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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15410

Chapter 15410 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hallermeier, Robert, J., 1981:
Critical wave conditions for sand motion initiation

Jager Wittenaar, H.; Dijkstra, P.U.; Vissink, A.; Laan, B.F.A.M. van der; Oort, R.P. van; Roodenburg, J.L.N., 2007:
Critical weight loss in head and neck cancer - prevalence and risk factors at diagnosis: an explorative study

Germain, C., 1978:
Critical wetlands acquisition: Wisconsin scientific areas

Yeager, Jh, 1984:
Critical year for farmers

Bugrov, A.; Oleksenko, T., 1977:
Critical zones during the thawing of the bulls semen and their effect on the survival of spermatozoids

Puthz, V., 1971:
Critical zoogeography of hitherto known Stenus species from central Europe including systematic remarks and new descriptions (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae)

Replogle, Ja, 1971:
Critical-depth flumes for determining flow in canals and natural channels

Moses, J.-M.F.lippi, R., P.D., 1985:
Critical-fluid extraction of organics from water

Parham, Ra, 1975 :
Critical-point drying for fiber microscopy

Moskalenko, Zs, 1983:
Critical-taxonomic review of genus Cirsium Adans. in the south-eastern part of Ukraine

Mortimer, J.-A.D.nnelly, M.; Meylan, A.-B.M.ylan, P., A., 2007:
Critically endangered hawksbill turtles: molecular genetics and the broad view of recovery

Plank, Rm, 1973:
Criticism aimed at EC system of funding agricultural subsidies

Zeller, W., 1980:
Criticism and selection of fans for hay ventilation

Kiriushin, E.; Kiriushin, O., 1976:
Criticism by V. I. Lenin of the economic base of the Menshevik conception of agrarian movement during the years of the first Russian revolution

Abbott, Jc, 1977:
Criticism is not enough

Harper, Rg, 1973:
Criticism of EC farm price policy gains ground in West Germany

Miller, S., A.; Coelho, S., C.; Zmudzka, B., Z.; Beer, J., Z., 2007:
Criticism of FDA pilot study unfounded (response to R. M. Sayre and J. C. Dowdy)

Munne-Pericall, 1976:
Criticism of Jardinova

Anonymous, 1965:
Criticism of Soviet science

Bregante, H., 1973:
Criticism of a commentary on aggressive bees

Hata, Genryo, 1948:
Criticism of agricultural and economic policies after World War II

Weiss, I.; Fickentscher, K., 1980:
Criticism of animal experimentation

Lemoigne, Y., 1982:
Criticism of notions of prephanerogams, progymnosperms and proangiosperms

Keller, C., 1982:
Criticism of recommendations of provision of food energy

Somora, Z., 1971:
Criticism of research methods and results in sugarbeet protection by ventilation in full scale operation during 1964--1968

Anonymous, 1979:
Criticism of standard values and ranges of specific reference figures for orange juice

Boden, T., 1978:
Criticism of the CAP has been emotive, often extravagant

Gagne, Jb, 1977:
Criticism of the direction taken by CCQ in co operative housing

Conso, P., 1970:
Criticism of the feeds decrees, especially of the decree of May 9 (3rd decree-coccidiosis, histomoniasia and trichomoniasis) and August 4 (7th decree--treated feeds)

Einarsson, S., 1979 :
Criticism of the indiscriminant use of corticosteroids

Wolfgang, 1974:
Criticism of the outline of a drinking water ordinance with the example of still waters

Koniaev, Nf, 1977:
Criticism of the photoperiodism theory

Augstein-Pernice, E., 1985:
Criticism of the quality of food of animal origin from the viewpoint of the consumer

Neander, E., 1975:
Criticism of the so called threshold furthering

Lehtinen, A.I.moniemi, E.L.aksonen, S., 1978:
Criticism of the the inhomogeneity of the produced sheet

Bryant, J.A.; Wildon, D.C., 1971:
Criticism of the use of methylated albumin-kieselguhr chromatography for the isolation of metabolically labile DNA

Anonymous, 1974:
Criticism of the way American dairies are paid

Werner, J., 1980:
Criticism of three methods of indirect measurement of blood pressure in animals

Gruner, Michael, W., 1977:
Criticism of traditional agrarsociology in the Federal Republic of Germany

Oraug, J.O.tensen, E., 1974:
Criticism of wilderness roads

Strand, L., 1974:
Criticism of wilderness roads: a reply from Lars Strand

Klatzmann, Joseph, 1989:
Criticism on Japanese agricultural policies edited by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Appleby, Gf, 1990:
Criticism: stumbling block or building block

Wurz, R., 1976:
Criticisms and suggestions of the 1975 forestry law

Hafner, M., 1977:
Criticisms of pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits. 2. discussion of different methods for sample taking

Hamm, R., 1980:
Critics closing in on meat and meat products. 1

Hamm, R., 1980:
Critics closing in on meat and meat products. 2

Mitchell, Peter, 2007:
Critics pan timid European response to TeGenero disaster (vol 25, pg 485, 2007)

Methaney, B., 1992:
Critics say current tech transfer system hinders U.S. competitiveness

Marbery, S., 1992:
Critics take issue with NPPC genetics program

Hatch, Ab, 1971:

Anonymous, 1977:
Critique and evaluation of present solar technology

Seavey, D.W.lls, O., 1994:
Critique checklist for a roadside market

Charles, Courtilien, 1948:
Critique constructive de la vie rurale

Beringer, J.; Johnston, A., 1978:
Critique of Control of biological nitrogen fixation. Genetic derepression of nitrogen fixation genes relevance to increasing world food production

Jackson, Wa, 1978:
Critique of Factors influencing nitrate acquisition by plants; assimilation and fate of reduced nitrogen. Nitrate acquisition and assimilation by higher plants: Processes in the root system

