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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15406

Chapter 15406 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Doolittle, J.F.etcher, P.T.renne, J., 1992:
Cranberry bog morphology in southeast Massachusetts kettles and outwash channels

Debeck, Susan, 1991:
Cranberry bounce

Lehmushovi, A.H.kkanen, H.H.irsalmi, H., 1993:
Cranberry breeding in Finland

Silva, B., 1997:
Cranberry campaign needed: 40 million lbs of cranberries!

Lipson, S.M.; Cohen, P.; Zhou, J.; Burdowski, A.; Stotzky, G., 2007:
Cranberry cocktail juice, cranberry concentrates, and proanthocyanidins reduce reovirus infectivity titers in African green monkey kidney epithelial cell cultures

Boone, D.; Dana, M., 1971:
Cranberry cultivar evaluation in Wisconsin

Klein, K., 1971:
Cranberry cultivation

Katashuk, M.; Ogievskii, V., 1973:
Cranberry culture

Telishevskii, Da, 1971:
Cranberry culture on forest lands

Shear, C.L., 1980:
Cranberry diseases and their control

Stretch, Aw, 1970:
Cranberry false blossom

Rigby, Bruce, 1971:
Cranberry flowering and fruiting

Pepin, H.; Burton, C., 1991:
Cranberry fruit rot survey in B.C., 1990

Wilcox, R.B., 1940:
Cranberry fruit rots in New Jersey

Kamm, J.; Fisher, G.; Mcdonough, L.; Shanks, C.J., 1990:
Cranberry girdler as a pest of grass seed, cranberry and nursery tree production in the Pacific Northwest

Yarris, L., 1980:
Cranberry girdler control

Tunnock, S., 1982:
Cranberry girdler moth damage to Douglas-fir seedlings in Coeur dAlene Nursery, Idaho Panhandle National Forests, 1982 Pseudotsuga menziesii, Chrysoteuchia topiaria, control

Franklin, Henry, J., 1940:
Cranberry growing in Massachusetts

Greidanus, Ted, 1971:
Cranberry growth related to tissue phosphorus and nitrogen concentrations and soil test phosphorus

Thomas, Joseph, D., 1990:
Cranberry harvest

Franklin, Henry, J., 1980:
Cranberry harvesting and handling

Shawa, A.; Shanks, C.B.istow, P.; Engibous, J., 1987:
Cranberry insect and disease control program

Shawa, A.-Shanks, C.B.istow, P., 1985:
Cranberry insect and disease control program, 1985

Shawa, A.; Shanks, C.B.istow, P., 1986:
Cranberry insect and disease control program, 1986

Scammel, H.B., 1980:
Cranberry insect problems and suggestions for solving them

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Cranberry insect, disease and weed control program--1991

Antonelli, A.P.tten, K.B.istow, P.S.anks, C.Jr, 1993:
Cranberry insect, disease and weed control program: 1993

Marucci, Pe, 1977:
Cranberry insects in New Jersey

Starr, M., 1998:
Cranberry juice cocktail: marketing without a health claim

Maher, M.A.; Mataczynski, H.; Stefaniak, H.M.; Wilson, T., 2000:
Cranberry juice induces nitric oxide-dependent vasodilation in vitro and its infusion transiently reduces blood pressure in anesthetized rats

Anonymous, 1957:
Cranberry marketing orders

Roberts, Sherri, L., 1982:
Cranberry pest control

Mahr, D.; Jeffers, S.; Stang, E.; Dana, M., 1987:
Cranberry pest control in Wisconsin

Boone, Dm, 1982:
Cranberry pest control--end rot of cranberry: Godronia cassandrae Peck (Fusicoccum putrefaciens Shear - imperfect stage) Fungi, storage diseases

Boone, Dm, 1982:
Cranberry pest control: Gibbera leaf spot and berry speckle of cranberry--Gibbera myrtilli (Cooke) Petrak Fungi, Wisconsin

Boone, D.; Schwarz, M., 1982:
Cranberry pest control: black rot of cranberry--Ceuthospora lunata Shear and Strassaria oxycocci Shear Fungi, storage diseases

Boone, Dm, 1982:
Cranberry pest control: hard rot and tip blight of cranberry--Monilinia oxycocci (Wor.) Honey (Sclerotinia oxycocci Wor.) Fungi

Boone, Dm, 1982:
Cranberry pest control: viscid rot and upright dieback of cranberry--Diaporthe vaccinii Shear (Phomopsis vaccinii Shear imperfect stage) Fungi, storage diseases

Sibert, I., 1996:
Cranberry pollination

Stewart, Jd, 1970:
Cranberry pollination in New Jersey

Thorpe, Gr, 1972:
Cranberry production British Columbia, Canada

Deubert, Kh, 1972:
Cranberry production and water quality

Eaton, Gw, 1970:
Cranberry production in British Columbia

Doughty, C.; Dodge, J.; Ashawa, A., 1972:
Cranberry production in Washington

Shawa, Azmi, Y., 1984:
Cranberry production in the Pacific Northwest

Anonymous, 1949:
Cranberry prospects

Sapers, G.; Phillips, J.1; Rudolf, H.1; Divito, A., 1983:
Cranberry quality: selection procedures for breeding programs Vaccinium macrocarpon, cultivars

Hall, Iv, 1970:
Cranberry shoot morphology as influenced by orientation of vines

Calvin, L., 1997:
Cranberry supply expands in response to higher demand

Pepin, H.; Burton, C., 1991:
Cranberry twig blight survey in B.C., 1990

Dana, M.; Binning, L.; Stang, E., 1979:
Cranberry weed control in Wisconsin

Muller, A., 1982:
Cranberry--botanical qualities, distribution and conditions of localities in retrospect for a field cultivation

Lee, J., 1998:
Cranberry--pollinating bee wears a mustache

Hickes, Rf, 1970:
Cranborne chase

Overheu, T.D., 2002:
Cranbrook-Toolbrunup catchment appraisal report 2001

Tercinier, G., 1972:
Crandallite, a natural phosphate distributed through the soils and often abundant in the material filling up karsts

Anonymous, 2002:
Crane Conservation Act of 2002

Anonymous, 1989:
Crane Lake

Anonymous, 1994:
Crane Mountain salvage

Anonymous, 1998:
Crane and Rowan Mountain timber sales

Remm, H., 1986:
Crane flies (Diptera, Tipulidae) of Estonia

Savchenko, En, 1973:
Crane flies (family Tipulidae), subfamilies Tipulinae (end) and Flabelliferinae

Savchenko, E.N., 1989:
Crane flies, fauna of the USSR

Byers, George-William, 1983:
Crane fly genus Chionea in North America

Scoggin, C., 1979:
Crane habitat recovery

Ingham, D., 1997:
Crane safety: dont get your arse in a sling

Lalid, K., 1975:
Cranes Bill--Geranium

Schalek, M., 1971:
Crane, key-mechanism of a timber yard

Theowald, B., 1982:
Craneflies (Dipt.: Diptera Tipulidae) in coastal areas of the Gulf of Bothnia

Gagne, Rj, 1972:
Craneiobia lawsonianae de Meijere, new synonym of Janetiella siskiyou Felt (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

Krinner, L., 1970:
Cranes for improving the feed transport on the farm

Kliuchnikov, G.; Prokof'-Ev, G., 1979:
Cranes for loading tree-length logs

Khusainov, Z.; Sushkova, G., 1981:
Cranes in logging

Burmazov, Va, 1981:
Cranes of high load-carrying capacity Handling tree-length logs.1

Ellis, D.H.; Gee, G.F.; Mirande, C.M., 1996:
Cranes, their biology, husbandry, and conservation

Iyer, Mrk, 1984:
Crania bifida in a cross-bred Jersey calf

Lopez, M.; Wilson, D., 2000:
Crania bifida with meningocele in a Holstein calf

Karataş, A.; Mouradi Gharkheloo, M.; Kankiliç, T., 2007:
Cranial features and karyotypes of two hedgehogs (Insectivora: Erinaceidae) from Iran

Linn, J.; Schwarz, F.; Schichor, C.; Wiesmann, M., 2007:
Cranial MRI of small rodents using a clinical MR scanner

Read, R., 1985:
Cranial abdominal hernias

Maisey, JG., 1983:
Cranial anatomy of Hybodus basanus Egerton from the lower Cretaceous of England

Datta, N.; Das, M., 1984:
Cranial anatomy of some Indian cynoglossids. A study in adaptation. I. Osteology

Datta, N.; Das, M., 1984:
Cranial anatomy of some Indian cynoglossids. A study in adaptation. II. Myology

Singh, B.S.khiani, H.; Tano, C.; Dobson, H.M.ller, C., 1996 :
Cranial cruciate ligament avulsion in a skeletally immature Saint Bernard dog

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Cranial cruciate ligament disease--surgical and medical management

Cross, A.R., 2003:
Cranial cruciate ligament insufficiency: aetiology and diagnosis

Cross, A.R., 2003:
Cranial cruciate ligament insufficiency: surgical treatment

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Cranial cruciate ligament repair

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Cranial cruciate ligament repair in a calf

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Cranial cruciate ligament repair techniques

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Cranial cruciate ligament rupture. Pathogenesis, diagnosis, and postoperative rehabilitation

Balciauskiene, Laima, 2007:
Cranial growth of captive bred common voles (Microtus arvalis)

