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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 15418

Chapter 15418 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kawatani, T.K.neki, Y.T.nabe, T.T.kahashi, T., 1980:
Cultivation of Stevia rebaudian

Nikolova, N.Z.firova, P., 1981:
Cultivation of Strelitzia in Bul

Bianchedi, Massimo, 1979:
Cultivation of Strelitzia reginae banks

Hahn, E., 1977:
Cultivation of Strelitzia varieties has a future

Suzuki, S.O.ashi, T.K.washima, S., 1969:
Cultivation of Streptomyces sp

Onwueme, I.; Onochie, B.; Sofowora, E., 1979:
Cultivation of T. danielli--the sweetner

Tu, Cc, 1981:
Cultivation of Tremella fuciformis Berk. in Taiwan with special references to cooking techniques

Tjerneld, F.; Persson, I., 1994:
Cultivation of Trichoderma reesei and production of cellulolytic enzymes

Roy, A.S.majpati, N., 1980:
Cultivation of Tricholoma crassum (Berk) Sacc.--a new highly choiced mushroom in India

Tsvetkova, A.I.kov, N.D.revska, K., 1975:
Cultivation of Trichomonas galli

Awad, F.; El-Abdin, Y.; Fayed, A.; Omar, A.; Saleh, S., 1983:
Cultivation of Trypanosoma evansi in cell-cultures and cell-free media

Wong, M.; Lau, K., 1979:
Cultivation of Ulva lactuca in sewage

Banerjee, A.; Ras, A., 1983:
Cultivation of Verononia shev aroyensis Gamble (Asteraceae)--an endemic and endangered plant in the southern experimental garden, botanical survey of India

Delmas, J.S.n, S., 1984:
Cultivation of Volvariella

Chang, St, 1979:
Cultivation of Volvariella volvacea from cotton waste composts

Oda, Kihachi, 1949:
Cultivation of Western vegetables

Malfait, J.; Wilcox, D.; Mercer, D.; Barker, L., 1981:
Cultivation of a filamentous mold in a glass pilot-scale airlift fermentor

Blinova, S.; Ivanova, E., 1980:
Cultivation of a nematode-bacterial complex of Neoaplectana earpocapsae on insects

Hatch, T., 1987:
Cultivation of a rare, pale lemon form of Veltheimia capensis

Dallari, Fa, 1972 :
Cultivation of agricultural and forest lands with vibrant equipment

Kravchenko, N.A., 1963:
Cultivation of agricultural animals

Skoropanov, Stepan-Gordeevich, 1973:
Cultivation of agricultural crops on ameliorated lands

Hamajima, N., 1969:
Cultivation of agricultural pro

Anonymous, 1950:
Cultivation of agricultural products for export

Radej, J., 1980:
Cultivation of alfalfa and alfalfa

Haller, E., 1984:
Cultivation of alfalfa and sweet clover on acid soils

Medvedev, G.A., 1987:
Cultivation of alfalfa from seeds with irrigation

Kubu, B., 1979:
Cultivation of alfalfa in a not-too-good potato area

Ishida, R.S.indo, T.U.hiyama, M.O.ata, N.K.wanabe, S.T.mii, T.O.kawa, M., 1972:
Cultivation of alfalfa in mount

Osmanov, R., 1978:
Cultivation of alfalfa in the Kyzyl-Kum desert

Klemm, H.P.ia, I., 1975 :
Cultivation of alfalfa mixed with Dactylis glomerata in oder to create cultivated meadows

Plancquaert, P.D.mont, R., 1981:
Cultivation of alfalfa. II. Growing the crop

Day, J.G.; Achilles Day, U.; Brown, S.; Warren, A., 2007:
Cultivation of algae and protozoa

Nandi, R.; Chatterjee, S., 1985:
Cultivation of alkaloid yielding plants in West Bengal

Vlasic, A., 1976:
Cultivation of almond trees in Yugoslavia

Lozoboi, Vd, 1980:
Cultivation of an edible mushroom Pleurotus sp. on sawdust

Babych, A.; Demydenko, K., 1980:
Cultivation of annual forage cro

Shumilina, Lf, 1984:
Cultivation of annual lupine species and varieties in the south of the non-chernozem zone of the RSFSR

Montfort, Tjh-Van, 1977:
Cultivation of annual roses in the nursery

Evtushenko, A.F., 1959:
Cultivation of apple and pear dwarf trees in the USSR

Anonymous, 1992:
Cultivation of apple geranium in Reunion

Hul'-Ko, I.; Taran, L., 1982:
Cultivation of apple nursery pla

Furuya, Kiyoshi, 1950:
Cultivation of apple trees

Branzanti, Ec, 1980:
Cultivation of apple trees in Italy

Bagnara, Gl, 1983:
Cultivation of apple trees in Verona

Agafonov, N.; Klad'-Ko, V.; Kozlova, E.; Dmitrieva, K.; D'-Iachkova, N., 1979:
Cultivation of apple trees in super-dense stands of a polycyclic type

Shima, Zenrin, 1946:
Cultivation of apples without sacking

Tomov, B., 1971:
Cultivation of apricots in the A

Vashchenko, I.; Vodianitskii, V.; Gritsenko, N., 1978:
Cultivation of apricots on sands

Anonymous, 1971:
Cultivation of aquatic plants

Nikitin, B.A., 1986:
Cultivation of arable soils of the Non-chernozem region and the regulation of their fertility

Rapatzikos, G., 1979:
Cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants

Mala, J.C.alupa, V., 1983:
Cultivation of aseptic spruce and Douglas fir cultures in vitro

Thill, A., 1979:
Cultivation of ash trees in Belgium

Stepananko, V.; Yakushkin, V.; Tokarev, B., 1983:
Cultivation of asporogenic yeast on spent yeast mash

Lalova, M.C.erneva, S.M.rkov, G., 1981:
Cultivation of asters through di

Pettersen, H., 1974:
Cultivation of azaleas

Gonzaalez-Benavente-Garcaia, A.; Fernaandez-Hernaandez, J., A., 1991:
Cultivation of babys-breath in the Murcia region

Tanner, R.S., 2007:
Cultivation of bacteria and fungi

Champion, J., 1970:
Cultivation of banana in Rwanda

Anonymous, 1973:
Cultivation of bananas

Alves, E.; Shephard, K.D.ntas, J., 1987:
Cultivation of bananas and plantains in Brazil and needs for improvement

Anonymous, 1975:
Cultivation of bananas for export in Cameroon

Prado, E.-Do; Figueroa, G., 1973:
Cultivation of bananas in the region of the Lower Doce River

Harlan, Harry, V., 1980:
Cultivation of barley

Uteush, I.; Sereda, K.; Nechytailo, N.; Merkulov, O., 1980:
Cultivation of barley for grain

Dikshit, N.; Ram, L., 1983:
Cultivation of barley in Uttar Pradesh

Kostylev, Aleksei-Vasil'-Evich, 1972:
Cultivation of barley in Western Siberia

Samukawa, K., 1973:
Cultivation of barley plants in water cultures in the presence of two or three chlorides at high concentrations of ammonium chloride

Guzmaan-Paerez, Josae-Eduardo, 1986:
Cultivation of beans and corn

Fornaes-Manera, Juliaan, 1983:
Cultivation of beans and peas

Hores-Redondo, V.C.bero, J., 1969:
Cultivation of beans in Spain

Vil'-Yams, M.; Tsvetkova, I.; Derendyaeva, T.; Ivanova, I.; Maksimova, E., 1979:
Cultivation of beet plants under conditions of balanced mineral nutrition

Snoek, N.J., 1988:
Cultivation of beetroot

Hsieh, Chia-Cheu, 1958:
Cultivation of beets

Gawronska-Kulesza, A., 1974:
Cultivation of beets within simplified crop rotation and in monoculture

Gulati, B.; Qureshi, N.; Taj-Ud-Din,, 1977:
Cultivation of belladonna in Kashmir: an appraisal

Choudhary, D.; Kaul, B., 1977:
Cultivation of belladonna under sub tropical conditions

Vadivel, B.G.vindarasu, P.K.mar, N.B.lakrishnan, R., 1981:
Cultivation of bergamot mint in upper Pulney Hills

Thorup, S., 1974:
Cultivation of berries

Ivanov, V., 1976:
Cultivation of berry crops under

Schmerler, J.T.essenhusen, U., 1969:
Cultivation of beta beet forage

Srinivasan, M., 1984:
Cultivation of betelvine

Arya, R.; Dutta, C., 1982:
Cultivation of betelvine Piper betel., India

Collier, C.; Longenecker, G., 1972:
Cultivation of bigleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla)

Kantor, J., 1978:
Cultivation of birch and ash planting stock

Klimpina, A.T.mane, G., 1974:
Cultivation of bird-cherry tree moth caterpillars in artificial nutritiousmedium

