, L.; Lazebnyi, O., 1990:
Coupled effects of directional and stabilizing selection in Drosophila emlanogaster

Fiala, A.W.uters, P.; Bosch, E.V.n-Den; Creyghton, Y., 2001:
Coupled electrical-fluid model of pulsed electric field treatment in a model food system

Clarke, N.; Miles, G.; Barrett, J.; Christmas, E.; Doster, D., 1988:
Coupled expert system and simulation to assess alternative crops in Indiana

Clarke, N.; Miles, G.; Barrett, J.; Christman, E.; Doster, D., 1987:
Coupled expert system and simulation to assess alternative drops in Indiana

Pinto, Paulo-Miguel-Lopes, 1998:
Coupled finite element formulations for dynamic soil-structure interaction

Roos, W., 1984:
Coupled fluxes of protons, NH4+ and TCA-cycle anions in Penicillium cyclopium

Kolditz, O.R.tke, R.D.ersch, H.; Zielke, W., 1998:
Coupled groundwater flow and transport. 1. Verification of variable density flow and transport models

Diersch, H.; Kolditz, O., 1998:
Coupled groundwater flow and transport. 2 Thermohaline and 3D convection systems

Tzimopoulos, C.S.diropoulos, E., 1981:
Coupled heat and moisture transfer in unsaturated porous bodies Analysis of evapotranspiration, model

Ausseur, J.; Menjoz, A.S.uty, J., 1982:
Coupled hot and cold water storage in an aquifer using the doublet system

Hughs, S.; Lalor, W.; Vandoorn, D., 1992:
Coupled lint cleaning: solution to minimizing fiber damage

Shlyk, A.; Shalygo, N.; Averina, N., 1981:
Coupled localization of magnesium-protoporphyrin IX monomethyl ester and the closest precursors of chlorophyll in the chloroplast membranes

Fradkin, L.; Titova, E.; Shalygo, N.; Averina, N., 1989:
Coupled localization of protoporphyrin IX and magnesium porphyrins in the pigment-protein complexes of the chloroplasts

Burcham, JM.; Paynter, KT.; Bishop, SH., 1983:
Coupled mitochondria from oyster gill tissue

Bronstert, A., 2005:
Coupled models for the hydrological cycle

Maggi, F.P.rporato, A., 2007:
Coupled moisture and microbial dynamics in unsaturated soils

Ramadoss, C.S.; Pistorius, E.K.; Axelrod, B., 1978:
Coupled oxidation of carotene by lipoxygenase requires two isoenzymes

Woodley, C.L.; Gupta, N.K., 1972:
Coupled oxidoreductase activity of horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase

Roche-Labarbe, N.; Wallois, F.; Ponchel, E.; Kongolo, G.; Grebe, R., 2007:
Coupled oxygenation oscillation measured by NIRS and intermittent cerebral activation on EEG in premature infants

Salamon, Z.H.ang, D.C.amer, W.; Tollin, G., 1998:
Coupled plasmon-waveguide resonance spectroscopy studies of the cytochrome b6f

Bai, M.; Elsworth, D., 2000:
Coupled processes in subsurface deformation, flow, and transport

Verhoef, W.; Bach, H., 2007:
Coupled soil-leaf-canopy and atmosphere radiative transfier modeling to simulate hyperspectral multi-angular surface reflectance and TOA radiance data

Davidson, G.; Kaplan, M.; Liang, G., 1996:
Coupled supercritical methods for analysing food systems and possible processes

Graf, T.T.errien, R., 2007:
Coupled thermohaline groundwater flow and single-species reactive solute transport in fractured porous media

Moorman, A.; Grivell, L., 1976:
Coupled transcription translation of yeast mitochondrial DNA in vitro as a means of gene identification and mapping

Bottomley, W., 1982:
Coupled transcription-translation of chloroplast DNA and the translation of chloroplast RNA using Escherichia coli S-30 extracts in vitro

Gould, P.Spencer.; Easton, A.John., 2007:
Coupled translation of the second open reading frame of M2 mRNA is sequence dependent and differs significantly within the subfamily Pneumovirinae

Marsh, D.B.nefield, L.B.nnett, E.L.nstedt, D.H.rtman, R., 1981:
Coupled trickling filter-rotating biological contractor nitrification process

Hogendoorn, E.A.; Van Zoonen, P., 1995:
Coupled-column reversed-phase liquid chromatography in environmental analysis

Bellin, Cheryl, A., 1993:

Anonymous, 1983:
Couples celebrate farming Young Farm Couples Conference, cooperatives, Ohio

Wolfson, R.-Meyers; Deluca, V., 1981:
Couples with children

Lacey, D.J.nnings, G., 1986:
Couples with diverse personalities and strong marriages

Sexton, C.; Perlman, D., 1989:
Couples career orientation, gender role orientation, and perceived equity as determinants of marital power

Heydari, M.; Asiabar, A.K.; Zade, S.F., 2006:
Couples knowledge and attitude about sexuality in pregnancy

Gage, M.; Holcomb, R., 1991:
Couples perception of stressfulness of death of the family pet

Vangelisti, A.; Banski, M., 1993:
Couples, debriefing conversations: the impact of gender occupation, and demographic characteristics

Schappler, J.; Guillarme, D.; Prat, J.; Veuthey, J-Luc.; Rudaz, S., 2007:
Coupling CE with atmospheric pressure photoionization MS for pharmaceutical basic compounds: optimization of operating parameters

Tang, R.-Hang; Han, S.; Zheng, H.; Cook, C.-W.C.oi, C.-S.W.erner, T.-E.J.ckson, R.-B.P.i, Z.-Ming, 2007:
Coupling Diurnal Cytosolic Ca superscript 2+(B Oscillations to the CAS-IP subscript 3(B Pathway in Arabidopsis

Schlosser, G.; Kacer, P.; Kuzma, M.; Szilágyi, Zán.; Sorrentino, A.; Manzo, C.; Pizzano, R.; Malorni, L.; Pocsfalvi, G., 2007:
Coupling immunomagnetic separation on magnetic beads with matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry for detection of staphylococcal enterotoxin B

Rajkowitsch, L.; Schroeder, Rée., 2007:
Coupling RNA annealing and strand displacement: a FRET-based microplate reader assay for RNA chaperone activity

Yu, Li, 1999:
Coupling a biosphere-atmosphere transfer scheme with a Mesoscale atmospheric model

Hill, M.A.; Davis, M.J., 2007:
Coupling a change in intraluminal pressure to vascular smooth muscle depolarization: still stretching for an explanation

Meinard, C.B.uneau, P.R.che, M., 1985:
Coupling a high-performance liquid chromatograph with a liquid scintillation detector: example in the field of pyrethroids