Falkowski, Pg, 1978:
Critique of Factors influencing nitrate acquisition by plants; assimilation and fate of reduced nitrogen. The regulation of nitrate assimilation in lower plants

Verstraete, W., 1978:
Critique of Methods for analysis of denitrification in soils. Alternative aspects

Koo, Rcj, 1978:
Critique of Nitrogen fertilizer management programs, nitrate pollution potential, and orange productivity

Viets, Fg, 1978:
Critique of Nitrogen inputs and outputs: A valley basin study. Mass balance and flux of nitrogen as aids in control and prevention of water pollution

Burford, Jr; Dowdell, Rj; Lynch, Jm, 1978:
Critique of Relationships among microbial populations and rates of nitrification and denitrification in a Hanford soil. denitrification in British soils

Galsworthy, A.; Burford, J.; Greenland, D., 1978:
Critique of Relationships among microbial populations and rates of nitrification and denitrification in a Hanford soil. Modeling of rates of nitrification & denitrification

Bremner, Jm, 1978:
Critique of Soil and other sources of nitrous oxide. Effects of soil processes on the atmospheric concentration of nitrous oxide

Kohl, D.; Shearer, G.V.thayanthil, F., 1978:
Critique of nitrogen inputs and outputs: A valley basin study. Nitrogen mass balance studies

Strauss, Anselm, L., 1980:
Critique of Joiner-Sales report

Cohen, Mj, 1993:
Critique of an animal model for testing the anti-anxiety potential of the experimental drug NO-328

Schmitz, A.Jr, 1975:
Critique of analytical methodology of the Food Chemicals Codex

Gregson, S.; Nyamukapa, C.; Lopman, B.; Mushati, P.; Garnett, G.-P.C.andiwana, S.-K.A.derson, R., M., 2007:
Critique of early models of the demographic impact of HIV

Gregson, S.; Nyamukapa, C.; Lopman, B.; Mushati, P.; Garnett, G.P.; Chandiwana, S.K.; Anderson, R.M., 2007:
Critique of early models of the demographic impact of HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa based on contemporary empirical data from Zimbabwe

Anonymous, 1990:
Critique of land management planning

Gimeno, J.-M.M.relli, P.; Ricci, C., 1989:
Critique of precedents for the development of a tax policy for agriculture

Campbell, Tc, 2001:
Critique of report on Food, nutrition and the prevention of cancer: a global perspective

Webb, E.; Herring, D., 1976:
Critique of research in agricultural education

Rekos, J., 1976:
Critique of some ways of utilization of reared larvae in the production of royal jelly

Knowles, Rp, 1976:
Critique of suture materials in small animal surgery

Theimer, O., 1971:
Critique of the aged method at calculating silo pressures

Mekelburg, M., 1979:
Critique of the challenges

Seidel, Heinrich, 1980:
Critique of the interpretation of physiological investigations on the adrenal cortex (AC)

Leech, Fb, 1971:
Critique of the methods and results of the British national surveys of disease in farm animals. II. Some general remarks on population surveys of farm animal disease

Dixon, Ps, 1970:
Critique of the taxonomy of marine algae

Frohner, S., 1975 :
Critique on the European Alchemilla taxonomy

Schluter, T., 1974:
Critique on the proof of butterfly scales from some fossil resins of the central northwest French Cretaceous

Rapp, D., 1979:
Critique on the solar rehabilitation procedures used in SOLMET-2

Fuguitt, Gv, 1976:
Critique: A typology of part time farming (J.A. Mage) and The problems of part time farming conceptualised (A.M. fuller)

Reinhart, Kg, 1973:
Critique: forest fertilization impacts on water and the environment

Rennie, Pj, 1973:
Critique: forest fertilization--retrospect and prospect

Murugan, M.; Josephrajkumar, A.; Sainamolekurian, P.; Ambikadevi, D.; Vasanthakumar, K.; Shetty, P.K., 2006:
Critiques on the critical issues of cardamom cultivation in Cardamom Hill Reserves, Kerala, India

Zak, Bill, 1984:

Tylka, D., 1987:
Critters in the city: a pioneering concept

Bos, M.-Gijsberthus; Vos, J.F.ddes, R.A., 1996:
Criwar 2.0

Huang, Z.; Yazdani, U.; Thompson-Peer, K.L.; Kolodkin, A.L.; Terman, J.R., 2007:
Crk-associated substrate (Cas) signaling protein functions with integrins to specify axon guidance during development

Anonymous, 1991:

Yamaguchi, N.; Suzuki, M.; Fukaki, H.; Morita-Terao, M.; Tasaka, M.; Komeda, Y., 2007:

Anonymous, 1978:

Esoeskiac, Branislav, 1983:
Crnogorska akademija nauka i umjetnosti, 1973-1983

Sawhney, R.; Atal, C., 1973:
Croalbidine, a new pyrrolizidine alkaloid from Crotalaria albida Heyne ex Roth

Anonymous, 1981:
Croatan National Forest

Anonymous, 1999:
Croatan National Forest land & resource management plan

Anonymous, 1996:
Croatan National Forest, North Carolina

Misir, A., 2002:
Croatia angling for more seafood

Anonymous, 2006:
Croatia, Zagreb University, Veterinary Faculty. Annual report 2005/2006

Janjecic, Z.; Muzic, S.; ikic, M., 2005:
Croatian autochtohonous poultry breeds

Anonymous, 1949:
Croatian botanical reports

Par, V.; Lovrinov, M.; Njavro, M., 2007:
Croatian fishery - harmonization of regulations and how to access EU?