Zhou, En, 1983:
Cultivation of black bean plants

Nes, A., 1978:
Cultivation of black currants in England. Frost at flowering time is the big problem

Rohrig, E.L.hbeck, H., 1978:
Cultivation of black pines in North Rhine-Westphalia

Vakuliuk, P.; Grishko-Bogmenko, B., 1983:
Cultivation of black walnut

Bartsch, N., 1989:
Cultivation of black walnut (Juglans nigra L.) in the Rhine plains

Kokyrtsa, Pn, 1973:
Cultivation of blue-green algae

Groven, I., 1971:
Cultivation of blueberries

Kobel, F., 1976:
Cultivation of blueberries in brown earth soil

Hornburg, P., 1980:
Cultivation of bog land in northern Norway

Hasekamp, H.W.eking, G., 1976:
Cultivation of bogs in the Emsland

Hsi, Jung-Ting, 1991:
Cultivation of bonsai fruit trees

Villa-Gil, Fernando, 1994:
Cultivation of borage in Aragon, Spain

Nettevich, C.'-Danilovich; Anikanova, Z.-Fillipovna; Romanova, L.M., 1981:
Cultivation of brewing barley

Zeller, W., 1971:
Cultivation of broadbeans

Theodorides, Th, N., 1977:
Cultivation of broadbeans (Vicia faba L.) and their use as feed

Hasiotes, Ke, 1970:
Cultivation of broom shrubs in

Alvelid, S.L.rsson, R., 1974:
Cultivation of brown beans

Elagin, In, 1976:
Cultivation of buckwheat as a stubble crop

Nikolaev, M.; Nikolaeva, S., 1980:
Cultivation of buckwheat between strips of rye crops Yields.1

Singh, A.A.al, C., 1977:
Cultivation of buckwheat in the plains as a raw material for rutin

Tymoshenko, Vv, 1979:
Cultivation of buckwheat sown af

Vroomen, Con-De, 1978:
Cultivation of bulb flowers in Sweden

Soriano-Garcaia, Josae-Miguel, 1991:
Cultivation of bulb plants for cut flowers

Oldenburg, R., 1975:
Cultivation of bush redpeppers in practice

Galland, A., 1974:
Cultivation of cabbage

Hertel, M., 1979:
Cultivation of cabbage species

Bolea-Lopez, Josae, 1982:
Cultivation of cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli

Anonymous, 1942:
Cultivation of cabbage, pumpkin, Chinese cabbage and tubber potatoes

Agafonova, Rk, 1976:
Cultivation of calla in film covered greenhouses

Rybarova, J., 1980:
Cultivation of candida utilis in ethanol substrate. VI. Utilization of sludge from potash plans as a source of elements stimulating propagation of yeast

Chladek, M., 1979:
Cultivation of caraway in Czechoslovakia

Rynkowski, H., 1978:
Cultivation of caraway on the Zulawy

Leaon-Garcaia, Carlos-Arturo-De, 1978:
Cultivation of cardamom in Guatemala and the effects of a possible export tax

Pirvulescu, I.V.ntu, V., 1977:
Cultivation of carnations in greenhouses. i

Cioaca, V.C.oaca, M.D.rko, L., 1977:
Cultivation of carnations in greenhouses. iI

Gonzaalez, Miguel-Romero, 1989:
Cultivation of carnations in hot-houses

Anonymous, 1961:
Cultivation of carp in Mexico

Nikolov, I.; Bakulev, L.; Moriakin, V.; Lopatin, I., 1980:
Cultivation of carrots and sugarbeets with Bulgarian machines

Agnoloni, Mario, 1977:
Cultivation of cashew trees

Fu, Fu-Ch'-In, 1982:
Cultivation of castor oil plants

Negrescu, I., 1971:
Cultivation of catch crops in young plantations of mulberry shrubs on sandy soils

Semikhnenko, Pg, 1972:
Cultivation of catch crops with the minimal number of tillage operations

Moro, F., 1971:
Cultivation of cauliflower

Anonymous, 1974:
Cultivation of cavendish banana

Banholzer, G.A.schner, E., 1982:
Cultivation of celeriac and horseradishes for the improvement of local vegetable supply

Bahl, B.; Vashist, V.; Atal, C., 1982:
Cultivation of celery seed in India

Butenko, Rg, 1977:
Cultivation of cells of higher plants in suspension cultures

Pozdniakov, A.; Gololobova, M., 1977:
Cultivation of cells of new transplanted lines in suspensions in livestock

D'-Eiiakonov, L.P., 1986:
Cultivation of cellular and animal tissues

Heumader, J., 1994:
Cultivation of cembran pine plants for high-elevation afforestations

Reddy, Gr, 1972:
Cultivation of cereal crops in India

Girenko, A.; Kulik, I.; Demidenko, K.; Kovalenko, V.; Babich, A., 1980:
Cultivation of cereal forage crops for the production of high protein feeds

Boyeldieu, Jacques, 1980:
Cultivation of cereals

Suleimenov, Mk, 1976:
Cultivation of cereals in northern Kazakhstan and western Siberia

Ionova, Zm, 1979:
Cultivation of cereals on irrigated lands in some countries of the world

Oskolkov, M.; Motorin, A., 1980:
Cultivation of cereals on peaty soils of Western Siberia with the application of mineral subsoil

Ulmann, Lubomair, 1982:
Cultivation of cereals under the submountain and mountain conditions of Czechoslovakia

Laopez-Contini, Erik, 1990:
Cultivation of champignon, truffles and other mushrooms

Michalek, S.S.mka, J., 1984:
Cultivation of cherries and sour cherries

Saunier, R., 1982:
Cultivation of cherries in Hungary

Suranyi, D., 1971:
Cultivation of cherry and sour cherry

Fomenko, Li, 1980:
Cultivation of cherry bud grafts from fruit buds depending on the variety

Lazar, A.P.p, A.P.pa, I., 1977:
Cultivation of chestnut trees

Goyal, Mr, 1983:
Cultivation of chick peas (Cicer arietinum) in Puerto Rico Experimental plantings, winter and summer crops

Shibalova, Ta, 1972:
Cultivation of chicken coccidia in chick embryos. II. Experiments with Eimeria brunetti, Eimeria necatrix, Eimeria praecox, Eimeria mitis, Eimeria acervulina and Eimeria maxima

Smetnev, S.I., 1944:
Cultivation of chicks

Pigarev, N.V., 1955:
Cultivation of chicks and mainenance in incubators

Sanghavi, Ku, 1975:
Cultivation of chiku is profitable venture in north India

Moro, F., 1971:
Cultivation of chilli

Ohishi, K.O.uga, M.Y.nemura, K., 1984:
Cultivation of chrysanthemum mother plant by long term cold storage in summer. I. Influence of summer temperature history on growth and flowering

Mihai, M.A.drei, G., 1976:
Cultivation of chrysanthemums flowering all the year round

Konecny, Ivan, 1997:
Cultivation of cichory

Thonnissen, H., 1978:
Cultivation of cider fruits in England and France

Chatterjee, S.; Lama, I., 1977:
Cultivation of cinchona in West Bengal

Mikaberidze, Ve, 1975:
Cultivation of citrus fruit in Iran

Platt, Rg, 1982:
Cultivation of citrus fruits in the home garden

Truhlaaer, V.; Hoffmannovaa, E.; Peesek, F., 1967:
Cultivation of citrus locally

Akhund-Zade, Im, 1980:
Cultivation of citruses in Azerbaidzhan

Gurtskaia, L.; Chanukvadze, A., 1978:
Cultivation of citruses in the USA

Yamanaka, Masaya, 1965:
Cultivation of climbing plants

Torroba, Carlos, A., 1977:
Cultivation of clingstone peaches, Prunus persica (L) Batsch var. scleropersica (Reichenb) Voss, selected for the San Pedro (Buenos Aires) Experiment Station

Anisimov, B.M.ksakova, V., 1975:
Cultivation of clones by the accelerated propagation method

Lazzarini, W.M.rais, F.-De; Cervellini, G.D.-S.T.ledo, S.-De; Figueiredo, J.-De; Reis, A.; Conagin, A.F.anco, C., 1975:
Cultivation of coffee on a red-yellow Latosol in the Batatais region, Sao Paulo

Saaenz-Colain, Alfredo, 1990:
Cultivation of coffee trees in Mexico

Dobrynin, V.P., 1947 :
Cultivation of colts

Yeh, Ying-Pin, 1983:
Cultivation of commercial flowers

Anonymous, 1980:
Cultivation of common flowers

Collier, C.; Longenecker, G., 1972:
Cultivation of common lilac (Syringa vulgaris)

Yde-Andersen, A., 1978:
Cultivation of conifers through several generations and attack by Fomes annosus (Fr.) Cke

Alkemade, Jpf, 1974:
Cultivation of containerized plants for arboriculture in France

