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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15407

Chapter 15407 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Babanov, G.; Dukhnenko, N.; Rubanik, V.; Bushkova, L.; Morozova, L.; Minaev, A.; Lebedev, A.; Popov, V.; Rybakov, I., 1980:
Creation of a continuous flow line for the production of cooked sausage

Petkov, V., 1974:
Creation of a continuous nectar

Stanchev, V., 1982:
Creation of a continuous supply

Savchenko, Gf, 1977:
Creation of a continuous supply of green forage for silage preparation

Fitzgerald, C.; Havisto, P.D.bbe, C., 1998:
Creation of a cookbook--Tribal Cooking: Traditional Stories and Favorite Recipes

Krumins, K., 1976:
Creation of a cranberry plantation

Kiptila, Vi, 1979:
Creation of a cultivated pasture

Labrid, C.D.reng, G.B.siez, M., 1975:
Creation of a denervated antral pouch, associated with a Heidenhain pouch, in the dog: technical considerations in relation to surgical phase and post-operative sequilae

Toishibekov, M.; Orazaliev, B.P.rekalin, I., 1984:
Creation of a flock of crossbred sheep in the Iliiskii State Farm of the Alma-Ata Region

Plakhotnik, V.; Khorikov, O., 1977:
Creation of a gene pool of spring wheat resistant to stem rust and other diseases in Northern Kazakhstan

Iadrov, A.; Sholokhova, V., 1981:
Creation of a gene pool of subtropical fruit and nut crops in the Nikitskii Botanical Garden

Song, Y.; Cone, R.D., 2007:
Creation of a genetic model of obesity in a teleost

Safarov, I.S., 1968:
Creation of a green zone surrounding Baku and Sumgaita

Kupriianov, An, 1982:
Creation of a herbaceous cover on dust-producing surfaces of strip-mining rock of the Karaganda coalfields Control of air pollution, land reclamation.1

Sydun, M.; Makushenko, N.; Bondar, N., 1979:
Creation of a herd of cows suita

Petliakov, At, 1983:
Creation of a highly productive dairy herd on the breeding farm of the Vladimir Ilich Collective Farm

Kulikov, F.M.zgovoi, V.R.khuba, S., 1976:
Creation of a highly productive herd

Rubenkov, A.A., 1991:
Creation of a highly-productive zebu-formed dairy hybrids

Gadenne, Jl, 1982:
Creation of a livestock farm: first reduce risks Costs, buildings, swine, feed, returns.1

Weber, C.Edward., 2006:
Creation of a local 'fever' using an infrared lamp to cure a tooth abscess

Falk, De, 1993:
Creation of a marked telo 6S trisomic for chromosome 6

Potskalev, Af, 1978:
Creation of a material-technical basis for the storage of machinery

Anonymous, 1971:
Creation of a national program for coastal and estuarine zone management

Borisov, Mn, 1978:
Creation of a new (Kushumskaya) horse breed

Burkat, Vp, 1981:
Creation of a new dairy type of

Rosenkova, Ve, 1978:
Creation of a new form of spring wheat with a filled stem

Berger-Perrot, Y., 1981:
Creation of a new genus Ulotrichella nov. gen. (Chlorophyceae, Ulotrichale)

D'-Alcantara, L., 1983:
Creation of a new rose

Moravec, J.K.asnicka, S.J.linek, J., 1973:
Creation of a new shallot variety milka (Allium cepa var. ascalonicum (L.) Backer 1951)

Tarasov, Na, 1979:
Creation of a new swine breed type in Siberia

Nikolov, I., 1976:
Creation of a new technology in vegetable growing

Nomura, T.; Kawamura, M.; Shibata, H.; Abe, Y.; Ohkawa, A.; Mukai, Y.; Sugita, T.; Imai, S.; Nagano, K.; Okamoto, T.; Tsutsumi, Y.; Kamada, H.; Nakagawa, S.; Tsunoda, S., 2007:
Creation of a novel cell penetrating peptide, using a random 18mer peptides library

Caporale, G., 1972:
Creation of a nucleus of specific pathogen free swine

Kazakova, Af, 1979:
Creation of a pedigree nucleus in sheep flocks of Soviet Merino breed

Gazizullin, Nt, 1980:
Creation of a permanent forest seed base for pine

Chebotarev, In, 1978:
Creation of a permanent forest tree seed base on a plant breeding basis

Kruk, Nk, 1984:
Creation of a permanent forest tree seed production on a breeding base

Molotkov, Pi, 1979:
Creation of a plantation of grafted pine trees in the Gotvaldov Timber Enterprise

Whayne, J., 1992:
Creation of a plantation system in the Arkansas Delta in the twentieth century

Vylegzhanin, M.; Koz'-Min, A.; Voronchikhin, L., 1977:
Creation of a raw material basis for wood handcraft

Anonymous, 1979:
Creation of a reliable basis for the yield of 1980

Buina, P.; Musiienko, I., 1982:
Creation of a reproductive herd

Polak, 1; Andrle, O., 1970:
Creation of a sanitary program in pigs breeding in Czechoslovakia

Igaunis, G.B.ndere, D., 1979:
Creation of a seed plantation of introduced tree and shrub species in the Kalsnava Forest Experimental Station

Schellenberg, P., 1975:
Creation of a specific free pathogen rabbit: indispensable material for research in pathology

Intizarov, Mm, 1978:
Creation of a specific-pathogen-free status in a laboratory animal model

Vaivars, I.; Kudelin, B.; Grinblat, G., 1977:
Creation of a stable and full value forage supply for animal husbandry

Lebezov, A.; Lisina, K., 1977:
Creation of a stable forage supply in the Zeya District of the Amur zone of the Baikal Amyr railway

Egorova, As, 1973:
Creation of a standard base and formation of it on machine c arriers as a necessary premise for the functioning of automa tized management systems in agriculture

Rybin, G.; Stupak, S.; Beliaeva, L., 1977:
Creation of a subsystem of processing scientific and technical information with the Minsk-32 electron computer

Kvapil, O.F.lik, J., 1983:
Creation of a synthetic line for the sire position in final hybrid production Swine.1

Trifonov, D.K.nev, I., 1978:
Creation of a system of checking mother plantings in fruit tree nurseries for virus and mycoplasm infection

Zosimovich, V.; Matskiv, O.; Navalikhina, N., 1975:
Creation of a tetraploid variety of a two-crop red clover

Ivanov, Am, 1985:
Creation of a unified form of a reference seed catalog

Antyshev, Nm, 1981:
Creation of a unit-unified system of mobile power means, is one of the leading directions of speeding up technical progress Energy supply of farm machinery.1

Clerjeau, M.L.terrot, H1; Pitrat, M., 1982:
Creation of a variety resistant to diseases of horticultural crops Tomatoes, selection.1

Hughes, H.; Lang, C., 1982:
Creation of a ventricular septal defect Cardiothoracic surgery

Richardson, J.; Gamble, K.; Mustian, R., 1998:
Creation of a web based accomplishment reporting system

Anonymous, 1947:
Creation of additional positions in the professional and scientific service in War and Navy Departments

Drapaliuk, Vo, 1977:
Creation of agricultural computer centers of common use

Sechnyak, L.; Tereshchenko, N., 1980:
Creation of alfalfa varieties with increased seed productivity

Terpo, A.P.nter, M.-Ke, 1974:
Creation of alleopathic effects on germinating seeds of cultivated plants

Pekarek, J., 1972:
Creation of an agricultural model unknown in the world up to present time

Zharinov, Vi, 1984:
Creation of an antoentomophile complex of seed-alfalfa sowing

Chouinard, C.S.ipanicic, A.V.llee, G., 1972:
Creation of an arboretum network in Quebec province

Strukchinskas, M.; Svirskis, A., 1978:
Creation of an artificial background containing infection of pathogens of clover and lucerne root rots

Kvasniuk, Nia, 1986:
Creation of an artificial infectious background of potato early blight caused by Alternaria solani

Dmitriev, Ng, 1980:
Creation of an effective system of pedigree work in the animal husbandry of the USSR

Vasil'-Ev, N.; Semenov, S., 1979:
Creation of an elite stock by selection, an important factor for advancement of breeding herds

Mitic, N., 1980:
Creation of an improved breed of sheep for the mountainous region in eastern Serbia

Mamarasulov, Sm, 1976:
Creation of an industrial basis for the operation of reclamation systems in Uzbekistan

Zheng, Y.X.n, H., 1991:
Creation of an information database and a developmental line of agro-information retrieval techniques in Northeast China

Efimenko, M.B.nekhis, B.D.nilkiv, I., 1981:
Creation of an intrabreed structure of Black Pied cattle in the Ukraine

Radchenko, E.; Krivchenko, V., 1987:
Creation of an invasion background for evaluation of grain crops resistance to aphids

Mazikamiae, S., 1976:
Creation of animal husbandry complexes as a process of solving contradictory requirements

Belous, Vi, 1984:
Creation of archive-mother plantations of oak

Pyzhikova, Gv, 1984:
Creation of artificial infection background of wheat leaf blotch disease

Vitol, E.K.riukina, K., 1980:
Creation of associations as an important trend for raising the efficiency of the branch

Wright, Twj, 1973:
Creation of associations of low cover plants along highways in the English countryside, with some references to their u pkeep

Botev, N., 1976:
Creation of beech plantings in Northern Caucasus

Musienko, I.; Bambura, V., 1980:
Creation of beef cattle by crossbreeding

Pogrebniak, Pl, 1978:
Creation of beef cattle farming in the Ukrainian SSR

Bolognari, A., 1980:
Creation of biological rest zones in the Italian Maritime Department

Andreevskaia, L.; Zabudskaia, L.; Ott, V., 1980:
Creation of biologically wholesome dairy products for nursing babies

Shchepilov, Vg, 1981:
Creation of black locust plantations on eroded slopes Robinia pseudoacacia.1

Pedersen, A., 1978:
Creation of blocs in the Danish dairy industry

Panfil, C.S.vatti, M.S.bok, C.G.ia, E., 1983:
Creation of breeding material by diallel crosses of tetraploid red clover (Trifolium pratense L.)