Li, Q.; Wang, Y., 2007:
Coupling and internal noise sustain synchronized oscillation in calcium system

Kofoed, Ss, 1976:
Coupling and maneuvering of tractors with mounted inplements

Li-Li; Jing-Chunsheng; Zhu-Dayong, 2007:
Coupling and propagating of rnesoscale sea level variability, between the western Pacific and the South China Sea

Pohlert, T.; Breuer, L.; Huisman, J.A.; Frede, H.G., 2005:
Coupling and test of process orientated DNDC nitrogen cycling model with the landscape water balance model SWAT

Amiri Tokaldany, E.; Darby, S.E.; Tosswell, P., 2007:
Coupling bank stability and bed deformation models to predict equilibrium bed topography in river bends

Stan, G.; Lorimer, G.H.; Thirumalai, D.; Brooks, B.R., 2007:
Coupling between allosteric transitions in GroEL and assisted folding of a substrate protein

Berman-Frank, I.; Rosenberg, G.; Levitan, O.; Haramaty, L.; Mari, X., 2007:
Coupling between autocatalytic cell death and transparent exopolymeric particle production in the marine cyanobacterium Trichodesmium

Yiotis, A.; Tsimpanogiannis, I.; Stubos, A.; Yortsos, Y., 2007:
Coupling between external and internal mass transfer during drying of a porous medium

Molins, S.M.yer, K., 2007:
Coupling between geochemical reactions and multicomponent gas and solute transport in unsaturated media: A reactive transport modeling study

Kaler, V.; Klinger, I.; Loktev, A.; Vecher, A., 1977:
Coupling between glycolate metbolism and chlorophyll biosynthesis in plants

Nir, Y.; Fisch, L.; Mukamel, R.; Gelbard-Sagiv, H.; Arieli, A.; Fried, I.; Malach, R., 2007:
Coupling between neuronal firing rate, gamma LFP, and BOLD fMRI is related to interneuronal correlations

Mandel, L.J.; Moffett, D.F.; Riddle, T.G.; Grafton, M.M., 1980:
Coupling between oxidative metabolism and active transport in the midgut of tobacco hornworm

Morlando, M.B.llarino,, P.C.ffarelli, E.D.chtl, B.B.zzoni, I., 2004:
Coupling between snoRNP assembly and 3 processing controls box C

Ishimatsu, K.; Horikawa, K.; Takeda, H., 2007:
Coupling cellular oscillators: a mechanism that maintains synchrony against developmental noise in the segmentation clock

Pagans, E.F.nt, X.S.lnchez, A., 2007:
Coupling composting and biofiltration for ammonia and volatile organic compound removal

Wilson, H.M.; Flint, P.L.; Powell, A.N., 2007:
Coupling contaminants with demography: effects of lead and selenium in Pacific common eiders

Madden, L.; Hughes,, M., 2000:
Coupling disease-progress-curve and time-of-infection functions for predicting yeild loss of crops

Kolodner, R.D.; Mendillo, M.L.; Putnam, C.D., 2007:
Coupling distant sites in DNA during DNA mismatch repair

Zhao YiTao; Liang YunJiang; X.G.angBo, 2007:
Coupling effect of water and fertilizers on irrigation water use efficiency under the condition of capsicum cultivation in protective field

Liu XinYong; Tian ChangYan, 2007:
Coupling effect of water and nitrogen of cotton under plastic mulching by drip irrigation

Kell, D., 1983:
Coupling factor B and the bovine mitochondrial H+ -ATP synthase

Horak, A.; Hill, R.D., 1971:
Coupling factor for photophosphorylation in bean etioplasts and chloroplasts

Nelson, N., 1980:
Coupling factors from higher plants

Gavrilenko, V.; Rubin, B.; Zhigalova, T., 1975:
Coupling factors in the experiments with decoupling and reconstruction of the chloroplast phosphorylating systems with high and low activity

Rautiainen, M.; Suomalainen, J.; Mottus, M.; Stenberg, P.; Voipio, P.; Peltoniemi, J.; Manninen, T., 2007:
Coupling forest canopy and understory reflectance in the Arctic latitudes of Finland

Anonymous, 1970:
Coupling from the seat

Fraisse, D.M.quin, F., 1981:
Coupling gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Knowles, L.Lacey.; Carstens, B.C.; Keat, M.L., 2007:
Coupling genetic and ecological-niche models to examine how past population distributions contribute to divergence

Pelzer, P., 1981:
Coupling in front, towards a new tractor

Defrancq, H., 1984:
Coupling in front: the tractor-tool connection

Duysen, M.; Freeman, T., 1979:
Coupling in isolated wheat chloroplasts during greening

Gorodetsky, A.A.; Green, O.; Yavin, E.; Barton, J.K., 2007:
Coupling into the base pair stack is necessary for DNA-mediated electrochemistry

Pizarro, F.; Varela, C.; Martabit, C.; Bruno, C.; Pérez-Correa, J.Ricardo.; Agosin, E., 2007:
Coupling kinetic expressions and metabolic networks for predicting wine fermentations

Dawson, C., 2005:
Coupling local discontinuous and continuous Galerkin methods for flow problems

Tran-Anh, T.R.mberg, B., 1987:
Coupling mechanism between proton transport and ATP synthesis in chloroplasts

Reynolds, M.; Ringelberg, D., 2006:
Coupling microbial processes with surface soil temporal dynamics

Tanigoshi, Lk, 1976:
Coupling mite population and fruit growth models in management decisions

Joly, N.; Rappas, M.; Wigneshweraraj, S.R.; Zhang, X.; Buck, M., 2007:
Coupling nucleotide hydrolysis to transcription activation performance in a bacterial enhancer binding protein

Sequeira, R.; Makela, M.; El-Zik, K.; Stone, N., 1990:
Coupling object-oriented plant and Heliothis models

Tsai, L.; Mortenson, L.; Simpson, O., 1978:
Coupling of Clostridium pasturianum nitrogenase to photochemically generated assimilatory power

Bruges, G.; Borges, A.; Sánchez de Villarroel, S.; Lippo de Bécemberg, I.; Francis de Toba, G.; Pláceres, F.; González de Alfonzo, R.; Alfonzo, M.J., 2007:
Coupling of M3 acetylcholine receptor to Gq16 activates a natriuretic peptide receptor guanylyl cyclase

Mensink, Richard, E., 1992:
Coupling of MgATP hydrolysis and electron transfer in the presteady-state phase of the nitrogenase reaction

Tolkovsky, A.M.; Levitzki, A., 1978:
Coupling of a single adenylate cyclase to two receptors: adenosine and catecholamine