Chaves, N.J.; Kotsimbos, T.C.; Warren, M.A.; McLean, C.A.; Spelman, D.W.; Williams, T.J.; Snell, G.I.; Westall, G.P., 2007:
Cranial leiomyosarcoma in an Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-mismatched lung transplant recipient

Allen, S.D.; Bunch, T.D., 1982:
Cranial lesions attributable to chronic sinusitis in bighorn sheep--

Bennett, Ra, 1994:
Cranial nerve examination in reptiles

Roberti, F.; Jones, R.V.; Wright, D.C., 2007:
Cranial nerve hemangioblastomas. Report of a rare case and review of literature

Martin, J.J.; Kondziolka, D.; Flickinger, J.C.; Mathieu, D.; Niranjan, A.; Lunsford, L.Dade., 2007:
Cranial nerve preservation and outcomes after stereotactic radiosurgery for jugular foramen schwannomas

Nance, Holly, A., 2007:
Cranial osteology of the African gerrhosaurid Angolosaurus skoogi (Squamata; Gerrhosauridae)

Kundrát, M.; Janácek, Jí., 2007:
Cranial pneumatization and auditory perceptions of the oviraptorid dinosaur Conchoraptor gracilis (Theropoda, Maniraptora) from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia

Hoerlein, Bf, 1971:
Cranial radiology

Pina, C.; Larriera, A.; Siroski, P.; Verdade, L., M., 2007:
Cranial sexual discrimination in hatchling broad-snouted caiman (Caiman latirostris)

Shakhovskoy, I.B., 2007:
Cranial structure of the flyingfish Cheilopogon pinnatibarbattus (Beloniformes, Exocoetidae)

D.C.ster, P.J.; Mortier, G.; Marks, L.A.; Martens, L.C., 2007:
Cranial suture biology and dental development: genetic and clinical perspectives

Kornegay, J.N.; Barber, D.L.; Earley, T.D., 1979:
Cranial thoracic diskospondylitis in two dogs

Gilmore, D.R., 1983:
Cranial thoracic intervertebral disk extrusion in a dog

Eftekhar, B.; Dadmehr, M.; Ghodsi, M.; ParsaPour, A.; Ketabchi, E., 2007:
Cranial trephination in ancient Iran. Case illustration

Leijser, L.M.; de Vries, L.S.; Rutherford, M.A.; Manzur, A.Y.; Groenendaal, F.; de Koning, T.J.; van der Heide-Jalving, M.; Cowan, F.M., 2007:
Cranial ultrasound in metabolic disorders presenting in the neonatal period: characteristic features and comparison with MR imaging

Lee, N.D.; Danoff, K.; Etue, S.; Rush, J.E., 2007:
Cranial vena cava aneurysm in a dog

Nicastro, A.C.te, E., 2002:
Cranial vena cava syndrome

Sottiaux, J.; Franck, M., 1998:
Cranial vena caval thrombosis secondary to invasive mediastinal lymphosarcoma in a cat

Mckeown, M.M.cormick, S., 1971:
Cranio--facial growth studies using dogs

Thiryayi, W.A.; Alakandy, L.M.; Leach, P.A.; Cowie, R.A., 2007:
Craniocervical instability in an infant with partial sacral agenesis

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Craniocervical junction schwannoma mimicking occipital neuralgia

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Craniofacial abnormalities in a patient with cytochrome-c-oxidase deficiency subsequently developing Kearns-Sayre syndrome

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Craniofacial anatomy of Majungasaurus crenatissimus (Theropoda : Abelisauridae) from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar

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Craniofacial and skeletal malformations in a cat

Wu-Xiujie; Liu-Wu; Zhang-Quanchao; Zhu-Hong; Norton, C., J., 2007:
Craniofacial morphological microevolution of Holocene populations in northern China

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Craniofacioskeletal syndrome: an X-linked dominant disorder with early lethality in males

Nowshahri, M.; Pangawkar, G.; Gupta, P.; Saigal, R.; Sharma, R., 1984:
Craniofenestria in a twin fetus of Indian water buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis)

Brown, S.G.; Rosen, H., 1971:
Craniolateral approach to the canine hip: a modified Watson-Jones approach

Vasil'-Eva, Ed, 1984:
Craniological analysis of Spicara flexuosa (Perciformes, Centracanthidae) from the Black Sea

Makarova, Oa, 1983:
Craniological characteristics of wild reindeer (Rangifer tarandus L.) of the Kola Peninsula USSR

Kratochvail, Zdeneek, 1984:
Craniological research on roe deer

Gilbert, C.C., 2007:
Craniomandibular morphology supporting the diphyletic origin of mangabeys and a new genus of the Cercocebus/Mandrillus clade, Procercocebus

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Craniomandibular osteopathy

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Craniomandibular osteopathy in Doberman Pinschers

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Craniomandibular osteopathy in a Great Dane

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Craniomandibular osteopathy in a Shetland sheepdog

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Craniomandibular osteopathy in the dog treated with prednisone

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Craniomedial approach to the canine scapulohumeral joint

Rothhammer, F.; Cocilovo, Jé.A.; Silva, C., 2006:
Craniometic variation in the Azapa Valley: reply to Sutter and Mertz (2004)

Markov, G., G.; Kocheva, M., A., 2007:
Craniometric characteristics and differentiation of the sibling vole species Microtus arvalis and Microtus rossiaemeridionalis (Mammalia : rodentia)

Derenne, P., 1972:
Craniometric data on the feral cat (Felis catus) from the Kerguelen archipelago

Derenne, P.M.ugin, J., 1976:
Craniometric data on the rabbit and cat from the Ile aux Cochons, Crozet Archipelago

Hart, L.; Chimimba, C., T.; Jarvis, J., U.M.; O'riain, J.; Bennett, N., C., 2007:
Craniometric sexual dimorphism and age variation in the South African Cape dune mole-rat (Bathyergus suillus)

Arseni, C.; Maretsis, M., 1972:

Sainte-Rose, Christian, 2007:
Craniopharyngioma - Response

Neer, T.M.; Reavis, D.U., 1983:
Craniopharyngioma and associated central diabetes insipidus and hypothyroidism in a dog

Hawkins, K.L.; Diters, R.W.; McGrath, J.T., 1985:
Craniopharyngioma in a dog

West, B.K., 2007:
Craniophora ligustri D.&S. (Lep.: Noctuidae): from rarity to population explosion at Dartford, Kent and melanism

Srinivas, M.; Rani, N.L.kshmi; Prasad,; Sreenu, M., 2007:
Cranioschisis and meningoencephalocele in a buffalo foetus

Pai Panandiker, A.; Ning, H.; Likhacheva, A.; Ullman, K.; Arora, B.; Ondos, J.; Karimpour, S.; Packer, R.; Miller, R.; Citrin, D., 2007:
Craniospinal irradiation with spinal IMRT to improve target homogeneity

Thibault, M.; Girard, Fçois.; Moumdjian, R.; Chouinard, P.; Boudreault, D.; Ruel, M., 2007:
Craniotomy site influences postoperative pain following neurosurgical procedures: a retrospective study

Dewey, C.W.; Krotscheck, U.; Bailey, K.S.; Marino, D.J., 2007:
Craniotomy with cystoperitoneal shunting for treatment of intracranial arachnoid cysts in dogs

Oliver, J.Jr, 1975:
Craniotomy, craniectomy, and skull fractures

Chadha, M.; Agarwal, A.; Singh, A.Pal., 2007:
Craniovertebral tuberculosis: a retrospective review of 13 cases managed conservatively

Stanley, D., 1992:
Cranking up the cranberry

Logov, L.; Logov, I., 1970:
Crankless submersible electrical pump the HBEM-3

Hofmann, W., 1972:
Cranophorini from Chili (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae)

Mildenhall, Dc, 1978:
Cranwellia costata n.sp. and Podosporites erugatus n.sp. from middle Pliocene (? early Pleistocene) sediments, South Island, New Zealand

Anonymous, 1982:
Cranwells GEN

Spring, Of, 1972:
Crape myrtle

Laiche, A.J.; Anderson, J., 1996:
Crape myrtle cultivar evaluation

Smith, G.M.ody, G., 1979:
Crape myrtle culture

Norris, Ca, 1984:
Crape myrtle recommendations

Hagan, A.; Keever, G.; Gilliam, C.; Williams, J., 1995:
Crapemyrtle cultivars resistant to powdery mildew

Fare, D.; Gilliam, C.; Ponder, H.; Griffey, W.; Burgess, H., 1985:
Crapemyrtle: promising new selections for Southern landscapes

Tate, Kr, 1977:
Crapper to compost

Massana, R.; del Campo, J.; Dinter, C.; Sommaruga, R., 2007:
Crash of a population of the marine heterotrophic flagellate Cafeteria roenbergensis by viral infection

Subba-Rao, Sm, 1978:
Crash programme for sericulture

Jagia, Kk, 1981:
Crash programme of watercourse lining in Haryana Water conservation, irrigation canals

Anonymous, 1983:
Crash rice programme, Sierra Leone

Mathur, Gc, 1972:
Crash scheme for rural employment

Crenshaw, F., 1978:
Crashworthiness criteria for air shipment of livestock

Vockeroth,. Jr.;, 1976:
Craspedochaeta deceptiva (Malloch), a synonym of Craspedochaeta punctipennis (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Anthomyiidae)

Holubova-Jechova, V., 1972 :
Craspedodidymum, new genus of phialosporous Hyphomycetes

Wheeler, A G.; Jr., 1999:
Craspedolepta eas (McAtee) and Trialeurodes phlogis Russell (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Psyllidae and Aleyrodidae): new distributional and host-plant records of two little-known Phlox specialists

Gilmour, Js, 1983:
Crass sickness Horses

Crum, H.S.arp, A., 1984:
Crassicosta, a new genus of Amblystegiaceae from northern Mexico

Calderon-De-Rzedowski, G., 1974:
Crasslaceae from Mexico Valley

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Crassoascus, a new nonstromatic genus in the clypeospaeriaceae

Kalakoti, B.; Pangtey, Y., 1982:
Crassocephalum crepidioides (Benth.) S. Moore--a new record for Kumaun Himalaya India

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Crassula aquatica (L.) Schonl. V.c. 97--further observations

Mieras, J., 1980:
Crassula barbata Thunberg.