Didus'-, V.; El'-Nikov, N., 1972:
Creation of breeding stock for winter wheat

Souza, Eli-De-Moraes, 1971:
Creation of capital and tehcnological changes in rural enterprises - Lajeado, Car

Eisner, F.; Chalaia, A., 1980:
Creation of cattle with emphasis on beef in the Ukrainian SSR

Gubaidullin, I.I.; Baymiev, A.-Kh; Chemeris, A.V.; Vakhitov, V.A., 2006:
Creation of chimeric lectins with new sugar-binding properties

Panov, P., 1980:
Creation of commercial forest tr

Baitursunov, Tb, 1981:
Creation of commercial maternal herds of meat cattle and the technology of their maintenance in the foothill zones of Dzhizak Region

Dimitrov, Kh, 1977:
Creation of commercial plantings of rapidly growing forest tree species in Italy

Anonymous, 1953:
Creation of commissions to study Federal reorganizations, and Federal-State relations

Sternberg-Sarel, B., 1970:
Creation of cooperative farms requires the approval of a well-informed peasantry

Razoznaev, Km, 1984:
Creation of crossbred sheep husbandry in the south-eastern part of Kazakhstan

Konstantinov, M.; Kshniakin, V.; Siaglov, V.; Iakovlev, V., 1979:
Creation of cultivated hay making meadows and pastures on complex Solonetz soils of Western Siberia

Konstantinov, M.; Kshniakin, V.; Siaglov, V.; Iakovlev, V., 1979:
Creation of cultivated haylands and pastures on the complex Solonetz soils of Western Siberia

Terekhova, K., 1976:
Creation of cultivated meadow farming in river floodplains

Levkovs'-Kii, A.; Kovalenko, I., 1979 :
Creation of cultivated meadow gr

Builov, S.; Trunov, N.; Dzhaparidze, T.; Vinnikov, N., 1975:
Creation of cultivated pastures for sheep and their utilization

Abdraimov, Sa, 1980:
Creation of cultivated pastures in the desert zone of Kazakhstan

Drozdov, Ip, 1973:
Creation of cultivated pastures on the state farms of the L eningrad Region

Klimova, Ev, 1977:
Creation of cultivated sheep pastures in Transbaikalia

Khabarova, A.; Blagoveshchenskaia, Z., 1981:
Creation of deficiency-free humus balance in the soil Effect of fertilizer application.1

Clerjeau, M.L.terrot, H.P.trat, M., 1979:
Creation of disease-resistant varieties of market crops

Gares, P.; Nordstrom, K., 1988:
Creation of dune depressions by foredune accretion

Chantereau, J.E.asse, C., 1976:
Creation of dwarf populations of pearlmillet (Pennisetum typhoides Stafp) in Niger

Godunov, I.; Levchuk, N.1; Nagornyi, N., 1980:
Creation of earth embankments and their maintenance in working condition Erosion control, slopes, tillage, Ukrainian SSR.1

Nitsche, H.; Pirker, M.E.; Montedonico, S.; Hoellwarth, M.E., 2007:
Creation of enteral shortcuts as a therapeutic option in children with chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudoobstruction

Komakhin, R.A.; Komakhina, V.V.; Zhuchenko, A.A., 2007:
Creation of expression vectors with recA gene from E-coli for the purpose induction of recombination in plants

Tolstoguzov, Vb, 1988:
Creation of fibrous structures by spinneretless spinning

Eikhfel', D.-Ng; Toomre, R., 1979:
Creation of forage abundance in zones of intensive dairy cattle husbandry

Leushin, S.P.ishchak, G., 1976:
Creation of forage supplies for beef cattle pasture management

Tiunchik, V.; Petrik, P., 1984:
Creation of forest plantations in the Lvov Region

Vakuliuk, Pg, 1980:
Creation of forest plantings in the Ukraine

Pasternak, P.; Dan'-Ko, V., 1975:
Creation of forest plantings in the steppe zone of the Ukrainian SSR

Mol'-Chenko, Ll, 1980:
Creation of forest seed-producing plantations of spruce in the Carpathians

Kas'-Ianov, F.; Filippov, M.; Zevin, G., 1978:
Creation of forest shelterbelts on farms in the Kulunda Steppe

Bialyi, A.; Isupov, B.; Kladiev, A., 1979:
Creation of forest strips in the place of massive tree stands that have died in Yergeni Hills

Lohhinov, B.A.i; Stroaeina, S.O., 1976:
Creation of forest-stripes on irrigated lands

Popov, S., 1979:
Creation of forest-type walnut stands

Zdril'-Ko, A.; Adamchuk, G., 1975:
Creation of forms with cytoplasmic male sterility for obtaining heterotic hybrids of rye

Semashko, V.; Gudkovskii, V., 1977:
Creation of gaseous environements in commercial chambers of fruit storage houses

Korotkova, Ei, 1981:
Creation of gene banks--one of the forms of maintaining the flora gene pool

Kondrat'-Eva, V.; Filimonova, T.; Kotrokhova, E.; Naumov, G., 1991:
Creation of genetic lines of brewers yeast

Naumov, G.; Naumova, E.; Sarishvili, N.; Khoroshilova, V.; Chernikov, G., 1990:
Creation of genetic lines of champagne strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Dalleinne, E., 1973:
Creation of green spaces, their upkeep and necessary equipment

Rudenko, E.; Bashlakov, N., 1979:
Creation of hay making meadows and pastures on reclaimed lands in Byelorussia

Zankovich, Ia, 1973:
Creation of healthful and safe working conditions in agricultural production

Kotliakov, V.; Suprunenko, I., 1979:
Creation of high mountain glacial national parks

Nikolov, I.V.tanov, M., 1977:
Creation of high pepper seedbeds formed with the aid of FN 160 and FN 140 rototillers

Fedorinov, V.M., 1954:
Creation of high production in swine heads; the experience of the Gorky pig program

Andriushchenko, Dp, 1978:
Creation of high productive mother nurseries of vegetatively propagated rootstocks

Piliak, In, 1978:
Creation of high yielding hay meadows on the Sakhalin Island

Bogdanov, Vl, 1983:
Creation of high yielding leys in the Archangel Region

Bugaenko, L.; Reznikova, S., 1984:
Creation of high-heterotic mint hybrids suitable for double-crop cultivation

Kutuzov, G.; Krasavina, N., 1988:
Creation of high-productivity agricultural phytocenosis of clover

Saito, N., 2007:
Creation of highly potent vitamin D receptor antagonists

Naboka, Ip, 1979:
Creation of highly productive herds of Black Pied cattle in the Ukrainian SSR

Terekhov, Aa, 1973 :
Creation of highly productive sown grass stands on a flood plain

Savina, D.; Dorotiuk, E., 1980:
Creation of hybrid maternal herds in meat cattle raising

Bianchi, M.T.rtari, E., 1979:
Creation of hybrid pigs with marked aptitude for lean meat production

Mantsevich, Ed, 1973:
Creation of hybrid seed plots of Pinus on the basis of its different climatic types

Skorobrekha, P.; Zakhoba, V., 1978:
Creation of hybrids by using selfpollinated lines similar by phenotype

Zubenko, V.; Negovskii, N.1; Iakimenko, N., 1981:
Creation of hybrids on a sterile basis Sugarbeet breeding.1

Tiugina, Ki, 1969:
Creation of initial material for

Manziuk, V.; Barsukov, P.; Shkumat, V., 1975:
Creation of initial material for barley breeding for high content of protein and indispensable amino acids

Burlov, V.; Buntovskii, R.; Kostiuk, S., 1976:
Creation of initial material for breeding sunflower hybrids on the basis of male sterility

Kopel'-Kievskii, G.; Chepik, E., 1978:
Creation of initial material of buckwheat breeding for nectar productivity

Kopel'-Kievskii, G.; Chepik, E., 1978:
Creation of initial stock in breeding buckwheat for nectar production

Koniukhov, La, 1980:
Creation of installations for drip irrigation of intercollective horticultural farms in the northern part of the Moldavian SSR

Balzariavichius, P.; Iushkauskas, I., 1980:
Creation of intensive forage production for industrial livestock complexes on the basis of melioration