Di-Bello, C.M.rigo, A.P.ndin, M., 1978:
Coupling of arginine peptides, model studies on staphylococcal nuclease and bovine pancreatic ribonuclease fragments

Weiss, B.; Schneider, M.; Muys, L.; Taetz, S.; Neumann, D.; Schaefer, U.F.; Lehr, C-Michael., 2007:
Coupling of biotin-(poly(ethylene glycol))amine to poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles for versatile surface modification

Maznychenko, A.V.; Pilyavskii, A.I.; Kostyukov, A.I.; Lyskov, E.; Vlasenko, O.V.; Maisky, V.A., 2007:
Coupling of c-fos expression in the spinal cord and amygdala induced by dorsal neck muscles fatigue

Shlyk, A.; Selevich, T.; Savchenko, G., 1980:
Coupling of changes in the lag phase and rate of protochlorophyllide resynthesis under the influence of cycloheximide and chloramphenicol

Duckworth, Rée.A.; Badyaev, A.V., 2007:
Coupling of dispersal and aggression facilitates the rapid range expansion of a passerine bird

Colmenares, S.U.; Buker, S.M.; Buhler, M.; Dlakić, M.; Moazed, D., 2007:
Coupling of double-stranded RNA synthesis and siRNA generation in fission yeast RNAi

Dyer, M.I.C.ossley, D.A., 1986:
Coupling of ecological studies with remote sensing

Yan Jun; Wang Ting; Ren Ke, 2005:
Coupling of ecology, cultare and landscape illustrated by Shushan ecological park design, Suzhou City

Korshunova, V.S.; Krendeleva, T.E.; Rubin, A.B., 1969:
Coupling of electron transport with the process of photophosphorylation in isolated mitochondria

Radhakrishnan, R., 2007:
Coupling of fast and slow modes in the reaction pathway of the minimal hammerhead ribozyme cleavage

Lan, M.S.; Wang, H-Wei.; Chong, J.; Breslin, M.B., 2006:
Coupling of glucose response element from L-type pyruvate kinase and G6Pase promoter enhances glucose responsive activity in hepatoma cells

Kaler, V.; Klinger, Y.-E.L.ktev, A.; Vecher, A., 1977:
Coupling of glycolate metabolism with chlorophyll synthesis in plants

Batra, S.U.adhyaya, A.R.el, S.S.nkhla, D.S.nkhla, N., 1981:
Coupling of growth stimulation and proline accumulation by giberellic acid in moth (Phaseolus aconitifolius) and moong (Phaseolus radiatus)

Dybala-Defratyka, A.; Paneth, P.; Banerjee, R.; Truhlar, D.G., 2007:
Coupling of hydrogenic tunneling to active-site motion in the hydrogen radical transfer catalyzed by a coenzyme B12-dependent mutase

Lian, Y.; Chan, I.C.i; Singh, J.; Demissie, M.; Knapp, V.; Xie, H., 2007:
Coupling of hydrologic and hydraulic models for the Illinois River Basin

Berg, T.; Maul, J.; Erdmann, N.; Bernhard, P.; Schuppler, S.; Nagel, P.; Sudek, C.; Ott, U.; Schönhense, G., 2006:
Coupling of imaging NEXAFS with secondary ion mass spectrometry for the chemical and isotopic analysis of presolar cosmic grains

Reuss,, H.; Wagner, F., 1975:
Coupling of material transport and growth kinetics in microorganisms utilizing methanol

Reyniers, F.-Noel; Benoit-Cattin, M., 1996:
Coupling of models in agriculture

Brown, D.A.; Higashida, H.; Noda, M.; Ishizaka, N.; Hashii, M.; Hoshi, N.; Yokoyama, S.; Fukuda, K.; Katayama, M.; Nukada, T., 1993:
Coupling of muscarinic receptor subtypes to ion channels: experiments on neuroblastoma hybrid cells

Reuss, M.G.ieser, J., 1978:
Coupling of oxygen transfer and microbial reaction

Zvalinskii, V.; Litvin, F., 1984:
Coupling of photochemical and dark cycle reactions during photosynthesis

Monteith, Jl, 1981:
Coupling of plants to the atmosphere Interactions with environment

Holland, S.M., 2007:
Coupling of predation intensity and global diversity over geologic time

Wood, K.; Plazanet, M.; Gabel, F.; Kessler, B.; Oesterhelt, D.; Tobias, D.J.; Zaccai, G.; Weik, M., 2007:
Coupling of protein and hydration-water dynamics in biological membranes

Davenport, J.; Mccarty, R., 1981:
Coupling of proton translocation to ATP synthesis and hydrolysis by chloroplast thylakoids Photophosphorylation

Witt, Ht, 1971:
Coupling of quanta, electrons, fields, ions and phosphorylation in the functional membrane of photosynthesis: results by pulse spectroscopic methods

Marzuoli, A.; Rasetti, M., 2007:
Coupling of quantum angular momenta: an insight into analogic/discrete and local/global models of computation

Adachi, K.; Oiwa, K.; Nishizaka, T.; Furuike, S.; Noji, H.; Itoh, H.; Yoshida, M.; Kinosita, K., 2007:
Coupling of rotation and catalysis in F(1)-ATPase revealed by single-molecule imaging and manipulation

Shangin-Berezovskii, Gn, 1979:
Coupling of the mutagenic effect of M1 development and the mutational yield in the M2

Struppe, H.; Franke, F.H.fmann, J.O.druschka, B., 1996:
Coupling of thermal desorption in modified closeable sampling columns with wide-bore capillary gas chromatography and mass spectrometric detection

Balzter, H.; Gerard, F.; George, C.; Weedon, G.; Grey, W.; Los, S.; Combal, B.; Bartholome, E.; Bartalev, S., 2007:
Coupling of vegetation growing season anomalies and fire activity with hemispheric and regional-scale climate patterns in central and east Siberia

Homblé, F.; Véry, A.A., 1992:
Coupling of water and potassium ions in K channels of the tonoplast of Chara

Yang, L.; Zhu, Y.; Tan, T.; Janson, J.-Christer, 2007:
Coupling oligo-beta-cyclodextrin on polyacrylate beads media for separation of puerarin

Gioia, R.; Sweetman, A.J.; Jones, K.C., 2007:
Coupling passive air sampling with emission estimates and chemical fate modeling for persistent organic pollutants (POPs): a feasibility study for Northern Europe

Boote, K.; Jones, J.; Mishoe, J.; Berger, R., 1983:
Coupling pests to crop growth simulators to predict yield reductions

Aoyagi, T.H.soya, S.N.kano, J., 1980:
Coupling reaction of alpha-(2-m

Sullivan, J.H.; Gitz, D.C.; Liu-Gitz, L.; Xu, C.; Gao, W.; Slusser, J., 2007:
Coupling short-term changes in ambient UV-B levels with induction of UV-screening compounds

Trebst, A., 1976:
Coupling sites, native and artificial, in photophosphorylation by isolated chloroplasts

Malato, S.; Blanco, Ján.; Maldonado, M.I.; Oller, I.; Gernjak, W.; Pérez-Estrada, L., 2007:
Coupling solar photo-Fenton and biotreatment at industrial scale: main results of a demonstration plant

Dreissig, M., 1972:
Coupling systems for tractors and semi-trailers

Levitin, M.; Shestopalov, S., 1976:
Coupling types and hybridization of strains of Drechslera (Helminthosporium) teres

Patterson, Mary-Pauline, 1943:
Coupon cookery

Levedahl, Jw, 1988:
Coupon redeemers: are they better shoppers?