Boom, Bk, 1975:
Crassula cv. Isabella, a new hybrid

Noltee, F., 1974:
Crassula cv. Morgans Beaut

Anonymous, 1979:
Crassula deceptor

Tjaden, W., 1985:
Crassula falcata

Kleiner, E., 1983:
Crassula falcata Wendland Succ

Schmied, R., 1983:
Crassula globosa N. E. Brown

Anonymous, 2007:
Crassula helmsii

Bence, Ta, 1975:
Crassula higginsiana and Crassula otzenii

Grigsby, D., 1979:
Crassula odyssey

Van-Jaarsveld, E., 1984:
Crassula rupestris

Bogdan, Nv, 1980:
Crassula species Ornamental plants, Collection of the Central botanical garden of the Byelorussian SSR Academy of Sciences.1

Hunt, Dr, 1979:
Crassula streyi Crassulaceae

Keen, Wc, 1978:
Crassula susannae Rauh et Friedrich

Jackson, Wpu, 1987 :
Crassula versicolor Burchell ex Edwards

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Crassulacae: a curious form of Crassula natans Thunb. from the Natal Drakensberg

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Tolken, Hr, 1981:
Crassulaceae Crassula colorata, Crassula siberana, description, Australia

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Crassulaceae in Ekai Kawaguchi collection from Tibet, with the description of a new subspecies of Rhodiola alsia (Frod.) Fu

Kral, R., 1983:
Crassulaceae: Sedum nevii A. Gray

Kral, R., 1983:
Crassulaceae: Sedum pusillum Michx

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Crassulacean acid metabolism

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Crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) in succulents of Central Europe: Ecophysiological investigations in species of the genus Sempervivum

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Crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM): metabolic and ecological aspects

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Crassulacean acid metabolism Plants

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Crassulacean acid metabolism and diurnal variations of internal CO2 and O2 concentrations in Sedum praealtum DC

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Crassulacean acid metabolism and water use efficiency in Echeveria pumila

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Crassulacean acid metabolism in Isoetes bolanderi in high elevation oligotrophic lakes California, diurnal changes, photosynthesis, seasonal effects

Cockburn, W., 1974:
Crassulacean acid metabolism in Lithops insularis; a non-halophytic member of the Mesembryanthemaceae

Treichel, S., 1975:
Crassulacean acid metabolism in a salt-tolerant member of Aizoaceae: Aptenia cordifolia

Virzo D.S.nto, A.; Bartoli, G., 1996:
Crassulacean acid metabolism in leaves and stems of Cissus quadrangularis

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Crassulacean acid metabolism in succulent plants

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Crassulacean acid metabolism in succulent plants: a means of conserving water

Martin, C.E.; Siedow, J.N., 1981:
Crassulacean Acid Metabolism in the Epiphyte Tillandsia usneoides L. (Spanish Moss) : RESPONSES OF CO(2) EXCHANGE TO CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS

Holtum, J.A.M.; Winter, K.; Weeks, M.A.; Sexton, T.R., 2007:
Crassulacean acid metabolism in the ZZ plant, Zamioculcas zamiifolia (Araceae)

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Crassulacean acid metabolism in the genus Kalanchoe: ecological, physiological and biochemical aspects

Keeley, Je, 1983:
Crassulacean acid metabolism in the seasonally submerged aquatic Isoetes howellii Aquarium conditions, diurnal changes

Teeri, Ja, 1985:
Crassulacean acid metabolism in the winter annual Diamorpha cymosa (Crassulaceae) in its native habitat

Hernández-González, O.; Villarreal, O.Briones., 2007:
Crassulacean acid metabolism photosynthesis in columnar cactus seedlings during ontogeny: the effect of light on nocturnal acidity accumulation and chlorophyll fluorescence

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Crassulacean acid metabolism. V. Adaptation of the enzymatic capacity with photoperiodic changes (malic acid metabolism and transaminations)

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Crassulacean acid metabolism. VI. Photoperiodism and circadian rhythms of enzymatic activity: Regulator systems

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Crassulacean acid metabolism: a curiosity in context

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Crassulacean acid metabolism: a re-appraisal of physiological plasticity in form and function

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Crassulacean acid metabolism: a survival strategy in succulents

Winter, K.S.ith, J., 1996:
Crassulacean acid metabolism: current status and perspectives

Holtum, Jam, 2002:
Crassulacean acid metabolism: plasticity in expression, complexity of control

Anonymous, 1984:
Crassulacean acid metabolisom

Tobey, P.; Gunnell, E., 1979:

Brown,. Jr.;, 1970:
Crassulas in California gardens

Keen, B., 1984:
Crassulas worthy of cultivation

Dzekov, S., 1972:
Crataecus orientalis Pall. in Mac

Cinovskis, Raimonds, 1971:
Crataegi of the Baltic area

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Crataegolic acid and steroid glucosides from the flower buds of Syzygium aromaticum

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Crataegus (Maloideae, Rosaceae) of the southeastern United States. I. Introduction and series Aestivales

Hrabetova-Uhrova, A., 1973:
Crataegus L. in Lower Morava river areas

Brinkman, Ka, 1974:
Crataegus L.--hawthorn

Williams, Lr, 1989:
Crataegus X media Bechst. in Middlesex hedgerows

Esenova, K.; Kerimova, R., 1977:
Crataegus androssovi Essenova et Kerim., a new hybridogenic species from western Kopet Dagh

Esenova, K.; Kerimova, R., 1977:
Crataegus androssovii Essenova et Kerim., a new hybridogenic species from the western Kopet Dagh

Zielinski, J., 1977:
Crataegus curvisepala Lindman and Crataegus microphylla C. Koch in Bulgaria

Anonymous, 1975:
Crataegus mexicana: its culture

Phipps, Jb, 1990:
Crataegus secreta (Rosaceae), a new species of hawthorn from the Edwards Plateau, Texas

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Crataegus szovitzii Pojark.)--a new species of the flora of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

Browicz, K., 1979:
Crataegus tanacetifolia (Lam.) Pers. in Turkey

Iles, J., 1989:
Crataegus viridis Winter King

Ammon, H.; Handel, M., 1981:
Crataegus, toxicology and pharmacology. I. Toxicity

Ammon, H.; Handel, M., 1981:
Crataegus, toxicology and pharmacology. III. Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Waraitch, K.; Singh, N.T.ind, B., 1975:
Crataeva religiosa, a new host for Alternaria alternata

Brent, G., 1976:
Crate features for better performance

Aliev, R., 1981:
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Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

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Craters of the moon

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Crates converted for early weaning

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Crates in the tree nursery

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Crawfish aquaculture

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Crawfish aquaculture in the South

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Crawfish culture in Maryland

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Crawfish culture, January 1979-March 1991

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Crawfish farms

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Crawfish production in Arkansas

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Crawfish production in South Carolina

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Crawfish production in South Carolina: estimated costs and profit potential

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Crawfish production systems

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Crawfish production--harvesting, marketing and economics

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Crawfish recipes

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Crawfish study may bring answers on practices and profits

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Crawfish: food for thought or the great de-bait

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Crawford County, Indiana

Anonymous, 1987:
Crawford County, Michigan

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Crawl space ventilation

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Crawling peg and the real exchange rate: some evidence from the Southern Cone

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Crawling water beetles of Wisconsin (Cleoptera: Haliplidae)

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Crayfish behavior in relation to power plants

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Crayfish escape behavior: neurobehavioral analysis of phasic extension reveals dual systems for motor control

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Crayfish farming

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Crayfish pathology in Romania - maybe a programme for the future?