Anadoliev, G.P.nev, S., 1978:
Creation of intensive plantings

Penev, S.A.adoliev, G., 1979:
Creation of intensive walnut pla

Sheiko, D.; Pashchenko, G., 1977:
Creation of irrigated cultivated pastures for sheep on the 40 years of October State Farm of the Dagestan ASSR

Sukhomlyn, F.; Kurgan, V., 1972:
Creation of irrigated pastures i

Le-Gentil, A., 1987:
Creation of irrigated perimeters in Haiti: role of the project and right holders in the formation, realization and management

Stanfield, D.; Gibbard, R.; Markwell, S., 1999:
Creation of land markets in transition countries

Podkolzina, Ve, 1983:
Creation of leaf mustard varieties with low erucic acid content

Anderson, Gc, 1990:
Creation of linkage map falters, posing delay for genome project

Varchenko, Ii, 1978:
Creation of long-term hay grasslands and pastures on meadow soils of the Ob area

Fed'-Ko, I.; Morshchatskii, A.; Kovalev, A., 1983:
Creation of maize hybrids with complex resistance to pests and diseases

Rudenko, E.; Bashlakov, N., 1979:
Creation of meadows and pastures on reclaimed lands of Bylorussia

Shumakov, I.; Simakov, A., 1978:
Creation of mechanized teams--an important factor of increasing the effectiveness of production in collective farms

Alekseev, A.; Oleinichenko, V.1; Iakovlev, E., 1981:
Creation of microclimate in chambers of a biological factory Artificial rearing of Laspeyresia pomonella, operation of electric heaters.1

Konstantinov, S.; Linnik, V.; Nikulina, N., 1974:
Creation of millet breeding stock by chemical mutagenesis

Gerasimov, K., 1977:
Creation of mixed forest stands

Prokop'-Ev, Mn, 1978:
Creation of mixed plantings of pine and birch

Klimashevskii, El, 1987:
Creation of models of varieties of agricultural plants on the basis of physiological characteristics of their root systems

Kubo, H.; Shimizu, T.; Yamato, M.; Fujimoto, T.; Okano, T., 2007:
Creation of myocardial tubes using cardiomyocyte sheets and an in vitro cell sheet-wrapping device

Steger, Ulrich, 1985:
Creation of nature

Grosch, Klaus, 1990:
Creation of nature? opinions on the report of the commission of inquiry on Prospects and Risks of Genetic Engineering.

Rudelle, M., 1971:
Creation of new carnation varieties by modern techniques

Svetleva, D., 2001:
Creation of new common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivars applying chemical mutagenesis

Mazepin, Mg, 1973:
Creation of new differently fruited forms of sugar beets

Dobrochaieva, D.; Sypaialova, L.; Savyts'-Kyi, V., 1983:
Creation of new expositions in the Botanical museum of the N.G. Kholodnyi Institute of Botany of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences

Kordis, F., 1977:
Creation of new forests in the territory of Slovenia

Dzhakeli, V.; Gabrichidze, Z., 1982:
Creation of new high-yielding high quality tea varieties of the clone selection USSR.1

Macicka, M., 1977:
Creation of new honeybee colonies by forming nuclei

Medvedev, Pf, 1978:
Creation of new initial material by changing the type of rye development

Matveeva, Gv, 1980 :
Creation of new popcorn inbred lines

Brezhnev, D.; Listikova, L.; Shcehrbakov, V., 1975:
Creation of new tomato forms with the aid of gamma irradiation of the plants

Pires, A., 1970:
Creation of new university nuclei in the face of the student explosion and of the foundations of national development

Queguinner, J., 1972:
Creation of new varieties Kerloi en Ploudaniel in Brittany

Queguiner, J., 1978:
Creation of new varieties by the Association of Creators of New Potato Varieties

Lubenets, P., 1973:
Creation of new varieties of alfalfa in the USSR

Tucovic, A.H.rpka, I., 1978:
Creation of new varieties of forest tree species

Canter, D., 1971:
Creation of new veterinary faculties? considerations on universities and teachers

Nichik, Mm, 1979:
Creation of nif-plasmids and the transfer of nitrogen fixation genes in microorganisms Klebsiella pneumoniae, Azotobacter vinelandi.1

Goot, A.J. van der; Manski, J.M., 2007:
Creation of novel microstructures through processing: structure formation in (semi-)solid food materials

Horky, K., 1982:
Creation of nucleus colonies and artificial swarms of honeybees.1

Nikovskii, T., 1979:
Creation of optimal environment in rural settlements

Grinenko, V.; Mamikonian, E., 1973:
Creation of optimal light conditions for vineyards with mechanized care

Kizerov, A., 1980:
Creation of optimal microclimate in animal husbandry buildings Ventilation-heating equipment, cowsheds.1

Belousov, Vm, 1978:
Creation of optimal microclimate in the industrial rearing of rabbits

Veprik, J., 1976:
Creation of organizational units for management and control

Veprik, J., 1976:
Creation of organizational units in livestock production

Rubtsov, N.; Matveeva, V.; Radzhabli, S.; Kul'-Bakina, N.; Nesterova, T.; Zakiyan, S., 1987:
Creation of panel of hybrid clones of fox X Chinese hamster somatic cells and determination of chromosome location of LDHA, LDHB, GPI, ESD, G6PD, HPRT, and alpha-GALA genes in silver fox

Manzyuk, V., V.-Ukrainian-Ssr; Naumova, L., 1987:
Creation of parent material in breeding barley by the bulbosum method

Sasayama, Tatsuo, 1993:
Creation of pastoral environment

Prishchak, Gi, 1978:
Creation of pastures for beef cattle in the Southern Urals and Northwest Kazakhstan

Tarasov, As, 1983:
Creation of pastures for beef cattle in the steppe zone of north Kazakhstan

Alimaev, Ii, 1987:
Creation of pastures from semishrubs in the southern part of the Mongolian Peoples Republic

Smagin, Vp, 1980:
Creation of pastures of Vitex agnus-castus in arid zones

Rozvadovskii, Am, 1975:
Creation of pea varieties by the method of multiple crossings

Petel'-Ko, A.G.ybin, T., 1980:
Creation of perennial cultivated pastures on the slopes of gullies and on eroded lands

Starostin, Va, 1977:
Creation of permanent labor forces in forestry enterprises

Parfeniuk, G.; Poliukhovich, P., 1984:
Creation of permanent meadows on drained peatlands

Satoh, K., 1998:
Creation of photo-tolerant mutants of a cyanobacterium, Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803, by in vitro by mutagenesis of the psbA gene

Nikitenko, Ai, 1984:
Creation of physical production base of chemicalization service in the Belgorod Region

Antoniuk, Nie, 1979:
Creation of phytocoenoses in the

Waksman, Guy, 1975 :
Creation of phytological and ecological tables in order to help automatic classification

Petrov, Mf, 1980:
Creation of pine and larch plantings in the non-Chernozem zone

Biruikova, A.; Riakhovskii, I.; Freiberg, I., 1983:
Creation of pine and spruce forest plantations with large planting stock

Grimal'-Skii, Vi, 1980:
Creation of pine plantations resistant to pests and diseases

Varslavans, L., 1981:
Creation of pine plantations with Brika nursery trees

Zharova, L.; Piatetskii, G.; Soboleva, E., 1977:
Creation of pine plantings on drained bogs of Karelia

Trifonov, D., 1984:
Creation of plant protection in

Ibragimov, Za, 1984:
Creation of plantations of walnut in the Azerbaidzhan SSR

Prozorova, Ib, 1981:
Creation of plantations of willows with high content of tannin Salix.1

Shevkenov, G., 1976:
Creation of poplar plantations of valuable varieties in the Yambol forest district

Repka, P., 1970:
Creation of preconditions for the economic utilization of poplar wood

Ruutel, A., 1974:
Creation of prerequisites for concentrating the dairy cattle industry

Stoliarova, Ai, 1974:
Creation of primary and combined standards in animal husband ry and their formation on machine carriers

Glisic, Mv, 1979:
Creation of productive forest types

Kargopolov, Va, 1973:
Creation of prospective tractors in accordance with the 1971-1980 standards

Klement'-Ev, K.; Liser, S., 1973:
Creation of prospectivehigh-speed silage-harvesting combine attachment for the T-150 tractor

Valk, G.K.mel, M.A.ou-Zeid, N., 1971:
Creation of reactive centers on cellulose using hexahydro-1,3,5-triacryloyl-s-triazine

Kamel, M.H.beish, A.A.lam, M.A.-Aref, A., 1973:
Creation of reactive centers on cotton. II

Kamel, M.H.beish, A.A.-Aref, A., 1974:
Creation of reactive centers on cotton. IV. Reaction of acrylamidomethylated cotton with some sulfur compounds

Kamel, M.H.beish, A.A.-Aref, A., 1975:
Creation of reactive centers on cotton. V. Simultaneous dyeing and finishing of acrylamidomethylated cotton fabrics

Kamel,, S.; Kharadly, E., 1976:
Creation of reactive centers on cotton. VII. Dyeing properties modified by reacting with tris-(N-hydroxymethyl-2-carbamoylethyl)-amine

Kamel, M.A.ou-Zeid, N.; Amin, S.; Hashem, M., 1975:
Creation of reactive centers on cotton. VII. Mechanism of reaction of cotton with hexahydro-1,3,5-triacryloyl-s-triazine