Zgela, M., 2005:
Croatian forest nursery production

Kovacić, L.; Gazdek, D.; Samardzić, S., 2007:
Croatian health survey: cigarette smoking

Misir, A., 2002:
Croatian pets scarf down imported food

Kunst, I., 2007:
Croatian tourism and EU accession

Kovaeceviac, Josip, 1979:
Croatian, Serbian and Latin botanical lexicon of weed plants

Mccormick, Roy, 2006:
Crocallis dardoinaria Donz. (Geometridae), the dusky scalloped oak and Diarsia dahlii Hb. (Noctuidae), the barred chestnut: Two new moths for Devon

Aarvik, L., 1977:
Crocallis elinguaria L. f. triangularis Boas and Epirrhoe alternata Mll. f. degenerata Haw. in Norway

Xi, L.; Qian, Z.; Xu, G.; Zhou, C.; Sun, S., 2007:
Crocetin attenuates palmitate-induced insulin insensitivity and disordered tumor necrosis factor-alpha and adiponectin expression in rat adipocytes

Giaccio, M., 2004 :
Crocetin from saffron: an active component of an ancient spice

Yang, R.; Tan, X.; Thomas, A., M.; Shen, J.; Qureshi, N.; Morrison, D., C.; Van-Way, C., W.I.i, 2006:
Crocetin inhibits mRNA expression for tumor necrosis factor-alpha, interleukin-1 beta, and inducible nitric oxide synthase in hemorrhagic shock

Tandon, J.; Katti, S.; Ruedi, P.E.gster, C., 1979:
Crocetin-dialdehyde from Coleus forskohlii Briq., Labiatae

Eugster, C.; Hurlimann, H.L.uenberger, H., 1969:
Crocetindialdehyde and crocet

Mcgoveran, M., 1987:
Crocheting wearable fabric--with the right hook and yarn, you can crochet fabric that drapes like a knit

Stehr, F.; Mcfarland, N., 1985:
Crochets on abdominal segments 2 and 7 of Dalcerid caterpillars: missing link or anomaly?

Yrun, Mj, 1975:
Crockery-cooker alternatives

Crockett, J.-Underwood; Waters, M., 1981:
Crocketts Flower garden

Parmerter, M., 1984:
Crockpot safety

Shaner, D.; Vliet, K., 2007:
Crocodile Tears: And thei eten hem wepynge

Bustard, Hr, 1982:
Crocodile breeding project Conservation, sanctuaries, India

Appayya, Mk, 1979:
Crocodile conservation in India

Vos, A.De, 1984:
Crocodile, turtle and snake

Alderton, D.; Tanner, B., 1991:
Crocodiles & alligators of the world

Fleming, G.J., 2007:
Crocodiles and allies - what a practitioner should know

Ross, C.A. ., 1989:
Crocodiles and alligators

Anonymous, 1983:
Crocodiles as a resource for the tropics

Webb, G.; Manolis, C., 1989:
Crocodiles of Australia

Symonds, Wc, 1990:
Crocodiles vs. condos: can we protect our national parks?

Richardson,, G.; Manolis, S.C.arlie, 2002:
Crocodiles: inside out

Grigg, G.C.; Seebacher, F.; Franklin, C.E., 2001:
Crocodilian biology and evolution

Lane, Tj, 1994:
Crocodillian physiology and reproduction

Avanzini, M.; Garcia-Ramos, J.-Carlos; Lires, J.; Pinuela, L.; Lockley, M., G., 2007:
Crocodylomorph tracks from the Late Jurassic of Asturias (Spain)

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Crocodylus acutus (American Crocodile). Migration

Webb, G.; Manolis, S.1; Buckworth, R., 1983:
Crocodylus johnstoni in the McKinlay River Area, Northern Territory. II. Dry-season habitat selection and an estimate of the total population size Australia

Webb, G.; Buckworth, R.M.nolis, S., 1983:
Crocodylus johnstoni in the McKinlay River Area, Northern Territory. III. Growth, movement and the population age structure

Webb, G.; Buckworth, R1; Manolis, S., 1983:
Crocodylus johnstoni in the McKinlay River Area, Northern Territory. IV. A demonstration of homing Behavior, Australia

Webb, G.; Manolis, S., 1983:
Crocodylus johnstoni in the McKinlay River Area, Northern Territory. V. Abnormalities and injuries Australia

Webb, G.; Buckworth, R.M.nolis, S., 1983:
Crocodylus johnstoni in the McKinlay River, N.T. VI. Nesting biology

Goldblatt, P.; Manning, J.; Dunlop, G., 2004:
Crocosmia and Chasmanthe

Bloom, A., 1976:
Crocosmias and their kin

Habeler, H., 1976:
Crocota niveata Scop. and Catoptria languidella Z., two typical butterflies of the subalpine level in the eastern central Alps (Insecta: Lepidoptera, Geometridae and Crambidae)

Gray, Wh, 1975:

Nellemann, B., 1972:
Crocus and its cultivation

Mathew, Bf, 1972:
Crocus antalyensis

Schacht, D., 1977:
Crocus bloom in fall also

Mathew, B., 1973:
Crocus candidus Clarke

Mathew, Bf, 1972:
Crocus dalmaticus

Davidson, R., 1984:
Crocus days

Wolkinger, Franz, 1962:
Crocus families of the eastern Alp area

Mathew, B., 1985:
Crocus hadriaticus and its variants

Mariotti, Mg, 1988:
Crocus ligusticus n. sp., a well known species

Mathew, Bf, 1972:
Crocus michelsonii, Iridaceae

Mathew, B., 1973:
Crocus olivieri

Mathew, B., 1978:
Crocus pestalozzae. Iridaceae

Giannakou, G., 1975:
Crocus sativus

Chichiricco, G.C.iola, M., 1984:
Crocus sativus pollen tube growth in intra- and interspecific pollinations

Mackaness, Fp, 1991:
Crocuses in a November garden

Benes, K., 1981:
Croesus persicus sp. n. from Iran (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae)