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Crayfish population and their protection in Estonia

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Crayfish productivity, allochthony, and basin morphometry

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Crayfish, the delicious pest

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Crayfishes of Mexico (Crustacea: Decapoda)

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Crayfishes, lobsters, and crabs of Europe

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Crayons a la paenicilline dans le traitement des mammites streptococciques de la vache

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Craze for agricultural diploma also in the third world

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Crazing in polymers

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Crazy about corn

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Crazy about gardening

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Crazy ant: an increasing nuisance to farm workers

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Crazy cake

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Crazy musings from the north outback

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Crazy to castrate

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Crazy top of corn

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Cre reconstitution allows for DNA recombination selectively in dual-marker-expressing cells in transgenic mice

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Cre* eth *sterea albinelor

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Cre* eth *sterea mieilor sugari

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Cre* eth *sterea porumbeilor

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Cre* eth *sterea rentabilitatii gospodaeariilor agricole de stat

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Cre* eth *sterea vacilor de lapte

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Cre* eth *sterea viermilor de maeatase

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Cre-loxP recombination vectors for promoter studies

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Creaciaon de organismos que regulen y coordinen la producciaon

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Creaciaon y reglamentaciaon del Comitae de Normas y Asistencia Taecnica Industrial

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Creacion y caracterizacion de un banco de esperma de lubina Dicentrarchus labrax (L., 1758) de una poblacion mediterranea

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Creaky hart

Anonymous, 1971 :

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Cream Hill

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Cream Packaging

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Cream Top and Minnrose

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Cream and pigs or wholemilk

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Cream cheeses: factors affecting the creaming processes

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Cream doesnt pay

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Cream of tartar security limits

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Cream of the CROPP: demand outstripping supply as CROPP organic dairy products go prime time

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Cream of the crop in veal Calves, dietary milk formulations

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Cream pies show and sell

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Cream puffs prepared with frozen, foam-spray-dried, freeze-dried, and spray-dried eggs

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Cream to churn and whipped cream

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Cream tomorrow

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Cream yeast

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Cream-colored water-resistant cattlehide glove shell leather

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Creamery mechanisation

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Creamery truck condition and operation in Martin County, Aug. 2-8, 1942

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Creaming phenomenon. IV. Nitrog

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Creaming the market

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Creamline Jerseys for love or money

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Creams as a tool for targeting AG BMP cost-sharing monies pollutant identification

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Creams runoff prediction using the curve number option

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Creams, butter and other products made of fats

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Creamy perception II: in model soups

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Creando nuevas oportunidades para la America rural

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Creando una oficina de informaciaon

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Crear y mantener un jardin en la peninsula Iberica

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Creasable dimethyloldihydroxyethyleneurea-crosslinked cotton print cloth

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Crease recovery of untreated and resin-treated cotton fabrics

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Crease, a bad year

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Crease-recovery and tensile-strength properties of unmodified and modified cotton cellulose treated with crosslinking agents

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Crease-resist and wash-and-wear finishing

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Crease-resistant finishing of jusi fabrics

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Creaseproffing cotton by in situ polymerization of N-methylol acrylamide (NMA), acrylamide (AM), and tetrakis (hydroxymethyl) phosphonium chloride (THPC)

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Creasing of citrus fruits

Anonymous, 1962:
Create a Commission on Science and Technology

Bailey, James, L., 1967:
Create a Small World--In Your Own Backyard

Taber, S., 1983:
Create a demand for your honey California

Yearns, M.; Warme, L.; Sternweis, L., 1992:
Create a home recycling center

Gilbert, S., 1980:
Create a parade of spring flowers from bulbs

Anonymous, 1977:
Create a skillet lunch with: protein foods, vegetables, soup, carbohydrate, seasoning

Sanogo, Memina, 1994:
Create a small cheese factory

Katkov, B.P., 1950:
Create a stable feed reserve on each collective farm

Dodson, R.M.ckay, J., 1995:
Create a wildlife sanctuary

Caudron, S., 1995:
Create an empowering environment

Ludwig, Art, 1997:
Create an oasis with greywater

Ofran, Y.; Yachdav, G.; Mozes, E.; Soong, T-tsen.; Nair, R.; Rost, B., 2006:
Create and assess protein networks through molecular characteristics of individual proteins

Roberts, T., 1991:
Create flower beds that are picture perfect

Laabs, Jj, 1996:
Create job orders, not pink slips

James, John, 1964:
Create new flowers and plants, indoors and out

Anonymous, 1977:
Create non timber forest products research center

Saunders, Becky, 1985:
Create the look you like, with line

Beard, Margret-Ann, 1985:
Create the look you like, with texture

Parrott, K.-R.S.llivan, K., 1985:
Create your corner

Wood, F., 1999:
Create your financial future: 45 minutes of wealth-building fun

Steingold, Fs, 2000:
Create your own LLC

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Create your own backyard nursery

Fitch, Cm, 1971:
Create your own hybrids; basic sexual reproduction in ornamental plants

Czajkowski, Jm, 1974:
Create-a-skillet meal

Olson, Richard, K., 1993:
Created and natural wetlands for controlling nonpoint source pollution

Rachels, James, 1990:
Created from animals

Aurion, B., 1972:
Created in 1947 with 17 cooperators France-Lait processes more than two million liters of milk a yearl

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Creatin phosphate and products of its decomposition in meat and meat products

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Creatine and glycerol hyperhydration in trained subjects before exercise in the heat

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Creatine and creatine phosphate

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Creatine and creatinine contents of fresh and preserved swine meat

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Creatine and creatinine contents of pork and country hams

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Creatine and creatinine in the blood serum and muscles of pigs fed on rations with different protein levels

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Creatine and creatinine level in blood serum of bacon pigs of various breeds

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Creatine kinase (E.C. in pig heart mitochondira: Properties and role in phosphated potential regulation

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Creatine kinase activity in rat myocytes as a model for assessing muscle irritation

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Creatine kinase binds more firmly to the M-band of rabbit skeletal muscle myofibrils in the presence of its substrates

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Creatine kinase: a review of some recent work on the mechanism and subunit behaviour of the enzyme

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Creatine phosphokinase: current concepts and speculation regarding its use in veterinary medicine

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Creatine supplementation does not impari the thermoregulatory response during a bout of exercise in the heat

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Creatine thresholds and implications for flavor of meat

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Creatine treatment promotes differentiation of GABA-ergic neuronal precursors in cultured fetal rat spinal cord

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Creatine uptake in brain and skeletal muscle of mice lacking guanidinoacetate methyltransferase assessed by magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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Creatine, creatinine and inorganic phosphate contents in blood plasma and in muscle of the non rested and rested pigs

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Creatine, phosphate and myoglobin concentrations in the muscle of several species of animals

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Creatine-phosphokinase activity and ratio of creatine in different muscles of the horse and cow: Variations in the cases of muscular degeneration

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Creatine: biosynthesis, regulation, and function

Anonymous, 2002:
Creating Dairy Farmers of Saskatchewan

Patrie, William, 1998:
Creating co-op fever

Flack, J.; Olson, M., 1988:
Creating 4-H curriculum through computer conferencing

Carter, G.L., 1977:
Creating 4-H literature

Rugg, David, J., 2004:
Creating FGDC and NBII metadata with Metavist 2005

Sheley, R.; Carpinelli, M., 2005:
Creating Weed-Resistant Plant Communities Using Niche-Differentiated Nonnative Species

Hershey, R.-Riemann; Reese, G., 1999:
Creating a first-cut species distribution map for large areas from forest inventory data

Devine, Ja, 1993:
Creating a simple spec building program: the example of Glendale, Arizona

Fassnacht, Dl, 1968:
Creating a Big Industry to Save Small Towns

Salinas, Ep-De, 1978:
Creating a Camellia paradise in Mexico

Engel, David, H., 1986:
Creating a Chinese garden

Anonymous, 1966:
Creating a Department of Consumers

Hughes, L.J., 2007:
Creating a farm and food learning box curriculum for preschool-aged children and their families

Chan, Peter, 2003:
Creating a Japanese garden

Sud, D.; Wigglesworth, T.J.; Branda, N.R., 2007:
Creating a reactive enediyne by using visible light: photocontrol of the Bergman cyclization

Buczacki, S.T.D.ummond-Hay, A., 1988:
Creating a Victorian flower garden

Minnich, Js, 1993:
Creating a balcony garden

Maiatskii, In, 1981:
Creating a base for commercial cultivation of sea buckthorn on a varietal foundation Hippophae rhamnoides, Moldavian SSR.1

Rehder, Henry, 2000:
Creating a beautiful landscape

Anonymous, 1994:
Creating a benefit delivery system that works better & costs less

Johnson, Dn, 1986:
Creating a bird garden

Harwood, Rr, 1982:
Creating a blueprint for the future Rodale Research Center, Farming systems research

Dawson, O., 1969:
Creating a bog garden

Semenov, S.; Koretskii, P.; Karagodin, A., 1975:
Creating a breeding basis for semifine-fleeced meat and wool sheep farming in the Karachai-Cherkess area

Russell, P., 1977 :
Creating a business in miniature

Tilley, Lp, 1996:
Creating a cardiology center in your practice

Lamme, L.; Mckinley, L., 1992:
Creating a caring classroom with childrens literature

Anistratov, P., 1971:
Creating a centralized bookkeeping system

Nylander, De, 1997:
Creating a childrens theater for Ellensburg, Washington: a small town community schools project blossoms into a 21-year tradition

Dobry, Am, 1986:
Creating a classroom climate of equity: a look at teacher behaviors

Craig, M., 2003:
Creating a client-centered practice

Sykes, Mr, 1994:
Creating a climate for change in a major urban school system

Mccloskey, J., 1997:
Creating a climate for expanded trade for Canadian wood products--Government of Canada