Anonymous, 1971:
Creation of regional parks

Niering, W.; Goodwin, R., 1976:
Creation of relatively stable shrublands with herbicides: arresting succession on rights-of-way and pastureland

Hrechushkin, Vs, 1980:
Creation of resistant forest tre

Dmitriev, P.; Dremov, N.; Timofeev, V., 1979:
Creation of resistant pine stands

Cindric, P., 1977:
Creation of resistant varieties by means of interspecies hybridization

Carangelo, Pd, 1988:
Creation of sea grass habitat in Texas: results of research investigations and applied programs

Phillips, Rc, 1980:
Creation of seagrass beds

Jelicic, V., 1976:
Creation of secondary forest road nets by felling in beech , fir and spruce forests

Anisimov, Bv, 1981:
Creation of seed tuber funds of highest reproductions Potatoes.1

Luks, I.; Kriukova, I., 1980 :
Creation of single effective reservation system of rare and vanishing plants

Saliukov, Pa, 1973:
Creation of sown hay fields on the inundation meadows of Kazakhstan

Kazantsev, Pg, 1980:
Creation of sown meadows on boggy lands in Western Siberia Legume-grass mixtures, application of fertilizers.1

Dardzhonov, T.K.ristov, V., 1979:
Creation of specialized beef cat

Darshonov, T., 1982:
Creation of specialized beef cattle breeding in Bulgaria

Khramtsova, Em, 1980:
Creation of specialized flowlines Rearing Gray Giant rabbits at the Crimean State Regional Agricultural Experiment Station.1

Pocherniaev, F.G.lub, N., 1980:
Creation of specialized lines of swine in the Ukraine Pedigree-breeding work with the Russian Large White, Poltavskaia Scientific-Research Institute of Swine Breeding.1

Kolarov, D.K.lchev, P., 1979:
Creation of specialized planting

Kornienko, P.; Kazakov, V., 1981:
Creation of spruce plantations by rotary cultivation of the soil Picea.1

Kulesko, I.I., 1978:
Creation of stable immunity against hog cholera and pig erysipelas by the administration of vaccines with food

Reifman, V.; Smirnov, I.; Evsikova, L.; Vashchenko, A., 1980:
Creation of starting material for the breeding of virus-resistant soybean varieties

Caporale, G., 1971:
Creation of swine specific pathogen-free centers

Schonbohm, E.; Schonbohm, E.; Lucke, G., 1980:
Creation of symmetric and asymmetric phytochrome gradients in Mougeotia cells and the effect of these phytochrome-gradients on chloroplast orientation

Volodin, V.; Fomina, Z.; Avramenko, B., 1979:
Creation of synthetic mutant populations as a method of wheat selection

Vavilov, P.; Sosnovskii, P., 1975:
Creation of tetraploid male sterile forms of forage beets in relation to their utilization in breeding for heterosis

Bekzhanov, S., 1980:
Creation of the Central Kazakhstan type of Arkhar-Merino sheep

Mamonov, I.; Nazarko, T., 1981:
Creation of the broomrape-resistant sunflower variety Start

Kissel'-, Ni, 1973:
Creation of the double recessive 02fl2 from the corn mutants opaque-2 and floury-2

Diuriagina, Gp, 1981:
Creation of the exhibition Rare and disappearing plants of Siberia in the Central Siberian Botanical Garden

Maillard, C.E.zet, L.S.lan, P., 1988:
Creation of the genus Serranicotyle (Monogenea, Microcotylidae): Serranicotyle labracis (Van Beneden et Hesse, 1863) n. comb., ectoparasite of Dicentrarchus labrax (Teleostei)

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Creation of the green in cities: the effect of urbanization on the plant community

Anonymous, 1961:
Creation of the long-used artificial pastures

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Creation of the method of induction of androgenic development for the purpose of producing gaploids in some essential oil crops

Kuzyk, K.; Surovets'-, M., 1978:
Creation of the new breeding lin

Krupkin, P.; Iuzhakov, A.; Lobanova, T., 1986:
Creation of the optimal nitrogen level in soil for plant nutrition in Siberia

Bronzova, G.Eiia, 1955:
Creation of the pastures on washed away soils in central forest-steppe and dry steppe

Beiguelman, Paula, 1978:
Creation of the social classes in the coffee growing communities

Veselov, I.; Atrokhin, V., 1979:
Creation of the vegetative method of the European Chestnut Forest Seed Plantation

Brezhnev, Dd, 1982:
Creation of the world collection of vegetable and melon crops, its study and use in breeding

Iablokov, Av, 1981:
Creation of theory of animal kingdom protection as a major task of general biology

Lukacka, M., 1976:
Creation of time standards by using a system of motion studies

Fedorov, P.L.ont'-Eva, E., 1978:
Creation of trade named Moldavian brandies (from the experience of the Kishinev wine-brandy factories

Zakhar'-Ev, V.; Gizatullin, R.; Shul'-Ga, O.; Katkov, V.; Kalinina, N.; Tal'-Yanskii, M.; Atabekov, I.; Skryabin, K., 1990:
Creation of transgenic Nicotianum tabaum plants resistant to potato X virus

Duiunov, Ea, 1980:
Creation of turkey crosses at the

Mette, H.; Willing, M., 1976:
Creation of uniform regulations for measuring and sorting rough lumber in the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance an objective prerequisite for accomplishing socialist economic integration in the forestry and lumbering sphere

Lemekh, I.; Nets'-Ko, E., 1974:
Creation of valuable wintery barley breeding material

Shurovenkov, I.; Mikhailova, N., 1980:
Creation of varieties resistant to wheat thrips

Khar'-Kova, Ap, 1985:
Creation of verticillium-resistant varieties

Savchenko, A.; Vasilevskaia, L., 1977:
Creation of vigorous pine plantings

Kondarev, M., 1978:
Creation of vineyards on private plots in agro industrial complexes

Maltabar, L.; Voropai, D.; Gavrilov, R., 1979:
Creation of vineyards with stems from the rootstock

Zdravkov, K., 1976:
Creation of walnut stands for wood production

Shyman, Hm, 1981:
Creation of water-protective pla

Orel, Gm, 1979:
Creation of wave-breaking tree plantings on the shores of reservoirs

Lesovoi, M.; Shkodenko, V.; Panteleev, V., 1975:
Creation of wheat varieties in relation to the dynamics of the racial composition of brown rust

Shchapova, A.; Kravtsova, L., 1981:
Creation of wheat-rye substituted lines using the method of differential staining of the chromosomes

Shulyndin, Af, 1980:
Creation of winter and spring Triticale in the USSR and their appreciation in production Breeding, selection and genetics

Garkavyi, P.; Perekhrest, V., 1981:
Creation of winter-hardy two-row winter barley varieties

Nikulin, Fm, 1980:
Creation of year-round working staff

Poulin, A.; Malo, M.-Claire, 1984:
Creation process of membership in Quebec housing cooperatives

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Creation with flowers

Poirier, M., 1986 :
Creations or fabrications?

Harner, Kl, 1985:
Creative Great Plains forestry projects - South Dakota

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Creative Ikebana:

Anonymous, 1974:
Creative Processes and Procedures in Staff Development to Do 4-H Work Seminar (TS-44)

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Creative Solutions for Emerging Child Care Needs

Foree, C.B.orklund, G.M.rtin, L., 1981:
Creative activities for young children

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Creative activities of geneticists and breeders during the new Five Year Plan

Leskovets, N.; Nikol'-Skii, K., 1978:
Creative activity, the basis of work efficiency of the collective

Bedak, Gr, 1975:
Creative application

Ganev, A., 1970:
Creative application of Lenins co-operative program as a crucial point of the victory of the co-operative system in Bulgaria

Maetisepuro, M.E., 1956:
Creative application of academician V.P. Goriachkin conceptions in the scientific research on agricultural mechanization

Merkulov, I.; Iunin, V.; Snezhko, G.; Talyshev, P., 1984:
Creative application of cultivation methods

Kr"stanov, Kh, 1977:
Creative application of the experience of Estonian dairy cattle husbandry

Slugin, Vs, 1976:
Creative approach

Zagoruiko, A.; Shcherbatiuk, O.1; Volynets, V., 1981:
Creative approach of the Maiak collective farm to the produciton of grains, sugarbeets, sunflowers and vegetables, Vinnitsa Region, Ukrainian SSR.1

Iur'-Ev, Vm, 1979:
Creative approach to the organization of the entire planning work

Zieroth, Ej, 1987:
Creative approaches to aspen management for wildlife

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Creative approaches to parenting education

Bristol, Bk, 1970:
Creative approaches to teaching ornamental horticulture short course

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Creative art can put personality into your home

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Creative arts and crafts

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Creative biography of Sergei IUlevich Lipshits

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Creative botany: opportunities for the future

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Creative calorie-counting for kids

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Creative capital financing for state and local governments

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Creative careers in home economics

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Creative cash

Scruggs, Cg, 1983:
Creative cattle capitalism Economic system

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Creative clothing construction

Hunter, Sherri-Warner, 2005:
Creative concrete ornaments for the garden

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Creative confrontations with change

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Creative conservation

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Creative conservation in the future: a 2020 view

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Creative conservation in the future: the forest managers view