Gallo, A.S.ucker, T., 1978:
Coupon use in food marketing

Newman, J.; Dubno, S., 1986:
Coupon use: is cents off sense or nonsense?

Antil, Jh, 1985:
Couponing as a promotional tool: Consumers do benefit

Gallo, Anthony, E., 1983:
Couponings growth in food marketing

Gallo, A.; Hamm, L.1; Zeller, J., 1982:
Couponings growth in food marketing Distribution, redemption, consumer attitudes, United States

Gallo, A.; Hamm, L.; Zellner, J., 1982:
Couponing: ticket to higher food sales

Darling, M.; Goss, D., 1984:
Coupons and rebates

Gallo, Ae, 1982:
Coupons: part I

Gallo, W.; Hamm, L., 1982:
Coupons: part II

Bagwell, P.; Caudill, D., 1987:
Coupons: who uses them?--are they here to stay?

Thorsvik, Eivind, 1977:
Courage against the sea

Cramer, C., 1989:
Courage to quit chemicals

Thomas, Jw, 1999:
Courage, dedication, sacrifice: a monument to wildland firefighters

De-Baca, Robert, C., 1990:
Courageous cattlemen

Anonymous, 1940:

Bonner, Mary-Graham, 1944:
Couriers of the sky

Doroshenko, Vv, 1978:
Courland export in the second half of the 18th century

Sampaio-Fernandes, J., 1943:
Couros, peles e cortumes

Sen, A.; Mahato, S.; Dutta, N., 1974:
Couroupitine A, a new alkaloid from Couroupita guianensis

Layens, Georges-De, 1946:
Cours complet dapiculture et conduite dun rucher isolae

Poiraee, Maurice, 1947:
Cours daeconomie et de laegislation fonciaeres

Anonymous, 1946:
Cours daelectricitae

Charron, Fernande, 1942:
Cours daelectricitae expaerimentale

Habran, Renae, 1944:
Cours darboriculture fruitiaere

Genin, B.; Chauvin, C.; Menard, F., 1997:
Cours deau et indices biologiques

Vignerot, Maurice, 1962:
Cours destimations rurales

Vignerot, Maurice, 1952:
Cours dexpertise fonciaere, agricole et forestiaere

Razous, Paul, 1941:
Cours dexploitation commerciale des bois

Moreaux, Renae, 1956:
Cours dindustrie apicole

Abeloos, Marcel, 1952:
Cours de biologie animale aa lusage des candidate au P.C.B

Plantefol, Lucien, 1955:
Cours de biologie cellulaire et vaegaetale

Clerck, Jean-De, 1948:
Cours de brasserie

Tivoli, Marcel, 1961:
Cours de comptabilitae agricole

Lebreton, Marcel, 1943:
Cours de comptabilitae artisanale

Tivoli, Marcel, 1967:
Cours de comptabilite agricole

Habran, Renae, 1940:
Cours de culture maraaichaere

Aufraere, Georges, 1950:
Cours de sylviculture

Heurtematte, Jacques, 1954:
Cours de technologie du bois aa lusage des aeleves de la premiaere annaee des aecoles de lenseignement technique

Heurtematte, Jacques, 1949:
Cours de technologie du bois aa lusage des elaeves de la laere annaee des ecoles de lenseignement technique

Detienne, Pierre, 1988:
Cours illustre danatomie des bois

Grosch, W., 1975:
Course and analysis of oxidative fat deterioration

Wagenhoff, A.W.genhoff, E., 1975:
Course and consequences of the dieback of beech bark at the Bovenden forest district headquarters from 1959 to 1965

Motoike, T.; Sako, T., 2006:
Course and control of hypoadrenocorticism in a dog on the basis of adjusting drug dosage: a case report

Sablikov, M.-Vladimirovich; Kuz'-Min, M.-Vital'-Evich, 1973 :
Course and degree planning concerning agricultural machinery

Bobrikov, Fedor-Andreevich, 1975:
Course and diploma planning

Izakov, F.Eiia, 1988:
Course and diploma projections on the automation of technological processes

Vasil*-Section-*ev, L.I., 1989:
Course and diploma projections on the electricity supply of agriculture

Evseiiukov, T.P., 1985:
Course and diploma projections on the operation of MTP

Donskikh, I.N., 1989:
Course and diploma projections on the system of the application of fertilizers

Steiner, A., 1982:
Course and economic consequences of mastitis caused by Acholeplasma laidlawii at a dairy cattle unit of Magdeburg region East Germany.1

Buchmann, F., 1973:
Course and expansion of leukosis in a cattle herd in northern Hesse

Myer, G.; Lambert, D., 1988:
Course and instructor schedules from mathematical models

Stoltenburg, Hm, 1974:
Course and particularities of the 1974

Mensing, Karl, A., 1987:
Course and severity of an experimental infection with mycoplasm arthritis in rats and the influence of psychotypes

Steahle, Reinhard, 1982:
Course and spread of cattle-plague in dukedom of Bremen and Verden from 1715 till 1781

Scharstein, H., 1976:
Course control and theoretical value of orientation by the red forest ant (Formica polyctena)

Kirschfeld, K., 1997:
Course control and tracking: orientation through image stabilization

Reichert, H.R.well, H.; Griss, C., 1985:
Course correction circuitry translates feature detection into behavioral action in locusts

Gordon-Watson, Mary, 1991:
Course design and construction for horse trials

Anonymous, 1996:
Course development still rising

Barrick, R.; Deeds, J., 1986:
Course evaluation based on course objectives

Karbasioun, M.M.lder, M.B.emans, H., 2007:
Course experiences and perceptions of farmers in Esfahan as a basis for a competency profile of extension instructors

Morse, R.; Lee, K.C.rran, J., 1976:
Course exposes student technologists to development cycle