Bratsslavskaya, O.C.ernobayeva, I.R.ncis, A., 1974:
Cultivation of continuous cultures of lymphocytes o cattle peripheral blood

Daiaz-Del-Pino, Alfonso, 1947:
Cultivation of corn

Guta, M., 1966:
Cultivation of corn for silage

Shmarev, Ge, 1968:
Cultivation of corn in Chile

Chung, Hsiao-Kuang, 1987:
Cultivation of corn in Kweichow Province

Kulygin, Aa, 1984:
Cultivation of cornelian cherry in the Don and Kuban areas

Kondratiuk, V.P.gosov, I., 1980:
Cultivation of cotton ridges and beds

Ernst, L.; Sviridov, B.; Bekhtina, V.; Galieva, L.; Golubev, A., 1980:
Cultivation of cow oocytes inside the follicles

Singh, Rk, 1977:
Cultivation of cowpea (Vigna sinensis Savi)

Bakhareva, Sn, 1982:
Cultivation of cowpea in Senegal

Chatterjee, A.K.mar-Mukherjee, A., 1976:
Cultivation of crested Iris in N.E. India

Acuna, G., J., 1976:
Cultivation of cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) under plastic covers

Wikesjo, K., 1974:
Cultivation of cucumbers in rockwool

Cobalas, B.; Mondiru, C.B.zatu, G.P.pescu, V., 1978:
Cultivation of cucumbers on trellises

Doval, S.; Mathur, R.; Kachhwah, R., 1984:
Cultivation of cumin in Rajasthan

Cvopa, J., 1976:
Cultivation of currants and gooseberries from the viewpoint of the requirements of large scale production

Magula, V., 1979 :
Cultivation of currents from the viewpoint of genetic potential and complex mechanization

Gamboa, Leda, 1989:
Cultivation of cut roses

Karlsson, P., 1973:
Cultivation of cuttings from Pelargonium hortorum

Khan, Mna, 1977:
Cultivation of davana

Singh, A., 1983:
Cultivation of desert melons

Thogersen, O., 1975:
Cultivation of different, special crops

Bechtel, Pg, 1983:
Cultivation of difficult species: the bright, starry laelias Section Parviflorae

Maccioni, G., 1972:
Cultivation of dill in Liguria

Shimizu, M., 2007:
Cultivation of disease-resistant, tissue-cultured seedlings using endophytic actinomycetes

Hunnius, W., 1969:
Cultivation of dry staff rich

Santos, O.-Dos; Vieira, C., 1977:
Cultivation of dual purpose (forage grain) soybeans

Hatagoshi, Kunio, 1981:
Cultivation of dwarf apples

Bhardwaj, R.; Singh, A.G.utam, R., 1970:
Cultivation of dwarf wheats

Shchepetkov, N.A.trelin, A., 1977:
Cultivation of early cucumbers under film coverings

Borzenkov, Df, 1981:
Cultivation of early maturing vegetables Growing recommendations, private plots.1

Manolov, T., 1977:
Cultivation of early potatoes

Munster, J., 1970:
Cultivation of early potatoes; conditioning of plants, cultural care, and harvest forecasts

Vondal, J., 1984:
Cultivation of early radish in covered spaces

Usyk, H.; Bukshii, V., 1977:
Cultivation of early ripening eg

Gailitis, Ml, 1980:
Cultivation of early tomatoes Riga State Greenhouse farm, Latvian SSR J subscript -Ac

Borysova, R.; Nemtinov, V.; Ohins'-Ka, A.; Zderchuk, I., 1983:
Cultivation of early white headed cabbage in film covered greenhouses

Collier, C.; Longenecker, G., 1972:
Cultivation of eastern redbud

Shinoda, S., 1972 :
Cultivation of edible barnyard

Tong, P.; Li, C.*-Degrees-*ing-Hua, 1982:
Cultivation of edible beans

Peksen, A.; Kibar, B., 2007:
Cultivation of edible ectomycorrhizal mushrooms and related studies

Ho, M.; Han, Y., 1979:
Cultivation of edible fungi in Taiwan

Poitou, N.M.moun, M1; Ducamp, M1; Delmas, J., 1983:
Cultivation of edible fungi. First results of in situ fructification of an edible mycorrhizal boletus in controlled conditions and hope for cultivation of these mushrooms Boletus granulatus.1

Vasser, S.; Dudka, I.; Frid, I.; Mepa, V.; Isachenko, A.; Sollatova, I.; Iakovenko, O., 1976:
Cultivation of edible mushroms a

Munjal, Rl, 1978:
Cultivation of edible mushrooms

Wu, Keng-Min, 1982:
Cultivation of edible oil-bearing tree plants

Amdal, I., 1972:
Cultivation of edible rutabagas

Mjerciak, P.S.idt, D.H.rms, E., 1970:
Cultivation of egg cells of sows in vitro

Reche-Maarmol, Josae, 1991:
Cultivation of eggplant in a greenhouse

Zykin, Ag, 1974:
Cultivation of elite potato crops on a virus free basis

Rancheva, Ts, 1980:
Cultivation of elms mushroom in

Rao, A.; Banerjee, A.; Subramaniam, A., 1981:
Cultivation of endangered plants in South India

Rao, A.; Banerjee, A., 1982:
Cultivation of endangered plants in south India. 2. Bentinckia Condapanna Berry ex Roxb

Snoek, N.J., 1987:
Cultivation of endiver

Lazaricheva, Sg, 1978:
Cultivation of essential oil crops

Thyen, B.; Kephart, K.; Twidwell, E., 1996:
Cultivation of established alfalfa stands

Hou, K*-Degrees-*uan-Chao; Qian, C., 1954:
Cultivation of eucalyptus in China

Bartram, J., 1973:
Cultivation of exotic fruit

Hartwig, Glf, 1976:
Cultivation of exotic tree species and forest nurseries in -South Africa. 1. exotic species perform more in South Africa than their native areas

Anonymous, 1989:
Cultivation of exotic tree species in light of current forest damages

Jozsa, L., 1971:
Cultivation of fall mixed forage plants

Trofimov, Sergeaei-Sergeevich, 1956:
Cultivation of farm crops in Siberia

Keresztesi, B., 1980:
Cultivation of fast growing deciduous trees

Sheikh, Mi, 1973:
Cultivation of fast growing tree species in Italy

Weisgerber, H., 1986:
Cultivation of fast growing tree species in short rotations--requirements, results and prospects

Doman'-Kov, Vm, 1980:
Cultivation of feed root crops

Skachkov, V.; Tanicheva, R., 1984:
Cultivation of feed yeast on a substrate obtained by alkali-acid treatment of wood

Mavlani, M.; Ismailov, A., 1981:
Cultivation of feed yeasts on a mixture of hydrolysate and spent grains

Gheorghiu, V.V.ntila, M.T.odorescu, I.L.zarescu, A., 1975:
Cultivation of feed yeasts on mediums with readily-assimilable carbohydrates

Fayer, R., 1972:
Cultivation of feline Isospora rivolta in mammalian cells

Stepenko, Nm, 1979 :
Cultivation of ferns from spores

Efremova, Tv, 1981:
Cultivation of fiber flax of high quality Non-Chernozem zone.1

Anonymous, 1981:
Cultivation of field crops

Shishkin, Ai, 1973:
Cultivation of field forage crops on flood plain lands

Lundqvist, T., 1973:
Cultivation of field peas

Cedell, T., 1974:
Cultivation of field seed in dry weather and cold

Cedell, T., 1977:
Cultivation of field seed: timely on chemical weed control, nitrogen fertilization, field management

Vik, Knut, 1949:
Cultivation of fields and meadows

Koval'-, Gk, 1973:
Cultivation of filberts in the foothills of the North Caucasus

Morales, M.C.arles, D.S.mon, J., 1991:
Cultivation of finnochio fennel

Anonymous, 1973:
Cultivation of fir trees in Hunan

Syrovatskaeiia, N.I., 1952:
Cultivation of fish in collective farm ponds

Anonymous, 1993:
Cultivation of florence fennel

Stromme, E., 1974:
Cultivation of flower bulbs and the temperature

Hegedus, A., 1979:
Cultivation of flower plants in

Asayama, Eiichi, 1957:
Cultivation of flowering plants for the 12 months

Asayama, Eiichi, 1955:
Cultivation of flowers

Cocozza-Talia, M., 1983:
Cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants in Italy

Shisa, M.; Kondao, N., 1957:
Cultivation of flowers and vegetables

Camargo, Cm, 1968:
Cultivation of fodder beets in

Barakoti, T.P., 2007:
Cultivation of fodder in terrace riser: a new model of agrisilvopastoral system in Nepal

Ermachenka, V.; Kalinkin, D.; Zalashka, M., 1976:
Cultivation of fodder yeast on mixed neutralizates of highbog peat and wood