Little, J.I., 1991:
Crofters and habitants

Darling, F.Fraser, 1945:
Crofting agriculture

Dalton, Ge, 1982:
Crofting in the western Isles--some economic aspects of its agriculture Parttime farming, Scotland

Auld, Ba, 1970:
Crofton weed

Harper, Paw, 1979:
Crofton weed can poison horses

Chermesh, I.; Azriel, A.; Alter-Koltunoff, M.; Eliakim, R.; Karban, A.; Levi, B.Zion., 2007:
Crohn's disease and SLC11A1 promoter polymorphism

Santana, G.Oliveira.; Lyra, L.Guilherme.Costa.; Santana, T.Celi.Almeida.; Dos Reis, L.Bianca.; Guedes, J.Carvalho.; Toralles, M.Betania.; Lyra, Aé.Castro., 2007:
Crohn's disease in one mixed-race population in Brazil

Bongiovanni, M.; Ranieri, R.; Ferrero, S.; Casanova, F.; Monforte, A.d'Arminio., 2006:
Crohn's disease onset in an HIV/hepatitis C virus co-infected woman taking pegylated interferon alpha-2b plus ribavirin

Watermeyer, G.; Locketz, M.; Govender, D.; Mall, A., 2007:
Crohn's disease-associated small bowel adenocarcinoma with pre-existing low-grade dysplasia: a case report

Lewis, C., 1999:
Crohn's disease. New drug may help when others fail

Doucet, Rene, 2000:
Croissance comparee de plants a racines nues et de semis de pin gris

Demolon, Albert, 1941:
Croissance des vaegaetaux cultivaes

Demolon, A.; Demolon, A., 1946:
Croissance des vegetaux cultives

Doucet, R.; Boily, J., 1995:
Croissance en hauteur de la regeneration depinette noire et de sapin baumier apres la coupe

Kofler, Lucie, 1963:
Croissance et daeveloppement des plantes

Lord, C.; Fermon, Y.; Meunier, F., J.; Jegu, M.; Keith, P., 2007:
Croissance et longevite du Watau yaike, Tometes lebaili (Serrasalminae), dans le bassin du Haut Maroni (Guyane francaise). Resultats preliminaires

Durrieu-De-Madron, Luc, 1998:
Croissance et productivite en foret dense humide

Bertault, Jean-Guy, 1999:
Croissance et productivite en foret dense humide apres incendie

Jiao, Y.; Grant, C., A.; Bailey, L., D., 2007:
Croissance et qualite nutritive du lin et du ble dur consecutivement a lusage damendements de phosphore et de zinc

Saint-Julien, Thaeraese, 1982:
Croissance industrielle et systaeme urbain

Prevot, Pierre, 1950:
Croissance, daeveloppement et nutrition minaerale de larachide

Rowe, Cs, 1985:

Brundin, Lz, 1981:
Croizats panbiogeography versus phylogenetic biogeography

Giese, P.-J.D.nielson, J., D., 1983:

Scifo, Angelo, 1983:
Cronache agrarie siciliane, 1850-1860

Seeger, M.G.uppe, W.S.hlosser, E., 1981:
Cronarium ribicola of the black currant--without a middle host?

Powell, Jm, 1970:
Cronartium comandrae in Canada, its distribution and hosts

Cannon, P.F., 2007:
Cronartium conigenum.

Cannon, P.F., 2007:
Cronartium himalayense.

Cannon, P.F., 2007:
Cronartium quercuum.

Anonymous, 1952:
Croners world register of trade directories

Rufer, R., 1979:
Croneton, a low toxic aphidicide with selective properties

Anonymous, 1992:

Anonymous, 1992:
Cronica de la reforma al articulo 27 constitucional

Machado-Allison, C.E., 2002:
Cronicas agricolas

Cordero-Del-Campillo, Miguel, 2001:
Cronicas de Indias

Vazquez-Garcia, L.-Miguel; Mondragon, T., H.N.rman, 1996:
Cronicas de la evolucion de la floricultura en Mexico

Anonymous, 1958:
Cronistoria e stato attuale delle nostre conoscenze sulla lotta bioligica contro la mosca delle olive (Dacus oleae Gmel.)

Riegert-Johnson, D.L.; Osborn, N.; Smyrk, T.; Boardman, L.A., 2007:
Cronkhite-Canada syndrome hamartomatous polyps are infiltrated with IgG4 plasma cells

Anonymous, 1973:
Cronologaia de la legislaciaon agraria en Guatemala

Atkinson, M., 1983:
Crontrolled droplet application of pesticides

Sorte, Bruce, 2004:
Crook countys economic structure

Theus, R.-B.B.rcelo, M., 1993:
Crooked Lake watershed report

Anonymous, 1979:
Crooked River National Grassland

Anonymous, 1980:
Crooked River Project Act of August 6, 1956

Anonymous, 1956:
Crooked River project, Oregon, Klamath project A canal, Oregon, Wapinitia project, Juniper division, Oregon

Cooper, R.G.; Horbanczuk, J.O., 2006:
Crooked beak in a 14-month-old ostrich (Struthio camelus) hen

Knize, B.H.ankova, L.V.lhelmova, M.P.achy, J., 1983:
Crooked breastbone keel in inbred poultry

Shupe, Jl, 1970:
Crooked calf syndrome

Chhabra, A.; Kornel, D.M.jumdar, M.; Mallik, P., 1984:
Crooked calf syndrome among Jersey calves

Sederholm, J., 1978:
Crooked timber a problem for the mills

Nestor, K.E., 1971:
Crooked toes in turkeys

Okuyama, T.S.saki, Y., 1979:
Crooking during lumbering due to residual stresses in the tree

Barwal, B.; Kalra, R., 1982:
Croos-resistance characteristics if lindane resistant and susceptible strains of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) Red flour beetle

Du-Preez, M., 1980:

Anonymous, 1979:
Crop & fertilizer guidelines. Researchers offer suggestions for soil improvement

Childs, Virgil, C., 1959:
Crop & live stock statistics program of the Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry

Anonymous, 1995:
Crop & livestock costs & returns estimates

Anonymous, 2006 :
Crop & pest alert

Schnepf, R.H.ifner, R., 1999:
Crop & revenue insurance: bargain rates but still a hard sell

Evett, S.; Howell, T.; Schneider, A.; Tolk, J., 1995:
Crop Coefficient Based Evapotranspiration Estimates Compared with Mechanistic Model Results

Raupeliene, A.; Stabingis, L., 2006:
Crop Declaration and Control Information System quality evaluation

Anonymous, 1999:
Crop Disaster Program

Hargreaves, Gh, 1990:
Crop ET modeling

Beech, D.F., 1992:
Crop Economics

Gladwell, M., 1989:
Crop Genetics Inc. reports success against corn pest

Rowe, W., H.; Smith, L., K., 1940:
Crop Insurance

Massey, R., 2007:
Crop Insurance and Freeze Damage to Wheat

Massey, R., 2007:
Crop Insurance and the Flooding of 2007

Coats, R.J.; Farler, C., 1985:
Crop Insurance and the new Actual Production History (APH) program

Conley, S.; Santini, J., 2007:
Crop Management Practices in Indiana Soybean Production Systems

Gelderman, R.G.rwing, J.B.rg,, B.B.y, A.B.rtnem, T., 2006:
Crop Nutrient Management Using Manure from Rations Containing Distillers Grain - 2006

Izaurralde, R.; Malhi, S.; Nyborg, M.S.lberg, E.; Quiroga-Jakas, M., 2006:
Crop Performance and Soil Properties in Two Artificially Eroded Soils in North-Central Alberta

Bowran, D.; Roche, J., 1998:
Crop Protection Technical Symposium

Pallesen, Rm, 1972:
Crop Reporting Board eliminates some of agricultural guesswork in cooperative effort with College of Agriculture

Krupinsky, J.; Merrill, S.; Tanaka, D.; Liebig, M.; Lares, M.; Hanson, J., 2007:
Crop Residue Coverage of Soil Influenced by Crop Sequence in a No-Till System

Solberg, E.; Malhi, S.; Nyborg, M.H.nriquez, B.G.ll, K., 2007:
Crop Response to Elemental S and Sulfate-S Sources on S-Deficient Soils in the Parkland Region of Alberta and Saskatchewan

Karlen, D.; Hurley, E.; Andrews, S.; Cambardella, C.; Meek, D.; Duffy, M.; Mallarino, A., 2006:
Crop Rotation Effects on Soil Quality at Three Northern Corn

Barnes, J.J.hnson, B.G.bson, K.W.ller, S., 2004:
Crop Rotation and Tillage System Influence Late-Season Incidence of Giant Ragweed and Horseweed in Indiana Soybean

Anonymous, 1978:
Crop Science Award

Krupinsky, J.; Tanaka, D.; Merrill, S.; Liebig, M.; Lares, M.; Hanson, J., 2007:
Crop Sequence Effects on Leaf Spot Diseases of No-Till Spring Wheat

Schuler, Tm, 2006:
Crop Tree Release Improves Competitiveness of Northern Red Oak Growing in Association with Black Cherry

Hoffman, La, 1984:
Crop acreage and production costs moving up

Zhang MingWei; Zhou QingBo; Chen ZhongXin; Zhou Yong; Liu Jia; Cai ChongFa, 2006:
Crop acreage change detection based on phenology model

Hexem, R., 1987:
Crop acreage continues downward

Daughtery, A., 1988:
Crop acreage overview

Abendroth, L.E.more, R., 2007:
Crop acreage shift in Iowa and the United States

Anonymous, 1949:
Crop acreages and sows farrowed, with goal comparisons

Reese, L.; Rosenbaum, R., 1988:
Crop advisory team alerts

Mamedov, T.V.denina, G., 1971:
Crop aftergrowth depends on height of mowing, phase of development, and post-harvest top dressing

Francis, En, 1976:
Crop aftermath

Anonymous, 1984:
Crop agriculture development strategy

Mesquita, C.; Hanna, M.; Costa, N., 2006:
Crop and Harvesting Operation Characteristics Affecting Field Losses and Physical Qualities of Soybeans - Part I

Desjacques, P., 1983:
Crop and animal production in the tropics

Harris, R.; Brown, V.; King, C.; Bell, S.; Anthony, W.; Evans, E., 1976:
Crop and beef cattle production systems

Manowalailao, K.J.ntaravong, B., 1982:
Crop and bovine model Production studies, Thailand

Franzluebbers, A.; Stuedemann, J., 2007:
Crop and cattle responses to tillage systems for integrated crop-livestock production in the Southern Piedmont, USA

Leohr, Erika, 1987:
Crop and climate

Roth, D.K.chel, K.T.ichardt, R.S.hwarz,, R., 1976:
Crop and economic results of extensive irrigation in 1974 and conclusions for an effective use of irrigation in 1976

Anonymous, 1953:
Crop and fertilizer recomendations for Mississippi, 1954

Anonymous, 1972:
Crop and fertilizer recommendations

Anonymous, 1956:
Crop and fertilizer recommendations for Mississippi

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Crop germplasm: common heritage or farmers heritage?