Morozov, Ne, 1976:
Course for increasing quality indices

Mathisen, J., 1977 :
Course for judging mink

Fuhrmann, Kh, 1974:
Course for machine operators in forestry

Vallejo, Lc, 1974:
Course for stablemen and milkers. 3. milking

Vallejo, Lc, 1974:
Course for stablemen and milkers. 4. machine milking

Vallejo, Lc, 1974:
Course for stablemen and milkers. I. The mammary gland

Gorincu, Gh, 1977:
Course in agricultural bookkeeping

Tsitovich, Igor'-Konstantinovich, 1977:
Course in analitical chemistry

Bakanov, M.-Ivanovich; Tatur, S.K.K.pneiiaev, V.P., 1959:
Course in analysis of economic activity

Ushakova, N.-Nikolaevna; Alimarin, I.P., 1984:
Course in analytical chemistry for soil scientists

Reznick, B., 1973:
Course in aviculturel

Pinhao, Rc, 1975:
Course in eomology for malariologists. II. Morphology of (adult) mosquitoes

Gannushkin, M.S., 1949:
Course in epizootology

Bach, Denis, 1951:
Course in general botany

Shvanvich, B.N., 1949:
Course in general entomology

Anonymous, 1956:
Course in marketing management

Achart, J., 1976:
Course in power and energy economy of tractors

Joos, Mabel, 1941:
Course in practical and applied science for Trempealeau County, 1941-1942

Reznick, B., 1973:
Course in professional aviculturel

Kolm, Serge-Christophe, 1971:
Course in public economy

Rodriguez-Sierra, R., 1975:
Course in rabbit raising. XI

Rodriguez-Sierra, R., 1976:
Course in rabbit raising. XIV

Rodriguez-Sierra, R., 1976:
Course in rabbit raising. XV

Rodriguez-Sierra, R., 1976:
Course in rabbit raising. XVIII. Rabbit hutches

Rodriguez-Sierra, R., 1975:
Course in rabbit rearing. III

Rodriguez-Sierra, R., 1975:
Course in rabbit rearing. IV

Rodriguez-Sierra, R., 1975:
Course in rabbit rearing. VII. Profits in a meat rabbit exploitation

Rodriguez-Sierra, R., 1975:
Course in rabbit rearing. VIII. Reproduction of rabbits

Schorcht, M., 1984:
Course in silviculture to be held at forest institutions of universities in tropical countries

Tsyvarev, De, 1977:
Course in the development of livestock raising on an industrial base in interfarm cooperation

Dolgoshei, Ga, 1978:
Course in the direction of farm production specialiation and concentration on the basis of interfarm cooperation--a new stage of the Lenin cooperative plan

Leman, Vladimir-Mikhailovich, 1976:
Course in the photoculture of plants

Anonymous, 1944:
Course in tropical zoology

Khukhuni, Tv, 1980:
Course instability of the wheel on the slope Tractors.1

Childs, D.; Fruehan, M., 1998:
Course makeover can knock over players

Anonymous, 1990:
Course materials for agroforestry extension and training

Mayo, D.-W.M.ller, F.-A.H.nnah, R.W., 2004:
Course notes on the interpretation of infrared and Raman spectra

Jorgensen, H., 1983:
Course of Aujeszkys disease in a herd: economic significance

Ristau, E.B.ier, D.W.ttmann, W., 1987:
Course of BLV infection in calves, following application of cellular extract obtained from lymph node tumors of BLV-infected cattle

Lama, V.N.; Murray, S.; Lonigro, R.J.; Toews, G.B.; Chang, A.; Lau, C.; Flint, A.; Chan, K.M.; Martinez, F.J., 2007:
Course of FEV(1) after onset of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome in lung transplant recipients

Radon, Z., 1982:
Course of Gumboro disease in relation to mothers antibodies Chickens.1

Aotsuki, Masao, 1949:
Course of Japanese agriculture

Kruedener, R.-Von; Schreyer, K., 1972:
Course of Q fever infection in sheep flock

Kruedener, R.-Von; Schreyer, K., 1972:
Course of a Q fever infection in a flock of sheep

Gleim, Kh, 1979:
Course of a honeydew foraging day of the oak , and sooty mold as honeydew indicator

Schleyer, D.S.adler, E., 1975:
Course of a leptospirosis infection in a piglet farm

Hajkova, E.D.dera, F., 1982:
Course of a reclaiming process on spoil-bank soils of medium granularity in the north Bohemian lignite district

Amanzholov, Ba, 1977:
Course of a vaccine process in rams vaccinated with a strain of Brucella melitensis Rev-1

Todorov, K.; Georgiev, Z., 1970:
Course of abscission and changes

Majzlan, O., 1980:
Course of abundance dynamics and groups of Coleoptera arboricola on folate trees

Dekker, J., 1976:
Course of action with the Common Market

Tivoli, Marcel, 1964:
Course of agricultural accounting

Cascio, Salvatore-Orlando, 1952:
Course of agricultural law

Becker, G.K.amer, H., 1983:
Course of and reflections on parvovirus enteritis in dogs of the Berlin area

Teschner, H.S.hulz, S.S.hmidt, W., 1978:
Course of antibodies in mice, rats and swine infected with encephalomyocarditis viruses

Suleimanov, Sa, 1981:
Course of babesiosis and anaplasmosis in sheep sick with fascioliasis Babesia ovis, Anaplasma, Fasciola hepatica.1

Cisse, A.; Bostedt, H.B.gner, H.M.tzke,, G., 1982:
Course of blood parameters in the peripartal period of breeding sows with varied lactation period

Andreani, E., 1980:
Course of brucellosis in rams in contact with infected sheep

Kolbe, W., 1976:
Course of bud and blossom development in apple and pear varieties over many years as compared with 1975

Figueroa, V.G.rcia,, R., 1978:
Course of calf mortality and morbidity on the dairy farm. III. Growth by stages as related to serum proteins

Figueroa, V.R.vera, M.G.rcia, J.M.rtinez,, R., 1978:
Course of calf mortality and mordidity on a dairy farm. II. Serum proteins and fractions according to age, early deficiency rank and postpartum management

Nikiforenko, Vi, 1982:
Course of cattle piroplasmoses at immune depression actions

Jardim, Walter-Ramos, 1979:
Course of cattle raising

Schnetter, Ml, 1971:
Course of cellulose decomposition in a brown soil under a Trisetum flavescens-meadow after different fertilization

Svanbaev, Sk, 1972:
Course of coccidiosis invasion in swine

Katewicz, Z., 1974:
Course of convectional thin layer drying of Festuca elatior seeds

Gramss, G., 1977:
Course of development in the culture of Lepista nuda Fr. ex Bulliard 1789

Varshavskii, Bya, 1976:
Course of development of the filtration function of the renal glomeruli in dogs during the early postnatal period