Sakanashi, Ichiro, 1964:
Cultivation of foliage plants for profit

Ragnarsson, Ke, 1976:
Cultivation of food potatoes

Karnovich, M.B., 1980:
Cultivation of foot and mouth disease virustype Asia-I in cultures of kitten and baby rabbit kidneys

Traub, E., 1984:
Cultivation of foot-and-mouth disease virus in fertile hen-egg

Kobe, K., 1983:
Cultivation of foot-and-mouth disease virus in pure culture of epithelial cells and fibroblasts

Esser, Josef, 1981:
Cultivation of forage crops and green manuring have a future

D'-Iakonov, M.; Shishkov, G., 1979:
Cultivation of forage crops by an interfarm enterprise

Wolffhardt, D., 1981:
Cultivation of forage crops in Austria. A survey of development

Filimonov, Ms, 1973:
Cultivation of forage crops in the Volgograd Region

Sarno, R.S.ringi, L., 1980:
Cultivation of forage crops in the south

Rudnyts'-Kyi, O.; Baryl'-Nyk, V., 1981:
Cultivation of forage crops on ir

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Cultivation of forage crops on saline soils

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Cultivation of forage crops on slopes

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Cultivation of forage cultures bases on mustard with ryegrass

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Cultivation of forage plants

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Cultivation of forage plants on irrigated and marshy lands

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Cultivation of forest species in vitro Betula, Populus.1

Titze, W., 1978:
Cultivation of fresh vegetables at a location far from the market

Buck, G., 1975:
Cultivation of fruit bushes atives

Shatalova, Ma, 1979:
Cultivation of fruit crops in Canada

Shandru, Ia, 1981:
Cultivation of fruit planting material in the Netherlands

Anonymous, 1957:
Cultivation of fruit trees

Georgiev, W., 1971:
Cultivation of fruit varieties with changing foliage in Bulgaria

Anonymous, 1940:
Cultivation of fruit-trees in Manchuria

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Cultivation of fruits and vegetables

Dass, Hc, 1984:
Cultivation of fruits in arid zone

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Cultivation of fungus Entomophthora thaxteriana on substrates with different concentrations of nitrogenous nutrition Production of biological preparations for crop pest control.1

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Cultivation of garden vegetables in Peoria Pool sediments from the Illinois River: a case study in trace element accumulation and dietary exposures

Anonymous, 1983:
Cultivation of garlic in Santa Catarina

Aljaro, U., A., 1974:
Cultivation of garlic in the central zone of Chile

Tursunov, Ga, 1976:
Cultivation of garlic without replanting single cloves

Khan, Mna, 1977:
Cultivation of geranium

Prasad, A.P.thak, R., 1970:
Cultivation of ginger

Salomoni, M.; Zavanella, M., 1983:
Cultivation of gladiolus

Stankova-Opocenska, E.V.cera, L.S.ukup, J., 1971:
Cultivation of glasshouse roses in clay-peat substrate

Chiang, Ym, 1980:
Cultivation of gracilaria (Rhodophycophyta, Gigartinales) in Taiwan

Solomakhin, Bi, 1978:
Cultivation of grafted grapevine nursery plants in dismountable polyethylene covered greenhouses

Ullerup, B., 1975:
Cultivation of grain

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Cultivation of grain amaranth in the northwestern hills India, Amaranthus spp., germplasm, varieties, yields

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Cultivation of grain and silage

Menzi, M., 1974:
Cultivation of grain and silo maize

Singh, A., 1985:
Cultivation of grain legumes in arid zone

Cotte, A., 1966:
Cultivation of grain sorghum

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Cultivation of grain sorghum in the USA

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Cultivation of grain--a model for estimating profits

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Cultivation of gram in Punjab

Randhawa, Ss, 1978:
Cultivation of grapes in Japan

Markin, M.I., 1988:
Cultivation of grapes on sandy soil

Bondarev, V.; Kazantseva, L., 1981:
Cultivation of grapes on steeply-sloped lands

Nikolenko, V.; Zabiiako, V.; Andriukhin, B., 1981:
Cultivation of grapevine nursery plants in greenhouses on peaty substrate

Maltabar, L.; Ungurianu, S.; Trakhtman, I.; Shimanovich, B., 1976:
Cultivation of grapevine nursery plants in hydroponic greenhouses in two rotations

Santybaeva, Me, 1979:
Cultivation of grapevine variety Kuldzinskii

Ssuperscript-2egaard, Karen, 1988:
Cultivation of grass and clovergrass

Anonymous, 1988:
Cultivation of grass seeds

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Cultivation of green algae for treatment of effluents

Velev, S., 1980:
Cultivation of green beans as a

Behei, S.; Dziubailo, A., 1977:
Cultivation of green forages as catch crops

Shiriaeva, G.; Iatsenko-Khmelevskii, A., 1974:
Cultivation of green isolated tissues of spruc Seedlings on difined medium

Shiryaeva, G.; Yatsenko-Khmelevskii, A., 1974:
Cultivation of green isolated tissues of spruce seedlings on an artificial medium

Shiriaeva, G.; Iatsenko-Khmelevskii, A., 1974:
Cultivation of green isolated tissues of spruce seedlings on defined medium

Larsen, A., 1977:
Cultivation of green maize

Anonymous, 1949:
Cultivation of green manure

Bodet, J.; Plancquaert, P., 1975:
Cultivation of green manures on cereal stubble fields

Koller, U., 1974:
Cultivation of green peas for thrashing

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Cultivation of green vegetables in film covered greenhouses

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Cultivation of greenhouse crops. 2. Use of lime and inorganic fertilizers for the preparation of nutrient substrates from highbog peat

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Cultivation of greenhouse crops. I. Diagnosis of cucumber plant nutrition on different substrates in film covered greenhouses

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Cultivation of greenhouse cucumber heterotic hybrids

Frydrych, J., 1983:
Cultivation of greenhouse cucumbers by hydroponic method of nutrition film (NFT)

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Cultivation of groundnut

Panwar, K.; Paroda, R.; Tomer, Y.; Saini, M., 1983:
Cultivation of guar in Haryana

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Cultivation of guavas

Yadav, B.B.L., 1999:
Cultivation of guggulu

Platonova, R.; Abyzova, L.; Slyusarenko, A., 1986:
Cultivation of haploid Gerbera jamesonii plants in vitro

Anonymous, 1979:
Cultivation of hard grain in northern Italy

Burgaard, E., 1974:
Cultivation of hazelnuts

Naumova, Ga, 1981:
Cultivation of healthy planting material of blackcurrant in the USSR

Idel'-Chik, M.; Chernyaeva, L., 1988:
Cultivation of heat-tolerant fungi on hydrolysis-yeast plant effluent

Queiroga, Vincente-De-Paula, 1983:
Cultivation of herbaceous cotton in Rio Grande do Norte

Guerrero-Garcia, Andraes, 1984:
Cultivation of herbaceous plants

Jain, Hk, 1972:
Cultivation of high yielding varieties of maize

Aliev, Na, 1981:
Cultivation of high-stem vineyards with broad interrow spacing in Dagestan

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Cultivation of higher fungi on industrial wastes

Ackmann, A., 1976:
Cultivation of highly productive winter wheat varieties from the Soviet Union in the German Democratic Republic

Khan, Hsma, 1973:
Cultivation of holland silver onion for seed production at Ootacamund

Slowik, K., 1979:
Cultivation of horticultural plants from the moderate zone in subtropical and tropical climate

Bonnet, A., 1975 :
Cultivation of hybrid carrots in France in the near future

Zhang, Sz, 1982:
Cultivation of hybrid cotton i

Zhang, S.Z., 1987:
Cultivation of hybrid cotton in vitro to overcome the incompability of hybridization between the species

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Cultivation of hybrid maize and paddy on experimental farms farms--a comparative study

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Cultivation of hydrocarbon producing plants native to the western U.S

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Cultivation of iceberg lettuce

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Cultivation of identical varieties of apples in the subtropics and tropics

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Cultivation of immature rice embryos

Sun, Hsing-Tung, 1955:
Cultivation of important fodder plants

Anonymous, 1942:
Cultivation of improved rice species

Iofe, N.Sh, 1950:
Cultivation of incubated baby chicks and ducks

Cervato, A., 1983 :
Cultivation of industrial peas

Siebert, H., 1977:
Cultivation of inferior woody plant species to improve deer pasture

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Cultivation of inoculated isolated roots in non symbiotic nitrogen fixation studies Zea mays, maize, Oryza sativa, rice.1

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Cultivation of insects as a new branch of entomology, technical entomology

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Cultivation of intensive fruit orchards in the Northern Caucasus Includes varieties.1

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Cultivation of intensive orchards on vegetatively propagated rootstocks

Hansmann, G., 1972:
Cultivation of intensive-yield potato varieties on adequate sites for higher and more stable yields