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Creative conservation in the future: the political view

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Creative construction: or, how the do-it-yourselfer can avoid killing trees

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Creative contribution of IE.M. B

Anonymous, 1996:
Creative cooking

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Creative cooking without wheat, milk, and eggs

Pannikow, W., 1974:
Creative cooperation in science

Laktionov, Bi, 1978:
Creative cooperation of science and practice

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Creative cooperation of scientists of the Southwestern plant breeding center

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Creative cooperation: involving biological parents in long-term foster care

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Creative countertrade

Anonymous, 1993:
Creative cover cropping for perennial farming systems

Anonymous, 1993:
Creative cover cropping in annual farming systems

Anonymous, 1971:
Creative crafts for children

Dank, Michael-Carlton, 1945:
Creative crafts in wood

Anonymous, 1989:
Creative crime fighting

King, Betty, S., 1981:
Creative crochet

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Creative cuisine

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Creative destruction: Zhu Jia Jiao, China

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Creative development of the Lenin agrarian policy by the Communist Party

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Creative dining services: thinking big

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Creative disruptions in American agriculture 1620--1820

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Creative effort in agriculture and other articles

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Creative enthusiasm of the Scientific-Technical Society for the Five-Year Plan

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Creative factors in scientific research

Anonymous, 1967:
Creative federalism

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Creative financing and aggressive recruiting build a $12 million company in seven years

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Creative flower arranging

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Creative food experiences for children

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Creative forestry

Anonymous, 1995:
Creative garden design

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Creative garden mosaics

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Creative gardening

Anonymous, 1997:
Creative garnishing ideas

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Creative hands

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Creative heritage in breeding an

Turnbough,. Jr.;, 1975:
Creative imagery--useful but not necessary

Kaliagin, V.; Bystrov, S., 1978:
Creative implementation of the recommendations of scientists

Anonymous, 1940:
Creative industries

Iaroslavtsev, Ei, 1980:
Creative introduction of technology Raspberry mechanized cultivation .1

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Creative job tips for youth

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Creative justice

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Creative keys to unlock your classes

Anonymous, 1996:
Creative kitchen decorating

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Creative land development

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Creative landscaping

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Creative living

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Creative markdown practices for profit

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Creative marketing

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Creative marketing for the foodservice industry

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Creative marketing of apple products

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Creative mental health services for the elderly

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Creative merchandising helps supermarkets increase frozen food sales

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Creative merchandising--simplistic by design

Jay, Ma, 1989:
Creative networks for effective transfer of technology

Stewart, M.-Jo; Hankins, L.; Tressler, J., 1981:
Creative nutrition education

Tudel'-, Nv, 1980:
Creative operation of machinery Commercial technology of maize cultivation.1

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Creative parenting

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Creative pathway and activities of Filaret Dmitrievich Mordukhai-Boltovskii

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Creative pathway and contribution of professor M. F. Ternonski in the development of our science and practice on tobacco

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Creative pathway of Ismagil Gadievich Suleimanov (August 8, 1904-October 21, 1973)

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Creative pathway of professor A.A. Markov

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Creative perfumery in the soap and detergent field

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Creative permanency planning: residential services for families

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Creative phosphokinase isoenzymes in stress-sussceptible and stress-reisitant pigs

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Creative planting with climbers

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Creative poultry breeding

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Creative power through discussion

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Creative problem solving

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Creative problem solving: your role as leader

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Creative programming in family life education

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Creative programs can help even out sales

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Creative propagation

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Creative quantity cooking

Anonymous, 1984:
Creative quantity recipes

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Creative residential finance

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Creative role-playing exercises in science and technology

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Creative search for servicing farming practice

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Creative search is the basis of success

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Creative selling

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Creative solutions to problems in veterinary education

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Creative solutions to the rehabilitation of old industrial buildings: the case of Canal Place, Akron, Ohio

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Creative stitchery

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Creative supervised experiences for horticulture students

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Creative teaching: simulations, games, and role playing

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Creative techniques for fire hazard planning

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Creative thinking and learning styles in undergraduate agriculture students

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Creative use of annuals

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Creative use of mountain biodiversity databases: The Kazbegi research agenda of GMBA-DIVERSITAS

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Creative uses for plant growth regulators

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Creative veterinary marketing

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Creative waterfront development

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Creative ways of using and disseminating federal information

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Creative ways to preserve fruits

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Creative weave drafting Scandinavian style

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Creative wok cooking

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Creative work--the basis of success

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Creative young minds grow in the outdoors

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Creative, intellectual, and psychosocial development through mentorship: relationships and stages

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Creative, resourceful displays attract shoppers

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Creatividad empresarial para la educacion agropecuaria

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Creativity and accounting are the guarantee of economic success

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Creativity and children

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Creativity and conformity

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Creativity and innovation for food animal veterinarians

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Creativity and party adherence, unseparable unity in the education and training of high school and special school units

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Creativity and rationality in plan formulation

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Creativity and self-trust: a field study

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Creativity characterizes display award winners

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Creativity enhancement software: a systemic approach

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Creativity from childhood through adulthood

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Creativity in everyday practice

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Creativity in flower arrangement

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Creativity in organic synthesis

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Creativity in science

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Creativity in small groups

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Creativity in the 4-H program

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Creativity in the California wine industry

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Creativity in the organization

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Creativity in young children

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Creativity of American and Arab rural youth

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Creativity related cortex activity in the remote associates task

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Creativity, close attention to Mexican trends pay off for soybean exporters

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Creativity: Is it a gift from the gods or can we teach it to our children?

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Creativity: a fresh look on the world

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Creativity: extensions future

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Creator and active instiller of

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Creator of the English garden: Charles Bridgemans tools and techniques

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Creator of the golden ears

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Creators of fundamentals of designing and constructing reclamation systems

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Creatures like us?

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Creatures of Empire

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Creatures of habitat the changing nature of wildlife and wild places in Utah and the intermountain West

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Creatures, critters & crawlers of the Southwest

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Creazione e cura del verde

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Crecimiento de Eucalyptus en Misiones y su valor economico

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Crecimiento radialde tachigali y terminalia en bosques de tierra bajaal sureste de venezuela

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Crecimiento y propiedades de la especie araucaria araucana (Mol.) Koch

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Credence Goods, Efficient Labelling Policies, and Regulatory Enforcement

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Credentialing of veterinary specialists

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Credibility and monetary policy

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Credibility in training: Part 1. Why are you going to do that?

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Credibility in training: Part II. Entertainment and other self inflicted wounds

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Credibility in training: Part V. What do we really want to know?

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Credibility in training: do training and development have a personality conflict?

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Credible disinflation with staggered price setting

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Credible food safety assurance for the whole meat chain

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Credietverlening voor eigenaars en pachters van kleine landbouwbedrijven in de V.S

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Credit Fertilizers, cooperatives, India

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Credit Industriel Desjardins Inc.: continuous progress to the benefit of the small and medium size enterprises

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Credit Plus

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Credit Repair Organizations Act (H.R. 458)

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Credit Uses Reporting Act of 1975

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Credit and banks for rural production. vI

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Credit and banks in rural production. vII

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Credit and circulating means of production of collective farms

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Credit and collection

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Credit and collection = liquidity

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Credit and conservation

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Credit and cooperation

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Credit and cost for the milling and macaroni industries Italy.1

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Credit and other financial tools in the farm and home unit approach

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Credit and rural development

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Credit as an impediment to international trade in North Dakota

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Credit as an input in agricultural production: a study of the nature and use of credit by a sample of cocoa producers in some villages of western Nigeria

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Credit as the key to rural development

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Credit availability for potential irrigators in North Dakota

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Credit backstops farmers

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Credit burden, its tendencies and measuring in agriculture in Slovakia

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Credit card

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Credit card blues

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Credit card come-ons

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Credit card practices among undergraduate college students

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Credit card safety

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Credit card use and knowledge in Thailand

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Credit card, debit card

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Credit cards

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Credit cards and charge accounts register

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Credit cards: how lower rates can mask higher finance charges

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Credit challenges of the future must be faced

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Credit channel or credit actions?

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Credit clips down debt burden in agriculture

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Credit co-ops provide education leadership in West Germany

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Credit competition intensifies in world markets U.S. agricultural products

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Credit conditions and the cyclical behavior of inventories

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Credit contracts

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Credit control

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Credit control in selected retail farm supply cooperatives

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Credit controls

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Credit cooperation movement i

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Credit cost computation

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Credit cycles

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Credit decisions

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Credit department primer for small business

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Credit establishments in Spain

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Credit evaluation: monitoring the financial health of agriculture

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Credit facilities for modernizing farming in Pakistan

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Credit facilities for the development of small-scale fisheries of India

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Credit facility for small plantations

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Credit facts for small farmers

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Credit finance for agriculture

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Credit foncier vaudois, 1859-1959

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Credit for IRDP--processes and problems

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Credit for Washington fryer producers

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Credit for Wyoming agricultural and commercial sectors

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Credit for Wyoming agricultural and commercial sectors: the scope and size of public lending programs

Rao, Tnr, 1977:
Credit for agricultural production and fertilisers

Wyszomirski, T., 1970:
Credit for agricultural production cooperatives

Hossain, Mahabub, 1988:
Credit for alleviation of rural poverty

Seppar, A., 1980:
Credit for buying or building fruit orchard houses and for keeping in order fruit orchard plots Decree of the Central Committee of Communist Party of the Soviet Union and of the USSR Council of Ministers.1

Skorokhodov, S.A., 1961:
Credit for commercial organizations

Nair, Sp, 1973:
Credit for fertiliser distribution

Wyszomirski, T., 1975:
Credit for group farmers

Anonymous, 1984:
Credit for integrated rural development programme

Millner, Jd, 1977:
Credit for maple producers

Tinnermeier, Rl, 1974:
Credit for small farmers

Mittal, Dc, 1978:
Credit for stimulating fertiliser consumption

Chandrasekharan, V., 1969:
Credit for the farmer--the role of American banks

Hossain, M.; Salimullah, M., 1984:
Credit for the rural poor

Russell, Lr, 1993:
Credit for women

Smith, Lc, 1979:
Credit for women: How do you rate?