Ebner, D.H.ider, G.H.rtleb, K., 1979:
Course of double infection in chickens specific pathogen-free in response to Mareks disease and avian myeloblastosis viruses

Nikitin, Vf, 1978:
Course of enzootic infestations of acute paramphistomiasis in the lower Volga River area

Kraatz,, H., 1979:
Course of epidermitis exsudativa in swine

Bochdalek, R.L.wandowska, S.N.wacki, J.S.aroniewicz, Z.W.chnik, Z., 1980:
Course of experimental listeriosis in cattle, sheep and pigs

Benada, J.V.nova, M.P.sik, J., 1981:
Course of eyespot infection of winter wheat and efficacy of chemical control

Poliakov, I.; Zdril'-Ko, A.; Derevianko, V., 1973:
Course of fertilization processes with different methods of pollination

Chalupa, V., 1979:
Course of flowering of forest tree species as determined visually and by means of devices

Khukhorov, V.M., 1985:
Course of foot-and-mouth disease in swine

Rusev, R.D.nev, S.B.nev, M.S.riev, I., 1981:
Course of formation of triphosphoglyceric acid in Chlorella pyrenoidosa (in vivo) on alternation of light and dark regimes

Dittmar,, E., 1970:
Course of growth and amount of cut in young beech stands

Kaufmann, F.K.ndeel, N.S.hirmer, M.V.llwock, I., 1983:
Course of growth and deprivation of nutritive substances in celery (Apium graevolens L. var. rapaceum Mill. Gaud.)

Solymos, R., 1983:
Course of growth and increment of Scotch pine, Austrian pine and spruce in Hungary

Weber, G., 1986:
Course of growth and net photosynthesis of legumes from tropical and subtropical climatic regions

Kirtoka, Va, 1980:
Course of growth and width of the annual ring of trees in a Cotinus-Quercus forest

Kanellopoulos, T.A.; Varvarigou, A.A.; Karatza, A.A.; Beratis, N.G., 2007:
Course of growth during the first 6 years in children exposed in utero to tobacco smoke

Jahne, M., 1984:
Course of growth in female cattle

Barantsev, M.; Shestakov, A.; Khusainov, F., 1977:
Course of growth of pine in the forest steppe of the Bashkir ASSR

Kuzniewicz, J.A.drzejewska, A., 1984:
Course of growth of the white New Zealand breed rabbits and the white Popielnianski rabbits up to 12 weeks age in dependence upon the weaning

Kotsarev, Ium, 1984:
Course of growth of walnut in southern Kirgizia

Gerkis, G.M.tuzanis, J., 1978:
Course of growth of young pine stands

Lehocky; Vrzgula, L.M.klusicak, R.M.chna, A., 1978:
Course of healing processes in trichophytiasis following therapy with Fulcin

Kriz, J., 1977:
Course of hops protection in 1976

Phillips, P.; Biggs, P., 1974:
Course of infection in tissues of susceptible chickens after exposure to strains of Mareks disease virus and turkey he rpesvirus

Anonymous, 1981:
Course of labor in a sow

Brauner, P., 1978:
Course of lactation in dairy cows of Czech Red Pied cattle in relation to season and milk performance

Lafleur,. Jr.;, 1976:
Course of long term cacao prices

Kursanov, Lev-Ivanovich, 1945:
Course of lower plants

Cywa-Benko, K.K.rdymowicz, O., 1983:
Course of matings and lambings in blackhead ewes after twofold injecting to them different progesterone doses in the reproductive season

Banyai, Z.; Demes, G., 1969:
Course of mineral fertilizer. IV. Transportation, distribution

Büssing, A.; Stumpf, C.; Tröger, W.; Schietzel, M., 2007:
Course of mitogen-stimulated T lymphocytes in cancer patients treated with Viscum album extracts

Olech, K.R.tkowska, E., 1978:
Course of mitosis in root seedlings of Triticum aestivum L. under the influence of rubidium

Figueroa, V.G.rcia, J.R.vera, M.R.mirez,, R., 1978:
Course of mortality and morbidity of calves on a dairy farm. IV. Influence of cow management from pregnancy onward on the calf as related to serum and colostral proteins

Vrzgula, L.B.rtko, P.A.gustinsky, V.C.yla, M.K.nrad, V.T.rkyna, A.D.nicova, K., 1972:
Course of mycotoxicosis in calves on milk diet

Carneiro, Jr; Frietas, Mg, 1977:
Course of natural gastrointestinal helminthic infections of calves born during the rainy season in the state of Goias, Brazil

Horak, F., 1973:
Course of natural sexual activity of main sheep breeds raised in Bohemia

Uguz, F.; Gezginc, K.; Zeytinci, I.Esra.; Karatayli, S.; Askin, R.; Guler, O.; Sahin, F.Kir.; Emul, H.Murat.; Ozbulut, O.; Gecici, O., 2007:
Course of obsessive-compulsive disorder during early postpartum period: a prospective analysis of 16 cases

Dekker, P.; Neuvel, J., 1980:
Course of output of different types of garden bean varieties and the related method of paying

Latits, Gy, 1983:
Course of ovulation in ewes during oestrus induced out of the breeding season

Wahner, M.S.hulze, W.S.hlegel, W.H.inze, A., 1982:
Course of ovulation, following synchronisation of ovulation in gilts by partial substitution of Gn-RH vet. Berlin-Chemie

Suhren, M.L.derer, J., 1984:
Course of parturition and losses of calves

Fruh, G.B.eitenstein, K.; Fiedler, H., 1975:
Course of parturition and rearing performance of heifers of the Black Pied dairy cattle genotype based on Simmental cattle

Gaillard, C., 1973:
Course of parturition, an important step in rpgeny test

Ploug, M., 1983:
Course of parvovirus infection in a large kennel

Sartor, C.E.; Scherrer, J.F.; Shah, K.R.; Xian, H.; Volberg, R.; Eisen, S.A., 2007:
Course of pathological gambling symptoms and reliability of the Lifetime Gambling History measure

Kemper, A.W.ldenhahn, V.L.hs, L., 1976:
Course of plasma concentrations in catecholamines and corticosteroids as well as plasma-bound iodine in swine kept in differnent ways and exposed to noise

Graman, J., 1982:
Course of pollen ripening in horse bean (Vicia faba)

Blendl, Hm, 1977:
Course of production in the modern swine fattening enterprise

Hoffmann, L., 1975:
Course of protein and fat retention in growing swine

Jentsch, W., 1975:
Course of protein and fat retention in growing young bulls

Bach, S., 1974:
Course of puerperium and postpartal proconceptivity in cattle herds

Kudlac, E., 1982:
Course of puerperium in cows and its medication stimulation

Krocza, W.G.ausgruber, W.S.harfen, E.M.ndl, G., 1978:
Course of rabies epidemic in Austria during the years 1966 to 1977