Coady, L., 1997:
Creating a climate for expanded trade in wood products

Cole, Rodney, V., 1988:
Creating a climate for investment in Fiji

Scott, H., 2004:
Creating a club scholardship

Meeker, D., 1987:
Creating a community from a crossroads

Rilla, E.R.edy, J., 1993:
Creating a community sounding board: a city-citizen partnership case study

Anonymous, 1985:
Creating a community team

Fuller, Fg, 1990:
Creating a competitive advantage in higher education for agricultural teacher education

Dial, G.; Roker, J.; Freking, B., 2001:
Creating a competitive advantage through people: managing people in a large production system

Anonymous, 1993:
Creating a competitive advantage: the Winnipeg quality network

Westcott-Gratton, S.; Wales, P., 2000:
Creating a cottage garden in North America

Loy, Wg, 1973:
Creating a county agricultural atlas

Avins, A.L.; Goldberg, H., 2007:
Creating a culture of research

Merwin, Ml, 1983:
Creating a database on Eucalyptus for California

Anonymous, 1989 :
Creating a demand for a new product is essential to success

Comer, J., 2001:
Creating a desert garden

Williamson, R.S.oak, E., 1999:
Creating a down-to-earth approach to teaching science, math and technology

Feingold, Jean, P., 1990:
Creating a farmers market

Depoe, Nr, 2000:
Creating a farmers-owned value-added production

Turock, B.-J.P.dolsky, A., 1992:
Creating a financial plan

Bellows, J., 2007:
Creating a five-star dental practice

Olmsted, B.; Smith, S., 1989:
Creating a flexible workplace

Iastrebov, Va, 1981:
Creating a forest seed base on a breeding background

Vasil'-Ev, Aa, 1981:
Creating a forest seed plantation of Scotch pine Pinus sylvestris.1

Kohm, K.-A.F.anklin, J., F., 1997:
Creating a forestry for the 21st century

Pinto, F., 2000:
Creating a forestry language

Buchanan, Robert, D., 1978:
Creating a friendly working environment

Gordon, Er, 1982:
Creating a functional toxicology vivarium

Cox, J.; Pavia, J., 1993:
Creating a garden for the senses

Babcock, Bruce, A., 2007:
Creating a geographically linked brand for high-quality beef

Anonymous, 1984:
Creating a gladiolus seedlings

Didsbury, H.-F.B.eed, F., 1984:
Creating a global agenda

Anonymous, 1954:
Creating a good environment for learning

Gore, A.; Peters, T., J., 1993:
Creating a government that works better & costs less

Pukk, A., 1982:
Creating a greenbelt around animal husbandry farms Tree planting.1

Downer, J.F.ber, B., 1994:
Creating a healthy root zone

Withers, R.; Seavert, C., 1992:
Creating a healty farm lease

Kudinov, Ff, 1973:
Creating a high-speed reaper attachment to the MTZ-80 tractor

Elsik, C.G.; Mackey, A.J.; Reese, J.T.; Milshina, N.V.; Roos, D.S.; Weinstock, G.M., 2007:
Creating a honey bee consensus gene set

Huegel, C.M.zzotti, F.S.haefer, J., 1992:
Creating a landscape for wildlife

Eason, L.; Slater, R., 1991:
Creating a leadership development program for business and community leaders

Szaro, Robert, C., 2004:
Creating a legacy for sustainable science-based forest management:

Nuthall, K., 2007:
Creating a level playing field

Huntington, Lucy, 1998:
Creating a low-allergen garden

Roberts, William, J., 1998:
Creating a master plan for greenhouse operations

Barzilai, D.; Lowenstein, A., 1988:
Creating a master's degree program in gerontology and geriatrics

Zaremba, F., 1996:
Creating a memorable visitor experience: a planning and design process

Anonymous, 1994:
Creating a menu that sells

Ezenwa, Sa, 2007:
Creating a model beekeeping ordinance. 2

Ezenwa, Sa, 2007:
Creating a model beekeeping ordinance. 3

Ezenwa, S., 2007:
Creating a model beekeeping ordinance. Part 1

Lapid, D.; Ancheta, C.; Villareal, T., 1999:
Creating a model to recycle solid waste

Murton, James-Ernest, 2007:
Creating a modern countryside

Druger, M., 1998:
Creating a motivational learning environment in large, introductory science courses

Hutchison, Frances, 1990:
Creating a native garden for birds

Hiscock, Peter, 2000:
Creating a natural aquarium

Jefferson-Brown, M.J., 1991:
Creating a natural garden

Bowers, Jk, 1994:
Creating a natural landscape

Yermanos, Dm, 1983:
Creating a new source of plant lipids

Anonymous, 1998:
Creating a new vision of farming

Burton, We, 1975:
Creating a northern agriculture. II. Historical perspectives in Alaskan agriculture

Burr, S.; Strickland, M., 1992:
Creating a positive business climate for women: an approach to small business development

Gliem, Ja, 1982:
Creating a positive image through effective laboratory teaching Vocatinal agriculture, education

Roller, Ob, 1982:
Creating a positive public image Vocational agriculture, education

Woehler, E., 1976:
Creating a prairie

Miller, P., 1997:
Creating a presence in Poland

Weaver, M.W.aver, B., 2004:
Creating a profitable sideline business

Mosher, Arthur-Theodore, 1969:
Creating a progressive rural structure to serve a modern agric ulture

Hogan, J.; Smith, L., 1992:
Creating a quality environment: bedding

Sankowsky, G.S.haul, M., 1983:
Creating a rainforest

Scharre, Pc, 1992:
Creating a regional economic development effort for a nonmetropolitan area

Treadway, L.; Yoakam, J., 1992:
Creating a safer school environment for lesbian and gay students

Altman, F.M.lkerson, C., 1992:
Creating a secondary market for existing development loans: the community reinvestiment fund

Santamour, Fs, 1970:
Creating a seed orchard for superior black locust

Rinke, Wj, 1996:
Creating a shared philosophy. 2. Transform yourself or die

Vassallo, S., 1994:
Creating a sister city relationship: a case study of Madisonville, Kentucky

Kendler, K.S.; Jacobson, K.C.; Gardner, C.O.; Gillespie, N.; Aggen, S.A.; Prescott, C.A., 2007:
Creating a social world: a developmental twin study of peer-group deviance

Brown, J.-R.U.ery, R.-L.P.rcher, J., W., 2000:
Creating a standardized watersheds database for the lower Rio Grande

Ceska, J.; Affolter, J., 2001:
Creating a stategic plan for plant conservation at your botanical garden

Lee, Vw, 1988:
Creating a successful county-wide economic development program

Birchfield, Jc, 1972:
Creating a successful foodservice

Ott, Rj, 1984:
Creating a successful interior landscaping company image

Savory, Allan, 1996:
Creating a sustainable civilization

Klein, Maria, 1992:
Creating a sustainable food system

Wright, B.A.; Okey, T.A., 2004:
Creating a sustainable future?

French, Dj, 1987:
Creating a technology transfer curriculum

Clayborne, M.; Wilson, W., 1993:
Creating a total quality network

Leontos, C., 1995:
Creating a tradition of excellence

Kennedy, B.W., 2002:
Creating a training coordinator position

Stielow, Frederick, J., 1999:
Creating a virtual library

Ardissone, M., 1992:
Creating a vision

Greenhouse, R.S.colofsky, K., 1997:
Creating a visitor-centered garden

Lambert, Jd, 1986:
Creating a water conserving landscape

Baumgardt, Jp, 1979:
Creating a wildlife garden

Heitz, J.-E.A.erine, M.A.T.iser, R., 1986:
Creating a winery in the Napa Valley

Anonymous, 1970:
Creating a work environment in which farm employment is competitive

Merle, C., 2007:
Creating a working womens practice: lessons from the best

Anonymous, 1986:
Creating a yen for U.S. health foods in Japan

Bode, Marilyn, 1996:
Creating accessible homes

Russell, M.; Sauer, R., 1982:
Creating adiminstrative environments for interdisciplinary research

Lembo, A.J.; Wagenet, L.P.; Schusler, T.; DeGloria, S.D., 2007:
Creating affordable Internet map server applications for regional scale applications

Ward, Wb, 1974:
Creating agricultural communication centers for training, research, and information services

Kobayashi, Yoshio, 1994:
Creating agricultural corporations

Meunier, R.; Talbert, B.; Latour, M., 2000:
Creating agriculture awareness through an interactive learning experience: incubators in the classroom

Anonymous, 1989:
Creating alternative markets for locally grown food

Bailey, R.; Lake, J., 1994:
Creating an Australian rainforest garden

Eikje, N.Skrebova.; Barron, J.Patrick., 2007:
Creating an Academic Career in Respiratory Medicine: take-home messages from a unique symposium

Meiser, R., 2007:
Creating an affordable road to composting

Dawson, W.-Oliver; Bar-Joseph, M., 2003:
Creating an ally from an adversary

Strukchinskas, M.; Svirskis, A., 1972:
Creating an artificial base of Sclerotinia trifoliorum infection of clover

Machlis, G.; Force, J.; Mckendry, J., 1995:
Creating an atlas of social indicators for the Upper Columbia River Basin

Clevenger, Ea, 1976:
Creating an atmosphere for profit

Bacon, W., 1995:
Creating an attractive landscape through viewshed management

Diorditsa, Sg, 1971:
Creating an automated control system for agricultural production