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Crop gross margin budgets for the Katherine-Daly region, 1997-98

Murti, Shiw, 2000:
Crop gross margin budgets for the Katherine-Daly region, 1999-00

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Crop grouping: a proposal for public aquaculture

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Crop growing and technical measures for reducing damage due to late frosts in fruit production

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Crop growing practices

Tarcsay, I.B.rta, J., 1974:
Crop growing production systems in the Baranya County

Mccolm, George, L., 1969:
Crop growing season map of South Viet-Nam

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Crop growing without plowing and soil properties

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Crop growth and development: the reproductive phase

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Crop growth and development: the vegetative phase

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Crop growth and upland irrigati

Chaudhary, T.; Prihar, S., 1979:
Crop growth and water use as affected by ground water depth

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Crop growth cycles in Mexico

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Crop growth influenced by repea

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Crop growth rate and grain growth rate of the yellow varietal hybrid corn ICA H 401 Colombia.1

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Crop growth rate and net assimilation rate as influenced by irrigation frequencies, levels of nitrogen and phosphorus in wheat

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Crop growth responses of lettuce in greenhouses covered with various plastic film cladding materials

De-Koning, Ghj, 1993:
Crop growth simulation and statistical validation for regional yield forecasting across the European Community

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Crop growth stage susceptibility to rotary hoe cultivation in narrow row and wide row soyabean cropping systems

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Crop growth, development, and production modeling

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Crop harvested by brigades Cereal production, farm management, Kharkov Region, Ukrainian SSR.1

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Crop harvesting machinery

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Crop harvesting: maintenance and control service of combines

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Crop have a fever? Canopy temperatures tell a lot

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Crop herbicide residues

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Crop highlights

Anonymous, 1983:
Crop husbandry

Banholzer, G.K.umbein, G., 1979:
Crop husbandry and technological requirements for assuring adequate lettuce crops suitable for machine harvesting

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Crop husbandry research on winter wheat grown on the Brown-Reddish soil of the Romanian plain

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Crop identification and area estimation over large geographic areas using Landsat MSS data

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Crop identification in a parkland environment using aerial photography

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Crop identification studies using LANDSAT data: separation of barley from other spring small grains and corn and soybean decision logic

Anonymous, 1975:
Crop identification technology assessment for remote sensing (CITARS)

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Crop identification using ERTS imagery

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Crop identification via remote sensing in West Central Indiana

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Crop improvement and root rot suppression by seed bacterization in chickpea

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Crop improvement at the Federal Agricultural Research Station of Changins

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Crop improvement by anther culture

Manshardt, Richard, 2004:
Crop improvement by conventional breeding or genetic engineering

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Crop improvement for sustainable agriculture

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Crop improvement in Hawaii--past, present, and future

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Crop improvement in eastern and southern Africa

Jain, Hk, 1983:
Crop improvement projects in India

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Crop improvement research of the poplar tree

Shanmugasundaram, S., 1987:
Crop improvement research on legumes at AVRDC

Brown, Ma, 1982:
Crop improvement service developed for management

Shao, Q., 1988:
Crop improvement through utilization of wild relatives in China

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Crop improvement--the role of biotechnology

Day, Pr, 1987:
Crop improvement: constraints and challenges

Anonymous, 1995:
Crop index

Leakey, Cla, 1972:
Crop index in beans

Anonymous, 1984:
Crop information service

Olech, B., 1973:
Crop injuries caused by crows

Brewster, B.; Spinney, R.; Appleby, A., 1988:
Crop injury and grain yield following applications of DPX G8311 and DPX R9674

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Crop input-output relationships

Lofgren, Ja, 1980:
Crop insect problems 1980

Anonymous, 2003:
Crop insect situation newsletter

Emery, R.; Mangano, P.; Michael, P., 2005:
Crop insects

Gentry, Joseph, W., 1979:
Crop insects of Northeast Africa-Southwest Asia

Diersen, Matthew, A., 2002:
Crop insurance alternatives for hay in South Dakota

Lay, Wd, 1985:
Crop insurance analyzer: a spreadsheet view of Federal Crop Insurance

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Crop insurance and Indiana hog-crop farmers

Chite, Ralph, M., 2007:
Crop insurance and disaster assistance

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Crop insurance and disaster payments

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Crop insurance and drought compensations for grains

Diersen, Matthew, A., 2006:
Crop insurance and soybean rust

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Crop insurance as a risk management tool for cranberry growers in Massachusetts

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Crop insurance extension

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Crop insurance falls short of expectations

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Crop insurance for agricultural development

Muniraj, R., 1971:
Crop insurance for credit soundness of farmers in bad years

Brown, G., 1983:
Crop insurance for fresh market vegetables

Kramer, R.; Pope, R., 1982:
Crop insurance for managing risk Farms

Singh, Gk, 1972:
Crop insurance for more production

Farmes, R.E., 1969:
Crop insurance for waterfowl depredation

Anonymous, 1940:
Crop insurance in Manitoba

Anonymous, 2004:
Crop insurance in Maryland

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Crop insurance in Montana

Zabranska, A., 1981:
Crop insurance in capitalistic and developing countries

Kapur, Vp, 1971:
Crop insurance in developing countries

Kapur, Vp, 1970:
Crop insurance in developing countries: problems and prospects

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Crop insurance in the United States

Chen, Hsing-Yiu, 1958:
Crop insurance of the United States and Japan with its application to Taiwan agriculture

Gorrell, Gm, 1974:
Crop insurance on tobacco

Mapp, Hp, Jr, 1983:
Crop insurance research needs: comments

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Crop insurance to reduce risk

Casler, Gl, 1978:
Crop insurance to reduce risk: using a payoff matrix to aid in the purchase decision

Kute, Sb, 1973:
Crop insurance under GSFC 4-P plan

Anonymous, 1957:
Crop insurance, extend to Puerto Rico

Anonymous, 1965:
Crop insurance, the answer to a big if

Stadler, F., 1971:
Crop insurance--from the Austrian viewpoint

Griffin, Sc, 1999:
Crop insurance-private choice for public concern the companys role

Breimyer, Hf, 1999:
Crop insurance-promise with little likelihood of fulfillment

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Crop insurance: New features of MPCI

Lovell, A.; Smith, D.; Baquet, A., 1993:
Crop insurance: more flexible in 1993

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Crop insurance: one alternative in the management of production risk

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Crop insurance: part of your risk management strategy?