Vlasova, I.; Kiknadze, I.; Sherudilo, A., 1972:
Course of reduplication of desoxyribonucleic acid in polytenization of chromosomes in the ontogeny of Chironomus thummi

Tomioka, Gihachi, 1978:
Course of salt in Japan; study on its history and geography

Ribalko, Vp, 1977:
Course of scientific-technical p

Merbach, W., 1985:
Course of seed protein formation in white lupins and influence of mineral nitrogen application

Messieri, Albino, 1945:
Course of semiology and diagnostic veterinary medicine

Saaenz-Maroto, Alberto, 1958:
Course of soil technology and conservation

Laurow, Z., 1973:
Course of some indices of technical quality of the wood of Scots pines resin tapped with the aid of a chemical technique

Nesterovich, N.; Novikova, A.; Shmeleva, I., 1980:
Course of some physiological processes in annual seedlings of Quercus robur at different intensity of lighting

Iarkovoi, I., 1980:
Course of specialization and interfarm cooperation

Haynes, W.; Rhodes, L., 1969:
Course of sporulation of Bacillus popilliae in liquid medium containing activated carbon

Balascak, J.V.jtechovsky, K.H.lasa, M.B.garsky, A.H.rtik, E.M.cenauer, Z; 245-Oo, 1979:
Course of stachybotryotoxicosis in sheep and economic losses

Petric, M., 1970:
Course of staminigenesis in three varieties of corn (Zea mays convar. vulgaris Korn., Grebensc.) in Jecmenka, Koroska hitrica and Beltinska trdinka

Romaniuk, K.; Jaworski, Z., 2007:
Course of strongyles invasion in treated and untreated primitive Polish horses

Bozhkova, G.S.amatov, T.S.efanov, N., 1978:
Course of subclinical mastitis i

Gassparian, S., 1972:
Course of swarm pitch in dependence to hive size and apicultural infringement

Emblik, E., 1979:
Course of temperature in carcass during cooling and transport

Ferretti, G., 1975:
Course of the 1974 peach growing campaign in Ravenna Province

Blank, H.; Gebert, F.T.emann, K., 1976:
Course of the 1976 fruit year of the most important apple and pear varieties in the Lower Elbe and advice for storage during 1976

Begley, M.; Crombie, L.S.ack, D.; Whiting, D., 1976:
Course of the condensation between 5,7-dihydroxycoumarin and citral: a reinvestigation of the constitution of bruceol and deoxybruceol from Eriostemon brucei

Osaorio, Pedro-Luis, 1940:
Course of the countryside: study on cattle,horses and sheeps

Stein, Evelyne, 1983:
Course of the cryptosporidial infection in calves on cattle breeding farms and possibilities of disinfection

Munster, J., 1975:
Course of the internal development of potatoes during storrage--questions of planting technique

Kolosha, Oi, 1970:
Course of the physiological proc

Miller, I.; Mandel, L.; Morávek, F.; Kruml, J.; Klepalová, J., 1972:
Course of the post-irradiation syndrome after irradiation with lethal doses in newborn conventional, germ-free and Escherichia coli-monoassociated piglets

Leopoldt, D.L.ebermann, H.Z.grodnik, G.S.banski, E.F.itzsch,, H., 1975:
Course of transmissible gastroenteritis (TGE) of swine in a large piglet unit prior to and following the use of Riems TGE vaccine

Deegen, E., 1976:
Course of treatment of colic

Anonymous, 1945 :
Course of tropical agriculture

Khaikin, B.; Shotter, I., 1977:
Course of tuberculosis in minks on the state fur farm Salutaguze in the Estonian SSR

Rapic, S., 1971:
Course of veterinary history at the School of Veterinary Medicine of University of Zagreb

Heidrich, R.M.thea, K.S.banski, E., 1987:
Course of virus-related diarrhea in a large swine-rearing and fattening unit

Hannig, Stefanie, 2003:
Course of vocalization-controlling pathways in the brain stem of squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus)

Pejml, K.P.trlik, Z., 1978:
Course of weather and harmfulness of Peronospora humuli in 1977

Bischoff, R.R.sp, H., 1982:
Course of yields of long-term maize monocultures under the influence of nutrient supply and irrigation West Germany.1

Anonymous, 1977:
Course on Elementary analytical techniques in food science (milk, meats and their products, eggs, fish, and seafood)

Conti, Valentain, 1964:
Course on classifying Dutch Argentine cattle

Contreras-Manfredi, Hernan, 1974:
Course on conservation and renewal of natural resources

Ruiz-Altamirano, Miguel, 1985:
Course on forestry inventories

Pettersson, H., 1970:
Course on internal fixation (osteosynthesis) in Switzerland

Zakharov, I.A., 1978:
Course on microbial genetics

Ivanov, Mikhail-Fedorovich, 1950:
Course on sheep breeding

Andraesecaik, Michal, 1961:
Course on the cultivation of major crops

Rachinskii, V.V., 1978:
Course on the fundamentals of atomic technology as applied to agriculture

Iamchinskii, Vn, 1973:
Course on the intensification of animal industry production

Velikanov, L.L.G.rlenko, M.-Vladimirovich, 1981:
Course on the lowest plants

Urdaneta-Moraan, Josae, 1985:
Course on the marketing of agricultural products

Ginzburg, A.G.I.anov, A.-Dmitrievich, 1957:
Course on the organization of veterinary medicine

Anonymous, 1977:
Course on vegetable crops

Martin, Ma, 1989:
Course prerequisites and undergraduate student performance

Balloun, Sl, 1976:
Course soybean meal, the favored protein feed for poultry

Kleist, H.M.rtens, H., 1975:
Course toward systematic growth of farm production

Morrow, Da, 1972:
Course with a bilateral flow of information

Lutz, H., 1984:
Course, immunology and serological diagnosis of feline leukemia virus infection

Ringen, John, 1969:
Course-and organization of study at Norways Agricultural University

Sluyters, Jafm, 1973:
Courses at the National Agricultural College, Tropical Section, Deventer

Vogele, U., 1970:
Courses at the agricultural and mechanical school of Hohenrain (canton of Lucerne)

Anonymous, 1997:
Courses designed to support proprietary brands: Sodexho sends teams to CIA at Greystone

Anonymous, 1984:
Courses for animal licensees

Kuzhelenko, Vg, 1973:
Courses for the further development of fruit culture

Bulkova, N., 1978:
Courses for training management personnel and specialists

Andrew, P., 1976:
Courses in Canadian universities on the economic and management aspects of cooperatives

Anderson, A.-M.C.oke, J., G., 1984:
Courses in agriculture and allied subjects in the United Kingdom