Hutton, B., 1979:
Creating an ecological landscape

Lyons, T.-S.H.mlin, R., E., 1991:
Creating an economic development action plan

Quirk, T., 1982:
Creating an effective advertising program Feed products

Green, P.; Lafontaine, G., 1996:
Creating an effective environmental management system

Klecka, V., 1975:
Creating an effective internal control system in organizations

Murray, K., 1991:
Creating an entrepreneurial environment

Nothdurft, W.-E.V.ughan, R.-J.P.povich, M., G., 1986:
Creating an entrepreneurial farm economy

Palmintera, Dl, 1987:
Creating an environment to foster local innovation development

Dodson, R., 1995:
Creating an environmental road map

Ng, T.Fong.; Lavik, E.; Keino, H.; Taylor, A.W.; Langer, R.S.; Young, M.J., 2007 :
Creating an immune-privileged site using retinal progenitor cells and biodegradable polymers

Bunton, Dr, 2000:
Creating an index that mirrors our past

Kondarev, M.K.aganov, G., 1971:
Creating an initial grapevine of

Perov, Ie, 2002:
Creating an innovative web-backbone participatory radio-based agricultural communication system: the Russian Rural Information Network

Linares, R.B.navides, V., 1969:
Creating an insect-resistant c

Anonymous, 2000:
Creating an integrated weed management plan

Nummer, Ba, 2004:
Creating an interactive home food preservation tutorial in Flash

Allen, Ms, 1979:
Creating an urban tree environment in new residential communities: an adaptation of the computer to suburban tree management

Hajtman, P., 1975:
Creating and conserving the natural environment of the forests of Slovakia

Gause, Bd, 2000:
Creating and ensuring the future of agricultural education: the role of state and national professional associations

Peel, S.G.anfield, R., 1991:
Creating and maintaining high quality swards

Kapnick, C.K.pnick, J., 1980:
Creating and maintaining our market image

Weaver, Gd, 1988:
Creating and managing hometown special events

Hunsaker, P.L., 1978:
Creating and managing opportunities for employee growth

Melodia, A.M.yer, B., 2001:
Creating and measuring success: agricultural education and FFA

Murfitt, Rex, 2005:
Creating and planting alpine gardens

Axelrod, Nancy, R., 1991:
Creating and renewing advisory boards

Torop, A.; Panina, E., 1971:
Creating and selecting tetraploid forms of winter rye

Bowonder, B.M.yake, T., 1994:
Creating and sustaining competitiveness: an analysis of the Japanese robotics industry

Tsitsin, N.; Cherkavsskii, E.; Sinadskii, I.; Kovtunenko, V., 1971:
Creating and testing petroleum-based pesticides

Tietjen, Kh, 1975:
Creating and updating package communication

Cowley, E., 1970:
Creating and using new flavours

Brucker, S.; Hastings, S., 1985:
Creating and using regional input-output models for economic development analysis

Wells, T.; Bell, S.; Frost, A., 1981:
Creating attractive grasslands using native plant species

Farkas, D., 1996:
Creating awareness

Cross, Hr, 1998:
Creating balance in your testing program

Anonymous, 2001:
Creating beds and borders

Marvel, Cc, 1988:
Creating better looking national forests using natural-appearing cutting patterns

Gastsos, D., 1998:
Creating big, bold flavor

Greenbaum, Pj, 2001:
Creating biotech trees

Ee, Su-Chin, 2003:
Creating bonsai landscapes

Kliuchko, P.; Zamorii, N., 1975:
Creating breeding stock of maize with increased amount of protein and lysine

Trainer, S.R.gan, S., 1990:
Creating change by making a difference

Twain, David, 1983:
Creating change in social settings

Miller, William, A., 2007:
Creating change in your profession

Winiarski, W.; Teiser, R., 1994:
Creating classic wines in the Napa Valley

Harste, J.-C.S.ort, K.-Gnagey; Burke, C., L., 1988:
Creating classrooms for authors

Bolusky, Bc, 1994:
Creating clout

Fischer, Je, 2000:
Creating common spaces: natural resource management in Fuuta Jalon, Guinea

Fisher, J., 1982:
Creating communities: squatter neighborhood associations in Latin America

Landman, Ruth, H., 1993:
Creating community in the city

Mcdonough, Maureen, H., 1995:
Creating community-forestry partnerships

Hall, Dw, 1996:
Creating computer-based instructional animations

Gesche, A., 1978:
Creating conditions for a smooth season of migratory apiculture

Targ, Dean, B., 1985:
Creating confident kids

Druck, Kb, 1979:
Creating consumer demand

Warziniack, T.; Shogren, J.F.; Parkhurst, G., 2007:
Creating contiguous forest habitat: an experimental examination on incentives and communication

Martin, Freya, 2000:
Creating contrast with dark plants

Mulford, C.; Klonglan, G., 1982:
Creating coordination among organizations

Peterson, P.; Montfort, L., 2004:
Creating culturally dynamic materials for rural Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional students

Zemke, R., 1993:
Creating customer value

Rabino, S.; Moskowitz, H.; Katz, R.; Maier, A.; Paulus, K.; Aarts, P.; Beckley, J.; Ashman, H., 2007:
Creating databases from cross national comparisons of food mind sets

Wear, D.; Aultman, J.M., 2007:
Creating difficulties everywhere

Mclarin, M.; Osborn, T.; Bennett, L., 2006:
Creating dynamic yield tables for forest estate modelling

Stewart, Jr; Soliah, L., 1987:
Creating educational excellence: satellite videoconferencing proves effective

Williams, Me, 1994:
Creating educational television programs that are relevant to the lives of children

Baker, L.; Aherin, R., 1987:
Creating effective product safety messages

Dixon, J.; Murphy, T., 1994:
Creating emergency programs for business diaster recovery: the case of Dade County, Florida

Hickman, C.-R.S.lva, M., A., 1984:
Creating excellence

Sprada, Evelyn, A., 1990:
Creating export awareness in rural communities

Lee, Lk, 1997:
Creating extension and public

Gage, J.W.rkman, S.C.eating-Family-Support-Systems:-In-Head-Start-And-Beyond, 1994:
Creating family support systems: in head start and beyond

Wright, R., 1997:
Creating financing modern pig production operations

Downing, R., 2003:
Creating first and last(ing) impressions

Ericksen, Neil, J., 1986:
Creating flood disasters?

Smithburg, Wd, 1980 :
Creating food products for the new consumer

Cherednichenko, Gm, 1971:
Creating forest belts of grouped and row plantings

Hammer, Donald, A., 1992:
Creating freshwater wetlands

Sateesh Kumar; Datta, R.K.; Ponnuvel, K.M.; Chen YuYin; X.M.nkQui, 2006:
Creating genetic architecture to analyze the markers for shell parameter in the silkworm Bombyx mori

Schiva, T.M.rcuri, A., 1993:
Creating genetic variation in ornamentals

Markovski, K.C.obanov, I., 1977:
Creating good conditions during the indoor period of sheep rearing

Hill, Mm, 1969:
Creating good food habits; start young never quit

Holmes, R.; Lewis, E., 2000:
Creating good gardens

Royal, K., 1998:
Creating good management zones

Gelfand, Dale-Evva, 1999:
Creating habitat for backyard birds

Anonymous, 1994:
Creating healthy menus for the mainline

Kurm, K.M.rrandi,, P., 1980 :
Creating high-producing herds of cattle and breeding stars

Kozlov, Iud, 1972:
Creating high-yield, short-stem wheat varieties for irrigated farming in the Volga region

Baugher, Sl, 1989:
Creating history: by design or by default

Knapp, C., 1989:
Creating humane climates outdoors

Stumpf-Downing, M.H.nderson, K.L.ken, K.B.aleschki, D., 2004:
Creating inclusive 4-H environments for people with disabilities

Zhabin, V.M., 2007:
Creating industrial examples of dual-fuel internal combustion engines with gas-turbine supercharging

Lee, V.; Pitchford, G., 1980:
Creating industrial sites

Wilken, Karen, 1994:
Creating informed citizens for tomorrows food safety decisions

Yates,. Jr.;Iii; Grace, J.; Reinhardt, J., 2002:
Creating installation guidelines for a particle barrier for Formosan subterranean termites (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

Mclean, M.-L.A.len, D., N., 1985:
Creating jobs by creating new businesses

Knudsen, K.-R.E.der, T., 1988:
Creating jobs by enabling small companies to venture

Meyer, N., 1990:
Creating jobs in rural communities

Konzen, Egidio-Arno, 1997:
Creating lagoons for treating swine waste

Sverkunov, Vk, 1970:
Creating low-stalk forms of spring wheat

Costello, T., 1992:
Creating magic: the little things mean a lot

Riggle, D., 1994:
Creating markets close to home

Osipov, An, 1971:
Creating models for the study of the biology of Setaria

Santos, M.C. dos; Stone, S.; Schmink, M., 2007:
Creating monitoring with rubber tappers in Acre, Brazil

Leek, N.A., 2005:
Creating more added value for forest products

Burdick, M., 1978:
Creating natural communities: how public gardens can help

Cernst, L.K., 1987:
Creating new breeds of farm animals

Earle, M.; Earle, R., 1999:
Creating new foods

Herzlinger, Regina, E., 1992:
Creating new health care ventures

Anonymous, 1998:
Creating new opportunity for rural America

Moskowitz, H., 2001:
Creating new product concepts for foodservice--the role of conjoint measurement to identify promising product features

Bal'-Tsanov, A.I.D.nin, I.M., 1992:
Creating new red-spotted breeds of dairy cattle on Mordovian farms

Li, Cs, 1977:
Creating new seeds and improvi

Mukhamedgaliev, F.M.B.kzhanov, S.D.oreiianov, V.N., 1984:
Creating new types of fine-fleeced sheep in Kazakhstan

Popov, P.T.vetkov, S., 1973:
Creating new winter hexaploid low-stemmed secondary Triticale (2n=6x=42) on the basis of Ble Tom Pouce Blanc (Triticum aestivum L.)