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Cultivation of inter-row spaces in potato stands with rototillers

Veneni, M., 1978:
Cultivation of intercrops under irrigation

Aragaon, R., 1991:
Cultivation of iris for the cut flower industry in the Murcia region

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Cultivation of isolated corn protoplasts

Madzharova, D.Z.gorska, N.D.nkova, P., 1983:
Cultivation of isolated ovaries from hybrids between Crambe tatarica Sebeok., Raphanus napus L. and Brassica napus L. under in vitro conditions

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Cultivation of isolated protoplasts

Butenko, Rg, 1979:
Cultivation of isolated protoplasts bnd hybridization of somatic plant cells

Khasanov, M.; Butenko, R., 1979:
Cultivation of isolated protoplasts from cotyledons of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)

Shakurov, Mi, 1982:
Cultivation of isolated protoplasts of different species of the genus Nicotiana Includes tobacco

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Cultivation of isolated stem apices of sour cherry

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Cultivation of isolated tissues of Pelargonium roseum and Iris sibirica

Dao, N.; Shamina, Z., 1978:
Cultivation of isolated tomato anthers

P'-An, C.'-Uan-Jui; Ch'-En, Y.-Wen, 1982:
Cultivation of jasmine

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Cultivation of kidney beans

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Cultivation of lambs

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Cultivation of land by burining as a means of influencing the landscape

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Cultivation of land in society in the Italian and French judicial experience

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Cultivation of land without agrarian production?

Wachter, H., 2007:
Cultivation of larch (Larix decidua Mill.) of different provenances at the Niederrhein Region, north-west Germany

Cimpersek, M., 1973:
Cultivation of larch trees out of its range of natural distribution

Golian, V.; Zazeriavskaia, V., 1977:
Cultivation of late cabbage

Minkov, I., 1976:
Cultivation of late headed cabbage

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Cultivation of latex bearing plants and biomass yield

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Cultivation of lavender and its hybrids

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Cultivation of lavender and lavandin in the Apennines of Tuscany-Emilia

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Cultivation of lavender mineral nutrition. I. The first results

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Cultivation of lavender on recultivated lands Lavandula.1

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Cultivation of lawns on the roof at different soil layer thickness

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Cultivation of leafy vegetables

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Cultivation of legumes for grain

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Cultivation of lemon under covered conditions Central Asian republics.1

Samoladas, Tkh, 1981:
Cultivation of lemons in indoor conditions

Moto, F., 1971:
Cultivation of lettuce

Secrett, Frederick-Augustus, 1944:
Cultivation of lettuce for market

Oleshko, Vs, 1984:
Cultivation of lipid-producing yeasts on wood hydrolyzates

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Cultivation of lowland rice in Orissa

Golovchenko, A.; Dun, E., 1974:
Cultivation of lymph node cells of cattle

Ryther, John, H., 1982:
Cultivation of macroscopic marine algae and fresh water aquatic weeds

Bolarczuk, K., 1982:
Cultivation of magnolia propagules in containers and plastic greenhouses

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Cultivation of maize in ratoon cane interlines; effects on sugar yields

Shmaraev, Ge, 1976:
Cultivation of maize in the non Chernozem zone of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic

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Cultivation of maize with subsurface tillage and the protection of shelterbelts in the Ukraine

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Cultivation of maize without interspace cultivation with the application of herbicides

De-Marco, G., 1975:
Cultivation of malting barley in Italy

Brandenburger, V., 1970:
Cultivation of malting barley interesting again

Sampaio, Josae-Maria-Magalhaaes, 1982:
Cultivation of mango trees

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Cultivation of marine organisms

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Cultivation of meadow-pasture gr

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Cultivation of meadow. 1. Improvement and reseeding meadows

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Cultivation of meadows and pastures

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Cultivation of meadows on avocational farms

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Cultivation of meadows. 2. Nitrogen fertilization, a quantitative and qualitative factor of grass production

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Cultivation of meadows. 3. Comparative analysis of intensive holding pasture and rotational pasture for dairy cows and fattening livestock

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Cultivation of meadows. Variation in the growth of grass; causes and effects for the cultivation of meadows

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Cultivation of medicinal and aromatic crops as a means of diversification in agriculture (a study in West Bengal)

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Cultivation of medicinal and aromatic herbs in agroforestry for diversification under submontane conditions of western Himalayas

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Cultivation of medicinal and spice plants in South Tyrol

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Cultivation of medicinal plants

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Cultivation of medicinal plants in West Pakistan with special reference to mint (Mentha)

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Cultivation of melon in cold greenhouse

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Cultivation of melons

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Cultivation of melons under cloches

Anonymous, 1980:
Cultivation of mentha arvensis and production of menthol in India

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Cultivation of meristems for the conservation of cassava germ plasm in vitro

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Cultivation of microalgae

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Cultivation of microbial consortia and communities

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Cultivation of microorganisms spoiling beer

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Cultivation of mixtures of fodder rye and ryegrass as winter catch crops

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Cultivation of mosquito cell lines in serum-free media and their effects on dengue virus replication

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Cultivation of mother nurseries of grapevines in the Crimea

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Cultivation of mulberry trees

Frohlich, H.E.ch, D., 1983:
Cultivation of multicut forage crops in rotation with vegetables for the improvement of humus balance

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Cultivation of mushroom

Fedorov, N.; Staichenko, N.; Neustroeva, L., 1977:
Cultivation of mushroom Pholiota mutabilis on wood and its waste

Verma, Rn, 1983:
Cultivation of mushroom in northeastern hills region India, Agaricus bisporus, Pleurotus spp., Volvariella volvacea

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Cultivation of mushrooms and truffles

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Cultivation of mushrooms in special houses in forests

Daskalov, K., 1977:
Cultivation of mushrooms is profitable and promising

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Cultivation of mushrooms on synthetic composts

Lozanov, P., 1977:
Cultivation of muskmelon in greenhouses

Machulkova, A., 1976:
Cultivation of mycorrhizal mushrooms in vitro

Lundin, Y., 1974:
Cultivation of myrtle whortleberries

Bartram, J., 1974:
Cultivation of narcissus and tulips

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Cultivation of native plants at Honolulu Botanic Gardens

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Cultivation of natural resources a new branch of cultural methods

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Cultivation of nectarines

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Cultivation of nectarines in Crimea

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Cultivation of neglected tropical fruits with promise. 6. The rambutan

Malo, S.; Martin, F., 1979:
Cultivation of neglected tropical fruits with promise. 7. The durian

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Cultivation of new potato varieties in the Netherlands

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Cultivation of nursery plants and bushes of grapevine on foam polystyrene under hydroponic conditions

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Cultivation of oak plantings in Byelorussia

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Cultivation of oat variety Kondor on loamy sand soil

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Cultivation of oil crops under a minimal tillage

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Cultivation of oil plants and the energy crisis

Loof, B., 1976:
Cultivation of oil plants in 1975, outlook for 1976

Loof, B., 1976:
Cultivation of oil plants in 1976

Loof, B., 1973:
Cultivation of oil yielding plants, 1972

Derevyts'-Kyi, Av, 1972:
Cultivation of olive trees in Al

Anonymous, 1978:
Cultivation of olives

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Cultivation of olives in countries of the Near East, and their prospects

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Cultivation of on substrates and soiless solutions

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Cultivation of onion and leek

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Cultivation of onion seed crops under irrigation

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Cultivation of onions and celery

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Cultivation of onions, leeks and garlic

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Cultivation of orchids in greenhouses by amateurs

T*-Degrees-*ang, Feng-Hsiang, 1959:
Cultivation of ornamental plants

Jakabova, A., 1976:
Cultivation of ornamental redpeppers

Walter, Vilaem, 1984:
Cultivation of ornamental trees and shrubs

Khan, S.; Ali, M., 1981:
Cultivation of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus spp.) on cotton boll locules

Chakrabarti, N., 1984:
Cultivation of oyster mushroom in Kalimpong region

Yang, S.; Lee, S.; Lee, S., 1983:
Cultivation of oyster mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus (Fr.) Quel in the silkworm simple rearing house during non-silkworm rearing season

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Cultivation of oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus spp.): evaluations of different media and organic substrates

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Cultivation of paddy in flood affected areas

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Cultivation of palmarosa grass

Garza-Lopez, Guadalupe, 1977:
Cultivation of papayo in Colima

Te-Velde, Ha, 1970:
Cultivation of papilionaceous flowers with cover crops

Benoit, F.C.usterman, N., 1974:
Cultivation of paprika during the winter

Kozhukhar'-, Vs, 1977:
Cultivation of parsnip seed crops

Anonymous, 1990:
Cultivation of passion fruit

Zhirov, V.; Merzlyak, M., 1983:
Cultivation of pea plants (Pisum sativum L.) at low temperature decreases lipid peroxidation induced by freezing-thawing

Lu, Kuang-Ming, 1951:
Cultivation of peach trees

Faluba, Z., 1974:
Cultivation of peach varieties for canning

Weinberger, Jh, 1980:
Cultivation of peach, nectarine and plum trees in California

Salome, As, 1981:
Cultivation of peanuts Includes varieties and breeding.1

Anonymous, 1982:
Cultivation of peanuts in China

Saito, S., 1969:
Cultivation of peanuts.

