Section 16
Chapter 15,430

Cytogenetic studies of Carthamus species (Compositae) with 32 pairs of chromosomes. I. Intrasectional hybridization

Osman-Khidir, M.K.owles, P.


DOI: 10.2307/2440503
Accession: 015429124

Alloploids synthesized from C. lanatus (n = 22) and C. leucocaulos (n = 10) were very similar to C. baeticus (n = 32). Similarly alloploids synthesized from C. lanatus x C. glaucus ssp. glaucus (n = 10) were similar to C. turkestanicus (n = 32). Cytogenetic studies indicate that C. baeticus is an alloploid derivative of crosses between C. lanatus and C. leucocaulos originating in the eastern Mediterranean. C. turkestanicus possibly originated in Transcaucasia where C. lanatus and C. glaucus ssp. glaucus occur together.

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