Braet, F.; Ratinac, K., 2007:
Creating next-generation microscopists: structural and molecular biology at the crossroads

Core, J., 2005:
Creating novel foods and more from agricultural products

Steinnes, Donald, N., 1989:
Creating of Duluth housing

Suk, P., 2007:
Creating of a digital elevation model in the territory of the watershed of the water reservoire Sance using GIS GRASS

Kreil, W.W.lkowiak, H., 1976:
Creating of large farming units and spring tillage for grasslands

O'-Neill, Hugh, 1985:
Creating opportunities

White, Louise, G., 1987:
Creating opportunities for change

Kumm, Ki, 1984:
Creating opportunities for work in sparsely settled areas

Jackson, Om, 1973:
Creating opportunities in a large agency

Argons, Bz, 1973:
Creating opportunities in a large company

Miller, Sr, 1973:
Creating opportunities in a small organization

Yavorsky, Jm, 1973:
Creating opportunities in the university

Walker, B.W.eldreyer, J., 1988:
Creating opportunities to achieve personal aspirations

Baker, M.S., 2007:
Creating order from chaos: part I: triage, initial care, and tactical considerations in mass casualty and disaster response

Baker, M.S., 2007 :
Creating order from chaos: part II: tactical planning for mass casualty and disaster response at definitive care facilities

Negovskii, N.; Tkachenko, A.; Nikolaenko, N., 1971:
Creating original stock for monogerm sugar beets

Drielsma, H., 1993:
Creating our own future: the case for positive vision in Australian forestry

Fiske, Ep, 1991:
Creating partners--The WSU injured workers project

Banks, Elizabeth, 1991:
Creating period gardens

Foster, M., 1978:
Creating pictures with preserved flowers

Konovalov, E.; Maikova, N., 1981:
Creating plantations on recultivated lands Afforestation.1

Timm, Ulrich, 1999:
Creating ponds, brooks, and pools

Ayres, B.; Hedeen, D., 1998:
Creating positive behavior support plans for students with significant behavioral challenges

Duben, Z., 1973:
Creating poultry health in large-scale poultry farming

Lietzau, H.E.glisch, H.; Nitzsche, G., 1980:
Creating productive lines for hybrid swine production with optimum organization of selection

Haskell, J.P.ichard, J., 2004:
Creating productive meetings

Orlov, N.; Shemiakin, V., 1973:
Creating prospective high-speed farm equipment

Lanser, S.M.donnell, L., 1991:
Creating quality curriculum yet not buying out the store

Gore, Albert, 1994:
Creating quality leadership and management

Haynes, Cynthia, 2006:
Creating raised bed planters

Hamele, H.; Kusters, N.; Sanabria, R.; Skinner, E., 2007:
Creating regional networks of sustainable tourism stakeholders: Europes Voluntary Initiatives for Sustainability in Tourism (VISIT) and the Sustainable Tourism Certification Network of the Americas

Mastaitis, V.; Thomas, S.; Weissman, J., 1996:
Creating renewable energy markets through innovative techniques: the Interstate Renewable Energy Councils Workshop in a box program

Belous, Vi, 1981:
Creating reserves of a gene pool Forest trees.1

Meier, Rl, 1980:
Creating resource-conserving communities for the 1980s and beyond

Carson, R.; Edgerton, P., 1989:
Creating riparian wildlife habitat along a Columbia river impoundment in northcentral Washington

Becvar, Ds, 1985:
Creating rituals for a new age: dealing positively with divorce, remarriage, and other developmental challenges

Reilly, J.M.rtin, S., 1995:
Creating safety zones for child care providers

Mitchell, Sherry, 1996:
Creating sanctuary

Boast, C.; Kohl, D., F., 1987:
Creating searchable full text databases from USDA photocomposition tapes

Flora, Cb, 1996:
Creating self-reliant households and communities

Strong, Roy, C., 1989:
Creating small formal gardens

Briggs, Josie, 2000:
Creating small habitats for wildlife in your garden

Stoecker, Re, 1982:
Creating small islands for wildlife and visual enhancement Gravel pit reclamation, planning, Colorado

Bull, E.; Partridge, A.1; Williams, W., 1981:
Creating snags with explosives Pinus ponderosa trees, use of dynamite to create sites for cavity nesting wildlife, habitats

Bull, E.; Partridge, A.1; Williams, W., 1981:
Creating snags with explosives Topping of ponderosa pine trees to create nest sites for birds, forest management biological control of insects

Lund, Z.; Elkins, C., 1978:
Creating soil conditions favorable to root growth

Lund, Z.; Elkins, C., 1978:
Creating soil conditions for good root growth

Jazcon-Mercado, J., 1976:
Creating sources of work in the rural sector for increasing development and productivity

Feenstra, G., 2002:
Creating space for sustainable food systems: lessons from the field

Makise, K., 2002:
Creating special pork for the Japanese market

Krapetian, S.; Saakian, S.; Kocharian, E., 1971:
Creating specialized breeding lines of Erevan chickens

Mantell, M.-A.H.rper, S.-F.P.opst, L., 1990:
Creating successful communities

Moriarty, M.M.llin, Jr; Kotval, Z., 1994:
Creating successful partnerships in export promotion

Gesalman, C.; Marasco, A.; Elliott, M., 1988:
Creating successful programs: the innovative touch

Crol, Jb, 2000:
Creating support for a change in strategy

Zeldin,, L., 1995:
Creating supportive communities for adolescent development: challenges to scholars an introduction

Miele, Mara, 2001:
Creating sustainability

Shelton, Lee, 1989:
Creating teamwork

Anonymous, 1940:
Creating the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia

Albright, H.-M.S.hneck, M.-Albright, 1999:
Creating the National Park Service

Anonymous, 2001:
Creating the Picture of Health Nutrition Teleconference

Anonymous, 1940:
Creating the Puerto Rico Water Resources Authority

Vickers, D.; Rees, P., 2007:
Creating the UK National Statistics 2001 output area classification

Wakatsuki, T.; Miyamoto, K.'-Ichi, 1994:
Creating the agricultural villages of the 21st century

Martenson, D., 2002:
Creating the base for extension priority issues

Morris, Ce, 1981:
Creating the combat cake

Dupuis, E.M.lanie; Vandergeest, P., 1996:
Creating the countryside

Bellows, J., 2007:
Creating the dental practice within your practice

Wise, Ja, 1979:
Creating the future of impact management

Anonymous, 1992:
Creating the future through research

Giese, Aj, 1995:
Creating the future with precision, professionalism, and planning

Hirst, E.G.ldman, C., 1991:
Creating the future: integrated resource planning for electric utilities

Weinberg, Bj, 2003:
Creating the ideal match: skid-steers and attachments as a cohesive unit

Endicott, D., 1998:
Creating the link: cooperative marketing of all natural beef

Anonymous, 1989:
Creating the new wealth

Mccoy-Gallano, Cindy, 1994:
Creating the perfect house dog-- yours

Richards, M., 1982:
Creating the perfect plant: working toward quality transplants Horticulture

Kobylianskii, V.; Katerova, A.; Lapikov, N., 1978:
Creating the short-stem winter rye hybrids developed on sterile basis

Smilor, R.-W.K.zmetsky, G.; Gibson, D., V., 1988:
Creating the technopolis

Fleming,, R., 1990:
Creating their own success: how two rural Iowa towns foster community development

Wu, X.; Gao, Z.; Song, N.; Chua, C.; Deng, D.; Cao, Y.; Liu, W., 2007:
Creating thick linear scar by inserting a gelatin sponge into rat excisional wounds

Aleksiev, A., 1975:
Creating true-rooted roses

Weaver, Rd, 1996:
Creating unity in the SAF Community: the SAF communications operational plan

Kenart, L., 1971:
Creating up-to-date sugar beet cultivation, widening the vertical connexions

Renner, G., 1998:
Creating value in the engineered lumber market

Eamer, Rj, 1998:
Creating value in the mature paper industry

Carlson, Ps, 1988:
Creating value with agricultural biotechnology. Developing world applications

Beaulieu, Lionel, J., 2002:
Creating vibrant communities & economies in rural America

Anonymous, 2003:
Creating water gardens

Krosney, Ms, 1976:
Creating water in the desert

Moreno, D.; Pedrocchi, C.; Comin, F., A.; Garcia, M.; Cabezas, A., 2007:
Creating wetlands for the improvement of water quality and landscape restoration in semi-arid zones degraded by intensive agricultural use

Dennis, Frank, C., 2006:
Creating wildfire-defensible zones

Baxendale, Martin, 1994:
Creating wonderful window boxes

Bisignano, Judith, 1985:
Creating your future

Sawano, Takashi, 1999:
Creating your own Japanese garden

Carlson, Cw, 1993:
Creating your own business program: the case of Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Jaynes, Ra, 1988:
Creating your own plants

Fishburn, Angela, 1986:
Creating your own soft furnishings

Bocage, A.; Waters, G., 1984:
Creating youth enterprise in the non profit sector

Jagerstad, M.L.ser-Reutersward, A1; Oste, R1; Dahlqvist, A1; Grivas, S., 1983:
Creatinine and Maillard reaction products as precursors of mutagenic compounds formed in fried beef Meat, Ames test

Kabat-Koperska, J.; Safranow, K.; Gołembiewska, E.; Domanski, L.; Ciechanowski, K., 2007:
Creatinine clearance after cimetidine administration: is it useful in the monitoring of the function of transplanted kidney?