Mercer, Re, 1982:
Credit for young farmers Finance, USA

Fox, R.; Monroe, L., 1975:
Credit gap may slow southeasts beef trend

Wyszomirski, T., 1970:
Credit granting for agricultural production cooperatives

Satyanarayana, V.; Johnson, D.D.mcey, 1998:
Credit guarantee programs and U.S. market share in selected wheat import markets

Richey, B.; Reich, L., 1991:
Credit guarantee programs help open doors in Mexican marketplace

Dahl, Bruce, L., 1995:
Credit guarantee programs in international grain markets

Gudger, Michael, 1998:
Credit guarantees

Smith, S., 1984:
Credit guarantees assuming larger export role

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Credit handbook for women

Urich,. Jr.;, 1994:
Credit help for Arkansans: names and numbers to know

Iacobelli, D., 1981:
Credit implements and financial functions Agricultural loans, cooperatives, Italy.1

Holderness, Ba, 1976:
Credit in English rural society before the nineteenth century, with special reference to the period 1650-1720

Krush, Z.A., 1987:
Credit in agricultural production

Oni, Sa, 1973:
Credit in rural development: An appraisal of the supervised credit scheme for the farm settlers in Western Nigeria

Nikolov, Ng, 1977:
Credit in the conditions of farm production concentration

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Credit in the growth of agricultural enterprises: from partial to global credit

Doll, Jp, 1969:
Credit in the production organization of the firm: comment

Robinson, James, L., 1957:
Credit in use and conservation of agricultural resources

Wyszomirski, T., 1971:
Credit institutions for agriculture and their functions

Jansen, Wj, 1972:
Credit insurance and the potato business

Drinkard, Shirley, P., 1973:
Credit is a tool or a trap

Weichert, Hg, 1972:
Credit is critical in most farming operations

Mansuri, G., 2007:
Credit layering in informal financial markets

Koenig, S.; Hiemstra, S., 1988:
Credit legislation goes beyond the FCS

Anonymous, 1997:
Credit legume nitrogen--and reap the profits

Ogrodnik, S., 1974:
Credit liabilities of the rural population in Lublin provin ce

Lee, Wf, 1983:
Credit management

Rosenzweig, Mark, R., 1989:
Credit market constraints, consumption smoothing and the accumulation of durable production assets in low-income countries

Bose, Sugata, 1994:
Credit markets and the agrarian economy of colonial India

Gregorio, J.-De; Sturzenegger, F., 1994:
Credit markets and the welfare costs of inflation

Llanto, G.-M.M.gno, M., T., 1991:
Credit markets in the fisheries sector under the carp

Ransom, R.S.tch, R., 1979:
Credit merchandising in the post-emancipation South: structure, conduct, and performance

Ramamoorthy, K.S.bramanian, S.; Varadarajan, S., 1972:
Credit needs and availability to farmer

Anonymous, 1981:
Credit needs and economic condition of agriculture in the Northeast

Radhakrishnan, Tv, 1976:
Credit needs for targeted fertiliser consumption

Pandey, Hk, 1972:
Credit needs in agriculture

Pandey, Hk, 1972:
Credit needs in changing agriculture; a case study

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Credit needs of beginning farmers in selected areas of North Dakota

Anonymous, 1995:
Credit needs of rural businesses

Ramadass, M., 1979:
Credit needs of small and marginal farmers: implications & solutions

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Credit needs of the selected farmers in Jabalpur block Madhya Pradesh

Anonymous, 1985:
Credit no lasting substitute for farm income: Wilkinson

Larenas-Davila, L., 1975 :
Credit of the National Development Bank

Turner, Betty, J., 1976:
Credit or cash

Scheinkerman-De-Obschatko, E., 1972:
Credit paper in agricultural production: The case of rice

Kulkarni, Gb, 1977:
Credit planning in cooperative banks

Cerovic, P., 1975:
Credit policy and its effect on food production

Ali, Iqbal-Mohd, 2000:
Credit policy and rural development

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Credit policy and the current agricultural crisis in Mexico

Karner, E., 1973:
Credit policy aspects of long range investments

Schaefer-Kehnert, W.P.schke, J.-Von, 1982:
Credit policy in agriculture

Klauhs, H., 1974:
Credit policy in the phase III--stabilization from the standpoint of agricultural economics

Pederson, Gd, 1984:
Credit policy risk and interest rate risk in agricultural finance: discussion

Belshe, C., 1975 :
Credit potential and financial planning

Anonymous, 1991:
Credit problems

Maddox, Cl, 1980:
Credit problems in farm planning

Maldonado-Rivera, Alfredo, 1958:
Credit problems in the agriculture of Puerto Rico

Anonymous, 1957:
Credit problems of small farmers in Asia and the Far East

Tracy, At, 1982:
Credit programs crucial to expanded U.S. exports Agricultural markets

Anonymous, 1992:
Credit programs for fisheries and fishermen in Brazil

Chew, Siew-Tuan, 1987:
Credit programs for small farmers

Anonymous, 1977:
Credit programs for small farmers in Latin America can be improved

Nandi, K.-Kumar; Harrington, D.-Nobles, 1965:
Credit programs of Missouri farm supply cooperatives

Sims, Me, 1984:
Credit programs: benefits and risks

Armstrong, D.; Daugherty, L., 1988:
Credit purchase of robotic milking stalls for typical Arizona dairy farm

Willson, Sr, 1986:
Credit ratings and general obligation bonds: a statistical alternative

Blinder, Alan, S., 1985:
Credit rationing and effective supply failures

Cox, D.J.ppelli, T., 1990:
Credit rationing and private transfers: evidence from survey data

Friedman, Julia, M., 1988:
Credit rationing in non-metropolitan markets for small business loans

Baydas, M.; Meyer, R.; Aguilera-Alfred, N., 1992:
Credit rationing in small scale enterprises: special microenterprise programs in Ecuador

Gustafson, C.; Anderson, S., 1995:
Credit rationing of North Dakota agribusiness

Lapar, M.; Graham, D., 1990:
Credit rationing under a deregulated financial system: rural finance in the Philippines

Kiortses, I., 1974:
Credit receiving ability of fa

Anonymous, 1989:
Credit reform

Anonymous, 1979:
Credit regulations a severe response to expectations

Alonzo, L.S., 1979:
Credit requirements and input supply systems for coconut production in the Philippines

Sarwar, M.; Khan, M.-Jameel; Sarwar, M., R.-Associate, P.-Economic-Research-Institute, 1986:
Credit requirements of farmers in Pakistan

Dutta, Pc, 1972:
Credit requirements of small farmers of Assam

Ramamorthi, S., 1986:
Credit requirements of the betelvine cultivators in Kerala: a case study of Aruvikara FSS

May, Ws, 1975:
Credit requirements to meet the needs of Great Plains agriculture

Sanint, Luis, R., 1980:
Credit risk and farm income variation

Anonymous, 1991:
Credit risk management of financial institutions

Jarvis, Marilyn-Adams, 1992:
Credit risk-rating system for agricultural leases

Clark, E., 1988:
Credit rules will tighten as profits drop

Polito, Ab, 2005:
Credit score: Do you know yours?

Turvey, G.; Brown, R., 1990:
Credit scoring for a federal institution: the case of Canadas Farm Credit Corporation

Stone, Jeffrey-Adam, 1995:
Credit scoring methods used in agricultural lending

Barry, P.; Ellinger, P., 1989:
Credit scoring, loan pricing, and farm business performance

Demsar, M., 1978:
Credit service and its role in the development of the Slovenian cooperative

Glauber, J.F.tzmaurice, L.S.upe, W., 1981:
Credit sources and uses for fifty-six smaller dairy farmers in north central Wisconsin

Glauber, J.R.uter, A.S.upe, W., 1981:
Credit sources and uses for thirty-nine smaller dairy farmers in West Central Wisconsin

Miller, L.F.H.ghes, F., A., 1949:
Credit sources, practices and opinions of Pennsylvania farmers

Reddy, A.; Venkateswarlu, U., 1977:
Credit structure--a case study in Akividu Panchayat Samithi, west Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh

Jain, H., 1980:
Credit supply & deposit mobilisation: lead banks performance in Jabalpur district

Phulpoto, Pb, 1982:
Credit system in USA

Nirody, Js, 1978:
Credit systems needed to stimulate fertiliser consumption

Russell, Lr, 1993 :
Credit terms

Dubhashi, Pr, 1979:
Credit through co-operatives and other financial institutions for small farmers

Maggi, Carlos, 1993:
Credit to the agricultural and agricultural industries sector, 1985-1992

Taranishi, E., 1972:
Credit trends in agricultural c

Lehner, Anthony, 1943:
Credit union co-ops

Shapiro, Eli, 1947:
Credit union development in Wisconsin

Anonymous, 1945:
Credit union news

Anonymous, 1977:
Credit union update: many are offering financial help

Bergengren, Roy-Frederick, 1940:
Credit union, North America

Anonymous, 1949:
Credit unions

Anonymous, 1943:
Credit unions and the co-operative movement

Mclanahan, J., 1977:
Credit unions are co ops

Schroeder, D., 1982:
Credit unions around the world

Fecteau, M., 1981:
Credit unions in Haiti

Glaser, Ewald-Franz, 1985:
Credit unions with commercial products

Cadorette, Rn, 1972:
Credit unions: cooperatives or capitalistic enterprises?

