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Cytogenetic studies of meiotic abnormalities in Collinsia tinctoria. II. Desynapsis

Mehra, R.; Rai, K.

Canadian journal of genetics and cytology 14(3): 637-644


DOI: 10.1139/g72-078
Accession: 015429165

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Certain plants of Collinsia tinctoria showing meiotic abnormalities were isolated from the segregating progenies of irradiated plants (Rai, 1967). In one of these plants, failure of chromosomal pairing was observed, which resulted in a varying number of univalents at metaphase I. Genetic analysis showed that this abnormality is controlled by a single recessive gene. This mutant has been found to be allelic with another meiotic mutant (chromosomal stickiness), reported elsewhere. The mutant showed considerable variation in the nature and extent of abnormal synapsis of the chromosomes. An abnormal chromosomal pairing, chromosomal breakage and sister chromatid reunion, bridges, laggards, neocentromeric activity and differential condensation of the chromosomes were also observed.

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