Apoian, L.; Shaverdian, A., 1978:
Cultivation of pear and apple rootstocks-seedlings in outdoor hydroponics

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Cultivation of peas (Pisum sativum L.) in Colombia

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Cultivation of peas in the Ukraine: a highly profitable crop

Kuziura, Nk, 1979:
Cultivation of peas in the Ukraine: yields and soil tillage

Hornburg, P., 1983 :
Cultivation of peat soil without closed drainage ditches

Sumskaia, A.; Shchepot'-Ev, F., 1979:
Cultivation of pendant forms of the oak under the influence of Co60 gamma rays

Dumitrashko, Ai, 1981:
Cultivation of peonies in Moldavia Paeonia.1

Nedialkov, I., 1978:
Cultivation of peppers

Islam, M.; Saha, J1; Vaughan, A., 1981:
Cultivation of perennial fodder on the flood embankments of Pabna District Bangladesh

Vinogradova, Ev, 1976:
Cultivation of perennial grasses and legumes under irrigation

Kuziutin, A.; Matsnev, A., 1978:
Cultivation of perennial grasses and legumes under irrigation in the non-Chernozem zone

Kazakova, A.; Kulik, I., 1980:
Cultivation of perennial grasses for the seed prodction with the application of inorganic fertilizers under irrigation in the arid zone of the Stavropol Territory

Nagy, Bela, 1978:
Cultivation of perennial ornamental plants

Wirth, Frigga, 1978:
Cultivation of perfume plants in Tunisia

Joachimi, A., 1984:
Cultivation of pickling cucumbers in the Rhineland. Cultivation basics and further development

Narain, G.S.nha, K., 1980:
Cultivation of pigeon fox virus in chick embryo

Saladin, Freddy, 1990:
Cultivation of pigeon pea

Bukovcan, Vojtech, 1969:
Cultivation of pinaceae

Savchenko, A.; Podzhsarova, Z., 1977:
Cultivation of pine and spruce of different geographic origin in the Belorussian SSR

Siekela, M., 1977:
Cultivation of pine tree nurseries by progressive technology in the Forest District Antol

Boing, J., 1972:
Cultivation of pineapple

Koller, Osvino-Leonardo, 1981:
Cultivation of pineapples in Santa Catarina

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Cultivation of plant cell: practice, application and outlook

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Cultivation of plant tissue cultures in bioreactors and formation of secondary metabolites

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Cultivation of planting material of some coniferous and broadleaved forest tree exotics in subtropical areas of Northern Armenia

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Cultivation of plants

Nielsen, Ng, 1975:
Cultivation of plants and use of livestock as seen from an economic viewpoint

Bokura, T., 1973:
Cultivation of plants under art

Funke, G.L., 1979:
Cultivation of plants with neon light

Mamev, Ik, 1976:
Cultivation of plants without so

Kuzhelenko, Vg, 1973:
Cultivation of plums in Moldavia

Buishand, Tj, 1971:
Cultivation of pod of peas

Collier, Cw, 1973:
Cultivation of poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)

Samalo, A.; Parida, P., 1983:
Cultivation of pointed gourd in Orissa

Filutowicz, A., 1970:
Cultivation of polyploid sugar beets in Poland

Saure, M., 1978:
Cultivation of pomaceous and stone fruit in Pakistan

Keresztesi, Bela, 1978:
Cultivation of poplars and willows

Heuttermann, Aloys, 1993:
Cultivation of poplars at medium rotation times

Kohan, S., 1977:
Cultivation of poplars for pulpwood

Sekawin, M., 1976:
Cultivation of poplars for threshold yield sites in Italy

Kohan, S., 1980:
Cultivation of poplars in special plantations for the production of pulpwood

Cheu, Hseueh-Feng, 1983:
Cultivation of poria cocos

Varis, E., 1971:
Cultivation of potato in Finland

Singh, Sp, 1975:
Cultivation of potato in India

Rasocha, Vlastimil, 1978:
Cultivation of potato seedlings on a large scale basis

Tsahkna, A.; Tahtjarv, T., 2007:
Cultivation of potato varieties in different locations in Estonia

Storozhenko, E.-G.K.ndrashova, L.F., 1960:
Cultivation of potatoes

Anonymous, 1942:
Cultivation of potatoes and sweet potatoes

Tremhuld, H.; Shaman, M., 1950:
Cultivation of potatoes for domestic use

Anonymous, 1949:
Cultivation of potatoes for seed

Dmitrieva, Z.P.t'-Ko, A., 1975:
Cultivation of potatoes in bed ridges

Anonymous, 1975:
Cultivation of potatoes in different soil and climatic zones

Loon, Cd-Van, 1975:
Cultivation of potatoes in heavy soil

Bobryshev, Fi, 1976:
Cultivation of potatoes producing two yields per season

Nozaki, Nobuo, 1948:
Cultivation of potted fruit plants

Moe, R., 1971:
Cultivation of potted roses according to new principles

Stolleiiar, T.A., 1960:
Cultivation of poultry on meat

Hsu, H.-Kun; Wang, L., 1990:
Cultivation of precious hedgehog mushrooms and their cooking

Dolgat, M.; Nurmagomedov, S., 1980:
Cultivation of promising varieties of table grapes

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Cultivation of proso in the Aktyubinsk Region

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Cultivation of proso in the Ural Region

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Cultivation of proso on an industrial basis

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Cultivation of pulses in plateau region of Bihar

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Cultivation of pulses in the Punjab

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Cultivation of pumpkins

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Cultivation of pyrite moors

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Cultivation of quick growing types of trees in Poland

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Cultivation of quick-growing tree species in the mountains

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Cultivation of radish under artificial conditions

Mehwald, G., 1973:
Cultivation of radishes in greenhouses in soils with various temperature

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Cultivation of rape

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Cultivation of rape and quality problems presented by oil and bran

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Cultivation of rape and turnip rape in the EEC

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Cultivation of rape varieties poor in eruca acid in Hungary

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Cultivation of rapid growing deciduous tree species with short cutting cycles on agricultural land as a problem of forestry and the wood industry 6th colloquium speeches and discussion

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Cultivation of rapid growing tree species in short cycle rotation: possibilities and experiences up to now

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Cultivation of rare Chinese medicine

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Cultivation of rare and vanishing species of the tree flora from the Maritime Territory for the purpose of their conservation

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Cultivation of rare cacti in Mexico

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Cultivation of rare species of woody plants of the USSR in the botanical garden of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

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Cultivation of rare types of birds

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Cultivation of raspberries in Argentina

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Cultivation of raspberry in the

Moiseienko, V.; Moroz, V.; Bystryts'-Kyi, V., 1979:
Cultivation of red clover on rec

Anonymous, 1994:
Cultivation of red pepper

Anonymous, 1980:
Cultivation of red sea-bream resource by sound-taming

Jonsson, B., 1973:
Cultivation of redtop--an alternative

Mayzumi, F.O.amoto, H.M.zuno, T., 1997:
Cultivation of reishi (Ganoderma lucidum)

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Cultivation of relicts, endemics

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Cultivation of rice according to a new technology in the Kherson Region

Anonymous, 1982:
Cultivation of rice for feeding animals

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Cultivation of rice in Cameroon

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Cultivation of rice in Kuban

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Cultivation of rice in Peru

Stefan, N., 1971:
Cultivation of rice in Uzbekistan

Anonymous, 1946:
Cultivation of rice in paddies

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Cultivation of rice in the Kalmyk ASSR

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Cultivation of rice under irrigation, dry farming, and its preparation for sale

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Cultivation of rinderpest bull virus (I.V.R.I.) strain in chicken embryo fibroblasts

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Cultivation of rinderpest bull virus in ovine kidney cells: a note

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Cultivation of root crops and vegetables in northern Slovakia

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Cultivation of rooted grapevine grafts in cardboard cups

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Cultivation of rose and manufacture of its products in India Perfume, ornamental flowers

Rossi, F., 1982:
Cultivation of roses for commercial purposes Varieties, Italy.1

Silva, Waldemar, 1976:
Cultivation of roses in Brazil

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Cultivation of roses in a private garden

Nelken, D., 1975:
Cultivation of rye as a winter catch crop

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Cultivation of rye today

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Cultivation of ryegrass Lolium multiflorum and Lolium perenne, yields, variety breeding.1

Velde, Ha-Te, 1971:
Cultivation of ryegrass as green fertilizer for covered fruit

Smirnova, Ni, 1972:
Cultivation of sacbrood virus in cell culture of bee firbroblasts

Lodna, M.B.atnagar, S., 1973:
Cultivation of safflower as oil-crop

Kireev, A.; Milashenko, M., 1979:
Cultivation of safflower on dryland

Sundararajan, S.P.lappan, S., 1972:
Cultivation of saffron

Cobera-Abillar, Enrique, 1993:
Cultivation of sainfoin as livestock forage

Andringa, Ijt, 1983:
Cultivation of sandy soils

Anonymous, 1972:
Cultivation of sandy soils in Poland

Miyazaki, Sakaki, 1957:
Cultivation of saplings

Bomme, U., 1982:
Cultivation of scorzonera Vegetable crop.1

Mikhov, I.D.mov, S., 1976:
Cultivation of second crops with

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Cultivation of seed potatoes in Scotland

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Cultivation of seed tubers from potatoes with symptoms of subperidermal tuber soft rot infection

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Cultivation of seed--what are the research and test people doing?