Goss, D.J.hnson, M., 1985:
Credit use

Johnson, B.; Hanson, R., 1976:
Credit use among Nebraska farmers

Adutwum, Ro, 1989:
Credit use and agricultural productivity on black limited-resource farms

Pankow, D., 1993:
Credit using it wisely

Pajo-Abamo, Antonio, 1993:
Credit utilization and its impact on farm productivity in Chiang Mai Province

Chaudhary, S.; Gautam, V., 1983:
Credit utilization pattern for agricultural marketing advances

Anonymous, 1994:
Credit what you spread--and reap the profits

Parzen, J.; Kieschnick, M., 1992:
Credit where its due

Sabatka, C., 1980:
Credits crystal ball

Feder, Gershon, 1991:
Credits effect on productivity in Chinese agriculture

Berry, Re, 1981:
Credit, debt and the Canadian family

Fabre, E., 1974:
Credit, factor of production: Global credit

Bernanke, B.; Blinder, A., S., 1988:
Credit, money, and aggregate demand

Kovalev, Ev, 1973:
Credit, taxes and colonization in Latin American agrarian reforms

Marlin, J., 1970:
Credit, the follow through

Dell'-Amore, G., 1975:
Credit, the key of rural development

Anderson, J., 1986:
Credit--family friend or foe?

Maor, A., 1975:
Credit--help or hindrance?

Anonymous, 1976:
Credit--how distributors extend it

Kennedy, J.Iii, 1992:
Credit--key to the American dream

Cuevas, C.; Graham, D., 1984:
Credit-allocation programs and intermediation costs in an agricultural development bank

Gonzalez-Vega, C., 1984:
Credit-rationing behavior of agricultural lenders: The iron law of interest-rate restrictions

Tracy, M.B., 1987:
Credit-splitting and private pension awards in divorce. A case study of British Columbia, Canada

Brockett, Je, 1976:
Credit: a tool to use wisely

Sims, Me, 1984:
Credit: a valuable sales tool

Fox, Kd, 1988:
Credit: how much can we manage?

Millar, C.M.ran, A., 1990:
Credit: the consumer perspective

Tengel, P.; Matejic, D.F.rry, M., 1980:
Credit: your rights and responsibilities

Anonymous, 1994:
Creditable foods guide

Anonymous, 2003:
Creditable foods guide for USDA Child Nutrition Programs

Brachfeld, B.; Mao, L., 1988:
Creditable quick bread recipes, Child Care Food Program

Brachfeld, B.; Mao, L., 1988:
Crediting foods in the Child Care Food Program

Killorn, R., 1993:
Crediting manure in soil fertility programs

Kleppick, Annabelle, L., 1979:
Crediting of prior experience

Noble, Gontran, 1949:
Credito agricola en Mexico

Adams, D.-W.G.nzalez-Vega, C.; Von-Pischke, J.D., 1990:
Credito agricola y desarrollo rural

Harrison, Ga, 1985:
Creditors and debtors rights and federal income tax aspects of asset sales, discharge of indebtedness, foreclosure and bankruptcy

Melo, A., 1982:

Remy, P., 1974:
Credits for agricultural and rural equipments in the VI. -Plan

Grad, J., 1971:
Credits for current agricultural production

Wyszomirski, T., 1973:
Credits for groups of individual farmers

Wyszomirski, T., 1974:
Credits for rural building in the Five Year Plan

Pratkowska, Z., 1970:
Credits for rural construction on the example of Inowroclaw District

Bagnowski, K., 1971:
Credits for vegetable and fruit growers

Benetiere, Jj, 1972:
Credits from the Europena Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund and the policy for organizations

Poyraz, Y., 1970:
Credits granted by the Agricultural Bank of the Republic of Turkey for animal husbandry and better livestock production

Morales, Y.Fraile, E., 1971:
Credits received by farmers in Spain

Tippin, Laurie, 2005:
Creeks forest health recovery project, Lassen National Forest Almanor Ranger District, Plumas County, California

Coen, J., 1987:
Creekstone farms: a reinhabitation project

Macedo, Richard, A., 1991:
Creel survey at Clear Lake, California, March-June, 1988

Yoo, B.R.o, M., 1996:
Creep and dynamic rheological behavior of tomato concentrates: effect of concentration and finisher screen size

Hisada, T., 1980:
Creep and set behavior of wood

Hisada, T., 1979:
Creep and set behaviour of wood

Hanzelik, F., 1971:
Creep and spring-back of biological materials being mechanically loaded

Fish, Anatoly, M., 1994:
Creep and strength of frozen soil under triaxial compression

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Creep and strength of wood subjected to bending in the medium of gaseous chlorine

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Creep and the in vivo assessment of human patellar tendon mechanical properties

Heuer, F.; Schmitt, H.; Schmidt, H.; Claes, L.; Wilke, H-Joachim., 2007:
Creep associated changes in intervertebral disc bulging obtained with a laser scanning device

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Creep behavior of shelves in us

Tokuda, M.T.keshita, M.S.giyama, H., 1979:
Creep behavior of the metal pla

Nishitani, T.T.keuchi, N., 1983:
Creep birefringence in cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate under superimposed tensile and hydrostatic stresses

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Creep characteristics of sands

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Creep characteristics of structural panels

James, L.K.; Sherman, P., 1976:
Creep compliance studies of egg yolk lipoprotein interfacial films

Shimokawa, E., 1979:
Creep failure of saturated clay

Anthony, W.; Smith, L.; Grimes, H.; Holliman, J., 1979:
Creep fed calves heavier at weaning

Bransby, D.; Sladden, S., 1991:
Creep feed and stocking rate effects on cows and calves grazing infected fescue

Ensminger, Me, 1979:
Creep feed can handle hungry-calf gap

Frischknecht, W.; Nelson, A., 1977:
Creep feeding and early weaning of beef calves

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Creep feeding and growing horses

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Creep feeding and post-weaning management of lambs

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Creep feeding and subsequent maternal ability of Simmental cross calves

Goic, M.-Ljubo, 1995:
Creep feeding as a good alternative for ranchers during periods of low pasture productivity

Smith, A.L., 1955:
Creep feeding beef calves

Burns, W.C.D.ese, R.E.K.ger, M., 1966:
Creep feeding beef calves in Florida

Denham, A.; Confer, W.; Brinks, J., 1975:
Creep feeding bull calves on oakbrush range

Anonymous, 1942:
Creep feeding calves

Johnson, I.B.; Fenn, F.U., 1943:
Creep feeding calves for baby-beef production

Mccann, M., 1988:
Creep feeding decision?

Anthony, W.; Smith, L.; Grimes, H.; Holliman, J., 1979:
Creep feeding effects carry over to feedlot performance that follows

Raleigh, R.; Foster, L., 1972:
Creep feeding fall-born calves

Freeman, Dw, 1993:
Creep feeding foals

Brent, G., 1978:
Creep feeding for earlier weaning

Foster, L.R.leigh, R., 1973:
Creep feeding for fall-born calves

Benson, Me, 1988:
Creep feeding lambs

Ensminger, Me, 1973:
Creep feeding makes money!