Norman, L., 1977:
Courses in gamekeeping, waterkeeping and fish farming

Smith, R., 1979:
Courses in horse management

Teng, Ps, 1981:
Courses in universities Crop loss appraisal training

Niesslein, E., 1973:
Courses of action: nature parks in Austria, idea and realization

Rasic, J.O.radovic, B., 1973:
Courses of development of mechanization of the Soft cheese production

Anonymous, 1943:
Courses of lessons in food selection and cooking

Rosengart, Vi, 1978:
Courses of metabolic transformations of organophosphoric pesticides

Neumann, R.M.hlhorn,, H.B.schet, C., 1985:
Courses of selected endocrinological, hematological, and immunological parameters in swine, following bronchoscopy under short-term barbiturate anesthesia

Anonymous, 1974:
Courses of study in agriculture

Anonymous, 1977:
Courses on cooperation well adapted to needs

Garcia-Tobar, Ja, 1977:
Courses to be followed to attain an advanced level of cattle production

Gray, Aw, 1969:
Court absolves sales below cost

Finkbeiner, Mw, 1980:
Court allows sewer assessments against forests and open space

Kaghan, William-Neil, 1998:
Court and spark

Anonymous, 1964:
Court cases related to administration of the range resource on lands administered by the Forest Service

Schafer, L., 1998:
Court decision has significant impact on farmer co-ops

Tate, Jo, 2000:
Court decisions and IDEA 1997 compliance issues that affect special education programs in rural schools

Hannah, Hw, 1986:
Court decisions on license revocation

Warner, E.; Pierce, C.W., 1952:
Court decisions relating to Pennsylvania milk control

Anonymous, 1991 :
Court dimisses rifkin case against USDA on judicial points: rifkin files for rehearing

Emel'-Eiianova, V.G.Z.slavskaeiia, L.A., 1982:
Court examination of cases about the breach of legislation about the protection of the animal world

Sawyer, K., 1983:
Court faces issue of equal pay for comparable work

Hannah, H.W., 1992:
Court modifications of covenants against competition

Baarda, J., 1981:
Court of appeals reverses dairy cooperative decision

Looney, Jw, 1991:
Court of appeals upholds USDA regulation on soring of horses

Dawson, A., 2005:
Court of preference

Baarda,. Jr.;, 1990:
Court okays dairy acquisition

Foulke, Je, 1993:
Court orders dairy to stop illegal use of drugs in cows

Bogardus, K., 1990:
Court picks new test in cotton petroleum

Gray, Aw, 1969:
Court upholds federal marketing order

Wright, D.; Price, S., 1986 :
Court-ordered child support payment: The effect of the former-spouse relationship on compliance

Mushlin, M.B.; Levitt, L.; Anderson, L., 1986:
Court-ordered foster family care reform: a case study

Famularo, R.; Barnum, R.; Stone, K., 1986:
Court-ordered removal in severe child maltreatment: an association to parental major affective disorder

Irueste-Montes, A.M.; Montes, F., 1988:
Court-ordered vs. voluntary treatment of abusive and neglectful parents

Lane, M.M.combes, J., 1977:
Courtaulds challenge the cotton legend

Meakin, Ea, 1971:
Courtesies--as host, as guest

Anonymous, 1985:
Courtesy costs nothing, but is worth everything!

Hunt, Viola, 1960:
Courtesy counts

Dawson, C.; Espeseth, R.M.kinney, J.P.ass, K.S.yder, F., 1987:
Courtesy is contagious

Dawson, Cp, 1989:
Courtesy is contagious: hospitality skills training in New York State

Rice, Cg, 1985:
Courting round the mountain

Bohon, S.; Humphrey, C., 2000:
Courting LULUs: characteristics of suitor and objector communities

Wattebled, S.C.nard, M., 1981:
Courting and mating in Chrysopa perla (L.) (Insecta, Neuroptera, Chrysopidae). Role of the male eversible vesicles and variations in courtship with respect to the female sexual receptivity

Powers, M., 1992:
Courting the Hispanic dollar

Chase, L., 1996:
Courting the Pink Lady

Bartelli, Lj, 1972:
Courting the computer; automation in the soil survey program

Panjwani, Raj, 1994:
Courting wildlife

Baarda,. Jr.;, 1985:
Courts examine income taxes, member rights, anti-trust cases

Klitsch, M., 1988:
Courts sink new Title X Regulations

Frederick, Da, 1997:
Courts split on nonprofit status of cooperatives

McClure, M.; Whistlecraft, J.; McNeil, J.N., 2007:
Courtship behavior in relation to the female sex pheromone in the parasitoid, Aphidius ervi (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Lubin, Yd, 1986:
Courtship and alternative mating tactics in a social spider

Valenzuela-Gonzalez, J.C.stillo, M., 1984:
Courtship and copulation behavior in Heliscus tropicus (Coleoptera, Passalidae)

Gerber, G.; Church, N., 1973:
Courtship and copulation in Lytta nuttalli (Coleoptera: Meloidae)

Thangavelu, K., 1983:
Courtship and copulation in Myllocerus undecimpustulatus maculosus Desb. (Coleoptera:Curculionidae)

Shelly, T.; Weinberger, D., 1981:
Courtship and diet of the neotropical robber fly Mallophora schwarzi Curran (Diptera, Asilidae) Behavior, Panama

Gross, M.R.; Suk, H.Young.; Robertson, C.T., 2007:
Courtship and genetic quality: asymmetric males show their best side

Robinson, Mh, 1982:
Courtship and mating behavior in spiders

Wehling, Wf, 1986:
Courtship and mating behavior of Mesopolobus sp. (Hymenoptera: pteromalidae)

Lavallee, A.G., 1970:
Courtship and mating habits of an asilid fly, Cyrtopogon marginalis

Weygoldt, P., 1974:
Courtship and mating in Chariuns montanus Weyggoldt (Arachnida, Amblypygi, Charontidae)

Assem, J.Van-Den, 1970:
Courtship and mating in Lariophagus distinguendus (Forst.) Kurdj. (Hymenoptera, Pteromalidae)

Szykman, M.; Van-Horn, R., C.; Engh, A., L.; Boydston, E., E.; Holekamp, K., E., 2007:
Courtship and mating in free-living spotted hyenas

Spiess, E.B., 1968:
Courtship and mating time in Drosophila pseudoobscura

Freidberg, A., 1982:
Courtship and post-mating behaviour of the fleabane gall fly, Spathulina tristis (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Lavigne, R., 1970:
Courtship and predation behavior of Heteropogon maculinervis (Diptera: Asilidae)

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Cover legend: Yechezkel Barenholz; a member of the Editorial Academy of The International Journal of Oncology

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