Low, Dg, 1978:
Creatinine clearance as an estimation of glomerular filtration rate

Boehncke, E.R.eder, I., 1974:
Creatinine excretion in growing veal calves

Popella, Edeltraud, 1982:
Creatinine in plasma and urine of dogs

Dvorak, Z.Z.bacova, E., 1984:
Creatinine in the urine of piglets as a parameter of muscle tissue increment

Anderson, D.K.; Heisey, S.R., 1975:
Creatinine, potassium, and calcium flux from chicken cerebrospinal fluid

Mirvish, S.; Cairnes, D.1; Hermes, N.1; Raha, C., 1982:
Creatinine: a food component that is nitrosated-denitrosated to yield methylurea Carcinogenic nitrosamides

Jackson, Ag, 1977:
Creation & maintenance of safety attitudes

Keyes, C.; Jaramillo, D.; Woolley, B.; Lancaster, M., 2005:
Creation Times and Costs for Five Tree-based Wildlife Cavity Structures (California)

Hoselton, S.A.; Samarasinghe, A.E.; Seydel, J.L.; Serie, K.M.; Schuh, J.M., 2007:
Creation and characterization of an IgG1-type monoclonal antibody against intact Aspergillus fumigatus conidia

Anadoliev, G., 1980:
Creation and cultivation of nut

Antonelli, G.L.oncini, R., 1994:
Creation and destruction of human resources in the process of economic growth: some thoughts on the Italian experience

Mulder, J.B., 1999:
Creation and development of AALAS programs

Sudarev, V.; Zhirina, L.; Saurina, N.; Ivanochkin, A., 1984:
Creation and development of a normative basis of an oblast automatic system of forestry management

Broome, S.; Craft, C.; Seneca, E., 1988:
Creation and development of brackish-water marsh habitat

Pijassou, R., 1979:
Creation and development of great Medoc vintages

Kapisinsky, Z.P.lcova, X.N.vak, E.S.ripen, J., 1979:
Creation and development of official quality control systems within the pulp and paper industry

Kiss, G., 1977:
Creation and development of quarter saw technologies (researches on the history of the industry)

Sumner, D.; Wilson, N., 2000:
Creation and distribution of economic rents by regulation: development and evolution of milk marketing orders in California

Bondarenko, L.; Ivanov, M.; Ivanovskii, I., 1979:
Creation and effective use of coastal water conservation zones

Anonymous, 1973:
Creation and exploitation of cultivated pastures and hay fie lds

Knowlton, S.M.zur, B.; Arntzen, C., 1988:
Creation and field testing of sulfonylurea-resistant crops

Kalnyn*-Section-*sh, A.A.A.ele, D.E.ia, 1984:
Creation and fuctioning of regional agro-industrial associations

Kvitko, Az, 1981:
Creation and improvement of Ala-Tau cattle

Gaucher, M., 1973:
Creation and maintenance of a Japanese garden

Parham, G.; Poley, J., 1993:
Creation and maintenance: The split personality of software development

Pelissier, F., 1972:
Creation and management of water stations in forest fire control

Tsinitis, O.; Pirags, D.; Rone, V.; Baumanis, I.; Bambe, L.B.mbe, V., 1978:
Creation and operation of forest tree seed plantations

Jean, A., 1975:
Creation and operation of purification stations

Anonymous, 1953:
Creation and organization of the National Soil Conservation Service

Mukhamedgaliev, F.M., 1986:
Creation and perfection of new breeds of farm animals

Lewis, Roy, R., 1982:
Creation and restoration of coastal plant communities

Kiiko, Am, 1978:
Creation and studies of initial material for maize breeding for the character of forming two cobs per plant

Oliz'-Ko, Ap, 1978:
Creation and studies of initial material for maize breeding on the basis of bm mutants

Lyal'-Ko, I.; Shevtsov, I.; Parii, F., 1990:
Creation and study of fertility restorers in sugar beet during inbreeding

Kremnina, A.; Kuleshov, G.; Danilova, A., 1982:
Creation and study of lines with cytoplasmic male sterility in cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata L.)

Golik, V.; Alad'-In, V., 1977:
Creation and study of starting material in yield breeding by leaf blade area

Liameborshai, S.; Zolotukhin, F., 1976:
Creation and systemization of technological maps

Barba-Navaretti, Giorgio, 1998:
Creation and transfer of knowledge

Maxted, N.; Scholten, M.; Codd, R.; Ford-Lloyd, B., 2007:
Creation and use of a national inventory of crop wild relatives

Waters, St, 1975:
Creation and use of citation data bases: a modest proposa1

Nesterov, An, 1980:
Creation and use of crown rot infection environment in clover breeding

Petrovski, N.C.akurov, R., 1975:
Creation and use of cultivated m

Kadjulis, L., 1977:
Creation and use of cultivated pastures

Giriaev, Md, 1984:
Creation and use of data bank of the Total forest area of the USSR

Budin, K.; Soboleva, T., 1978:
Creation and use of inbred lines of potatoes in interline and variety-line hybridization

Rakhimbekov, S.S.aikhatbenov, G.A.imov, R., 1975:
Creation and utilization of cultivated pastures in the conditions of southeastern Kazakhstan

Deviaterikova, Tm, 1980:
Creation and utilization of single-species initial pastures

Eaeikhfel*-Section-*d, Iogann-Gansovich, 1955:
Creation and utilization of the long-used pastures

Cohen, S.M.; Jacobson, B.H.; Garrett, C.Gaelyn.; Noordzij, J.Pieter.; Stewart, M.G.; Attia, A.; Ossoff, R.H.; Cleveland, T.F., 2007:
Creation and validation of the Singing Voice Handicap Index

Cordeau, Jean, 1998:
Creation dun vignoble

Marsily, G.De, 1992:
Creation of Hydrogeological Nature Reserves: a plea for the defense of ground water

Ghazala Shahabuddin; Ravi Kumar; Manish Shrivastava, 2007:
Creation of inviolate space: lives, livelihoods and conflict in Sariska Tiger Reserve

Rubtsov, Mi, 1981:
Creation of Cruciferae forage crops by interspecific and intergeneric hybridization

Li, W.; Gao, F., 2007:
Creation of DNA overhangs by using modified DNA overhang cloning method

Coninck, B.D.; Bannerot, H., 1989:
Creation of F1 hybrids in red-limb Brussels chicory adapted to hydroponic forcing

Tikhonov, V.P.pov, V.L.akhov, G.K.zlov, V.A.ishin, A.B.bovich, V., 1980:
Creation of Landrace-wild boar hybrids in Siberia

Schiltz, Pierre, 1967:
Creation of Nicotiana tabacum resistant to Peronospora tabacina Adam

Gordienko, Va, 1980:
Creation of Persian walnut and almond plantations in Kuban

Rusalenko, Ai, 1979:
Creation of Pinus-Betula plantings on sandy soils

Koptur, S., 1989:
Creation of Rain Forest Island at FIU

Anonymous, 1970:
Creation of Ralgo product for bovine and ovine animals

Zubets, Mv, 1988:
Creation of Ukrainian beef cattle breed

Corbin, Y., 1970:
Creation of a European union of veterinarians

Klueg, K.; Alvarado, D.M.skavitch, M.; Duffy, J., 2002:
Creation of a Gal4

Sherk, B., 1994:
Creation of a LIVING LIBRARY: a planetary network of interactive LIFE FRAMES

Hyvernat, J., 1974:
Creation of a Permanent International Meat Office on the occasion of the International Meat Days in Madrid, May 9-11, 1974

Hequet, E.; Wyatt, B.A.idi, N.T.ibodeaux, D., 2006:
Creation of a Set of Reference Material for Cotton Fiber Maturity Measurements

Karashchuk, Im, 1974:
Creation of a Siberian genofund of perennial grasses

Reimold, Rj, 1980:
Creation of a Southeastern United States salt marsh on dredged material

Toropov, Fp, 1973:
Creation of a breed herd on the

Berezovsk'-Yi, Md, 1978:
Creation of a breeding family of

Morant, P., 1996:
Creation of a cell of satellite treatment images and thematic applications within INERA

Anonymous, 1994:
Creation of a certified high grade alfalfa brand name through development of a quality assurance process, a logo and packaging to implement and maintain the brand

Nikolov, N., 1978:
Creation of a condition of intolerance to violation of labor safety regulations in viticulture winemaking complexes

Voronchikhin, Li, 1971:
Creation of a continuous base for forest seeding, a means toward quality seed culture

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