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Crop insurance: problems & prospects to protect investment of farmers in crops, India

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Crop insurance: whats available to protect your yields

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Crop insurance: yes or no?

Anonymous, 1952:
Crop investigators in the Southern region

Allen, L.; Hill, R., 1988:
Crop irrigation requirement model for Utah

Aylmore, P.M., 1994:
Crop irrigation requirement program

Talpaz, H.M.elde, J., 1988:
Crop irrigation scheduling via simulation-based experimentation

Ariail, Jd, 1974:
Crop irrigation with treated waste waters EPAs region IV view

Anonymous, 1999:
Crop knowledge master

Langemeier, L.-N.A.bright, M.-L.D.lano, F., D., 1996:
Crop lease arrangements on Kansas farm management association farms

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Crop load and efficiency for li

Reginato, G.H.; Garcia-De-Cortazar, V.G.; Robinson, T.L.; Varela, J., 2007:
Crop load expressed in terms of intercepted photosynthetically-active radiation can be used as a covariate to compare peach tree performance

Schmidt, T., R.; Elfving, R., C., 2007:
Crop load management of apple via induced plant stress

Shah, Cb, 1972:
Crop loan finance

Kehal, Hs, 1972:
Crop loan for increasing agricultural production

Kalyankar, S.P., 1983:
Crop loan overdues of co-operative finance

Somasekhara-Rao, Vbrs, 1970 :
Crop loan system through cooperative central banks in Andhra Pradesh

Baraitaru, I., 1973:
Crop location, variety structure and fertilization--many highly influential factors on wheat yield

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Crop logging of sugar cane

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Crop logging: a guide for maximizing sugarcane yields in the lower Rio Grande Valley

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Crop loss and disease incidence classified by climatic parameters Scotland, cereals, mainly fungus disease

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Crop loss appraisal

Parlevliet, Je, 1981:
Crop loss assessment as an aid in the screening for resistance and tolerance Crop varieties, breeding programs

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Crop loss assessment in a practical integrated pest control program for tropical Asian rice

Noe, Jp, 1988:
Crop loss assessment in nematology

Ferro, D.; Morzuch, B.1; Margolies, D., 1983:
Crop loss assessment of the Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) on potatoes in western Massachusetts Leptinotarsa decemlineata

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Crop loss data recording and processing

Niccoli, A.T.beri, R., 1983:
Crop loss due to Prays oleae Bern. in inland Tuscany--preliminary results

Fernandez, Ja, 1982:
Crop loss due to Rhizoctonia crown rot Rhizoctonia solani, Wyoming, sugarbeet

Maldonato, Thomas, J., 1989:
Crop loss due to ozone in New England

Dew, Da, 1973:
Crop loss due to weeds

Raju Anaji; Balikai, R.A., 2007:
Crop loss estimation due to Peregrinus maidis and its economic injury level in rabi sorghum

Marcroft, Je, 1979:
Crop loss investigations

Zadoks, Jc, 1981:
Crop loss today, profit tomorrow: an approach to quantifying production constraints and to measuring progress

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Crop losses

Anonymous, 1979:
Crop losses are costly

Anonymous, 1989:
Crop losses due to disease outbreaks in the tropics and countermeasures

Moyal, P., 1988:
Crop losses due to insects in the savannah area of Ivory Coast: a review

Anonymous, 1955:
Crop losses due to natural causes

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Crop losses due to nematodes in India

Mohana-Rao, A.; Joshi, N., 1986:
Crop losses due to rodents: an overview

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Crop losses on coffee estates in south India

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Crop losses prevention in the cereal harvesting

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Crop losses, rice

Mackenzie, Dr, 1981:
Crop losses--physical and environmental effects

Johnson, Rr, 1987:
Crop management

Willis, C.; Thompson, L., 1975:
Crop management affects root lesion nematode numbers

Touchton, J.W.lls, K., 1985:
Crop management and cropping systems

Miller, G.V.ughan, M., 1990:
Crop management and environmental materials

Mauney,. Jr.;, 1990:
Crop management and growth and yield responses of cotton to the FACE environment

Panda, S.C., 2006:
Crop management and integrated farming

Ebeltoft, Dc, 1975:
Crop management and production

Cox, Joseph-Frank, 1944:
Crop management and soil conservation

Neururer, H., 1977:
Crop management and weed control on meadows with herbicides

Pumphrey, V., 1982:
Crop management and wind erosion Soil control, minimum tillage, Oregon, Washington, Idaho

Lazarus, Wf, 1986:
Crop management decision analysis: A spreadsheet template and forward planning concepts

Watkins, R., 1969:
Crop management digest for the pork producer

Anonymous, 1996:
Crop management goes high-tech

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Crop management handbook for wheat and barley production in Montana

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Crop management in slow rate land application systems

Traxler, G.; Byerlee, D., 1992:
Crop management research and extension

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Crop management series. No-till and minimum tillage farming: Effective conservation farming systems

Veseth,, C.V.mocil, J.M.dole, R., 1986:
Crop management series: No-till and minimum tillage farming. Uniform combine residue distribution for successful no-till and minimum tillage systems

Ban, D.; Oplanic, M.; Persuric, A.S.I.; Novak, B.; Zutic, I.; Borosic, J.; Znidarcic, D., 2007:
Crop management systems and endomycorrhiza effects on endive (Cichorium endivia L.) growth

Giebink, B., 1995:
Crop management systems impact on ground water nitrate

Brewer, F.-L.O.ens, H.-I.L.npher, B., 1981:
Crop management systems in the Cooperative Extension Service