Whipp, G., 1980:
Creep feeding of beef calves

Woolfolk, P.; Holbert, E.; Hawkins, O., 1963:
Creep feeding of lambs on pasture

Ryswyk, W.Van, 1972:
Creep feeding of vealers on irrigated perennial pasture

Buchanan, A., 1974:
Creep feeding piglets

Bransby, D.; Griffey, W., 1990:
Creep feeding profitable on infected fescue

Barao, Sm, 1993:
Creep feeding review

Bradley, N.; Boling, J.; Lovell, D., 1969:
Creep feeding spring and fall calves

Bradley, N.; Lovell, D.; Boling, J., 1970:
Creep feeding spring calves on Kentucky bluegrass-ladino clover or fescue-ladino clover pasture

Woolfolk, P.; Slaughter, M.; Hawkins, O., 1962:
Creep feeding suckling lambs on pasture at Eden Shale Farm

Friedrich, R.K.ees, D.B.rfening, P., 1979:
Creep feeding: age of dam makes a difference. Creep feeding produced biggest gains when Simmental cross calves were raised on younger dams

Teague, H.S.W.lson, R., 1957:
Creep feeds for suckling pigs

Dalrymple, Rl, 1973:
Creep gates help calves eat better

Rice, H.; Absher, C.T.rner, L., 1987:
Creep grazing for beef calves

Gerken, H.J., 1988:
Creep grazing for calves

Hill, G.; Verret, H.; Harpel, R., 1980:
Creep grazing of calves on summer forages

Broadway, R., 1991:
Creep grazing studies going on at prairie

Pierce, C.; Dinwoodie, J.; Paxton, B., 1979:
Creep in chipboard. 2. The use of fitted response curves for comparative and predictive purposes

Dinwoodie, J.; Paxton, B.; Pierce, C., 1981:
Creep in chipboard. 3. Initial assessment of the influence of moisture content and level of stressing on rate of creep and time to failure

Dinwoodie, J.; Pierce, C.; Paxton, B., 1984:
Creep in chipboard. 4. The influence of temperature and moisture content on the creep behaviour of a range of boards at a single stress level

Pierce, C.; Dinwoodie, J.; Paxton, B., 1985:
Creep in chipboard. 5. An improved model for prediction of creep deflection

Pierce, C.; Dinwoodie, J.; Paxton, B., 1986:
Creep in chipboard. 6. Time to failure analysis under steady state conditions

Dinwoodie, J.; Higgins, J.; Robson, D.; Paxton, B., 1990:
Creep in chipboard. 7. Testing the efficacy of models on 7-10 years data and evaluating optimum period of prediction

Arima, T., 1972:
Creep in process of temperature

Piter, J.C.; Calvo, C.F.; Cuffre, A.G.; Rougier, V.C.; Sosa Zitto, M.A.; Torran, E.A., 2007:
Creep in structural-sized beams of Argentinean Eucalyptus grandis

Marciniak, H.R.czkowski, J., 1971:
Creep in wood bended under conditions of fixed and changing moisture content

Wood, La, 1969:
Creep of pure-gum vulcanisates of natural rubber

Miwa, Y.A.ima, T.K.tahara, K., 1970:
Creep of compound materials use

Derham, Cj, 1975:
Creep of dicumyl peroxide crosslinked natural rubber

Aoki, T.Y.mada, T., 1977:
Creep of wood during decrystallization and of decrystallized wood

Khves'-Ko, G.; Makarevich, S., 1984:
Creep of wood modified by the thermal-chemical method

Polensek, A., 1982:
Creep prediction for nailed joints under constant and increased loading Wood joints

Nowicki, W.B.nasik, P.K.lodziejczyk, P., 1978:
Creep process of sugarbeet roots subjected to axial compression

Yang XiaoQing; Wang ChunGuang, 2007:
Creep properties of Hetao muskmelon under static loading

Gay, J.; Woolfolk, P.; Reese, C., 1962:
Creep rations for lambs

Woolfolk, P.; Reese, C.; Turner, D., 1964:
Creep rations for lambs suckling ewes fed corn or alfalfa silage

Lakatos, J., 1982:
Creep tests with multi-component agricultural materials

Rulofson, F.Z.llinger, W., 1992:
Creep-feeding beef calves

Mccroskey, J.; Renbarger, R.E.son, J., 1971:
Creep-feeding spring-born beef calves grazing bermudagrass pasture

Thomas, E.; Eason, J.1; Ball, D.1; Ruffin, B., 1983:
Creep-grazing Tifleaf 1 pearlmillet provides dual benefits Pastures, variety trials, forage, calf performance

Mcdonald, S.-J.D.rnoeden, P.-H.K.minski, J., E., 2006:
Creeping Bentgrass Tolerance and Annual Bluegrass Control With Bispyribac-Sodium Tank-Mixed With Iron and Nitrogen

Korven, Na, 1976:
Creeping Charlie--an attractive weed

Ezenwa, I.; Kalmbacher, R.; Arthington, J.; Pate, F., 2006:
Creeping Signalgrass Versus Bahiagrass for Cow and Calf Grazing

Boe, A.; Delaney, R.H., 1996:
Creeping and meadow foxtail

Cardell, K., 1977:
Creeping back onto the scene

Callihan, R.; Old, R., 1990:
Creeping bellflower

Kneebone, Wr, 1977:
Creeping bentgrass and sod webworm larvae

Dernoeden, Peter, H., 2000:
Creeping bentgrass management

Hipp, B.; Giordano, C.B.oomer, M., 1985:
Creeping bentgrass management in sand-based golf greens

Bigelow, Cale, A., 1995:
Creeping bentgrass response to plant growth regulating substances and annual bluegrass competition

Kaminski, J.; Dernoeden, P.; Bigelow, C., 2004:
Creeping bentgrass seedlings tolerance to herbicides and paclobutrazol

Eggens, J.; Ormrod, D., 1982:
Creeping bentgrass, Kentucky bluegrass and annual bluegrass seed germination response to elevated temperature Agrostis palustris, Poa pratensis, Poa annua

Yarlett, Ll, 1971:
Creeping bluestem--Andropogon stolonifer (Nash) Hitchc

Neilsen, J., 2007:
Creeping buttercup, Ranunculus repens

Mochalova, Tia, 1972:
Creeping crowns of apple trees in the Novosibisk Region

Lavriichuk, Ii, 1980:
Creeping culture of lemons and other citrus crops

Roldugin, Ii, 1971:
Creeping farms of trees or bushes of the northeastern Tien Shan

Tinaglia, S., 1979:
Creeping fig

Pirtskhalaishvili, S.; Kvantrishvili, D., 1972:
Creeping form of lemon culture in the Colchis Lowlands

Nazhorov, Ev, 1972:
Creeping forms of fruit trees

Bowman, H.; Baldridge, D.; Majerus, M., 1989:
Creeping foxtail: the misunderstood grass

Anonymous, 1945 :
Creeping jenny of field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis)

Brashear, Mj, 1981:
Creeping marjorams useful herbs for the indoor garden

Kollmann, F., 1972:
Creeping of wood and woodbased materials

Yoder, Calvin, 2000:
Creeping red fescue seed production in the Peace River Region

Kazakov, D., 1976:
Creeping roses

Patch, Fw, 1981:
Creeping vines offer fast and attractive coverage Landscaping

Bell, C.; Bell, C., 1992:
Creeping wartcress control with imazethapyr in alfalfa

Elmore, Cl, 2000:
Creeping yellow fieldcress (Rorippa sylvestris) biology and control

Dobrzanski, A., 2007:
Creeping yellowcress - a problem in vegetable plantings

Busch, R.; Davis, R.L., 1965:
Creeping-rooted alfalfa research on the Southern Indiana Forage Farm

Kneidel, Sally-Stenhouse, 1993:
Creepy crawlies and the scientific method

Tweit, Sj, 1993 :
Creepy crawly

Teyssier, Andre, 2000:
Creer et gerer un point deau pour les troupeaux deau pour les troupeaux de son village

Griggs, Ft, 1983:
Creighton Ranch Preserve--a relict of Tulare Lake California, marsh, riparian woodland, iodine bush scrub, grasslands and vernal pools

Malhotra, C.; Mathur, R., 1985:
Cremanthodium hookeri C.B. Clarke, sub. sp. polycephalum R. Good--and over-looked taxon

Krikken, J., 1975:
Cremastochilodius tristis, a new Scarabaeoid genus and species from Brazil

Rohacek, J.; Bartak, M., 2006:

Banks, H.; Davis, M., 1969:
Crenaticaulis, a new genus of Devonian plants allied to Zosterophyllum and its bearing on the classification of early land plants

Roman, E., 1974:
Crenitis punctatostriara, a fresh water Coleoptera new for France

Rinaldi, L.; Calabria, G.; Carbone, S.; Carrella, A.; Cringoli, G., 2007:
Crenosoma vulpis in dog: first case report in Italy and use of the FLOTAC technique for copromicroscopic diagnosis

Reilly, G.A.; McGarry, J.W.; Martin, M.; Belford, C., 2000:
Crenosoma vulpis, the fox lungworm, in a dog in Ireland

Herisson, C., 2007:
Crenotherapie, reeducation et apareil locomoteur

Basa, Sc, 1975:
Crenulatin, a formyl coumarin from Hesperathusa crenulata (Rutaceae)

Sand, N.; Koch, P., 1975:
Creole carpentry in 1800: building practices and carpenters tools that created Alexandrias Kent Plantation House

Quinteros, I.; Tejedor, E.; Poli, M.M.ller, W.; Ruiz, A.-De, 1982:
Creole cattle natural antibodies. Are they genetic markers?

Ludwig, Ralph, 1990:
Creole-French dictionary

Harrison, Ka, 1984:
Creolophus in North America

Betts, W.; Spranklin, D., 1972:
Creosote as a preservative for timber in cooling towers

Komora, F., 1976:
Creosote oil also for future?

Bernuth, Pk, 1987:
Creosote oil--its importance for wood preservation and technical requirements and environmental aspects in Western Europe

Komora, F., 1970:
Creosote oil--its significance for timber preservation in Czechoslovakia

Allen, J.; Maxwell, T., 1982:
Creosote production from beetle infested timber in airtight wood burning stoves

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