Gailite, T.; Chermnykh, L.; Chugunova, N., 1976:
Cultivation of seedlings of late varieties of white head cabbage in film covered greenhouses

Manolov, T., 1979:
Cultivation of seedlings of the

Bartovcak, D., 1977:
Cultivation of seedlings of the alder tree in nurseries

Eiberle, K., 1970:
Cultivation of selected forests

Anonymous, 2004:
Cultivation of selected medicinal plants

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Cultivation of senna, a laxative: a review

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Cultivation of seradela (Ornithopus sativus Brot.) for seeds in pure sowing and in mixture with oats

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Cultivation of serviceberry, (Amelanchier canadensis)

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Cultivation of several major vegetables

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Cultivation of several root crops

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Cultivation of silage maize on a yield basis with an introduction of a yield pattern

Bukhar, I.; Anferov, L., 1978:
Cultivation of simple maize hybrids under irrigation

Balland, D., 1976:
Cultivation of six rowed and winter barley

Karasek, S., 1980:
Cultivation of slag heaps in the smoky area of Leoben-Donawitz

Fulop, G., 1969:
Cultivation of sloping areas

Fulop, G., 1969:
Cultivation of sloping terrains

Conradi, E., 1974:
Cultivation of small bulbs and tubers

Aabolines, J.I.vins, I., 1961:
Cultivation of small wood-cutting areas in the timber industry

Verdeguer-Monge, A.; Tortosa-Martinez, A., 1992:
Cultivation of snapdragons in greenhouses for cut flowers

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Cultivation of sod-podzolic soils of the non-chernozem belt

Filimonov, Iup, 1980:
Cultivation of soddy-podzolic soil Crop rotations, yields, barley, potatoes, wheat, Mari ASSR.1

Marenkin, Fs, 1979:
Cultivation of soddy-podzolic soils irrigated with wastewaters

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Cultivation of soft wheat on hillside

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Cultivation of soil

Dohne, E., 1972:
Cultivation of soil after harvesting

Fulop, G., 1974:
Cultivation of soil and the equipment used

Suskevic, M., 1975:
Cultivation of soil for winter crops after late harvesting of preceding crops

Simeonov, R.S.oinev, K., 1981:
Cultivation of soil for winter gr

Ebert, W., 1974:
Cultivation of soil with large machines

Koller, Karlheinz, 1981:
Cultivation of soil without ploughing

Kryvda, Sa, 1971:
Cultivation of soils for the planting of windbreak belts

Pestriakov, Vasilii-Korneevich, 1977:
Cultivation of soils of the North-West

Zahan, P.Z.han, R., 1983:
Cultivation of some grasses with wheat and winter barley on acid soils in the western part of Romania

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Cultivation of some microscopic fungi on ethanol and methanol

Antoniuk, Nie, 1978:
Cultivation of some species of A

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Cultivation of some species of family Eleagnacea in the Donets Basin

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Cultivation of sourwood (Oxydendrum arboreum)

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Cultivation of soya beans in Central Europe according to applicability

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Cultivation of soybean in Himachal Pradesh

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Cultivation of soybean, Glycine max (L.). Merr., in sugarcane stubble land

Marengoni, M., 1975:
Cultivation of soybeans

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Cultivation of soybeans for grainin Western Siberia

Anzel', M.-Ka, 1983:
Cultivation of soybeans in South Kazakhstan

Zhelezko, V.; Fisenko, P., 1980:
Cultivation of soybeans in a greenhouse and studying the possibility of immunological evaluation to leaf spot

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Cultivation of soybeans in the Alma-Ata Region

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Cultivation of soybeans in the Crimea

Sykora, S., 1974:
Cultivation of soybeans in the Czechoslovak Socialist Rep ublic

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Cultivation of soybeans in the Far East

Kondrat'-Ev, E., 1976:
Cultivation of soybeans on floodplains in Moldavia

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Cultivation of soybeans on ridges Weed control, yields, Khabarovsk Territory, RSFSR-in-Asia.1

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Cultivation of spices in India

Bassement, F., 1983:
Cultivation of spring field beans

Nechiporenko, Vn, 1981:
Cultivation of spring oil bearing rape in foreign countries

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Cultivation of spring rape

Thogersen, O., 1973:
Cultivation of spring rape--a successful crop

Plancquaert, P., 1983:
Cultivation of spring tick beans

Kukresh, Lv, 1981:
Cultivation of spring vetch Lgovskaia 3I

Plancquaert, P., 1983:
Cultivation of spring white lupine

Hallik, J., 1977:
Cultivation of spruce in a myrtle whortleberry habitat

Orlov, V.P., 1973:
Cultivation of spruce in the forests of the Thian Shan Mountains

Tzschacksch, O., 1983:
Cultivation of spruce stands with a dimished predisposition against phytotoxic immissions by means of high grafting

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Cultivation of spruce trees in felling areas

Zimmermann, W., 1972:
Cultivation of starch potatoes

Wu, K.; Song, S., 1986:
Cultivation of straw mushroom (Volvariella volvacea) with corn cobs and soybean rattans

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Cultivation of strawberrier in heavy clay soil

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Cultivation of strawberries

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Cultivation of strawberries in Moldavia

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Cultivation of strawberries in solaria in association with tomato crops

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Cultivation of strawberries under plastics

Galland, A., 1974:
Cultivation of strawberries. economics

Sreenath, H.; Joseph, R., 1983:
Cultivation of streptomyces cultures on agricultural byproducts by surface (Koji) method for production of xylanases

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Cultivation of sub-arable horizons of forest-steppe soils

Stillwell, M., 1972:
Cultivation of succulents

Laur, Vkh, 1981:
Cultivation of sucker-forming alfalfa

Anonymous, 1956:
Cultivation of sugar and tobacco crops

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Cultivation of sugar beet in China

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Cultivation of sugar beet tissue

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Cultivation of sugar maple (Acer saccharum)

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Cultivation of sugar producting plants and sugar manufacturing

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Cultivation of sugarbeet cells by the method of suspension cultures

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Cultivation of sugarbeet in India

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Cultivation of sugarbeets

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Cultivation of sugarbeets in 1973

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Cultivation of sugarbeets under irrigation in the Tatar ASSR

Enikeev, Sg, 1976:
Cultivation of sugarbeets under irrigation in the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

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Cultivation of sugarbeets without hand labor on bases of the Institute for the Scientific System of Agriculture

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Cultivation of sugarcane

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Cultivation of sugarcane in Taiwan

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Cultivation of summer and winter savory in Lithuanian SSR. 2. Effect of nitrogenous fertilizers on yield and quality of summer savory raw material

Hofer, P., 1978:
Cultivation of summer cereals

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Cultivation of sunflower seed crops

Palmgren, S., 1974:
Cultivation of sunflowers during 1973 at the Brunnby Experiment Station

Farafonova, V.; Shantarovich, A., 1979:
Cultivation of superelite and elite is profitable

Gulati, B.; Duhan, S., 1972:
Cultivation of sweet basil

Zahn, Fg, 1980:
Cultivation of sweet cherries in 1980

Zubenko, Vkh, 1974:
Cultivation of sweet maize after green vetch, with irrigation

Olalla-Mercade, L.N.varro-Carrillo, E1; Mira-Belda, A., 1983:
Cultivation of sweet sorghum for sugar production and

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Cultivation of sweetpotato in India

Markovits, P., 1985:
Cultivation of swine fever virus in tissue culture. III. effect of virulence in swine fever virus strains propagated in tissue culture

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Cultivation of syringed-to-death rye before beets and potatoes on light soil. i

Railianu, Ga, 1977:
Cultivation of table grapes in the Moldavian SSR

Rossi, R., 1979:
Cultivation of table olive trees

Anonymous, 1993:
Cultivation of table tomatoes

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Cultivation of tall fescue in the west planting and farming techniques