Gupta, B.; Tyagi, R., 1969:
Crop management will mean prosperity to small farmers

Kraenzel, Dg, 1985:
Crop marketing alternatives for the individual

Wisner, R., 1986:
Crop marketing considerations

Chatha, Mohammad-Qasim, 1989:
Crop maximization approach in agricultural production development

Anonymous, 1975:
Crop memo

Abe, G., 1972:
Crop microclimate as influenced

Damagnez, J., 1981:
Crop microclimate formation under protected cultivation

Allen, L.H., 1973:
Crop micrometeorology

Szikora, A., 1971:
Crop milk of pigeons

Dubey, Veenapani, 2007:
Crop mimicry by Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) P. Beauv. - A weed of rice fields

Riedell, W., E.; Osborne, S., L.; Jaradat, A., A., 2007:
Crop mineral nutrient and yield responses to aphids or barley yellow dwarf virus in spring wheat and oat

Doster, Dh, 1984:
Crop mix questions on Indiana corn

Ralph, W., 1987:
Crop mixtures for enhanced yield and stability

Grzyb, S., 1973:
Crop mixtures for grazing land for sheep

De-Wit, A.M.; Van-Diepen, C.A., 2007:
Crop model data assimilation with the Ensemble Kalman filter for improving regional crop yield forecasts

Lieth, Jh, 1987:
Crop modeling and production costs

Uhlir, P.F.C.rter, G.C., 1994:
Crop modeling and related environmental data

Acock, B., 1989:
Crop modelling in the USA

Ewert, F.; Porter, J.R.; Rounsevell, M.D.A., 2007:
Crop models, CO2, and climate change

Bishnoi, Op, 1984:
Crop moisture index in characterizing the agricultural drought at Hissar

Silvertooth, Jc, 1995:
Crop monitoring and management for Pima cotton

Barrett, Ec, 1979:
Crop monitoring and prediction using satellite data inputs

Dekock, J.A.rts, J.; Berckmans, D.J.nssen, K.B.eyaert, P.V.rmeulen, K.S.eppe, K.L.meur, R.W.stra, J.R.eswijk, T., 2006:
Crop monitoring by means of an on-line early warning system

Thiele, G., 1983:
Crop monitoring for horticulture: a group approach

Glazier, N., 1988:
Crop monitoring project--1987 summary

Harlan,. Jr.;, 1980:
Crop monoculture and the future of American agriculture

Anonymous, 1991:
Crop networks

Muratova, E., 1971:
Crop norms, planting dates and yield of onions

Stevens, Gene, 2002:
Crop nutrient deficiencies and toxicities

Stichler, Charles, 2001:
Crop nutrient needs in South and Southwest Texas

Dahnke, W.; Swenson, L.; Johnson, A., 1986:
Crop nutrient removals vs. fertilizer additions in North Dakota

Brockman, Js, 1982:
Crop nutrition Including deficiency symptons

Archer, John, 1988:
Crop nutrition and fertiliser use

Lu, Ching-Ling, 1982:
Crop nutrition and fertilizers

Murayama, Noboru, 1984:
Crop nutrition and the science of fertilization

Stocks, G.; Gallaher, R.; Whitty, E., 1989:
Crop nutrition investigation of an on-farm problem with peanut in Columbia County, Florida in 1988

Thiagalingam, K., 1988:
Crop nutrition research for Douglas Daly, 1988

Engelstad, O.; Barber, S.; Stewart, B., 1984:
Crop nutrition technology: expected changes in plant nutrient costs, supplies, research and development programs

Gorbacheva, Ta, 1981:
Crop of great possibilities

Kania, R.M.zurkiewicz, W.K.lembasa, S.K.lembasa, D., 1983:
Crop of potatoes as influenced by solid fraction of the liquid pig manure used in the first term

Ennis, B.; Ashley, R., 1984:
Crop oil as additive for crabgrass control by several postemergence herbicides

Dyksterhuls, Ej, 1986:
Crop or range?

Spoerri, Daniel, 1984:
Crop output growth

Bentley, A.R.; Petrovic, T.; Griffiths, S.P.; Burgess, L.W.; Summerell, B.A., 2007:
Crop pathogens and other Fusarium species associated with Austrostipa aristiglumis

Evans, R., 1990:
Crop patterns recorded on aerial photographs of England and Wales: their type, extent and agricultural implications

Li, P.; Joyce, M.F.ores-Nimedez, A.C.sta, A.S.nger, S.X.n, Z.; Ryu,, C., 1992:
Crop performance of chilled plants treated with GLK-8903

Bonnemann, Jj, 1988:
Crop performance trials, (CPT)--small grains, soybeans and corn

Anonymous, 1995:
Crop pest Ontario

Crowe, T.J.S.itaye, G.M., 1977:
Crop pest handbook

Miller, Gr, 1978:
Crop pest management

El-Bashir, S., 1986:
Crop pest management in the Sudan

Blood, Prb, 1977:
Crop pest management modelling: a simulation approach

Anonymous, 1998:
Crop pest management practices

Anonymous, 1991:
Crop pest management update

Roslavtseva, Sa, 1972:
Crop pest resistance to pesticides in the USSR

Anonymous, 1956:
Crop pests and how to fight them

Saunders,, A.B.S.V.rgas, S.C.rlos, L., 1983:
Crop pests in Central America

Larsen, Arne, 1998:
Crop pests in Northern Namibia

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Crop pests in Sabah, Malaysia and their control

Myburgh, A.C., 1986:
Crop pests in southern Africa

Gratwick, M., 1992:
Crop pests in the UK

Cruz, Ivan, 1983:
Crop pests of corn in rural conditions

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Crop pests, diseases and losses--a discussion

Heemst, Hdj-Van, 1986:
Crop phenology and dry matter distribution

Baker, N.R.T.omas, H., 1992:
Crop photosynthesis

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