Anonymous, 1977:
Cultivation of tea plants and the curing process of tea leaves

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Cultivation of temperate mushroom (Agaricus bisporus (Lang) Sing) in airconditioned room

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Cultivation of terrace soils and its influence on the growth and yield of grapes

Dupeux, P., 1982:
Cultivation of textile flax

Mesrobeanu, I., 1978:
Cultivation of the Aujeszkys disease virus in chicks chorioallantoic membrane

Carpenter, Mo, 1980:
Cultivation of the Oncidium

Wikesjo, K., 1982:
Cultivation of the Stephanotis

Klochko, Pv, 1973:
Cultivation of the apple tree in Bulgaria

Duquesne, J., 1980:
Cultivation of the apricot tree in Israel

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Cultivation of the bean plant

Pang, S.J.; Zhang, Z.H.; Zhao, H.J.; Sun, J.Z., 2007:
Cultivation of the brown alga Hizikia fusiformis (Harvey) Okamura: stress resistance of artificially raised young seedlings revealed by chlorophyll fluorescence measurement

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Cultivation of the castor-oil seed variety IAC-80

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Cultivation of the chestnut fruit tree. Present situation, problems and prospects

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Cultivation of the coffee tree in Annam

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Cultivation of the cows and gilts oocytes in vitro--morphologic picture, dehydrogenase activity and the synthesis of glycoproteins

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Cultivation of the custard-apple (Annona)

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Cultivation of the edible Shiratake fungus (Lentinus edode s) on poplar wood

Kostka, S.; Sherald, J.; Hearon, S.; Rissler, J., 1981:
Cultivation of the elm leaf scorch-associated bacterium (ESB)

Poljanec, B., 1971:
Cultivation of the forced chicory

Ferri, F., 1970:
Cultivation of the fungus Pleurotus ostreatus

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Cultivation of the grape

Juscafresa, Baudilio, 1981:
Cultivation of the grapevine

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Cultivation of the guarana paullinia (Paullinia cupana)--Review of the literature

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Cultivation of the guarana paullinia (Paullinia cupana)--some aspects of growing seedlings from seeds in greenhouse conditions

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Cultivation of the kidney bean

Arias-Rodraiguez, Josae-Maraia, 1957:
Cultivation of the land

Higuita-Munoz, F., 1974:
Cultivation of the large-headed onion

Denizet, A., 1976:
Cultivation of the maritime pine in the Gascony heaths

Stakheeu, I.; Dapich, A.; Babitskaia, V., 1984:
Cultivation of the mycelium of wood destroying basidioycetes on wastes of potato processing

Tarakanov, Vi, 1977:
Cultivation of the nematode Ditylenchus destructor in media of animal and plant origin

Kesteven, Gl, 1972:
Cultivation of the oceans; all the meat is herb

Mccraith, G., 1981:
Cultivation of the odontoglossum alliance

Higuita-Munoz, F., 1974:
Cultivation of the onion

Tan, Kk, 1981:
Cultivation of the oyster mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus, on cotton waste

Rossinskii, Vi, 1978:
Cultivation of the papaya in Gagia and the domestic proteolytic enzyme papain

Cunha, Getaulio-Augusto-Pinto-Da, 1980:
Cultivation of the pineapple

Svanosio, A., 1975:
Cultivation of the poinsettia for cut flowers

Saidaliev, Us, 1977:
Cultivation of the pomegranate in the Fergana Region

Barabash, Md, 1977:
Cultivation of the pomegranate in the Namangan Region

Anonymous, 1973:
Cultivation of the potato

Trifonov, N., 1978:
Cultivation of the protected par

Sokolov, F.; Radzhabova, M., 1975:
Cultivation of the protection zones rows of kenaf

Rassini, Joaquim-Bartolomeu, 1978:
Cultivation of the rice variety (Oryza sativa L.) in dry areas of the Cerrados region

Ninomiya, Shinji, 1955:
Cultivation of the rose

Friessleben, G., 1969:
Cultivation of the soil and weed control in potato productions

Andringa, Jt, 1975:
Cultivation of the soil in the spring

Ferro, Eej, 1970:
Cultivation of the soil is service to the country

Anonymous, 1979:
Cultivation of the strawberry

Baraja-Rodriguez, Eugenio, 1994:
Cultivation of the sugarbeet in the Duero River Valley and national growth of the sugar industry in Spain

Lagosu, J. A., 1948:
Cultivation of the sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

Ito, Hideo, 1949:
Cultivation of the sweet potato and its storage

Vives-Madurell, Eliseo, 1984:
Cultivation of the tomato

Sidorov, M.A., 1978:
Cultivation of the virus of African hog cholera in leukocyte and tissue cultures

Skoda, 1980:
Cultivation of the virus of Aujeszkys disease in monolayer chick-embryo fibroblast cultures by means of the plague-method

Sergeev, V.; Anan'-Eva-Riashchenko, N.; Urvantsev, N.; Khizhinskaia, V.; Kekukh, I.; Kosheleva, R.; Balashova, T.; Khylbova, T., 1981:
Cultivation of the virus of catarrhal fever of sheep

Erol, N., 1985:
Cultivation of the virus of foot-and-mouth disease on tongue epithelium

Rietschel, G., 1975:
Cultivation of the warble-fly Oestromyia leporina pall. (Diptera, Hypodermatidae) and its biological prerequisites

Kharat'-Ian, S.; Kaliuzhnyi, M.; Petrushko, G.; Belikov, V.; Vol'-Nova, A.; Antonova, T., 1975:
Cultivation of the yeast Mycoderma vini on the ethanol containing medium and nutritive evaluation of proteins isolated from them

Rico-Avila, Josae, 1983:
Cultivation of thick peppers in greenhouses

Anonymous, 1994:
Cultivation of three new brands of rice

Lamy, J., 1983:
Cultivation of thyme in Drome

Koretskaya, T.; Zaprometov, M., 1975:
Cultivation of tissue of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) as a model for studying conditions of phenolic compound synthesis

Andreeva, T.; Bereznegovskaia, L.; Smorodin, A., 1978:
Cultivation of tissues of Vinca rosea. Biosynthesis of indole alkaloids

Dukmasov, E.S.iridenko, N.P.pov, I., 1984:
Cultivation of tobacco Virginia in Eastern Georgia

Anonymous, 1976:
Cultivation of tobacco in the Netherlands during the 17th and 18th centuries

Iordanov, V., 1975:
Cultivation of tobacco seedlings

Andreev, A., 1981:
Cultivation of tomato transplant

Belichki, I., 1981:
Cultivation of tomato variety Li

Siviero, P.M.tton, M.S., 1995:
Cultivation of tomatoes for the table

Thorstad, No, 1976:
Cultivation of tomatoes from seed

Hartmann, H.; Zengerle, K., 1979:
Cultivation of tomatoes in foil containers with peat

Omel'-Chenko, I.; Konovalova, L.; Kashevskii, A., 1980:
Cultivation of tomatoes in glass and polyethylene-film greenhouses

Deidda, M.S.rra, G.L.oni, S., 1978:
Cultivation of tomatoes in greenhouse at high joint investments

Lebedeva, V., 1975:
Cultivation of tomatoes on straw bales

Blomqvist, Po, 1974:
Cultivation of tomatoes--advice for amateurs

Tarasenko, M.; Faustov, V.; Avdeev, V., 1979:
Cultivation of transplants of Hippophae rhamnoides by the method of soft-wood propagation in the non-Chernozem zone

Anonymous, 1981:
Cultivation of trees in figures

Kurata, Masujirao, 1956:
Cultivation of trees of special use

Curto, S.T.gliani, F., 1974:
Cultivation of trials on Pleurotus ostreatus var. florida

Mohamad-Idris, Zainal-Abidin, 1990:
Cultivation of tropical fruits

Garcha, H.; Kalra, K., 1976:
Cultivation of tropical mushroom or paddy straw mushroom

Mendes, Rui-Amaerico, 1982:
Cultivation of tropical yams

Anonymous, 2004:
Cultivation of tropical, subtropical vegetables, spices, medicinal and aromatic plants

Minaeva, Mi, 1982:
Cultivation of true-rooted grapevine nursery plants on sandy soils of the Stavropol Territory

Pogosian, K.; Oganesian, R.; Karapetian, Z.; Bznuni, A., 1981:
Cultivation of true-rooted grapevine transplants after long-term storage of cuttings

Skoupy, J., 1977:
Cultivation of tubed and simple rooted seedlings of the Scotch pine

Kaloianova, V., 1981:
Cultivation of tulips.

Kilby, W.W.S.ear, C.B.V.n-Der-Zwet, T., 1964:
Cultivation of tung for economic production, leaf spot reduction, spring frost protection

Anonymous, 1982:
Cultivation of tung trees

Saha, J.; Lama, I., 1973:
Cultivation of tung-nut trees